Danbuster Plays - Attack of the Saucerman (Part 10) - Monkey Business

Danbuster Plays - Attack of the Saucerman (Part 10) - Monkey Business

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Hi. There my, name is Dan Buster seal it boot DC, that will for short welcome. To my channel. Man. Welcome back to attack Allah saws a man previously. It just smashed all Ned curb pretensions in the ass dick period by, taking up their landing pads and dealt. A crushing defeat to the human shaman leader, enough. Of the game crashed so, to get in Eva Marie take a. Good-news, body and bad, news, oh. This. Is the bad first in, all. Those lies I've got big. Baba's vanished but if you were gonna ham it was you're in a temple gone, don't. You let him go why. Didn't he call me. So. What's the good news you've. Bought yourself some breath freshener. You. Burnt your entire CD collection, oh. I. Know. You. Decided Olivia, live the rest of your life as a monk and will never speak again. Everybody. I. Fixed. A toy device yeah. No, it looks, real good look. Huh. Sancai. Tacky old back you're, a genius. Well. I felt fairly intelligent walking, spanner anyway. You. Say it again a. Qadir. Thanks. About repairs of the time device we now have two-way, communications. Nice. We. Notice that big brother is already has already left his time zone however and has traveled further into the past. We. Are tracking him from here and will, transmit those quarters to you now. We'll. Kill Roger Tango. Foxtrot Samba. Jive. What. Are you blathering about, never. Mind. His. Current temporal, location his hip position, is at a very delicate, and critical, time and an eeveelution, of the human race. He's. Obviously up to no good. Us. Stop him once and for all. Good. Luck ok. Signing off I, do. We see they, they wouldn't put, the evolution, candle across like his fact. Further. Into the past incredible. There's, not much MassDEP to go to well. What are you in for Zonk times. It at the time walking in. Here. An egg is, the wormhole appearing, a, backwater. Of temporal world a temporal, flux. Boom, maybe. Stony. Starport. Her. Didn't, even know they had still and stop wasn't a stone age. Probably. Something to do with this grim noise insurgency. Oh. We. Better take him out quickly. Phew, it's hot here all of a sudden everything. He be okay I never needs to be huge old or something, time, to go out a gate and find out what's going on. Sound. Good you do the honors. And. Deep, crashed without, those fish, bits they, ain't my hit go purple. What. Oh. Ed. You've, arrived uh c-could. We believe, Big Poppa who established, a huge base in his timeline. Using. Is to help in the mortgage out on the whole world. You. Must shut it down. We. Need you to investigate and report back once you found it. And. How will I find it. Zonker. Program, the coordinates in the output Padre dark I. Will. Be waiting on your communication, make. A doubt okay. It, say down, it's. Time to play hunt the base. This, is a very tropical. Landscape, a. Very. Irish guy but. Strange. Now area. Let. Me get to that. Let. Me see the bees shut in here. Stegosaurus. Say who's blocking, our pass that way you can't go there. How's. That way around huh. Maybe. Oh. Dead, tree. Monkeys. Was helmets. On these. And. They're throwing bananas, hey. You're not, I'm. Not hungry thank you I already. Ate. Seems. That I knocked a helmet off. Nobody, went. I'll get over here. Dead. Tree knocking doctor.

Blimey. That this. Seizures. Knocking. Throwing. Lovable, others has. Already nice. It's. A very sorry, safe. Safest. Place there with a bass, I wonder why they put it, in. Here Oh. Lambie. The. Net monkey does commit suicide. Yeah. Well. Use. These them ladies, to try and cross this. Hot. Area. Unfortunately. Drilloid space, suits aren't fireproofed. Get. Out of there fool you're, doing. We. Got the lighting. This. Is a bit near. This. Hoop. Laser. Looks. Like a very powerful shot. Yes. I can. See that. Well. Let's escape back there with a leader I can't quite reach. Wait. What maybe, early time to say him but, they turn a hint that grim. Light alien technology, is somehow helped. These monkeys of a evolution. Rather. Ludicrous, idea. Southold. Ever play this as it as he comes. Earthquake. Are, you vote for very volcanic, activity around here I don't. Much Bethany's lava levels. Nice. Oh. Thank. You if, I see any I'll holler. Over. Maybes. The. Product is a noisy eaters aren't they very, noisy. Eaters. Yes. No their product isn't about who's. Long necked things. And. If I was ever too smart. About not at all names. But. I get the idea of these guys or help me or that. Over. That lip. Here. Yeah. Right. There's. Something you saw stuff here. Blimey. What's just coming. You. Something. That's. Take asaurus. Okay. Yeah, let's. Keep calm Adam III, I need, us who's greater I. Won't. Do anything if you had anything. Baby. News around here but we careful those guys that's. Eternity, if I wanna know I squash, them literally. Lazier. Kill. Ya. Can, I get up there. I. Suppose. That one isn't activated. That's. My life. These. Mushrooms spring, you things but they me but. The mechanisms, rather. Pedantic. You gotta be jumping exactly the right moment if. You don't and. Then you finally abductor a bad time you, very. Easily, completely. Miss your jump and fall, off a, few. Me annoying. Yeah. No, what is this I, saw. Blue tops on the radar. Okay. Man, jump, yeah. That's right. This. Was like an important. Real. Annoyed thingy. Uh-oh. He. Hasn't seen me get in his sock but just. When I was out of that machine is another there's little, turquoise people I was their exclusive. Rocky. Losses. I. Thought. The job I'll get the drop on him. No. That's handy, no, be never. That little guy. Mommy, still alive. Cheeky. Think, any. Much to survive my shot. Hey. Hey. Get out me. Nicholas. How easy. These, guys survive. Musi. I. Haven't, seen nothing. Is blimey. Auntie. Tomah's. I can't get up there I can't. Get up there so. I'm. Forced to take the loaded. Again. Why. Did he move the aid because. He was firing at you. Orders. Were quite clearly shoot. Him in an run, to one side, even. Though it's not necessary this guy is attack me he's taking, one of my lives if, I must kill him back.

One. Of my policies, in gaming I'm, afraid I'm a revengeful player. If. I get hit by someone I have, to hit them back if. I let anybody off, then. The others think they can get away with it. Ridiculous. So that there's only one little. Grenadier hit we're. Gonna hit by one little grenades and. Depressingly. Annoying now. I, can't. Keep me playing certain bits because of its, incompetence. Just. Don't tell vitamin, I've got full hell's that but I said there's. My idiot here who died too. Easily to. One single explosive. Like. A weeks a weakling. What. You. Gotta. Jump on him I. Believe. That first when I I fought, I should've, I had my exclusive. And. Mesh they kill me as well, ridiculous. Only. I, mean. Look, at what basically, is it a glass cannon is they don't take a punishment. I. Hate. It when he do that hit, me or the shot are they dying. Any. Other one go, he. Was thing about jumping down to that pit there I've just come from there I don't have to go we'll be back. Now. These are Laughlin is in the area. Get. Back here. I've. Got most that last very long. There's. Every critical time of me. We. Cover the world so we don't have let. Me see I'll. See, that. But, I'm being good. Actor and. He's. He's. Some. Froggy. Nader's. Are trying to eat a smaller kind. Better. Tape I better, get them quick before you try and suck me up. Yes. That's, all them. Know. That he'll. Hide them again just to. Make sure. There's. Anyone from here now. A safe. Late in the middle C. Come, on it's just a squeeze stop hurting yourself on C, squares I. Start. With him he's getting hurt, in it then I found. His out but. It's no base. It's. No base. That's. Weird. A corridor. Scanner the base should be here, I. Don't. Understand it my, boy he knows well. If all else fails blow. It up so I say all. Right. It's frying time okay. Let's get on the head no. No, for the chit chat. Du. Bist. Okay. Bleed of it a. Rather, small t-rex, running around there. So, this, thing's let me take. Her. Wow. I. Mean. I hit that t-rex he gets it he gets annoyed I. See. You I, see. A solution. I. Seem. To I think to do the hundred do the trick. Of, course he's gonna be, able to damage it by going it from the side he's. Gonna hit it directly. Look. Don't step on the. Decrease. It in. You, know that, girl just stand. In a place where I can paint using them. Come. On come. On Rex get over here, it's. A bit of a pace. You. Missed your Greek Wonka. TV. Excuse missing them, target. Thanks. Rex that. Model is must have been a special context, field distortion impetus de hoy does pieces to signature, the, real one disappeared on a scanner it's, pretty big is right Nixon a big mountain come. On get me in we. Need to get there so we can report any case. That. Was interesting. Well. Let about wrap things up for our first exploration of the Stone Age period, but, I hope you enjoyed the video if you did follow, me is like share and subscribe and, hopefully I'll see you next time cheerio.

2018-04-11 19:54

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Nice video my freind 《thumpsup》

From Modern Times, to Victorian London, to the Aztec Era,and now to the Stone Age. Wow what a wild ride this has been thus far!

Indeed it has! And NEDCO seem to get more advantage on me each time...

*Watches you hang head* "My head hurts". Poor Danny. *pets head* - w -

Danbuster: Yeah... that was quite a dirty trick of Big Bubba, wasting our time by diverting us to that volcanic crater...

Good game

Well, up to a point, certainly... there are better games that I should make commentary on someday... ;-)

Thanks! ^_^

I cant wait for prince of persia 2 alternative version

subscribe back plz

Thanks! ^_^ Favour returned!

9 5 1 plz back & coment

good luck road to 1k subs..

Thanks! Favour returned

Thanks! You as well! ;-) *notes my number dropped to 950* Here's hoping we can gain them faster than we drop them...

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