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Detective Greg - NPC D&D - Episode 38

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Double down, all in No no no no no no - no no no no! - all in I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have taken Bodger to the cas you lose your 6 gold, you come away literally broke - I forgot to tell you that I have a gambling problem - he's got literally no money Um, I'm Gruuria, I'm the mayor here - If I...if I...if I could do the talking - He tasked-- Oh god Master Padraic has sent us on a course to mm ah mmm you're - and now it's Baradun's turn! - so close... And now I'm gonna thank you! You're high sorcerer Baradun? Yep I'm a little confused then and I'm Greg but...okay oh wait, that's right, I'm not meant to tell people I'm high sorcerer Baradun Oh...ERRRRRR.... I'm...

F-f-fred You've really dug yourself a hole! Like Deception check! You... are campaigning on behalf of Master Padraic? Correct Who is from the order Maybe we should have let Bodger take-- to become high sorcerer but you're the current high sorcerer are you not? Did we not have a conversation about you pretend um or did I imagine about you pretending to be some Someone else, yeah, we did Yeah What happened to that? Deception... 6 *laughs* Appropriate for having this conversation in front of her in her office I think roll with disadvantage So I...I'm er if you don't want to tell me you don't have to of course but It's a long story It is a pretty long story but yes I am high sorcerer Baradun however we are looking to promote the name of Master Padraic Well then I have a job that's right up your alley then it won't cause you any trouble at all I don't know if you've heard but there is a err someone of the arcane arts persuasion like yourself living here in the town a man by the name of Goldhorn and unfortunately he recently murdered a few of our people [Baradun] Do you know why? I do not err they went to his place of residence, we heard there was a lumberjack heard noises coming from there went to investigate and found him outside using his abilities and *pfft* they all died err he reported it and he hasn't denied anything or even come up with a reason anytime we have gone to his place of residence to err acquire him he has forced us away with with his abilities What was the witness - threatening to kill anyone he catches trespassing - what was the witness' name? What was the Detective Greg What was the witness' name? Samuel Samuel? Samuel Rotefaust Rote? Rotefaust, R-o-t-e-f-a-u-s-t Mhmm and whereabouts is Samuel Rotefaust based? he's actually, and she gives you directions to his place Great directions thank you! got directions You mentioned a Yarris Goldhorn err any other aliases? I think some people around town call him the iceman Mhm, why's that? well because he lives in an ice tower Mhm and he's a man Makes sense, I have no more questions, thank you sir Ma'am We might have to have a word with Samuel If you could, he's I love the idea of detective Greg I don't know why! Got a little monocle, and a hat Like a hard-boiled detective like seems like a case for Greg Detective Greg is on the case *puff puff* *pfff* YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! In his absence, we had to trial him without him to defend himself and he was found guilty and sentenced to death Who, who was sentenced to death? Ah, just a quick clarification on one of these points Want to ask, who was sentenced to death? err why are we here? And what are we doing? She literally just answered all of those questions for us!!! She just finished explaining it Bodger, and we've written it all down!! Yeah, right How do you get through life??! Would you like us to bring him in alive so you can sentence him to death? - Hang on, finish your sentence - He is wanted alive or dead the wizard's sentenced to death? But he's not, he's not been killed? - Correct, when we go to apprehend him - Cos that's our job done It's our job is to either bring him in dead or alive - Right - So he, he he's always pushing people away, whoever tries to approach He's powerful and er and manages to prevent trespassers he'll be ultra badass So has he left town did you say? Or he's just holed up in this He lives on the outskirts of town in - what we call the ice tower - so he's holed up Greta we will make you a deal if we vanquish this wizard would you using your influence and power vote for Master Pedro? Absolutely! well that's one vote locked down For Master PEDRO Master Padraic Vote Pedro! That was definitely a, that was definitely a Bodger character choice right? Yes *hissing in disbelief* Bodger And not vote yourself, but spread the word to - everyone in the town - Of course, of course - Use your influence - if you can help us with this situation you can count on Westhaven's vote Beautiful Thank you I put a poster up in her office that says vote Master Padraic - You've just been quietly doing this in the corner - [Gruuria] Oh! It's a minor illusion, it's going away in a minute Oh right Is Master Is Master Padraic a dragonborn? Yes Oh right What's whoa whoa whoa...whoa why d'you...why d'you what's happening? Have you got a problem with dragonborn No, no no, of course not - Make an insight check - Here it comes here it comes Take, make an insight check Me? Mhmm 6...plussss Not enough Not enough, definitely not enough - Insight zero - Oh, it says +13 6 + ... = 19 (!)

Ah 6 total She rolled really poorly on her deception check so it was enough Oh? You, you see that she hesitates and then sort of reads the room and then says, no not at all but you're pretty sure she does, yes Right Sorry, but I have a there's a part of me that I feel when I hear someone speaking in a way that seems to be above other people I just I get affected by it and I feel like I need to push you a little bit on that Well you've probably experienced racism yourself - being half dwarf, half goliath - I have, exactly Exactly Oh, you are? You're from here? Yeah *sniggers* - Don't ask...what is it? - From Skottlund I'm from, I'm from Skottlund You're from Skottlund? Aye Wonderful So you obviously have a problem with our new friend So do you have a problem with? No, no problems at all He's clearly a dragonborn! - Aye...aye - Isn't that right Grinn? Oh so it's all fine then? That's all fine All fine here The plot thickens - You don't... - No problems here

so you got no problems with dragonborns? - What you rolling for? - 19 I didn't call for a roll, what're you rolling for? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *laughs* 19 though! 19, that's a good roll It was a 19, it was a good roll I don't even know what he wants! So I can't even give him I just want to make sure that you don't have a problem with Master Padraic - or our great friend here, Grinn - I have no if you manage to defeat this um this current situation that we have you can count on our vote for Master Padraic Okay, I wanna - Listen...listen - regardless of what I wanna make sure she's not lying Yes, make an insight check 16 + I think it's 3........ Errr er er er 4 actually, so 20 You don't get the same sort of tell as you saw before there's nothing, she doesn't say anything that makes it look like she's lying So she's just racist but - she'll at least vote for him - yeah, it seems like she'll She's just got a bit of casual racism - it's not down to the core of her - ...still not nice

not down to the core of her being So we're not happy about helping her I'm not particularly happy about it Aww, okay Could you point us in the direction of his ice fortress? Yes, of course. And she gives you directions to it it's about a I think a 3 hour walk from town 2 hour walk, about 2 hours out of town We want to stop by the witness? We probably should Yeah, not a bad idea, detective Greg I'm on the case! Greg knows the directions so we should By the way Listorian, I want this in a comic what's up? Before, just before we go Detective Greg! Gre-Gerta can I borrow [Bob] No any gold off you? Do you have any gold like I feel like we've made a bit of a connection Bodger...can you not? I was just wonder- I'll pay it right back, I'll pay it right back That's quite a lot of money and I don't I mean, I know, I mean I'll pay it right back, it's not a problem really I...I don't really know you that well, sorry Can't just borrow 5? - Just, I just met you - But I just I just thought of it I...I'm just asking, I'm just asking Bodger, as a friend, you've got a problem and you need to stop You don't, you don't know me that well I tried There is a hundred gold piece reward on on his head so Ahh okay, right, how do I get that? All of the things that we talked about yeah multiple times now Okay, what's that Yarris Goldhorn, does that name ring a bell? No - Well then you could have - If you complete the task a 5th...a 5th? 5th of the reward [Grinn] Wait! Hang on...

- Hang on - You're like - what was that?! - he's only a guest star - What did you just do? - so why does he need money? I... *nervous laughter* What's it, there was a question mark Deception check 4... Can I just pre-emptively say can we put, when we get the reward we we we all roll a dice to see who gets it - We're not gambling our reward! - who takes it all It's an even split We can decide that later Okay I don't think you should have any actually, like we'll put it in a savings account for you or something Good idea Put it in a trust Put it in trust, that's like - Let's...let's - you can't touch it for 2 years - head off then - while you deal with your problem Let's head off then to your witness Let's go, I've got the directions right here - Sam was it? - You do Samuel - Let's go! - Good old Samuel You head over towards the northern edge of the town he's a little bit of a way out himself, maybe 20 minute walk from town proper eventually you follow the directions to the lumber yard that he lives on and you can see that there are large trollen er large trollen frees ha, fallen trees er stacked up he's currently outside in the process of hacking the limbs off of one of them so he can start to actually turn it into timber Yep he seems to be slightly on the taller and less stocky side for a dwarf and from that and the shorter beard you get that he's probably a mul as well a half dwarf half human half dwarf half human ah right I've got, so I've got some um something I've been tinkering with is some goggles oh yeah? yeah, they're goggles and it's purely for the moment that I rock up and I'm like that's the only reason I made them thus far I still have plans for the goggles but for the moment I just wander over I'm like Samuel? - Aye...that's me - I whip the goggles off Is your name Samuel? Got some questions for ya CSI: Greg CSI: Greg YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! But surely that must have some slight effect of like ooooh I respect that maybe you could roll for? Roll a cool check Roll a cool check Alright what am I, okay here we go You're rolling and you're adding your cool modifier 17! Do you think Greg would be proficient in being cool? I reckon definitely *scoff* - Really? You ever seen any of - No no no minus 1 the skits you've done? I think you'd be a -1 - Yeah, I think he'd be at a -1 maybe - minus 1, but still, 17! so 16 That's not bad It's pretty-- I don't make an arse of myself You don't make an arse of yourself, - you don't trip over - you don't go *pft* ow! You look like a competent person who's approaching him and he has no - reason to believe otherwise - oh I put straps on! Samuel.

Aye, that's me hrr hmm I hear you recently had an encounter with Yarris Goldhorn? That's right What happened? Well, I saw him killing the miners You you you saw this with your own eyes? Aye Alright, done! What exactly did you see? I saw, well I heard the explosions and then I moved over to the area that I was hearing it I knew that there was the ice fortress and when I arrived I saw him outside in front of his his um tower and er there were two already dead and two more with swords out and they were attacking him and he was attacking back and he used magic *pow pow pow* And they were attacking him? What kind of magic? Describe the magic Well at one point he disappeared from where he was and he he appeared behind them and stabbed, like that Oh shit that guy went down Oh Ooh Can we um, can I check to make sure he's telling the truth? Make an insight check Dammit really low, detective Greg is doing a horrible job I reckon there's no reason to doubt that, think that's some helpful information Yeah, okay, that's 5 I'm just like, I'm just nodding like Yeah you, he doesn't give you any reason to doubt him So some sort of like disappearing Did he see you? Err no I was on the edge of the clearing, there's about 60 feet between the edge - of the clearing and the ice tower - So he can move fast Do we know, does anyone know why the miners were there? Anything like that? We don't know Don't know Last people to hear, they only just arrived back in town um like that morning The miners just arrived back in town that morning? Yeah, they they're from here but they [Bob] Where had they been? They'd been north I think, somebody heard they were excavating something up north You know what? Did you know any of the miners personally? er no, not personally right And you don't know what they were mining? Do you know anyone who did know the miners? You can ask around the taverns, I'm sure you'll find someone I...I reckon we just go and Hulk smash I'm getting a bit bored of talking to people Yep, I mean he's answered all my questions Hulk smash? They were all I know is they left town maybe Hulk?! a week or two before and then excavating something up north - and then they came back this morning - Yeah right, right right right the morning of Let's go, let's go and Is there a the mining...guild? slash mining headquarters in town? I mean, yeah, there's the mining um guild I suppose, I don't know what they call it Should we briefly go there and ask why they were out of town? or are we just assuming they were mining? I assume they were just I'm thinking they might have been mining but then they might have come back with something valuable and that's why he attacked them, I dunno I'm just, I'm just, I'm - grasping at straws quite frankly - Why would they have stopped? - They would, like he was - there with Goldhorn? He was like friends with them as far as I know, like he was He's friends with them? Right Like he knew them, like it's not like Has he been... - part of the community - they'd been seen hanging out with him before, those five Has be been problematic before or has he just suddenly become a bit of a problem? Not really, like he's always been a bit of a loner standing on the edge of town So maybe, like maybe, he was - acting in self defence - Looking at me? - [Greg] That's what I'm thinking - Why, what's going on here? you're looking at our human dragonborn friend That's cos I'm so disgusting he can't keep his eyes away Yeah I get it just thinking of like loners who live on the edge of town and I...I...I know Grinn is the same - same sort of way - what're you trying to suggest? That you're a loner that lives on the edge of town Pretty hurtful That's...that's where you live though right? Yeah Do you have lots of friends? And you never hang out with people so I mean yeah...

it's two really fair assessments to be fair Well yeah, yeah, I guess so just hurts my feelings that's all - to hear it - pointed out constantly It's not my intention, I'm sorry Can you just quickly describe the place that you hid on the outside of the clearing? maybe we could go and have a little reconnaissance mission? It was on the sort of like if you're if you're looking at the front of the tower I was kind of to its left, like front left Left Nice Thank you very much Samuel You're welcome I feel we got everything we need out of him I think we have - Watch yourself Samuel - ♫ Out here in the fields ♫ - I put the goggles back on - ♫ I fight-... go on ♫ Out there... I can't, not with my voice at the moment Oh dammit, ♫ I fight for my meals ♫ sorry, continue Thank you for giving me the answers Mr lumberjack, I knew you wood Don't get the reference, anyway Neither do I, so you're leaving? CSI guys CSI, we probably can't use this thing cos of All I know of CSI is yeeeaaahhhh! - Yeah that's all I know as well - and then it goes into that Shall we head off and at least do some reconnaissance outside the tower? if it turns into a battle then chur if it doesn't then oh well Then yeah chur, um yeah Quite frankly, there's too much talking going on and not enough like fighting Not enough axe swinging for Bodger's liking So you wanna go to, you wanna go to the tower? Yeah Right, let's go On the walk over to the tower I just wanna ask, well do you know this wizard?

I mean he's got a reputation *nervous giggle* Do you, you don't personally know him? Do you know him personally? Have you met him before? Well, he has a reputation, I haven't met him personally, I'm a loner I don't see anyone - That makes sense - I live alone That makes sense Okay Can I, can I check if he's lying? Make an insight check - 17 - plus your insight and then if you're if you are telling a lie you're gonna add your deception modifier otherwise you're gonna add your persuasion modifier - 17 + 5 = 20...something - So roll your d20 - 2 - ...2, 22 don't tell me which it is but add the respective modifier either deception or persuasion deception if you were lying persuasion if you were not lying *thinking* Either way - it's a 2 - lemme just look where deception where's deception? I can't find it plus... They're both the same and what's the number, total? 3 3, err you manage to determine that he was...

being truthful or lying? truthful - truthful - oh Okay Doesn't give you any reason to believe that he was lying Okay... Alright, alright, just he was a bit weird He is just a bit weird I think he's just a bit weird That's the thing I'm not sure if it's just his nature or if he's trying to lie Okay well, we're still walking towards the tower Guys this guy's weirding me out Yeah like what's his deal? - I dunno - he is a little bit strange A little bit strange A little bit?! He thinks he's a f***ing dragon I was tickling his tummy before, he liked it Why are we still humouring his dragon fantasy? I don't know don't know It feels weird to go against it now yeah... it's too late to say anything I feel like this is gonna turn out bad for us, potentially yeah, I agree well let's just keep going with it I guess yeah... You manage to arrive at the ice tower so as you are walking you know that you are getting close you've followed the directions to where you need to be you can see that there are signs started to be placed along the path in various different languages, you see a couple in Common you see some in Dwarvish, Elvish, you recognise one as Abyssal you see some in a language that you probably recognise but I don't think any of you speak it, Gnomish you see one in Elvish as well and they all say things along the lines of PRIVATE PROPERTY YOU ARE TRESPASSING block capitals TURN BACK NOW OR DIE I'M CAPABLE OF DEFENDING MYSELF COME NO FURTHER I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU CONTINUE All this sort of thing THIS IS MY LAND THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING All in various different languages Shall we all find the little hidden spot that Samuel suggests? Mhmm and then potentially jump up into your little rope thingy Have a little spy? Potentially, we'll see what's going on otherwise we get a little bit closer then jump up into the rope thingy maybe? Mhm mhm mhm Alright so you keep pushing forwards, quietly - I don't know how how like - til you get to the fact he's giving all these warnings and stuff, he's not he just doesn't that doesn't strike me as something that like a psychopath would do Let's find out Yeah So you arrive at the edge of the, of a clearing it's about 60 foot radius ish clearing so right in the centre of it is a building, it's a rectangular building roughly 45 feet wide by 60 feet long it's about 50 foot tall to the eaves of the house but it's got a very very high steep pointed roof it seems to be maybe 2 or 3 storeys depending on the foundation which seems to be a large large rocky outcrop effectively, whether that's actually a storey in itself or not you can see wattle and daub walls built above the foundations and the walls seem to be protected by about a layer of ice about 2 or 3 inches thick and presumably protected by magic otherwise - Can we see anyone? - why would they not? Can we see him? Can we see dead bodies? You don't see anyone outside in the clearing, you do see a very small stream that runs through the clearing that is all frozen over, - there's no dead bodies - are the dead bodies still there? No, it was 3 weeks ago there you, you... - you can see that there are - They got up and left You can see that there are from the angle you're looking at it which is about the angle he said, about to the left-ish you can see that along the long wall is a single small square window and on the front sort of side wall there is a square window about the same height and then another one up in the gable end Can I check for any magical traps or anything? from here or round where you are like? Oh, just across the clearing I guess Um, make a perception check to see if you can check for traps Err... 6 and plus 1 so only 7

Nah, there's, it's not exactly a manicured lawn and there's a fairly thick layer of snow across the whole thing but er you don't see anything that looks like it's a trap - And we can't see him so he's inside most likely - it's not even ground Seems like he's either inside or out in the clearing Do we try and get closer? I could try and sneak up - and look in a window - I've got a rope that could really help us out here Yeah! Well, how about he gets closer, sneaks in looks through the window then he'll be like Yeah Shall I do that? Let's do that Guys guys, can I just take a moment for a sec? Maybe 10 minutes? Have you got a spare 10 minutes? Sure Oh yeah, good idea, actually yeah great idea Great idea So *inspiring music* in these dark times I have always found the strength lies in each and every one of us as a team None of us are pumped on these by the way but we will I wanna I'm pumped, I'm listening you're pumped, you're listening You all have it in you to be the best that you can be I'm tinkering with my goggles As a team we can achieve anything we put our minds to So now we're up to like the last couple of - minutes of that speech - we're not you're up to about 5 minutes into the speech when you hear from the house and how that combines-- [disembodied voice] I can hear you out there! Yeah, I...I... You're on my land, this will be your final warning One moment-- F*** off! let me just finish Yeah sec mate so as we use our collective strength as a team I will, I stealthily approach and try and look in the window If you're here to talk come to the tree line and talk I don't think this guy's the bad guy, I Er you're on my property and you're trespassing I'll give you one final warning f*** off or die Yarris Goldhorn the evil wizard Don't call him evil!! you have pissed - me off - Oooh nooooooooooooo Hi guys if you enjoyed that don't forget to check out our other episodes over there

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