Day 3 Replay - How to Earn a Lucrative Income With The Travel Club (PLUS Tax Benefits Explained)

Day 3 Replay - How to Earn a Lucrative Income With The Travel Club (PLUS Tax Benefits Explained)

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hello hello team and travel coaches and our amazing travel club preview group so my goodness technology has not been my friend yet this week so i just want to make sure you guys can hear me okay if you guys can hear me let's see okay so i'm hoping i can hear myself here um i'm hoping that you guys can hear me and see me okay we are talking all about the money today so it is very very very very important for you guys to hear this presentation and i'm also going to share my screen um i was having some a few technical issues here so i want to make sure i am going to share this properly and i'll go ahead and get that set up while you guys are hopping on to our um presentation for the day i'm excited because this is my favorite part and this is our first time actually uh revealing these details in this group if you are trying to figure out the travel club is the right business for you you are definitely in the right place there is something happening here that doesn't normally happen with my screen so i know what i'm going to do i am going to stop sharing it here and go back to it all right so if y'all are here trying to figure out if this is the right um business for you this is definitely going to help you out all right um and share screen there we go so i'm going to move this out the way exit okay here we go so y'all hashtag travel coach if you are indeed a travel coach on our team and if you are one um if you are helping other people check this group out um tag them on this video they are not going to want to miss this amazing information um i did take some time i'm not sure how to get rid of this search bar down here so we're just going to leave it alone um let's see um i did take some time today to make sure that this information that we're sharing is going to help you guys understand how to make money with our travel club and not just from selling the travel club membership and not just from recruiting but i'm definitely going to talk about that so if you are one that keep your options open you're going to want to stay on here for this entire video okay now some people are going to catch this on the replay some people are going to catch it live and it's all good so i know i stopped sharing my screen because i want to make sure that i'm giving you guys the best experience here okay so um with that i'm about to share it again and make sure that you guys are like i just said getting the best experience so um give me just one moment here while you guys are tagging your folks on here getting them on i am live like for real live my um kids are outside playing with their friends so i hope that um you guys can hear okay and it's not going to be terribly um it's not going to cause you guys to not be able to hear me okay so let's see here we are um breaking this down so i've been with this amazing opportunity uh since december of 2020 in fact a lot of our travel coaches have been here with this um business and we have enjoyed lucrative income so for some of you who are here and you're wondering if this is a great opportunity for you to earn a few hundred dollars a month a few thousand dollars a month or a week it's totally up to you so just to just recap and talk to you about our travel club what is it we have two options with our travel club you can either join the travel club as a business or you can join it as a member only okay so it could just be a membership where you just save money on your travel or you can turn it into a business and have access to the income that i'm going to talk to you guys about today so you can save up to 70 off on your travel with our travel club no matter if you're joining it as a business or if it's just going to serve as a membership only to you all right you'll have access to our 110 price guarantee which means that you will always get the best praise all right um if you have to book the trip or if you book the trip you find it cheaper elsewhere you are definitely going to have the opportunity to submit the pricing to our travel club send them the website send the proof and they're going to pay you a refund of 110 percent of the difference on the savings just for your inconvenience even having to do that i've been booking with this travel club um all of 2021 even as a travel agent and i haven't been able to find prices that could beat our travel club even with my travel agent discounts so this travel club um price guarantee is amazing that they're even offering that just in case all right you also will earn travel reward credits as you are sharing this um or as you're booking your discounted travel you're earning travel reward credits again no matter if it's a business or a membership you book the discounted trip after your trip you'll see those points appear on your um on your actual portal all right you only need one membership per family so like i'm in the business and my husband is also in this business i'm the only one that have the travel club business option he don't need it because our one travel club covers our entire family so if you have adult children living with you if you have you're married your spouse whatever whoever is in your household they're all covered under your travel club membership so everyone doesn't need their own we have access to over 1 million hotels and resorts worldwide over 300 000 luxury vacation homes and villas 15 000 cruises 50 rental car companies i don't even know it was that many rental car companies out there but we also have access to attractions activities uh transportation and lounges shopping golf um facilities we have access to a lot with our travel club again this is no matter if it's a business or a membership so what i am going to do i see we got to get some folks on here you guys let's tag some of our team members on um and hey rick i see you hey or dad um i see you guys on shantae y'all tag your prospects in this group they are definitely you don't want them to miss this information all right so let's talk about the membership only if you decide to join the business you're going to have an opportunity to get paid selling the membership only now the way that we promote the business you guys um is we like to give people their options let them choose so you don't have to worry about being this hardcore salesperson all you have to do is say hey you want to save money on your travel with our travel club give them the option people know what they want to do so if someone says well i don't want the business i just want to save money on my travel i'll never promote it on social media i'll never share it with anyone i just want to save money so they'll have two options to join the membership only they can either pay 139.95 one time for 12 months okay so that will last them an entire year one time cost some people don't want to pay that money up front they'll want to break it down so we do have a payment plan option for our membership only they could pay 39.95 to get started and 13.95 per month for the membership only okay so two options annual cost or break it down and payments so if you sell this membership only um deal to someone okay they say hey i'm interested i just want to be a member they sign up and pay 139.95 for the year

you will earn 42 in upfront commission all right so we earn our commission on a weekly basis every friday so if they sign up this week you're paid next friday 42 there's no limit on how many of these memberships you can sell so you can sell as many as you like all right so if they decide to set up the monthly plan then you'll earn 14 when they pay 39.95 to join and every month that they pay 13.95 you will earn four dollars and 20 cents so you'll earn the upfront commission and you'll also continue to get paid every month they stay active again this is for the membership only okay so now let's talk about let's show you guys what this could look like let's say that you build a website you start to promote on tick tock or instagram facebook that's what we do we talk about our travel deals like you're seeing some of our travel coaches and we'll say who's interested in joining my travel club so let's say you get two people that become a member only every week two people every week that's eight members per month now you're looking at earning 336 dollars if they sign up as an annual member okay so 336 dollars a month for eight members a month right that's barely working that is like you working on a super super super super super part-time schedule because we have some people that sell eight memberships a day eight memberships a week so you get to decide right there's no requirements there's no pressure you do this as much or as often or as little as you like so it's 336 a month think about whatever income you're already earning you're adding this amount to that okay so let's say you have eight members that all decide they want to sign up in the pay plan option okay or perhaps you're that person that only promotes the payment plan option now you get eight members a month you're looking at a hundred and twelve dollars for the month in income on the fourteen dollar commission and then thirty three dollars is sixty cents every single month residual income well keep in mind if you're doing this every single month your residual income is going to double every month okay because you're earning that monthly fee based on who's staying active so if you want to cover your 54.95 per month all you need is to get 16 members in a month paying monthly and you have covered your monthly cost or you do good with your money and set and sign up 16 people and you've paid for your monthly fees right for the year so there's different options of um covering your cost because people are like well if i sign up what does this look like monthly all right so let's say that you do a little bit more work and you sign up five members every week okay so that means you now have 20 members in a month that you've signed up okay if you set a goal you say i'm gonna sign up five members a week i'm gonna promote i'm going live i'm gonna share presentations i'm gonna invite people to my website now that's eight hundred and forty dollars a month again five members a week guys that's part-time income we're talking about sharing this business online now if you go out and you get the same 20 members a month but they're on a pay plan that's 280 okay 336 dollars residual okay so you're starting to see the income increase quickly the income will increase quickly um now you guys get a chance again to um you guys get a chance to set your that's that should be eighty four dollars i'm like wait that don't look right eighty four dollars a month residual for twenty members um you guys want to make sure that you are you know setting your plan we're gonna help you we're gonna coach you we're going to help you truly understand how to build the business now let's talk about the elite business membership now in a year i've sold way more elite business memberships then i have membership only okay so believe it or not more people are open to owning a business people want to earn money online they want to save money on their taxes and they want to truly be able to start to build that additional stream of income so i've sold way more elite business memberships than i have um travel club memberships even in this group you'll notice we welcome more people to a business than we do memberships because they're understanding i can make money from this i can write this off for my taxes there's no requirements no quota why not so our elite business membership is normally 99.95 to start we do have a special promotion going on i'm telling you guys the cost long term okay people will pay 99.95 to start and 54.95 per month to stay active stick

around because at the end of this video i'm going to talk about how we're able to write off all these costs from our taxes anyway so whenever someone joins your team as an elite business member you're going to earn 56 in upfront commission weekly meaning whoever joined your team this week by friday night you're paid the following week friday okay so take a look at this we earn weekly overrides when we help our team as well so as you're selling this opportunity to others other people are going to do like rick did who's on this video he just joined monday here in this group right he says hey lavonda i want to earn a full-time income how do i do that so what i'm telling you is that there are people that are going to join the business that are also going to build their own business well you'll be able to earn a weekly override from your team and so here we earn extra income as well and this is from work that you don't do so the 56 dollars that's the most you're going to earn right per person because that's work that you do but you also get paid as a leader now as you grow as soon as you bring on two elite business members or team members on your team you're an evp gold all right so you'll earn 80 cents on our lower cost promotion our income shifting membership and you earn a dollar and 60 cents on the elite business members that join up to four generations you'll hit evp platinum in our company when you have a team of 12 that's not you getting 12 by yourself that's you growing a team of 12 so you'll either earn two dollars on all the income shifting members that join your team for the week or four dollars on all the elite business members that join your team for the week that fall into your five generations okay so that's five levels of people that are joining your team now we also have the rank of evp infinity that's when you grow a team of 100 or more so your weekly overrides as an evp infiniti you're earning five dollars on all the income shifters that join your team in five generations all right and we're ten dollars on all the elite business members that join your team all right through five generations that means i helped rick come on board right i got paid for him joining my team personally but as he starts to share this business with others on a weekly basis i will earn an income okay and i get the evp infinity weekly override pay and you know with our evp infiniti you're paid throughout your entire organization so to the first five generations five and ten dollars through generation six through infinity three and six dollars y'all i have had weeks like last week our team grew by 86 i only personally brought on 24 people so imagine you are not going to be the only person who's growing your business and you're getting paid now we also earn a monthly residual commission so every time our members or our business partners pay their monthly fee we earn a residual income okay so you have again the option to bring on as many people as you desire so that means your team can grow fast and not just from the work that you are doing so evp gold members again that's two personal team members you hit gold you earn a dollar and fifty cents per month per income shifting member that joins and i'll talk more about that later and you earn two dollars and forty cents per elite business membership that joins and pay their monthly fee up to four generations there are evp infinities that literally have hundreds of people that have fell into their different generations okay so two personals get it done right evp platinum is when you have a team of 12 or more you're earning up to five generations five dollars per income shifter or eight dollars per elite business member throughout your five generations monthly income guys and we have a really high retention which means that over 90 percent of the people that join the business at least pay their first two months right because people join they start saving money on your travel they're not quitting they start sharing and earning weekly income they're not quitting because they want that monthly residual that's coming later too okay so evp infiniti is a team of over 100 you're earning eight dollars and fifty cents minimum residual income all right thirteen dollars and sixty cents on all your elite business members up to five generations and then again you're getting paid throughout your entire downline so three dollars and fifty cents per income shifting member um that is in your organization from generation six through infinity five dollars and sixty cents per elite business member through infinity i've been blessed to be able to welcome over a thousand people inside of this business so i am a ceo infiniti in the company a ceo infiniti is someone who has grown a team of over 300 okay so in addition to the residual income pay you're going to earn actually up to 15 in a ceo bonus okay and this is paid with residual income so this is amazing because these are ways that you can sit here look at this income and figure out how much money can i earn how much money can i earn and this is by sharing on social media so i have an example i want to really um share with you guys because i'm a numbers person and this may be a lot of numbers thrown at you but it is super simple because the work is easy all we're doing is sharing travel deals online asking people if they want to save money on their travel so that part of the process is simple it is hey you're going to pay this with expedia or you could pay this with my travel club are you interested people say yes we send a video they sign up or they just keep paying full price for their travel don't make a big difference to us let's say you want to earn 500 this month you can sign up seven elite business members this month okay doing that let's just break this down uh so you don't think well i have to do this all at once let's say this week you sign up one elite business member that's 56 dollars that you will earn okay we don't take uh taxes or anything like that out of your costs but remember even if you sign up one elite business member your monthly fee is 54.95 so signing up one person a month will cover your monthly cost and there's no loss there right week two let's say you signed up one more elite business member now keep in mind y'all this is working at a very part-time basis this is like casually mentioning your business because we have team members even this week alone that have already brought in eight elite business members okay so there are some people in the company that are signing up 20 people a week 30 people a week 40 people a week this is very very very very very part part-time okay and i wanted to show this as an example so if you're working a full-time job if you have other things going on you don't get overwhelmed so let's say week three you're starting to catch some momentum someone else says hey i want to join too now that's 112 you've earned for that week okay week four you're in your stride people are watching you on social media they're seeing those travel deals they're like i want to save money too week four you sign up three elite business members that's 168 dollars you've earned for that week so let's add it all up that's and 550 dollars that you have earned for the month just for signing up seven elite business members now remember when these seven members paid their monthly fee you're going to earn residual income well with um seven members on your team you're an evp gold you're going to earn two dollars and 40 cents for those seven members at 16 and 80 cents in residual income that you will earn when they make their monthly fees that's reducing that 54.95 a month right so you can do this as often as you like now let's say you sponsor two people every week and you also help those two people that you brought in get their own to every week so we say hey you sponsor two and help to get to all right so this is interesting because remember you're going to earn a hundred and twelve dollars a week so for eight weeks that's 448 dollars that's for 18 members and you're going to hit evp gold at that point right because you haven't yet grown a team of 12. well you're going to start to see how you can help other people let's say you helped to get to that that six dollars and 40 cents for the week in overrides all right remember you're going to earn weekly overrides as your team grow so you helping to get two that falls within your first four generations is 25.60 for the month in overrides that's passive income okay we call that leveraged income because you're getting paid for work you didn't you didn't do so that's 473 dollars and 60 cents that you've earned in one month on a very very very lightweight minimum working schedule okay so we have a one month residual income after they pay their monthly renewal all right so once they make their pay their monthly fee and when i say today i'm talking about the people that you've brought on as well as the people that your team has brought on you have a total team size of 24 elite business members all right that's not bad you brought in eight now your team has grown to 24.

you're now in evp platinum with that rank right because you have now have a team of over 12 you're looking at and ninety two dollars in residual income being paid to you as an evp platinum that's powerful guys it's off of 24 people paying their monthly fee and you earning eight dollars residual income per person as an evp platinum so your monthly cost is covered uh time and time again right now you're looking at this income being paid toward you traveling more saving more money but then remember if you continue to do this you're going to start to see your monthly income double triple even quadruple because then you're going to start to earn that 473 plus dollars a month in weekly pay and also earning that 192 plus dollars in residual in addition to that so that's the income with uh growing the elite business membership now we also have a bonus payout okay it's called the cash flow bonus okay it's unlimited bonus income that you will earn and this is for associates that pay for price to join so y'all know we have a special promotion right now the bonus pay doesn't apply to those who are paying the uh discounted amount but again i want to show you all the income that we are already earning okay we've been earning this bonus commission since last year all right so for associates that pay full price to join you'll earn a bonus pay when they pay their first month renewal plus residual income mentioned previously so this is in addition to the residual they make they pay their monthly fee you're going to earn extra money so the bonus money is for those of you who are just getting started um for those of you are just starting to build some people have been on a team for over a year and they're just now wanting to build a team again we don't pressure you you get to do this however you want but on your fourth personal sponsored person in the business you will earn a 40 commission so if that person signed up as an elite business member you're going to earn 56 in that first week right that they've joined but the next month when they pay their monthly renewal you're going to earn a 40 bonus in addition to also earning the residual income for that person all right on the fifth person sixth person seventh person anyone that joins thereafter you're going to earn twenty dollars for every person from your fifth person and beyond so now you're starting to see some extra bonus money all right and we already see team members who welcome three people a week four people a week 10 people a week you get to decide so you will see that twenty dollars meaning you're now earning up to seventy six dollars per person that join when they pay their monthly renewal your earn your bonus and your residual income so that's another stream of income but you guys know we have our special offer and we're still getting paid even with this promo all right so the promo is a two-step enrollment process where you first have to join our income shifting membership which is normally 39.95 to join and 39.95 per month but during the promo it is only well i'll talk about that it's only 9.95

but normally okay this is our normal pricing 39.95 you're going to earn an upfront commission of 28 okay and on the charts where i was showing you the weekly overrides the residual overrides and i gave you a lesser amount and then i say this is your elite business membership money well that is your income shifting uh override pay and residual pay okay so you'll earn the first amount that was mentioned the lower amount okay but what's included in this i just got an email i have to respond so i'll probably just send her this video right what's included in the income shifting membership are our five wealth building strategies the diy credit repair program the w-4 tax form training our debt elimination software our tax training because you're a business owner we want to make sure you're getting your tax benefits which i'm going to talk about here in just a moment our cash flow manager app and you have access to the investment education okay so all of that is included with our elite business membership as well plus the travel club the income shifting membership is all of this without the travel club okay so here is just talking to you about our special offer now during this special offer people will join as an income shifting member for 9.95 all right until friday okay special promo but we're still earning a commission so you're going to earn an upfront commission of 14 plus monthly residual income when they make their money when they pay their monthly fee all right so if someone joins your team and all they join is as an income shifting member they don't upgrade to the elite business membership you're earning fourteen dollars okay our uh we had a company meeting and our founder told us that there was someone that earned four thousand dollars last week just on selling a 9.95 promotional price that's amazing they welcomed over 280 people to their personal team to earn that money so there's no there's no um issues with that so the second part of the process is upgrading to the elite business membership for only 9.95

all right so that's how we have our 20 promo going on first sign up as an elite as an income shifting member for 9.95 and then upgrading to the business membership for just 9.95 so normally remember it's 99.95

well if people are joining this way there's no upfront commission when they upgrade to the elite business membership but you are paid the residual income they're going to pay 19.90 to join total and their monthly cost is 54.95 for the month you're going to earn the elite business membership residual do you want to earn the highest monthly residual that was mentioned on those charts previously okay so this is amazing because when we heard about the 995 promotion we were on the meeting we're all ceo infiniti's we were on a meeting with the um corporate staff we didn't think they were going to pay out the commission like oh would you sign up people and earn the residual income they're like no we're gonna pay a commission on that so we love it so here is how you can make money without recruiting okay this is how you can make money without recruiting or selling travel club memberships are y'all ready for this so if you guys um have thought about how can i make money booking travel without being a travel agent i'm about to show you how to do that now um if you missed all the other videos this week i introduce myself as a certified travel agent so i've been a travel agent since 2014 the commissions are dwindling down for travel agents okay the um the industry is getting smarter they're getting they're keeping more of their money in their pocket and there are people out there that's like hey i can make money booking travel and hosting trips without being a travel agent and here is how you can do that with our travel club really change the game you can host a travel group because you're able to book multiple flights with our platform you can book multiple hotels and resorts rooms okay you can book multiple cruise cabins or you can book a vacation home or villa so let's say you wanted to host a girls trip or if you're a guy you're like hey we want to do a bachelor's only getaway okay um let's say that you wanted to host a cousin's trip or couples trip there's a lot of different group trips that you can host um that it could be a small group right don't have to be anything huge or extravagant but this is you doing this without being a travel agent don't worry about um don't worry about penalties or or liabilities because we also have travel insurance with our travel club as well now when you join the team i'm actually working on a more detailed training i'm not about to give y'all a whole blueprint okay you're not on my team i'm going to give the whole blueprint to our team here in the next week where you can even have waivers so you don't have to worry about liabilities being responsible or anything like that let me show you how you can make some money okay so you can actually mark up the price on the travel while still saving your group money and pay yourself 100 of the commission so what happens in the travel industry we have to split our commission most people that are a travel agent they join a host travel agency and they split the commission okay um here you're paying yourself 100 of the commission without being a travel agent and you get a chance to decide how much that commission is okay so let's say you find a deal to the bahamas nassau bahamas that's the capital of the bahamas uh interesting fact the bahamas have over 21 different islands okay 16 now because some have disintegrated over the years in hurricanes but imagine nassau bahamas or whatever island in the bahamas and the travel club rate saves each traveler 500 with our travel club okay you can mark up the price and pay yourself 250 so let's say that you save them 150 you pay yourself 250 or you save them 250 okay like in this example you're saving them that means that if they go on expedia priceline or whatever public website the price that you're offering to travel with you is still going to be 250 cheaper than what they see online even though it's really 500 cheaper for you you're now earning 250 dollars per person y'all that's a great commission okay i as a travel agent just earned 250 per person going on a group trip to cabo and they each paid hundred to two thousand dollars on a trip all right so i'm gonna show you guys how lucrative this is let's say that you booked four rooms for nasa all right so three of these rooms you're gonna earn commission from two people per room that's six people traveling with you that's fifteen hundred dollars in commission that you're paying yourself by using our travel club to host your group travel okay so i want to show you this with an example a real life example from our travel club so let's say that you hosted a couple's trip to secrets the vine in cancun um i call it a couple's trip because this property is really truly designed for couples okay it's adults only it's five star absolutely gorgeous okay absolutely gorgeous so here let's say it's a weekend getaway um and i just added some extra pictures so y'all can see how beautiful this property is but with our travel club we're saving seven hundred and fifty dollars okay so the total price with taxes for you as a travel club member would be two thousand one hundred ten dollars for the room for two adults okay that doesn't include flights that's just a room now just a tip even as a travel agent i don't like booking flights for people um when i host trips here's the trip go book your own flight so y'all can do the same thing while you're hosting your trips to okay no more free free information that's that's some training i'll give my team so let's play say you plan a couple's trip and book a total of four rooms one room you're occupying the other three rooms are occupied by those you are hosting okay so similar to what i just said earlier so our travel club is saving 750 dollars per room you see that there you can save them four hundred dollars per room and pay yourself three hundred and fifty dollars per room which would be a total of 1050 for the commission per room okay so i should have put this on here let me go ahead and um just tell you guys real quick i have my calculator so y'all see the price is two hundred and ten dolla two thousand one hundred and ten dollars okay with our travel club so you actually sell this experience with you for two thousand five hundred and ten dollars okay so you're gonna add that four hundred dollars but guess what they're still going to save because the regular price for this is two thousand eight hundred sixty dollars so if they went on expedia travel they're gonna say well my goodness i'm saving money going on this group trip okay so now that extra 350 dollars is paying to you okay so this is if you decide to do it that way um you can charge that 350 dollars to them that pays to you okay so um or i said it the opposite way if you're gonna add the 400 onto that trip you're paying yourself 400 so you will actually be adding the 350 to the trip and that's what you're paying yourself three hundred and fifty dollars so it'll be two thousand four hundred and sixty dollars that you will tell them they're saving four hundred dollars when they go online you're paying yourself to 350. they will pay you the money you will book the travel each room you will be able to put the uh names on the room for the people that are traveling with you hosting you can add extra cost to those extra costs and fees i would actually coach and train when you join the team show you how to really do this so you can do this without being a travel agent you can do this without being a travel agent that's amazing because as a travel agent on this trip if it was twenty one two thousand one hundred ten dollars you will earn maybe ten percent of that as a commission all right maybe so that means you may earn a little over two hundred dollars commission versus you paying yourself that three hundred and fifty dollars okay commission for the room so i love it so let's talk about the tax benefits real quick um i shared this all week that you can write off travel from your taxes legally so when travel is your business your travel becomes 100 tax deductible which is one of the reasons why most people say i'm gonna do this as a business even if i don't share it all the time as a business because all you have to do is show your effort of building your business online you can post your pictures and videos that turns into research and marketing even if you're just traveling with your friends and family and that's a tax deduction y'all this is legal this is legal so i have screenshots directly from irs website i don't want y'all to take my word from it if you're not personally filing your taxes it's not a problem but you should still know what's going on talk to your cpa talk to your tax professional if you're going to h r block and jackson hew and all these other places let them know you know your rights okay so here irs says whether you're self-employed or a partner you may be able to deduct certain expenses for the part of your home that you use for business i'm in my home office i deduct this square footage because this is where i conduct business um if you're in an apartment and you pay rent you will be able to uh deduct the portion the square footage of your home that you use to work your business as a tax deduction so whatever you're paying for rent per month you divide that by the square footage and then you take that square footage amount and um determine your tax deduction based on where you're working that could be your bedroom if you have a home office if it's your garage whatever that may be again get with your um get with your tax professionals they can fully talk to you about that this is a book that you guys can get on amazon if we have access to over 400 tax deductions for those of you with businesses and that are self-employed so when you join the travel club as a business you're self-employed it's a 1099 opportunity you're gonna have access to these 475 tax deductions um this is a good book to have so that you know if your tax professional is truly giving you all of the deductions that you require or that you should be getting okay so i went further you guys can go yourselves on irs website and you can type in travel expenses and you're going to pull up all of these resources right here that really breaks down why travel for us is a benefit okay so travel expenses for conventions are deductible if you can show that your attendance benefits your trade or business well guess what our business is travel every single time we travel we are conducting business okay all you have to do is take some selfies on a flight all you have to do is post some pictures of you sitting by the pool sip in a cocktail and talk about the travel club that's a business trip for you you took that trip for marketing purposes it's tax deductible so you can deduct travel by airplane train bus fares for taxis shipping of your baggage or your baggage fees okay i'm using your car while at a business destination so if you take a road trip in your vehicle you can write off that mileage lodging and non-entertainment related meals if you're on a business trip this trip you've taken book through the travel club you're promoting the travel club everything you eat is tax deductible okay because that entire trip is a tax or is a business trip dry cleaning and laundry business calls um while you're on that trip this includes business communications by fax machine or other communication devices aka going live okay so your cell phone does become a tax write-off for you because going live on facebook you using that phone for your service or for your business business calls answering emails all that tips that you pay for services uh related to any of these expenses i love we are big tippers my husband and i are big tippers when we travel and we tip for everything okay so this is huge for us to be able to calculate those tips and it be tax deductible so of course you could be a big tipper you're going to get it back through filing your taxes right and other similar ordinary and necessary expenses related to your business travel okay so this may be a little small for you guys you may have to turn your phones around if you're not on your computer but this is all on irs website it just breaks down travel expenses defined um when you're traveling away from your home um travel expenses in the united states they have travel outside of the united states meals and entertainment so there are entertainment events that you can host so this year 2022 we are definitely going to be traveling more as a team we took it easy last year because of covid and all of that but people are becoming more familiar with safety and parameters and things and how to get around without um being dangerous okay or unhealthy no pressure to travel if you're not ready to but we're definitely going to be taking some more trips um here with the team so yes entertainment event so our team trips will be um deductible they have club dues and membership fees um meals 50 um limitations even on gifts incidental costs um and there's all just types of expenses that you're able to write off from your taxes y'all this is huge so i want you all to do the math yourself the startup on the business cost if you join our team the monthly fee 54.95 every month tax deductible your cell phone bills your wi-fi bill i'm this is a business meeting for me right now right so my bill is is tax deductible my cable bill is tax deductible because i watch travel related educational shows through our cable slash wi-fi build okay um workation expenses that's our fun way of talking about your travel expenses so yes it's work but it also looks like a vacation right and our work is just posting on social media uh new electronic upgrades i got an imac last year i'm writing it off on my taxes i needed it for my business okay um if you got the new iphone or you upgraded to the new samsung you're getting ring lights and you know um you're changing out your desk and all of these different things it's all tax deductible it's business related conventions business meetings we do a lot of free meetings online but i can imagine that when times get better we're going to have some conventions and meetings that may cost you money to travel to attend that will be tax deductible as well so you do the math you know how much money your cell phone bills are multiply that by 12 that's now tax deductible how much is your cable or wi-fi bill multiply that times 12 that's now tax deductible people say well if i get in a business and i don't make any money um am i wasting money no because you get to write off your monthly fees from your taxes there's no risk there's no money lost okay um so before you overpay on your next vacation i'm always say that get started we already talked about our regular price with the elite business membership is 99.95 to start

54.95 a month or if you decide that you don't want the business you don't want to have access to anything that i just told you guys about you can just join as a travel club member you can either pay 139.95 for the year or you could break it up and pay 39.95 to start today and 13.95 per month but remember we have our secret promo going on so for the business you're not paying 99.95 you're going to join with our two-step process all right so you're going to first join for 9.95 cents to our income shifting

membership and then once you're in the business you're going to go into your back office and upgrade to the elite business membership for just 9.95 okay and that means that you've only paid 19.90 to join as an elite business member 30 days later you're paying 54. and 95 cents per month okay however long you want you can cancel at any time so guys you can get back to the person who invited you to this group if you don't understand how to update the link or you should have the travel coach id that was provided to you from the travel coach who invited you to this group and you can change the link yourself all you're doing and it's in the description of this video you can copy that link paste it go back and type in the actual travel coach id provided to you where it says travel culture id in the link some of you have been able to do that on your own some of you are like i don't understand don't worry get back to the person who invited you to this group and they will send you their link so then all you have to do is click on it and sign up but that's it for today y'all enjoy the information that you're getting in the group um we did cover greece and san antonio today so our travel coaches will be sharing some travel deals with you guys later on you don't have to wait until friday to sign up remember this 19.90 promotion is ending on friday so you want to get started now and if you sign up early you can promote this secret travel club promo so you can already start earning your money back earning your weekly income earning your residual income and taking your travel life to the next level so i hope this was helpful you guys sorry i went a little longer i wanted to make sure that i fully unders are fully explain the compensation as well as the residual income opportunity our travel tax benefits and showing you guys how you can make money even if you don't want to sell or promote the business have a good one you guys see you tomorrow bye

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