Day 1 - Amazon Seller Training - The Success Planning Process

Day 1 - Amazon Seller Training - The Success Planning Process

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Hello. Happy holidays, and welcome to day one of the amazing 12, days of Christmas. I'm, Jason katzenback, co-founder. And CEO of amazing, calm and for the next 12 days, consider. Me Santa, Claus over. The next 12 days ending, on Christmas, Eve we're going to be gifting, you with 12 brand new five, to 10 minute Amazon. Business strategy. Videos that, you can use to grow and scale your business starting. Right away I've. Recently interviewed several, successful, Amazon, sellers to gift you with unique, proven, strategies, that, have helped them scale their businesses, and achieve the freedom to live the lives they've dreamed about I also. Want to stress that these gifts did not come cheap in, fact I'd say they're priceless, but. You're worth it each, of these gifts, are the result of thousands, of dollars of trial, and error in countless. Hours of hard work and you get them all for free is a gift from all of us here at amazing calm, it's. Our way of wishing you happy holidays and, to thank you for putting your trust in us how. This will work is over the next 12 days we'll be delivering one. New gift each day, since. You know first town Oh crazy busy, this time of the year is and how awesome it is for us Amazon, sellers, we, want to make this as easy as possible for you to be able to enjoy all of these gifts and so all you need to do is each day come back here to twelve amazing, days calm, as you see right here on the screen and you'll be able to access these, gifts, for. Today's gift I decided, that I wanted to do something a little different, instead of recording, a strategy, I decided, I'm gonna gift you with a full, recording, of a 20-minute presentation I, did a little while ago from, our live event that is focused on helping you set yourself up for incredible. Success this. Strategy, has been responsible, for helping me generate millions of dollars over the past few years and I, know can. Make a huge, impact on your business as well I also love this video because this presentation, was responsible, for giving dozens. Of near heart attacks to my team especially mad Sophia who were surprised, to learn that it did a last-minute, change to my presentation, with a prop that, almost went really, bad I hope you appreciate this gift and also in case you're not aware we, have a special, offer going, on right now where, you can get access to our full amazing. Calm membership, packed, full of Amazon, seller focused training for, only $1.00, until December, 24th, stay, tuned after this video to learn more about this special offer and how you can also be entered in to win one, year membership to, amazing, calm free. Live streaming, access to our seller con live event in April plus. $500. Cash towards, your inventory, to learn more about this contest, and our $1, amazing. Trial stay tuned after this video. One. Of the things that I have an absolute, privilege to do is work, with thousands, of really good-looking people, like you and. But. I get to actually see what you're doing and I mean it from a high-level view and the one thing that I see happening, that so many of you are not doing is making a plan and you heard it right there someone. Who's not doing may be doing 20%. Of what, she could be doing but, she's killing, it because she's focused, on a plan so yeah there's lots of other things she could be doing Facebook, ads she could be doing all these other things but, she's just focusing, on what's important. To her so, who here would like to in the next 20 minutes figure out how to make a 1 year plan that's, going to make you kick ass in 1 year. This. Is really easy I promise you it's like to me it's just. It flows in my mind it's made a huge, difference. In my life and. I give. This so much credit for not only allowing me to back my time off every day hiring.

Amazing, People but enjoying, my life much more than I ever have. I'm in a position in my life where I'm in shock, in it all and I, know that, it's because I got focused, I surrounded, myself with great people and I just stuck, to my guns I didn't, back up no Plan B and I, just worked hard but I focused, on this this, works you just heard from Kirsty yourself that this works I don't. Have big magic markers and I'm disappointed so, let's pretend check, so. What I want to talk about is something really quick it's about building a one-year plan and it's really small so I don't know if they can zoom in I guess they can't, having. A one-year high level plan creating. 90-day, goals to get to those plan and two weeks tasks, to get to those 90-day, goals and I know this might sound what would you tell them what trust me by the end of this you're gonna get it the, big thing here is just, focus, on Amazon, right, now just focus on Amazon I know we talked about you can get off of Amazon, but if you're not making at least $20,000. A month in Amazon why you focusing, on anything else focus. Just on building your Amazon business don't get distracted, and don't. Worry this plan can be updated the, ideas, you just want to set yourself something, that you can see and it's so easy to do but you set yourself on a target, and as you're getting closer that's what the 90 days is it's kind of like if that's my target I'm gonna go to here and then I'm gonna stop and measure because the last thing you want to do is be going this direction you. Want to make sure you know your target and you're walking towards it and that's why these, things work together because. If you're doing a one-year plan and you're just thinking that oh I'm just gonna do tasks to get me to that one year plan you could be walking like this when, your targets over there so. You want to make sure you have a one-year, high level plan then, every 90 days look, at what goals you can achieve that'll. Get you closer. This. Is for you not, to try to impress people don't. Do things that you don't believe you're going to achieve it. To be believable, for you and it has to be specific when. You're putting goals and don't say I want a million dollars well. That's not a specific plan, that's not a specific goal that's just a generic statement in my opinion don't over complicate this, and you're gonna see how easy it is and this, is to help bring focus, and clarity to your business, bringing, first, things first and I'm sure you guys have seen this analogy, before but, it's the whole idea. Well. This is really cool so it's the whole idea when you're going in life you know you've got your things, where. Thank you very much Ellie but you've got your daily things that are just those daily things that get in your way you've got your emails, you, got you know all of those things that get in your way and then you've got the kind of important things like the customer, support will actually customer sports more like these but, you got those everyday distractions that are important, but not your priority, and then you've got your, your your, core things these are your core things and the cool thing is if, you sit there in life I hope.

This Works because I've never used this thing before and you do and you're deemed, distracted. By Facebook, you're getting on email, you're answering your cell phone and at the beginning day you're just focusing, on all this stuff does not get you anywhere so, there are your days half done now you've got that much done so then all of a sudden you. Decide now. I'll try to fit in everything else whoa now. That even fits so. Now it's like you've got no core, things done whatsoever. So. Now yeah. This ain't gonna work. Just, so you know these are all diamonds. All. Right. Well. As. Long as I'm getting laughter, it's okay oh. And. By the way as, I'm, doing this and spilling, I want. To shout out to Matt for letting, me hang up here with my thing all messed up and not telling me and the. Funny thing is my wife says to me oh my, god you're so funny Matt was looking at you smiling making, sure his was okay. All. Right. So. Now let's try this a different way so. Now you, take your three, your. Three important, things let's, just I don't know if I can put more we take your important, things everyday then. You take the. Next important, thing. Yeah. That's probably not gonna work though, and, then. It's. Working. So. Who's getting the idea yeah. Now. The reason I shared that is because that really meant something to me the first time I sign it was so logical because it's so true I mean, I wake up in the morning what's the first thing I wanna do my stats who. Can say that. But. Then who does this refresh. Refresh. And. Then why do you do you go to your email that you just checked five minutes ago who's. Done that and then. Realize, ah now I'll go back to Facebook and then by default for some reason just open up your email again even though you're just there I mean, it's it's because you're just, spinning your wheels you're like, you've, got this excitement, you want to be over here and you're not there yet so you're anxious. That's. What this is gonna help with. So. What's a plan it's, specific, that means when you say specific, what I'm talking about is it needs to be something that when you achieve it you know what it is so. You know exactly what it is when you achieved it because it's detailed though its. High-level it's a big picture, and it's, believable, and important. Right now just focus on Amazon, again, unless you're already killing it with Amazon just focus on Amazon so here's an example, we heard that beautiful 1 million dollar example, this is what Christie, did and. This is what I did this is the exact thing I did when I was able to go to 100 grand a month in four months as. I took a million dollars I said I want to earn a million dollars than my physical products business on Amazon I figured. Out at the, time I was only selling one product and at that time it was a twenty seven dollar product, so that's what I based it on but we're gonna use for this example say, you're selling an average of twenty dollars for your product that means in one year you're gonna have to sell 50,000. Units which sounds kind of big until. You break it down to a daily thing so. Then if you break that down you realize okay that's only 137, units, a day that, doesn't sound that bad I think I can do that so, what you're doing here by breaking, this down is, now, all of a sudden you figure out okay what's the money I want to earn what. Does that mean with my current setup that I would have to sell what. Does that break down daily. To look like if I achieve that and then there's your plan bang that's it it.

Doesn't Need to be over complicated. You're simply just making a plan my, plan is I want to be selling at least 137. Units, day generating. A minimum, of two thousand, seven hundred and forty dollars a day so, in one year that's, gonna be pretty darn clear if I've achieved that or not wouldn't you say. So. Now that you have your plan and it's really this simple I promise, you. You. Want to move to your 90-day goal so you've got your plan and, Jason. Your. 90-day goals and, for. My dad. Go. On that was funny. So. You got it like you're dealing with your whole year but the idea is a 90-day goal again you're just doing little sections, so, what goals and I recommend one to five and the thing is if you could only have one goal right now, awesome. That, just means that at least you got one thing, you're focusing, on every day that's your top priority, but again these 90-day, goals specific. But, the big thing here is when you achieve it it has an immediate impact, when. Achieved so you know for a fact that once that goal is achieved it's made an immediate impact on your business something. Is changing, your business for the benefit, and it's, moving you towards, your plan, but. Here's a big thing and you heard this you heard it from Ryan, you, heard Kirstie talk about you need to track your numbers you. Need to be looking at your conversion, rate if you haven't done it yet go into module 7, of ASM, and look, at the business stats lessons, those. Things will show you how to look at Amazon's, confusing, bit stats and at least make sense of it because if you're not tracking, your stuff every day how. Are you gonna grow if. You don't know where you are right now how are you gonna go somewhere else you don't even know where you are you're just winging, it you gotta let least know your numbers, and, to. Me it's really simple like if you just know even sales in traffic right now that's awesome, but, I would look at what are the main keywords you're going for go, and check your ranking on that know your daily sales know your daily conversions. And a. Huge, one is always. Know your Amazon, provided, scores that's. A big number because you don't want to mess with Amazon, Amazon will. Lose nothing if they lose you as a seller because, people are just gonna buy someone else's product so, never get into a mindset that you're invincible on Amazon, a terrible, terrible mindset because, Amazon really doesn't care I guarantee, you no matter what product you have if you stop selling it Amazon's not gonna lose money because someone else is going to sell the product it, doesn't matter so always keep Amazon, happy but no at least your sales conversions. Keyword, rankings, on Amazon, and your. Amazon. Scores, so. Here's an example, so. Let's say right now I did an assessment and I'm currently selling about three units a day getting, in on average about thirty visitors, a day so. My first thing that I wanted to do is I'm thinking K in ninety days what, would that mean what would be a realistic, and feel free to use these if you want to use these that's why I created them I hope, people use all of these and I hope these help them become millionaires, because these, are things that I would seriously do if this was me starting over again so, right now I know in the next 90 days I want to be able to increase my traffic, to two hundred visitors, a day and I put this on Amazon because again I want to make sure I'm focused, with. A minimum of a ten percent conversion, now. The reason why you gotta understand the conversion, rate cuz think of this if. You're making 137. Sales a day and your conversion rates 10% that, means how much traffic you're gonna have to send 12, 1400. Visitors. A day to that listing, to make those sales that's. A lot of traffic so if you're looking at your traffic now and you're getting 30 and you're like but I want to be a millionaire, well, right away you should know okay there's a focus so.

People That sit there and don't focus on traffic your that's. Part of the problem that's why you're not succeeding, because you don't even know where you need to get the help a. Customer. Support position, hired with a detailed, job description, start getting. Your head out of the business and working, on the business I know, it's fun and it is exciting that first thing you have to do it yourself at first but, document, everything, is you're going along the way and right, oh Jeep detailed, job descriptions, because then when it comes to that point you can just hire someone get, that off your plate now you can focus look if you're not doing customer support hmm maybe I'll try this new traffic strategy, it frees you up to grow your business. Then. A second, product fully fleshed out and ready for the first inventory, order because, this is a reality, I might, be a - with my product, get to the million dollar a year but I might not so. Why don't I also make priority, to flush out another product so, if after I receive, this if I can't achieve it or if I do it to you but I'll be able to make a judgment call if I should add another product at time but I'll have it all flushed out and ready. So. A big thing here though is include, target, dates so think of just three things so again you've got your plan and ideally. Three things that seems to be the magic number that people tell me but for me I always just pick three you can do as many as five but make sure at least one and make, them something again, that's specific, each one of these I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt if I've achieved them. Include. Dates and the reason for that is don't just get lazy and say aw at the end of 90 days I'm doing this no, you want to do more goals if I can get this done of ulsan I'm achieving 200, visitors in a month why would I sit there and do no other goals I'm gonna say okay I'm gonna change that now in the next 60 days like this in 30 days I want to make 500, visitors so, it's always fluid, the only thing is make educated.

Moods Don't, just wing it and say now I want to change this one make, sure you're testing, things going along the route and then if something logically, needs to be changed you know like if my goal was here and I didn't see this coach well, I have two options, now stop or I have to make another plan I have to adjust okay I'll have to go around that way that's like business roadblocks, are gonna come you'll have to adjust that's, fine. Your plan is in stone, it's, just a guide. Keep. Good notes again, so. So so powerful if. You you know when I say here for each goal yeah because when, you achieve that goal and you just say cool moving on and, you're not keeping documentation. How do you know how you did it I want. To keep notes for every one of these because you know what I want, to get more traffic in that so I want to rehearse what, I went through all the things I did what worked and didn't work so now when I make my new plan I'll know what to do I want. To see the process, I use for hiring that customer support look at all the notes because, I might have had some issues with it so I want to learn from that and again, the second product just, always be looking and tweaking and making it better so keep good documentation. So. Then you've got your three 90-day. Goals so. Now what you want to do is you need to work in two week increments, and here's the idea, improve. + measure equals. Inevitable. Success. And it's so true how can you not. Inevitably. Succeed, at something if you're constantly improving. It and measuring, to ensure it's an improvement. So. The idea is you need to be measuring, all the time so, as you can see here we have a 90-day, goal and then in 90 days we'll create new goals here we're working in two-week periods, so, everything's, always shrinking. And as it shrinks it gets more specific and, detailed but. The idea here again as well is what, specific, tasks can you accomplish, in the next two week period that'll. Get you closer to your goal but if it takes you one day to do it don't you sit there say yeah I'm done nothing, else for the next two weeks I'll create another task, but, remember, something that you need to know is that, these. Are tasks, you are committed, doing first each day so, be aware of your time commitment, if we can go back to this that's the idea it's, not that you don't take care of all the other stuff you still have to the thing is though these are the three things every. Day that you know is gonna, grow your business, this stuff will maintain it this stuff is just running, a business this, stuff is growing, a business and this is the stuff you want to do first that doesn't mean it's gonna take all day that's why you break it down into two week sections, you. Break it down so that you know okay so I've got this big goal what's, the first thing I have to do so, you then you start thinking okay so this, has to be done in the next 14, days so it can be done in a day or two weeks they, have to be specific, and their, tasks, when, I did this training originally, with the amazing profit, monthly magazine I did something similar to this and one, of the questions that came up well not question when the examples person said I want to make a million dollars and, then like the two week task is to make five thousand, that's not a task that's. Another goal at at like I wish it was a task I want to make five thousand, done you know that would be pretty sweet but that's, not like you have to actually do something to generate, that income so, these are all tasks specific. Like I need, to create a Facebook, page or you know something like that where it's very specific. Cool. So. For a TAS example, if my goal is 200 visitors a day so what I want to do then is I want a brainstorm. Every, single thing I need to do to achieve that goal of 200, visitors a day and here's, the thing if you don't have a clue what to do that's your first task you've. Got a task is, to find out what are the things I need to do to get 200, visitors a day and you know what look around you have 3000, people you can ask right now so, don't make excuses that you don't know take. Ownership you're a frigging rock star you'll figure it out I promise you. That's. Right. Make. A living don't just say I'm gonna make 3 things like make a list, a huge, list like write down as many things as you can and then prioritize those, because then what you want to do once you have that list the idea is you want to fit those tasks, to flow with each other so.

When You look at this whole thing you say okay I've got a plan song at least 137. Units per day generating, at least that much money a day which equals out to about a million dollar business my. Goals I have ABC goals, there they are I even went in more detail, on here because I want to make them as specific, as possible so, I said 200 visitors a day on Amazon, with a minimum conversion, rate of 10% meaning, one in ten sales so, I broke things really down then, you take each goal and you, make specific tasks. That flow with each other to, get that goal achieved, so, what my challenge is for you. It's. This weekend, you're gonna be learning a boatload of stuff who, here has already learned some cool stuff. So. What I challenge, you to do is when. You leave this place on Monday Sunday. Sunday, yeah, just. Don't miss Richard, Branson please say what. It's. I want you to take action on this what I challenge, you to do and believe me I promise you, if you just do this and focus, on it it's gonna make a huge difference, create, yourself a clearly-defined one. Year plan for your Amazon business look at exactly, where you are now where you believe you can be break, it down to a daily goal because. That excites you so much because all the sudden you're gonna do a promotion, and you're gonna hit that goal before it's a regular routine thing it's gonna psyche oh you. Get so excited, it's unbelievable, just builds energy it gets you more focused and that Y by breaking it down to a day it just becomes something more attainable, after. This weekend you're gonna want to create your updated list of goals and create. 90-day. Goals so, in the next 90, days what, are the things you are gonna get done the top three things that, will get you to your plan, then. For each goal create a list of tasks, that can be done in two weeks and remember. If it's done before, two weeks do another one don't, sit there and say I don't have to do another task for another week and a half no yes you do the. Idea is you're prioritizing so. That every day when you sit down at your desk you're, not sitting there saying huh what do I do now is, so confusing, you know what should I focus on yo you already know you. Know the three things you're gonna focus on that day and if it takes you an hour great, now you can go and do those other things check your emails do all that other stuff by, by taking the first hour every day and focusing, on these your, business is going to explode but this is something really important, and really wish, I had oh yeah. So. When you're starting a business what's. The first thing you need to do, you. Make a commitment, and, once. You make that commitment what. Happens. You. Get scared. You. Get real scared why because. You don't know what the hell's going on you don't know anything you don't know what you don't know and so what's happening, is you have no clue what to do but. This is normal, everybody. Me Matt everybody, in this room robert kiyosaki I guarantee, you everybody went, through this because.

Once You make that commitment, you. Need to take courage this is your job right now, you. Got a as I said before you got to put your big-boy pants, on you've. Got to suck it up and realize okay I made this commitment I'm gonna do this it's gonna be hard but. I'm gonna do this I'm a rock star, I can do this. Once. You're doing that what happens, is you start to get competence, as you. Do this more as you do these goals you start achieving those goals of sitting like yeah yeah, I'm getting pretty good at this and then, what happens you start making bigger goals cuz all sudden now you've got this huge, confidence. It's like I know any girl said I'll achieve so, why am i doubting, myself and, not putting bigger numbers, up here this. Is what happens when you start setting small goals going, through this process you. Start to gain a lot of courage you get competent, and suddenly, you have this confidence that you know you can you know you'll never be afraid of being. In your own business again, in fact your, fear will be net you know anything. But that because you know that no matter what I have no doubt what no and this is something at my life and I talk about a lot because she's amazed by zero. Fear, of losing money I know, for a fact if I was completely wiped out for whatever I'd start a new business no problem I have, no fear because I know what I'm doing I think, that deserves. But. I can also tell you something very truthfully, five years ago I was scared to death and in, fact it was my wife who convinced. Me to start, reaching, out and networking, with people and because, of that it just my. World was open so, on that point to remember, networking. Is so huge, but, one thing that I think a lot of people struggle with and I talked about this before and this is my last thing here and we'll have a couple minutes for questions if you have any this. Is my bonus thought by Jason and. Just. In case you weren't sure, so. Ask. Yourself. This right, now how. Do you get your customer, to buy again. Who's. Asked himself that. Cool. Nobody. That's awesome. No. It is awesome cuz I want to teach something here so that's, cool so think, about this if I want to get someone to buy again, what's, the first thing you have to do well I have to get them to buy the first time obviously and, to get them to buy the first time what do you have to do now and this is a serious exercise I want you guys to all do so, you just start listening things put yourself in the buyers position. What, are the things that they would need to do to make me buy this product, well first of all they'd have to have a good product. Second. Of all if. I go buy the product they better have a fast checkout. They, better have a clear sales final, clear. Sales. They. Better have kick-ass customer, support because if I got a question, before, I buy they better give me a good customer, support and it better be fast customer support. So. You start asking yourself what are all the things user you, know your mind starts going and then it's like okay I've got my customer, now well.

Now What, could you do to get that customer to buy again and I don't mean your one product, like ideal you want them to buy the same product, well not ideally, obviously they, could buy the same product but maybe you have other products, so, what are the things that you need to do to get them to buy again well. What's the first thing well obviously you better have a good product so. If you got a crap product, while you're in trouble I recommend starting over second, thing you bet again, good, customer, support, all. Logical, things again. You need to have. Fast. Customer support but what else. Well. You have to get the offer in front of them again. How. Many people don't do that almost everybody and why. Is it that coca-cola and, Budweiser, and, cigarette. Manufacturers. That know people are addicted to them still advertise. Because. They want repeat customers, they. Know that is they don't put their sign that the coke knows they're not gonna put the Sun they know it's gonna be plastered, with Pepsi people. Forget people are shallow it's, not what you did for me it's what you're doing for me right now, and if you're not reminding. Them and putting a message in their face of what you're doing for them now and giving, them a reason to engage with you and do something, you're losing, them you. Don't want to lose your customers, that you've worked so hard for you need to foster your herd Kirstie's say engage. How. Are you engaging with, them. Like. Who in who thanks people that give a good customer, feedback who's, ever just responded, to customers that's, huge if i. Sat there up on face on not a facebook on amazon and i gave like a detailed, feedback, i'm not telling where to review i'm talking about details feedback saying this is a great shop or thank you so much for doing this you're a great a great, product to buy from why, would it not hurt to say thank you why. Would you not give them a personal message saying, thank you now you've just engaged, with them they know there's a real person with them chances. Are they're gonna remember that it's. A simple thing by engaging. What. Is something else that you can do. You. Got to go back where they are. And. You, keep creating, a list you just keep thinking what could they do to make me buy it because you know some products, i mean, like that lamp you know you buy the lamp once you're bought well no you're not if I bought that lamp obviously there's other products, so to buy them again I have to have something to offer who. Has something else to offer. So. You're just constantly, asking, you know what's super powerful to do and this is a challenge I gave everybody, as well find. Two other people and sit. Down and take 20 minutes and look, at each other's listing, and then, go through this and ask. Yourselves, questions, when, me and Matt first started working together we, came to Las Vegas and, we sat in a room with four of us I was doing about $15,000. At that time and we. Ripped apart each other's listings, and we did these things we talked about exactly, everything we're doing and just started asking questions every. One of those four people that were there went, on within a couple months to be making a killing and I know one of them is doing multiple million dollars a month right now it's. Huge, because you want other people to see it but it's these questions, you got asked and the last thing I want to talk to you about is the, idea when. You're asking, questions listening. Now. I know listening, it might sound so simple, but it's huge, what is the act of listening it's, not hearing, to, me what's listening, and makes three parts with listening the first thing is you need a sound to hear a noise the, second thing is you need it to relate to you and the. Third thing is you, need to respond, so, my daughter Gail she's, now almost. 18 years old blows me away but when she was three years old she got in trouble for something I don't remember what it was but I sent her to her room and I thought oh man I am, gonna be the dad of the year I sat. Down and I thought of exactly, what I was gonna talk to her about to tell her what she did wrong I went in the room you. Know I'm proud as a peacock, your. Dad's gonna school you I'm thinking I sat down I started, talking to her as loving as I can I'm looking, at her I'm thinking I'm I'm a hero, I am, the best dad ever this girl is hearing, every word I hear and I just felt like I was getting through and. As I looked at her cute little face with this utter pride and, I looked at her and I said Gail so, do you understand, what I mean she, looked at me and said daddy, would.

You Like to smell my feet but. So. The question, is was she listening, yes, and that's, thing we say oh nobody listens, to me no that's not it, you're just not communicating to, them right they're choosing to, respond. In a different way they heard you, you were talking nonsense, no three-year-old, cared about what I was saying what was I thinking I wasn't, talking to a three-year-old I was talking to a 23 year old at the time 26, year old so, when it's listening what, I mean by that is with your business ask yourself, questions and, then, listen, to the answers you're giving and when I say listen I'm talking, about respond. To, that, ask. Yourself, a question relate. It to your current situation and then respond, take action. If. You're just hearing noise and not doing anything you're not listening to anything you, need to listen to your business you hear people up here already talking. They make minor tweaks they're always watching things they're making minor tweaks the only way they can do that is listen, figuring. Out what's going on around them and listening isn't just sounds, especially with the internet listening, is just looking, at something relating. It and then responding. Listening, is absolutely, huge so, do yourself a favor ask yourself, these questions make. A huge, list of everything, and then these lists, are what, can become your goals and your tasks, figure, out out of these group them together into, categories, for example one, of them might be customer, support and start. Making goals and tasks related, on this and I promise in one year you're gonna have one heck of a successful business I. Hope. You enjoyed today's gift, as an additional, holid gift to you I also want to share with you how for only $1, you can get instant, access to hundreds, of proven Amazon, seller training, courses plus, three exclusive never, shared before bonuses. That are designed to help you launch, grow, and scale your business on Amazon, now bonus, number one is our private label path this, checklist will help anyone, leverage amazing, who is looking to get started with a brand new business on Amazon bonus. Number two is our Amazon, traffic, bootcamp. Brought to you by myself and, Shayne oglu this, three month series started, in June January and each month will cover a specific strategy, we are using in our own business, to increase traffic and sales you. As an amazing comm, member will get this for free instead, of the two hundred ninety seven dollars non-members. Will need to pay our, bonus. Number three, is international. Expansion from start to finish by, Brandon Slater this, three-hour training webinar, workshop, will teach you everything you, need to know to start song on amazon's international. Platform, amazing. Calm members will get this for free and non-members. Will be charged one hundred and ninety seven dollars, you get, all three, of these bonuses as long, as you sign up before December, 24th, so, make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer, before that date there's, no long term commitment. So you can cancel at any time you want have a happy holidays, and stay, tuned for tomorrow's gift focus on helping you streamline, your Amazon, seller operations, by Jessica, Stiehl have a fantastic, day.

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