Day in the life of a MULTI 7-FIGURE online business owner COME PEEK

Day in the life of a MULTI 7-FIGURE online business owner  COME PEEK

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[Music] is this thing on good do you want some i want coffee you want coffee no i want matcha matcha what is like one did you want coffee can i has a nose good nose yes can i have a shake good shake high five oh good girl good morning [Music] so in the morning catherine and i usually trade off making coffee catherine really loves matcha it comes from alfred and i often love their coffee too but lately i felt that i wanted to start making my own coffee again i just got kind of lazy during covet to be honest now it's my turn so katherine doesn't drink dairy that's just this guy i recently learned just how important it is to drink like actual grass milk there's no difference in taste it's just better for you liquid gold people liquid gold [Music] and that is how i make my morning coffee now for catherine [Music] ah i'm doing my morning reading personal development i just wanted to do a day in the life because these are the kind of videos that i really love to watch on youtube but just watching other people live their normal life and it's so funny because when i am filming these i'm like who the cares about my life like what is there to show nothing is interesting but then i hear other people say that and i love to watch their life a lot of you guys always ask me like for more of the behind the scenes of my life so i'm gonna take you through the behind the scenes of my business which is a multiple seven-figure business we're hiring our 15th team member now for um a video editor a full-time video editor who's probably going to be editing this vlog and then i have an appointment for my face getting micro needling done today so i'll take you through that and then packing for spending two weeks in sedona and one week in scottsdale so that's my little intro for you god i have to take my lashes out because my i have a stye in my eye and it's finally like towards the end of it okay so i don't know if you've ever dealt with styes as i was saying but it is no fun i have lashes on i actually use lashify and i absolutely love lasher five so i think i'm gonna start with taking this off and washing my face and just getting myself really cleaned up this is a raw real authentic dana life and my eyes really itchy like don't judge lashify based off of what you see in my eyes right now because these are about a week old and they're crested with eye pus okay so we're just not gonna we're just not gonna judge so i asked um you guys on my instagram of people who can come over to my house to do lashes and people are like catherine you travel so much you should try flashify so at first i like wasn't convinced that i was like there's no way i can do this myself and um i was wrong this is really actually easy and such a great option for anyone who wants a cheaper version or you got tired of like waiting two hours for them to all be put on your eyelashes this process literally takes five minutes or you travel a lot and that way you don't have to like look for a lash specialist in other countries or cities that you're not familiar with just like kind of rub it comes right off this is what it looks like so they come right off with this special thing of a bobber you're also not supposed to rub your eyes no one come after me it's just that i haven't rubbed them in a week and they're so itchy right now and i just don't care okay my eyes are super red right now but you can see they came off [Music] there we go voila i need to stock up on my face products and then maybe if you guys are interested i would love to do a full like skin care morning and night routine i'm no expert but it's just something that works for me [Music] this is as good as it's gonna get people these are i think the earrings that i'm gonna wear they're really cute like butterfly hoops from revolve i'm obsessed and leia farted it's not a full day in my life until my dog farts that's what they look like necklace what necklace do i want to wear i think i'm going to go with more butterflies so this is another necklace i got from revolve that's what it looks like really cute butterfly theme i'm just gonna wear this little dress i mean i'm only on camera from here up so i could be wearing a t-shirt you never know it could be just a tank top could be a sexy dress going to the interviews i'm here if you want me to turn my camera on for like two seconds i will but i don't know that you want me why oh hell yeah this is rachel she's our creative director this is landa hiding behind a picture of me and then we're waiting for brennan and then we're going to start the interview party so we just finished the interviews which went really well i think we found our person we're really excited about a candidate which makes me so happy of course so right now i'm eating some cereal real quick cereal and some almond milk mixed with macadamia milk obsessed with cereal it's like my favorite go-to breakfast or snack just because it's so quick my days aren't always like today however i do want to just show you guys a random day in the life every single day is different and that's just the nature of running my company it's like sometimes i'm doing things for myself sometimes i'm doing things for my brand sometimes i'm doing things for a launch sometimes i'm doing things to prepare for like a travel sometimes i'm doing things to prepare for photo shoots video shoots i mean there's just a plethora of different things so it looks so different every single day but today is more so um you know an interview day i'm about to go to an appointment for microneedling so i'm about to go to my appointment and then afterwards i have some packages to open i have some things to try on for rachel in terms of the clothing line that we're in the process of building then i have some packing to do some unpacking so that's going to be the rest of the day it's not something that's going to be super important that i need today but it'll be interesting to see if that's going to be entirely accurate yeah we're trying to cross over today i don't normally like to go out in public with my camera but like i might as well get used to it you have a youtube channel i do yeah yeah it started a couple months ago that's cool thank you not gonna lie the amount of stairs that i got i did not expect to ride the elevator with like four different people i don't know if there's ever gonna be a time where i feel fully comfortable having just a giant camera in public but like that's what i'm willing to do you guys for this channel so here we are my appointment's in 13 minutes it's only a five minute drive but might as well go early then later because i don't like being late so let's go shall we [Music] so this is what the process looks like i have numbing cream on my face right now i kind of like it because it looks like a face mask it's also known as a vampire facial i think like a doctor kind of trademarked that so not every office can call it a vampire facial but that's what it's commonly referred to as so the numbing cream is the longest portion she draws the blood as your face is already being numbed and then i think you wait around here for like 15 minutes if i remember correctly and then the actual micro needling process is like another 15 minutes so i would say i'm in and out of the office within 40 minutes which is really nice what am i doing to pass the time tick tock of course oh my god so today we are doing prp with micro needling so this is the device that we're using we're using the skin pen so what we're pretty much doing is creating little microscopic injuries in the dermis and in that injury there will be a surge of collagen production and then we're going to utilize her blood's own platelet-rich plasma so essentially we'll deliver this to the dermis to one stimulate further collagen production into expedite healing so she'll have significantly less downtime with this procedure because um the platelet portion of the blood contains um healing properties so wow it's almost like you're a professional the way you explain sometimes so here's my face before all the numbing cream gets wiped off is the alcohol to like sterilize it too yeah because literally i'm using needles all over the face that's why sometimes if you are breaking out i will avoid the area if you want to do it we'll do it i feel like in a weird way it helps okay that's what some people say you know what i mean like it's like let's heal this i think last time i was like not red by the next day did we go lighter last time i don't think so are we going more aggressive today for sure right it's been a long time whatever you want you're the boss i trust you yeah it's been a while so we'll go deep today cool so pretty much continue until i see some significant pinpoint bleeding essentially that's an indication that we're in the right layer of the skin if you see no blood with this treatment then generally speaking that's not gonna be an effective treatment you're doing okay it's relaxing it's like a little facial massage yeah only weird people like us say stuff like that that's what i do for fun you guys oh i see it now it's kind of cool having the camera because i've never seen you actually right do it all right we're done here's the finished product and then you put another layer of prp on top yep is that to help it with healing so this yep that's what we're utilizing your platelets are the first to arrive at the scene of injury and how often do you recommend this i generally recommend a series of three about four weeks apart i do have patients that will come in monthly and do this is a safe treatment i can do on all skin types and also even on pregnant women but generally recommended is a series of three about a month apart final product i actually didn't really think this through before i decided that today is the day that i want to do in a day in a life and forgot that my face was going to be red for half the day so apologies that you have to sit through and watch me with a red face for the rest of the day i think i'm gonna head over to sephora super quick to get a couple products honestly i'm not even remembering what i need right now sometimes i go to sephora and i'm like oh yeah i need this and i need this and i need this so we're gonna go ahead and do that okay so i just got home i got my sephora goodies which i will do a haul on as soon as i get some food in my system all i've had is that cereal some matcha latte i ordered from a place called goop kitchen here in la by gwyneth paltrow this is actually such a beautiful conference of really delicious food but also extremely healthy nutrient dense great ingredients gluten-free dairy-free sugar-free all that jazz unfortunately not every ingredient is organic i think that's what i would have preferred so you let me know if there's a place in la where i can actually get like a fully organic restaurant so here i have a chinese chicken salad for brennan it's an extra avocado i got this uh curry chicken salad brown rice rolls they're like spring rolls and then i also got their teriyaki bowl and the teriyaki sauce doesn't have any sugar in it which makes me feel much better i was just in the middle of setting up my camera and i literally just spilled the mango chutney all over the place why i don't know how i also don't know [Music] a little teeth her little underbite yeah she got a little underbite are you a snaggle tooth you're always snuggly [Music] okay so i figured now that i'm done eating i'm trying to kind of organize my house right now these packages need to get open and sorted so i figured why not show you what packages i got because that could be fun a little unboxing and then what i got from sephora so i was out of my shampoo the number five bond maintenance conditioner olaplex has been really helpful for me in terms of like the breakage part but in terms of like build-up and oil i really like to use a deep cleansing shampoo so i got one from playa this is the violet brightening shampoo with butterfly pea protein um apple cider vinegar and vitamin c then a setting spray from a place called leia we do not interrupt the vlog okay the brand is called together beauty and the product is called promised land essentially it's a setting spray so it's like a light hold hairspray i like it because it's just like a spray it can take with me while traveling and also sometimes i do my hair and i want it to set but i want it to be very light hi crazy okay leia's hyper so she's gonna be in the background doing her thing just something to try i've never tried this product before so i can't recommend it i also haven't tried this one either products that i have been using is glow recipe i really love their whole line so this is the watermelon glow pha and bha pore tight toner i use two toners so i use an essence from tatcha this is directly after i'm finished with my face wash and it's just super hydrating like it feels so good on my skin it gives it a nice base for other products to be layered on and then i use the pore tight toner as like an acid to kind of exfoliate my skin before i come on and put on serums and creams and all that jazz so that's just what works for me and that these are two products that i have tested i do recommend them they're awesome as long as that's your skin type your skin type is similar to mine i really like tatcha as well so i got their luminous deep hydration firming eye serum so something that just kind of helps with de-puffing dark eye circles in the morning and then i'm obsessed so i don't know about you but you know that little section in sephora when you're walking to the checkout line and there's like all these mini products so every time i'm there i have to get something and it's usually like a lip balm i'm obsessed with lip balms so this is la niche lip glowy balm in the gummy bear flavor and that should be it let's see what we got this is a steamer that i bought because i keep breaking our seamers i always forget that europe and places like europe have voltage of 220 and the united states and you know other countries around here like i think mexico costa rica canada their voltage is 110 even though i have the adapter i have all the right things to plug it into the wall and yet still i blow them all out every single time after the first steam this one is just going to be my home steamer i'm not going to travel with this one because i don't want to keep blowing them out this is just like a random brand i've never tried before it's called it's vanilla it vanilla is that right i have no idea here's what it looks like still figuring out this camera anyway we'll figure that out this is the skinny confidential this is a product i've already had and unfortunately i broke clearly i'm obsessed with skincare and i'm obsessed with like gadgets for my face and my skin clearly and i really love this hot mess roller it is actually so freaking amazing it stays cold every morning i go in and i just de-puff like i do the lymphatic massage for my face i go along my jawline my cheeks my forehead and then i bring it down my neck be careful dropping it because i dropped it and it broke off like a piece and it wouldn't go back in here anymore so i just bought a new one totally worth it and then these are called thursday boots so i've never ordered these before these were boots that actually angie villa she was wearing these boots influencers work you guys i get influenced just as much as i influence people okay i'm obsessed these are hot okay my camera's on the tripod so it's gonna be a little awkward so you can wear them with jeans maybe like a skirt look skirt and boots i don't know i'll have my stylist help me with this kate if you're watching this i need help with these boots i can't get over the fact that i decided to vlog today on the same day that i got micro needling what was i thinking i don't know but i hope you're enjoying this so far i got some work done like a couple things that i needed to send my team a couple things i needed to review actually there is one thing that i need to do i'm gonna get to that i decided to start packing for sedona now i have this habit where i wait until the very last day i'm gonna break that habit and i'm gonna start packing two days before there's clearly some organization that needs to happen i need to get my together pack for sedona for the next three weeks you guys enjoy my little speed up time lapse of what i get done [Music] [Music] by the way this is a random find that i found on amazon it's called the natural stain remover from purisy if you do not own this bottle it is time to own this bottle every single stain that i've ever had on any of my clothes has come out with this in fact if you're an owner of white sneakers completely spray every single square inch of the sneaker drench it and then let it sit in it overnight then you put in the washing machine on cold with any kind of detergent that you want it literally pulls up every single stain get yourself this product i'm not sponsored at all by them this is my honest true opinion just get it oh another hack i have for you guys if you don't have a steamer or let's say that you like me blew out your steamers it's called the lawn dress it looks like this and it's called crease release this thing you just spray on your clothes an even layer shake out the clothes like this hang it up for like two minutes and every single crease and wrinkle just comes out it is honestly another magic product that i stand behind again not sponsored these are just awesome products that i discovered that i definitely recommend you guys bring with you all around the world okay so i feel like i got a pretty good head start i packed most of my clothes it's already eight o'clock i'm gonna get some exercise in this thing is not like so much fun oh wait there's new love is blind episodes ah dissecting shocking drama along the way now i like the show so i'm gonna watch this setting my timer for 30 minutes love is crazy wait they broke up [Music] why did i disconnect the apple tv brandon's literally going to kill me [Music] okay and then i'm like shut up hello my beautiful soul since obviously the next day because it's bright and sunny i just wanted to finish up this vlog in the daytime because nighttime is a little too dark to film but just to keep you updated on what happened brennan came home we had some dinner and then we just chilled and watched some more tv so that was a day in my life i hope you enjoyed it i hope it gave you a nice little behind the scenes of a random thursday in my life and if you like this video it would so help my channel and this video if you can give it a thumbs up if you love my content subscribe turn on the notification bell so that you'll be the first one to know when i drop a new video and with that being said i will see you in my next video bye right now that's nasty yeah yeah that's a nasty couch it's crazy

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