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This. Video is supported in part by Squarespace. If you need a website or online store Squarespace, is the all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online, presence, hi this is makes for fiims well you know the drill you know suggest things I make them someone suggested I make this Laura Scott and then I lost that comment the comment was from 2017, because that's when this Scott was popular it's not in their web site or in their stores anymore because 2017. Is basically 85, season Siddhartha's, are oh so I'm really hot Chuck trending by making in 2019, but I still think it's cute it deserves a recreation, I wanted in my wardrobe so let's see if I can recreate it I have, 2.5. Meters of red gingham I got on sale five dollars in makeup yeah baby that should be more than enough so let's get cracking okay, so fabric, gingham, is my favorite fabric you want to know why it's all squares in line so it makes cutting and measuring sweep it easy and the best thing about this particular fabric that I have each square is exactly one inch on this gingham. Because. I know each square is 1 inch exactly, that means there is a freaking inbuilt. Ruler on this fabric, it's basically, magic, fabric hey, magic, fabric would be such a good band name right anyway if I want to do for instance a hem of half an inch I just folded in the middle of the square cuz that's exactly, half an inch so all I have to do is fold the edge over to the next square lining, up the edge with the next line and bam dead perfect hems and seems every, single time anyway, magic, fabric aside let's, get started in this project wait I need that for the project for the main skirt bit I'm gonna cut out a piece of fabric with a width that's approximately, one and a half to two times my waist measurement, that'll make sure the butt fits the skirt later on the, butt my bite my, bite is attached to me any, way I want, my hips and butt to fit in this skirt so two times, my waist will certainly be able to provide that the fabric was already 2 times the width of my waist so no coding was needed the length of it needs to be about knee length so yeah so I cut the fabric to that like well I kind, of slit and then I turn, the fabric like this. Which. Makes I just satisfying noise but I'm not just doing this as ASMR, clickbait, tearing woven cotton fabrics, is. Much, quicker than cutting, it and test straight down the grain of the fabric so it's often less wonky and more accurate, and now I have this big old rectangle, recap the rectangle has a width two times my waist measurement and it falls to my knees now this bit of rectangle fabric needs to be sliced into two pieces but first, I just need to do just a little teensy. Bit of maths the, skirt will consist of two sections one the front to the back to achieve the same look as the original, Zara, skirt the back will be gathered with elastic, whereas the front will not so, to get the measurements for the front I took my waist measurement, for me that's 33, inches and then I divided my waist by two then I added two inches for the button placket and two times 3/8, of an inch which is just. Three. Quarters of an inch for, seam allowance so, the final width is weights, divided by two plus, two inches plus, three quarters of an inch and the back piece is width is whatever is remaining of the fabric so with those measurements made I cut the fabric between the front and back pieces to separate them well. Cut. Tore it same thing so remember, this piece is the front and this piece is the back now I'm going to create a mock waistband, along the top of course of these pieces of fabric to do that with the right side of the fabric facing up and I'm gonna do the back piece first I folded, the fabrics raw edge over half an inch and ironed it down.

Then. I folded the fabric over again one and a half inches this time and then, ironed it into place again. I decided. On a mock waistband, width of one and a half inches because this, is the elastic I want to use for the skirt the elastic is about one inch wide so I'm giving myself like, half an inch wiggle room heel anyway, after ironing this fold into place, I put pins in it to hold it and then I repeated, this on the front piece of the skirt as well. Then. I sewed both waist bands down like this I'm using my Benina be 335 and a regular straight stitch I'm also using a regular Universal. Needle and white thread as white, is one of the main colors of the fabric and I want them to match. With. The muff waistband, Zone on both the front and back pieces now it's time to add elastic, to the back piece only so I'm gonna cut one piece of elastic the, length of it is about the same length as my waist measurement, divided by 2 that's sixteen point five inches then I put safety pins in both ends of the elastic so it doesn't get lost inside the waistband, and then using one of the safety pins to help guide the elastic I threaded it through the back piece of the skirt which remember, is the wider rectangle. Then. I sewed the ends, of the elastic to each side of the waistband tube using a straight stitch across here, and. Then. If you want to prevent the elastic, twisting in its casing you can also space up the gathers evenly and then to a straight stitch down the middle here cover both the waistband, and the elastic, to keep the elastic, in place next. I'll be touching the back of the skirt to the front of the skirt down the sides so first I moved all the gathers away from the sides to make that easier all the gathers are in the middle at this point then with the back piece right sides up I laid the front piece down on top of it right sides down the, front piece will be a little, bit wider than the back at this point that's okay they'll become more or less the same width later on I clip the two pieces together the entire length at the sides and then I'm going to sew them together at these two places with a straight stitch and a seam allowance of 3/8, of an inch. Now, here I'm just finishing the scene you can finish the scenes whichever way you like but I like to press the seam open and then press it to one side and then finish off these raw edges here to prevent them fraying, today I'm going to finish off my raw edges by using an overlapping stitch on my sewing machine, I used the sewing machines overlocking stitch instead of my actual overlocker, because it was 10:00 p.m. when I filmed this and it would have been too loud as they share walls with my neighbor's bedroom also this footage is not sped up at all but look, how fast the needle is going it blew my mind, anyway. The overlocking stitch works really well and this, is what it looks like, to stop the side seam with the elastic in it from jabbing, into my sides with the scut still inside out I folded the seam down to one side and I stitched just the top part of it down onto the waistband and it looks like this from the right side nice, and neat okay the scary pot I measured a spot 7 inches up from the bottom of the skirt and five inches from one side seam and I made a mark there with chalk now I can't, make any mistakes here or I'll ruin the whole thing no pressure or anything so, I want, to cut a curved line from, here to there so. Good. So far now, I want to cut a line from the chalk mark straight down and. Finally. I want to cut a straight line from the chalk mark to the top of the skirt through, the waistband to open up the skirt again. And I. Put, it on my mannequin to make sure it was looking all right, yay, now, I want, to make a button placket on the short edge this, one here first, before adding any ruffles, on the side of the skirt that now has the shorter edge I laid, it out so the skirt was right sides down and then, folded the edge over by one inch and then repeated this folding, it by one inch again then, I pressed this with an iron to hold the creases, in place, I put pins in along the fold and I sewed a straight stitch down really close to the inner folded edge like this to get close to that in a folded edge I put my presser foot down so that one edge of it lined up with this fold here and then I set my needle as far right as possible. Then. I gave the button placket a good press with my iron to make sure it looked all nice and profession. There, Scott ruffles, using the remainder of the gingham fabric, I want to cut from it a rectangle, that has a width that approximately. The same width as the fabric from before I also wanted, it to be 10 inches long so, I cut out a rectangle, that's 10 inches by 60 inches and. Then. I repeated, this with another 10 by 60 inch rectangle, and then with the two rectangles, put right sides together on top of each other like this I third, a new theme with a half inch seam allowance down, here this, creates a very very, very very long strip of fabric that could have fit into one entire camera shot.

Before. I gather, this up to make it or roughly attending time. Hemming. Now will make life easier later on it's, easier to do it before it's got the gathers in it so like before ahem, one long edge of this super long fabric, folding, the fabric are the half an inch and then another half an inch pressing, with my iron. Then. Slowing it down because. Of the length of the fabric this took a good 30, minutes to do, now. It's time to gather, and create ruffles. First I'll quickly run through how to gather your fabric and attach it to your skirt if you, don't have a gathering foot attachment, for your machine like I do so you'll need to do either one or two rows, of long basting. Sized straight. Stitches, along the top of the edge of the fabric then, together gently. Pull the top thread and push, the fabric back with your other hand and the fabric will gather along, the thread continue, until the fabric has been gathered down to the same size as the thing you're attaching it to in this, case the bottom edge of the skirt plus, two inches because you'll need a bit, extra on this end with the button placket okay I'm gonna pretend they're doing this for real with a tiny piece of gathered fabric let's just pretend for a moment that depth perception, doesn't exist and we all live in flatland you'll, want to flip up the gathered piece of fabric line, up the gathered edge with the raw bottom, edge of the skirt and then sew it down into, place right, sides together remembering. To leave a two inch overhang on the shorter side with, the button placket but if you haven't got the ruffle then I feel bad for you son I've got 99 problems but spending, hours gathering one long piece of fabric ain't one so this is how to gather the piece of fabric if you have, or. A similar, sewing foot first, using, a couple of smaller scraps of fabric I cut mine to 20 inches to make division easy I want to exactly half the fabrics, length to 10 inches by pleating, it that's because the long strip of fabric is approximately, two times the length of the bottom of my skirt so I want to make that long strip of fabric popped, with ruffles using. The rough lock on one pleat every six stitches I played around with the stitch length and depth, for a little bit until I got that 20 inch strip down to about, 10 inches after it was all gathered, up then, I sided I would throw the ruffle onto the skirt at the same time as pleading the long strip because with the ruffler you can do that so first I place the skirt under the machine and the, long strip to be pleated on top right sides together, I left, a two inch overhang on the button placket edge and then, I started on while also pleating. The top layer at the same time doing, this along the curved edge is a little, bit tricky but as long as I went slowly and was careful it turned out totally, fine then. I finished, off that seam exactly how I did it before so I didn't.

Film That and, now. Here's the most satisfying part of the project, turning the ruffled strip over we have heck. Yeah this is looking so much like the Zara skirt and I'm feeling very good about it right now now all the Scot needs is some TLC, in the form of finishing touches remember, the two inch overhang below the button placket I folded, that over by one inch once then twice and, then, I and the crease is in place and sewed it down here on the other side of the skirt I simply made a him so, turning, this cut to its wrong side I folded, this entire edge in a half an inch I pressed it with an iron then, I folded at half an inch again pressed it and then, I sewed it in place like this. So. Let's see how it's coming along. Heck. Yeah I tried. It on around my waist at this point to figure out exactly where, I wanted the buttons to go because, the elastic provides some stretch I pulled the waistband around me until it was snug but not too tight and, I decided I wanted to place the buttons here, down this row line, column, of squares, two, and a half inches from the edge I laid it down flat like this and then I tried out some different types of buttons so that I had in my stash so these ones were, too small these, ones were I don't know too cream-colored, these ones reminded me of breath mints finally, I put these ones on which, I think I like the best I couldn't decide so I took photos of them and I said this photo around to my friends so it's, their fold if they chose the wrong buttons go yell at them anyway they decided on them before and I, actually agreed with them so that is what I'm going to use after, figuring out where I wanted each button to go I drew a mark with chalk pencil, on the spots they were in so I could make button holes in there place the, top button hole is going to be horizontal and the rest of article I don't know why it's done but I looked at a bunch of skirts and dresses in my wardrobe and that's how they do it so I figured that must be some good reason to doing that and then I made buttonholes, on each of these seven spot and it, would be its own tutorial video, to show you how to make buttonholes and it's probably gonna be different for each sewing machine so I'm gonna machine prior knowledge here or the ability to research this one for yourself by the way I just want you all to know how hard I've been trying to say buttonholes. Clearly. And slowly making. Very sure to announce, the eight-ton in button. We. Don't want to lose that hmm, this is a family friendly chat when the buttonholes were done to open them and I learnt this just recently so I wanted to share it I simply, sliced them open with a seam ripper like this and then, I laid this cut back out flat I drew a chalk mark down through, the hole of each button, hole and put the buttonholes on top of that, line of gingham that's the third, square away from the edge where I decided I wanted the buttons to go before and then with the needle and thread I hand side each button into place I. Hand. Slurred each button into place on the table, when my dog can't reach it with a sharp sharp claws that was a close call there she very nearly ripped a hole in my skirt which at this stage would, have been extremely, tragic, anyway. With, that the skirt is finished. So, how does it compare to Tsar skirt how did I go. So. How does my Scout competitors ours well they look basically, the, exact same the, squares of gingham audist big on the tsar scott as they are on mine but, fez, wasn't made out of magic fabric, so you know, me, plus for mine as far as I'm concerned want to know why I want to measure anything, while I'm wearing this skirt I can, with ease I'm basically, a walking rule up. This. London is three inches long it's. Kind of beans it's four inches long. Hey. Riley your glasses are six inches long and, ago you can't just keep measuring, everything can I have my glasses back, magic. Fabric, Scott, can, you all see that Xaro banana, car don't you live in Australia, how is the imperial, system useful, for you oh but watch this, hey Riley your gloss is fifteen point two to four and it because it's long also. In addition to being blessed by magic, hi Scott is also cheaper and no made by a giant corporation, who practices, fast fashion and also regularly, still small independent artist look I'm throwing shade on you Zara so in, conclusion, even. If you could buy it from Zara still you really, should make it for yourself if you can for a confident beginner or any so, as to is familiar, with a sewing machine it is really not that much more difficult than a regular gathered, skirt just a few extra steps but, it, looks so impressive, so today's sponsor is Squarespace. No, where. Am I did, you invoke my summoning spell well at this point I thought it'd be kind of weird if I did a Squarespace, ad read and you want in it that's neat myspace, guy so tell me all about Squarespace.

And Why if you have a small business you should get wet face well let me tell you about something before we talk about Squarespace. Let's. Tell the viewers about brain crack what is pretty crap brain crack is actually a concept created by the og, internet. Guy himself as a Frank brain. Crack is an expression when you've got a project in your mind but, you just can't begin because you keep fixating, on how, to get it exactly, right how to get it exactly perfect, and you're such a perfectionist about the project, that you actually never begin because you're too afraid of, messing, you don't know saying to you audience it's, time to, stop. With the brain crap well it's 2019, it's a good time for, completing. Your new year's resolutions. It's February, everybody. A flock is ticking on those resolutions, so, why don't you stop. Having brain crack about that project that you've got and, just make it. Flipping. Website Squarespace, is a website that makes, websites. It's a meta website, if you run a business if, you are an artist, if you need a website for any reason, musician. Person. Mm-hmm, restaurant, yeah. Fair enough bah it's really. Helped your business if you have just, a clean nice looking place where, people can go and look you up mm-hmm, you know what I think a lot of people think oh I don't need a website because I have my things all scattered, all over different platforms. The best way to seem. Like you, are 100%, committed, to what you're doing and legit is that you gather it all in one place you have a landing page where you can put the best version of yourself forward, and that way you know if someone discovers your work through, social. Media or something like that they can go to Google they can google your name and they'll, be able to find you because what to Squarespace have they, have custom, domain names what if the man can just be a name and people will find it for example mine is, I have a Squarespace, website and it's a leak of Victoria comm and if you google my name it's one of the first things that pops up yeah and then you get to see this nice landing, page that has a simple, explanation. Of what anak is all about and maybe you, have the opposite problem people aren't able to, find your stuff well, then you can make a website and your squarespace's, marketing, tools Squarespace. Has a feature where you could stand out in any inbox, with email, marketing campaigns, for, any business, it's, really a good way to kind of remind people that you exist, the little update from now to get more customers we, have some cool new stuff and, then once, you've sent out your email marketing new products, to your core customers, and they come to the website to buy them what, happens well they can buy, them straight from your website, Squarespace makes it super easy to sell any products, online you, can start selling your stuff straight away so stop having brain crack start. Selling. Crap. Stop having brain crack about your business and start having a business it's not that hard and you can just send a card of whatever you sell to me but.

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I have a tip for making gathers/ruffles in fabric (not that great a tip, just saves time!) I do the basting stitch by hand, and I measure the thread to the length I want the fabric to be post-ruffling before I sew. So, as I sew the basting stitch, the fabric gathers itself as I go along, and at the end, it's the correct measurement. It just saves that extra few minutes, and, for those of us who have a tendency to snap thread, it saves doing it multiple times.

Actually they are six inches wide...

Good morning! I'm sure you get comments like this all the time but because of you, I've uploaded my first sewing video and, although it was a bit of a fail, i appreciate you so much for inspiring me! X

could you please make coveralls?

Please make a side slit bottom up pants!!


I love it!

Excuse me, did you insult the metric system?!?!? At least with centimeters we don't have ridiculous measurements like 15 and 8/13 inches or whatever. And with the metric system you can convert any length to any unit, and you know that 10 cubic centimeters are 1 liter of water and etc. The metric system is superior. I won't have any of this "imperial" nonsense. (PS I love you Annika)

A note about tearing fabric from a fabric store employee- like she said tearing fabric gets you a straight line but if you have a fabric with a line you need to follow be careful, the line of the print might not always match the line of the fabric.(unrelated fact you can rip some fake furs too!)

I like smaller plaid

omg this is the Cutest skirt. and a WONDERFUL video

Suggestion: making an ita-bag that has some nice structure to it and is cute! I want to start embroidering little patches and reckon it’d be a fun non permanent way (without sewing them on a jacket etc) to display them and other fun handmade bits I pick up (like my sewing babe patch

*Fif teEn pOi nt Tw o foU r ceN Ti me tErs*

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do an episode making the Dollskill rose coffin backback!! I want it soooo bad but I feel like for $50 I could just make it!

I really like this skirt and it's seems very easy to make! I think the skirt would also look good without the button design! I'm planning to go buy some fabric and sew some dresses this weekend :3

I love love love these 70s style pants but they're $600?! it would be so cool if you could make these.

I can't handleeee!!!!

your videos are very thorough. and well made :)

would this be a good first clothing sewing project??

what? i didnt find the vid hard to follow at all.


Yaaaas for ZeFrank reference. I appreciate you

You should do A medieval witch dress, it would be so interesting and i really want to see this in you channel because I've been searching for days and i couldn't find anything :/ I really want to follow this tutorial if you do in fact make a video

Lol gotta love her. "Then I just cut it" Rips the fabric to size.. hands are the new scissors everyone.

Hi Annika! I been seeing your videos for a very long time! Your projects make me inspired so many times. So only i want to say hugs and good vibes from México


ive never even thought about the 1in gingham thing. im in a fashion design class and I'm using that so my teacher doesn't like hate my hemming lmao

I am going to buy fabric paint/fabric medium and I am not sure which one I should buy. Fabric medium is cheaper, I think, but I am not sure if it will work as well as actual fabric paint, and be quite as long-lasting. I am looking for it to work on a wide range of fabrics, and also on stretchy fabrics (like t-shirts or even socks). Also, if you have any specific brands that worked well for you, please tell me what they are, though I might not find the specific brand.

Can you sew a collar for Ella?? it would be socute

i would love to see you make these shoes at some point :

I love that Riley is on your channel! Love both of ypur channels :)

You seem kind of .... different?

Make,thrift, buy a corset please!!! It'll be fun!

Annika!!!! Where are you???? I'm jonesing for a new video ;-)

O no rylie


I love the skirt, it looks really good on you. However, I wish you would have pattern matched at the side seams and the ruffle at the button placket. I know it’s annoying and a little more work, but it makes all the difference.

Calm. Down. Lmfao

Love your peppy mood! So happy you feel good in this :D

I LOVE an easy snip & rip


Hey Anika, l am a new follower and loving your videos, they're motivating and you're so good at explaining so clearly. There's this nice pinafore dress that l saw on etsy by Galiacouture and l thought I'd suggest it for your future videos "Ligh Grey linen apron dress, pinafore dress, vintage style dress, knee length, midi skirt, sleeveless dress, 1950s inspired dress"

I have this skirt lmao

I have always loved gingham! The only downside is it , or what I found at my local fabric store is very thin. But it is just cute fabric. Made a collarless light blue gingham shirt for my son when he was about two, put three tiny pre purchased whales on the pocket area. It was so cute. I jink it is just a great classic fabric!cute skirt.

That Ruffler pressure foot is the cats' meow. Magic fabric and magic sewing tool !!/:) I'm getting one and practicing on it and everything will be ruffled from now on!

Annika! I was looking through your Make Thrift Trys and I found that you haven't done the standard ripped jeans! I am trying to convince a friend that they can buy jeans and rip them themselves but they fear they will somehow destroy them

I made this skirt! I didn’t do the upward curve because I was too scared but I did the ruffle and buttons. I made mine out of an acid wash denim look tencel fabric and am super excited to wear it. I’m just getting back into sewing after a few years hiatus and your tutorials are just what I need.

Ashley from bestdressed is quaking in her picnic bitch boots

Her skirt looks bad . I mean i know her struggle but this is just bad ..

I keep repeating the fabric tear. Its so satisfying

Okay, I tried the 1 way for gathering, but it seems that the fabric doesn't hold the thread, it's like too slippery. What could I do to deal with it?

7:20 I'm late but I guess you set your needle to onion eater?

Perfect! You're magic! I love it!

Like yours better than Zara’s :D wondering how can you sew the back and front together if you want to add pockets...

*very good tutorial !* the skirt is really good ! (c'est bientôt les beaux jours ^^) sunnnnn i like sun !

I checked the playback speed like 4 times during this

Hey I want to make a bean bag out of old ripped jeans or old clothing. Any suggestions on how to accomplish that or videos to watch.

Please make the Jean panties, Janties

You should make this sequined jacket from forever 21

Grazie mille del vidro brava

Annika~ Love this skirt and love your channel! I want to request this shirt for make thrift buy if its possible: It's from the Japanese company Nissen: and it's not made or available any more. Its a kind of half wrap-shirt and that's coming into style lately so bonus points for that as well~  Cheers from the US!

Please please please do a video about how to do button holes! I've seen other tutorials, but yours are always so much clearer and more beginner friendly. :)

Easier way to gather if you don't have a ruffle foot, zig-zag (basting length) over a piece of crochet thread along the edge, then pull the crochet thread on both ends until you have the desired fullness.

Annika I love your embroidered pillows in the background! “Happiness is homemade” is something i should embroider! ^v^

I don't have a ruffler. This is going to be a tragic hour

9:19 Bonus ponts for the Flatland reference! :D

i’d love to see you recreate or at least react to the moschino sims collection dhdhdh. most of its ugly and it’s way overpriced!! it could totally be made for way less and you could also make it actually look good in the process lmao

SUPER cute!!

"The Ruffler", "ButtON Holes" and the dog!!!

12:26 the buttonhole at the waist needs to be stronger so that's why that hole is laying so the button doesn't slide out as easily

Just watched this video on speaker and as soon as the part with the buttonholes finishes my boyfriends yells from the other room "Buttholes???" :D

Make denim panties

You improved it.

omg I dont know how i missed this video!!! turning on notifs now bc I love your videos!

Think the video is sped up a wee bit much lol, the energy that comes across is wild! Super cute skirt I hope I can manage it!

OMG!! This is the skirt which is sooooo most wanted Item in my country

Could you do a troubleshooting your machine. For common Machine issues that might come up with beginner sewers.

Last year, I spent weeeeks looking for something like this. YOU SAVED ME!!! Loved the tutorial! Thanks!!!

Yours is awesome xx

Just followed this tutorial today! I've watched it a few times but I finally had the courage to try it today!

Please make this!!

Was I the only one waiting for her to walk up to Luci and go "Hey Luci! Your d--- is ----- inches long!" Sorry, I had to. Perhaps I have been watching too many Simon and Martina videos where they make everything into a dirty joke xD

THE RUFFLER! This is my new superhero--or supervillain >.> --name! Also, I need this thing.

Yours looks better then there’s

I luv ur vid

You did a great job pronouncing Buttonhole.

I made this and forgot that I was short, so I now have a great dress with a frilly bottom :D

Which stitch is the overlocking stitch??? My machine has like 30 stitch settings yet I only ever use straight and zig zag

Next time try matching the gingham at the side seams. It'll look much more professional! And I would also recommend to always use interfacing for the button placket...besides that I think you did a great job and I really like your version of the skirt!

Thanks for being the brilliant you that you are. I would definitely use myagic measuring skirt to the fullest. Lol You showed a perfect wrap skirt pattern and answered all the questions I had about Squarespace. I'm going to try it. And once I get to a good $ place, I will remember all the joy, knowledge and laughter you shared to me. Thanks for what you do.

This looks sooo good!

Buttonholes are horizontal at the waistband because it makes it stronger as there is a lot of tension and straining there - whereas further down they are vertical as there isn't much tension there.

I like your iron☺

I plan to make this to wear to my friend’s 80s themed party! Ruffles were an 80s trend and I can use that as an excuse to make this super cute skirt!

And I love coffee as I loved your energy. Looking forward to all your videos. Thanks for sharing!

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