Debitum ICO Review ⚛️Debitum Network - SME Business Financing on the Blockchain | Best ICO 2018

Debitum ICO Review ⚛️Debitum Network - SME Business Financing on the Blockchain | Best ICO 2018

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What's. Up everybody, this is BK. With. Some information. For you on an ICO spotlight. One of the things I try to do, day-to-day. Is provide. Information that's not only valuable. Financially. For you as a trader but. Also. Financially. For you as a. Economist. Right one, of the things I try to teach to you guys is you know kind of the ins, and outs of macro, and micro. Economics how, businesses. Work and. Ultimately, this, is a new, ICO I think that is leveraging, on one, of those principles. That we talk about in small, and medium businesses. This is debit omits it's essentially. Going to be dealing exclusively with. Creating, a financing. Ecosystem. For small and medium. Enterprises. SMEs, and. Now, that's one of the opportunities, I think we have is really just to learn what, is an SME, small, and medium enterprise essentially. What it is is, a startup, business that. Generates between a quarter million and a half a million dollars a year, 11. To 50, employees you, know and it's really just getting set up you know it's one thing to know different countries. Have different. Definitions. And requirements and. Categories. And even, the whole financing. Industry, banks have their own definitions, as well so essentially if you know a business had. A commercial, in the Super Bowl you, know paid a million dollars but thirty seconds of airtime that's. Not going to be one of these startup businesses, one, of the things we've learned that Notre Dame was that startup businesses, essentially, make up the backbone of, the, economy as. They're kind of a middle ground between working. Out of your garage and, working, on Wall Street they. Make up I think 70, or 80 percent of the different businesses, in America, and. I saw some some statistics, as high as about 90, percent of the businesses, in Europe you, know nothing 98, or the percentage. Of businesses in, Malaysia, you know and a lot of emerging. Nations they make up a huge. Chunk. Of the. Economics. In those local economies, and so you can imagine as a small business.

Certain. Things are needed you, know to make, it to the next level to continue to expand to grow to stay profitable you, know build out the infrastructure, whatever it may be and so these guys are going, to be focusing, on the accessibility, to. Finance. Right. Bankable. Business, plans linkage, to viable, funding. And, what we know about. You, know the banking general in. Banking. Industry, in general is that you, know all too often that's, it's too too few dollars and too, many needy. People, right, and. Needy businesses, and and this is not, you, know just the first time this, problem. Has been discussed. Small. And medium enterprises. Oftentimes. Don't, have accessibility. To, capital, and remember that's what I talked about just a few days ago is that that's what the blockchain does, best is it, inverses. That and. Provides accessibility. To anyone, that's connected, to the blockchain and. Again. This is just talking about the general economics. Of SMEs, we're talking about six hundred million, jobs. Overall. Two. Point. Six. Trillion. Dollars. Right, and that, is the current, deficit. Right, so, essentially, that means there. Are businesses. Out there right, now that, need money but, don't have it and that. Amount, comes. To two, point six trillion. Dollars, right, and I. Am not one, that is an avid. Bank, fiduciary. Financial. Institution. Supporter. However. I do realize, that in creating a new system, you must be able to build bridges, to the existing. System to supplement, mainstream, adoption and, that's exactly one of the things that these guys talk about in their, white paper and we will discuss that in a second, right so real quick just a high-level give you guys an overview of what SMEs, are you, know the credit, and this, is you. Know kind of how that distribution. Falls, out across a global, scale I think in order to evaluate the. Value that an ICO is providing. You must first evaluate, the opportunity, at hand and if in indeed, there is some value to be provided, and you can see you know two point, six trillion dollars across about a hundred different nations, you know that's a pretty big piece of pie so even if these guys come in and get one two three percent that's. A substantial, amount of residual. Residual. Revenue. You know on the blockchain right. So. Moving on you. Know again. 200. Million small businesses, need to get credit right so there is a substantial. Customer. Base and these are from major major major. Global. Publications. World Economic Forum, and World Bank org, I can include a link in the description for you guys so, let's see how debit, them is going to solve this problem and more importantly, how, the industry. Has responded. To their presence, already one of the things I try to do I don't do it too often for established. Products. On the blockchain but, when I'm researching. You. Know what a company is all about there, is a thing called sentiment. Analysis. To where you just type in word go to Google, and get a general, impression, on the positivity. Or support. Of a, certain, company, this, is you know a metric. Used that's actually, it can be quantified, to give you kind of a, number. A numeric, score for, how people feel, about a, certain company. And you know I do this a lot with with different products and. This is one of them so essentially just type it into Google and see you know are the first couple articles what are what do people feel is it positive negative neutral you, know one of the things I think that people realize as as, you, know late, as fifteen, minutes ago is that, this is a major opportunity. I think they've identified the, problem, you know and we as a people understand, that this blockchain, is indeed, the. Future and we're trying to merge everything over, there and so, this is a company, digital journal con 3x, notice that's not debit, them however debit. Ohm is listed, as one. Of their. Partners, right and if you just look at a few of those names you know especially that one in particular, that's, not a bad group to, be you, know listed. With as as partners, you know it's a major players in that group and since these guys are still in you, know ICO status. That, should let you know that the industry, you know is at least looking, forward, to, the value that they're going to be able to provide, again, I'm just using step by step logic, to identify, the problem.

Understand. The market analysis, you know and see, specifically. The. Gap. That these guys are looking to feel now, we can jump down to the ground level into some of the micro to, analyze, how they actually plan. To do it, right. So. Global. Small, business. Financing. SM, E's, right. And, essentially, they plan to be the bridge between Fiat. Investments. And cryptocurrency. Backed. Loans. Essentially, right, for small business to fill that two and a half trillion dollar deficit. That's, what they talk about right there 2018. Product, launch. One. Of the big things to note out is, that cliff high actually. Mention. These guys in one of his report if you don't know who cliff high is just type them in on YouTube he's a legend, he, is, able, to understand. Sentiment, analysis, to a whole nother level and, because. Debit Tom DB that. Word B EBIT, um, is such, as you, know unique, word he, was able to pull it from. The future and say that this will indeed, be. You, know a prominent. Word. That is used with, positive. Association. In the, field in the future on the black chain so that's a good sign when you, kind of Godfather of uh you. Know the Nostradamus, of, Google. You, know selects. You as as a. Favored. Search, item in the future it's not a bad not a bad. Way. To come, in the business right they've, competed, a lot in the different competitions. And and ultimately, you know I wanted to use this time to inform. You on a little bit of the, economy. And the, business model as well, so let's go ahead and check out this video by my man Martin, Liberty. Co-founder. And visionary let's, see what he has to say. Small. And medium-sized, enterprises are the backbone of our current, economy yet. They're. Very limited when, it comes to options for affordable and reliable financial. Resources, the. World Bank estimates the, 70% of, small medium-sized businesses lack access to credit. Clearly. The, current system is not working traditional. Banks are becoming more, centralized, complicated. And disconnected. From local businesses, we. Have a solution. We. Aim to automate, that process. By, removing the middleman and replacing. Its functions, with a system, of interconnected smart. Controls, Davidov. Network is building, an alternative finance, ecosystem, that, ensures successful. Growth was, an SME credit market during. Last few years we, helped 164. Companies, to, get financing, using, this experience, and revolution, a decentralized, blocks in technology, we, will be able to help feeling that 2.6. Billion gap in SMS crediting, process we are building trust based a Batum network ecosystem, creating. A single and transparent, market we. Want various players both, local, and global to. Interact efficiently, and provide complete, end-to-end financing. Process this. Means easy. Access, to affordable credit. For, small and medium-sized businesses opportunities. For investors to receive reliable, data and the, thriving marketplace for various specialized service providers by using blockchain, technology, as a loan transfer, process becomes, immediate, and worldwide, by participating, in our ICO, you, will not only receive, our valuable day. But, you will also help SMEs all, around the world to, make their dreams come true. There. You go the sides you can see these guys definitely have, a plan, of vision you know and I think they may be able to execute a pretty, good business model, and, fill, a global, opportunity, here on the blockchain right, biggest.

Thing To note is that the, the, area, that they're tackling really, deals with with three different sections risk, debt, insurance. And then this whole thing is, kind of execution. Right and that's the transfer, of funds to. And from, small, and medium, businesses. But if they don't have one, piece of that triangle, the whole thing falls apart just. From, what I know dealing. In the banking industry, one, of my major clients, wrote. Off about three and a half billion. With. The B dollars. Per. Year, just. In, bad. Debt allowance, and money, that they couldn't, collect and, didn't, plan to collect that they were just essentially. Given away as as lost, they lost three and a half billion dollars right, and we. Understand. That the blockchain is definitely, more secure, more. Efficient. You know in converting. These funds over so now this. Is one of the companies, that are coming over to. Assist in that. Transition. I think when, I did a little bit more research on these guys this was actually one of the biggest strengths, that. That, was discussed, as kind, of this hybrid business model, between. Blockchain. Processes. And Fiat, transactions. Some, of the companies I think that are recognized, for, filling, this area right now. Post. ICO. Don't. Have this model I don't. Necessarily, want to mention those in particular but if you just understand, the industry, just. Know that this is a major, comparative, event there's this hybrid, model to where you, know they can supplement. Businesses. That want to be paid in either, Fiat. Or. Though right, and they still can feel the exact same business model of, getting. Funds. On both, sides of that equation so, that's definitely something to keep in mind I think that's probably one of the reasons cliff high was. Able to pull it out of the future because it's a big point. Of differentiation and, a major advantage, in. An appeasing. Mass adoption through. Reducing. That point of friction if it's hard for a business, to embrace, your way of doing business then, more than likely you're not going to be in business too long right, and so that's what we call friction pain, points we want to make it as easy as possible for, everybody.

To, Use whatever, business we create, right, and so, if that means we process. And Fiat and blockchain for the time being and that's that's what you know they've, been able to do. Right. In, addition to that you know these are you know simple economic, things you can look up specific, to. Their, ICO. One. Of the things that really did. Pique, my interest right off the bat was, the MVP. That. They have so, let's see. If we can find that, real quick on here. Yes. Try, it now. This. Is kind of cool I think the last platform, that. I reviewed. Genesis, had its own MVP, and a, lot of people made a lot of money put. Me in on that ICO, I just got off a call with a guy yesterday, and. So it's interesting when, you see people that, have a functioning. Real, time prototype. On. The market pre-money, you, know and then you have some icos that have been on the market that you know barely even have this to show for themselves so it shows you that this is a pretty good team that knows what they're doing you, know and they're and they're showing you exactly you, know kind of how does platform, will work, from. A usability. Standpoint. To. Where you have invested, at theorem, and repaid. Etherium to, where essentially you can deposit you, know F into. This platform, and it will then turn out and. Kind of finance, those small businesses. To fill that two point six trillion dollar deficit, that we have right now and, and, pay, you, residual. And interest. Right. So. It's kind of cool it is a free. Accessibility. So it's a simple login and password, they, actually give it to you right there so if you want to try. This platform. Out, that's, the login and that's the password and you, can go ahead and. You. Know test, it out yourself with, regards, to the, crowd sale itself, round. B ends. On February, 25th. At 3 p.m.. Right, the. Biggest thing to note, is that you. Must agree, with all, of the terms that they put into place right here, it took a little bit of digging on. This public, token, terms released, but, it says on. 13-7, page 16. Participants. By, persons, from the United States whether. It be residency. Or citizenship. Our expressively. Excluded. From participation, that's a long way of saying. I've. Been in the United States you cannot participate right. We. Discussed, you, know. Methods. In. Previous. Videos so if, you are indeed in the United, States know. That you. Know the. Straight line method doesn't work for you. Another. Thing to note when I was doing more research on her business I did see that you, know they actually have, their, headquarters in. Gibraltar. And, I looked up this I wonder why that was and you know it looks here that the. Gibraltar. Is actually the world's first. Country. To, approve. A, bill, that. Actually protects. Cryptocurrency. Value. And reputation. So. These guys you know have that in their favor being. Headquartered, in a country that is in favoring. Assisting. Cryptocurrency, icos, as opposed to you, know trying, to maintain the, status quo and, kind of push i ciose to the backburner. In. Other. Places right so, that's that's again just you know a feather in their cap to show that they actually are on the, right track on an easy path easier. Path to be successful, right they, are active on Facebook, right there it is, right, here one. Of the team, members speaking his mind on a self, regulation crowd to analyze the old projects feel free to check those resources, out and again, this is the Debbie, dome

Slash White. Paper for. All of the, different, resources. That they have accessible. Online. So. Just to review everything I do think, that you, know this is indeed, a unique opportunity. To. Possibly get involved, with, a, power. Player in the, world to finance, on the Black team providing. You for emcs. When we go back to our executive. Summary, on these, guys we, can see that some of those players in the game already let's, just look up I think it was page 8 on this thing. There, we go. So, some of those pet players are pretty, big tokens already right, populace saw Evelyn, you know and and these guys have have more or less paired themselves. As, a major. Advantage. To. The, existing, status quo I think the biggest thing to note again, is the. Fully. Functional, MVP. And the dual. Hybrid, model of feed op financing. That. Allows the borrowers to choose, whether. They require, Fiat. Or crypto, you, know hopefully, being I would have served as many SMEs, as possible, you know and building, out this blockchain, protocol, and kind of migrating, the the status quo to a, cryptocurrency. Platform. It's important, to remember that we, must provide options, that facilitate. You know choice. You can't just force a business, to change to the way you want them to do business it's like you got to build a bridge show, them what's on the other side of that bridge and then let, them walk across it and ultimately once people walk across that bridge they realize that they will never walk, back on the other side, you. Know and currently a lot of people prefer a, lot of business owners especially prefer, to deal with loan principal, and interest payments, the legacy way using. Fiat as, opposed, to you. Know the new-age way using crypto and an ether, and ER c20 platform, right, so again I'll, include links in the description, specifically. For these resources they. Do have an awesome, team that has worked on. Some other very, very very successful products. You. Know an SME, and the Lithuanian market with, with a lot, of. Recognition. You know in the industry so it's not their first time around the block so. That. Being said I think I think you know this is a good amount of information I just wanted to let you guys know the value that they were taking. On the, opportunity. At hand and then ultimately how. They plan to execute and achieve, the. Vision of filling. That you know 3 trillion dollar deficit, for. Small and medium businesses, essentially, if these guys pull it off they could just as easily save. The economy. From, you. Know inevitable. Transition. And. Traction. And friction. So. I think if these guys are successful. They can definitely, be, a household name in the crypto verse right, alongside some, of those big, names that we just saw with. Regards to their competitors, I hope, you find this helpful if you did make sure you like the video feel free to check them out debit, them dot. Network. And. I. Will. Include links in the. Description, for you as well, thank, you so much everybody have a great day and. I will talk to you later.

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