Diasporas in Business - Episode 2

Diasporas in Business - Episode 2

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Oh. Yes. Policies, and Vista, is a project, with, and about, entrepreneurs. I'm, Gabriela, Greco here under, the know upon the research strategy and today we say welcome, to, my case Atmos. We welcome. Sophia's. Personal, business, Adam. Scott is, for matter of five flavors, have a, small two boys. Mm. Beautiful. Project like. Of. Supporting. Get, the, idea. And the concept of. Your, pieces five flavors, help, okay. So. Thank you for Villa for for. Having me, and. See. The latest project, that we have we've. Got it's five flavors America, and he's all originated. About. Ten years ago when, our second, son was born and he was, diagnosed. With atopic eczema, allergies. And, really. Though. Conventional. Way of helping, him to find the solutions. So. I have come. The Polish labor. Almaty. Cheska and I, have you. Know land the whole. Wisdom. From her, start. Off and, I started applying it and it worked so my. Husband inspired my son, is absolutely, fine with the allergies, that happen with hayfever with, allergies, so, very, simple, methodology and I, decided, last, year here, to just. Over a year ago to, introduce, this, simple, ancient. Wisdom, to, the people, to all the communities, around the world I want everybody. To know about this project because. It helped my family and I had helped, a lot even thousands, of people and is working with and I, know is, going to have millions of people oh. Absolutely. Absolutely. This is why we are talking that's why we are talking to different communities, Indians. Americans. Mexican. People all of the people because. We. Can all, understand. The flow of nature what, is the concept about the concept, is about eating. Food. According, to the season and the location, where you leave by. Understanding the, natural flaws, you can feel so much better and you know what I am NOT a doctor and I'm not a nutritionist. But, I know how to maintain myself, and my family healthy, so those were able to share it you helped your son in bed. Perfect. What was, your medicine. And your, mission, outside. As. You rightly said, five. Flavors is not my first project. I've. Done different projects, in my life because I remember. The. Properties. Are expert. In effective, decision-making that, I teach. People in. Corporations. And I teach people in. Various, communities, about how to make an effective decisions, yes now this. Particular. At. Five, flavors of health it. Came up to me that I can combine my, own experience. My own. Knowledge. And wisdom that I said, the last. Of. My life. Finding. That project. And engaged. Other people, so they can help us to, create a community, where people can be supporting, each other and then, they can be healthy each other to, be, happier, it's about wellness, is about well-being, and it's. Simple, so. It. Is not only about. The health it's, also about the mind you know how you set, your mind how you how, you control, and how you guide your thoughts so they create, your. Actions, you know the way you feel and then the way you feel you act, so. The whole, experience, is. Included. In this project and that's why this. Project can transform, not only the. Way you feel, the health but. Also the. Way you think and then, you act for your professional, life as well in so many ways you, touch my next. Question, what is, so. Unique, about your. Business, yeah, so unique, the, unique is, I, think, the purpose, the purpose that why I'm doing this is to reach out to people start, actually. To awaken. People you, leave any an unbuilt, and. A conscious. Awareness. In, people's, mind that there. Is this infinite, potential. In each of us and if you are not feeling well today maybe. Your health maybe, a relationship. Maybe. Your. Finances. All. Of that if if. Something. Is not as you would like to be I say. There, is infinite, potential, and within this project I have people to, take it out and. I ask, them to lift. Up their vibration. The way they feel so, they can improve any. Aspect, of their life we, have around. That little, tight side of, business. What. Need you to choose this type. For. You we. Say it's more, yes. You. See I I, called it it's not a business I started to, support people to help people is a mission.

Here Purpose of my life now it's, a mission to help people, the. Reason, why I'm creating a business is, because. To. Make it global or to make it available. To people across the world we. Need to engage a lot of professional, people lots of ambassadors. That, I would like to invite to work with us on. This project and, for. Them at that time we need to create a structure, we need to create a business so everybody, will be compensated. For their time and involvement. But, personally, for me really, is the mission, to, support people. To, make them aware that. It's not so difficult. You. Know what to, require yourself, to take your life in her own hand and. And. Control. It, if. You, have. One piece of advice for someone. Starting out. This. Is a very good question, pareo a pleasure, thank you and. I say if. You want to. Improve. Your life or if you want to create a business, if, you want to do something that is meaningful, to, you, and whoever, you want to be many. Listen. To your inner voice listen. To your heart. Thing. Your instinct, your your your gut feelings. Of. What is the thing that you, really really, want to do, if. You can hear it if, you learn how to hear, it what. Is the thing that you want to do it and, at, the same time you. Will learn how. To. Not. Listen those noises, all of these people, who are telling you that it's not possible. And. It's not right for you and everybody is an expert. Then. Anything, you will do in life you. I say. The. Reason why I, call. Myself happy. Because, I'm pursuing, I'm successful. Because I'm pursuing, my vision, in him and it's, not about getting to the destination, but it's about pursuing and being the athletes, and all the job on all the way and. And. The, reason why I'm doing this is because when. I plant, a vision. In my mind for, a business, of, a relation, or, for charity, of immense. Length I, stopped. Listening other. Suggestions, I know, my gut feeling, my, inner. Me, inviting. Me the source is guiding, me to the right direction and, that is powerful in, the other hand, if, you have the opportunity. To meet, your idol. And. To. Have this amazing, operation. What. Will be and why, that question, it's so, important. To, put him yes. Okay. So, if. I ask. Although. You. Have in terms of in terms of business, I would, ask him how to. Make five, flavors, of global. But. And. The reason, for it is because. I. Know this. Concept, is so wonderful. And its method of touch because it is going to become mobile but. If. He knows how to do. But. I tell you. The. Book that I used. To read in what. 25. Years probably, ago, that, inspired, me to. Think in the way I think that about, the infinite, potential that we have and that you, can do anything, you want that. Book is, power. Of your subconscious mind, by. Joseph Martha. And. I do amazing. You. Remember, you, just, tell me about the heart if. You were to write one. About. Yourself. Of all human, what about your business what men. Well, it's a game, in question I didn't, I didn't. Think about it this should be a biography. My biography, or a book about an, inspiration. We I think, of. Something. That Maya Angelou. Said. Agnes, when, you know better you, do, better I, think it's a very optimistic way. Of approaching life and. Inspirational. At the same time I think this, would be I don't know whether the title, but probably, definitely. A subtitle. For, the book about. My journey of, my, life because, you, just. Made, about inspiration. A moment. I. Would like to know more about. Your, ha. Moments. In this. Amazing. Business. Churning. Yes. I, will. Have only one if you have few okay. Okay. We. Knew that the source when I realized. To you that, I can do anything, I, put in my head when. I was about. 15, 16. Years, old so, I'll tell you a little bit I'm from Poland the middle-class family. We never that enough. Money really. Like, all the communities. Middle, yeah. Mid middle class yet and I my, desire was to go to France, and. So. I decided but. I couldn't ask my parents for my private lessons, or, going.

On Holidays, to France I was in a hospital there was question there was no question like that so, I found out that in my city in Poland at that time was. A competition, of French language and, I. Decided. I, made, a very effective, decision, and, now I teach about this and, that I will win the competition I'll take part next, year I would prepare, an hour I will take part and I'll go to France and for. One year, 365. Days I'll be learning for one hour every day French, language ok. At home at alone and, it. Wasn't easy there was no internet, at that time there was no in. My town there was no. All. Exactly. Exactly. So I. Didn't. Even tell my parents so it was Christmas time Easter, holidays I will not, miss a single day and. Then I. The. Day of competition came, and I, came, downstairs and I tell my parents okay I'm going for this French competition, and they said to me oh no listen, there's no point, there people who are studying in the schools, you're. Going to be disappointed, don't, go don't go, I didn't. Wait for much longer I just ran to that place in a council where, the competition, was taking place and, end. Of the day there was a three stages I wanted. I was one of the three winners, we, want this competition, ambition, your vision, and you, know back together and, success, absolutely. And this lesson I've learned two. Very important, lessons yet today and. I was 17 years old and I am until, now. Still. Applying, this lesson to my life in every aspect of business and number one is that, if. My parrot. 24/7. They, don't know what, I am capable of, and, what is my tradition and how then. I can accomplish more than yourself, more than me then, nobody, in. My life no, teacher no professor, no boss nobody. Else, except, for you will really know what, you're really not and what you're really capable of, what is inside, of you, number, one lesson. And, the two lesson, that. If. You have. That desire that you're universality. Believe. Me put it in writing and, the lesson is you need to pay the price you know together, the my price, was. That I spent one hour every, single day no missing one day for. Any and I, was also doing one more I was visualizing, me. Being in, France already. And I was doing this everyday, unconsciously.

So. Absolutely. Required. On. Your face in, your life what. You apply every, day. Yeah. To make. Yeah. Number. Number one is. That. You have to be honest, with yourself so if I have, certain values, from. Back, home that I'm. Respecting, myself now, respecting others, and. I'm not taking, shortcuts. I hate shortcuts, in a business so. Maintaining. Those values. Despite. The circumstances, because, sometimes, the circumstances will be may. Be. Supportive. Of you taking a shortcut, or maybe doing something, else than your heart, would suggest, I. Say. Always, stick. To your values. - you're nice too -, respect. Other people and I care for, the person much. More than for the money every, time so. If I see, a. Person. Contributing. In, my business and can become my business partner, I always look for win-win situation. In, every, aspect of it so, this is something that I would be the perspective. Of always before. Life's. Give, you lots. Of levels. Yet. What, was the, most important. Part, of your business journey. And, what. You know. The. Business, journey, probably. In the beginning of. When I came to the UK, for. The 19 years ago and, I decided that every, day of my life is going to be beautiful. I'll. Add again, myself my, said myself and absolutely, and then, I, realized. By, watching people that. Education. Is good I'm a lawyer by qualification, but education. Is good but, you know the the way you set yourself in. Your mind as you said the mindset, is. I think more. So, I not, understanding. I, didn't. Understand, how people are making money but I was looking I was working in there and architect. Office in the beginning, and, I was looking at some very. Well-educated. People, and they were paying expensive, brands. To. The people and then the, the, other people, were relaxed, and they were on holidays, and I didn't understand. How. These people are. Living. Their life how they're making decision, but might not understanding. It I decided to be in this group that I'll be relaxing my life but I will have also money which will work for me and not me. Working, for the money and I, didn't know how I'm going to do it now. I can, explain how to do it because I've done it but. That time 18, years 20 years ago I didn't know how to do it I just made my dream. I just made my goal and plan that. I want, to be one of those now. Yeah. And pursuing, of that it really was it was not easy. It wasn't, easy especially when, you have an advisor. Friends. And family, members telling you is, a lot possible, not possible you'll. Go on the wrong way. You. Go to jail you go to prison, you go when. You have all these advisors i but. At the same time you have a dream place you, thought, these people aside, and try. To be around the people who are positive and I wasn't fortunate, to find the people who are inspiring, me and who are giving me that courage in that time no longer many, years ago what. Drives, you. Keep. Going, when, it's very, very, difficult, for. You because. You, know life. Is up and down your mom you. Kids, your human, wife you. Have businesswomen, you don't have only, happiness. And positive. All. Day long how, you manage. You see that I had I had at this, experience. When. Ryan wasn't well when he was born in second month of his life he was developing.

This Eczema, atopic eczema, allergies. And everything, and, the doctors, didn't. Have any solutions, really, for two years I. Would, be crying every single day, hopelessly. But, someone, inside. Of me there. Was this faith. The, day is a solo shower and and and and I. Would be starting every, single day I'll tell and another working, on it until I, found, the solutions. So. You know. You're. Right that. They. Are not only days that there is a beautiful. Employee and and sunny days but. On, the other days where they see clouds, and raining you. Remember, about the sunny day. Aziza. You know these are part of our life and when we when, we don't have what we have, we are actually clearing. The. The rocket of desires that something, that we really want is. The. Crystallizing. So, much more in, the touch hard, time so, if you are, for example going. Through. Some difficult, time it, is difficult time you appreciate. It because. Is. Helping, you to clear, what you really want you know exactly what you don't want you don't want this problem, but please continue, to clear which is really, a fine solution so, not, even solution, but if you're clear, and you clearly development, what you really want, through, these negative, experiences you, know what will happen the, manifestations. Here and the. The universe will support, you in getting, these things what you really want faster. Because. You are so clear what you want. Learn. Learn, from others. Mistakes it's. Too. Far the easy way. To. Prepare. Yourself and, your business. Tell. Me more. Something. About your mistakes, and business, what. Happened. What. Was your strategy. Yeah. Okay, of, course we, we. Are making mistakes and no, doubt about it one, thing is like I am NOT to, bother about my mistakes but now. Mm-hmm. But, I made, a mistake in the past that cost me a lot of a lot, of sleepless, nights like, in. Umbria, we're talking about. 2006. So. Many. Years ago 13 years ago 14 years ago I was. Very. Happy. And I would I would, come across somebody will, be offering, me collaboration. Billed, to charity, and the charity, at that time and, the, person I believe. That was the right person to work with on, that but, I didn't. I was. I was believing his words I was not listening my god and, and. His intention, wasn't the same intentions my intention, and, it. Actually cost me a lot of time wasted time. Much. Deeper, before. You, sign up for any ano. There was a very painful experience I, have to say. My. Overestimating. Person's, intentions, and also. Not. Judging. Rightly. That. Experience. Including. Failure. Situation. Because. Mistakes, and failures, are so. Different your. Is that experience. Can we, play. In the face it's. A mistake it's a removing, of misjudgment. On my side probably, I wasn't I was maybe young maybe, not experience, dealing with people like that was. Much older than me and. Probably. That. Was a kind of mistake, that I I, did, it at that point yeah. How. Do you plan on growing, your business, five. Flavors. Okay, how do I plan or what is my plans. If. You I'm fine, with it okay how do I plan I planned in my gut feeling I have a vision there which is already there he, aimed and I, am on the journey you, know whatever is happening, is part of that vision, whoever, is coming along is part of that vision, how, do I do I use my pen, and paper and, I and, I mapped it up the, vision that I have I have probably a border like in my office as big as this floor and I, have all the all the strategies, of my out of the marketing of of reaching. Out of everything, is written down so. I can from, my mind. So then I can pass it on to team. Members as, well so, it's easier to see it so, this is how I plan, it I. Know obviously there's, persistence. That, that is necessary, here in. Order to you. Know get. Stuff, that, what. Is your approach. For. Marketing, I. Want. To reach out the. K through. Direct, contact, so, I believe, that word of mouth is the most powerful especially, when we are talking about health and our holistic approach and, there are so many diets and so many ways, of life out. There suggestions, I mean that, could be confusing so. What. I spend, is one year and reaching. Out to people organizing. Workshops seminars. Conferences. Webinars. So. The people are getting, the books getting my, experience, into, and they go to the kitchen they start applying it and, when they feel better I ask them just, go and talk to your neighbor and they would I don't even need to ask them because if, your child is not well and having it eczema, or yeah, and now it's feeling better then.

You Obviously you will tell your neighbor. I know you're around and, and. This is how at the moment we're doing and then we, are building. The ambassador's, Network. For. Five flavours in various locations so. Then we, will have a gently, yes, monthly, meetings, in different locations, you people can come, and join the meeting see what, is the five flavors about and what kind of people are are there and how we are helping. Atlas. We'd know and. Repellers, are, busy, people, tell. Me what. Habits. You use, you'll. You, have to. Make you so successful. What, do removing giving you marry you you, mentioned about the discipline yeah the. Discipline, is absolutely. Number one if, you want to maintain, yourself. In control of what you wanted, so I have, developed certain routines. Over, the last probably. In more than 10 years more. Than ten years for. Example I, exercise. Regularly I, have. A time, for my eating and drinking, I have. Always have time for relaxation, each single day I find. Time to do meditation only, little bit of relaxation. That I will. You. Know take, myself out of this, all. The dealings, that I'm doing throughout, the day so, I'm. Putting myself at number one I am the most important. For, me for me it's not like my children of course a lot more they're. Very important, for me my family my husband and so on my, business partners but. If. I am strong, and I am the eight and I am energetic, I know I can give them so much more so. I am looking after myself. I develop. A routine, of exercising. Three times a week. For. The last probably 15 years I haven't missed so. It is there the. Relaxation, on the day with, a very important, animal for me to keep me up because. You are an amazing yes. I. Have. This. Is the last. One is too cool. Time, travel back and. The, first, under. Day one of your stuff and. You. Have the possibility, to give, you one piece, of to. Avoid, the mistakes in, this. Journey. Right. Question, danger and. You, know when you're younger when you're young and you're so enthusiastic, knowledge. And I want to do passionately, you just have an idea you just want this allow me to start I'll, give, myself one advice to be more patient, be. More patient to be more observant. To. Allow. The. To. Allow the process of. Something. What you really want to happen you need to happen don't. Force it, be patient. Build, up the stronger foundation and, start and, with. Patience, it. Is, a huge I find. This like a huge, advantage. For people who have the patience I'm not talking about being lazy yes, I'm talking about being patient wisely. Deciding. Them next, step rather than jumping, because, this, is an opportunity and that is opportunity and then you just feel or think, that this should be one. Thing for this business or a youth motor for near now I say, have, that patient, listen. To your feelings you should listen to your account, educate. Yourself, and allow. The. Process to evolve, if, you want your business to be powerful, if you want to, be a powerful woman or man if you want to be impactful, mother and father if, you want to become. An, inspiration. And as well motivation. For other people. Have. The strong foundation have. Control, over yourself don't jump from one to another be patient. How, do you manage. With. These all all, dots, around, when. You are a new startup. When. You need to drop, fast, because, all around, you are. Strategies. Tactics. People. Took. A lot about strategies. Gold you. Have lots of already, asked, how. You may, need this adversity. And sometimes. Thoughts, yeah. I. Don't. Know how I managed, them but. I know how I managed, no minutes, now I, know. I. All. The suggestions are not for you right for you you, need to you need to be clear one.

Number One thing you need to be really clear what you want when. You know what you want. The. And this will you. Will find the right strategy, and, each. Strategy, will not be the right for you linger, there will be millions, of them and they are and each time now as I'm developing five, flavors of Health Project, they, have different people coming with different suggestions, and their visual coming and, believe me I have my vision and each, time I start. Developing. Answers. And solution, with the fusions of someone's else I'm. Wasting, my time. Most. Of the time I'm wasting my time. My. Solution, is if, you have a vision, for, yourself. Educate. Yourself, about their business. Educate, yourself about the competitors, what, they tell advocate, about your, concept, of you. This, is this is a system nonnegotiable, there, are non-negotiable you need to be tortured. You, need to know very well the other sector, yeah absolutely, you need to know your what, what you are what you are offering me once you know that I, think. You. Will you, will be easily able. To, select. The, right. Solutions. To, pursue division. And and. Despite, millions of other suggestions. Because. Not all of them are right for you you need to follow your your. Vision, not, anyone's, else vision, and I think that is the power I believe this is my power that I am not, allowing. -. You. Know put all the. All. The other suggestions, into my into, my vision, and. I've done this with the property business and I've done this with everything. Else I've done in the past so. For. Me it works and I believe even whatever works for you that means I need to, work and for somebody else Thank, You Agnes for, your opening, and I. Really. Enjoy. This. Time with you, and I hope to see you soon and, I hope to. Hear. More and more about, five. Flavors. I wish you to go. With five flavors, have, global. Quick. Know. Fast. And. 202. Find, your. Way to, order more, and more about, your mission because, is her is about health and sanity. And people, need. Literally. To. Put priority, health. Sanity. Is, first, and after, money and business, absolutely, thank, you so much good thank you welcome. You.

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