DANGER AHEAD - Crypto Crash 2018

DANGER AHEAD - Crypto Crash 2018

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If you follow my videos, you, know day in and day out this. Is one of the reasons why I update. This, information, over. Here, because. It gives you inside of 30 seconds, it can give you a top-down, view of the economy you, know and how the dollars, are, moving. Within. Cryptocurrency. Right. And so. When, I go through. You. Know different, resources, coin market cap for one and I. Know. That, Bitcoin went up 40. 50, percent right, I'm good, with that I'm, fine. With that the problem. Is that. When, you, look at the bigger, picture and. You. Categorize. You. Know the top of our economy, with, respect, to performance. Versus. Bitcoin. Then. We see a completely. Different picture. Right. U.s., dollar is fine, but, if you notice even on the dollar side Bitcoin, made 30 percent more dollars, in the past seven days only. One. Coin in the. Top two. Coins I, don't. Count that as a point, to. Coins in the top 20 outperform. Now that's. Not good that. Means Bitcoin is basically sucking, up all the dollars right, now, and. So, we need to be. Able to have a strategy, for that right, and that, is what, I hope, to be able to do on this. Video. With you guys is help to identify what. That strategy, can. Look like right, and. Actually. This is the methodology, I wanted to show you on this call like why I think we're in trouble more, or less why I think we're headed for another. Steep, steep steep correction, with the altcoins, and I'm not talking, about dollars, I'm talking. About performance. Verse Bitcoin, and I guess that should be the biggest thing right now because, if we look at a theorem we, can see a theory am two Bitcoin is broke, we're in trouble we broke support. Right there and you know we're struggling but if we go to aetherium. Two, dollars you. Know, it looks completely different this thing actually looks like we're gonna catch, right. There you. Know and come back up right, and and, that is the biggest difference right there is is you. Know our number one goal as traders. Is not, to accumulate, dollars, because we know that bitcoins, gonna beat dollars, just by the, economics. Of the model behind it, so we don't need to accumulate dollars, we need to accumulate Bitcoin. Right, and when, you have a situation, where. Hopefully. They load it up not. Sure what's going on with that one. Cookie, this is life. When. You have a situation that. There. We go BTC. Come. On oh. Boy. Goodness. Gracious. We're, to top only, to at a top 20 coins. Outperform. Bitcoin, that's. Not good. Right. And. So. Now we need to identify a strategy, to preserve, our equity. In Bitcoin. Right, I do not. Think. It's a good idea to. Jump. Over. Back. To dollars, and sell you. Know your crypto, $4. Or tether no, no. No, no, no. Because. Number one if you convert it to tether now, you're at the liability, of a suspect coin, with no liquidity, and no you. Know they've, already been quote hacked once. You. Know so I think I think your. Best option, as a traitor what I'm doing as a trader, is to, find coins that, are at least holding. Their own versus. Bitcoin. Right, and one. Of these coins is Oh me. See go oMG. Right, and if, we look at this one. We. Can see that, during. This same time etherium, went down you, know 30 40 % Oh Mesa, go has. Done. Pretty well right. This thing is up almost. 10% on. The boss method signal right if you would have got in down there you, would be up. Another. Hundred percent, on top of that this. Coin is set up to do exceptionally. Well over, the next couple months number. One because, it already had you, know a four month, correction, all the way going back to last September, you, know so even if we just do some simple cycle, lines where we take a cycle. Run it through there boom boom boom we, can see from, the bottom to the top right. Break. Out break. Down, flatline. What, comes next BAM. Yeah, I'm Sam and this is, what Oh me, see go is set up to do on the long-term now. Because. We have long money inside, this chart the. 77, is above the 231. On a 343. Which means this thing is deep money, right. Up here, we just had day, players shorten, it right but, down here we have deep money buying it so even if we did like a Fibonacci from.

Those. -, boom. Boom we. Can see what's happening right now we're literally stepping, up and stepping down, the, scale. To. Where. We. Came down consolidate, it right on top of that 382. Once. We break above this which, we should do by there. We. Should break above the six one eight by that point in time and ultimately. We. May get to the 1/6, as early. As right. There if, not. There. Then. There. Right. And so. With a chart, like Oh Mesa go while the rest of the market, is struggling, you. Know you can still double. Your Bitcoin. Probably, by the, beginning. Of June given. The cycle and that's just you. Know that one six is not out of the question it's, just a little bit higher than where, we met look at that you. Know the, chart knows. All the information, you need to know right it's. Just going right back to the exact top of that first breakout in the first place I don't think 98. Percent, you, know is not obtainable, because we already did it the one six hit right there BAM, nail, on the head right, that's, all we're saying that's all we're saying we're just gonna repeat, the energy that's already built into this chart right, and. This is the biggest thing I think you know you guys should. Try to understand, is that all of this energy is interconnected. I, used to compare, the. Crypto. Verse the entire crypto, verse to a beating heart when. One side, of the heart. Constricts. The, other side relaxes. This is essentially, how blood flows from one side to the other through, these ventricles but guess what look, at that oh my goodness it looks just like these, charts, that we're putting together to. Where we can identify, rhythms. And. You. Know waves. And, functions, and energy cycles inside. These. The, same metric, right so let me find one that works here. Because. When I saw it is look. At this. Exact. Same stuff they teach it in med school, break. Out break, down flatline. What, comes next they, got it as a little T wave that's basically cycle, on cycle, off right. That's their love dub but, this. Is. Another. Segment break out break down flatline, and so. What what, I'm saying is as. One. Side constricts, the other side relaxes. Money, can only. Flow. One, way at a time and right now given, bitcoin, start BTC. To, the USD. We. Expect. Bitcoin. To, continue. To go up at. Least in the near term right, because, what we have now is this 77, is going. Up. So. By near-term I mean probably for the next two or three weeks right. Bitcoin. Is bottomed out that 77. Is gonna go up that seven at some point is gonna have to come back down but, that 77. Will go up to the 231. Which is gonna make the 231, flattened out and then when that seven comes above the 231. Now, we got, you, know a cycle, going into April, where all three will be positive. This will be the general trend, of Bitcoin, over the next six, weeks will, be to bottom, out right.

There, And. Use this as a floor, to, get back up here right. What does that look like on a fibonacci scale, that looks something like that, boom boom look at that we capped ourselves, at the 1/2 and. We. And. We can just as easily fall, to the 786. But that'll be good because it'll give the 77, time to get to the 6 1 8 once it gets to the 6 1 8 we're gonna be above the. Fall-off. Right here right, and this is this is a six week correction, you notice this this thing goes all the way out I just freestyle, it but I still hit it you know pretty good it goes all the way out to, the end of March early April. Right. And so. Don't think this is happening overnight but what's going to happen, for the next say. Six. Weeks right, this time right here for the next month. To. Six weeks four, to six weeks is Bitcoin. Will take up a majority, of this market, right, it will suck up a lot of the money that's, in the market and this, is actually a good chart to look at let's check out coin, market cap, they. Normally, have that's. What I should have showed you from the beginning, the altcoin. Chart, the. Total, market makeup and that's that's really what's changing, right now I don't think the market cap is, changing. Overall. But I think, the. Dynamics. Of the, inside, of the market is what's shifting, right to where Bitcoin, you know once the bounce back they want this thing to get back above, 15,000. And so, in order to do that they're, just gonna take money. Literally. Transition. It from other coins neo -, aetherium, z cash. To. Supplement, that no new money is coming in the market right now the only thing that's happening is money is moving from, the altcoins, back into, Bitcoin, right, and so. If we look at where, our charts, here, I. Really. Want this thing going anymore. Let's. See. Disable. This thing real quick. See, if that fixes it. There. We go. And, so when I was what I wanted to do is show you guys that inside, the past month. The. Amount of money flow they caught is like I think this is like m1, m2 you. Know kind of like the big money inside, the market right, total, market, cap this is a big one right here, total. Market cap excluding. Bitcoin, this is basically all of the. Altcoin, money right, I just said that this was going to keep going down. Because. It's gone down quite a bit right. In, the. Past. Month. Alone that's. That's a big amount we went from 500 billion. Up here. 500. Billion to, you. Know just, clinging on the 300, and what, I'm saying is we'll probably go and test that 200. Down there which, means a majority, of the altcoins, will get cut down in half when that happens and. That's just simple economics, we're at 300 right now we're, gonna bottom out at 200, again to test that whole run to test this whole cycle, give it all validity, by, the time that line reaches, out we'll probably be the middle of April and the. Altcoin market cap will be back down around 200. Altogether, that is the chart in itself, and. All that money is not going back to the dollar it's actually going out to Bitcoin, right.

So We will see Bitcoin, recover, pretty nicely 15, 16,000. But. These. Altcoins, will, suffer, as far, as their comparative, Bitcoin value, is concerned, right, and and, and you. Know we see it happening, already hold, on let me get, out of this thing, we. See it happening already if we, look inside of. This. Chart. Yeah. We see it happening already inside the three-month chart of coin, market cap right to, where we can see that that's last little run right here that's. Exactly what I'm talking about that's Bitcoin, coming back what did we all benefit, from you. Know. Over. Here right, a. Lot. Of these all coins especially, what was a triple our. Light coin light coin took a lot of that money right, so when Bitcoin was going down right here see, that, when. Bitcoin was going down right there. Light. Coin was going up. Right. And now, we're in a situation where, when Bitcoin is going up. Everything. Else is going down that's. Really the biggest thing I think you guys. You. Guys should take note of is to, pay attention to. This. Situation. That's. Happening, right in front of our eyes. Right. Here. Right. Bitcoin. Goes up. Litecoin. -. Ripple. All. Going, down, even. If we go down to let's. Just go down to the seven day this is really what concerned me the most to be honest because this is a lot of money. There's, a lot of money. Right. It doesn't look like much but at, the beginning we have Bitcoin at thirty-four percent say. What's. Number two and number three between. The two of those we had about twenty, four percent thirty, four percent and twenty four percent between, two and three see, that thirty-four. And then twenty, four thirty, four twenty four but. Today, we. Got thirty nine twenty. Two. That's. A huge discrepancy and that's one two three that, shows you how this money is just literally, dissonant, disappearing. From, the. Bigger cap off coins and flowing, inside Bitcoin, and that's. The biggest thing that I wanted to let you guys know is a shift is indeed on the horizon, at, least for the near term for the next six weeks I don't think the crypto verse is a you, know in trouble. So. To speak long term but as traders, we want, to accumulate, more Bitcoin right, and. So that becomes more difficult when Bitcoin, takes up all our money right. And. That's, the biggest thing you guys it's, really and I started, to do this with coin Telegraph but I wanted to begin. To have a dialogue, to onboard a, new. Mantra, just to understand. How economics. Work understand. How cycles, works understand, how trade-offs. Work right, you. Can't have. One. Side benefit. And the other side, you. Know not be adversely, affected like. That's. What I say one equals one what, goes up must come down if it wants to keep going up but there's always a balance, point there is always a trade-off right energy, can't be created or, destroyed it merely transforms. From one asset to another so while the, altcoins. Lose their relative, bitcoin value, bitcoin. Luke gains its relative, dollar value, and that's all we'll see probably, until you know to begin an of a pro when these cycles start to shift around if. You're in a chat right now do, me a favor shouts country, out and we, will uh you, know shout you guys out as well I appreciate everybody, you know kickin it with me this evening and. On. Top of that I think I think when, we look at it from bigger person from, a bigger perspective what, we're doing, is we're, actually empowering, the, people with, this knowledge right I remember. One of the first videos I did you know I got I got a. Lot. Of information I've obtained from different universities. Different classes accreditation, is whatever whatever but. One. Of the people and wanted a chat I gave like a little lecture, you, know basic, economics, I wanted, people's like was I supposed to learn anything, you.

Know Not felt bad I was like well you know probably. Not if if you already notice stuff then that's fine but you know you forget, that nine-tenths. Of the world doesn't even have access to. You, know running water or you, know portable, electricity. Let alone you, know the knowledge obtained, inside these corporatized. American University, so what I'm teaching you you guys is actually the information they know on Wall Street and that they use in financial, markets and you know extrapolation. Of manipulation, of their, monetary. Systems, right, but. How, we win, is we. Always, have the choice of what we choose to value, that's. The transition, that's the shift until, now we did, not have a choice until. Now this. $20. Bill was, the status quo the baseline, of your. Life your life was measured, by how many of these things you could obtain and. It. Was printed for you it was given to you every two weeks you didn't have to have, to ask for it that was the unit of value. Bitcoin. Has changed, that it is given us a completely. Different paradigm shift, you don't need a bank you don't need a, FDIC. Insurance policy, you don't need a nine-to-five with, a 401 K and a direct deposit just to get it you, know cuz that's one of the problems is what happens if you're homeless what, happens if you, don't have a, mailing address for them to mail you your debit, card or you don't have a Social Security number for them to verify, your identity who. Is they who. Gave them. The, right, to, say who has, and who does not have accessibility. To, financial. Capability. Bitcoin. Doesn't care the blockchain doesn't, care it's a protocol. It connects, A to, B it. Doesn't care about extraneous, situations, circumventing. C right. That's. The biggest the, biggest thing outside. Of all this money moves is from one side to the other all we got to do is manage the swings but first we have to change our mind because we have a nation, full of broken. People and I, ain't talking about broke like no money broke I'm talking broke like mine broke cuz see that's the problem is you know a lot of times they don't have to break you the person if they break your mind and they've won forever that's. Why the point of prison is not to rehabilitate. People it's to control people you break somebody's, mind you treat them like an animal you dis degrade. Them, disregard. Them and demean them into the battery, to where they enslave, themselves for, the next 80 years you don't even they just enter in a cage for for 2 years but they enslaved for the next 80. This. Is a system, of design, be. Aware of all the variables be awareness, of the circumstances, and then be aware of your options, because, now we have one and. It. Lives on the blockchain. So. Let's go ahead and and get our people show our people some love right now you, know I'm saying a, shift. Is on the horizon you guys make sure you're able to profit from it because. Uh they, will, be profiting as well right. New. Zealand, 90 crypto, what it do I know, I saw a cake, town big levels, going on market range of Sactown, what it do marshland. Africa. ICU, Dallas, Texas, Seattle, Rio Brazil. Brazil. Back to back, what, up Dominican, Republic, Charlotte, North Carolina Portland. Oregon, I see, you out there, Wankel. And what, Conda okay. Curtis. You're pretty funny guy pretty funny guy Curtis. Maganda. Right yeah Dallas. Texas Dago, Cali boss, walking, on the west coast Madagascar. Straight yeah Jersey. City Oh age 10 Ohio, players in the building austin texas and dominican republic that. Being said guys thank, you so much for joining me as you can see we got a kaleidoscope.

Of Nations young saying coming together to, change the world we don't need, the. United, version, that they try to create for is we already, united. Young-sam, that, being said it's that time of the day signing out this is the boats, boy, BK no matter where you stay from, brazil to the bay and Califonia all the way back out through jerk, money good night good morning a good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time if you found it valuable attorney. Notifications. On and. Copy. And paste you this URL text somebody you care about right now each, one reach one reach one teach, one do, that for me if you appreciate my until we meet again stay cryptic y'all please.

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