Davincij15 Reveals His Top 5 Altcoin Holdings + Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy! (Bitcoin News)

Davincij15 Reveals His Top 5 Altcoin Holdings + Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy! (Bitcoin News)

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What's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video, today we've got another killer video for you guys full, of information today we have an interview, with da Vinci j15 where he reveals his top six all coin. Holding, there's gonna be a two-part video where the first few are going to be on this video then at the end of the video I'm going to leave a link in the description for you guys to check out the second part we're, just gonna be on da Vinci's channel where he's going to reveal the next three so make sure you do check them both out some of them are gonna be very very surprising for you guys and you'll understand, why as you watch the video hopefully you guys do enjoy also you guys are interested in making money trading crypto currencies even while the market is down make sure you check out the first link in the description, or the first link in the comments for the crypto currency trade alert group so far we've had an over ninety percent success rate and I post every single one of the trades including my entries and exits in the group so that if you are a complete beginner if you don't have time to do technical analysis, or you don't know how to do technical analysis you can copy my exact, trades it takes two to three minutes to set up I show you exactly how it works and after that profits, are taken, automatically, for you we've had people make up to 500, to a thousand extra dollars in one single trade and in this last week alone we've had several trades that have done fifty percent to a hundred, percent to, even up to a hundred, and fifty, percent, profit, I want to extend the offer that I did last time since we're gonna have more viewers from da Vinci's channel, over to, this video and a lot of you guys message me as well that you were not able to jump in on the promotion, that I did and you guys really wanted to I'm gonna be offering the free at 30-minute one-on-one call, with me again to anybody who signs up to the group within, the next 24. Hours by the end of tomorrow that promotion. Is going to be done and I do not plan on doing that anytime soon, again so make sure if you guys are interested in that to jump in we can go over your trades, how to set everything up your portfolio, whatever, it is answer all of your questions on a call with me, now let's jump right into the interview all right so we have DaVinci j15 on the channel, finally, after lots of requests would you like to introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about what you do how you got into crypto all that good stuff, hi.

My Name is DaVinci. Jeremy, I am, software. Developer, I've, been a software developer, for like. 25. Years now. And I. Got, into crypto. When. Youtuber. Of, YouTube. Scriber mine said what do you think about bitcoins, and, immediately. When I when, I looked at it looked at it I'm like scam, there's, no way someone solved a double spend problem, and. I'm gonna prove it to you and so, I went through the the, white paper went through the source code and I was like oh damn. Wow we. Are getting in the bottom, at. The very bottom of this new change, in technology. And. I, had to share it with everybody and of course as you know people thumb down my video they, hated it and, for. Quite some time I would just you, know try to try, to convince people why, Bitcoin, was, the. Future of money and. They. Weren't listening and, that was the game because I I knew, I knew I was right because. The double spending problem had been solved, it's just there's, no way there's, no taking putting back that genie back in the bottle and, so. As. Most. People know somebody. I'm Brett somebody I've read it posted hey, this guy's this guy's been talking, about. Bitcoin. Since it was dollar and, he. Also mentioned, to get out of Mt Cox and and, you know people thought that you know I predicted. 9/11 and, a whole bunch of crazy. And. Also thought I was a toshi of course right. But I'm not. Have. To make sure you announce is that here he's not to talk to you so, he claims. That's. Gonna keep going forever it's gonna stick with you for, the rest of your life. You. Will always be Satoshi to people there's other people that. I, mean it's, insane how that it picked up everything so fast off ready just somebody. Posted it a lot, of youtubers picked up on it and boom here we go now. Now, you're everywhere I know. It's unbelievable I I can't believe it it just just happened so fast and so, you have a cool trading strategy that I absolutely, love the name for and you're gonna explain a little bit of it before we dive into the actual all coins were to talk about just to give people an idea as to why, you may have got into these all coins how you may be training them how you may be securing profits security profits is huge I think, as a trader securing profits is absolutely, massive and no, one seems to do it so. If. You don't mind the strategy, yeah. The Bryan's little old lady strategy, I learned it from Brian Beamish, who's. Of the rational, investor calm, and. He. His, the strategy, is very very very simple, right. Because, if. You. Basically buy low you. Look for when to buy and that's below, the 78-foot six or you can start nibbling at, sixty.

One Point eight level. Of. Once. The coin has gone you know parabolic, you you're gonna look to buy back at. A lower price you, don't buy when. It's high no, no no no once it's gone up you. Let it go. There's. Always other opportunites, crazy thing like don't form a win tomorrow, there's gonna be another one yeah. Exactly so look for another name right if it's starting to take off if you if you like the particular name like I like Tron and it already took off so I missed it I missed a boat sorry right. And. You. You, wait until it comes back down before you you you get back in and. And. Then you start nibbling in right if you can start with I'd nibble in like 0.25%. Or, less. So. So. That always gives you with lots of cash to go spending, on other different, currencies, currencies once. You buy it's, your options, are is really simple, it's zero meaning the coin goes to zero or. When. It doubles you sell half and, that's it, so. There's not much there's, not much thought processes. And how much analyzing, like okay, the trend lines and so forth and you. Know whether. Or not the, MACD, is in, the vergence, or all, the complicated, things about trading, it's, just you're buying simply, buying low and then selling, half on a double you force to take half. On a double, because a, critical. Thing is to pay yourself. Do, not go okay, well you know I think this thing's going higher I'm gonna hold it I'm gonna hold because you don't know how high it's really gonna go. So. Take profits, yeah we saw it happen at the end of 2017 right, everyone. Thought Bitcoin 20k was going to 30k it's a 50-game 100k. Yeah. I had to turn around eventually it was just parabolic at that point. It. Could. At. Some point is getting around right. So. We're gonna go into your top, five all coin holdings the biggest holdings you have right now which I think people are gonna be really interested in hearing some, of them might come off as a surprise to some but again based off the strategy, this is the. Top five you're holding right now right so, you want, me to share my screen or do you gonna share oh. I'd. Say you share your screen if that's okay with you that's. Fine that's fine but, before we get started though guys da Vinci is not a financial, adviser right. He, this is not financial, advice. This. Is just his opinion entertainment. Showing, you his top, five holdings don't have to be your top five holdings, so guys real quick before we get started we're gonna do three we're gonna go break down three of them on this, video right now and then we're gonna do the next to number two and number one are going to be done on DaVinci. J15 channel is gonna upload a video on there for the second part so make sure you guys do to tune in subscribe, check it out as well at the end of this video so you guys can figure out the rest of them. Awesome. Yes let's. See here let's go to the. To. This my day, trading. Settings. Here I know there's a lot of indicators, here I like to look, at them because. I know I understand, all these different indicators, and if you're interested in this little ad strategy, you, can you. Could I have free videos on, how. To just, basically understand, how to when to buy one to sell and how, to do the the Fibonacci. Retracement. So for example this, is like this doesn't have all the data is too bad so it's hard to say unless we have a larger, history know if we looked at another exchange, maybe. Well. This is on bitstamp that's why okay, let's check bit Trek see if the tricks has, no. Even. Worse wow. Wow. Wow. That's. Terrible, but. Let's take a look at, Polonius, maybe so, I remember Polonius. Keeping. The name their real bit better there we go there. We go so, I'm, going to ignore this huge, wig because. I don't think that actually happened, in, the res changes. And. Let's. Go with the this, week here. And. We. Can see. From. Here we're gonna ignore that this this, is this tail here. We. Could see that. That. BC. Oh man it stopped trading, they. Stopped treating it on Oh probably. Because they have what they call their Bitcoin cache ape ABC, and now bakery cache sv and all that crazy, stuff that went on so big, price today so it's a difficult one just raise you, have to know which one you're messing with let's.

Just Stick with bid tricks. And so. Obviously at. An all-time low. Where. It's made an all-time low so this is not a good, sign for this coin, but. I don't think Bitcoin, cash is going anywhere, yeah. So. Is, it okay just to nibble, this this coin here, sure. But, I think what, you could do. Right. Up for the little lady strategy. For people who are interested in a little old lady strategy, is, you're not gonna buy here, because it's, coming back down right, you could buy anywhere. In. This. Location. Start. To start, your nibbles a small. Amount of. Money. Don't bet, the farm. 0.25. Point, five percent something, like that and. Any. Time anywhere, in here you can start to start up to sixty one point eight that's. That's. Zero point zero three. Six and down. You. Could even down here because this. Coin did a V bottom, here and you, know V bottoms all would love to get tested, right because, because. We, what we're looking for when, markets. Are bottoming. We want to see is, a. Double. Ewing pattern, like so right. Something. Like that yeah the market has never bottoms, on a V or usually never bottoms on the V yeah exactly it always tries, to retest. That last bottom so, don't be buying it up here like, even, even, if you put your buy orders, even down in this, area right here, that's. Fine that's. Fine I think. This, the. You could put some large buy orders down here larger, buy ours down here just, to catch, that testing, of the, bottom. And. In fact I'm gonna probably after this video I'm. So. Yeah, that's that's one of my my my. Coins so, Bitcoin cash it interesting since one that a lot of people dislike, because, of the. Shannons, the stuff that's gone on right but. I, mean, if you're in it to make money you're gonna today money right can't, trade with emotion, exactly. You know what symptoms it is when. You trade right, don't, hate it don't, date it just, read it there you go there's. There's, a difference like to me there's, a difference between I'm gonna hold for five ten years as like, an investment versus, a trade you. Know and, an investment, you don't want to fall in love with an investment but you have to believe in the investment, if if. You're trading you're just you're just going for the money at that point, exactly. And that's, what most people are here for right most people are here for money yeah you're. Here for the money then, didn't. Stop like, getting, in getting. Intimately, involved in as a coin and throwing everything you've got at it because, you think there's gonna go up yeah. Well you think it's going up to some making why why is that because you want to make money right so, here's. Another way of making money that's that's, proven, to to. Make. You more money faster. Than. Just, putting. It all on you. Know on. Black, or something like that or even worse putting it on green. I. Mean if you take a look at this right this, chart here it's. Not it's not hopes if, we take a look at this chart right. If if we get it if you buy down here, or. Even here at the 36, a double, is right. Right. About, tier. Right it was like. Is. A, point, but. If, you get like at a point, zero three if you buy two nipples some down you get an average of point zero three is the double is like point. Zero six is right here and is, the market gonna pass this level here this, this candle, here well you know what what, I've learned is that wicks, and tails love to get eat it eat that. So this this, wick here is definitely, gonna get eaten this is an easy easy. Double. Here this. Is like I'm just given any of your viewers free. Money yeah, don't bet the farm here, don't get the farm please. But. Also it's it's well known that the market likes to trade back to the 50% level of the, previous. High and there. It is wait the 50% level and that's, where you double it hello. Everything. Lines. Up. You. You're, gonna get your money back and you can go invest in some other coin right, you so. This now. Will with it is this gonna go to zero I don't, think so but. If it does right, if you. Do a risk management and you put in only 0.5, 2.5%. 0.25. Percent, who, cares if it goes to zero who, cares, look. For another you're gonna have you're gonna have your money, in multiple, different assets, and and, many of them are not gonna go to zero yeah I mean that's anything, we're trading that I've been like trying to emphasize especially in my trade group I have a trading group and I've emphasized so much that you don't want it because well I've had so many times people have been stuck in one trade because, they went all-in in one trade and like. I've been emphasizing the risk management parsec goal if personally I do like 5% in each trade then, I have like 20 trays running on one time and it just creates a flow through so you know some will hit targets faster some, will hit stop and it'll just flow.

Like That and it makes it easier. You're. A professional trader you've you've managed, to learn how to manage, your emotions and, not get, sucked in to the hype it's. Hard at first, but. After, you get through it things just become things, just make sense it's, just becomes mechanical exactly. Just. The same thing over and over again rinse and repeat 100%. Yes. So what was the other coin one, was ma no ma, ma. Mona Mona. Mona. Coin now that doesn't look like a coin, that's that's. That's pretty safe right right. You. Guys can tell the Vinci has some crazy all coins. I've profited. From this point quite a few times as you can see here if it, works it works. If. I bring I'm pretty sure I have like a history, of. My. Profits, on Mona I'm, on. Bit, treks here yeah you can see look, at all the sails look. At all that I mean come on along, look. At look at this I've made ten bitcoins, on that, really. And then. Who cares like if it's. Still a hot one of those higher ones that I own but I long. Yeah. You, can see if that I was buying all kinds down there and selling, half on the double half half half half all the. Way up here like. Crazy so. Is it it is it a good is it a good buy, it's dangerous, one here I think, but, because, look the volume, if we look at the volume profile, oh my god that does, not look good when. He's money's, coming out of this I'd. Have to say stay away from this point people. Because you, could see that this coin is definitely, a fourth tier, coin or. Yeah. It's a fourth tier corn because it looks like it's probably dying we'd. Have to take a look and see if the developers, are going to do anything. With. This coin but. I doubt it oh. I. Would. Leave this as a fourth tier carrying can. It pop because you. Know what this coin even. Though. Even. Though the, developers may have gone it's. Still gonna be around yeah, and so, we're gonna have people who are pumping. Dumpers coming, into this thing pumping. It up and you. Know causing, it to go you, know bonkers. Can. You get a double on this possible. But if you really wanted to get in on this. Coin, and. Where. Would I where would I be buying well, I wouldn't be buying here this. Is just not gonna happen. I would. Be buying you could see the V bottom here right mm-hmm. Just like in the last one I. Would. Be buying again. If. I was interested in buying this coin and I don't think I am. Because. I already have too much of it anyways, it's, one of your five big as old. But. You know it doesn't matter because I profited, like crazy, amounts. You. Bitch I mean you you basically been trained the patterns until if it does end up going to zero or dying off you've just been training the patterns until then. Who. Knows you know somebody might take the coin and make it make. It valuable again and that's, and then I have lots to sell right in the future. But. I I'm, not worried about whatever I have left because it's just you know it's just like the leftovers, from you know selling half on a double that's right. And. So. Here. Is. Where I'd be interested in buying and you see it's almost there I'd, probably be. Buying at the seventy eight point six only because this is a long. Candle. Here one-day candle, and. I. I. Feel that this this market will probably come and test this bottom, get come closer to testing this bottom or, even passing, it because. Of all the volume that's left this market, so. I. Would, really, suggest you buy at the eighty, eight eighty, eight. Six level, here. Because. This thing wants to come back down and contest, its bottom for sure yeah. So. If, you really. Really want to get in on this coin. My. Recommendation. Is again. Very, low percentage, maybe point, zero, one percent in this coin because. The. Probability. Of it going to zero R is, extremely. High have. That management. You. Know ten bucks at this let's see what happens right you, might you might double your money even triple your money right so yeah. It wouldn't hurt but just not, please, please, don't bet the farm. Alright. So what's another coin that I have, let's. See here I have dogecoin. Oh I love Doge, it's, fun coin it, is it's. A Miss and. I I don't, think it's going anywhere. But. It's fun because people buy this thing like crazy I, mean it's basically an OG at this point right I don't think it's going anywhere either. I'm. Also not gonna you know invest, in it for the long term I don't think it's gonna make, much of a you. Know of a stance in the market but no like move its way into the top five or anything but I think it's gonna be around yeah and, the pattern it trades and look at those tiles it just works, I know I this.

Is Beautiful fur trader when you look at something like that you just said like like. Dollar signs. Exactly. Exactly, so, I you know I got in on this this is this downtrend, like I saw this downtrend, so I take off a thought okay you know what it, took off but I'm gonna buy the 72 sixty, one point eight or something like that so really break this down let me just go down to the to, the dailies here and. You can see if. You, could see it marked. Where I bought this coin. And, I. Did, the exact same thing right, I saw it take off right, thought. Okay you know what I'll nibble this thing at the sixty one point eight. Yeah. I think that's right let's see here right, here right, here. So. I got it I don't, know why, is it pointing them down there why. I got in somewhere here, yes, and. Before. It took off and yeah. I mean I was looking to see a double here like at the, 100, I think and never, couldn't never got there but that's okay because this is a little SAT strategy, I spent. A small amount of money but you know what I wouldn't. Mind getting back in this name I've gotten a lot of profit from this it, doesn't, show on this this particular chart, but probably, on the polonius one, I've. Had. I've. Had so. Many double, bank out so many doubles on this it's not funny let me just look at it like it, every few every. Month it looks like at this point yeah. You're on the daily every every few months you just have yeah. And, I'm sure if you check my Twitter page you can see some of the doubles that I got off of there you can see here I sold some here as well because I bought down here so that's. That's how you do it basically with the the little old lady stretch he just whatever. Comes back down right you, look for you know the W in pattern or or, right, here you can see there's a double Ewing pattern that didn't, quite have, failed but that's okay it end up taking off anyways. And. So that. Was an easy win Oh. Dodge, coin, the, coin the. Cute little coin that always, gets you paid right. We're. Not gonna be using them anyways. Let's. See here, goodbye. No it's over here goodbye. We're. Not gonna be using that we're just gonna use the volume indicator so though you can see and, you can see that money is not leaving this space it's. Actually coming in here. So. This coin is not going anywhere even though it's I would consider the third or fourth tier coin it's. Not going anywhere. You know. Alright, moving, on to another coin, what what I. Think that was I think that was three right now so you want to do the other two on your channel right yes. All, right all right guys that's gonna be it for this, video 3, we have Mona, we have Mona we have was, a Bitcoin cache and we, have all s only the dogecoin of course who can forget dogecoin, so those are three, of da vinci j15 the biggest all coin, holdings, we're gonna be posting the next two on his, channel so make sure I'm gonna leave a link to the video on the, in the description, of this video so you guys can go ahead and check, that out see the next to see the breakdown and all that thank you guys so much for watching I'll, see you guys tomorrow for, another video.

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Plz tell me the btc price for jan and feb.

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ethicalaid com got me a hacked transfer of 16k am so glad

Que paso señor Jeremy.

Look into Iagon.

Please look into DubaiCoin (DBIX) the BTC of the Middle East

He lost me at BCH isn’t going anywhere? TF??!! He couldn’t even find the correct exchange he was looking for .. FML.. stick w BTC buddy..; way to hold it together Patrick

Thanks ✌

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+American Highwaymen XD yes!!! How I see it is... BCH and BSV shouldn't be there, USDT is not a crypto really or is it? LTC... I have lost any interest, only for trading cash but not technology. Now, I will be disappointed if I see... XRP Classic, XRP Diamond, XRP cash, XRPBGV (Brad Garlinghouse Vision) XRP CASH, XRP ABC, XRP DEF, XRP LMNOP etc... But it is unlikely, People can criticize Ripple and XRP but from all of them, truly are the most serious and professionals!

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It would be great if the subtitle were in Spanish, for the Hispanic people.

hola seria genial se el subtitulo estuviera en espanol.

@The Discouraged Ones XD yes!!! How I see it is... BCH and BSV shouldn't be there, USDT is not a crypto really or is it? LTC... I have lost any interest, only for trading cash but not technology. Now, I will be disappointed if I see... XRP Classic, XRP Diamond, XRP cash, XRPBGV (Brad Garlinghouse Vision) XRP CASH, XRP ABC, XRP DEF, XRP LMNOP etc... But it is unlikely, People can criticize Ripple and XRP but from all of them, truly are the most serious and professionals!

@FUTURE OUTFIT Right!!! ADA and maybe XLM!

Wish I was into youtube or new some techys that were into btc back in 2011/2012....

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