DAN HENRY | How To Grow Your Online Business To 8 Figures | Millionaire Secrets

DAN HENRY | How To Grow Your Online Business To 8 Figures | Millionaire Secrets

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Over 1700. New millionaires, are created, every single day, in the us alone, and more than double that across the globe. They're people, from all walks of life, most of them people, just like, you and i, so the big question, is this. How are so many people, who didn't inherit, money or have any special, advantages. Overcoming, the odds and becoming. Millionaires. That's the question, and this show will give you the answers. My name is jeff lerner, and welcome, to millionaire. Secrets. Welcome to another episode of millionaire secrets, jeff lerner excited to be back with you as always, today, i am joined. By a luminary, figure who, uh doesn't need, a ton of introduction. If you're in the, you know digital marketing. Entrepreneurial. Influencer, space. His name is dan henry. He is. Uh arguably, the world's most successful, pizza delivery boy. And uh and i'm sure he has some stories, but he's also the creator of getclients.com. Uh he's the author of digital millionaire, secrets, which was a national bestseller. Uh he's the creator of, soldoutcourses.com. I've, literally, been through, a lot of his stuff, and it's amazing. And i'm just thrilled, and, grateful to have him on millionaire secrets dan welcome to the show. Hey man how you doing. I couldn't be better i was telling you man i'm i'm chilling at the wind, in las vegas, which is. Literally, our home away from home we come here at least once we're actually trying to be here. Twice a month, just, for me i have four kids so it's good to get away with my wife, and uh. Hashtag, winning man doesn't get much better how about you how are you. Well i'm doing good man i i close on my um, i'm sure you've seen it on my instagram, i close on my yacht on november, 3rd. Um. And i'm just like so super excited, it's funny because uh perry belcher asked me to speak at war room. So we're literally gonna close on i mean as long as everything goes well and there's no issues but, we're gonna close on the boat and immediately, head over to galveston, texas and then rent a car and go up to austin for the event so. Um it's gonna be pretty cool man i'm excited. That sounds, amazing. And uh you'll have to tell houston, high, for me that's my hometown. Okay, you're gonna be passing through, um. And uh congratulations. On uh, obtaining. Not just a boat. But a yacht. Yeah, yeah, it's uh yep, 60 foot luxury, catamaran, yacht with a. Full-time, liveaboard, crew private chef captain, it's. I i definitely did not envision that when i was delivering, pizza, yeah yeah you've cut you come a long way, from uh from, slinging, pizzas, um. Yeah, yeah yacht not get a boat you ought to get a yacht try saying that sometimes, fast right i'm gonna start saying you can't you can fake a lamborghini, a lamborghini, but you can't fake a yacht, that's true that's true grant says. Grant has plain dan will have boat or yacht sorry i love it i love it um. And um. And and i i just want to thank our uh unpaid, unofficial, sponsor, of this conversation. Lacroix. Flavored water. We spent, when we should have been recording. We spent a solid, like, five or six minutes just rhapsodizing. About the glory that is lacroix, water. Um. So for those of you that have not been introduced, maybe lacroix, will hear this and decide they want to sponsor, the show but, for now we're just uh we're just talking to a guy who loves lacroix water huh. Yeah i love it sam evans turned me on to it i i was at his office, um. One day and i opened the. Underneath the cabinet, and there's like. 500. Cans, of this, stuff called lacroix. And um and i look over at him and i'm like. I didn't take you for the type of guy that would drink soda i thought you'd be healthier, you know, and he's like oh no no he's like it's, um. It's water. I said it's water and he's like he's like yeah it's water it's. It's literally.

The Only ingredients, are carbonated, water, and then it's naturally, essenced, whatever that means but. Zero calories zero sweeteners zero sodium. So like if you like. Uh. Um. If you like, soda. Right this is literally it literally tastes like soda. You know a different type of soda but it tastes like it, this one i'm drinking right now kind of tastes like sprite. Um, and that's all i i drink, uh, uh if i'm gonna drink something other than like actual. Water, right and uh it's great it's also the perfect, drink, when you're stoned. So, the healthy the healthy stoners, drink that is, that is the true, millionaire. Secret. That we've that we we were gonna save to the end of the episode but we just we couldn't hold back and that's that is. Get stoned. Drink lacroix, water. Wind up one day, buying a yacht, that's the formula man, that's the formula. I i didn't. I didn't become a multi-millionaire. To sit around and and. You know, not be able to get stoned when i wanted to i i did it so i could do whatever the hell i wanted, on your yacht. Calling up your chef. Placing. Munchie driven requests. Served on demand right. I mean. Why does anybody want to be a millionaire, i mean i i mean, what other. Reasons. I you know everybody's, got their own their own motivations. Um. I i think this is a good. A good segue, like. Because we're, we're talk we're laughing we're being lighthearted, about it but the reality, is like you're not that old. Um, oh 34.. You're how, old. 34.. 34., so. It was. How long ago were you delivering pizzas like 10, 10 15, years ago maybe no, no, um. Well i delivered pizza for about seven years. Um, i would say. How old was i when oh god i'm gonna get this wrong and somebody's gonna like research maybe like you were off by six months steven. Let's see i would say. I think i was still, doing it when i was like 24, 25, so maybe, maybe about 10 years. Okay, so. Yet another, exhibit. In my, ever building, case, that says a lot can happen in a decade.

I Was a broke jazz musician. And a whole lot happened for me in 10 years damn was a pizza boy, and now he's closing on it also a broke musician. I didn't think i even knew that what would you play. Well. I got a huge guitar on my arm man look at that, see. Oh yeah. Guitar, music notes i went to school for audio engineering. And um. I um. Yeah i mean i i i was definitely a broke musician. Uh uh. That's, why i delivered pizza, because, i was a great musician that's such a cliche, yeah a broke musician. Delivering, pizzas. How's it going when i was doing it it wasn't cliche, i did it before it was cliche. Yeah well i mean it's it's a cliche, for a reason i you know i i my whole world was music and musicians, for. All of my 20s, and yeah man i mean there were. There were pizza delivery, guys, there were people that did yard work there were you know you do what you got to do if you want to play music nowadays, i'm sure they'd all be uber drivers. Um, when they weren't on gigs. But uh. Did you actually, work. Professionally. As a musician. Um, i did, uh well i played an original, band so i didn't. Really i mean i got you know we got paid for some gigs i opened up for cannibal corpse one time. Um. But, i was a recording, engineer i got paid to. Edit drums. Mix records. Uh operate pro tools. Um, stuff like that. Um, plus i i. Had that's actually, uh, ironically. Ironically. This led. To my. First, uh. Uh. The seed that grew into. The eight-figure, business that i have today, was actually being a musician, funny enough. That doesn't surprise, me at all, actually. Uh having done this millionaire secrets interview series and just obviously, you know networked, and. And uh tried to schmooze, as many really successful, people as i could, i find there's a great correlation, like a statistically. Shocking, correlation, between. Musicians. And and music. The musician's, mind, and the digital marketer's, mind. You know john benson like the. Father, of amazing old school copywriting. I didn't know he's like a virtuoso. Bass player. Um. And he played. Yeah i talked i i interviewed him and he sent me a video the next day of him, like, nailing, these rush covers, like getty lee was like one of the sickest bass players ever. I mean benson was nailing, getty lee's bass lines, he's amazing do you want to know if my theory on why that is on why a lot of musicians. I would love i would love to hear it i have my own but i want yours, okay here's mine. So. Mo, it's because musicians, understand, one core concept, that most entrepreneurs.

Don't, And that is if you want to get good at something you just have to practice. Almost, every, musician, knows that the more you play guitar, the better you get there's not a single musician, that says. Oh. What's a secret, to playing better guitar. Like, is there a better way, like is there a some secret, script, that i can learn and all of a sudden i'll be. Freaking, you know. Steve, vi no you just know that the more you play the more you run your scales, the more that you practice, the better you can get every musician, knows that, but for some reason entrepreneurs. They're always constantly, searching, for an easier or a better way instead of just getting good at the hard way. And. That's the actual true secret and i think that's baked into musicians. And that's why, we don't sit around. Wasting, time like oh there's gonna be an easier way what's the secret, no you just get good at, at the stuff that seems hard. You know that's um. That's actually a really. Really. Amazing, observation. For for me as a musician, because. I've always. My my theories, have always. Centered around like the left brain right brain balance, the ability to, sort of. Simultaneously. Create, but also. Adhere, to process. Uh be scientific. And artistic, at the same time but yeah i mean you're right, underneath, all that. Is just a, discipline. And and you really think about musician, culture. You know i was a jazz musician. So we, romanticized. The work. Like you would hear. Exactly. Yeah we would hear about charlie, parker, charlie parker. Literally. There's stories, about people opening, cabs, to let charlie parker out of the back of his cab, and he's just playing, he's practicing, his sex in the cab, in fact there's a story about charlie parker, practicing, his sacks with one hand, he's got his other hand. That he's eating fried chicken with. In between, sacks. And he's getting a [ __ ]. All at the same time, in the back of a cab. True story sounds like a bad saturday. No i mean but here's the thing the guy couldn't eat fried chicken without also practicing, his sex, his sacks not his sex, he couldn't. Do the other thing without also practicing his sex he couldn't ride in a cab without also practicing his sex, you're so right, entrepreneur. Culture. Romanticizes. The outcome, not the process. And so. Besides. The, the, lack of work, around the uh, around the process i mean think about this what do you see today, what if you only had an hour a day. What would you do. I'd probably sit there and say why the hell do i only have an hour a day if i care that much about my business why am i only spending an hour a day on it yeah.

I'm Sorry if you care that little, you probably should work at mcdonald's. I mean, if you only care enough about your business. To to give it an hour a day. You are converting. You're, you're standing in a room with other entrepreneurs, and your only purpose in that room is converting. Um oxygen, into carbon dioxide, you just you should just get out of the way just get out of the way. You know i mean. That's what it is. We romance, or i'm not going to say we because i'm not going to fall into this group but. Especially, online entrepreneurs. They like you said they romanticize. Not doing the work, yeah, it's just the scripts. You know blah blah blah. It's the turnkey. System. That prints the money right right oh yeah we'll give you our done-for-you. System. 997. And you'll make money it's like no, you'll work with us you'll pay money. We'll work to get you better. You'll get you'll suck at first you'll get a little bit better than a little bit better. And then next thing you know you'll be making really good money because you put in the work, and you'll make money faster than the guy, over here, who's always. Chasing. The the easier, way, in getting shiny object syndrome. You know or oh i only have an hour a day you know that's the thing, is, musicians, we wrote, we love the work, you know i love getting better at this stuff. So, that's my theory, yeah the way the way i explain. Entrepreneurship. Is like. Most, like you get a job, and you start at one. And then you work really hard and you get to two. And then you work really hard and you get to three. And then you work. For 40 years and you get to like seven. And you retire, right. Whereas, entrepreneurs. And people are always comparing the starting line say well i can get a job for 60 grand a year, you could be an entrepreneur, for a year. And make like two dollars. Like you start at like, point. Zero zero one. For purposes, of the of the analogy. But instead of increasing. By ticks. Entrepreneurial. Work moves the decimal, point. Yeah you go from point zero zero one to point zero one and you still feel like a loser, then you go to point one and you still feel like a loser, then you go to one and you're like oh this is where i would have been if i just started a job, but then you go to eleven or i guess ten. Then you go to a hundred, and you go to a thousand, and seven ticks in you're at a million, and the other guy is still at seven.

Exactly Exactly, it's completely, different curve completely different psychology, completely different mindset, by the way to your point, that's a whole lot like how, learning an instrument, is because you suck for a long time. Exactly, but look if everybody, thought that way. Then when i wanted to order a pizza there'd be nobody. To deliver, it so. You know. I mean, the world. My father always said the world needs ditch diggers too. And i believe everybody, has the potential, to be successful, but not everybody, deserves, success, because if, if all you're ever doing is is what's the easy way to make money you don't deserve, it brah. You don't just yeah. The word deserve. Duh. Of or from. Serve. To serve from what place, are you serving, from. That's. What you deserve. And if you're serving from your own, lazy. Self-interest. You don't deserve [ __ ]. Yeah i agree, absolutely. So, and you know what's funny man i mean even, even at a linguistic. Level. I mean you've used. Four or five. Really. Poignant, words. You you said deserve. You talked about practice. Uh you've said a few others that are like this is, this is the same [ __ ] i say all the time. It's the same stuff. All the sam evans i'm sure says the same stuff, uh. You know all the people that we learned from, and the people that they learn from and the people that they learn from. There's only like. 10 words in the whole language. That you have to really really understand, to be a very good entrepreneur, and it's like. Discipline. It's like con, persistence. It's like. Mindset. Enthusiasm. Right i mean and yet. To your point so so so let me ask you sorry i'm kind of veering into the ethereal, here but you know whatever i go where the thoughts take me. Do you think that you could go sit down. With. Well let me ask this when you were a pizza boy. How many other pizza, boys worked or pizza, maybe they were pizza girls too how many other pizza delivery. People were there at your establishment. Um. Probably like 15.. Do you think i worked at the chains, so they we had a lot, okay so do you think you could have gone to any one of those other 15 guy if you now went back in time and could talk to all 15 of those, pizza guys do you think that is there any of them. To your point about anyone, can but not everyone will, are there any of them that would have been prohibited. By some sort of circumstance. From doing exactly what you've done. The only circumstance. That would have prohibited, them from doing is their mindset and work ethic that's it. Yeah and i don't know if those are those, do we consider i guess those are circumstances. But they're like. Internally. Generated. Circumstances. Right, nobody, had two broken arms and two broken, legs and was blunt no, right like no tongue and no ability to speak or think, well, here's a funny thing. I used to have. A really bad time speaking, i used to, stutter my words, i used, and you can hear it sometimes, come out, i used to stutter my words. And i used to say the same thing three times in a row. I really i grew up in a small rural, florida, town. Where. You know if you were. The the most successful. Person there was like the assistant, manager at applebee's. I mean that was, king of the hill, right right. You know so, what i realized. Was i looked at a bunch of millionaires, and entrepreneurs, and successful, people. And i i realized. Something very. Interesting was they all spoke very well. When they spoke, they used inflection, and they used cadence and rhythm, and they. Demanded, attention it wasn't boring to listen to them speak. Well, i thought to myself, you know. And i've learned this today is that you know a lot of entrepreneurs, they want to have things. But they don't want to become the person that deserves, those things or become the person that can make those things happen, you know they want to have a nice car have a nice house have a successful, business, but they don't want to become the type of person that has a successful.

Business, Nice car in a nice house and successful, people speak well successful, people learn. Successful, people, don't, [ __ ], and give up after the first try successful, people do not buy, an online, course. Struggle, with it. Once and then ask for a refund. They don't. Do that. And and they. I could list you a million other behaviors, that they don't do in fact. You know. One of the things that. I, i, like i said i noticed was my ability, to speak. And so i started, studying. I said okay if i'm gonna be a millionaire, i gotta talk like millionaires. So i started studying. People who spoke well i started studying. How well they spoke, i started. Watching larry king live even though i think it's you know i was, i'm not interested in watching lyrical, life at all but. I listened to how he spoke. And eventually. I developed. And practiced. Until. I could speak the way i speak now, and i got so good at speaking. That. You know this year earlier this year i did an event. A virtual event where i spoke for two days and i ended up closing, a million dollars in sales in a day. Uh for my company. So. And if you heard me speak. Back then. You would you'd think i had a speech impediment. So. It's very similar, to a guitar. Hand a guitar to somebody that doesn't know how to play guitar it's going to sound. Terrible, it's going to sound, like two amtrak, tragedies, colliding. But give them a year. And they could probably. Entertain you pretty well with that guitar. Same thing in entrepreneurship. Yeah you know you mentioned the guitar. When you were talking about the, the culture of musicians, i couldn't help but think i mean this is the kind of obsession. That you know i i know you you and i actually had a pretty interesting, talk in the. Two comma club, lounge, at funnel hacking live where you were like. You kind of almost like confided, in me and i'm going to totally air your laundry here where you were like you know people think i'm like this. You know, kind of outgoing, like. Happy-go-lucky. Like life's a breeze kind of guy he's like. I'm super. I say he you you're like, i'm super ocd, man i just love my work and i just want to work. Yeah, which is totally, how i am so like you what. I don't like going to events i like to just sit in the corner and work. Yeah yeah, and when you walked in that lounge i don't know if you remember i was sitting, with my arms up on two ottomans. Leaning against the pillar, working. While. Everything was going on around me and i had my industrial. Earphones, like they wear on oil rigs and gun ranges to block out the sound yeah that's i'm like you man i just i love the work but when you're talking about musicians i was thinking about, uh have you heard the story about stevie ray vaughan. Who, i mean i know you obviously heard a lot about stevie bond but. He practiced, so much you know you build up those big calluses, on your fingertips, i used to be guitar player, but he would practice so much. That the calluses, would tear off. And so he carried, crazy, glue. In his guitar, case. So that he could glue the calluses, back to his fingers. So that he could keep practicing without having to heal. Like. That's what we're talking that's honestly i sometimes, feel like that with my business. I've actually had that happen before on this finger i've ripped this callus off multiple, times, yeah did you ever glue it back on. No i was never that, david goggins, about it but, well now now you have a no a new level to to go for um. Yeah i'm a musician, now so my biggest problem is just making sure my nails. Stay clear, i say i'm a pianist. I have to make sure my nails stay clipped because otherwise. The nail strikes the key before the pad of the finger and it buckles the knuckle. Because if you do that. You'll tap the fretboard. Yeah. Yeah same thing so but at least i'm not uh i'm not tearing off calluses, on a piano, but. Um well cool so so okay well so you're the one of 15, pizza boys. That transcended. Your. Pizza boy circumstances. Um what what was the, shift, like. Yeah i mean how how did that happen why. A, qualitatively. What made you, the one that would become. The person who deserved the success, and then, tactically, what'd you actually do to get there. Yeah so, great question, um. And this will show you that even a dumb guy.

My Friends literally, call me the the the, they say you're the dumbest smart guy i know, um. Because. I. Um. This was so dumb. If you think that i'm smart, and you have to be smart to be, a millionaire, where do you hear this story. So, i'm in college. And, i'm. You know, trying to pay my way through college and by the way just so you understand. Uh i was so bad at living on my own, and and. Uh, and taking care of myself that i my first time cooking i cooked myself chicken and i thought i could cook it medium, rare. And. I ended up getting. Sick. Because i cooked yeah that's so, dumb guys can be smart or can be successful, too so i'm in college. And. I mean i i talk about this in my book, i. I ended up paying my way through college, because. I was getting, screen, share sort of like zoom, session. Um. Zoom sessions for 50 bucks a peach, a piece. Teaching. People. How to use their home recording, software. And i got the idea, because i was in this guitar center one day, and this this guy was looking for a microphone, he didn't know what microphone, to buy so i said oh you know you want to buy this microphone, because, you know this microphone. Is better for a kick drum, and this is what you want to buy because you're looking for a kick drum mic. And so, he, offers me 100 bucks to go to his house and teach him how to use pro tools which is his home recording software. Well from that idea i ended up, you know posting on craigslist, and 50 bucks an hour i'll, screen share with you, and show you how to use your your home recording software, so i paid my way through college, doing that right, i was making like 500, 800. Bucks a week. And. That was the set that was selling my advice. Yeah yeah well when i get out of college. I forget about it, it it never crossed my mind to try to take that concept, of selling your advice, and turn it into a million dollar business so i go, and i'm like opening, italian, ice carts.

And Being a carny. And i'm, doing this and doing that and i had a bunch of businesses, and some of them, did okay and some of them failed. And i owned a bar at one point. Um, and so. All of a sudden, you know i i, make a bad investment. After years of ups and downs and i'm i'm at my lowest point ever. Well then that's when i start learning digital marketing, and i do that for a while i create a digital marketing, agency, i do pretty well with that not great. But well. Um. And so, all of a sudden i get a letter in the mail, from the irs. Saying, i owe 250. 000, in back taxes. Which made sense because i never paid taxes, um. Again dumb guy. And. So. I'm thinking, well i don't know how i'm going to deal with this, right. So. At the time. My wife at the time she's like hey you do marketing. For, other. You know businesses, you have like a marketing agency, right, i mean that's what you do and i'm like yeah, and she's like. Well why don't you just, teach other people how to do it they're always asking you how to do it, why don't you like charge money and like create a course or something and i'm like. Okay, that's interesting, you know i did that back in college, i kind of messed around with that. Uh so i go and i look up some articles online i find that, you know there's people making. Freaking, 200, 000. Launching. An online course and i'm like all right well this is my only shot. So i go and do it, and i make 100 grand my very first month. And i'm like. Well, i'm an idiot because i, did this back in college, and i this whole time i could have been, working on this becoming, better at this, i, missed the whole decade. So, i make a hundred grand the first month and i go well that's it this is what i'm gonna do, so. Uh over the next, four months i hit a million dollars. Get the. Two comma club award you know and all that. Um. A couple years later i get uh, two or three years later whatever it is uh, i get the eight figure award. You know from hitting eight figures. Um. Hit million dollars, in a month and then eventually he had a million dollar day. And it's crazy, you know now i'm buying this yacht, and, and and and just. You know the the real estate, and it's it's crazy. How it um. It just. Spiraled. You know. And, uh. It all was back it was it's essentially the same thing i did back in college which is crazy to me. So, after i did that after i made about eight million. Doing that. Um. I wrote a book called digital millionaire, secrets. And it became a wall street journal bestseller, we created i i stopped teaching what i used to teach which is the marketing agency, stuff. And i started teaching how to sell your advice, because i, i became more passionate about. Teaching you know because i would see these other people out there. Trying to figure out a business to build, or, they would try to create, a coaching, program an online course something like that. And they, were making so many mistakes, mistakes i already made, and figured out i was like i need to help these people. And so i created a coaching program, on that. Um. You know you mentioned sold out courses it's actually called digital millionaire coaching. Now, okay um. You know uh we don't even have that domain anymore if you want to edit, can whatever, you know. Imperfection. Is better than perhaps. We help more than course creators. Um. We help coaches. And. Mastermind, owners, and so i kind of. You know. We did well with courses, but i wanted to expand and help more people so we changed the name but, but it's been going great i mean, our people get amazing results.

And Uh it's it's just been, it's just been a journey, and um. Uh, i mean that's that's the. That's the tactical, is, is, ultimately. What. You know what could you. Sell. That, has, zero, cost of goods, that people are willing to pay, a premium, price for and that is simply, advice. Yeah. Uh it's like yeah i mean think about a professor, the professor's, not actually the one collecting the money but. Harvard, is basically, leveraging, the advice of their professors. You know which costs them. 80 grand a year to deliver because they got to pay the professor, and they sell it for. 60, 000. A year to. 12, 000, students, per, year. Selling advice, yeah it's crazy so you don't have to sell your own advice you can sell other look at masterclass.com. Look at what they do you don't have to it doesn't have to be your advice it could be other, like i remember i had a conversation, with somebody one time. And they said dan i don't think i could do this business. I have, you know i have no, skills. Uh i have a regular nine to five. You know how can i do this, and, i give them several examples, of people in their same position. That made, tons of money. You know their clients of mine but then i said listen. I said, there is somebody, out there. Who has made a million dollars teaching how to use microsoft, excel. There's somebody out there who's made a million dollars teaching how to jump rope. Do you know how to jump rope do you know how to use excel did i use powerpoint. And and even if the answer was no. Go learn it. I mean what what the heck, and then i said you know, let me ask you this what's something you're passionate, about. And he says oh, uh i'm passionate, about writing. Um. You know but i'm not a very good writer, i said okay well. What's to prevent, you from reaching, out. Paying, 10 really good writers, or not even paying them just maybe asking them if they'll do it for free. Interviewing, them, a really, good. Extensive. Interview. Right. Taking the recordings, of those interviews. And selling, them. As well as creating like maybe cheat sheets, and whatever. And selling them to an audience of writers. Because. I don't know if anybody, notices, or not but, 99. Of the advice, that russell brunson, sells. Is stuff he learned from somebody else which he openly, admits. So. What's to prevent, you.

From Doing the same, thing. It just it's there's no excuse. In for selling information, is. The. In my opinion. From the experience, of i've had. The. Fastest. And, leanest. And most profitable, way. To, become a millionaire, selling, information. Yeah i honestly, i couldn't agree, more. I mean it's. Yeah i mean my if i divide my life into. Before. I. Had money, and, since i've made money. It's pretty much when i. Decided, to act as if i agreed with exactly what you just said it was like oh i'm gonna go into the knowledge business and first i'll be an affiliate, for training programs, and then i'll be an agency, that, provides, services, based on knowledge that i acquired, and leverages, other fulfillment. Specialists, to do it like it was i wasn't the guru and how to, get a business to rank on the map and then i started an education, company that, so i mean yeah it's the same thing it's i i totally agree with you. Um, and i was. I was so drawn, to it because i had just gotten my ass, kicked, trying to sell. The opposite, which was. Sandwiches, on a plate. With a a franchise, restaurant, two of them and i lost five hundred thousand dollars, and you know is is a debacle. That i couldn't agree with you more and in the digital, economy. You know i i'm sure you run into this challenge, too. It's it's, it's got to the, to the old school. You know. My. Grandpa. Was raised in the depression, and he taught me that you know it's basically, what you're saying sounds too good to be true so it must be there ain't no free lunch or what you know all these outages. Like. I feel like, there's a whole new world. And in this new world to your point every ditch digger has the opportunity. To get out of the ditch. But it's like people are essentially, self-selecting. To stay in the ditch. Based on, willful, ignorance about what's actually happening in the new world. And so, you know my mission is to like try to wake people up flip the switch right um. And i i have my battles, with that, i'm curious, i'm sure you do too like how do you. Help people understand, that what you're saying, isn't too good to be true. It's just. Evolution. Well. You know first thing i would ask is was your grandfather, a millionaire. You know, yeah because. I mean if, he wasn't then why why would you. Do you take, fitness advice, from the fat guy in the gym or do you take it from the fit guy, yeah. Take it from the thick eye, you may love your grandfather, you may gran, your grandfather, may be a great person. But if, you don't take money advice from, a poor person, and that may sound harsh, but. You know. You don't, i mean. You know. I don't know what else to say. But, the, the, thing about it is is that everybody. You know generations. And the way you make money change like for instance in the 80s there was like that whole silicon, valley rush. And. You know. You know day almost decade to decade, but. Really more generation. Generation. There are different ways to make money did you know. Uh at one point. The, um. You know the, people that were the richest were people that made swords. You know, there were, there were, people that. Uh. Became, rich from um. Uh uh, selling land.

And, You know and and you go way way way back i mean. If you i mean. That that's like, going back. To a millionaire. From, 200, years ago who was a slave, trader. And being like. How do you make money oh you trade, slaves. Fast forward to today, do you think that advice, is still relevant. So what makes you think that your grandfather's. Advice, from two generations. Ago is relevant, to the way it is now to the way people make money now it's just it just isn't. Times change. Yeah and. You know times was i'll be old i'll be a grandfather, one day, and, you know i i'll either bow out, or i'll adapt. And and change with the times i mean. Look at look at, you know, uh uh. Look at. Guys that are still cool look at elon musk he's no spring chicken, and he's. Wanting to put people. On on mars. Yeah i mean. It's. Things do change and at the end of the day. Right. You do, you know you do your due diligence. You. And this is why, you know warren buffett said never invest in anything you don't understand. That's why like when we when people join my program to learn how to sell their advice. 99. Of the people that join have already read this book, yeah they read the book or they watch our free training or whatever but, they read the book and they go okay. I get it, i understand, it i there's some awesome stuff in here that will get me started, and i i, get it you know i, they understand, it, and then they go, and they when they consider, our program, they make an educated decision because now they understand it we don't just, bring any tom dick or harry on the phone and say hey invest in our program, so. You know, under. Understanding. It is the first step but you you can't. Understand, anything. If you immediately, discount, it, because it sounds too good to be true and i'll tell you this. It takes a lot of work to do this stuff it is not easy. And i, always say to people look. It's not easy. It's hard, if it were easy you wouldn't need to buy my program you wouldn't need to work with me you wouldn't need to become a client the reason you're becoming a client. Is because. It's hard, it's profitable. It's. Rewarding. But it's hard. That's why you need my help i don't go the route, of oh you know. Uh. It's it's just easy. Steps, and scripts, and, you know it's, it's easy, you know i think it's easier striking, oil. But it ain't easy. That's why you need my help that's what i say. Yeah i love that i i love, baking. The challenge. Into the, essentially, into the offer. Like look. I'm not buying, i'm not i'm not i'm not selling you easy. I'm selling you on the basis, of heart. Right and you get better clients that way because otherwise you're gonna get people that come in and they, they deal with. One. Road bump and they're like i want a refund, and it's like get out of here come on you know like. That's. And i openly say if you're the type of person. That gives up after the first try you run into one roadblock. And you're going to give up or ask for a refund, don't, buy, because a i don't want to work with you b i don't think people with your mentality. Deserve success, and c. You know, who wants to work with somebody like that anyway, and why, why. Why would a customer, ever want to buy from that guy. Right, right right that's the other thing that's really the third thing, is. I'm going to teach you, how to go and sell to customers, that you're going to with that attitude, you're gonna provide, a subpar, product, and there's enough subpar, products in the industry, we don't need anymore. So if you're that type of person. I'm not giving you my superpowers. You would not be responsible, with them, yeah yeah exactly, and and, i'm glad you called it what it is because there's a window, of time here and this is i mean why did i start this podcast, you know i already have a business, that i hardly have time to run. To make me money that i don't actually, need, and then i'm like. I'll i'll add a podcast, on top of it right the one, the thing that's, guaranteed, to be the least profitable. Thing in your marketing, arsenal, at least initially, right, but it's because. I want people to hear, from a chorus.

Not Just from me. From all the guests the chorus of all of us i've had almost 100 at this point, and we're all singing the same tune, that, essentially. For this window of time that might be 10 years, it might be 40 years i you know 500, years from now who cares who knows. But there's a window of time that's long enough to change, any listener's, life right now. Where these are superpowers. You know you think about superman. He wasn't a superhero. On planet krypton. Right it was an arbitrage. Play. He took the natural. Attributes. Of kryptonic. Living. And he parlayed, them into an earthly, existence, where they had different value. That's arbitrage, right, what we're doing is we're arbitraging. A historical. Transition. Where these skills, that, 50 years from now everybody may take for granted that's like oh that's how you set up a funnel and that's, good copywriting. And that's how you you know architect. And optimize, for conversions, or whatever, there's this window of time. Where that's like gibberish, to most of the world. But it's. It's a superpower. When you get it. And and that's that's the opportunity, here like i promise, if you're listening to this. Buy buy dan stuff. Buy my stuff. Buy whoever, stuff. But don't. Pass up, on the opportunity. To develop, legitimate, superpowers. That for the next 20 years. Can take you from delivering pizzas. To buying a yacht. Or. Being a broke musician on a couch to, staying in. You know one of the most expensive rooms at the win like whatever, it's, and god it's not all about money but it's also not, not about money. And, anyway so i'm, you know that's my view on it is like. How do we just. Open people's, eyes to the f the fact that you have like a [ __ ] opportunity, to inherit a superpower, right now if you'll get out of your own way. Well. Would you allow me to. Perhaps. Offer a perspective. That, they may actually answer that question, yeah that's that's why i pose the question. All right so think about this. If you're going to defend, someone, in court. What do you have to do first. Build. A case that they're innocent well you got to go to law school right, well yeah. If you're going to operate, on somebody, if you're going to be a surgeon and operate. What do you got to do. Go to med school, medical if you're going to fly a plane what do you got to do.

Go To pilot school. Oh you will find. Very. There's almost no, exception. In. Life. Where. When you go, to execute, on some sort of specialized. Trade or skill. You don't have to educate, yourself first, right like, you got to educate yourself then you do it yet. There's one exception. Apparently. Entrepreneurs. They think that they can start a business. And not get business lessons. Like. You you, you get lessons, to fly from a pilot because a pilot already knows how to fly he's going to teach you how to fly, you don't think. You would, want to get lessons, from a successful, entrepreneur. And the funny thing is society. Is programmed to make you poor, because if everybody was rich, the economy would fall apart. And so what do they do. You know oh. You know, law school is prestigious. Medical, school is prestigious. Flight, school, is prestigious. But, you know it's okay to give those people money. But give a successful entrepreneur, money oh that's a scam. Yeah he's trying he's just trying to get richer at your expense. Which is it's insane, because. You don't you don't think surgeons, make money you don't think. Lawyers, make money, you know like. I mean money is what makes the world go round i mean that's that's how we, trade. It's it's, and what it is is it's program. And if do you honestly, don't think that there's societal, programming, i'll tell you i'll give you an example, and, and here's a little tip for your next sales call for anybody listening to this who has sales calls never ask somebody, why. You know why. Here's why. Because, when you're a kid. And you do something wrong almost every parent says why did you do that why didn't you listen to me, and so as a child. You're programmed. That the word why is abrasive. And so when you get on a sales call. And. So let's say you sell a biz op offer and you say well how much money, do you want to make, you know you're at you're at this much how much money do you want to make i want to make 50 000, a month, okay, so. You would not say. Why do you want to make that because that's abrasive. Yeah it's like they. They said the wrong thing almost. Yeah you'd want to use the word what or how. What's driving you to, to uh want 50 grand a month or how do you see your life differently. See but that that right there is and that's a sales, technique, sure, because, because you understand. The societal, programming, but. My, objective. In saying that was not to teach a sales technique it was to illustrate, that there is societal, programming, and societal, programming. Tells you that if you give me money, or you give. A jeff money, we're scammers, or you don't need that or you can watch free youtube videos. But that's. Complete. Bs. We know how to build businesses, you don't. We, went through blood sweat and tears to know that you don't think that's worth something. Yeah well and you mentioned, you know medical school is a really interesting, parallel, because one of the things that i hear is like and i'm sure you hear this too is like oh well. You know if if you're so rich why don't you just, give it you know tell everyone what to do for free and why do you charge because that's why we're rich. But yeah a because we practice, good entrepreneurial. Principles, which is trade ex. Ask for value for value. Running, for, value or whatever, but also learn from the guy that gives everything away for free, yeah yeah exactly, and but i think medical school is actually interesting because. You know a lot of a lot of vocations. You have teachers, that aren't necessarily, doers, like you you know you go to. Um, you know, electrical, engineering, school you have, professors. That maybe aren't actually working engineers. But you can't go to medical, school. And learn from people. Unless they're actually, doctors. And you can't learn high school, yeah you got to learn pilot from pilot you got to learn surgery from surgeons. And so forth. And. But nobody, says to a doctor. Who teaches at a medical school. Well if you're so successful. Why are you teaching. Because there's reasons, why people want to do this other thing they want to monetize, what they know in a different way, they want to architect, something different they can do with their time that maybe they don't have to be hunched over to do it like they're, people have reasons. Right. And not only that, but. It's fundamentally. Human. Yeah one of our prime, directives. Besides. Eat. Piss. Uh, uh uh, sleep. You know. Is to pass, on, knowledge. Is to pass on what we know, why do you teach your son. How to talk. Why do you teach. Your kid. About life because it's just what humans, do you when you learn something. You teach it you pass it on plus. One of the best ways to become better at something.

Is To teach it. And the reason, i teach is because i made a lot of mistakes, and i went through a lot of pain. And, when you pay me. To teach you how to do stuff you're paying. To, not have to experience. Those same mistakes, and that pain in order. In order to accomplish, the same goal. And. That's it i teach so that others don't have to experience, the pain i experienced. Um. Uh. In figuring this out and. Just like anything. There's a price tag on that, you know. And especially, when you teach business, that's like saying well if you're so good at business. Why are you teaching why are you charging. To teach business, i want to start a bit so my first question is well are you going to give your advice away for free right right. Well then why do you expect me to, mm-hmm. You know. And and you're right, it it really is. The great, you reach a, level where. The way you get better is teaching. Like. It's the best form of experiential. Learning it's forcing you to take all these concepts, and, tactics, and ideas that you've, kind of assembled, into your own framework, for operations. But to have to repackage. Them and translate them into your own language and your own presentation. That actually, inspires. And instructs. Other people. Forces you to know it better. That's right it's the natural evolution, of mastery. You apprentice. There you go that right there is exactly. Right, the natural, evolution, of mastery. Is teaching. You don't, you know, look if anybody here is watching you want to know how to learn faster, there's a little technique i use let's say you grab a book right and you're learning something new and you don't. Quite understand, it or you really want it to sink in, grab the book. Take a bobble head doll. As such i got a little my little darth vader here. Set the bobble head, doll on the desk. Read what you're going to read. Set the book down. And teach it to the bobble head doll. And you might say, well i'm not qualified, to teach it, because i just read it well yeah i get that. But that's why it's a bobble head doll you're not right you're not standing in front of a, stage of people. But the art of teaching it allows it it sinks, into your brain more there are statistics, that show, that when you hear something you retain. This much of. Of it when you write it down. You retain, this much, when you say it out loud. You retain this much and when you teach it you retain. This, much. And every time i teach something i get a little bit better at not only teaching it, but actually, understanding, it and implementing, it myself. And. I learn new and most of my discoveries. And my. Original. Stuff, comes from me being on the coaching calls, with my clients. You know, i don't ever want to not do that because that's where i get all my juice. That's where i get. A. More vast under i mean think about this if all i did was work on my business, i would be. I mean, i would be pretty limited in my knowledge but i get to work, on tons of different businesses.

Yeah. And that that makes me better at what i do. Yeah and you know the amazing thing about the world today. And i'm saying this from direct experience. Um because you know people ask. What i did when i got started, because much like you. I had i had what's perceived, as a very quick result. You know i started affiliate marketing, in. December, of 2008. And i was you know whatever xyz. Income level by like. April or may of 2009. Like it was a very fast quote fast result. But one of the big reasons. That i, credit, for that result, is because everything, i learned. I turned around and i made a youtube video. Teaching, it on a channel. And so i only had to learn stuff, once. Because i would immediately, turn around, like i would learn i remember. Uh going through the knowledge, base on how to connect. An aweber, capture, form. To a wordpress, blog. And back then there was no like oh just you know drop the code in the box, and it automatically, renders like i had like, html. For dummies. Open i had, php. For dummies because wordpress, you have to actually learn basic php. And i finally got it to work and i just immediately. Hit record. And i redid, what i had just done, talking through it out loud for a youtube screen share. And. Dude i did that with every little win, and it's twofold, it's reinforcement. And it's celebration. Of every little win. And its content creation, which is like the burden of most people like how do i create content well just, reteach, everything you learn. And you'll learn it better, and you'll have content, and you'll feel good. Absolutely. Pretty easy. Well, well listen man i know that um. We've bumped up against our our stop, time for this conversation, it's been a lot of fun man to pick up. Uh where we left off in nashville, i guess i should, give contact, say dan and i met in person i guess i mentioned that already at the. Funnel hacking live event in nashville, earlier this year right before the world. Went completely insane. Before the apocalypse. Yeah. Exactly. But this has been great fun man uh, you mentioned. Uh you mentioned your book. I think we've got a special, link. For people to get, that. Book, um yes we do. Um i'll let you share it and then we'll drop it in the description, too. So, this book is called digital millionaire secrets, wall street journal. Bestseller. I wrote this book, uh basically, as if, i could go back in time to my younger self, and i couldn't talk, to my younger self but i could hand my, younger self a manual a manual, on how, to do this, easier faster, and with less mistakes. This, is that manual. And. Eating, if you if you remember, i said that i made 100 grand my first month doing this, there, amongst. Many things. Especially, if you're a newbie. This will get you started on understanding, how to develop an offer but. Um. There is a chapter, in here. Called how i made 100k. In 30 days the blueprint. It is a day by day, hour by hour, step by step. Um. Account, of how i did it. So this book's very valuable. Um, but what i'm gonna do for your audience is i'm gonna give the book away, for free. All you have to do is pay shipping and right now if you're in the united states, we are doing, two-day, expedited, shipping which is pretty cool. Um. You can go to. Getclients.com. Millionaire, secrets. Getclients.com. Slash. Millionaire, secrets. And. You can get a free copy of the book just pay shipping. And, we will get it right out to you. And this book is brought to you unofficially. By lacroix, water. I'm mcroy. Dude, thank you man thanks for so much for being a guest, incredible. Value. I have i'll be on my podcast sometime. Dude i'm, all in i will say to the audience i read a third of dan's, book. In, nashville, at funnel hacking live. And then i left it in my hotel, room. So. Uh, because this isn't going to be released for a while and i just heard about it now in real time i can say i'm going to be the first person to jump on that offer, because i still have two thirds of the book to read but the first third was was wonderful. So yeah get that book dan, uh thank you so much for the value, thanks for just for being a guest and making the time man it's been great.

Hey It's been fantastic. I enjoyed coming on i hope to do again sometime soon, for sure and to all of you, millionaire. Secrets, listeners, out there and if you're just listening on the podcast, you didn't see me but i just gave you a big extended. Wave. Uh on the on the video, and i appreciate you so much you're the reason i do what i do everyone take care i'll see you on the, next episode. Thank you for watching millionaire, secrets. If you enjoyed this episode, please, share it with your friends, and leave us a comment below, and don't forget to subscribe. And turn on notifications. So you know whenever, we release, a new episode. Also if you want to learn, the fastest, way to become a millionaire, in the new economy. Click the link in the description. Below to claim, your free copy, of my book, the millionaire. Shortcut. And don't forget, millionaire. Secrets, is available, on all the major podcast, platforms, as well, subscribe. Wherever, you listen to podcasts. So you can listen, on the go. Thanks for, watching. You.

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