Dennis Yu | 3 Ways to Scale Your Business (In a Non-Douchey Way)

Dennis Yu | 3 Ways to Scale Your Business (In a Non-Douchey Way)

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Hello, everyone this is David, with magnificent. Marketing, and today we are gonna talk about three, components, of scaling, your business in, a, non douchey way. With. Us today is Dennis you Dennis. Is the CTO of blitz metrics, a digital, marketing company which partners with schools to train young adults, Dennis's. Program centers around mentorship. Helping, students grow their expertise, to manage social. Campaigns, for enterprise clients like the Golden State Warriors, Nike. And rosetta stone he's. An internationally, recognized lecturer, in Facebook marketing as in has spoken in 17, countries spanning. Five continents including keynotes, at LTE, Goldhagen. In Marketo, summit dennis, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New, York Times LA, Times, NPR. TechCrunch. Fox, News CBS, Evening, News and his co-author Facebook, nation which is a textbook talk and over 700, colleges, and universities, besides. Being a facebook data and AD geek you can find him eating chicken wings or playing, frisbee golf at a, frisbee, golf course near you Dennis. How are you doing today good Dave how you doing, doing. Excellent, I will say did, a lot of research and getting, prepped for this. Told. This to, my team earlier but we are talking to maybe the foremost, Facebook, expert today so we are super, super excited. To learn from you and I already have my team already has learned a ton but we, are here to educate not, only ourselves today but our listeners, so super excited to have you thank you so much for your time Dennis, so. Again. We're going to talk about scaling your brand and when. You're scaling brands. People, get it wrong sometimes I, think they talk about themselves too, much or, they, don't, position, themselves correctly, sometimes. It come across as too salesy some tie got sometimes it comes across a little douchey, right and that's, what we're here to talk about and in doing my research I know, that, you. Have your three pillars of authority, that you start off with and then you get into the phases, of actually, strategically. Advertising, and getting those, words out there so. Love. Would just kind of start at the top here and have you dig into those pillars and building that authority, or you you know show it to the world absolutely. So to drive sales we have to create, perceived. Authority, before. We have actual authority and most, people start with actual authorities such as we. Have a better product or it's cheaper, or it's. Some. Kind of feature or benefit but perceived, Authority you have to earn the right so, that they believe you are good so. Those three components of authority are who. Is. Saying it where. It's being said and what, is being said for example if we, want to get. People to hire esta to Facebook ads if I just told you in a douchey way I've, spent over a billion dollars on Facebook ads and we've, done it for companies. A B and C we're, really good in fact I think I'm the best in the world I'd. Be a complete douchebag to, say something like that right because. I wouldn't, be leveraging, any components, of perceived, Authority now what if. For. Piece of perceived Authority. I've. Got a picture of my, co-founder, with, Mark Zuckerberg right. What. If for, perceived authority I have. Multiple, visits at, Facebook. And with. Them. Teaching. Training classes like last week we were with Facebook in San Francisco, and we recorded, two days of training classes on how do you tell stories and how do you run ads the right way because, that because of who, that's with because, of where we're doing it and then the what is are. We teaching from, a recipe, that is, step-by-step. Checklist driven. That other people can follow because. That kind of authority is other, people, have followed this, list they've baked the chocolate, chip cookies using the recipe, and thus, I feel. That, this recipe might work for me - I hear. You it's basically the difference between you telling somebody you're awesome and then then then figuring, it out for themselves and, if they figure out for themselves that. Decision, is much more you, know just, you. Know bow, you know you, know bound in their subconscious you know they really believe it because they decided, to call you an expert is that basically what I'm hearing and we know we need to find ways of making that happen, so, Dave tell me about something that you've bought recently. Well. It could be a meal it could be a car something, that you bought I.

Bought. Some. Some stuff for may she be midnight, last night, for chili so. So one of what are one of the items that you bought I, was. House. Tomato paste okay now there's Heinz tomato paste, and there's hunts and there's del Monte and other why did you choose hunts. Well. You know this is probably the best answer I'm really bad at the, grocery, store and I just find, anything, that says the basics on it so let's go back let's go back I bought my, big last big purchase was a car. About a year. Okay. So if you saw a commercial from Kia saying we have the best cars we, spend a lot of money on ads we, have the best quality versus. Your, best friend said to you hey you. Know I have a Kia and it's amazing, and let me tell you all about it and you've been riding in the Kia other, friends are saying yeah you know vs., Hyundai, versus, the the Honda. Versus whatever I you know I really like the Kia that's, word-of-mouth that's how people will make decisions that's. Why I, when. You go to a restaurant or you're in a new town you probably look at Yelp right to, see which restaurant you want to go to you probably make, a decision, based on those reviews, don't you in fact, when you go to Amazon you, don't go there just because it's, you know prime and you can buy, everything with one click you buy because there's, information and primarily the reviews, and what. We're doing is we're stimulating that, review effect with the perceived authority and we. Do that with these three components of authority that create an effect that we call the lighthouse, okay, the lighthouse, is when, you are lifting up another example. By. Showing for, example. Instead. Of saying we're really good at Facebook ads for sports teams so this is us at the. Golden State Warriors right, and here. Here we are talking about talking with the Warriors about. How do you actually set up a campaign and we've actually published, our cookbook to. The NBA and Facebook. Has shared our cookbook step, by step on how how. To do this because. We. Are creating the perceived, authority right they, perceived, Authority is, they, that, you must be good because of who you're associated with because. Of where you are and because, of what you're sharing and a no point, in their a my direct selling am I talking about myself always, allow other people to talk about me yeah, so I'm amplifying, the review effect right, the lighthouse is when when you're talking but your uplifting someone else in order to do that you, can't be a douchebag in your, garage with the Lamborghini, right, you, can't, be talking about yourself because you need to act like a journalist, just. Like you are Dave when you interview other people you're. Acting like a journalist because you you, want to make them look good and, when you edify them, that. Creates the perceived Authority that. Then says wow this guy must be good so. If we have so, this this is a difference with perceived Authority so we can see Logan. Is with Mark Zuckerberg, now. If you see that and then you see pictures, of him and interviews, of him with Gary Vaynerchuk and, other people that are well-known in the online space. But. You don't know who he is, do. You think that he might be good at Facebook ads he might be good at digital marketing, yeah. I mean understatement, of the year right yes sure absolutely. So. You have perceived authority you. Don't have any proof that he's actually any good do you well. The proof is gonna be really easy to prove if you already have that emotional, Bayan you know I mean well, you go ahead and tell me but it seems like you've you paved the way to make that really easy to accomplish but you go ahead so.

You're Creating this, is the key to sales at. Least in this technique is you're creating the perceived, authority first and perceived, Authority has, to proceed, before, anyone's, willing to buy I've got a facebook mug here you. Can only get this at Facebook we've, got a ton of facebook shirts you, can only get that by going to headquarters, right. By. Creating the perceived authority then you earn the right to then be able to show. Them how you do it and then have, a sales call, explain. What your products and services are right but if you don't have if you don't build the perceived authority first how. Much more difficult is it to sell I hear. You know I really, love what you're saying and. You. Know it's really an easier way to live at the end of the day if you nail this down you know darling $4 and having a prospect, and do all kinds of stuff that's hard and it's long hours and it's, mentally draining it smelly strange, and that's, really why marketing, exists, is to grease, the skids for the sales team to take over make it easier, so. Bless you so let's let's, back up because, I get, what you're saying, I think our listeners are gonna get what you're saying but they, might not have keys of the facebook castle and they might not even have gotten going with a podcast, like this yet right, so let's, let's, see, if we can talk, and give some examples that you seen because the. Beautiful part about what, you've done in blitz, metrics, in your Academy is. You. Have taught people how to fish and you, have created a never-ending supply of, wonderful, lives for people you know all they need to do is go and execute so kudos to you for doing that and you've done it in such a way where you've allowed the, everyday person, to become awesome, so. But, before they became really big they went through the normal, journey, of growth. So, all stages, so I would love you to maybe think, back to some ideas for. Those that are getting going because I think it's not hard to understand, that, if I went. To Facebook and I you, know had interactions. And I showcase that that, people are gonna open, you know like I, gotta get it you know but that's. Not for everybody so let's let's, let's have you tell some stories, on when you've seen what what P how people accomplished this without having, that sort of access. So. A lot of people think that you have to be a keynote speaker you have to hang out Mark Zuckerberg whatever here you have to have fancy camera, equipment need an amazing coach like Rob Hicks that will help you edit your podcast it's. As simple as having. Customers. Having. An iPhone and having. A dollar a day let me back up so. All of us in business and driving, sales we have an existing customers. But. Often we're so busy trying to get more, customers and meets that we don't realize, the gold we have in our existing, customers that can do so much for us when we interview them the, first step, is it's called a testimonial.

A Testimonial. Is something where oh I I, like David of magnificent, marketing, his programs are amazing, blah blah blah everyone understands, a testimonial, is biased, but, they do understand. Just, like a job reference that it's a it's a positive mention. Take, it a step further. And to make it real, actually. Meet them at a coffee shop or walk outdoors to the park with your phone and you ask them questions, that would not be directly. Slanted, towards a testimonial, you're asking them who they are you're, asking about challenges, in a business you're asking about their expertise it don't have anything to do with your product or service but just to highlight who, they are and when, you start to do that and you pull out one-minute, snippets you become a journalist, and you don't have to do it with, Richard, Branson or Elon, Musk who are the people in your vertical, that. You're trying to nail I'll give you an example, my. Buddy Tyler Cole's is an orthodontist, his, dad was an orthodontist, he's, a good orthodontist, he makes people's teeth straight but. Initially. He wasn't a very good marketer, as most. Professional. Service people are they're good if they're one thing but they don't know how to sell, their market so. He started. Using Infusionsoft and. Through. Infusionsoft, he learned how to craft messages and do email marketing and, he got so good at it and his business got so good that, he documented, how he did it and he started sharing it with other orthodontists. Who said hey, man. How are you booking so many appointments, oh I'm using Infusionsoft okay. Well, how do you do that well actually I created, a whole bunch of campaigns and so, I'm an orthodontist, in Phoenix but you're you're an orthodontist, in Orange County you can actually take the campaigns that I made and copy. That to your practice as well and so. Before, you know it all these other orthodontists. Are following him and now he's got a hundred orthodontist. Clients, in addition. To his seven offices, in Phoenix, where he --then he doesn't even he's, not even like you know working on people's teeth anymore but, he's full-time on the marketing side he's. Managing. Infusionsoft. Campaigns, for, a hundred orthodontists. But. He used himself as, the, lighthouse, and. Then because, you have to start with, an example somewhere and then. He equipped, his brother as as, the lighthouse and then, he highlighted his brother's success and then he highlighted someone else's six these other orthodontist. That came to the program because, he had all three components of authority, and so, he was able to sell not. Because he's like hey are, you an orthodontist, who wants, to get more patients in and you find online marketing is difficult no he's not doing that, he's interviewing. The other orthodontist, who are sharing the. Exact steps that they went through who. They are as an orthodontist, that appeals, to other orthodontists. He's sharing that and the, places he's sharing it other other conferences, where, all the orthodontists get together at their conferences, who. Is he interviewing, where's. It being said what. Is being shared. That. Mean that that's it's. It's really genius you're, taking a testimonial. In. Your package you get in a non tissue way you, know I mean it's it's it's just like it makes so much sense and, and, you.

Really Got me thinking about now. About when I am, talking to you know really Pat, you know next time last you know we look to talk to a client and, ask some different types of questions now now, that. That, is awesome now, establishing. The authority also is gonna come and I believe I've seen you train this as well is talking. About other stuff that's helpful to people's, you, know their their audience right can you touch on that and then your whole you, know dollar day strategy, as well you know getting it out there because you. Do need to put some promotion, behind this stuff if you really want to get most out of it so you know touch on that in and do touch again on the content, within those videos because you touched on a great stage, two stage three further, down middle, further, down the funnel, type opener, Authority. Building but, let's let's also talk about the connection before that, okay, so Dave let me ask you a question before I answer that please, what, is the difference between a. Testimonial. And a, lighthouse. Seems. Like a difference between testimonial, lighthouse a testimonial. Is going to be more of, somebody. You, know speaking, about you in the lighthouse is more about you lifting somebody else up and then from that you get the residual benefit, of them, basically. Business, and you, know tapping into their authority by pushing them up that's, kind of nice how. Can you tell when, a piece of content is a testimonial. They, pretty easily I mean, you know only someone says I you. Know it may probably normally starts with the company's name that they're talking about you, know I love, work, with XYZ, company or, for XYZ reason, you, know. How. Much trust, do you have, when. Michael Jordan is pitching you underwear, and cell phone services or when whatever celebrity, Steph, Curry is a spokesperson for Kia right, but do you think Steph Curry actually drives a Kia. Right. He drives an orange Lamborghini okay. That's his answer okay he probably drives a kid from, the movie on the set, so. Marketers, and advertisers know. That testimonials.

Are Powerful, but. Do, you really believe in them do you really trust it because you know they're being paid you know it's a slanted, thing right you know it's a commercial, so. To move from, a lighthouse I'm. Sorry to move from a testimonial, to a lighthouse to answer your question you, have to show the. Full spectrum of who somebody is and you. Often hear people talk about authenticity. And, being real and that, is true but that's not practical or helpful, so. To make it real you think about who you are as a person because, people buy from people they, don't buy from, brands, so. You take who you are David and we think about six. Different topics that you have it. Could be that you. Love, Austin, and Torchy's tacos it. Could be that you like to play frisbee out, in the park it could be like digital marketing and sales it, could be that you're, a family man and maybe. Your, child has autism, maybe it's you, have all you have all of these different facets. These topics, that compose who you are as a person when. You start talking. About your topics, and you. Intersect, that with other people and their six topics, when you have topical, alignment, let's. Say we both like to play golf and you. Have a better handicap to me and we joke about how, I keep hitting it into the water and having, to buy more balls we're. Showing, not only that we have a connection, together which. Is creating more perceived Authority use. We're in the same space but it's creating. Alignment. That builds a lighthouse because people see you. See the thing that makes a testimonial, is they're, only talking about one thing so. It's very flat, so. If you have multiple topics, together people, can see, that. The. Dentist also is a human. Denis likes to, like I like to eat chicken wings I like. To go hiking in different places and you'll see videos of me doing this and the, key is that I'm packaging, these three components of authority while, also. Weaving. In these other aspects, where you'll see me at the. Beach talking. About how do you do a one-minute video you'll. See me as I'm, hiking or going to a restaurant, eating chicken wings interviewing. Other people about how do you optimize your open rates in your email right. And that's, what that's what creates the trust I hear you man, I really, do hear what you're saying here and, I and I've heard about the personal. When did you start talking about humanizing. Just, out of curiosity like, really really pushing hard on humanizing, your brand was it like two years ago five years ago ten years ago twenty. Two years ago when your website for American Airlines okay well that's why you're so successful because. I've really been hearing, a, mad. Push, for, humanizing. Your brand personal, branding in about the last two to three years if the chatter has gone and sang with it at, South by either last year maybe the year before I, mean. Cause. Marketing you know humanizing, your brand tying yourself to something and some, of these things we've talked about I'm just saying the the drumbeats are getting louder and louder and louder Hulme you know the personal branding a content marketing shoot this last, September. They. I don't know if I was in a session where I didn't hear one of those things and the, reason for that in. My opinion my. Humble opinion is that this the our. Audience, are the consumer, base is just getting smarter and smarter they're having more access, to one more information, and and. I do think this code the scope of our current, country right now is getting, people to really, think about stuff now and who, they're supporting so, I get, all of it and just could oppose for being twenty years of the curve but, the. What. I'm hearing though and what I really like is we what we do really accompli, look to accomplish to humanize brands and really bring out personalities, but I don't. Think that we have. Incorporated. Enough, of the. Lifestyle, part right because, what you just mentioned about a one-minute video and all that I mean I, guess that's that's. What content marketing and that's what you're leading with being helpful in all, Medina's, has, a, way in, and.

Follow Him here because he's been super successful at this is he's, we've been more fun into. The work here, and it's made for less need. For hard. Work or you, know you know traditional, hard work you know this, is challenging, thought, stuff but not not counting, away you know 80 hours a week so, I really. Hear what you're saying and then you're taking it to the clients side so, when you do do a testimonial. Like. Like man really, get into that develop, that relationship highlight. Them build them up have a conversation with, them and then break that up and weave it into your own marketing, and, voila you're gonna I Wow. You. Know it's so simple what you're talking, about and it's it's like it's simple stuff, you, know but, it's genius and and, and if you really do it right and, you, really really hear what Dennis is saying so follow this guy now then. Your, whole world is gonna be greased all the hard things and challenging, things everything, gets easier. Wow. Yeah am i hearing this right that I hope, I didn't go on track there my did I that, I recap, I got it it's. Stuff that we all know as humans. That have friends, and how we interact so. Let. Me give you an example so. My friend Natalie, Faria. She were on social Allegiant, at Infusionsoft and we. Got together eating fried chicken and doughnuts I've got crumbs, all over me as we're eating and we're talking about what, we can expect about in, Facebook in 2019. What, are tips that small business owners need, to follow to be successful, while we're eating fried chicken and, having, a very real environment, now what are you gonna trust more you. And me sitting down over Fried Chicken talking, about stuff or a. Professional. Background where it's definitely. A commercial. It's, shot professionally. People. Are allergic to advertisements. Right you know what it's an advertisement it looks like an advertisement it, quacks like a duck it smells like a duck it looks like a duck and so. We need to create content that does not look like it's, this simple, do. Not create stuff, that looks like an advertisement. Yeah. No. I you. Don't know i-i'll, tell you some of the stuff we're doing here. And you. Won't know how much I you'll see how much I agree with you III haven't, been shouting, from the rooftops that. If you're gonna be shooting videos, you have a computer with a with a camera. Or do you have one of these you're. Good now no you know high level product video explainer, video front and center on your website sure on-site. Stuff, invest. Invest. In high quality stuff, you know and if you're gonna be putting this much time into producing a podcast have it produced correctly, and. You know make it look good and stuff like that but, for the for the for the chin, you know two videos a week and this stuff that you're constantly putting out it's. Better, if it's not like that. It's. Not only less expensive, and easier to do it's better, it's. Literally, better and it cost less so everybody, who is that they're on the shoestring, budget, hey, you. Can do it you have the equipment you. Just gotta listen and learn from people like Dennis and, on that note I, think. We're out of time because, we. Are. So. I'm gonna have to have you back Dennis, soon. So, we can actually get into, the. How. To get this stuff seen we've.

Talked About and I will say I think we've covered the harder part the strategy, part the thinking through, what. What you should be doing telling. Everybody. Sometimes. The execution, feels like the hardest part but, you know no no no this, is the hard part this is where you need to be concentrating, and we'll, get into this, other stuff at another time Dennis that as far as getting people to see him so hopefully. To have you back soon but I. Would. Love for people to be able to continue to learn from you as we have can you let people know how to go about doing that absolutely. Follow me on LinkedIn type. In Dennis you on LinkedIn or you, can follow me on Twitter do, not follow me on Facebook I'm at the 5,000 friend limit all, right. And. You, why, you why, what's your email Dennis, Dennis, its, metrics calm I get a thousand emails a day but I always respond to everybody eventually. Alright. Alright. Dennis thanks, so much for your I'm going, to have my entire staff listen to this one twice because. I my brains already firing, off on so many things that we need to go and redo, and, do moving, forward so thank you for your time and until next time, thanks. David wow. What, a great interview, with Dennis you about. How, to scale your branding in a non douchey, way and I, employ. Everybody, to continue to learn from this guy because he knows what he's talking about, for, more great interviews like this feel, free to subscribe to our magnificent, marketing podcast, on itunes or you can go to our website and find, it on a drop-down and I hope everybody, has a great day, thank. You for listening to the latest podcast feel, free to go to magnificent, comm, /blog. To see the show notes for this interview, as well as those from many other of the world's top marketing, experts.

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