Deceived about Credits / Gems pass on small investors / GoNetwork second review

Deceived about Credits / Gems pass on small investors / GoNetwork second review

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Hello, everybody this is a beautiful. Day in this new, scenario I choose for this video because, this it's, sunny day you know it's not nice day so I said like Hawaii I'm going, to stay on my office just, there in a in a dark. Corner so, I'm, here my name is Sergio if you already been in this channel, you know that I'm, doing, reviews. About icos about, crypto. Coins and yeah. Blockchain, in general so I'm. Going to speak, about credits, credits oh my, god credits, what have you done I mean what a disaster, I now. Have the total confidence that those guys have no, competence, neither, on communication, either on technical, side, I mean, they have not enough competence, to. Do what they are saying they want to do and on the paper credits, looks amazing. On the, paper is an amazing, project I love it but. Hey. How, are you able to do it really, first. They publish the alpha so they wanted to publish an alpha day delayed many times and at, the end they decided to publish it like. Some. Hours before the crowd so so, everybody. Was was, happy about that okay, so they publish it they, allow. Us to look, into it some hours before investing. Into the project really, very short time in, any case I started, to look into it and I, realized, that, tax. Transactions. You, can create one wallet you can create a second wallet but a transactions, you are making between one one wallet and the next one is, not going into the blockchain because, there is a monitor, and there is a wallets interface and in the world trance interface, you can make the transactions, you can create the wallets pour in the monitor that is some kind of ethers, kind of application. You should be able to see the transactions, but those were not happening apparently. After some time it started to appear or something like that but, when I tested myself it was not a prank then, there. Was something else now there's somebody and in. My in my group around, me that cop that told me like hey Sergio you know look. At this you. Know how they are creating their the, private, keys so. This code they are creating the private, keys if. You are not a, savior, on on. Computing, a development, on the software development you maybe not want, understand, exactly what, I'm telling here but, if, you know even a little bit even if you are a. Rookie. On on, development, you, will understand, that this is, horrible. This is horrible, okay so this hold you are creating the private keys the, private keys is what holds all the, value inside a wallet so. They are doing and be sank md5, algorithm. They, are using md5 algorithm. There is an updated, al going on. Cryptography because there is rainbow tables and it's possible, to reverse it there is collisions, is a horrible, algorithm, to do what they are.

Trying To do here so they are creating, the private, key by doing, md5. On the date so, on the timestamp, so, at the moment where you create the private, key there is a number. Of seconds, since me, what, 1970. This, is the number of seconds on from now to from. 1970. Until now and they are making an md5 over, that so this is a number, that is really easy to to, find because I mean you just look, on the first instruction that a wallet did and you go back in time and. Just write write write and you will find a timestamp. Only was created maybe one one or two hour before the, world was created is enough no like. 120. Min, this back no then. They are using this the same address md5 so this is like obvious not secure, so this part is like okay. And then, they are using a random number. So. This part is the random, number but this is just like a third a third of the of the of the of. The private, key is a random, number another, is a date with the timestamp creation another is just the address key so guys. Come on this. Is not cryptography. There is no expert, on cryptography, at credits. And you want to create a blockchain with, all those, requirements I mean come on guys so. Beside. That the communication, was horrible, they, make mistakes on, the communication, many times like, when they got their. Whitelist. But has been Hackett no like they. Put it on big neuron they pin it on the telegram, group come, on guys come. On this is completely completely, not professional, at all and, you, are rolling and I see oh if you're, if. A telegram account has, been hacked, you. Don't write the telegram. Account has been hacked you say there. Has, been some, some. Data that has been compromised, you don't use the word hack and you don't put it on capitals, and you don't pin it okay you, have to say things in a way that doesn't scare investors, so this was one mistake, the, Alpha is a mistake I mean this this algorithm here is horrible, I mean. Anybody will will. Hack this, you. Just have to wait for some weeks and somebody, will, get hacker all there all the credit so this. Is really, really bad and. Honestly. I'm out of the of the ICO right now they erased the, cap, 29.9. Ether, per, account, I'm not going to invest because. I. Like, to invest on on good projects, I mean I could invest here and just say like okay I keep this information secret. I say, nothing and. Next. Week you, know we make like a photo campaign just. Before we sell everything and then. And. Then the price goes down and we can buy again or whatever I mean I don't want to do that I mean, it's okay it's over I don't like this project let's, look into our next project with check that, they there, is a technical, people. Behind the project that this has really competence. To make it real and be sure to check the prototype, before investing, I'm check, it properly okay. It's important to check it with enough time and to find, information, to parry other people, that have maybe the knowledge. About this particular, technology that you don't have okay, so that's really important, okay, guys so this, is for credits, regarding. The, writing. Of, the ICO is ongoing still, so I like, decided. To still, keep it until, the end of the ICO so I don't, get it, credits. I move. It from alpha, to MVP, okay. Guys no it's not it's not an alpha please. There. Are many many bugs there are many problems still I don't, I don't even like it so. I don't write to MVP, and. Basically. I estimate, that the lounge cannot, be in six months because there is still, much things. To do and if they launch it in six months it will be a catastrophe. So I drunk, read it to 76%. On writing, okay so it's going down from. The top ten to below, that so, that's, four credits that's. All I have to say four credits, regarding. On the project so James for instance James. Made a private a. Private. Cell and, only a private cell so they like. Up heavy, investor, that's. Nice thank you Rory's so, we cannot invest on James it's over, and also just today I had a call. With chung-kai, this is the CEO of go. Network, it. Was a nice talk I mean we just discussed some some. Matters, about their, project about go network and the changes that have been happening those. Last month. Because. I made a review but, it wasn't the the, first time they published a white, paper so, things, have happening, Oh since. Then and I decided, it was a good moment to review. A little bit this project I never did a video would code network so I'm going, to do it right, now, so god Network they, want to create a network, for a theorem, on mobile. Platforms they, want to make it mobile first, and they. Want to allow peer to peer exchanges, so, the first use, case of Go Go, network, is the goal exchange, but. This idea as, chung-kai. Told me they are letting. It for after not like they, want to Center first, on the goal, network.

Functionality. That will allow to, scale up the. Through your network so. They. Talked about this marketplace for. Applications. Like for a later moment, yeah, so. This. Is also. An idea that is interesting, but it's true that goal network like the solving. The problem of scalability scalability. Of its idiom is more more important, in, any case this, those, guys have an another, company, that is. Called infinity, that is doing mobile. Applications, for, iPhones, and tablets. Mostly. Games yeah and they, have like four. Or five for applications, that are, like more important the others like they have one and that, it was released it on 2014. That, has four, point, five over. Five like, a rutting, from from, users it's called happy monsters, they, have another list called happy, Park from. 2011. With a for over five score, and from. B's vs., aliens, released. In 2010. With a three point five over five writing. So. The only application that is on the global rank is happy Park that is a showing on position, 19. 9660. So, it's not like, some. Huge. Huge huge applications, I mean they they, have they, are, used okay but they are not on the top top of the of the. IPhone. IPad. Market. Of applications. Yeah they have also another did he assume Chi Tom told me about another application that is a call. Something like top score video somehow, this is he didn't remember the, name of the application okay. However so, I asked. Him what was the amount, in. USD, for. The. In-app. Purchases, on all the Infinity applications, he was not really, he. Avoided, this question, I guess. Didn't. Want to reveal that can details so, oh. Is. Obvious that, so. Having somebody like yeah Molina, doesn't. Make the app more, valuable in a long-term it. Has some kind of it. Raised, interest, and attract, more investors, to the telegram, that's obvious. It, doesn't mean that the, application, is going to have more. Value of your time so, it's important, to relativize, this kind of of context. Of things, happening around a the ICO okay there is also this ICO. Check report, at github that I think that everybody, have seen it because it has gone all, over internet. And it. Talked about different. Aspects, I think this kind of report, is very healthy it's good to have this kind of people. Asking, questions but. I think also that, somehow. Folding, and giving. Attacking. Some, project, that has, a big, bit hype a big hype is also, giving, them some, kind of advantage some kind of disabilities, you know when you are publishing content. On a medium, you, want to be. To. Be a little bit aggressive yeah, if you want to attract interest. And I, fear. That this report, has gone a little bit too far into that and that's why it has gone and so it was so, much shirt yeah, so my. Honest. Opinion about it and I really don't have any, kind of I mean I have. Nothing with go Network I mean I just trying, to give him my, objective. Opinion about, it first. The companies think you know like they said that in the link Adeem it was written that they have they started the company in some, date. They started go. Network, in. Some date and in the link ad and there was like a curriculum. Vitae with the goal Network from this date from to this to this date but, on the official registry, of. The of the company, the date was not the correct one I mean. Yeah. You. Know like it's. True it's not correct, know like Private, Ltd but. Come. On it's not so important. I feel, like it's not so important, it's not like they are lying I mean. You can have many. Type of associations, and on on, the legal side. An. Association, de facto meaning. Like the Association has not been officially, created, but you, are already collaborating. And there could be a huge amount of work that could be, invested. Into, a project, just. Before. The, companies, created, to create the company only when, doli legal, part on when. The idea is already there when, all the work is almost. There and you are ready to start, to cash in and cash out otherwise. Why do you create the company just to have more expenses I mean, to pay taxes, and to pay I mean, know it first you get the idea you get the legal, parts done and then you create this the company so I don't see like it's really, so. Bad, I mean. You can start that project and just write it on the link at him because during one year you have been working on that project even if the company, is still not there then, you create the company and you change the name here and instead of Cornell what you put go network Private, Ltd. I. Don't. See that like a big big issue, it's not something that is going to affect the quality of the project long term on the midterm so for me it's not something that I take into account. There, is other things about. These. Conversations of, chung-kai, with. Somebody. Okay, so, in the conversation, that you can see here is a screenshot of a smart, phone so. You, see here, no like is, the telegram interface, and the. Guy is discussing, with the other and some guy is really, having like a really, really evil, and.

Greed. Character. Here no like he is really saying like I'm, here for the money I want money and the, rest I don't care at all yeah okay so this. Basically the conversation, so. First, of all I want, to know who. Is the person that, published. This, screenshot. Because. You, know something, it's. Extremely easy extremely. Easy to make, a fake, screenshot. Like this one it's, really easy I mean come, on it's a you, just have to to cut. To two. Images put them together just, cut the part in the top here with the Sun kind name or, just create a fake ass some guy named accountant. Telegram, you, know you, can just put the same image, and the same name the, hundred is not showing here so there, is no proof that this user, is really shunka, it could be just somebody, else that create a second accountant telegram using, the same name and the same photo and have the conversation, with a friend, of him and just to create this phone so, because of the origin of this image is completely, anonymous and because, it's so easy to make it fake I cannot, take this in consideration so, come, on over that. The guy has already said he has I mean he has not run. Away or, something like oh I've been discovered, no the guy has come, out and he said like okay guys does, not mean that's, Vegh somebody. Has been impersonating, me or my. Has, been huck or something but it was not me so, I. Mean. Yeah. This, is just like feeding. The the food and the shield and I'm. Not really. Interested into this part so much I think, what is important is to look into, the project, and to look, into the working, product and see, what the value of that for. Me having a solution that is solving. The atrium, scalability, problems, that, is some kind of light Network lightning Network for, aetherium that, has some, kind of off chain, transactions. To. Speed, up the. Process. For me that's really really valuable and that's what I'm really interested here. So. Here the, question is, about, their. Project, there is two points from either important, here one, is the github the. Gift cup has not been, updated. Since, the hackathon, and think is September, of 2017. So, there. Is no proof that we, are really doing some work some, extra work, so that, was one of my questions to chunk I told him like okay there, is no update on. The. Get Club what's happening with the code address still working on these he, basically told me that there, is not only work on the development. Side but there is also. Technical. Analysis, they have to make prayer analyses, they have to strip, through eight all project, and that's, a lot of work the.

Actual, Moment apparently, they are more working into that and he, told me also that they, prefer to use private. Repositories. For versioning. So like github, but in private, simply. Because they don't want other, points to just fork. It and take, their work, and do something else with it not, at the at this moment that's what he told me and he told me also that before, the, closer. They. Are going to publish an alpha, okay I hope is not like. Credits, guys please if you are seeing this video shouldn't I. Learn, their lesson from credits, don't do it don't, do an, alpha just one to, three hours and for the crowd cell and I'm. Obviously. I have, more expectations, here because. I think the technical team behind, call network goes, far far beyond than credits. Team, I hope so so I, I, really think that is going to to, be different about anyway so for me that's really really, the important, part right. Now on the writing. Under. Wedding. Yeah. So yeah another thing is the auction and this, is not totally confirmed but. It looks like they are going to make an action some, kind of Dutch auction or price. Reduction, auction. So this is, something. That looks like is going to be like that anyhow. I will market. Like this this my working progress spreadsheet. And. For. Now I just mark, it down statues. I, product. Launch I put one month because, he told me that, sorry, is not an alpha - they told me like they are going to release a minimal. A stable, version. Like, the first first, stable version they are going to release it even. Before the crowd sell so, to, be. Precocious. I just, put less than one month after the, crowd, sell they have like a working. Product hopefully. That's what I expect, from believing. What he told me a shun guy I have, no reason to not believe it so I just watched that one action, also for the ICO hack up and right now what I'm doing when it is an auction is that, I'm using, mid. Value okay. I don't. Know if this very, fair or not looks, fair to me, because, inside. The incertitude as, I don't know if it's going to be very good or very bad. The price per token for instance so I put the, hull value so, it's not zero it's not 10.5, and it's, also three it's not six or zero is three for a haircut and does, the score there, is like a hundred thousand, potential investors there is a lot of people on the telegram, I think they have two telegrams so, this is a really, really will, good.

So. That's all for a goal Network right now I give them an, 81. Rating. Okay, 81, are waiting so I'm going to put it on the spreadsheet, already or, after the video so, thank, you very much for looking this video is the the. One I'm doing right now in English okay so for. The French speakers, you have to read the subtitles for once and for. English speakers I think my accent is not so bad okay so. See you again in the next one ciao ciao.

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Guy! It is just the alpha version. 200.000 transactions per second. Look EOS, months after ico and just 7.000 in the testnet. Beta version will be release in March. Final release in June. They are working hard and not collecting money for start to work. Very disappointed with that video. Stop spreading FUD!

On a built from scratch blockchain project I forgive their lack of communication skills, I do not care about the interface, graphic design or marketing, but I expect them to be particularly awesome with coding. That's why I waited for the alpha and I was deeply deceived. "but it's just an alpha" is not a reason to justify obvious lack of experience.

You know why MD5 is not secured ? Because it's REALLY FAST, so attacker can perform a huge amount of operations until find a collision. Oh because it has collisions also. But hey, it's fast! 200k tx ? Let's say 1,000,000 tx, just do not encrypt anything, use plain text and you will achieve 10 billion transactions.

Sergio It was just the alpha version. They could never published that version.

Sergio I think you prefer to invest in an ico with no previous work and with just promises.

Oh yes, it can be changed. But why they putted that on the first place ? Take a big breath and think about that for the next 10 minutes.

Sergio MD5 can be easily changed. You should focus on testing transaction speed. Alpha version always has bugs. Your video was ridiculous.

Sergio They will have a total supply of just 220 million coins, and circulation supply of just 130 million coins. Everyday a new company announces partnership with Credits. In June when they release the plataform, everybody who spread fud like you will regret.

Oh of course, I beg you pardon for giving my honest opinion. If you find another team of crypto experts that use MD5 for the private key and set pinned message in bolds saying "THE WHITELIST IS HACKED RUN FOR YOUR LIFE", please call me.

Good to see that you revised your opinion about credits and keep your golden hand ! ;-) BTW, I just joined the 2 telegram group in the description. Is it more or less same content as the private french one ? I'm still waiting for approval, but I am maybe too much rookie...;-(

French is better :)

Looks like credits still lying about their product >> Transaction execution speed as fast as 0.01 seconds

Thank you English is better But the French accent is so wonderful that you are a poet Can you take a look at this project

Well sh#t, i invested into this project as soon as the ico opened... only saw warning signs after ward... luckily not too much but will be selling on release on exchanges!

Excellent . One of very few honest and great reviewer, I found ur video very informative. Thanks

In the end, people only care about the product

Salut Sergio, merci pour tes reviews toujours nickel. Je me demandais, dans ton spreadsheet il y a des noms de codes avec des étoiles comme dans le spread de Ian Balina, c'est réservé pour ta communauté (un telegram ou autre ?) ou c'est juste pour toi ? Juste pour savoir quoi. A plus !

I also passed on it sad i cant trust this guys !

Sergio, I agree with your analysis about the code but is it fair to say over 90% of ICOs don’t have any products or prototypes before launching. Credits was trying to show investors a proof of concept that their theory can be practical and implemented before they invest a single dime. Please please please wait for the beta launch before you assume the project is a disaster.

Jrflorise1 damn true..90% of icos doesn t have even a line of code

tu n as pas parlé de BABB ico...que penses tu?

Merci Sergio, dommage que ce soit en anglais, il en existe déjà beaucoup en anglais mais trop peu en français. Bonne continuation.

salut en francais c est mieux merci

J'ai pas participé au ICO de Credits, c'est trop amateur... Même si il y aura surement un retour sur Investissement (Greater Fool Theory). Par contre Sergio, je suis inscrit dans le whitelist de pour investir mercredi 7h du matin en Europe (2h chez moi), est-ce que tu vas investir? Je viens de trouver quelques trucs shady sur le token sale... Bref, tu me diras! PS: je t'ai mentionné dans ma nouvelle vidéo YouTube! J'espère attirer mes abonnés vers ta chaîne!

your accent is good

Threw in money yesterday.. I put half of what I intially had in mind. Saw this vid today and If you're right and this all dumps hard (which I believe it will), you're my new go to youtuber. Very few youtubers actually dive into the technical data, like Priv. Key code. Ty for that!

salut sergio je comprends que tu vises une plus grosses communeauté et que la communeaute fr est bien petite comparé a l anglophone. Mais dommage que tes review d ico ne soit plus en francais. En anglais on en trouve pas mal deja mais tu es un des seuls en fr. Bon courage a toi

Sergio tu continues a en faire en francais?

Hey j'ai juste fait une vidéo en anglais :D

Really wish I'd seen this before investing.

Sergio, you re the Man! Independamment de go network, je me permets de te Supplier ! De faire une vidéo sur TON et leurs Grams qu on puisse avoir une idée du Roi car si ils demandent du fiat pour investir et si ils ont 1 ou 5 milliards de tokens il faudra bien réfléchir avant de s engager

selon j'ai entendu ça serais registré comme security, et donc il faudra passer par un broker/dealer pour vendre et acheter les "tokens"

thank you Sergio from all English speakers :)

En tant qu investisseur, J espère qu il n y aura pas trop de impact avant les évolutions.

thank you for helping us reduce our risk!

Awesome Sergio.. much appreciated review in English..

Keep up the good work and please do all your videoes in english! Would be much appreciated - your english is good!

More videos in English please!

Ola Sergio, we need you to review expected Ico to be huge : Hybridblock, Sharder, Blue Whale, Constellation , Endor, Hycon

Pour l'analyse des Ico et aussi l'anglais ! +++


Thanks for your honestly Sergio ! I am so glad I didn't join Credits :) Great video as usual !

ça veut dire que CREDITS c'est à chier ??

Sergio, you are great! One of the best reviewers of ICO! Thank you for the Credits warning. Could you look at two promising projects - R_Block / potential future crypto LinkedIn/ and Zipper. I think they have very big potential. Thank you in advance!

c est des escrocs

ça veux dire que je ne pense pas qu'ils aient en interne les compétences pour faire ce qu'ils vendent dans le WP.

ça veut dire que c'est très très étrange surtout..

apprend l'anglais xD i think we can't be in crypto withount knowing english

I unsubscribe immediately from you.

well, it can be a sign that the alpha was just thrown together without too much thought. Maybe, but the whitelist thing, yeah, that was a joke.

This is not FUD. These are facts. Unfortunately for investors...

But the MD5 hash argument is meaningless since it can always be changed, it is just Alpha and it was test net, we all know that testnet doesn't matter much.

I got in even with a new ether wallet address, the whitelist was a joke.

Is the combination of 3 md5 hashes including a random # generator really that easy to hack? I get what you're saying about maybe finding the 1st part of the hash based on the current date. Plus stuff like collisions, my understanding that its not something a random hacker can do easily, its pretty sophisticated and I doubt if you have the skills and the computing power for it you're going after the likes of Credits. Anyway, the communication alone was enough to turn me away from Credits. The raised cap in the middle of the sale, no clear information about whitelist, rules clearly stated round 2 was for whitelist only but I think it didn't matter. Their telegram channel was a mess the whole time.

Because the truth hurts?

What is not true ?

I dont believe what he is saying. I see this as a FUD. If he is right I subscribe back.

CryptoWealth Africa why?

Hey Sergio thank you for the video!

Answers for all the lies of this ridiculous video:

yonas-théo palomino j'adore faire les vids en français, mais ça me posse problème car pas tout le monde comprend :( je fait de mon mieux pour ajouter des sous-titres en en ou fr

Al Arqrez yeah, they can alway hire some real devs with the money they collected at their ico!

demens13 md5 is not used at all, not even to encrypt passwords of crappy blogs because is not secured.

Yeah! Constellation please


Sergio thank you for all this. Appreciate your thoughtful & technically minded approach. Please consider doing a deeper dive updated review on Credits. Coin is behaving very strong now above $.85 cents with the highest volume recorded on any dex ever. The juice must be worth the squeeze somewhere along the way here. But I'm curious on your take about the red flags on how they stack up to the potential. This is a subject that I know too many people would appreciate your analysis on.

This guy screwed you big time

Hey how you doing? Its 4.5x the ico price

You must be feeling bad now

My non financial advice... take your money and run before the bubble pop

Is not a bug... how could I explain it... go to a developers forum (not even cryptography experts, just normal devs) and past them the Credits algorithm create the private keys.

Sergio So don't you think if you can find the loopholes their development team will also be able to find that bug?

Honestly I hope your beloved project do well, but all my red risk lights are flashing so I won't take that train.

Or pinning messages kind of "OUR WHITELIST IS HACKED!" run for your life ...

I doubt Ethereum was using MD5 and timestamp to create the private keys hahaha

Sergio So was the case with Ethereum

Haha not at all! I feel great ;) I see the product quality is horrible, the team make several mistakes one after another and I strongly believe the bubble will pop as soon as the lambda investors realize there is no tech to back the market cap of the token.

il fait du 6X en ce moment sur CMC..

Sergio yea I agree. My concern is if their tech is full of shit or the real deal. I have concerns. They keep saying in their telegram that they will publish a video of 200k tps proof within the next 2 weeks. But they say the same statement the last 3 days. Feels like they are giving themselves an infinite 2 weeks ha

I don't care about the price but about the real value of their product. If the product is bad, the bubble will pop at a certain point. I'm a long term investor not a flipper.

Oui, je suis rentré en

They really botched their ICO. I'm glad I didn't invest.

From Brooklyn, you were very fast at finding this. Continue the good work.

Ivan On Tech found same issue I sold 60% of my CS now

Good spot with regards to credits, i see ivan's vid and thought i would pop over and say thanks for the information, i subd :)

From ivan on tech nice video

don't listen to people like tatt

Thank you Sergio. Appreciate your input.

Great analysis bruv , I am signing up ... wht do you think of Electronium and Universa ?

We need this information... Great job Sergio.......stop talking FUD......we are investors.... We need to be informed.... Great job Sergio...... You are the man... For real...

CREDITS code is available on GitHub

Have you reviewed POLYSWAM & BLOCKMESH?

From Max Diffenbakh their telegram admin. "Hello! MD5 was used only in the beginning of Alpha development, This issue will be easily fixed, final platform will be done according to our technical papers. You can readthem attentively, cause all these questions were answered"

Of course it's easy to correct. The question is why the hell they used it on the first place when it's a NO-NO that every dev in the world should be aware of. There are two options here... either they wanted to take advantage of the MD5 algorithm as it's way faster (but unsecure) so they try to hide the fact they won't reach 1 mill tx per second, or simply by negligence. SHA256 is just 3 characters loger than MD5...

Credits already explained all these issues, just follow their official telegram or Reddit

What if they manage to do it?)) seems like they are going to try) Moreover, they project still develops and technical information changes all the time, so it's hard to judge right now

Probably the unprepared driver could have a huge amount of fans (that will drive the price up on the exchanges) but that makes no difference when the critical curve moment will arrive...

This is a like a race with several professional drivers and cars. What if an unprepared driver with a technically dubious car beats a top driver with a Ferrari ? Sure it could, but chances are really low. Most probably they gonna crash after the first curve.

You made a poor decision. Still have time to reverse it. All that has been changed.

oops? You sold at $.38?

Pre-beta seems quite good to me

Do you have access to the code ?

They explained why they used an algorithm full of security issues to generate their private key? I would rather call that "excuses" and not "explanations".

C'est bien, vend avant que la boule explose.

Certaines ICO's ne veulent pas qu'on publie leur métriques. Des autres c'est moi qui ne veux pas les publier car je ne suis pas sur de certaines données ou que je veux investir sans que ça soit publique (par exemple si les allocations ne sont pas réservées) et donc c'est mieux de ne pas donner le nom.

CS team is awared about this stuff, people tend to complain about it on telegram, so I think CS guys will fix these issues in the next versions

Their technology is getting better with every release, hope they will reach 1 mln tps!

Any update on Credits being audited by FP COMPLETE will be appropriated. Thank you

look at credits now!! eat crow

I accept discussion, no trolling. Go troll your mom

CREDITS cryptocurrency bockchain transaction explorer |

Sergio where you getting your information from???? you must be talking about EOS

I see Credits now and I see the real value of the project is waaaay below the perception of investors. That means the risk taken by those investors is huge as the bubble can pop at any moment.

Hhhhh now punch yourself for that


Now that the testnet has launched have you any other thoughts about credits:? Will you be doing a update?

When they reach 1 million transactions on a real case scenario I'll do it.

Now that the testnet has launched have you any other thoughts about credits:? Will you be doing a update? I would greatly appreciate your thoughts now? is it still sloppy or are they building something more elegant ?

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