DJ | Part- 2 of 2 | Karikku | Comedy

DJ | Part- 2 of 2 | Karikku | Comedy

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How dare you enter my home for burglary. We entered here under the influence not for burglary. Not for burglary? -We swear -Swear? We said no, right? Did you think this is your relatives' house? We thought this is Sujith sir's house.

Sujith Sir's house? This is not Sujith sir's house. Oh, Shit!!! We got in the wrong house. This is his father's that means mine Subaidar Sudhakaran's house. -Understand? -Yes, we understand.

Why didn't that idiot say anything about a father? What are you mumbling in front of me? Get up you both. I have left free so many thieves in my life. But I have never spared anyone who lied to me. So better say the truth. What is your intention? -A File... -To have a pint. For a pint, is it? That's a Himalayan lie.

You won't be able to take a pint again your life. Why? Bullet will rupture your throat and it will start leaking. Stay still. Leave the gun Open the door. Leave the gun Ayyo, power gone. Sir, organizers. Please

Nothing to worry about. Party is still on. We have generators. Someone please turn on the generator. Oh NO!! No generators. I will lose my rhythm.

Generator is faulty. We will do one thing. We will take a break. Stop this DJ and dance and have a candlelight dinner. Go and buy some candles fast.

No problem. Please carry on. -What's the status there? -Hello, sir. Nothing to worry about, Party will extend even more now. -Is it? -Who do you think I am. I cut the fuse here. Why did you cut the fuse? Here Generator is not working.

So now it will take some time to arrange it. They may cancel the program also. That can happen? Stupid. Put the fuse back on. Sir. How's the stuff? Great stuff.

-You made this, right? -Yes, Sir Awesome Sir, he is awake. I told you no he will come back to senses in 15 minutes? How about that? I know how much depth my beating has. -How are you feeling? -You are great. You think so? You got it because you tried to take my gun. I would have beaten up both of you.

But his stuff is good. So I leave you both. Why did you lie? If you had tell the truth I would have given you the file or whatever you needed. Tried to steal it from me. Nuisance. What was the use? Look at him sitting without understanding anything.

Hear this, Sir became friends with us. If we give him company he will set everything for us, isn't it? I have only one word. I will take it for you. You won't get caught.

But for that to happen you will have to give me some company. They will be even more late today. If you have any difficulty, you can tell that. What difficulty? Nothing. We both will give sir some company.

Then. This... This is over. I will bring some other stuff. A top gear one. Whistle used to come before. Now I am old. -Closed? -What is he telling? What company?. Which company? Oh, God. Did I get crazy? What happened here? You got unconscious and fell down, right? -I was alone here. -Then?

Then what? I told the truth Why? Why?. His gun was right here in my throat. So I told him whatever I could. But don't be tensed. The thing is, he is not in a good relationship with his son.

also he liked my home made alcohol. -You heard? -Yes. His problem is -Crazy? -Hey. Crazy is better than this.

He got bored drinking alone and got crazy. His son and daughter- in-law doesn't care him But why us? See, if we give him company He will give us what we want. No need of stealing.

everything will be smooth. If we get drunk sitting with him our plans will fall apart. Then there are two other ways.

His gun or Police. Police is better I think. There is no other way.

If nothing works, we will make him pass out and take the things we need. Don't try to escape from him again. He will take you over. -He is stronger than you. -Nothing left in me to take over.

So you just play along with me. OK. Come. Come. Why are they not picking up? This is the special item I mentioned. 'Jincha' -A brand I have never heard. -Yes. Yes. You wouldn't know. I made this myself using some special mix.

That's why you liked me. You are like me only. Come here. But this is not the stuff you think about. Yes. He is right. This is not Arrack

Long back, When I was in the army. I got lost in forest in Himalayas. It's -0 degree outside.

I didn't know the route also. After walking a while, I found a cave and a red light inside. I was sure it is not some wild animal because no wild animal sits in the cave with light. When I went inside. A 'Kilichundi' guy is drinking inside. 'Ilichondu'? Not 'Ilichondu' 'Kilichoondi' 'Kilichoondi' is a tribal language in that area.

-A guy who talks that language. -Oh, Scheduled tribe. A human being who lives in the forest. That's all. I tried my best to convey to him that I am lost. He understood zilch. I also didn't understand him. We were trapped. At last, he lost patience and he replaced his bottle with 'Jincha' He poured two glasses and gave me one. Language is not a barrier there.

-True -No. After we had one peg of this He seemed like a 'Malayali' and me a 'Kilichoondi' Then after that till morning we talked, laughed sang, danced Oh!! That night won't repeat again. -Is he asleep? -Then, ... the next day he showed me the right way and came with me to my place. He only taught me the mix for this stuff.

-What is the mix? -Sorry, I can't tell you that. because when I was about to leave he asked me especially to keep this mix a secret and not to tell anyone. I said, 'Chembadutha, Chembadutha, Chembadutha That means? I won't say, I won't say, I won't say 'Kilichoondi' language. To seal friendships together there is nothing better than this.

So that day I named this 'Dhosthi Jincha' I made this long before. Without anyone for a company, it stayed there. But you people are lucky. One must be special to have this.

Don't just laugh Take it and have it. Cheers!! I told you before, no regular routine for this stuff. -'Jincha' -Yes. Yes. Drink it.

Ancy, why do you have to make your husband's life difficult like this? -30,000 Rs Saree?!!! -Yes. True. This is not from his money. I bought this with my earnings. Your earnings? Yeah. Nowadays I am earning some income by doing Forex trading. -What is that? -There is an app called OctaFX. It is very simple. My husband uses it for trading

I learned from him. It works like this, There is list of specialists inside it. We choose a specialist which we believe is best and click 'Start Copying' then automatically we will copy their trading profile.

and if they trade well we will also get profits. but copying and all... That is OK because from the profit we get a small commission will go to the expert trader. both parties will be happy.

Is this all true or just your boasting? I am not lying. See my profit for the last two weeks. Super. Awesome. I will do one thing. I will share the link for the app. If you use this link, you will get 50% bonus for the first copying. -Hello -What? There is a small issue.

-What issue? -Salad is finished. Salad to serve alongside biriyani is finished. Why is that an issue? Sir, use your brain and think. What if he comes to the house for taking Vinegar for making Salad. There is a chance. Over. Over. Don't push yourself by making stupid arguments. Do as I told.

Just observe them both. That's all. -I have to keep a watch on his wife also? -What did I tell you? Yes Sir. I will watch them both. Don't call me again with these silly issues.

Call me only if it's important. -Understood? -Yes. I will call only for urgent things. OK I have to watch the wife as well, OK. Sir. Sir. From which country that DJ is? From which country that DJ is? -He is a Malayali. -Is it?

Elamakkara Binoy. My friend. Is it? Hold this.

-Sorry. Sorry -Naughty guy. Do you have 'Velmuruga' Nope. Then what about 'Themma Themma'? -That song is super -I don't have it. What about 'Rakkadambil Chembila Poothu'? Not needed. See you.

Where did he go? [Singing a Malayalam Song] -That's enough. -Can I sing two more lines. Hey. Bas (Stop) Not Bus. We came in car. I will talk now. You guys talked to me, sung and gave me company for a long time. That's enough for this old guy? I will keep my word. You can take whatever you want from here.

You take. No one will ask you anything. Because this is Sudhakaran's house. and you are my friends. Understood? That's it. This is enough.

What is this now? We thought of making him pass out and steal the file from here. How could we do that? I didn't mean it like that. I meant we shall give sir a company, make him drink rock him to sleep and then only leave. -That's what he meant. -Yes. That's what I meant. But that rascal who left this gem of a guy in this home alone If I get ahold of him I will squeeze it, pour it and drink like this. -What? -Hello, sir He is not here. He is missing.

Missing? Where is he? I don't know. I have looked everywhere. If he comes there, please tell me. Here? Sir, Us Malayalis eat only Porotta and Beef at any age.

So change this Pickle and order an Alfaham. Da, I will buy you anything. Because you made me happy. You too. But I have a son.

Do you know how many years it's been since he talked to me properly? 24 hours he is like this. -Playing Harmonium? -Da, computer. Computer. Bad. Making children sick.

-Then there is my daughter-in-law -What about her? At least look into my face? Nobody here even knows I am living here. I can't remember anything. So I can't go out. Tell that to his father.

Yes, you have a great memory. Otherwise, how could you say the 'Jincha' story in detail? Please tell me the mix. Don't tell him the mix. We will come here and drink. Otherwise, who will give him company? Don't cry like this.

Did you got hurt when I beat you earlier? Had no time to feel pain. Fell unconscious instantly. Is this mustache or 'Bombay Sweet'? Dears, You should call me if you need anything. I will be with you Because you showed me love even my kids didn't show. But how can they leave me alone here and go to the party? I also have wishes, right? to go to a party, have a drink and dance? Do you know? I was a heavy dancer What? I was a good dancer A great one. But what to do? Earlier, when I felt like dancing I used to light this bulbs used for Christmas decoration and dance after having a drink.

But when they see that they say -that I am mad. -His grandfather is mad. Yes. Eh!! Sir, do you want party? Yes. -Do you want to dance? -Yes.

We will arrange it here. We will dance here. We will get good sleep, then? Yes. Good sleep. Go get some. Don't go.

Around my house there are so many towers. But I have to get outside of my house to get any range. Is that phone's problem or tower's? Go away, idiot. I have to sleep.

If they don't know just tell that, right? What happened? Hello, sir. Don't worry. He is here in the bathroom. I forgot to look there. You idiot. Don't play funny here. I am taking a big risk here. I don't need your help and don't call me again. I will give you the treatment for this when I am back.

Hang up you bugger. Ha. Tell me. I am coming immediately. Get up you idiot. What? 'Jincha'? I will give you that.

Sir, I got this from him. I think they passed out after drinking this. I have seen so many thieves in my life. But I have never seen a thief passed out in the very house they went to steal.

-Isn't it? -Yes. Sir, we didn't came to steal. -Yes. -Yes, we didn't come to steal. We are friends with the sir here. We came for giving him company. Ask him if you have doubt. He was here till now.

-Call him. -He is checking rooms. What are you looking at each other? Move here. Sir, they entered the house by breaking the kitchen door. They have kept my laptop and some files stored in a bag. They have not touched gold. I think they ran out of time. This is burglary. I am sure.

Hello. I will tell. Sir. Kitchen door is tampered with. Laptop and files are stored in a bag. Gold is not taken. Maybe they ran out of time. This is burglary.

Do you know them? He works in my office. I know their intentions. Intentions we will find out. They are saying they came to keep you company. That's a lie. When did I call you? I didn't even call them for my office party.

Not him. We gave company to his father. My father? Yeah. You left him alone here. We gave him company and bought his energy back. Yeah. This guy and his wife lock his father up here when they leave. That's why we broke the door to enter here. To give him company. Ask Sudhakaran Sir to confirm. Let him tell.

-Don't lie. -Call your father. Call your father. I also want to know if my father said that. -Let me ask him. Come. -Come. Sudhakaran Sir.

Ask away. Ask him straight. They are saying they talked to my father who died 5 years ago. They both are big liars. Thieves. My poor father. Look at him. How can anyone say this? Put them in the vehicle.

Dear, look here. I will bail you out. Don't worry. Yeah. I am with you.

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