Digital Dollar & CBDC: The Central Banks Plan For Our Future - RTD Q&A ft. Rice Crypto

Digital Dollar & CBDC: The Central Banks Plan For Our Future - RTD Q&A ft. Rice Crypto

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All right we are live for a rtd. Q a, midday. Uh live stream excited to be back with returning guests, mr rice crypto, i appreciate, you taking time to join me it's always good to, chitchat and go back and forth, and uh excited to have you back on the show and see what's going on in your works i've, followed you on twitter as well as youtube, and i as i mentioned before we went live. You know you're really trying to ramp it up to get people to take action. Uh because of what we're facing and where this world is heading so looking forward to, getting your thoughts on that so um but welcome how you doing my friend, i'm doing well man and thank you as always for the invitation, i i enjoy our conversation. So i'm definitely looking forward to this one. Yes definitely, so as always people for those that are tuning in we are streaming live so definitely want to, get your take on this and include you in on the back and forth don't want to exclude anybody so, um, today i want to touch on, um. This, transcription. Or this transformation. Into this 21st, century, digital age that, i believe is is being sped up faster. As a result, of the stalemate. Uh. In congress with this whole stimulus, talk i think it's going to put the federal reserve. Even much more in a pinch to have to respond. And all the the foundational. Pieces have been laid for them via, this legislation, that we're going to touch on that has yet to be passed. But it's just waiting on approval and i think it's going to come faster. Because of all the uncertainty, and then you get everything else so i want to get your thoughts on that, and i know you know for those tuning in i know we have a lot of people out there is not crypto currently friendly. But yet being that we're transitioning, to this digital, dollar, or rebranding, of the dollar. As well the payment system behind that i think people should be, open to just you know understanding, technology, and what they have planned for us so that we can navigate those waters better so. That being the case chris, enough for me, enough me written, um, the digital dollar, and yeah. There's recurrences, give us your thoughts on that, okay so um. Now the digital dollar, i, you know my brand is is rice crypto i'm chris rice i go by rice but i don't want to see us go to a cashless, society. Um i'm a believer in decentralization. So if we see a digital dollar come it's a centralized. Entity. It's going to be controlled. So people will appreciate, decentralization. So whether or not you like cryptocurrency. Or not, like micah said it's inevitable, it's coming, the digital, age is here so you need to embrace, it you just need to educate, yourself about the power of decentralization. Versus centralization. I'm not a fan of the digital dollar at all period if we're going in a cashless. Society, direction. And that's pushing us in that element. And you know we're going in that element it's going to put us to the point that we're not going to have any privacy. We're not we're not going to be able to all of it everything that we're going to be doing is under surveillance. Um the big data collection, if, as far as taxes, or if we owe anything, it could be just immediately, taken out.

If You don't play by the rules. You know you could essentially, get your you get shut out of your own accounts, and then if you think about the combination. With internet, of things. You know being added onto that. You're looking at a really scary situation. Um. Very 1984. You know the book george orwell. The, central bank digital currencies, the cbdc's. I can understand, happening, for you know in between banks, for having interbank, payments, and things like that, because the blockchain, technology, is going to be something that's utilized. You can have blockchain, without crypto you can't have crypto without the blockchain, though. So the blockchain, is just that open ledger system, and so the central bank digital currencies. Obviously. It's not an inevitability. They're here um china's, already in the process, of implementing, it and now other countries are trying to play catch up. So, um. You have from some of the founders from ethereum, like joseph lubin with consensus. That's working, on white papers, for central bank digital, currencies. If you look at the ethereum, enterprise, alliance and look at the people who are involved, in that conglomerate, the largest conglomerate, in the world i mean you're dealing with, people like bank of america, visa mastercard. Jp, morgan, and, microsoft. And the names, just, continue. And just go on so i mean, the rest of the world is already embracing, this um. So the rest so people just need to be aware of the power of the, decentralization. Um. With fiat money we we've come to we've come to, agree, that this is a debt based system, and it kind of keeps us as slaves to this debt based system. But something like digital, currencies. Uh. Like decentralized. Cryptocurrencies. Take that power away from governments, and central banks. Where they can't be printing up, um whenever there's a problem. Where it's an inflationary. Currency, versus a deflationary. Currency, so what you see happening with the fed with the money printer go berber.

What You see that is an example of the very opposite, of what bitcoin, is. Bitcoin, in particular. Um, because it's designed. Every four years for, the amount, of, bitcoin, that come out for each block reward to be decreased, by half. And so it's it's a really interesting, technology. I mean. As in the time that i've been alive for 45, years i've seen so much advancement. That. I mean we kind of knew, digital, money was coming if you were a gamer, you are your use team, used to having a, digital, ecosystem. That you deal with, yeah. All right so, one of the things and so i see a lot of people comment about the department, of justice so definitely want to touch on that eventually, because that's in relation, to, uh, the decentralized. Cryptocurrency. And how. Actually i'll put this on the screen here i was actually reading through this and so this is the actual. Um. 84-page. Um. Information. From. About you know from a cryptocurrency, enforcement, framework, uh from the task force and i've went through this thing over the last hour or two. And it's very, um. Vague on the surface, but it plays, into the same, things that we currently have now with the, fiat currency system of, them wanting to have kyc, aml. And all that regulatory, aspects. Laid down so that lets me know that you know they. Uh have, thought this thing out well enough to where they want to make sure that they try to stay ahead of the curve so that they can make sure everything is transparent. And i think that's one of the big issues that a lot of people might have with. Uh going solely, digital is the transparency, side of things when it go it comes to. The open, ledger technology, but before we get to that part. The digital dollar. The rebranding, of the current, monetary, system as we've known it, is something that's underway now and i believe that, a part of what they want to do is to. Continue, to. Usher out the the verbiage, so that it becomes more acceptable, and so i got a couple acts i'm going to talk about here but. One of the reasons i think this is really important to talk about now. Is because. Uh, on, two of the bills we have the the boost care the boost act. Which, and ties in that universal, basic income that i've been talking about for so long, and then also we got the banky for all acts so i'll thumb through both of them highlight a few things i'm gonna uh you know share. But, it's january, 1st 2021. Is the date and time frame given by both of those acts. Which. Basically, lays the foundation, for, um. The need for some type of app or some type of actual as it says. Ecash, wallet. In one of the acts there so, that's uh less than three months away give or take and so that's why i want to kind of talk about this stuff because. It's already out there it's just yet to be rolled out and instructions, given to the public on how to. Download, or whatever, and then all the consequences, that come from that but, january, january, 1st i'm sorry. Before you before we get into talking about this i want to also just in case you're unaware i mean you might have been paying attention, to this, but, this information. The, idea of a digital dollar the idea of the post office being involved with digital, wallets. This isn't new to the banking for all act this has been introduced, in several pieces of legislation. This year. So. It's and it already has implementations. On these two other versions, so you can see where it's headed they've been, they were already planting, the seed, we you know a lot of people had the, inclination, that this wasn't going to get passed right away because a lot of people with the privacy.

But Then, you know conveniently. We have this. Um, this virus. You know, now, people are talking about not even wanting to some businesses, not wanting to accept cash. Um, cash being a, way of transferring. Germs and diseases, to one another so it's almost like trying to push uh push people to not want to have cash. Uh and we got this, supposed, second wave i'm not saying there's no legitimacy. To the virus, but, but the pandemic, part of it yeah um. It's it's gonna be interesting, to see uh they're it's like they're leading us into a, a mouse trap it's like they're putting the cheese on the trap just waiting for us to walk and get the cheese you know and yeah um. I've been trying to say this for you know all year that this has been introduced. In multiple, pieces of legislation, i don't have all my notes with me but i know it's been introduced, three separate times. Prior to this, yeah um had some of it had a little bit of different verbiage, but it all was the same but most of it was using digital, dollar. But this time now they're adding the fed bank accounts. Yeah now i'll actually, just for the sake of you know because these are highlighted, i'll actually share. With you some things here uh that of course you're familiar with but, um, just some of the same verbs as you're referring to so here we have the uh. Automatic, boost, to communities, act and so this incorporates, that 2 000. it's very, i think this out of all the bills is probably the most detailed. Because it actually this is this is uh this was given. Immediately, after the cares act i think you know it was introduced publicly, wise and so was this the one in march. Uh let me see here february, march-ish. This was, like. April 17th. Was it was introduced. And so not too much longer after the cares act was passed. And what made this stand out is because it included, that 2 000 per month each individual. Then of course you scroll down, it gives more insight and then it talks about the same verbiage that's on all the bills. Which happens to be the digital dollar, uh verbiage, as well as the as it says here the e-cash, wallet. Includes the post office, and all those details you just say that then all the banks, have to have a back door. You know all, every single, bank has to be able to. Basically, be putting this technology. In their system so, if, and you can imagine if they're going to have this implemented, on january, 1st 2021.

You Just can't do this, um, overnight. Yeah so, have you noticed a lot of the banks have been closed. Um. It's there's a lot of there's a lot of interesting. Things, happening. Yeah i've had uh uh, uh one of the one of the viewers from the community, uh actually called in a while ago i think well before this kind of became. Mainstream, and mentioned about he works for a bank. And he kind of threw out some hints he said he couldn't go into detail. But he said that you know he's has first, first-hand. Eyewitness, of the bank, that he works for increasing, their servers so he's like they're increasing their servers, or whatnot, and, and so he was kind of hinting at what they could run so they can run nodes. Yeah. And so. Basically yeah, the foundation, has already been there and so just all these interesting, details, here, and i think this is important because. We're in the midst of chaos and as as you just hinted to that, i think we're we're being led to the cheese or it's been set up for the trap. And the clock is ticking, and i think a lot of what's happening. As far as that next stimulus, being passed. Has a lot to do with this because. The the more pinch the more pain in main street the easier it is for people to say. Okay, you know that twelve hundred dollars, like you know either we need it i need it the. Extension, on an unemployment, stuff like that, what better way to continue to increase the pain, so that it'll be easier, for say. If you want that next stimulus around a stimulus, or that next whatever whatever download, the app here, or. Or whatever, and i think that's fine that's likely man like now here's the question for you like just we're just talking this through but you know introducing, it to a lot of people here. In november, you know so what time frame do you think it will be like you know, can we see something. This month next month or. What will that next stimulus, come, in the old format, of being deposited, through the irs, or will it possibly. Be stalled, until they come out with that app or whatever it might be what do you think. Well i've been hearing that donald. Trump has been talking about having stimulus, for the. People but nothing. In regards to anything else until after the election, um so if it's donald trump i imagine it's gonna be the same way that we've been having it done. I don't think anything's gonna get pushed through that quickly i think it would be more towards that to the elections, after a little bit of the chaos, happens, um. Because it's i mean with all that chaos too people aren't really going to really be paying a whole lot of attention to oh they just passed this build as introducing, the, digital, dollar, well they don't care about pl they don't care about the fact they say download this and you'll get instantly, stimulated. So i think, you know for those i think, of course the in time.

The Pain. Will cause so much desperation. That, people will be definitely tuned in to when they hear the word free. Or. Whatever it is coming, that yeah, yeah ask some people in venezuela. What they've been. You know what they've been accepting from their government, and what you know what's been helping them so i mean yeah. It's you know when you're when you're on hard times and we're getting to that point you know um, and that's why it's it's very interesting, so if this if this any of this right here is just starting to make your blood boil at all, and you're getting a little bit ticked off, yeah and you'd like to know what you could possibly, do about it. There are people that are looking at trying to stand together, uniting, and doing things within our rights, assembling, in states, and, taking a stand, so i would encourage people to check out my channel my, my playlist, freedom and liberty. Is pretty much going over this topic, it kind of gets off topic, from where we're at but, this is something that should be pissing your viewers off, yeah oh no no don't people shouldn't be embracing, this you know i i understand people don't like. May not like cryptocurrency. But i am a, big proponent, of gold and silver as well i got silver too i diversify. So i've got the best of both worlds so, if the internet was to go down a solar flash. Uh whatever the situation, might be and i can't access my crypto, i still have my physical, items, so, i'm preparing, myself. In multiple, different directions. Yeah, yeah no doc no doubt no doubt i appreciate your chance so we're gonna definitely touch on that as well uh as far as uh the the groups or whatnot that you've connected with because that's what i think i've noticed mentioned earlier, that really intrigued me because, there's people with boots on the ground, actually putting their. They're they're putting their their their speech to actually, actual, action, plans and i like that.

Try To connect as best i can so um but yet as a part of this transition, i think it's important to, let continue to talk about this digital side of things and i'm definitely gonna get there. Now. Cash, and so cash will be penalized, heavily in the days ahead, especially as a response to the stimulus, the, possible negative rates and all the stuff like that. So, what type of you know, let's talk about the environment we're going to see because if there's chaos in the streets. Apps you know, people getting stimulated via app, in order to do transactions, within stores and online, it's going to all shift toward that, having possession, of that new digital, legal tender payment system. Whether you want it or not if you want to, function, you're going to have to use it, now but, cash like do you think that's still going to be something that will be accepted or it's going to take some time or what do you think about that. I was trying to think of top my head some of these countries, that are already kind of pushing, more towards, that digital, element. Um. And i'm i was thinking, china. Because i don't think they have as much physical, cash and because of china is like using like the. Um. Wechat. And all the different other things that they're using to use. Their id. And their bank accounts and all stuff through their social media, yeah. I think it's you know, where these countries, are kind of doing this. There is an acceptance, of cash they haven't completely gotten rid of it because people would, would freak out, yeah they really would but with the pandemic. It kind of makes things a little bit different. But. People who are dealing with cash you're gonna be looked at as like. Drug dealers, or. Involved in something they shouldn't be involved in because it's going to be looking like you, why do you have that why do you have the paper money like, what do you have to have what do you have. Right, yeah and you know, and just because you might, want to be. Private. Have privacy, and not have anybody. No matter what not if you're not doing something wrong or not just, just to have the right of privacy. Then you end up looking like some coop because you got cash, you know, maybe you like a bad guy and you'll be. Labeled, as some.

Misfit. Or, uh black market, type thing. Yeah, i agree and it's i think it's just a matter of time before, that that stigma, of private people who, still talk about privacy, or want privacy, are, hiding something and they're probably. Enemies of the state they're terrorists, they're you know, and of course, those are brainwashed. People, right, but the thing is you say it you say it loud enough and long enough it sticks, and then it doesn't take long for people to latch on to it, and it's those people who say i have nothing to hide you know whether regardless of your political affiliations. You just say that, you know, this the convenience, everybody's. Got something to hide my friend. Or, or not necessarily high, everyone, has a portion or a part of their life that they don't want to be, open-sourced. Right you know. Wait till they live in a glass house, yeah then. Tell me how much they like it, yeah exactly, so a lot of people would think differently, if that was the case from a toilet with a glass house. If you have doors and windows and you're on your building, you would definitely feel. You know kind of differently about the whole idea of privacy but you know as far as the the transition, and, the inclusion, of. The cryptocurrency. Sector because i think with the department of justice, deciding, to lay that. So-called, framework, today. I saw it spike to marcus a little bit i'm not sure if that was it but. You know we have michael, saylor, you know putting 400, million, of his corp companies, funds and, and calling bitcoin a treasury reserve asset. We got square just put 50 million so we got a lot of people when they're a square you had what square does they put the the bitcoin, on their balance sheet too though yeah so so that's big so that's huge. Does that. It doesn't surprise, me i think that's the. Adoption, push that a lot of people in the crypto sphere has been have been looking for, or the their opening for it. But once again. Jones. So again, paul tudor jones. Oh yeah i heard i heard something about him today as well i don't know it wasn't today, this is several months ago but he's, worth, like. 20, billion dollars, or something like that and he decided to put, um, almost two percent of his assets, into into bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Yeah no i, heard about that today. Hundreds of millions of dollars. Yeah so there's a lot of there's a lot of big wigs, that's getting on board, and they and they they and i've watched, watched a lot of them share why. And they give pretty valid cases as to why they've done it, but yet once again. The irs, and the treasury they're not tripping, long as you're on the surface with it and so long as they know where it's coming in at where it sits at what ledger number they know, that's fine, that, not bothers me because. Once again that's, it's it's it's, out of the hands, of the centrally controlled monetary, system but that's okay because they know where said they know where you at and. It's it's tolerable. And that's an issue to me because once again that's that open source privacy. Lack of privacy, situation. That. You know for some could be it could be unacceptable. Right once again it gets away from cash. You can have cash they not know where it's at but if you're a billionaire, with you know. You know millions of bitcoins, on your ledgers for your company, they know what i said that's, okay. So the problem with this is. What people, don't understand about bitcoin, for the most part is bitcoin, is pseudo-anonymous. It's not completely, anonymous, because, the the blockchain, the ledger, is, is open you can see every transaction, that's ever taken place since bitcoin, was created. All of them, now what that means though pseudo anonymous, is your name is not necessarily, attached to it, your private, key and your public key. Are, consisting, of alphanumeric. Some upper and lowercase. Out on, alphas. And, it's a string, it's a lot like it's so but, if you're using.

Uh If you're posting like for me if i post a donation, address. I've already made myself known, so they know that's my address, i put it out there, uh there's also chain analysis, tools and other things they have that they can use like track your ip. They can figure, out, who you are. Now there are ways. That you can be extra precautious. And take this. It takes a little bit of time and a little bit of learning like using things like shufflers, and mixers, and. More just a lot of different things you could do to add more privacy. But then what you have is the privacy, coins. Like monero, when there was the one. Most people are familiar, with, yeah you know those are the coins that are going to be. Having an issue, those are the coins they're going to be kind of like almost like what i said how. You know cash is being treated. Uh when we're going towards a cashless, society, when it's being made obsolete, how it's going to be you know kind of like. A lower society, kind of thing, it's going to be again a criminal, element, um, if if people are buying drugs or doing things they shouldn't be doing on the dark web they should be using something like monero, because you can't trace it there's no way of tracing it the irs. Just put out a bounty. To try to, break the 65. 000, bounty or something like that no 600, 000.. Yeah it's, crazy, man um. So but and that makes me think that they've actually already broken that though, and they're just doing that to uh, you know give somebody, the credit publicly, so they don't look like the bad guys for doing it. Um. But you know ultimately. This is open source technology. And it's a new technology. So there's always going to be more developments, happening, and we can always fork that technology. So there's all this ultimately. Because of that open sourceness. Puts the power back in the hands of the people. All we just need to do is just continue, to add these elements. And develop this technology. In a way that is not going to be traceable. Or if that's the case, i mean that's why you even have litecoin, adding a second layer solution, with the mimblewimble. Stuff so they can add more privacy. It's an option. Yeah and we should have that option you'll be able to turn it on or turn it off, right i agree i agree now when it comes to. Transacting, in the real world. Probably, after next year sometime when the ecash, wallet or the digital dollar wallet, is officially, provided and given out and. That next round or stem is or the third round of stimulus is deposited, on it, and it's time to go to the store, uh, do you think it'll be as, people will be as, we as overall, as comfortable. Transacting. With their wallet however might be tap and pay i think there's, a boost act mentioned a boost card so you might be able to get a debit credit card. To be able to go to atm at the post service or whatever and get funds, so do you think people initially, it'll take time more than likely but will have the same level of comfort, going. And transacting. Their normal weight whether it be groceries, whether you go to buy your medals. Your ammo, your storage for all the things that you, used to be able to probably do with cash or whatever now. You know the government federal government actually know, they'll pull up your name your credit score your id, and they'll see that you've purchased a lot of ammo. Over the last couple of days. We've been trained like like like puppies. Yeah, i mean they gave us these debit cards. And then they started putting chips into debit cards. Then we got things like google pay and samsung, pay and apple pay, and we got venmo, and paypal, and cash app. Um, some people don't even, touch, touch their money now, we are already, in a digital, system. It's just we have cash still and there's still a decent amount of cash but how much cash when you actually think about the digits, are on a screen. How much cash, is there in those digits what is the percentage, i think it's a really small number. That's way less than one percent for sure, so entirely, yeah and that's insane, to think about, yeah you know but. You know we already we're already going in that direction, so, we've already been being, trained. Um. The the harder thing is this, are.

How Willing are people going to be to accept it in their hand or something like that. Or how willing are they going to be able to get the chip. Yeah no the phone is not going to be an issue. Yeah where a lot of people are already used to even older people are seeing younger people do it yeah. A lot of banks don't even want to issue checks, they're forcing, older people to use debit cards, yeah. So. Yeah so that's i and i believe, they're training us man they've been they've been they've been training you since you went to kindergarten. Or pre-order, or whatever. Very true man. And i think that that next, tier, of, acceptance, when it comes to the chip aspect. Will be as a result of this current pandemic, and this health scare and the fear they pump into us, because you know operation, jumpstart, talks about the rfid, chip, and of course now i was watching a video, that one of the community members shared and it's all meant about, making sure that they can tell which dosage you get and what what area the country you're in so they can make sure that that area. Doesn't have an outbreak that's what it's told that's what we're told, but two three years online, definitely they're gonna say, you know you will not be able to see your next payment until you get your, rfid. Chip and then, that's when i think it'll be like the convenience, of oh just, tap your hand on the screen, or. Just walk in as soon as you walk in the door it recognizes, you walk out with no problem, digital, id, you haven't even mentioned that and that's the worst part like that's like the that is like the uh, the shitty icing on the cake. You know they're sending us like i said we're being set up to be set up to be set up and if they were to introduce, the digital id around the same time as a digital dollar here in the next couple of months, people are going to be confused as to what to fight.

Yeah. And the digital, the digital, id, is. Going to be one of the worst things that can happen now it's a tool, it can be if it's if it's done right it could be great but if it's done by our governments. It's more than likely not going to be great. Um, you have to have a certain kind of id, by a certain, i think, sometime in 2021. The real id to be able to get on the plane, yeah. So. If they're already going to do that then they're going to like start requiring, that you get. Whatever. Um, vaccination. Whatever the case might be, you got to play ball. In order to participate. If you don't. Then they're going to turn your digital wallet on your phone off or they're going to cut your chip off. And then if you got internet of things and we've got like some smart houses. You ain't even getting in your house. Um get locked out your old damn house ain't that something, you know are you gonna. So and and then you know then it's like the people who just like. I have a right to privacy, then we're gonna start looking like the the crazy people because everybody else is being conditioned, to say what do you have to hide. Yeah, well what do you have to hide. Right. Yeah. Yeah man that is real so as always we're going back and forth and so as always got mr rice krypto with us and so we're talking about the digital dollar transformation. Or transition, rather as well as all the things that come with that. And, uh the fact that january, 1st 2021, is a date, that's set, according to all the legislations, put out there nothing signed officially, but. We got a couple weeks, or a month aware so before something might, pass somewhere, somehow things get bad enough. Because, if it doesn't then they'll be behind in their own, initial rollouts, and i could throw out their own plans and so okay, so let's let's switch up a little bit. You've, i saw you interview some people. About the nissera, jacera. That nasara, jasara, you know we got the national net global which is a whole. Some type of plan i glanced at talked about it briefly, but. From what you've gathered who you've spoken with give us a gist of it and is that possible because i'm not too hopeful, but, yeah that jubilee and all that, reassurance, of gold and silver.

Whatever. Okay it's a really interesting. Concept, and i mean i've been looking into it because i like to research and find validity, and things proof, evidence, i like those kind of things um, it shows that something is valid, and. So i mean some of the things i heard about the nasara. Was, starting in the 50s, with, farmers. Um. I couldn't find like very much information, on that but i did find, information, that in the 90s. Um harvey, france or, francis, bernard. And, introduced, these proposals. Now they never went to house never was introduced to congress, or anything like that. But. And this is on wikipedia. The bernard, claimed that the proposals, which would include replacing, the income tax with the national, sales tax, yeah abolishing, compound, interest on secured, loans and returning, to a bi, metallic. Currency, which would result in zero. Inflation, and a more stable, economy. So. Now some of the things that donald trump has talked about, are very parallel, to that because he has talked about, you know basically. Making, the irs, obsolete. Getting rid of, taxation, of labor, capital gains tax and a few other things that he had mentioned so that and he's been talking about returning to a gold standard so those things are possible. Now. Um. You know i think we've talked about this and i've talked about this with other people donald trump. I'm not sure exactly, what he's doing. Um. In some way it looks like he could be trying to help restore, our republic, it could be you know he the the federal reserve could be. Being. Enveloped, by the treasury, they could be, using these special purpose vehicles, and everything that they're doing currently, and stacking, all this debt on the balance sheets and just killing it and killing the debt with it that's that's a possibility. It's also possible, that they're using all this money that then they're bailing out all these industries, and they're owning, part of these industries. Or all the industries, and, becoming, this fascist, government, too. I'm not exactly, i haven't been now i'm not. Pro or against, i would hope that donald trump is doing things to restore our republic. Yeah and that he's fighting against people that are trying to do the other. And the other would be things like the banking for all act. You know so hopefully. Someone like donald trump is doing that but that's where i tell people if this is making you upset. There are things that we the people can do, it's just a matter of uniting. I mean me and you, we've got a pretty good relationship. And. You know you're you're in uh, michigan, i'm in north carolina, but we found a way to connect, and found a common, bond. All of us can do that we all have seen the most racist, people become, friends, over stuff like cigars. And i use that as an example, because i've seen that working in clubs. Yeah, you know i i s an old racist, white dude an old racist black dude. Didn't want to talk to each other one of them smelled the other cigar. Struck up a conversation. Best of friends. Both of them hate the other race. Yeah but they love each other, they got a common bond a cigarette cigar. So we just need to do more of that now as far as this i don't want people to get the um.

If The debt jubilee happens that would be a great, thing. Um. But. If people are banking, on that and living their life with this is coming. They need to stop. People need to become realist, and people need to stop looking for someone else to save them and looking for these other situations. Um and that's the that's my biggest thing with nasera, and jacera, is that it's putting all this hope into people and there's nothing to back it up. In any sense. I have not seen anything. At all, political, at all, the only thing i'm gathering, is some nations are talking about, um. Claiming their own sovereignty. So there may be something happening on the back end but that would be it, only if someone like donald trump is also, trying to do the things i mentioned like restore, the republic. Yeah. Get rid of this corporate, government, that's. Come in and pretended, to be our actual government, and. And now we're just like under this commerce, maritime, law system that the rest of the world operates, under. It's pretty insane, dude, it is now i remember watching uh one of the rallies he held i think i want to see, ohio, it could have been michigan, a couple weeks ago a month ago, and. I actually met i watched i typically try to watch and look for clues or listen to little buzz words, and i think one time i heard him mention something about. Uh, something coming in january something coming at the beginning of the year that's going to be it's going to be great it's going to be it's going to be a surprise, you're going to you know you're going to want me to be around for that, referring to why you know it's good for him to, it he it led me to believe that it was a part of a plan or strategy but what he was talking about, sounded like. Could it be like on some, some new type of shift of the monetary, system or removal, or something implementation, or something, it left me thinking that, there's possibly something big in the works and that's why they're holding sarah jacera. Came to mind because. None of it, i have no proof no evidence but some things seemed like it could fit and that's why i wanted to touch on that because. Once again, uh you know a lot of people are, hoping that he's that, shiny knight, that was a white knight in shining armor, but yet once again.

The Vaccine, situation, all the rfid. Stuff is still there regardless, who wins so, it's not going to be pleasant. As we get through this. So so that your viewers are aware of this i interviewed g edward griffin, the author of um creature from jekyll island, about, five weeks ago and we were talking about this i wanted to get his thoughts on queue and sarah and jose, yeah, and he explained, to me. That um, so i said that nissera, was introduced, in the early 90s. There was a group, called the one the dove of oneness, or the white dove. And it was kind of like a, q anon, type thing for back, in the 90s. And um, and was talking very heavily about the same thing, very much about nicera, jacera, reset, coming and all this you know and. Bush was supposed to introduce, it and then 911. And, i mean it started to get a little bit crazy but then he ended up finding out that the person behind this dove of oneness, this white dove was this lady i can't remember her name but she was just like in a home, like just. Just some lady, making a lot of this stuff up hmm, it wasn't, real and and, g edward's like that's exactly what this q and stuff is now i'm not saying q anon is real or not. I appreciate, the fact that it's getting people to research, and use critical thinking. That that is a win-win. Because we need to wake people up to start thinking for themselves, and break that, programming, and that conditioning, that we've been. Conditioned, with all of our life, yeah, but. If, that's if people are putting that hope into it like, you is going to save us, donald trump is going to save us. You know no, you could save yourself, and, by saving yourself, you're helping, those who are trying to save us. Because like if donald trump is trying to restore the republic. And that's the route he's going and other nations are trying to do what they're doing, there are things that we the people, need to do as well to step, up. Like they call it the silent, majority. Then it needs to stop being silent, and people need to start standing, up like how many times do people even write their politicians. Or contact, your politicians. Like there's, so much has changed. As far as like, the way people. Their relationship, with their government, is like from me growing, up it's changed. Yeah, and i think it was on saturday night live this past week it was chris rock, uh hosting and he's like saying something like. Why do we just have one president. Why do we just have two political, parties. Like. Why are we in this such. Why, we need to reevaluate. Our relationship. With government. Yeah. Yeah i agree man i do agree and that's definitely, uh. And that's the thing like at this current point of the game, um as as a lot of people saying we're coming out of home stretch, as far as the whole totalitarian. State, and the fascistism. And everything just being thrown out there at us, is already, here so, it's not too late, but it's, becoming, harder especially when we've been told what to do i.e, lockdowns.

And You're being labeled whether you're essential, or not and all those. Buzzwords. That have military. To them because they're they're painting like we are in a war and so like today, especially. You know vanessa pelosi, is talking about we need to crush, we need the new word is crush the the pandemic, crush the virus and so. All that stuff though all those words they're giving us uh people are bi, it becomes, the government that's what we need to do. We need to crush the dollar. Exactly. And it is coming. So watch this um as far as the q anon situation, and also i think there's some questions out there that i've completely, yeah let's go over but. Uh we'll, uh this is all right. On tangents man this is just very passionate, for me because it. It i got to the point man where it's like i'm tired. Tired of complaining, and tired of hearing other people complain. Yeah. Be the change. And and, gather with like-minded, people, and. Know that individually, you have power, i have power, we can make a difference, no matter how big or small. But together. We can change the world. Yeah. I do agree man i do agree now um, i want to touch on. The censorship. Aspect. And how you know just hinting back at uh qanon, or whatever how. You might want to watch it you say but you remember what happened to bitcoin bing's channel right and i was going to touch on that so as well so that subject matter there uh how. Via the you know i guess facebook, instagram twitter every every. Primarily, used. Social media site have now banned anything related to even instagram now i think just say anything related to it's gone. So that right there, would lead me to believe is like that's a that's an assertive, attack to remove anything, labeled with that particular, entity there. Now could that. Could that be a part of the game or, it could have could that source of information, actually been something. That was valuable, and, viable. Dude i don't know. Honestly, uh, i mean there's so much disinformation. Going on that was the other thing i was gonna say about the nasara jacira, stuff is we don't know who's planting, what information. Out there and why, like. Q anon could be a government, psyop, to so that they can figure out who the, uh traitors, to the american, government, are, you know they could be creating this so that they know who to pick out. Yeah you know i don't know i don't know i wouldn't be like i'm not going to be surprised about anything i've said it in other videos too like i'm waiting for baby alien, jesus. Or, just, aliens, in general like or, just like um, unicorns. And fairies. And, pegasus. And. Trolls and goblins. I think 2020. Is like, desensitizing. Us to the point that there's. In between like hollywood, and, television, like we should be desensitized. Yeah. Nobody should be surprised, by anything anymore. Yeah, now, um. These. Censorship, aspect bitcoin, ban so i think we're going to connect this weekend mr ben as well as the wires group but. His channel is gone. Or. It's whatever, and so i saw a couple other now, i'm not sure if it's the level of, content he's talking about, or is it the the crypto, side of things because you know what's his name da. J15. Two or three weeks ago his channel disappeared, as well so. You know i'm anticipating, you know anything anybody who speaks anything contrary to what they want the mainstream narrator to be, is subject to that type of what a risk or whatever. So once again. We i think that's gonna testify, between now and next next november. And even beyond, instapin, so. Ben could have pissed off people and they could have like enough people could have flagged his channel and that could have been an attack. Uh it could have been something he said. Um but i will say that i think, and nothing against ben i love ben ben was just on my show we might actually he was on my show two days ago and we were talking about it so seem to want to catch that, we may be doing a weekly show together but. If if you've, caught my uh content and the people i'm interviewing, and, the stuff i'm saying. And my channel is still there, it's not because of the subscriber. Count, you know i deal with a lot of, shadow banning and censorship. Um and things like that with youtube and i've been dealing with that because of people i i interview, i mean, um youtube doesn't like, people who post up interviews with john mcafee, or adam kokesh. Um and talk to people like russell j gould and anna von rights and. And people like this and um. Visionaries, who are helped trying to change the world, um, so. It i wouldn't so much put it on that, um. Now, and, uh it was. Late december, christmas, eve, and christmas, we experienced, what we called. In the crypto space the crypto, youtube perch. A bunch of channels got hit, my channel was one i woke up christmas, eve, i got two videos removed and a warning.

And Then christmas, day i had, another video removed and a strike and i couldn't post anything for seven days. And some people had their channels removed, and then some people were just in the same situation, as me, two days later. It was as if nothing happened. And then everybody's channels are back strikes warnings, videos everything was back like normal like it's like we just went back in time and it just never happened never even got an email saying why it happened, yeah it happened. And then between. Then and now. This has been happening with people's channels some of which will get reinstated. Some of which won't. So like the alternative, media, people, they're getting their channels completely demonetized. I think world alternative media we are changed, luke wardowski's. Dan dixon. All those guys i think they've gotten completely, demonetized. S, uh. Sgt. Report, x 22, i think are completely demonetized. They're not making money so they're not talking about cryptocurrencies. Like that either, so, and. X22. Talks about some pretty edgy stuff. I would say a lot more edgy than ben, so it's not the con it's not the content. It's either. It i'm, not exactly, sure but it's not the content. Um, but. He is trying to play like i've said the wrong things and they don't like it just yeah and i understand, that i get it yeah i know that i know that there's a list there's a hit list out there, uh because when i was partnering with sd bullion doing some content for them they were on it and, as a result that's kind of why things dialed down with them because it was like no matter, how good the content no matter how big the viewership. It wouldn't get nowhere, you know so it's crazy. Crazy, that's where youtube is especially right now it's like. Say again, where else are you at. I'm i'm pretty i, i'm pretty much everywhere, else you know i got uh, what um you're spreading library. I i i gotta find out more about library i have issues with that but i'm at bit shoot minds. Gab. Yeah as they pop up i go, set up an account just because i want to make sure i'm diversifying. Your viewers just keep reminding, them and just keep drilling it what i've been doing is uh and i don't do it as frequently, i need to get more on the habit of it but, trying to post up extra videos. On these contents, on these, platforms, so that way you can encourage, your viewers. If you like it i've got more stuff over here because. Your your channel is going to be gone dude yeah mine's going to be gone too, it's a matter of time, so you, should be more prepared, for it, in dealing with it after the fact, yeah, no doubt. Somebody mentioned here like how many gold and silver channels have been. Removed, taken away. And to my knowledge none, yeah i haven't really seen much uh but, again it's it's. They they are messing with people's view counts. Yeah. Okay. So and that affects. How many people see the see the ads and how many people take advantage of buying so it's going to affect. People a little bit but now the the thing with the gold and silver. Market right now like all those, dealers, they're in a good position, if you've got stock. You're good, yeah. Because there's so many people that don't have stock. Yeah, and now it's becoming, a supply, and demand, kind of thing like it's supposed to be, yeah, so yeah.

True Very true man so, hey man we we've touched on a lot uh rice has been great having you on um, so for those that are interested i'll put your link to your channel beneath this video here already so you can go check them out right crypto. Any last thoughts you want to leave us with and definitely going to connect again further because you stay, you know tuned into very various subject matters i tend to focus on the monitoring, the financials solely but you know we're going to connect again so any last thoughts you want to leave us with here. Yeah um. I just want to let people know they definitely check my channel out i do cover cryptocurrency. I got three separate, shows i've restructured, my channel so the rice crypto, shows about crypto, and blockchain. The rice reports, economics, and politics. And stranger than fiction is about. Unproven. Stuff, history. Some things that people might consider to be conspiracy. Theories. Um if this conversation. Has upset you at all and you're, really feeling like you need to. Really reevaluate. Your relationship, with the government, and you need to start, figuring out how you can do that and, start getting together with like-minded. People and actually, taking, action, and being a part of the change. I would encourage you to check out my channel and i would help lead you to a multitude, of resources. Because. You know we're at a very pivotal, time and i i feel like if you're putting us on a clock line, and like an old school clock we're on the 11 o'clock, hour. Like, if you want to live in a glass house. For the rest of your life and be told what you can and can't do, and be treated like a child. Then then, then you know that's where we're at. And we don't want that. There's something you could do about it but, we've got to do something about it before it's too late. And, i would encourage, people to go back and listen to the inaugural, speech of jfk. He said some very powerful, things that might inspire, you as well because. We are heirs of that first revolution. And we have a responsibility. To our. Our family members that were here before, us. And. And generations, before us that formed, that fought against the british. Empire, to form this republic. Yeah, we the people created this government. And. It was supposed to be, for the people by the people of the people it was supposed to be us. And somehow, it became. Them yeah and that needs to be changed and you know it just. We need to check with check and balance things this stuff's gotten a little bit out of control, and um, we've just been really lazy, we. People. Don't want to take accountability. For their actions, and take responsibility. For what they say and do and it's. Times are changing, yeah and i think i think that, complacency. Has. Been, been prevalent, because of having the reserve status we've been living high on the hall for too long. And as the reserve currency status, is removed. In this next couple of years or transitioned, away. And the, living standards, of every, country, is you know revealed, for what it should be and compares to the rest of the world, i think it'll be a lot of upset people then it's gonna be ready to hit the streets, yeah people don't realize, how good that we've had it having the us dollar as the world reserve currency we've lived at a lot higher of a standard, than we should have been living, right um, and you know when we started thinking about other people around the world and how they live that's, how, other people actually live we're, we're like the little uh, entitled, rich kids at school that you know just you could tell are spoiled. And, that's us you know. We used to get angry. When we get taxed on a small amount of tea. And it wasn't, you know we're talking pence, like, two pence like that's not much it was the principle that they raised the tax on the tea, now we're just like this. Fast food. Lazy. Fat, overweight. Complacent. Nation, we don't know you know. Nobody, even i don't, half the people probably can't even stand up. Right. Or. Unfortunately. Because of the dummy down society, not not sure what to stand up for. Exactly, there's so much going on man but we just got it i try to have compassion, and we, get to have that for one another and try to be patient for those who aren't ready to wake up, yeah. Yeah man well hey rice crypto it's been great having you on as always everybody hope you enjoyed, this discussion, and hopefully walked away with a couple nuggets, hit that thumbs up button share this go check out rice crypto.

And Uh definitely we'll keep our ears to the ground eyes open and feet moving, and towards taking some action so definitely looking forward to, getting into that more because i sense more of that in my spirit as well of things worth talking about so, rice it's been great my friend let's do it again soon. Likewise. Right see you guys. Later.

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