DIY Fabric Storage Boxes + Tokyo Apartment Tour

DIY Fabric Storage Boxes + Tokyo Apartment Tour

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Welcome, welcome welcome, to. Our very spacious Tokyo, apartment. This. Video is sponsored in part by Benina, hello, if you haven't been keeping up with me on Instagram then this is probably a bit of a surprise I'm living in Tokyo for the next three months we're actually here me and leshawna for the chana's waa he got a three month position as a researcher, at a Tokyo University from, April till June and I wasn't about to let him go for three months without me but because I my, work is on the. Internet I am lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere anyway we've basically got confirmation about this position and our apartment one, month ago it would have been a hectic stressful. Busy, month trying to get everything prepared for moving. Our entire, lives overseas. For three months with the added benefit of being chronically, ill because when you're chronically, ill it just makes everything especially. Moving. And traveling just that little bit more difficult but we made it and we're here anyway Tokyo apartments are not known for being the most spacious. Spaces. We actually, lucked out and got a whole, 30, square meter apartment. Most places that we looked at were actually 15. To 20 square meters basically, they just consist of one room a tiny, bed tiny. A kitchen, so the apartment we ended up with it actually has, a small living room as well as a tiny bedroom and a tiny kitchen so we're feeling quite lucky but it does make me feel like a small two-bedroom place, in Sydney was literally. A mansion, anyway 30 square meters it a lot smaller than the space we are used to living in and when we arrived the apartment, had very. Minimal, furniture, had, a couch table. TV bed. That's. It so when we got here we were like oh no, where, do we put, out things, like we don't have heaps of stuff but like where do we keep my, sewing supplies a laptop, my cameras and filming equipment after living, here for a couple of days it became clear that we needed some storage solutions, if we didn't just want to live among our possessions, so that's when I came up with the idea of sewing some fabric storage boxes I want to make some that can slot underneath, the TV cabinet here maybe one that can sit next to the bed to keep cords tidy - Brandon empty corner of our bedroom that is just sitting here not being useful at all Anika hi going to sew fabric boxes I'm assuming you didn't take us machine with you I didn't, but Benina Japan have generously, learned me there be three three five which is honestly a perfect.

Sewing Machine for a really small space if you're interested, I'll be talking about this later at the end of the video but for now let's get into the tutorial let's Marie Condor this and make some really pretty fabric boxes, first I'm gonna figure out the dimensions of the boxes I want to create I want my boxes to go under here so I measure out this space and what, I want to do is make two boxes, that fit side-by-side. Together here each with dimensions, of 10, inches wide 11. Inches deep and 5, inches tall the template for a box looks like this so, imagine, you've cut down the edges of the box and laid, it flat and this is the five faces, that make up the box so from here I can translate, the, dimensions, that I want my box to be to this flat box to figure out just how much fabric I'll need for each box so the base is going to be a rectangle that's the width times the depth so 11, by 10 inches, and each, side of the books will be five inches tall and then depending, on which side it is it'll either be ten, inches long or 11 inches long that, means the piece of fabric that I'll need in order to cut out this box template, is five plus 11 plus five, equals 21, inches on this side and five plus 10 plus 5, equals, 20 inches. On the other side. I'm. Going to add a whole inch to both sides for seam allowance and, bam, to easy so for each box, of the, dimensions, that I want I'm going to require a rectangular, piece of fabric that's 21, by 22 inches after, figuring this out I went to a fabric, store, use a wire looking. For fabrics that are heavyweight so canvas non-stretch. Denim etc, apparently this fabric has the centered, Scandinavia. Hot. Tip bring a lucci with you to will around your fabric bin so. I ended up getting this. Plain, heavyweight, 100%. Cotton on stretch denim for the outside of the box, this pretty mid weight canvas, material for the inside the lining of the box and thick, heavyweight, iron on interfacing that, will keep the box sturdy, then, for each box I cut out a rectangular fabric that's 21 inches by, 22, inches. Next I and the fusible interfacing to. The denim piece with, the adhesive side facing, the wrong side of the denim next, I'm going to cut out a five inch by five inch square, from each corner because five inches is the height that I want my box to be hot tip once, I measured and cut out one square I used this as a template, for all the other squares so I didn't have to spend time measuring those out as well and save those cut out squares they, can come in useful I'll show you in a second I repeated, this for the pretty lining piece as well now those, leftover, squares I'm going, to use the lining squares to make pockets, for the inside of my box to, do that I sandwich two squares right sides together and then I sewed them together like this with a 3/8, of an inch seam allowance leaving, a 2 inch gap down the bottom I. Cut. The corners off the seam allowance making sure not to cut through the stitches then turn to this right size out through the gap making sure to push out the corners and. Then. I sewed up the gap and I gave this whole thing in iron, I want, to sew this to the side of the lining here but I can't go past here, this kind of invisible, line because, that will be the bottom of the box to, figure out where that line is I folded the flap down like this and created, a crease now as long as the pocket is placed above this crease it'll be fine it won't be on the bottom of the box and it won't mess up the box's structure, so I lined, up the bottom of that pocket piece with that crease and then I pinned it into place and I sewed it around three edges like this I also used up the squares cut out from the denim and interfacing. Bits to make myself little mini boxes. Okay so I still had these extra, tiny squares, left and I don't know what to do with there is other than continuing, to make recursively, smaller boxes like some Drost esque sewing, nightmare there is a limit to my thriftiness, is what I'm saying, anyway I'm making these little boxes because I desperately needed, somewhere to put my sewing clips because I forgot to bring any container, for that so I made this little denim box out of there scraps with a matching lid anyway back to the main project, time to put handles on this I want to put two handles, here and here on opposite, sides of the box the handle material is, going to be this bag strap webbing, so I'll show you how I did this on one side of the box on one of the shorter sides of the outside, box I made a mark two and a half inches from the edge here and two, and a half inches up from the bottom here.

I Repeated, this on the other side I then measured the distance between those two marks, which is six inches and then I added three, inches, to, that measurement to get a total of nine inches I then cut nine inches of bag strap webbing, and while. We're here I cut one for the other side as well. Okay. So I attached the strap by first placing it right sides down on the left mark yeah I pinched this into place and then I started on going back and forth with a zig-zag stitch a few times to make sure it's attached really, securely. Half, an inch from the cut edge of the strap then I pulled the strap up and over like this to the other mark on the right and then placed the strap on top of the mark like this and pinned it into place now, I'm going to sew it like I did on the other side about half an inch from the cut edge of the strap here however, this one is a little bit more difficult, to sew on so watch carefully after, setting the presser foot down on the strap I moved the strap forward out of the way of the. Needle, with one hand while going back and forth with the zig zag a few times to make sure it's turned strongly, into place then I press the strap down at the sides doubling, it over at the edges leaving this bulge of, strap in the middle so that I have plenty of fabric to use as the boxes handle to get my hand in there and pick it up then on each end of the strap I sewed, a little, square. Shape with a cross in it like this. I. Repeated. This on the other end and that's. The handles done now let's, construct this box for accuracy, although you can skip this step if you want I'm gonna make a mark with pen where I need to stop sewing at each corner while sewing the side seams for the box so, going from the corner, I'm going to make a mark half an inch straight down and half an inch going straight across drawing, a straight line that protrudes from both, I'm going to draw a cross where these two lines intersect here. This, shows the spot where I need to stop sewing in the next step next I grabbed the two adjacent edges and I folded them right sides together to match them up I honestly, showed, this a lot better when making my mini box because I can fit it all in the frame more easily so using my model the tiny box this, is what you have to do once, those two adjacent edges are pressed together I am going to sew them together using, a straight stitch and a, half inch seam allowance from, the top edges right down to that X that I drew on before. I. Repeated. This on all four sides, and ended, up with, this it's, kind of a box shape woohoo I, then, repeated the exact same thing to make a box out of the lining fabric. So. Now I have one outer box that can stand up on its own and one, rather more floppy lining, box next, for both of the boxes I clipped the seam allowance smaller, on all, the seams that I just sewed and then I turned to the outer box right sides out. Now, it doesn't look very box, shaped yet, but all it takes is a good ironing to put the boxes creases, into place I turn to the lining right sides out as well this is so I can iron in the creases but it will be turned back inside, out before being CERN to the outer box to iron the creases in place first, I folded down each side from corner to corner I pressed, on this firmly with, my iron and it. Gives me a nice edge to the box I repeated, this for the other three sides. Once. That's done I folded the box wrong sides together along, the seam that I just sewed and ironed, that down. Then. I repeated, this for the other three seams now it's a books it still has a little bit of give at the edges it is native fabric, after all but this is what a fabric box should look like and then I repeated, this ironing process, for the lining to give the lining shape now time to put the two together first, I turn to the lining back around, so it was inside out again and then, I placed the outer box into, the inner lining, box which took a little bit of time and struggling because the two of the same-size after, all if your box is a rectangular, prism like mine rather than a cube, make sure the after short sides match up with the lining short sides and the long sides match up with the long sides etc. Also the right sides of both fabrics should be touching I clipped the lining, to the outer box at each corner and then along the entire top edge all the way around, next I sewed the lining to the outer with, a 3/8, of an inch seam allowance using, a straight stitch and I made sure to leave a gap of about 4 to 5 inches along one edge.

Then. I trimmed down the seam allowance as close as possible to the stitches and then I reached through that gap I left open in the lining and I pulled the box right sides out through it now this part is a little bit tricky because the box is quite thick, and sturdy but don't be too worried about messing up the box creases, because they can be ironed back yet if you're struggling to pull it out go, back and seam, rip a larger gap at the top of the box so I got two here where, the lining is out of the box and then I pushed the lining back down into the box and there, we go almost, done next, I rolled the edge of the box so that the lining is just, on the inside. And. Then. I into this into place all the way around the top edge including, where the gap in the lining is. Then. I top stitched around the entire box starting, at that gap that we pulled the box through to close it up and then continuing, all the way around the top edge. This. Is a little bit tricky I found it to be a real, workout, for my arms because of how heavy the fabrics are at this point serger slowly, and take your time after, a final iron to make sure the box is looking most, boxy. It is, done. Storage. Achievement, unlocked so, this took me about two and a half hours to make so it's a really good project that can be made and an entire craft, a nerd or lonely over a few days now I'm gonna do a little apartment, tour of my 30 square meter Tokyo, space but first I want to talk about this, sewing machine you know last year I became a Benina, ambassador, Vanina makes amazing sewing, machines and I film in a super professional advertisement. Like a whole film crew came to my house and now that out of me is in their stores and in pamphlets, and magazine, ads and stuff like this came with this machine that I'm learning here in Japan which was a bit of a truth unboxing, the machine taking up the information, and seeing my face working, with Benina has been amazing, although this bit here that you're watching is technically a sponsored, spot I want you all to know that it was me who approached, Vanina because before I was an ambassador I used a Bernina sewing machine myself, for many years before this I had an entry-level Vanina. Banette but even though is the entry model it never let me down this sewing machine here the be 335, it is suddenly a level, up so it's above that chiba, entry level machines but still below the super fancy high-end. Does, everything for you industrial, level sewing machines now i talked about this in the advertisement, that I did for Benina which I'll link down below if you're interested in watch like the difference between an, entry level machine and this machine is very noticeable, the way this machine feeds, through fabric oh I drool, it's basically, like every fabric that I'm using even if it's satin, or silk or something hard to work with it's like it's just woven, cotton the way each fabric feeds, so easily through the machine there's certainly no bunching, up or eating of fabrics ever I remember when I was sewing on the straps of the boxes back in the tutorial, yes so I just used the standard Universal sewing, needle didn't have to change to a thicker heavy white needle I could sew through two layers of thick, bag, webbing one layer of heavy interfacing.

And One layer of thick denim all together with, ease that is hacking. Impressive. Also, this baby she, purrs it's, so nice, and compared. To any machine I've ever used before servers at 900 stitches per minute which is 15, stitches. Per, second which is also very impressive, and very good for an impatient, Annika and finally while it's a super powerful machine it's also really compact, and easy to move about it's a testament, to the size of this machine that it's really easy to use in a 30 square meter apartment, and not get in the way I love the, Benina 3 through 5 and, its sister machine the B 3 to 5 I also got to try out also, while this one is a loan from, Benina, Japan I was given one of these to, keep for myself and it's back at Sydney awaiting my return and I honestly believe that I'll have it and be using it for the rest of my life it's just such high, quality. And I know that, vanina's are built to last and the machine of choice for schools and universities, and hospitals, where they need something sturdy and reliable and, finally you know that I get pretty sad when companies, are not at all transparent, about who is making their product or where they're being made because that means they're likely hiding something, well I'm very proud, to say that Benina is totally, upfront with, where and how their machines are made they are they're in factories, and they have videos and photos of all of their factories, up on their website they have a factory, in Thailand which is here and, one in Switzerland which is here they're not hiding, anything which, is a, big, thumbs-up, if you're looking for a product that is made ethically, okay, I'm gonna stop hopping on about how much I love this machine I could go on for hours it is time to, do an, apartment, - let me go get my fisheye, lens it will be needed oh. Hello. Welcome to our apartment so here's the little designated. Shoe, only, area where you have to take your shoes off and here, I'm switching, to my very cute. Little. Best lip is that I got here in Japan or some. Rubbish in the corner which is great to see don't film that exactly, it's recycling, this is where we keep our shoes so when you come in you put your shoes in here mm-hmm okay so when you first step into the apartment, on the left here you have the laundry room we've got a pretty, decent washing. Machine and laundry. Powder and like towels and stuff like that set up that. Laundry. Room is a stretch on my. Right here as you walk in is the toilet unfortunately. It's not a japanese-style, one but it does have this cool feature where when. You flush it. The. System refills, and. You can wash your hands here. Although. When you actually sit on the toilet and close the door your knees do hit the door, it is quite petite, and then, just pass the washing, machine is the fridge. Firstly. I put this really cute I found this at a thrift store here, in Japan I think it's a really cute little further but, um which honor disagrees. With me but please back me up and it's really cute right and it's really good and it's not creepy, right I'm, correct, the fridge is a pretty decent size and we've also got the microwave on top of the fridge and a kettle and then, here in the little kitchen room, we've, got sink and we've got a one burner stove. Which. Is really easy to cook on isn't it which owner it's a little bit challenging and then we've got plates, and stuff after, they washed they kind of they've got the drying rack so they drip into the sink and then we just kind of shoved food and medicines, up here not in a very well arranged, way maybe we need some boxes up there then across. From the kitchen is the shower room this is its own little self-contained. Sort, of unit so it's really easy to clean you just close the door and you can shower just, spray it around anywhere, it doesn't matter why the. Bathroom. That has a control panel you've, got one for the. Air. Circulation, for the fan you, can make it dry. Hot. Not. So hot and something. Okay. This one is for the extraction fan, you can seal it off so the whole thing is a plastic, unit that's like kind, of outside and then you can turn this one on to actually heat it up like a heater this one is dry, air so, you can put clothes, in there and dry your clothes if it's raining outside and then this one is cold air for summer if you want to be keep the bathroom court and then you can also you, turn this on and that is the water heater and you can turn it to whatever temperature you want for showering we usually have it on for two degrees for showering yeah and that's the bathroom this is actually, unit that we was talking about that you control.

Now. Let's take you into the main part of the. House, the. Living room so there's a door that separates oh there's a door that separates the kitchen and bathroom we've, got my sewing machine, sitting nicely here on the tail, now. This is a little bit unusual for the, Tokyo apartments, we were looking for most didn't actually have this living room it was just that and then straight to the bedroom, so. This, is fairly, spacious the, fact that we even have a living room at all the. Apartment came with a couch a TV and, a, table that has like a little extender, extender. Extendable. Thingy if you, wanted to I guess have guests over old alright having one or two people in this space would be quite, cramped we, have a, closet which has, my underwear in it so I don't really want to show anybody there's an air conditioning, unit oh. And. Here is where I put my boxes, oh oh, oh. Such storage so nice yes I put all my recording. Equipment on that one this, is how they're actually used and my fabric in this one yeah. And then finally, this is the bedroom the bed is actually massive. It's actually two single. Beds kind. Of smushed, together to. Make a big bed but they gave us some very attractive. Brown, and, other Brown, blankets. To. Use but. They are quite snuggly, and warm which is good would you call this brown I'd, call it like pews here's what, an attractive name for an attractive color this is my friend buggy, buggy. I found. Buggy here in Japan and we're best friends now and it's not just because I'm missing my dog at home a lot I actually just, I can't. Sleep without a plush toy yes, I'm 26 who cares never. Too old for a plush toy buggy. Oh oh. Yeah there's, even slidy doors that separate the living room from the bedroom which, is pretty neat and then finally, skin, scoot. Around here, finally, here is the balcony weather, has a clothesline set up for us to dry our clothes on and I. Guess, stand. Here being. Cool. Yep. Very. Cool. So, our balcony, um looks out over all of our neighbors, so we tend to be quite quiet, out, here it's very quiet and. Take your neighborhoods, that's, great back inside. I'm. Putting that in the video. Also. The wall texture, is something that's kind of interesting in Japanese homes and apartments, a lot of them have this sort of texture if you can see it on the camera it's like fake paper, and, it's kind of spongy. It's, very interesting so. That is alpha square. Meter apartment, this is kind of the typical apartment that you would see in Tokyo and we're, pretty happy with it, we'll have to do a little bit more storage, organization, but, apart from that it's a really good place to be for three months I really, hope you enjoyed my video thank, you so much to Vanina for supplying me with a, beautiful sewing, machine the be 335, let me know if this video was useful for you or if you'd learn something here and I will see you all in my very next video but bye for now thank, you to all of my supporters on patreon and coffee for making this video possible to. Support these videos so that I can keep on making them go to Chrome open fire convoy, slash Anika Victoria for a one-off donation, or to support me on a continual, basis go to, forward slash Anika, Victoria even if you can only give one dollar a month that is extremely, helpful to ensure, this channel keeps running.

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I think the bear photo is cute when you first look at it and then gets more creepy the more you look at it

27 and still sleep with a plushie too

I have weirdly shaped cube organizer. Each cube is 14in high and 10in wide. I could not find a cube to fit it. So im so glad you presented this diy. I may just make my boxes with your tutorial. Btw congrats to Luchie! Its so cool you two get to live in such a cool country.

I and my boyfriend live in a 34 m² apartment in Sweden, and we have room for kitchen cabinets and a wardrobe... I don't get how that doesn't fit into a 30 m² Japanese apartment

Pauline Berglund the apartment would feel much more spacious with some nifty Scandinavian furniture and storage solutions, that’s what I keep thinking - the space is really not used well by the company who rented it too us! If we were staying longer or owned the apartment we would make some major changes, it could feel so much larger than it is haha. But for the short time we are here.. Fabric boxes help haha

AHHHHH AMAZING!!!! Enjoy your 3months!!!!

1. That picture is so creepy

OMG I tried do hard to work out how to make a fabric box using my own measurements a few years back and failed terribly!! Thank you so much - this makes so much sense

40 years ago I used a Bernina in School for my O Level Needlework Exam. Halfway through it burst into flames burning my Exam sample. I got a B instead of an A. They HAVE improved since then. My all time favourite sewing machine brand is Necchi


Thank you for this video! I’m Definitely going to make some for my overcrowded bedroom!

Hey! I was wondering whether it was difficult to get around such a small space with a disability that requires a wheelchair, or is it just small enough that you don't need to use it? Cheers!

lmao I've lived in a 9 m² (= 96 sqft) for the last 5 years, what are you on about ?

It is creepy ^^

I love the boxes

I cant sleep wo a plush toy too im 22

Small space promote minimalisme that is good for the environment! Yay. Loved the picture. It's noooot creepy (actually it is... :p ) My daughter is going to Japan for 1 schoolyear this autumn, so this was great to watch. Can you make more vids about Japan? Love from Norway❤

one month is stressful. We had Three weeks when moving to India (with our 4 children). It was crazy!

I wish I could afford a B335 :(

I too have a bernina, a B350, and it’s a freaking dream. Also it’s beautiful. Mine’s a special edition with the pink peacock feathers, and it just makes me happy both using it and just looking at it :)

Damn Bernina sponsored you?! That's crazy!!!

This is the first video I watched on my new laptop. I love the boxes. I will probably make some to put under my bed to hold my fabric and pens and whatever else does not have a space yet.

I’m disabled and wondering about accessibility in Japan and Tokyo would love if you did a video about travel and accessibility ! Hopping to be able to study abroad

3 months? We better be getting some amazing Japanese DIYs and thrifting vlogs!

The picture in the fridge is creepy and horrifying.

Thanks for the thriftiness in showing us how to sew storage out of fabric! Way better than continuing to buy plastic storage. Hopefully I can try It sometime. Also, thanks for apartment tour! Hope Japan has been treating you and L well ^^

Annika congratulations on your Tokio Home. I don't wat to bother you, but storing medicine in the kitchen isn't the the best for it , the variation on temperature and humidity may spoil the medicine. Again sorry to be that person but this is really common and can be harmfull. Anyway, I looooove your videos you are just amazing !

Please make living in Japan vlogs!

I just started using a sewing machine and OOHHH dat new seeing machine

I’m 27 and I still sleep with my tiny Teddy that I’ve had since I was a baby....#NoJudge #PlushToy

Who else wants to see Annika meet up with Simon and Martina while they're in Tokyo???

I have a marshmallow pillow animal (a lamb) that I hold while working customer service. It helps because it's texture is quite nice.

I'm 32 and I still need my teddy bear. It's fine. Mostly I use him as a pillow.

You're never too old for a plush toy! I have a teddy bear I got when I was 12 and a puppy plush that was a valentine's gift to my boyfriend but he lives with me

I sleep with a Minecraft pig and I don’t even play the game

Such a useful video! Thank you! May is so you how much is the rent for your apartment?

The apartment looks very much like the suite style dorms at my university

I'm on Luciano's side on this one. That photo is creepy.

Please do a follow up when you have all your boxes made and everything settled. I’d love to see all the different sizes of boxes you can make!!

No sweetie that pic is super creepy

I'm 33 and still sleep with a teddy bear, my husband doesn't care and even give it to me when it fell on the ground

I need to see a collab with simon and martina, it would be perfect

aw you could try and meetup with simon and martina (from eat your kimchi) while you're here!

I’m a singer user sorry Annika I can never switch from my vintage singer 99 that was made in 1927, she’s industrial strength >:))))

I’m a 22 year old man and I still sleep with a plushie, screw societal norms that adults can’t enjoy cute & soft things

Great job this is really well done and very nicely finished .

Sooo when you guys are collabing with Simon and Martina

.... say goodbye to your fabric budget... you’re going to be buying a whole bunch of it.

That apartment is actually super cute! I have a tiny apartment too and the only difference is the tiny bathroom :) I love that you have a washing machine in unit! so nice!

I'm looking into ethical clothing, but I'm plus size and there don't seem to be many options. If you know of some places I'd love to hear about them.

Was it hard to find an apartment that you could put your chair in? With how small it is, it seems it'd be really hard to use your chair when you need it? I can't believe people live smaller than that O_O. Animes have lied to me.

They turned out so cute! Gonna need to make some for our craft room.

Annika, I've been following you for years and i love every tutorial you upload! This was exactly that i needed! I love you!

Does this mean you can meet up with Martina whilst you're there?

If your anywhere close to Simon and Martina I would love to see a collaboration you and Martina have such unique and cute styles !

I've been wanting to get into sewing recently, but I don't have a proper sewing machine. Any simple project ideas or advice for handsewing? I'm worried about my stitches and fabric lengths looking uneven and messy.

I'd love to live in a tiny apartment like that,I have all these ideas in my head on how I'd decorate it and make every corner useful

I think creepy can be cute, it’s best of both

Just want to say that I really love your attitude, you spread positivity, even if you are not feeling well yourself sometimes (and it is really great that you are open about that). I am happy that you were able to get Bernina to sponsor you - that is the kind of advertisement I am totally willing to watch.

Ooof 30m^2??? My dad told me when I was moving with my bf: find a space thats 70m^2 bc everything under 60m^2 is torture with a partner

You did get lucky getting that apartment they seem to have so many smaller ones or pods for sleeping in.

I was just given a vintage Singer sewing machine but would love to try Bernina because I know they sponsored a tribal YouTube channel.

ah the apartment tour makes me nostalgic for my trip to Japan in November last year... I watched your videoguide on thrift stores and had an amazing time in Shimokitazawa! I hope you're having great time in Japan and I'm looking forward to new videos :)

oh that sewing machine is A DREAM

kippis is a Finnish word means cheers in English

I tried to do it and now my parents disowned me... trap video

Think of it less as an apartment and more like a hotel room of sorts and it won’t feel so small! Also, you should get a tension rod and see some hanging storage boxes to go on it above your washing machine (if they wouldn’t get in the way of you opening the machine?)

My sewing skills are non existent so I crocheted myself a storage basket instead for my knitting supplies.

have you tried a capsule hotel?

Bernina definitely caught my attention with that pitch, maybe when I have more funds available... This is inspiring in lot of ways, but by especially reminding that space saving methods can be fun and pleasing to your eyes.

I recently got a bernette, really liking it so far.

Seriously, your videos are SO well made, I was not even a minute (I think?) into the videos and the graphics (not sure how to say, but the drawings to explain how to measure your fabric) were great, simple, super effective, cute!! the editing is great, I think you maintain a great rythm when you speak in front of the camera and when you explain the sewing process. So thank you for this video, I hope to try this project one day, and I really hope your stay in Japan goes well for you and your fiancé! I just came back from my first trip to Japan yesterday and it was so fun to see your stories and experience the weather and the sakuras for myself.

I would 100% use a Bernina if i wasn't ridiculously poor :D Someone buy me one pls

Chanel Gerritsen hahahaha I was wondering if they were being used for YouTube pre-roll ads! That’s so funny hahaha

Samara Baphomet yes omg! I am going to do a Tokyo fashion report video. Turns out French fashion is BIG in at the moment here haha.

Ahh this is perfect! I want to make a box for my meds so I can keep them organised and all in the same space. I hope you're enjoying Tokyo, Annika. Yuzawaya is so good, I spent so much money there when I was in Japan in January!! I have some leftover cat fabric, actually. Cat print medication box, here I come!

Make a trip to Asakusa to the market there. In one of the shops you will find a small little store. A wooden walk in storefront ( I dont know the name and I dont think she has a sign. She is just there). She has rolls of kimono fabrics (remnants) for about 1000 yen each. They are amazing fabrics!!! Oh make a trip to Nodashi and go to Aeon. 3rd or 4th floor (I never can remember which) is a large sewing department!!

Cute not creepy

Annika! Having your slippers in the shoe area defeats the purpose of swapping! They will get germies on them fron your outdoor shoes

Aaaaa! I have a Bernina 330! I bought it back in high school after saving up from my job. I bought it fully intending to use it for the rest of my life. I love her so much

That wall material just gave me the most vivid memories from staying in cheap motels on road trips! The squishy material and unique texture is great for muffling sounds just like a popcorn ceiling does. It's also very cheap to put up but it can be easily damaged by scraping furniture or kids playing with the wall after finding out that it's kinda squishy. It makes complete sense to put up in tiny spaces like a Tokyo style apartment or cheap motel with a high population density and frequent foot traffic.

Woa that was such a good tutorial, I'm so keen to watch more!! And this is something I've always wanted to make/needed in the house haha, so I'm excited to get to this :D

I suggest visiting the fabric street in Nippori-Tokyo. If you haven't been there, you are missing out! I can also suggest the online store called Tomato in Japan. ;-)

That Bernina machine is the type we use at my school!

The entry point is called the Genkon, and if you need an explination of how trash/ recycling works in Japan this might help:

Crafternoon I love it

Wow! Good for you! My husband is retired military and moving with him was the norm. You'll have a blast. Get out, see as many sites as possible. I'm excited for you.

Good luck in Tokyo! Will you give us a tour of the area? What's the shopping like around there?

Y’all better be going to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea!!!

The little squares you can make quilt hot pads out of or like coasters

So fanny

A wider seam allowence at the top where you sew the lining and box together, will help the box stay up and sturdy. Especially when you do more topstitches than just one. So don’t clip the seam allowence. Unless you just want to clean up any rugged edges.

Do you know Simon and Martina? Their channel is awesome and if you meet up you might at least cuddle a cat while missing your dog?

Enjoy Japan!

I LOVE Bernina machines. They've been in my family for years. My mom has an antique, all metal one from the 50s that we all learned on and she found one for me when I was in high school which I later trade in for a computerized one later on and I've had that one for about 15 years now. They are amazing and last forever!! Haha, now I feel like an ambassador! Love the boxes you made as well. Great job! The process reminds me a lot of the steps I go through when making bags.

Isnt the "fake paper" just some good old fashioned wall paper?

I love that he knows what puce looks like.

My mom got a Bernini when I was only two or three years old. Machine still working (I'm 52

Konnichiwa! I'm happy for you, hope you enjoy your time there. I'm studying Japanese and hope to go there on exchange one day. I also love fashion but don't have a machine. Just hand sew when necessary, and fabric glue! Love your channel


This hair color and style really suit you, looking chic, fresh and modern. Enjoy Tokyo!!

I love these boxes! I definitely want to give these a shot! (Also I’m living for the apartment tour!! I’m so glad that y’all are having a change of scenery!!) Quick question tho- can you double interface the bottom to make it a little more sturdy since it might be dragging on the floor?? Is double interfacing a thing?? Or should I use something else??

What's with the fisheye lens? Can you...not?

You really need to go to nippori town (fabric town). It’s heaven and like one big yuzuwa street...

I'm 25 and married (just to show how ADULT I am - not really) and I still sleep with my bear Bruno. And actively collect plushies. NO SHAME AT ALL!

I would love a collaboration with Martina from eat your sushi *-* I think you guys are very similar

The picture is a little creepy...but also cute! I'm going to instagram you the creepy/cute picture I have on my fridge! Haha

I have to have my teddy bear to sleep, I totally get it.

At @16:22 there is an apartment tour. I loved it.

You could have covered some ugly buttons, but the tiny boxes are super cute.

Annika! You can also crochet baskets out of plarn - plastic yarn! Look up a video tutorial - you won't regret it lol

like i GET IT right but also tell me why you couldn’t just buy boxes

This is amazing. I want to go to there. Haha

I‘m from

Man. That apartment looks like so many of the apartments I looked at recently. That layout is soooo stereotypical based on all the apartments I saw. Mine is a little bigger, it's about 33m^2. But it feels a LOT bigger than those long ones do. Mine is kinda squarish and it really helps make it feel bigger. But I'm in Saitama not Tokyo. Only 30 minutes on the express train though! =D

I'm a grandma, living alone and have a plush toy. It's not something I share with others but you're right you're never too old. There a MANY women of all ages that have them. It's important to keep those cuddle muscles toned.

Tip from Tokidokitraveler, if you need more counter space in your kitchen you can get a cutting board slightly larger than the sink and extend the counter covering the sink with it :)

Ps I LOVE yizaweya

Loved your video! Picture on your fridge is great

Will you take up J-Vlogging now?

Could you pleeeeease do this Shirt it is soooooo cute

Given I've got a large earring collection I wanna reduce, i'd actually take those left over squares and put the earrings I don't want into so they wouldn't get mixed up and after a good thorough cleaning, I could then turn around and donate the earrings. I can't tell if you've got your ears pierced, but use them to stick things into for storage of their own might work.

11:54 looks like a very shocked face

Needs ART

Congrats on the movie and the new job for Luciano. Those boxes came out to cute.

MUST VISIT SIMON AND MARTINA! They love your videos!

now i want a f*inkg bernina

YOU ARE LOOKING HELLA FRENCH. WE STAN ♥ Love from Dominican Republic

Could you possibly give this one a shot?


Awesome video!! Please share with us the yummy food you are eating while you are there!

I like the photo haha it IS cute!

Sqft; In Kansas city been studio apartments shopping 400 sqft to 600 sqft, basically 1.00 per sqft (37.16 meters 55.74)

You could sew the mini squares together to make boxes that are just a bit smaller than the little ones. The apartment looks pretty cute! The efficiency of space is interesting, though the tiny toilet room and it being separate from the bathroom would drive me nuts. Also I'm totally here for the 'adults who sleep with plushies' club. I'm 29, and my bed is basically a nest of plushies and blankets, it's so cozy.

it wasn't until this video that i realized what the x's on the bin handles are for

What an awesome opportunity! Also great tutorial =)!

Pls can u do your version of thigh high socks with kitty ears like those anime ones...I will appreciate it so much thx your the best

My home in Northern Ireland is just over double your square metres.....and that's just my normal home, lol. My house is super tiny compared to other houses here. We do tend to have smaller houses anyway as Ireland is a small Island. But even my house is teeny tiny for us. Great tour and I love the wee boxes you made. Lee xx

i love your videos and the style pile episodes. i thought your newest video would be easier to get a hold of you. H&M takes old fabric to be reused for future style. They even give you discount coupons!! Worth checking out in your area :) Also cute af place.

It totally looks like something my cat would sleep in I love it

Very nice!

Thank you Bernina

A fabric box to hold your fabric. Ugh your mind

Have you visited Okadaya in Shinjuku? The fabric selection is insane there!!! You should definitely go!!!

The apartment was actually a lot more spacious than i thought

Actually how did you find an apartment for just three months? P.S. I think the wall covering is vinyl so they can clean it easily.

your apartment reminds me of simon and martinas officetel on korea!

Your logo is just floating near the middle of the video.

Most toilets refill from drainage from used water in some way or another, just not as blatantly obvious as that! Most people just just don't realize it because it's just part of the invisible plumbing of our lives. I remember when I was a young kid (this must have been late 90's early 2000's - but my house was built by my parents in the 80s/90s and I guarantee we hadn't updated the plumbing system) I lost a small star shaped toy that was part of a little mermaid set down the bathtub drain. Lo and behold, we then flushed the toilet, and it came UP into the toilet bowl as it refilled! I live in the central U.S. too, so this isn't a new innovation or a strictly Japanese one, though I wouldn't doubt if they came up with it first, just in the 70's 80's or earlier. So, I always find it funny when people say "why do we **** into fresh water?" or say that in an emergency you can drink the fresh water in the toilet reservoir. Nope!

I wish I'd thought about this BEFORE moving into my dorm this year... as it is I'm seeing this video less than a month before moving out haha. Also idea based on my laundry hamper - using boning on all the corners instead of interfacing on the sides! A bit more of a puzzle to sew, but more easily collapsible possibly and also if you have scrap boning laying around and not interfacing, use what you have, right?

Those apartments exist not only in Japan ;p. Thanks for the tour! And tutorial :)

You finally did it!!! You madman!! I'm so happy for you CONGRATS!!!!


Congratulations on the new adventure! I’m very impressed with the way the Japanese design their living spaces. Your apartment is very efficiently appointed. I’m particularly impressed with the way the shower area is put together. I suspect I would not like the plastic, but I do like how you’re able to control both the heat and humidity to the point you can use 5he entire area to dry clothes or whatever. The “kitchen” is a disappointment though. No oven? Only one burner? No counter space to speak of…Entertaining is out. I truly envy the Bernina you have. My dream sewing machine was a Babylock but I will take a closer look at the Bernina line. Like you, the social conscience of a company is very important to me. I know you and Luc will take advantage of the time you have there to make it an experience to remember. Cheers!

Creepy picture of a dog

I love this! I, like seemingly everyone else, binge-watched Marie Kondo's Netflix show, and I'm on a big organization kick. I'm going to try this out, and avoid having to turn the box by topstitching some ribbon along the top edge. That looked painful. I also want to add some cardboard to the bottom to give it more structure.

this still looks bigger than my new york studio xD

I loved your review of Bernina.. It was so full of information

The fish lens makes me sick. Like very dizy

Uh wow you have patience I would have sewn the lining fabric directly by hand so that I didn't need to turn it through the tiny hole. I always tend to rip the fabric or my stiches.

Kippis design looks so cute and fresh!

aaaah your apartment looks so much nicer than mine was in kyoto. How much do you pay a month, if you don't mind me asking? it'd be good to know for when I go back to Japan, and possibly for others who are interested in an extended visit/move!

Ooh can I just ask if it is okay, is Luciano teaching in English? I'm currently doing my PhD and working towards a lecturing career and to have the opportunity to work in Japan for 3 months would be great.

I found this and think you should do a Make Thrift Buy video. Cause if I could make these that would be awesome!!

that fabric is nice...

you should make the unif becca top:)

Stunningly small apartment. That's smaller than most hotel rooms! As for sleeping with a plushy, I'm 53 and still sleep with a plushy. I sleep so horridly without one that if I forget to bring one on a trip, I buy a new plushy.

I'm 38 and I still sleep with a stuffed animal every night, so don't feel bad

bqpdobqpd thank you so much for the suggestion - I had not heard of it!

I love your box.

I dont think ive seen a hairstyle more suiting to you

The wall finish makes me think of soundproofing tiles, and considering how many people live close together in Tokyo, sounds logical that they would do that.

This is a very nice tutorial, I have usually just taped fabric over cardboard boxes which works but you either have to find correct sized boxes, or make them, which is a lot of work. Cute!

Yesss !! Very cute

good luck re finding clothes in Tokyo :) I hear average ladies here in Oz are XXL in Japan. then again, with your awesome sewing skills, it won't be a problem ;)

I hope you can do a video with Simon and Martina ✌️ It would be an iconic collab!

I'd just go to Daiso or 3 Coins. XD But materials are probably cheaper in Japan and it's nice to get exactly what you want. ^^ Looking forward to more vids!

Welcome to Tokyo!! :) I've been following your blog since I moved here because clothes adjustments in Tokyo are sooo EXPENSIVE and I learned to DIY for my ultra petite frame.

I love the new hair

I love plush toys too!

We know about being chronically ill and dealing with it on top of everything else. It’s tough and like you we persevere and keep sewing on our Bernina

Whoa, your apartment is still a lot bigger than mine lol *suffering in zero storage language*

You could make a video of giving advice on how to fix clothing, or how to alter it or how you would do it, because i have this dress that i just don’t know how to fix as a beginner haha!

Bernina did good making you an ambassador! You've pretty much convinced me to get one when my old sewing machine finally bites the dust. Love the video, thanks for always making such wholesome content!

It’s okay, i’m 21 and have 30+ stuffed animals in my room :) i sleep with a giant elephant named Baby.

Love this tutorial! And it’s so crafty how you used your scraps to make the cutest mini boxes for your sewing accessories. You could use the left over tiny squares as little pads to put under furniture legs to protect the ground? Love your channel!

the caption for the swearword being "[inaudible]" cracked me up lol

I looked into the Bernina 335 price in Poland - it's 5000 pln :') Idk if it's really good for a beginner or me :')

My goodness that is adorable! Thanks for the upload!

I love how you break this down into the Geometry of the project. It's super super helpful!

Very informative!! Love the math part!! You took the guess work out of it!!

Heh, "kippis" means "Cheers!" in Finnish (said when making a toast).

The sewing Machine is too Expensive.. :(

How do you get your chair in and out of that hallway, yikes?? with the step up and all!

,I'm almost 20 and I sleep with a giant shark plush so it's not strange

I don’t know why, but when she sewed that little box shape on the handle, it made me smile quite a bit.

The picture's only mildly satanic

you could've sewn the lining on while the outside box was inside out. makes it easier if you just turn the lining over the edge of the outer box giving it a border on the outer edge (make sure the lining is slightly bigger in this case.)

Perfect cat bed idea! Thank you!!!

Annika stepping in to the toilet room with her house slippers on made me twitch... my ojisan didn't raise no heathen.

Such a cute box. Definitely never too old for a soft toy :) Exciting about the partnership but I had such a terrible bernette for my first machine. :( It quickly left the house when I realised I was sticking with sewing. I don't like I could ever trust bernina now.

Tokyo is getting funner and funner with more and more super creative creators moving there. from all over the world!!!!

I would love a sewing machine anywhere near the level of the one you use. On my Singer Simple, I broke a needle when sewing velcro onto fabric.

Oh my god, this turned out SO cute! Amazing job again

This is a good idea for grocery bags

The tiny squares might be big enough for button covers. Also, I'm 22, and all my stuffed animals have names, and get told goodnight.

3:53 if smells of rain/wet and cold nature, maybe some snow and global Warming resulting in a hotter summer than usual and snow in the spring, then you are close.

Where the pink robot iron? Wait is this pre robo-iron...

Gosh, I LOVE Bernina. My serger as well as my sewing machine are from them, and I just love them so much ! I have the B535 and it is the best sewing machine ever. I would love to work for them in a few years. Also, might try out your fabric boxes, they look really convenient :) Keep up the good work ;)

No I just didn’t bring it with me to Tokyo coz it would have been too much luggage! This is my friend’s iron I borrowed!

Its creepy! Sorry lol but apt really cute!!

"... hecking impressive!" Most adorable kid friendly expletive! Lol I love you Anna. You're the best. I can't thank you enough for all your sewing tutorials. I especially love your enthusiasm and support for Luci. You two are so awesome.

Wow. Our camping trailer is bigger than that apartment!

My favorite YouTube star stay in Tokyo 3m!? Wow because I live in Tokyo. Hope you enjoying tiny room and Tokyo

I knew this would come in handy soon, I just got really annoyed at my closet for mostly being a big open space and not having any real shelves, so I made a few handy dandy little fabric storage boxes :D

Greetings Annika, I have always love Bernita. I would like to know if this model has the knee pressure foot lever? I think I see my next machine. Thank you!!!

I love this and I did watch it along time ago but I just made it and I love it!!!

My oh my! That Bernina sowing machine is a jewell

Girl, you are a kickass inspiration! Go get your life! You are a fantastic inspiration!

You are adorable. Keep the diys coming kiddo !

Ok you've convinced me. I want that sewing machine one day lol. Those boxes turned out so lovely :)

Would this work for a crocheted bag? im doing a square-ish one with a flat bottom and def wanna line it.. does anyone know if this technique would be a good or bad idea for that?

Thank you for this simple and easy to follow tutorial! I'm going to try and make these in pink for my new dorm. I desperately need some storage boxes for my sewing supplies haha. Using the interfacing is such a good idea and I would have never thought of it myself!! :D

You are awesome Annika! I thank you for these videos.

If I wanted to be crazy u could use the smallest squares to place on like legs of table and chairs so they slide around lol. Just a thought

I will turn 26 this Tuesday and I also can't stop sleeping with a plushie. I have a lot of them XD. I love those boxes.

Your boxes are so cute. We have that type of wallpaper in France, too, it's an insulated wall covering, that stops mould growth in/on walls. It's especially useful in humid and/or poorly ventilated areas, or on walls that are against the exterior sides of buildings.

It's a little creepy

12:56 That face haha I can't unsee it

No shame on being 26 and still needing plush toys. I'm 26 and still sleep with a teddy I got when I was about 4 or 5.

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