DE GROTE FINALE ! Streetcaptains | FC Straat League #5

DE GROTE FINALE ! Streetcaptains | FC Straat League #5

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All cool, those Playstations will stay ours, but not Saturday anymore. Who are we? - Amsterdam! Come on boys! Welcome to the final of the FC Street League, or the big heroes of the small fields. These are the street captains for now. This is the last episode of this series, but we will be back.

So do you want to join? Make sure you are a member of FC street. Wherever you are in the Netherlands you can become a member. I will leave a link in the description. We will now go to the street captains of Amsterdam to do an afterglow of the last match but also to see how they are going to prepare for this big final.

We were just watching the first episode of the street captains, if you win in this episode you will keep the title street captains and you will get these five customized game boxes powered by Bundle Some people think it is unfair because if they lose, then the others will get the same prize. But how? They play once and they get the prize. That's why I said, "This is the Champions League of the Streets. We've won before, but in the end it's all about the final.

When you play on the streets it's always the winner stays put. Then you can't say 38 pots ago I would have won. Doesn't exist. It's about today. I have a lot of faith in you. You have fans now. I'm sure you do.

And that's not for nothing. We have Mats. He hasn't scored yet, but that's okay. He has another added value. We have Ayoub. He made four in the last game. In the last game, he scored five to nine goals.

And this little guy Bilal, the captain of the street captains, huh. You were allowed to make this team. You've secretly scored four plus three, seven goals already. Abdullah, also scored. He has scored twice and the goalie has also scored twice.

Bilal, are you going to do something different in this match? Or will you just keep doing what you're doing? We will do it differently. At the beginning it was not so good. We weren't communicating well either. We didn't coach each other. Yes, we'll be able to do that better the next match. Sometimes during the match I hear you say: 'Mats, you have to get in now'. Why do you do that at a certain moment? Why do you say Mats, you have to come in? At one point we were struggling in the match. Then we needed some strength and Appie and Bilal are not that strong so Mats and I wanted to be strong at the back, come back and then we could take risks again.

Are you fully fit for this match? - Yes, definitely. I'm completely fit. Sure, I fell a couple of times, but I'm willing to do that. For the prize. We're not gonna talk much.

I'm gonna give the mic to these guys. They can give a message to the challengers. Where they come from, you'll see in a minute. The "bands" and the Playstations are still ours.

There's no point in travelling to here. It's going to be a very tough game for you. It's going to be a tough game for you. If I were you, I'd rather not come.

If I were you I would stay as the challengers. One more match and the prize is yours. They may talk, but talk sometimes fills holes. We will now see who the challengers are. Those "bands" and the Playstations stay ours. There's no point in traveling to here. It's going to be a very tough game for you guys. It's going to be a tough match for you.

If I were you, I'd rather not come. Hahaha, not for much longer. All tough guys, those Playstations are still ours, but not on Saturday Hey 020, 076 is coming to get you.

My name is Keanu I am a goalkeeper and I can play football very well. My name is Chihab. I am a left winger and I can make good, quick moves. My name is Adam. I am a midfielder and my speciality is dribbling. I am Nizar. I am a right winger and my speciality is dribbling and shooting.

My name is Jairo. I am a defender and I am good at taking out men. This is our square. I chose Adam because he is strong on the ball, good dribbler Owen also, can defend well Jairo : good defender, takes the ball away quickly.

Nizar: fast, good dribbler, good shooting. Chihab: goes on the attack, and on defence. Strong on the ball, also good shooting and a good dribbler. And Breda, we are going to make you proud. - Breda, make us proud. If you win, we will be in first place. High, niffo, high. Just make us proud, boys. I have faith in you. You know that, so you're going to win, man. Breda, let's hear it! Wow, wow, wow, Breda is ready for it, are they going to beat Amsterdam in this final? You are about to see.

First I would like to answer some questions from the community. I have summarized them all. There have been thousands of questions and that question was: 'How can you become a street captain?' I've mentioned it before, so it's really good. You're already a member of FC Straat and once you're a member, no matter where you live in Holland, you have the chance to be selected by me as a challenger. It's as simple as that. We continue because the finals are about to start. Amsterdam versus Breda or the street captains against 076. Aiaiai, the big final is today. You only have to win one game.

And then the cool prizes, the game boxes are yours. But also that crazy Champions League cup back there. Keano, did you prepare yourself well? Yeah, definitely had a good breakfast. Yeah, what do you know about the opponent? - Ayoub is a monster.

Sneakily scores a few goals. You should never underestimate them. If you underestimate it, you're done for. "don't know"? -Yes Do you see what's behind you? - The cup That's from..? - Us.

Why? - Because we're going to win. You come all the way from Breda, 56 kilometers traveled. What's going to happen? Yes I hope we'll win, but it's a difficult opponent.

Just remember, this is the third time they've competed. You only need to win one game. Some people might think that's unfair. It's very simple: they are the best so far. If you beat the best, you'll have won this whole series. You're really glad you only need one match, aren't you? Sure, who isn't? Keano, you are the captain and you want to be the street captain. What would you like to say to everyone from your own city? Everyone from Breda who is watching right now? We will make you proud. We are coming home with the cup.

These are texts. Do you want to come home with the cup? Make sure you warm up first, because the street captains will be here soon. Bilal, Bilal, did you sleep well? Yes, we slept well. Are you sure? - Sure. It's a big day today. - Yes Everything could have been for nothing. - Yes

If you lose today, you have nothing except that you have three times shined in the episode. How did you prepare yourselves? - Well trained, well slept and well fed. Yeah, we just had to keep going. Trained a lot. Did our best.

What did you eat? Just rice. Vegetables and fruit. Just stuff like that. Are you a monster? - Yeah. Whoo, we're gonna see a lot of you today? - Yes, we are. Okay, describe it. What's next? - Goals, assists, and goalie abandonment. Wow, I hope you don't pass up the cup.

- No, definitely not. - Have you seen that cup yet? - Yes it goes with me. - With you or with all of you? With our team, yes. Yeah, you can't carry it on your own, bro.

You guys have a new player. Who are you, anyway? Oh, it's Abdulha! And you're all set for the final, gosh. New haircut, everything! My dad cut my hair. - He did? Hey, that's not bad. He should give me a haircut too. - Yeah? - Yeah yeah, definitely. And how did you prepare yourself? - Oh, we just trained. I slept well.

Well eaten to just win today. - Are you impressed? - You underestimate me. We had that last time too, but we barely won. Oh, you're focused though I see. - Yeah. Okay, speaking of focused: listen up. Everyone from Amsterdam is watching.

What would you like to say one more time to your viewers from Amsterdam? Thank you! We will fight for you. And we will get that cup for you. It's time to put the captain's armbands back on. The street captains are now really the street captains. You don't run for nothing, these car-boys. Take a good look at those game boxes. All worth a thousand bucks. They've got a PlayStation, a built-in screen and FIFA '21.

And it could be yours, among other things. Are you aware of that? - Yes, I do realise it. It's a fun thing, of course. Of course we want to win the game box. We are going for it, of course. Do you do it mainly for the gamebox? Say it honestly! Is that the prize or just the fact that you want to win and that's it? - I just want to win. And for that game box. Just both.

- Both. Yes man. Then I would say: listen boys. No more talking. I'm going to leave you guys to get focused. The match is about to start. You can start warming up now. Come on, show yourself. All you have to do is win one game and the cool prizes will be yours.

- All tough. The beasts stay loose, but not Saturday. I will make you proud, I will bring home the cup. Hey, 020! 076 coming to get you. Boys, I'm the referee, but I'm supposed to do as little as possible.

You guys have to handle it yourselves like we used to on the squares. In any case, these are the rules. We play to ten. You can change as many times as you want. You have to dribble in an out or back ball. And in case of three fouls the shoot-out will take place. Captain, and Bilain from the street captains.

We will now piss to determine who can start with the ball. So... The ball is for the street captains and listen up. I know you all want to win, but the most important thing is to be chill to each other, respect each other. Bring your hand to your heart to show they are with each other.

Come on, boys. Look at your opponent. We're running there to make it a great game today. It's a final, but I don't want to blow the whistle too much. So far, a maximum of three fouls in a whole match that even lasted 70 minutes. Get yourself ready. The game is about to begin.

The street captains final. Wow! What are we going to do? - Win! Who are we? - Amsterdam! My boys! By the way, both teams can play one joker. The joker means that you play one against one plus a goalie. Bilal, which one is going to play? Yellow or red? Yellow. You have the kick-off. You've won the pissing contest. May the best team win. Make it a good game and not too many fouls, please.

The game is on. In three, two, one... They start even, which was labeled a nice ball. Ooh, a coverage! It's going to be a very nice edge rush. He's back, he's gonna shoot anyway. Ooh, he hits

So then, Bilan secretly scores. It's 1-0. It's already one for the street captains. They underestimate Bilan. He scored his eighth goal in two games.

The men from Breda are put under pressure. Look at that, equal ball possession. They are showing that they are not street captains for nothing. Tartarus. Bilan, who scored 2-0. Little Bilan and he scores right away the 2-0 and now has nine goals in two games.

And then: yes, I had already counted him as one of shooting. Then you count normally, but it was wrong. Lok movement... corner ball. The first for Breda. and Keyoub was right there.

There's nothing wrong, it's a shot... On the post. That was almost 3-0. A shot! Adam... who shoots at the post. Ooh, an own goal by Mats. It happens, he doesn't do it on purpose. 2-1.

It's a final so far, a final final. It's 2-1. Then... loss of ball. What a save by Keano. What a save! Then it's a go. Wow.

That was... I can see why they call him monster. This was a monster shot. Nice action. And then, great pass! The ball! Unfortunately Nicola was there to score. There is Keano. Keano is still thinking, he wants to shoot, but you see it. Some people think it's weird that you can go out so far. It is not certain that you will score. Look, this is very clever.

Ooh! Keano with the save again. It's a nice action and this option. He's being pressured by one and he's leading the way there. Nothing to worry about. Sorry, I can't give a foul for that because you slip and there's Bilan with the shot.

Ball away! Corner ball. Street captains. Mats. Played by Izan. Played in by Abdullah. Abdullah, with the nice golden captain's armband.

4-1! And maybe you think "the final is not exciting", but you have seen other matches. Anything can still happen, we've seen that before. Dan Guiano. This is ball loss. Abdullah. Ooh, side netting. 5-1.

And we're gonna change ends. We're gonna change ends, guys. Adam says he's a little nervous, but also a lot nervous about his ankle. Are you going to stop playing altogether, or are you going to wait it out? You don't know. Let's see. All right. 6-1! It's going really fast now.

It looks like that this game can be played fast. 6-1 is something we haven't had before. Bilan... Ayoub is going to finish it.

Takes it, shoots it. Are you OK? 7-1. There's one battle left. Who will be the top scorer? Bilal and Ayoub have both scored 11 goals. What's going on? Good ball.

Ayoub. Pithy. Amsterdam, don't let it grow, why they are the Street captains. 8-1, no mercy. Wow. Corner ball. And then... Ayoub is gone.

And... corner ball. The ball. Ayoub. Gonna shoot, no, corner ball! I keep saying it. Everything is still possible. It's street soccer. Bilan, Abdul, has the ball. Passes to Ayoub. Goal!

9-1. Okay. The street captains choose to use the joker. It's 9-1. One on one plus a goalie.

As long as the ball is not out, we can play soccer. If he makes one now, he is also the top scorer of this whole series of street captains. Ooh, he's throwing a ballie! That trick called a ballie "team one" Keano, Keano... Yes, quite honestly, You guys just took a beating, but not just any team. Can you comment on that? - They just played well.

They were able to pin us down well, even with the goalie. When that center line came, we found it hard to defend. And a couple of good bulls came out of that and they were still very strong on the ball. They were also more experienced and they were indeed able to look at this tactically much better. I see you're thinking "Yeah, nice and all, but I don't like it at all." Or can you kind of live with it? - I can live with it, but I'd rather have the win.

But if you played against them afterwards, you can say they're a deserved winner, right? Yes, they are. Nizar, I can see you looking like... Just that you're like "I'm all done." But if you let it sink in a little bit now, can you accept that? I can accept it and they were better.

You either find or you learn. So I hope you guys have learned from this and that we will see you even stronger the other time around. Guess you guys still want to say hi to them though right? Boys, congratulations. You guys totally finished this series and that deserves a medal too. Of course you have seen the big cup, that is for all of you, but at least you will get a memento, that you will not forget for the rest of your life. Take a look guys.

This is for you guys those game boxes are yours. You can go wherever you go, you can play FIFA or other games! Bilan, did you think it would be this easy? We didn't think it would be this easy, but we did punish them. Mats! Yeah, I see you shining man. - Thanks a lot. What's going through your mind right now? - Just happy. For me it was mainly about playing well, then the results will come naturally and we did that. The whole team. - You have won the Champions League

. What does this do with you? Just a lot of joy and I am proud of the team. Glad that we can participate in this. - How did that match go for you? - It went well. We could have finished faster, but we missed too much, I think. - Missed too much? And that's from the top scorer of the first series of street captains. - How many goals did you score in total? - Twelve.

- There was one guy who was close, right? - Yes, there was. - That one is literally close to you too. Bilan, I really didn't expect you to score eleven goals! Is really paranoia, I think. What do you think about you getting this golden one? - Nice, nice. - You were secretly expecting that one.

Yeah man. Okay man, I am super proud of you guys. You have made Amsterdam proud. I also think that you just gave the viewers a lot of pleasure with your tight actions. The most important moment now is that you are going to take this cup to Amsterdam.

Vamós, vamós, vamós! Nice, nice. A big shout-out to ING. A big shout-out to Bundel who made all these prizes possible. A big shout-out to everyone who was watching and do you want us to come back with the street captains, let us know in the comments below. Like, borrow some WiFi from your neighbour. Subscribe, otherwise you're not a real football player anymore. You can subscribe below.

There you can watch the latest videos and subscribe to FC Street. Sooner or later you will get the best out of yourself with FC Street.

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