Dead Matter 1H ALPHA GAMEPLAY (credits to bigfrytv)ENJOY!!PT/BR#deadmatter #alpha #new

Dead Matter 1H ALPHA GAMEPLAY (credits to bigfrytv)ENJOY!!PT/BR#deadmatter #alpha #new

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Right now oh nice. Actually. Nick's, that i think you're actually closer to morally. Okay. Uh so this is actually about the same area you were before, but this is the densest, part of it so you're gonna see a little, more of a frame drop here for sure, even then. Uh this entire area is still seeing optimization. And there were some fixes in the next build that you will be getting. Ideally in the next little while, that should even see better frame rates. Nice, okay yeah yeah you can feel it when you start getting into the buildings. So can i claim this building. I believe it's set up to be claimed you have to find the control panel right here. Just like, that. Yeah there you go, you need to have changed the locks on all the door so does that mean every door has to be opened. Well no what it is is you actually find logs. And you have to change the locks on every door in any building you want to claim, so that way you can take control of it, okay. Yeah so um. Bigger. Places. Tend to be more resource intensive, to take over sure, that makes sense. It's a lot of locks for a place like this yeah i see okay. I see. Oh nice. Open door no come on. Yeah that is a gnome bug, um again that's actually something i fixed earlier today, okay. Is it to do with like the weapon or it's just just a bug on the actual vehicle. It's uh to do with the way our multiplayer, systems work we need to replicate, things across people's computers, and we use a system for relaying that information. To players. So that way on the network, when i open the door you see the door's been opened. That wasn't set up properly here so it was a quick fix but it just wasn't done so i took the time to fix it okay yeah let's uh so okay, i saw some people talking. Uh if i shoot this gun do zombies, spawn on me. Or do they just run from wherever. It depends, on where you are and depends on the spawn density, you may see some spawns, here but, there are probably, zombies, lurking around as well, okay so here let's do this. I want to see if this tire. Oh it did go flat oh yeah see and then that zombie just spawned in so there you go it does go flat. It's uh. Looks like there's a graphic issue with the bullet but yeah there you go so yeah oh look at that. Yeah she's yo she's sitting, sideways. Yeah. You'll see that with most vehicles in the world aside from a few very rare exceptions, but for the most part pretty much every. Vehicle you'll build. Oh i did that oh there it goes okay just takes a second to go flat okay, oh yeah she's leaning. Cool. Oh oh hey, oh hey there. I just i just. Guys i just wanted to test the tires. Oh i missed. Oh i missed again. I'm out of ammo. Oh, oh okay interesting. Guys. I'm sure, folks can really start to see why, pve, is a focus for us with, things like this when you run out of ammo. I'm actually just surprised how many zombies showed up, that's uh. What. That guy. Is back. Yeah. Can i still blow it up after he's dead or is it tied to his not, currently. However. Okay um, you should be able to use smaller caliber weapons to just pop them, that horde, coming out for you actually has a guy with a tank on this back in it okay, okay okay, let's just get to a point where i feel comfortable turning around. Uh free look is on is that that on middle mouse. Okay it's just subtle, can't really turn. All the way around. Okay let's see let's see how these guys move. Yes. I don't know if i can get him. Nope, fuck, oh god oh well, yeah. With with this many zombos. Is the website down uh yeah how beefy exactly is a rig, uh it's a, i7, 6800k. Uh 32 gigs ram 2080 ti can i climb this ladder. Yes bitch yes, here we go nice perfect. I know we had some fixes go out i believe, for some ladder issues so i'm glad it looks like everything's working as it should be. Okay. So it looks like they go back to their groups or where where are they running to.

This Is always the biggest thing with um with survival games with zombie ai. As. I i always want to see how you guys do it, oh it looks like it's turning night time. Too. Actually the cloud cover blowing in. Oh yeah you're right. Okay. Yeah weather will affect. You know ambient lighting and all that good stuff. Okay is hip fire just not connecting, let's see. Here oh no it is okay. There we go. Too many zombies, yeah for oh here oh here we go. See if we can hit this with, uh. Oh no no no you bitch. I don't think i have any more pistol, unfortunately. So. If you'd like there's actually a command to give yourself some ammunition. The uh chat command, is uh slash, give ammo nice and easy. Oh and it just gives you the right ammo for whatever gun you're holding nice yes you're right okay. So let's do this then thank you. Not a problem. Okay there we go. So right now the website, is being ddosed. Part of that is people who just really want to get in, get their key that's understandable. The other part is unfortunately, it appears that some people are deliberately hitting us with the ghost attack to keep people out. Really so we're trying to combat, that right now to the best of our ability, and once we get the site up we will have announcements, out letting everybody know what's going on. That's crazy. Yeah that's, like the big issue with everything we've been trying today like, we were, more or less on bar. For keeping the site up we were getting slammed a little bit earlier in the day. Kind of new things we're gonna get wild and we had plans in place for it. But this outstrips. Pretty much everything we anticipated. We would have sent out emails however there are privacy concerns with that that would make it completely prohibitive, for us to do, so sadly that's not, really an option right now, so uh, when when you say privacy, issues what are you referring to there.

So Part of that is privacy concerns due to national law but the big one is um say your email, was ever to get leaked, we would actually have to kill your key and then resend, it to you. And if that happens out of the blue. That's going to be really frustrating, for people. Because. It's going to be something where you know you're playing a game suddenly it vanishes from your account and then. You know 12 to 24 hours later you're gonna get an email from us saying oh yeah by the way we had to kill your key here's a new one. This game not able to be played yet uh so right now yeah their their, their, website, is. Getting completely, destroyed. By people trying to connect and claim their key. That guy doesn't have a tank on his i was waiting for him to crawl over here. Yes, so. Just to address this yes we did know exactly how many people would be trying to connect to our site and again, we believe there is a ddos, attack going on right now. Because, that is being, far outstripped. And even, considering, that a lot of people were trying to buy the game today. Judging, by the ips, that we're seeing, and the rate at which they're trying to access our website. It's very likely that people are trying to attack the site right now. Yeah, okay. So yeah i guess i guess we we just play the waiting game guys, um i'm kind of we're, going crazy, on our head, right, i mean yeah. I i i knew today was gonna go uh, you know. Maybe not this far this way but uh i knew there was gonna be some hiccups, for sure. Can i spawn a car in. You totally can there's a spawn vehicle command. Um. You know what uh type in spawn vehicle, and it'll give you a list and i'll give you an interesting one toy with. Okay uh so it says spawn vehicle for me. Yes so just send that command as it is, oh i see okay. Yeah yeah, so let me read that list again. Yeah why don't you try, um. The vehicle. Couch, that should be pretty good i think couch. Okay. Uh, so slash. Spawn. Vehicle. And then is it space, bp. Underscore. Like that. Yep just as it's written got you. Uh okay. Now. And there we go nice lovely vehicle for you to try it, wait how do i drive it. Oh you're in the comfy bedside, you have to go to the comfy bed to drive oh my god.

Oh My god. All right well oh look at my arms. Oh yes i'm gonna tell you right now the animations. Are not set up for this for probably, obvious. Reasons, oh yeah but it's a pretty comfy way to get around alberta. Okay. Look i mean i'd be lying to you all i said we don't have a little bit of fun while we're developing, our games. Oh god. The one thing with this, comfy bed is it's not fantastic. Crashing into the infected, just really set up for that yeah i'd say. Get away, with it, i, oh god. All right looks like i'm stuck in the comfy, bed. All right come on. All right let's get the boat out here all right. So the comfy bed doesn't seem to take rocks that well i i guess understandably. Yeah it's it's more of a highway, vehicle i'm sure you can understand. Sure yeah yeah no definitely cruising. Uh okay. So all right, they're not are they following oh they're kind of following me let me let me run over here. Uh, so. Okay let's get in here. Because i want to show these guys to driving as well. Spawn. Vehicle. Space. Oh god uh what's the command again okay. I do see a lot of people are noticing the crop duster, that is very much a prototype, and it does not work well at all yeah i i noticed that that was the first thing i saw uh so you know, uh if it doesn't work very well i'm not gonna try it here. Uh vehicle. Underscore, let's do crown, vic, underscore. Police. Oh. Baby. Oh yes you may wish to uh hydrate, a little bit you're a little low on water you can see your little motive icon in the corner that will pop up, sure. Okay uh can i spawn water for myself. Uh you should be able to yeah. That would be uh just list items, and then, soda. Okay. It's just called soda. So if i go that'll give you a list i believe. Spawn. You'll have to type soda after the fact, oh like this for the list items, yeah it'll actually filter for you, couldn't find item, soda yeah you know what it's crazy.

I Watched clean do this and like i, i watched it all, and like i just can't remember oh you're typing spawn items yeah yeah. Our console, is so bad. A lot of times like if you're not super used to it. Yeah so item. Underscore. Uh let's do, uh soda. Cream. Did that did that work. Can i open my inventory while i'm driving. I do not believe so no you have to hop out to get that to try, okay well let's start the vehicle. Anyway. Can i put like a parking brake on this bitch. None of this time it should, chill out once you get out though, okay so uh unlock. Hold open door. Exit driver. Seat. Doesn't look like i spawned, that in so that didn't work so. I do believe there is some stuff with uh picking up items and vehicles because it's not really an intended, behavior, you actually just press up, on your keyboard, and it'll allow you to re-enter that command. Yeah you can use it as an item. It's it's list items, right plural yeah see okay so then i gotta get, list item space soda, okay so then it's. Spawn. Item. Space. Item, underscore. Soda. Cream. There we go. Perfect, pick up soda, okay, i think it was the capitalization. That was fucking me on that. Okay. Now how do i use that's. Curious. Okay let's try that again. Okay so cream soda doesn't go to the inventory. Spawned, items do not behave as they should sometimes, so that's not a surprise. Okay so let's see one of the best you think, chinese thinking might be one of your bests, oh hold on i'll look, uh, in, maybe here. Or here. Is it in my boots no. Okay. Uh, it doesn't look like it unless it's in. Shirts can't hold anything, no. I mean fun little development, story i guess it used to be that things like cans of beans, could actually be put in your boot. Oh really. When we initially, set up the item inventory, system. It's a dumb little thing but it's good for a lab my jeans are here, so here's the thing i don't know if if what you guys are thinking is just kind of based on this. But i'd like to see all the smaller. Things like jeans be at the top. And then have your small army bag, it's the biggest, at the bottom is that something, that's possible. You know what i mean. Um. We can absolutely look at that you can't actually collapse those eh. Oh. That okay that'll fix it yeah you're right you're right okay, so yeah so i can't okay that fixes it unless that's no those are stripper clips. Uh. No i don't have one on me right now. Let's try this one. Uh shiny is suggesting the give item command to see if that work. Okay slash. Give, item. Space, item. Underscore. Soda. And let's just go, uh. Soda black tea, i guess. Sure. Oh add it to the inventory, okay, perfect. But now where is it. Somewhere i, hope. Unless it's in one of these random, jeans, no. Doesn't uh doesn't look like it's working. Well that's that's all right.

That's A pain, i'll just drive to like oh fuck oh, never i lied i don't know what's going on, oh fuck what is happening. So what you're gonna. Do. Oh shit it's turning into star citizen. All right, walk me through it where are we going, okay so what we're gonna do is you're gonna open your command. Console. Okay and you're gonna enter the god command, before anything else. Okay, i can't open my console, okay you know what hey. I gotta i got i want you to look out the door and you're gonna get out of the vehicle, oh my god okay i got a better idea we'll just we'll just refresh. Yes. Yeah our vehicles have issues. I told you it's an alpha, okay. I told you, like. This is this is where, i i thought we were going to the moon. That was cool. How many of those do you run into a day. Typically it's nothing that exciting. Unfortunately. It's typically a lot more boring than that but sure you know what hey. Variety is the spice of life right hell yeah. I love this. Give item steam key wow that dude's a genius, all right let's let everything respawn, in. That was an adventure. Yeah that's a very recent, issue, i believe it's already being worked, on, yo. Okay i i love your, straight, back to pr, voice though just, yeah that's an issue just right back to business, all right oh no i i'm not even gonna pretend for an instant there's any way to say like oh that's not a big deal about it. It's all good. Um, okay. So let's do. Spawn. Because i just want to get around a little bit. And let's do. Uh, bp, underscore. Vehicle. Underscore. Pickup. There we go. Uh, so hold to. Open. Uh ppa just let you know we did actually expect, a lot of traffic, the issue is we're being, maliciously. Ddosed, alongside, normal traffic which is making it almost impossible for us to effectively, respond to this, oh i think i think the game's doing that chugging thing again probably, based on the last session. I'll have to i'll have to quit and uh jump back in again yeah, okay well at least i know how to fix it now that's that's good. That was too, funny. The keys cannot be emailed due to performance, issues and yes the watermark will be for everybody during the closed alpha. I'm glad you're reading chat because i gave up a long time ago. It's going way too quick for me man i appreciate y'all coming through. No worries. Thank you mr dev yeah man i appreciate you jumping in and walking me through this. How tall how tall are you. Dumb. Six foot, whoa. All right, okay, i am among the shorter members of the dead matter dev team, shorter, members. Yes. What, do y'all just do like high jump all, day. Man we are surrounded, by giant. Tall gang that's crazy. Yeah, we will be allowing other partners, in just everybody knows and people have been doing content, and a lot of people are talking. With us about doing content. We're just um. You know we're taking our time with it right now because everything's on fire since i can't really do anything with web dev. I thought i'd pop in here and uh, just chill. Hell yeah that's all i'm doing. Um, by the way guys i know a lot of people have subbed uh a proxy. Thank you as well uh. Ttv, pipey thank you for the host. A little posh thank you for the sub i know i missed i'll go back through in a little bit i appreciate you guys uh can you check to see if you can turn down foliage. Let's look. Oh also yeah i turned i forgot to turn down the resolution, as well just so everyone's aware. Um so foliage, we can put on low let's see what happens now that we're sitting in a forest. So. Ah. Not really. Like you can turn it down but it doesn't really, do much in terms of visibility. So. I'll just leave it back yeah you will see slightly better performance, on a server, single player is a little more demanding. Yeah and you guys talked about that a couple of vlogs ago i remember. Yeah, like um i know it's a common misconception, it's like oh you're just hosting a server on the player's computer that's not really what we're doing. It has more to do with the fact that we can cheat a little bit and offload some of the like more performance, intensive, stuff from your pc to the server, make your machine run a little faster, right. But, you know it's effectively, the same result. Um okay so let me do this slash, oh, what the fuck all right i'll just go fuck myself. All right something happened there oh i probably died uh. Oh, okay so slash, uh. Give item. Oh god i need the item id i don't even know okay. List, item. Uh i'm seeing this a lot in here uh dedicated, server files will be going out as soon as possible, yeah that's what i'm waiting for.

They're Gonna be going out alongside, the main release of the closed alpha as soon as our website. Stops, burning. So um, look forward to that. Uh so if i go, give item or is it give weapon is that a different thing or can i just. Yes give weapon is a separate command. Okay that's why. Give, weapon. Uh. So then uh, how do i look at the list of weapons. List items will still actually give you weapons if you search by a weapon name really. Yep so if you search for a keyword, like for the svd. Or, uh. You know. Hk, svt. Hk416. Okay so let's do now. Slash, give. Uh. Weapon. Space. Weapon, underscore. Hk16. Or, hk416. There we go okay, all right we're getting the hang of this thing. Slash. Give item. Uh. Let's do. Underscore, egos, protection, unfortunately, only goes so far. And it does impact, normal people trying to connect as well. We we have people, on our team actively, looking at this. Okay that didn't work okay, so. There we go. So then all i gotta do is, type give ammo. Um, are are these commands, going to be available to everybody. In the game or uh is it just gonna be like admins that have use for this or, this is primarily, for edmonds we're just adding it in for like our partners, right now so that way you guys can actually just dig in and just play with stuff gotcha, okay, there you go. Um let's see excelsior, thank you for the host, flintstriker. Thank you for the subscription, man z eternal, darkness, as well. Oh oh hey look at this little cutie. Oh i gotta reload i forgot. Oh we got the 60 round mags okay. Well that's gonna spawn a fuck ton of them. Okay. We cannot send keys by email. Because, of privacy, issues, and. Like seriously if we could we would. As it stands, we're currently, just trying to do what we can to get the site back up we anticipated. Traffic in excess of 30 000 people, and we're still, incapable, of keeping the site running right now. What's the radius, for the zombies to stop following you. Like do you know kind of how about how far you have to be away. There's, a little bit to it, and it can be affected by you breaking line of sight, or other noise sources getting them or any other thing okay, cool. So it's not just a. Standard, basically like one or a zero i like that. Okay. Yes there are animals in the game. Try and add a scope okay, so let me do. Uh let me scroll up here so. Um. Slap oh sorry slash. List. Items. And space, i think it's called site, right, yeah yeah. So. Um. Generic. So slash, give. Item. Space. And let's try generic. Underscore. Rds. Underscore. Zero. Uh let's do zero six. Yeah you will actually need a backpack to do your work in because right now you can't just modify a weapon in your hands. Oh, yes okay so uh. Okay. List, items. Backpack. Oh wow there's a lot of them actually. Yeah we have quite a few backpack, options all of them are balanced a little differently. Okay. Hype up. What'd you just say. Yo nil thank you man was that 1400, bitties. Thank you dude, i thought you were talking shit i'm like what was that. Uh hiking. Sorry i'm concentrating, on the. The the words here okay. There we go. So you can't customize, a weapon in your hands and it looks like i picked the wrong. Uh. Backpack, for that. Uh okay. I think i'm about to get fucked aren't i. Oh hey there sir. All right i see it seems you found my little. Hideout. Jesus. All right. This is my backpack. Okay. Okay. All right. Robbie thank you for the prime bro oh sorry sorry, all right it's all good so partners will be able to use commands on their multiplayer. If they are the admin of their server. Yeah i love it um as it is right now the people who work on our back end are absolutely. Busting their ass to try to get our site back up and get everything running. We've been. Waiting. To get this game out for so long, and with all of what's happening right now this really, sucks for all of us like we were all sitting and chilling, all day waiting for this to go out. And, then things just started breaking on the website. Yeah. Man okay what is what is the actual bag for that that dev backpack you were talking about. So i can i think it's actually it's just called the dev backpack, in the uh. Okay. Give item. Space, is it like dev underscore, backpack. Oh, here it is look up backpack and duffel bag dev. Oh yeah you're right okay. Give item space, okay sorry. Chat i know you guys are hitting me with a bunch of stuff but uh. I'm just trying to get this going for you guys. I appreciate y'all coming through though by the way, welcome to the welcome to the show. Did that did that go add a dev duffel to. My inventory. Uh, but. I wonder if it's because i'm wearing this. Oh yeah. Oh you can actually just press up on your you're right i i i was thinking about that as soon as i started typing like i'm already halfway through it, there we go that did not do it though oh big fry says slash give oh cause i hit give items jesus christ i'm an idiot.

Okay. Added a dev duffel bag to your inventory. There we go. Perfect. But now i gotta. Drag this up. There's, that this is what i'm waiting for here we go, so now we got a site. So somebody here was asking how hard is it to find high tier weapons. Very. Most players, are going to be running around stuff like mosin's. Enfields, if you're very lucky. You might even be rocking an svt40. With its nice big ammunition, capacity. Yeah so we're out like our attachment, system is a very, recent addition, like. We didn't, originally, anticipated, even being in the closed alpha but we managed to hammer it out the last minute, i i love that it's in there though, it's really, good. Okay it feels, really good. All right i'm getting hit left right and center, guys uh listen i appreciate everyone who has subscribed, and all that, um let's see, i'm just gonna rip through here quick if you don't mind t guns. Robbie. Flint striker, uh eternal darkness, a proxy. Uh lil posh marty mcfly, williams. Uh who else we got here nick old. Referred, loki. Thank you guys for the subs man yo jay, hit me with a five dollar. Can you ask scale one to ten how hard will it be to find the high tier weapons oh i think you just answered that. Yeah. Ultimately, it's pretty difficult. You know if you do some digging, and there's a few places where they're a little more common you will start finding the good stuff. But uh, primarily, you're going to be sticking to some lower tier civilian, stuff, okay. And then fat tony hit me with 25. He says will you be able to go in the prone position further down the line thank you you. Can crouch right now. Absolutely, like again. Going prone, is very much, a pve. Mechanic for the most part especially in a game like this where your main enemy is not. Really going to be doing too much to uh. You know, shoot back at you right. So. Right now given that pve is our main focus. It's not something we're really, working on right now, but it's definitely something we're going to be looking at. Okay. I'm seeing somebody ask here if there's traders in the game yes as soon as the closed alpha goes out you will be able to uh check out our traders. Yes i've never found a map or anything so i don't really know my way around the level yet but, we'll figure it out, you know on the server and all that so we can search some stuff. Pizza, box. Nice. The best loot. I mean. That's what everyone needs in a certain. Zombie apocalypse. And yeah i'm seeing people ask here your best that if you really want to get into the closed alpha is please just hold off from the website for now. Let things, cool off let us maybe get the extinguishers, on it and, try to, sort out what's going on. Bro, did that say it was a maul. Yeah you get a splitting ball. All right someone's, someone's taking this to the face. It's super satisfying, my personal, favorite. Is the sledgehammer. But the mall is pretty, nice feeling. Excellent. I'm just seeing people comment, we're really big on letting people stream this in a closed alpha state. We'd rather be upfront about you know this is where the game is this is what we have to offer. You know it's a closed alpha, we don't want to just lie to people and show just the good stuff. Yeah you guys have you guys have always been about that. This is this is literally. Um. What i've wanted. Not not the streaming but watching a game play, from start to finish you know i know i spawned in some weapons or whatever but, just watching you guys run around, go loot a bunch of stuff and just you know and just see what it's like as a player. And now we're finally able to do that so i'm i'm super psyched. Yeah we, like i said. We're gonna be doing a lot to allow people to stream and showcase, stuff. So, they're they're bringing up a good question in chat now i'll throw it back to you since this is your wheelhouse. If you guys do feel that way then, why the nda. Because at the same time. I'm sure you can understand, that having a bunch of information, going out about you know, hey this game is full of bugs when some people really genuinely, don't get what alpha really means. Or how an alpha works. That's going to be real hard for us to effectively, combat whereas you know if you and i are sitting down here and talking about you know yeah hey this this doesn't work we know this don't work, and you know we talk it out, it allows people to get a far clearer picture of what's going on instead of just some guy saying, yeah i got into a car and i went to orbital.

Yeah. Fair enough fair enough i mean you know. We'd rather just talk about things straight right. And that's why like i, i was glad that you guys first showing was at twitch calgary. Because you were there, you had you it was more of a controlled, situation, and you could answer questions, basically, just like. This. Love it. For sure. Where are you going dude i don't know i'm looking for for more places to loot. I don't know why every time i first see things i think they're cows or something oh here we go i also want to bash, someone's head in here. I think if you head to your right. That's going to take you over to the highway. Okay and that will actually get you uh. Oh what are you coming up on there is it a path or road, uh it looks like it might be a road but i'll run over there in a sec i just want to smash some faces. Bitch. There we go. All. Right. Are you currently the only one able to be streaming this at the moment, honestly guys yeah i just went live just to chill with my community. And the devs were all like hey. Let's uh let's let's let's do something while people wait for our you know our website to come back up so, um yeah. Yeah, i guess at this point i i would say so, uh now it's obviously not going to be a consistent, thing like tomorrow. I'm not going to be able to stream dead matter, right, it's just right now, in the. In the in the lull of of getting ddosed, and dealing with issues, we're we're here. Beanie gamer i want to be totally on the level with you. Nothing, was that beanie no that was midwest mind. I'm going to be totally up front with you, i popped in the big fresh stream because i saw he was streaming, and, i don't work on our back end i'm a level designer that's, where my skill set lies right, right. And i can't do much level design when we're trying to just get this closed elf out to folks so i thought i'd sit in here see what you were up to and i saw you wanted to talk about dead matter. But you didn't want to violate the nda, so i just got the go ahead so that way you could talk about it if you wanted, and then uh. Nick went and gave it to go ahead so i just said you know yo if you want to start poking at the game you're more than welcome to, love you nick. So yeah i'm guessing we're getting closer because i'm starting to feel the chug now. We're getting closer to something i just don't know what it is yet. Yeah that's probably the streaming of the town of morley, itself. Okay. We believe this is down to a streaming, problem because if you leave this area performance, will improve. It, um, it's something we're looking at. I've said this a lot but optimization. Is really important to us and we're going to be putting a lot of time into tweaking and yes you can just move tvs around all you'd like. Oh i'm doing it, oh i'm doing it. Follow me. Tv. Oh it didn't hurt okay, i thought i'd like knock myself, out. So destroy. Oh okay we have put plans, in place because i know in canmore, we have a gym, and it's full of exercise, equipment. And i don't know about you but i'm definitely looking forward to the day where i can drop like an anvil like an exercise, bike out the window on somebody's head dude and then you can like let us set it up like home alone we can all just be a little bunch of kevin mcallister's. I want that so badly. Uh let's see captain chronic hit me with a five dollar donation he says how will people be able to upgrade guns, if the dev bag is the only one big enough for large weapons, i actually wanted to ask that as well. So. Like, straight up, the weapon attachment, system was added at the last minute, it is not done we are still doing passes on it right now this is a closed alpha, the game is totally in development. Our plan is we're going to be having more in for that in the coming days and weeks we just really like to show it off because we think it's cool system and it gets people thinking about what we're doing with it, not to mention if any of you start toying with it when the closed elf opens up you can give us feedback, on it you can report bugs with it and, that just means we're getting more testing done on it sooner. So okay. There you go, will there be okay now is this going to be like a miscreated. Style looting, where there's going to be items that we can physically, see, in all of these cupboards and shit nope i just did that okay. So these cupboards here are actually bugged out a little bit. Okay, they're not supposed to do this. That again that is something i fixed today. It was just a minor issue with the way we handle structures, but um.

Traditionally, You'd be able to search each and every one of these covers to get stuff out of them, okay, cool. Oh yeah we definitely got to tweak that jump. Oh and then okay i can claim it here got it okay, i want to get up on a high point and spawn some zombies again because that shit's fun as hell. Absolutely. All right let's, uh yes trailers do what work, in the closed alpha. Nice. Oh. Can i salvage the barbed wire from this. I don't believe those but you can actually buy undeployed, rolls of it okay. You're not buy you can find, and buy actually i guess traders would strangers. Right okay. Um, do the traders work just on bartering or is there like cash kind of like a eft, type thing. Both canadian and us dollars, nice. Bad. Yo fat tony's hitting me with the fucking donor say jesus man. Um all right you hit me with a 20 will you be adding the melee weapons into the shooting range so we can test them out i'd love that. We will be tweaking what's in the shooting range especially, to reflect, a lot of the new attachments, we've added, right now a lot of the weapons are totally stripped down and we want to, give people a little more play. Okay i'm gonna go back because titus tied actually hit me with the resub. And he says can you claim that building right now thanks yes i can i'll go back and show you brother, appreciate you man. Yo thank you guys for the subs man pretty neat vr, dirty joe. H2o, t-guns. Thank you guys man, hope you're having a good day. All right yeah so basically what what you do is you find a box here like this, and then you yeah you can claim it and start like building on the property. Oh there you go. Get off my oh wait. Is he stopped there because this is my. Property. Oh. Oh that looks like a bit of a path finding. Yeah yeah that's interesting. I put up a force field. You know what you want to help me show something off here sure. Open up the pause menu for me uh pause menus, like escape. Yes, okay. Sort of feedback. Feedback, okay. You can now actually report this issue right to us, uh. Contact, info. I shouldn't be posting, well i mean people can find it anyway. Uh so category. Hey guys, you see this thing here. Use it. Uh would that be gameplay, or, yeah probably gameplay, i chose nay high but personally, but hey you're going to wait, is there one i'm not here to judge oh yeah ai jesus christ i'm totally blind dude i have glasses. Um ai, pathing, issue. Uh is there a way we can post like coordinates, to this specific, location. Or. Actually. When you send this to us, it gives us your coordinates. Oh nice okay, cool. Ai pathing issue, uh dude. Can't. Stand on my. Lawn. He's just being respectful, staying off the grass right i'd say that's probably a low impact thing right now. And if you hit okay that goes off to us and we get the bug report. Hey bada bing bada boom. Hey you come here. Ah what the fuck happened to you okay all right that was weird. I think that's to do with that pathing he glitched in like, eight like 10 shots. Yeah, he. Busted. Melforth. No this is the closed alpha this is nowhere near done and we're not going to pretend it is. Yeah no it's it's it's and. Like i said today man you're going in and it's an alpha. Okay this isn't no polished, uh experience. Uh, by any means. So i just oh so i'm just gonna answer one other question here real quick, a player can claim three buildings, if you're grouped up with other players, that is shared so all three of you or sorry all of you players, have three claims to share between. This is just so that way a group of players doesn't you know claim an entire town for themselves. That'd be a little weird, and also actually really hard to do because resource wise you're gonna need a lot to fortify that much, sure. Okay. So okay here's a question so, i i own this property. Um. And i claimed it while i was grouped up with you. We leave. Each other you go on your own way. Are you still, will you have access to it still or do you get access because you're in my group or how does that all work now, as long as we're in a group, and you don't lock the door on because let's say you have the keys, i can get in and i can build stuff on your property.

Now If we split up it's you know it's your chill zone not mine, so. I'm gone. Okay. Interesting. So do groups persist, while you're offline. No groups will have to be rebuilt, between sessions this is just to make it easier for groups to sort of fluctuate, in player counts, we're looking at some alternative. Systems for groups down the line, but that's. You know later on in the ca once we get some feedback on what people want. Okay was that gunshots. If you guys heard gunshots, it's probably because i chose the paranoid, feat. And you can hear random gunshots, that don't exist. This is single player so i don't think anybody should be shooting guns. So that actually that's funny that. Works. Trust me we want the game to work, too, we want to get this out to all of you so we can get feedback, we. Kind of can't go too much farther without feedback, we need people to help test, this game. And without that, you know 20 people we cannot, test a multiplayer, game like this effectively, like that. Oh yeah you can do that, you. If you really want to throw down an empty pizza box by all means, um can i spawn in newspaper to cover the windows. You absolutely, could, okay, uh so let's go list. Items. Technic, gaming, our online game does have anti-cheat, actually we use easy anti-cheat. Nice. There so i should have a newspaper. Now. Somewhere in my inventory, now. What happens when you die with your keys, so, we have what's called your tool belt if you're looking at uh, fry's inventory you'll actually see. At the bottom, a bunch of little icons one of those is your key ring, so the idea is items in your tool belt on a normal non-hardcore. Multiplayer, server when you die. Will persist between characters, so if you want to fill your wallet full of you know all your fat stacks you're welcome to do that, you know stuff like a flashlight, or a map or binoculars. Or a compass that'll all be preserved in there, so your keys that are on your keyring. Will be perfectly safe and persist between characters. Meanwhile, keys that you might have you know in your pants pocket or in your backpack or whatever. That's going to go away it's just like, the container an escape from. Right just a little more. Focused. Okay so this is a gear so i actually didn't spawn in newspapers. Then. Okay, so let's do this. Give, item. Space, item, newspaper. Okay let's go, old newspaper, let's try that. Added an old newspaper. To your inventory. So that doesn't seem to be working right now. That's i know you can loot, them. So i'm not sure why that's breaking. Okay, again the give commands, are a little dodgy from time to time. Okay i'm gonna actually stand in here because i do want to see. Uh, oh yeah no no that's fine okay we're good. You could, uh go around, back, to the, control box and you can still build stuff it'll just require lumber. Oh yeah so this is how you build stuff on the uh on the property. Traps, and this is why i asked about the barbed wire, see if we can break that stuff down and add uh add it to traps. Um, so you can show and then it's just how you revoke, okay. So build. Containers, fortifications. Utilities. Uh. Oh gardening, or survival. Insulated, water collector. Okay. Yeah okay we saw this before right. Yep, and we just need to spawn all that stuff in, gotcha. Can i just spawn in a water collector. We don't have a system for just spawning, structures, in but you could uh look up all the materials, that provided, our commands, work properly you'll be able to add the parts to your inventory. Okay. Slash. Give item. If this works i'm not sure. No that doesn't seem to be working right now. So that's. Cool. Oh we got a couple of, oh yeah there definitely is a pathing issue here. Whoops. Oh you fuckers, oh, yes. All right let's see what happens. Can one of them break. Through. It looks like a very clear-cut, navigation, issue that sucks, oh well. This is why we're testing. Yeah, that you really really appreciate, it once we get everybody else and it's gonna be, like i cannot, express, you know what that's gonna be. Even now like i know our map isn't huge, but. We can only cover so much ground ourselves.

So Every bit of help we can get, really, is great, oh he's wearing a big boy vest. Yep and i mean keep in mind you can lose, these guys so that that's my, cool stuff. Yeah i don't know if i'm ever gonna get out of this loop though cause they're just gonna keep coming right. Yeah you're making a lot of noise there right yeah. So. Do i have that melee weapon still i do. Answer this here captain hawkeye. Um, the discord is actually being locked down because it's failing. We've been in communication. With discord, and they have not uh. Done so yet but we need them to actually up our servers. If you're a server with more than 25, 000 people online, it begins, dying a very slow and painful death. You'll probably see now in our server, that there's issues like. Users aren't loading up or voice channels are taking like five minutes to join. We're in contact, with them and we're getting that fixed asap. There you go all right people are asking about max zombie accounts. Are y'all ready. Uh. You know what. Let's fuck shit up. Oh yeah totally froze the game up with that one. Oh my, god. Oh yeah okay. Oh. That was uh. There oh yeah look at that dude all right uh. Totally, broken. All right. Yeah yeah we're just gonna end that task real quick okay so 500, zombies. Uh. Don't even try it. I will say in the wild we have seen quite large numbers just, chilling. Um, we've seen like you know 30 40 off doing their own thing. I had to try it somebody said 500, earlier and it was in the back of my head, um no we've seen we've seen 50 come like comfortably. With more optimization, i think 50 is, more than doable. In like one little area. We've actually gotten 200. On, a setup actually a little weaker than yours, at about, uh. 40 50 fps. Yeah. And, we're still working on optimizing these guys, you know like again this is a closed alpha we're still doing a lot of optimization. Try as uh try 100 all right guys here's what i'll do for you if you want to see zombie counts because we were doing it earlier, but i know we got a lot of new people here. So let me let me disconnect. We'll just do it in the firing range because it's a little bit more controlled. What are your specs uh 6800k. Uh. I7. 32, gigs ram 2080. The game brother i i am playing the game okay. Uh apparently, i can't spawn into the firing range right now either i think i broke one i think i broke it on earth is going on, this is a brand new one. I think i broke it i guess i should have reported that one. That's all good let's try it again, see what happens. Oh yeah okay it's doing the same thing, okay, so feedback. Uh. Map. Issue, we will have dismemberment. And decapitations. In, later on in the closed alpha. I also see people just mentioning, that the, devlogs, looked better or different. You need to keep in mind that the devlogs. Tend to show content in a state of flux. And a lot of what you've seen in there is in the game. It's just, handled, differently. Also. The closed alpha will be running till sometime, early next year. Given the delays, that's kind of up in the air right now but we're trying to, get it, to run for quite a good chunk of time so we get a lot of feedback, and get as much just. Effective. Content, development, with our backers, before we actually go. Live. There you go uh okay uh oh no it's retro donated, two dollars and he said. Can we purchase servers through qi or do we need to purchase service through hosting sites. We are not hosting servers our server hosting provider, is nitrado, however it's not an exclusive partnership. If you wanted to go to a different hosting company you're more than welcome to and if you want to host your own server that's also totally possible, there you go, rosam, donated, a dollar and said can you spawn in your house after you die dude the firing range, there we go okay we're good sorry my bad good. Uh no i was just gonna say respawning, right now, um, isn't totally set up for that, that's something that's gonna be coming, very soon to the closed alpha. There you go. Uh yes we do have people working on the, website, like right, literally right now. It's just not something i work on personally, and since i was chilling and saw fry's stream thought i did that. There you go all right y'all want to see some zombos, huh. You died yeah dude i spawned in and died. In the firing range i think i honestly think the game took a shit kicking.

With The uh the 500, zombo, so don't do that again. Big fry um okay. Slash, sz. 100. There you go okay you guys see 100, i'm currently sitting in around 48, fps. Let me bust this little bad boy out. Toss it into the crowd. Up stopper, we have 10 vehicles. Normal, non, sofa, related vehicles in the game currently. And we are looking to add more down the line. That looks like yeah so that dropped to 28, fps. That's not a nade well what you guys got to realize let me do it again, i'll spawn another hundred in oh that was the wrong command, uh s z. 100.. So there's there's enemies in here with with tanks on their back like that guy there, so when, it, explodes, with the grenade, it's like way bigger. There's a couple of them in here so this is about to be huge. Oh that went way too oh look at him look at them all clamor. Ooh. See what happens there. Oh i killed myself. Great. All right, oh dear so that dropped to 13, fps, but i think it's because i died. Yeah. So uh yeah honestly, uh, and then yeah i can feel the chug. There we go all right we're refreshed, there you go. Uh mayhem. Donated, two dollars for pvp, purposes. Are any materials, wall bangable or are they planned to be. We're primarily focusing on things like windows and doors as well as player, built walls. Whereas, like parts of structures, that existed, there as they were we're not doing much. Okay so you might be able to shoot through like player built walls. Yeah i mean we do have, full penetration, simulation. But the real destruction, element, of it isn't really going to come through unless you're you know shooting at a window or a wall you build right. But um. I mean. Even in here, you actually, sort of quietly demonstrate. Oh dual sink, and a nice ass mirror okay. That would be dope right oh nice a school bag, take that shit uh. Throw that here. Sick. That would be sick to like leave notes for people. Oh i love how it says empty there but there's stuff in it. Nice. That ain't empty at all.

Oh Operator, gloves and thick gloves and those are operating. I'll keep the operator, gloves sure. Okay. Uh, search the closets, oh. Oh hello. Oh. Uh, grab that. Oh nice, okay. Open the school bag up so you can can you stat you can stack bags, love it. Uh okay. So now how do i. Suppose that's probably gonna be here right. So now if i hit two pull that out reload. Oh. I still want the, knife out. Though. I'm down for that broken, phone. And a t-shirt. Hmm. I'll take the phone. Just based on the list like when you go through the spawn items list there's there's a lot of stuff. Uh. Schluby. Snack thank you for the prime. We appreciate you dude. And yeah i hope you guys are all having a good day nice lockpick, i'll take that. Credit, card. I know in my last run when i was offline there yesterday i found a wallet. Which was pretty sweet. Stacking all the money in. It. Oh. Well hello. Okay. Uh. It'd be nice if i could just, drag this and drop it. Just like drag it off the inventory. But i guess there's right click as well i just got to remember that my natural reaction, is just to, build. Oh wow, okay that's not what i wanted to do. Uh. Do marty mcfly with the one dollar says can i get a refund, uh, you probably can man. Uh, let's do. Fortification. Doors. Chain, wood bar. Metal bar let's do chain. Yo jesus christ man y'all are killing it today thank you guys so much man. Um. Blind striker giving out five subs dude thank you so much i think somebody donated, there too jesus. Uh let's see here let me get caught up here guys my bad. Again i hope you guys are having a good day i know it's. Wednesday. We're halfway, through the motherfucking, week. Stressful, day, i know some people were uh. Were, were taking the day off i i, feel bad because i know it's uh you know. Uh let's see here spooky has donated one dollar can you change the gore settings i saw someone do it on twitter. Uh. Oh god clicking back into the to the screen. Okay. When i'm in this fucking menu. Don't let me don't let me attack. If i click over here i shouldn't be able to attack. Okay what do i need for a wood bar two metal. Four screw one plank, all right. Uh. Oh god caps lock man. Holy, shit dude really. That's kind of a lot of items, i just went wood. Item underscore, plank, okay. Uh. Spawn. Item, underscore. Item. Oh what the hell. Underscore. Or no spawn item space. Item underscore. Plank right there we go. Pick up pick up wooden plank i probably can't because i don't have the uh a backpack, right. Okay. Jesus. Uh. Give item. Item, underscore. Backpack. Underscore. Duffel, bag underscore. Dev right. There we go right there we go perfect. Okay. We're getting back to it, def syndrome donates a dollar says hype, train, there you go man. Trainee, uh how do the guns feel and can you use some different ones i will i'll go back to the uh firing range in a little bit i'm just gonna do some building here and show you guys how that works, um marty mcfly donating a whole bunch of one dollar donations, to uh, to say he doesn't like the game appreciate you dude, craig's moose coming through the twitch prime flint striker giving a sub to jackal.

Giving A sub to the man who sold the world. Joel flight. Welcome, to the sub club boys and girls insufferable, ghost, danny b stewie stream stuff, schluby. Snack. Brody, smart alec. Sky raptor and blonde, uh bonsai, also getting uh gifted subs thank you man, casa, flounder. Gifting a sub to data shot. The uh, the lx, fox. Coming through. As well plepper. Kjack. Juan taps thank you guys so much man, appreciate y'all. Um. Okay. Jesus. Uh, jack delta. M c hacks cause you cheese and joe jimmy jam and jazzo. Welcome to the sub club guys thank you so much man. Uh y'all are y'all are generous as fuck. Uh okay, so i'm gonna get planks. I'm going to open this door. And we're going to build some stuff i got to keep on track here okay. Um. Slash. Spawn. Item. Space, item underscore. Plank. Uh. Five. Did that work could not find item underscore, planck. Isn't that what it was. Oh god i can't even type now. List item space, plank. Item underscore plank right, so, slash, spawn. Item. Item, underscore. Plank. Oh do i have to go underscore, five or space, five. Hmm. No that's not it. Uh okay well let's just do this then. So the quantity, doesn't seem to want to work for me. I think it was five right to do that let's build. Fortifications. Let's see what a window, one does wood barricade here we go so now i just need nails and a hammer. So two nails and a hammer and i can do some window barricades. Um so slash. Spawn. Item. Space. Item. Underscore. Nail. Oh my god dude. Item underscore now jesus christ. Oh, uh. Oh, can i get a box of nails. Interesting. There we go. Uh so now i probably gotta. Wait did that actually spawn in oh it did okay. Unpack. Where did the unpack go. So a box has 64, nails in it. Okay, and then i just need a hammer, which i'm not sure uh if that classifies. Uh. List items. Space, hammer. It's a oh it is an item okay i wasn't sure, so spawn, item, space, item underscore. Whoops. Hammer. There we go done pick up claw hammer. So, now i don't know do i need to have that in my hands i don't think oh no because it's an item. So i'll just move this over here. And, we should be able to go here once so basically once you have all the stuff. You go fortifications. Windows. Wood barricade, and you, build. Open the door. Close the door and let's just say we want to build it here. So now to hit f, or. There we go. Oh and then you add ingredients. Oh so that's it, okay. Oh i can actually jump on the couch, so that's a wood barricade, for a window. Interesting. Uh is it cool that someone is streaming you playing i mean i. I what am i gonna do what am i gonna do about it. It's a little weird but, it's all good, um, for any content creators, feel free to download the stream after.

You Know and uh. You know. Do what you got to do. Hold, disassemble. So yeah and then you can destroy, this stuff and that gives you like, salvage, salvage, parts and shit. So that's a wooden barricade, i wonder what it would take. To build. Okay well here's a question, um let me go let me go uh list, items. Space, axe. So there is a wood axe a fire axe so let's go slash. Spawn. Weapon. Space. A weapon. Underscore. Fire, axe. And let's see what it's like, oh, what. Spawn weapon. Did that not work. Or is it give weapon. Oh it might be give weapon. There we go so i have a fire accent, now can i just take this if i had it. And just go and crank on some trees, then. Forage, birch tree okay that gives me bark. Oh it's gotta be big trees i can't chop these little babies. It's discrimination. Man. Got to be the big. The big beefy boys then. Okay. Well. I should be able to jump in this, yeah yeah yeah. Okay here's a question. We close this door, so i i, so it says lock i don't have the key right oh you don't have the key to this vehicle, how do you lock it makes sense. Let me open the door. Let me jump in, don't have the key well let me close this door, and start the vehicle. With that key i don't have. Huh, what's that about. Did i get stuck on the fucking mailbox. I think i did. Holy, shit i think i got stuck on the mailbox. I am such a goddamn, disaster, dude. Oh i didn't get stuck on the mailbox. What the fuck is going on here. Come on there you go baby oh yeah. Oh. Guys so in case you're not aware this is the development, build of halo, uh infinite. That was a, master chief. Warthog, pushover. So. Let's try to push it again. Uh. I think it was because it was, i mean obviously on this little slope here. Apparently i can't wait can you just build anywhere. What the hell why am i able to build there. Oh, i'm probably able to build anywhere on my property that's okay makes sense. Uh well that vehicle's fucked i think i spotted, a crown vic down the road here. Oh, hey sorry guys. Sorry guys. Uh docs has donated a dollar stop using admin and just play the game hey man no i'm gonna do what i want okay, uh that's my stream, uh okay so this vehicle's burnt out. Little rcmp. Logo, okay. Listen, stop telling me what to do. You guys read the fucking rules okay. You guys read the rules there's no backseat, gaming. All right. Dixie. Senpai, thank you for the sub man. Fuck's going on the lighting there. Oh did it just drop out of the mountain at that perfect moment. Interesting. Uh can you wait what does it say can you use a flashbang in front of you i want to see how blind you get uh actually we we tried that earlier. And uh it did not uh, blind us for some reason. But the devs were here for that so they saw that. Oh nice. Take that real quick. Uh. There we go sure, cool. Yeah man i'm look i'm trying to learn the game just like you guys are all right. So, chill the fuck out. Was those sticks and shit in the tool belt wait what. I got lock picks, i got nails, and nails, and then i got a couple first aids. All right can't drive this fucking thing either okay well let's go into. Oh wait. Was this the house i was in earlier, oh yeah look the light's still on. Does that mean my dead body's still here. No it got eaten up. We returned to the scene of the crime, okay, at least we know we're. Here. Uh. Thanks for the one dollar donations, guys. Imagine your stuff gets, dos, because you, won't stop using admin like qy website, did, wait are you wait are you guys threatening to dos me because i'm using the admin panel in the game. Sweet baby jesus. Bro. Y'all are cute. I respect, it i respect the uh. I respect it just because, i'm just gonna now i'm gonna do it again. Hey. Oh no. Oh no, big right use the admin panel to change the. Time. This has been an interesting, stream. Can you spawn a car i can, uh but apparently i'm risking having all of my personal, information, leaked towards the internet. Uh so. We're gonna. We're just gonna keep running down this this uh road this is what everyone wants to see right, this is what you guys want right. You just want me to run down this highway till we find something right. Let's do. It. Get up. Get up. Oh what the f. Okay. All right dog. How long have you been following. Me. Oh, oh chug. Oh that means we're probably getting to a city. Hold caps lock to check health, yeah, okay. So yeah that hurt me a little bit but like there's no indication. That i'm hurt, right. There needs to be. Something. Bottom left of inventory, dude.

Bottom Oh over here, oh i see what you're saying, this side of the i'm looking over here for my inventory. Yeah so i picked up leaves. That apparently, can go. I don't know why they went to my key ring i just put leaves on the key ring like a boss, i guess. That is strange, good. Call. The hell is that. Uh tereb of astora, much love from uncle sam's evil. That damn ding. You looking forward to elite dangerous, odyssey update i am that's not happening until next year though right. Okay i know i can drive that vehicle, but now that we're here we might as well look. Around. Are you guys noticing the rays on the door. See. That. Oh bottle of cats up, okay. So. I'm gonna eat all. That. Uh nerd star thank you for the donut bro um, do you think it's coming out tonight or is there no way because of how late it is um you know what man i don't think here's the thing at this point i don't think it has anything to do with how late it is, because i think the website. Has your guys's, keys right or am i crazy maybe i'm wrong here i don't know, but the problem is so many people are trying to join. Or sign up and go to the website, to redeem, their key. Or to get their key oh nice there's a padlock he was talking about, that it's just it's just crashing, the website. So. The only time you guys are gonna get the game. Is when you stop trying to get the game at this point, or people stop ddosing, the fucking website, you know. Uh saucepan. Okay i'll take that oh there's more shit in there. Detergent. Okay so that's just bartering. Items. No toast in the toaster, but apparently, you can put stuff in the toaster. Like i'm gonna put detergent, in there. There. So the next person even though it's single player they can find it. Uh, captain, cronic, has donated five dollars, could you give us your first thoughts on the game and game player would you be breaking nta. To be honest with you man i don't know if i'm breaking an nda. Uh, by talking about it at this point because i'm kind of showcasing, the game. On a stream. Um. My first thoughts are. That it's an alpha. That uh it. There's a lot of work. A lot of work. Chat, is a testament, to that. You guys are seeing it right i'm not hiding anything they're not sugar coating anything. Um, and he was in the devs were in here earlier, i'm nice booty hat. Um and they said they don't want to sugarcoat, anything they don't they don't want to hide anything they're not here to do that. The game is early. Don't go in expecting, uh an a1, performance. Okay that's it. That's it. I think my game just crashed you. Purple flashlight yeah, apparently. Apparently it's rare. Uh i i'm guessing the booney hat was just too much drip, i don't know i guess. Did i die. I don't know i think i mean the game died there's no doubt about that. I can't even alt-f4. Sweet, jesus. Oh, oh god, yeah yeah.

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