Daisy AI Crowd funding presentation and New Forex PROMO Scroll video to min 24:45

Daisy AI Crowd funding presentation and New Forex PROMO Scroll video to min 24:45

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The future is created by ideas whose time has come. At once And by those who believe that nothing is impossible. We are all born to do what has never been done. The journey of possibilities has no end. Only new frontiers. Only new frontiers. Blockchain. Defi.

NFT. AI. Daisy decentralized AI system is the new frontier for financial technology And a new era of decentralized crowd funding Profit. science. incoming, Daisy where, limitless ideas and courageous people unite to change their world. A gloomy termish Accessing mainframe. Initiating

Daisy AI protocol. System, error. System rebooting power sequence starts in five, four, three, two, one. Initiating Daisy Global Network. The future is created by ideas whose time has come. At one small step and by those who believe that nothing is impossible. We are

all born to do what has never been done. The journey of possibilities has no end. Only new frontiers. Only new

frontiers. Blockchain. Defy. NFT. AI. Daisy Decentralized AI system. Is the new frontier for financial technology. And a new era of decentralized crack funding Profit. science, Equity.

Daisy where, limitless ideas and courageous people unite to change their world. For good. A gloomy Accessing mainframe. Initiating Daisy AI protocol. System, error. System rebooting, power sequence starts in five, four, three, two, one. Initiating Daisy

Global Network. The future is created by ideas whose time has come. What? And by those who believe that nothing is impossible. We

are all born to do what has never been done. The journey of possibilities has no end. Only new frontiers. Only new

frontiers. Blockchain. Defi. NFT. AI. Daisy. Decent AI system is the new frontier for financial technology. Round Daisy we're, gonna be announcing those today as well but there has never ever been a better time to get involved with this incredible crowdfunding platform and we're looking forward to sharing the information with you here today and again, we just wanna welcome everyone from around the world. Thanks for tuning in

and we're gonna get the the presentation started here in just about 60 seconds. Welcome everybody. Great to have you with us. We'll be getting started here in just a moment. In fact, as we get started today, we're gonna go ahead and play a short video that was featured in Dubai on the Burj Khalifa, the largest building in the world we had an incredible leadership event record this while we're getting started. Recording in progress.

While we get started here today, we wanna play a short video for you. Uh we had an incredible leadership event in Dubai with two hundred and fifty of the top leaders in Daisy from all around the world. Uh literally close to 50 different countries were represented at this event. And at the close of

the event after the banquet on Saturday night, this video was featured on the Burge Khalifa, the largest building in the world in downtown Dubai. And we wanna share this video with you as we get started here today. Again, we wanna welcome everyone who's joining us from all over the world today. Great

to have you with us to learn about the Daisy Crowd funding Project. And we got some great announcements, some great updates for you today. That you may be hearing for the first time. So we wanna welcome

everybody. Let's dive in and get started. Accessing mainframe. Initiating Daisy AI protocol. System, error System rebooting, power sequence starts in five, four, three, two, one. Initiating Daisy Global Network.

The future is created by ideas whose time has come. and by those who believe that nothing is impossible. We are all born to do what has never been done. The journey of

possibilities has no end. Only new frontiers, only new frontiers, blockchain, D five, NFT, AI, Daisy decentralized AI system. Is the new frontier. for financial technology? And a new era of decentralized equity. Jason wired limitless ideas and courageous people united change their work. brings back great memories seeing that video again and guys, I, you know, it's it's really really the foundation of Daisy Truly, one of the most courageous projects and courageous communities in the space disrupting multiple industries, breaking so many records around the world and the reality is we are just getting started. So, we wanna again welcome everyone AI protocol. Daisy presentation

for the very first time and we know that people are joining us from all over the world here today. And we're excited to share with you some of the announcements, updates on Facebook. Exactly. Current opportunity that exists with the Daisy Initiation. Project. Before we get started. Uh it's important to read this disclaimer. Uh to make sure

that everything that is said today is projected and said in a legal manner and make sure that of the parameters are understood. So, by participating in this crowdfunding campaign you are making a contribution towards the AI algorithm development and testing by endotech through a decentralized autonomous organization and the use of smart contracts on the public blockchain. The smart contracts have been independently audited and verified. Crowd funding campaign contributions shall receive staking rewards resulting from AI algorithms activity well as equity in endotep. Each contributor shall be required to go through KYC and AML verification prior to receiving equity in EndoTech. EndOTech is preparing for public listing. Should endotech

not go ahead with the listing, the equity allocated for crowdfunding participants will be converted into dividends for each contributor. Past performance does not guarantee future results and is for information purposes only. Historical performances shown are also the result of compounding profits. The rewards are contingent upon AI performance and results are not a guarantee. All performance

shall be visible with full transparency to each crowdfunding contributor. This document is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to purchase any securities. Copies of this document may not be sent to jurisdictions or distributed in or sent from jurisdictions in which this is barred or prohibited by law. The information contained here in shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation would be unlawful prior to registration exemption from registration, or qualification under the securities laws of any jurisdiction. Not available in all countries. Anyone

participate in or promoting this campaign are required to comply with all the regulations that apply depending on their jurisdiction. This publication may contain specific forward looking statements. Example statements including terms like believe, assume, expect, forecast, project, May, could, would, will, or similar expressions. Such forward

looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks. certainties and other factors which may result in a substantial divergence between the actual results, financial situation, development, or performance, and those explicitly or implicitly presumed in these statements. Against the background of these uncertainties, readers should not rely on forward looking statements, no responsibility is assumed to update forward looking statements or to adapt them to future events or developments. So guys, with that said, let's type in and talk about the incredible Daisy Project. is the Daisy Project? Well, first of all, we gotta talk about the power of what Equity Crowd funding is because Daisy is an equity crowdfunding platform. Equity Crowd funding is the fastest growing segment inside of the Crowd funding World and of course, many of us, if not, all of us have had are familiar with and have seen the power of Crowd Sourcing or Crowdfunding over the last decade and right now, the big movement inside of crowdfunding is in fact, equity, crowdfunding. Equity Crowd

funding allows people to contribute funds to the development of new projects and in exchange for that contribution, you're able to share in and participate in the success, the financial success of those projects. Prior to Daisy, the largest Equity Crowd funding Project was a company called BrewDaw. They had over 84 million in contributions from one hundred and 17 almost 1 000 individual contributors and those contributors receive stock equity and they also receive discounts on the company's products for life. Daisy in just six months has done over two hundred and forty million USDT from one, now, one hundred and 52 000 contributors and again, in just six months, making Daisy the largest equity crowdfunding project in the world today and guys, we're really, really proud of what we've achieved so far but what we're here to talk about today is not what we've done, just what we've done until now, but where we are today and where we are going from here because the opportunity with Daisy literally has just begun and there has never ever been a better time for anyone around the world to participate in the Daisy model and we're really excited about the next six months as we approach our one year anniversary by the end of March and we know that there's gonna be enormous progress and momentum and participation even beyond what we've done right out. We feel like we've laid a

foundation over the last six months. We've proven to the world how real the Daisy model is. There's never been a more real, a more transparent, a more powerful crowdfunding model than what we've proven here at Daisy but now that the foundation has been laid, we are taking this project to the next level and we invite you to be a part of this project and really ride this wave with us as we make history together. The first project that we are currently crowd funding is hosted by a company called EndoTech. EndoTech is one of the most powerful AI development companies in the Fintech world that we have ever seen. They're the first technology partner for the Daisy Crowd funding campaign.

They're a global fintech company that in AI trading systems. They have a road map to complete the development of the Daisy AI system and be publicly traded in two thousand and 22. EndoTech is currently providing AI trading systems for top financial institutions all around the world. They have

a proven track record. A very high performance results. EndoTech is founded by Doctor Anna Becker, operate and managed by top AI scientists and Endotech is positioned to become one of the largest SaaS companies in the AI Fintech sector. ASAS company stands for

software as a service and that represents the AI system and platform that Endotech has created and the new generation of AI that is being developed and tested right now called Daisy centralized AI system. And so we're so honored and excited to have the privilege as a community to be able to back and partner with such an amazing company and team and technology as endotech. Now guys this is absolutely exciting because this literally is was screenshotted yesterday I went and looked again this morning and we're still at the one hundred and two mark with the Daisy fund. And this is the result the real-time results that endotex AI has produced for and inside of the Daisy Crowd funding Development and this is just incredible. As you can see here, a total of 84 million, almost 85 million has been contributed into into this particular portion of the project which is the live trading account with digital currency. Uh you see that there's currently a 18 million that's in the live trade account and you can see that including the profit rewards that have already been paid out to members. There's $59

million, almost 60 million in profits that have been generated in the last nine months. Uh with this platform and really in the last 6 months because from January to March was our beta launch and at the end of March of twenty twenty-one was our official launch. And you can see over one hundred percent 100percent compounded PNL, profits and losses from this trading platform and guys, I'm just telling you, this is real. This

is this is the most real project that you'll ever see because these are not just published results. These are results from the actual live trade accounts and live wallets on the blockchain. This is full transparency. You can see that there are months where the trading results go down. You can see that, right? We we don't hide that. Anything that is real is going to have ups and going to have downs and any project that tells you otherwise is simply trying to trick you into something that is not real. Our biggest

commitment here in the Daisy and Endotech environment is one hundred percent transparency and certainly, you can imagine in. Look for example, in the month of April, where the results were down to below 10%. You can imagine, some people are going, oh my goodness, is is this really is this really gonna work? But but look at what happened in May, up over 60% and you can imagine that in July, between July and August, when those results drop down to 20 percent, people were were wondering, is this real, is this, is this gonna produce results? And then you can see how powerful the AI is to continue over time to produce these results. And now you can see in the month of October, over one hundred percent, 100% returns produced by the AI Now again, guys, this is not a guarantee of future results.

This is the real time results right now today. But I'm telling you, the history and the track record of endotech is so impressive and where we are going with the power of this AI is only going to get better and so we are so proud to have hit this 100% benchmark and we truly are only just beginning. Now, every contributor to Daisy has access to their own back office management website where you can actually go in and see real-time results. Uh you can see for those that are participating painting the peer-to-peer model, you're referring other people to Daisy You. can come in here and see all of those details. You can

see now that we're launching the new Forex platform that we'll talk about today. All of that is accessible directly through your phone or your computer. You have direct access at any time to all of that information. Now, let's talk a little bit about the power of the Daisy model because there's some things that we're doing here at Daisy that have never been done before and it really is a revolutionary. It really is disruptive and you won't find anything in the world today that represents the power of this particular model and this is part of the genius of Daisy, part of the power of Daisy and we wanna make sure that you really understand some of these core foundations for us. First of all, 1 hundred percent transparency. all of the

contributions through the Daisy Smart Contract on the Tron Blockchain. Now, guys, if you, you know, if you've been in business at all or you you've been in the peer-to-peer world at all, you know that transparency is one of the missing ingredients in the world today. Uh so many times we have to trust what's being told to us blindly in different projects but with Daisy, you, get to trust the blockchain. You get to see that every single contribution, every single dollar, every single performance, every single reward, pay with 100% transparency And what we love about the smart contract model is that no human ever touches that process. When you make the contribution to Daisy that, use of funds, that distribution of funds, all of it is done through the smart contract.

There's no individual that chooses where where those funds go or that controls that contribution of digital currency. It literally has done instantly, in transpa on the blockchain and everyone in the world can see that always in real time. We also have 1 hundred percent transparency on the AI performance and to make sure that that is the case. Uh we have we're very excited to announce that Ernst and Young's Blockchain Auditing Division has completed their first review of the Daisy AI performance It's the trading fund and we'll be continuing to do a quarterly review and this is really big news guys because to have a one of the top four accounting firms in the world And really the pioneers of blockchain auditing. Right?

They they Ernst and Young is really really sees the vision and the future of digital currency and blockchain. And they're one of the few companies that says where we are willing to include digital currency and blockchain projects that meet our criteria inside of our auditing division and they have completed that review and they will continue to review the Daisy AI trading fund on a quarterly basis. Uh a model, Daisy is a model where everyone wins. With profits, equity, and income. I gotta tell you how powerful this is because he here's here's a a reality in the peer-to-peer world today. The is that in

anything that you see in the marketplace right now, promise of of of profits or equity income it is only being driven by new people who are joining. And when new people join, they take some of that money or all of that money and then they they disperse it amongst the community. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's called a pyramid scheme and it's illegal And quite frankly, we saw this trend happening in the market where people were losing. People were getting taken advantage of. There were

casualties where people would contribute, you know, they'd hear about some, you know, some hy deal that's out there. You know, that all of this marketing hype and promises and people that don't know any better would put money into those deals only to find out that not everybody wins in those deals. In fact, most people lose and only a few people win and one of the things we are so proud of with the Daisy model is that it is a model where everyone can win.

Even if you never refer a single person, you win inside of this model and you have the opportunity to benefit by being a part of the the the the crowdfunding of EndoTech and the AI development and this is just absolutely exciting because from my perspective, from our knowledge, there's no other project out there that has a model where everybody wins. And of course, Daisy has an unlimited future to participate in breakthrough Projects. This equity crowdfunding model has no limits and as we right now, we're focused on phase one which is endotech and the development of this Daisy AI platform. That's exciting but beyond this first project, there's unlimited possibilities that we've already got lined up for the future of Daisy There's. no limit to how far

and how long the Daisy model can go. The Daisy story really is powerful with over 200 million and total contributions now from 150, 000 plus members in well over 50 countries around the world. Over one00 million in the live digital currency trading. And over 44 million in trading rewards that has been withdrawn by the community. Over 100 million has

been paid out to members by the Daisy Smart Contract. Guys just it's so powerful in six months, over 100 million in rewards has been paid out to the community by the smart contract in the peer-to-peer referral plan and we've now reached 20%, around 20 percent of the 500 million target for the testing and development of the live trading technology and we've done that in just 6 months and so very very powerful story behind Daisy and what we're excited about today is actually the announcement of of the next step of our road map and as you can see here, the road map going all the way back to 2012 when Endotech was registered. Uh two thousand eighteen when the commercial use, the institutional use of AI trading began with endotech. Um you can see here that in two thousand and the valuation of endotech was at $100 million. Uh today, we're well over 1 billion in valuation, multiple billions now in valuation. Uh with endotech and then January of twenty twenty-one was the soft launch of the Daisy Crowd fund model with the official launch happening on March 29th of 2021 And 2021 we're crowdfunding 10 million in operational capital to to endot for the development of Daisy Uh. in 2021, we have a

target of 500 million in assets under management. Of course, that's gonna take us into 2022 as well and and we're well on the way to those targets. We also launched the Daisy Launchpad. We have some big announcements that we'll be making this week about the launch pad, the Daisy token, and the Daisy Launchpad. This

is just another project, a decentralized Crowd funding platform that our members backed and funded. That's gonna allow us to launch digital currency projects in the open marketplace. Some big partnerships and announcements coming. And then one of our big biggest benchmarks for twenty twenty-one was adding Forex AI trading to Daisy and we've been talking. This road map has been

shared with the world since January of this year. And we know that one of the big benefits of moving into this Forex space is it's gonna raise the valuation of endotech. Uh it's gonna allow the AI to be proven not just in cryptocurrency but in additional markets like the Forex market which is one of the largest multi-trillion-dollar markets in the world and we have a goal for another for for another one billion to go from 500 million to 1 billion in assets under management with this extension into the Forex space and we'll be talking more about that today because this is a brand new component to the Daisy Project that just went live on October the twelfth and we've got a big promotion we're gonna talk about here today but it's incredible because our goal was to achieve this by the end of 2021, by the end of the year, and we've done it. Now, in the month of October and so in the beginning of a fourth quarter, We've achieved this benchmark and you get to be a part of this and it is very, very exciting. Now, in twenty

twenty-two, the completion of the Daisy AI platform and the public launch of Endotech on the Stock Exchange is the target and we're we are now approaching some incredible momentum towards that final goal and so, we're excited for you to participate with us And we've got some you know, exciting road map ahead of us and some benchmarks that we wanna clear together. The power of the Daisy Crowd funding model is that individuals can participate in tier one for one hundred USDT. And I hope everyone appreciates that this is very unique. That people

from anywhere in the world for as little as 100 USDT can be part of a mega project like this. Uh typically, this type of participation requires some serious contributions, right? And and and often times, the everyday person is not able to participate in this caliber of a project because the price point is simply too high. Now, it doesn't stop at 100 USDT. There's actually 10 tiers that you can participate in. tier one is 100 USDT but you can go continue through tier two, tier three, tier four, all the way to tier 10 and each tier doubles in the contribution amount. Now, 50 percent of every contribution whether it's a hundred USDT or a hundred thousand USDT, 50 percent of every contribution, you get stock equity in EndoTech So 50% of that contribution which is also used in the peer-to-peer rewards plan and for referral payouts in the smart contract but 50% of that contribution represents and gives you stock equity in Endotech. So, listen,

we could stop there and say, wow, that's powerful. You have the ability to actually own equity, stock equity in Endotech before they go public but of course, it gets better from there. 50 percent, the another 50% of tiers through seven and 70 of tiers eight, nine, and 10 are used as liquidity in the live trading accounts for the purpose of testing and developing. And so this is where it gets exciting because 70 percent of all of the trading profits that are generated by the AI and again, this is not a guarantee. It's not a guarantee that profits are generated. But as of today, nine months into this AI development and already we're over one hundred and two return on the results. But it's never

a guarantee, right? It's open market. We understand how that can work. But 70% of all of the trading profits are rewarded back to you, the contributor, and fifteen percent goes to the Daisy Peer to peer rewards plan and the other 15 percent goes back to endotech for continued development and expansion. So again, it's powerful 50 of your contribution, you get stock, equity, and endotech. 50 to 70% of your contribution is actually used in live trading and 70% of those results from the AI go back to you as the member. Rewards can be claimed at any time. So, you literally

can claim those rewards at any time as the as as the AI is is is producing results or you can leave those rewards in the liquidity account and it will compound into the future trades which actually allows those profits to potentially increase even more as a result of compounding. Once endoTech completes the final development and brings its public listing on the stock exchange, the liquidity contributions and the stock equity will be available to each contributor. What does that mean? That means that the portion of your contribution that's used in live trading, you, at the end of the project development in the public listing, you can have that liquidity back or you can leave it in the account to continue to be a part of the performance. It's entirely up to you and of course, the Stock Equity will be available to each contributor as well. Uh

and remember, there is a KYC process in order to be able to claim and receive that stock equity at that time. Uh here's a visual of what that looks like. Again, fifty percent of every contribution of tiers one through seven goes into equity. 50% goes into the live trading as liquidity. For tiers eight, nine, and ten, you still get rewarded with fifty percent equity, But actually only 30% goes towards the equity. So

it's a it's it's like getting a discount on the equity and then seventy percent of that contribution goes into the live accounts and you can see that if a person were to do tier one, all the way to tier 10, it would be a total contribution of 1 hundred and two thousand and 300 USDT with over 69, 000 of that that would be placed into live trading and 33, 000 of that that would be placed towards equity and also in the peer-to-peer rewards plan and so here's a visual of that. You as the contributor, you contribute to the tears. 50 to 70% immediately goes into live trading. The smart contract handles all of that through the blockchain. When there's

profits reward, profit rewards made through the AI 70. percent of all the profits are available back to you to claim as rewards. And the other 50% goes towards stock equity. And the way the stock equity works is five percent of the entire supply of stock, when they go into their pre I, their pre IPO phase, will be shared amongst the contributors equally, and we also have some additional reward bonuses where you can earn further shares of stock as well. So, just by contributing today's, let's say you don't, you're not even interested in participating in the rewards plan. You don't wanna refer or share Daisy with other people.

You just wanna be a contributor. You get equity in EndoTech. You get a rewards from the AI algorithmic trading and you even can earn potential spillover as the community grows in our peer-to-peer model. We have a model that creates spill over and even as a contributor who never refers a single person, you still have the opportunity to earn from the growth of the community as well. Now, quite frankly, we

have the most powerful peer-to-peer referral rewards plan that we've ever seen in the industry. We've broken so many records with with around 100 plus people that have already made over 100, 000 to $300, 000 dollars with with many people that have earned between three hundred thousand to a million dollars in the rewards plan and we have now about ten individuals already in six months that have earned over one million dollars in the rewards plan. But even if you took the entire rewards plan away, and you said, I'm not interested in referring people to Daisy I. just want to

contribute. You Absolutely win with equity, with profit rewards from the trading of the AI and the growth and spillover from the community. Now, Doctor Anna Becker is the CEO and the founder of Endotech and guys, we're gonna play a short video of Doctor Anna today speaking to the leaders in Dubai and we want you to really hear cuz she's gonna also introduce some good information about the Forex side of what we are now launching and we're gonna talk about that here today as well. But Doctor Anna just has an incredible background for decades now in the AI space. Uh her credibility, her reputation, her achievements in business, and her achievements in science are just unparalleled in the fintech world and she truly is pioneering the role of artificial intelligence in the financial sectors all over the world. And so absolutely a

powerful leader, a powerful thought leader, a powerful thinker, a powerful innovator, and she is pushing the limits of what is possible through technology specifically artificial intelligence and we're so proud to be partnered with her and working with EndoTech to be backing this development project through the Daisy community and we want you to hear for yourself from Doctor Anna Becker. So, we're gonna play this video. This was live from Dubai where Doctor Anna was discussing some very powerful topics and we're gonna play a short clip for you here today. So, I found the partner in Singapore. It's easy, you know, from Israel to Singapore, just 14 hours. So I found the part in Singapore and I started to to work with him and his idea was to build Forex system that makes money. So the good

part was that he had lots of money from his clients and the good part for me that they had complete freedom. So, we build a system and the way I built it because I saw so many system in my previous company. I saw literally thousands of systems in my previous company. I knew

what should work and I remember this guy, mister Bollinger, when I was in strategy runner and I was one of the conferences, he actually came to me and I was sure that is dead because it's like such a name, Bollinger, if you, you are in the modeling of indicators, you think it's like something that it's a name of, you know, the folk song. It doesn't exist. And yeah, exactly. This is a standard

deviation. Like it's and then he comes to me and it's written here Bollinger and he starts to talk to me. Anna, like, you are the first company that made it automated and I'm like, I'm telling to everybody that I met mister Ballinger You know, like I'm, I haven't been to us, no, no, Instagram, right? But I was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

So, we build this first system and we started to make money. Like 26 percent monthly, every month on tens of millions of dollars. It was amazing. And then I remember one day, six of six of two thousand thirteen, where it stopped. Stopped producing the, the, the profits. My plan was to improve

the system and to move forward, right? But my partner, she felt very anxious about it because she needed to perform and produce. So, he said this way, Your system is not working, let's go and get some other systems. So, I went and I look at all the system in the world to find what systems are working. I found this website,

probably you know this, right? My book. I clicked on the first system. All of them look much better than mine. For sure I clicked on the first one And I saw this. So I said Mister partner, please buy me the system. I wanna see what's inside. Do you know how much it

cost to buy the system? Nothing. $5, 000. I said, no way. Nobody will sell your system for the source code. I will never sell the source code of strategy rather or undertaco. It's it's my property. Five thousand dollars. When I saw what's

inside, I understood why. So, What's inside the source code? Yes. And we bought every source court available on the market. So, do you know? Do you look at this? Is it nice? It's perfect. It looks like what you dream about. This is the probability. This is a stability that we're looking for, right? This is five years old, sorry, 9 years of track record. This is a

stability. This is percentages that we dream about, right? Like it looks so perfect. I need to be in it. The only thing I'm asking myself, why there is so many so little number of people are in it? Yeah. Right? Yeah. So, what is

the answer? And I really want to share with you the answer because it will help you to understand stand why the high opportunity modelling is so important. Why this triangular that I'm giving to you is such important tool for you to check everything. So I'll tell you how this system works. what's inside of it. Again, I really apologize if here there is a developer of the system or the system works a little bit different because I was checking the systems in two thousand twelve. So maybe the

world changed a little bit, right? But this is how it it works and that's why when, when, Edward said that I know systems is because I've seen thousands and thousands of different systems. So, I have, I understand what's happening inside. The way that it worked, I'll show you on the chart.

what did you is They see the trend sometimes randomly, sometimes with the trend. They make a buy signal, they buy, right? But long they keep it. They keep it for very, very, very short time. So, what is the probability for this single event? Almost hundred. That's why they have almost 100% right, right? They they get hundred percent times the small, small, small, small, small, small, small win, right? And it looks perfect. You don't need to be modelling, you know, don't need to know how to model, you just can do it yourself. Just randomly get in,

wait for a few seconds, get out. You will get your half percent. Guess what? Did he do it again? And again. And again. And again. What happens next? Cuz they got in, they waited, they waited, they waited, and then it didn't work for them. So what do they do? they reverse but heavier. This is

the main idea that they have. They are not trying to make money for you. Try to understand this. They are scamming you. They are knowledgeable meaning, scamming you for results. is Martin Gale, the increased number of logs they trading.

But for how many laws? For the same size, the degree line is bigger than the small line, right? Sometimes So you put one thousand dollars in order for them to come back to the results. You will see. look at this chart. Here is how you can spot the system, the scam. You know what is this green one means? Is how much money you put into each trade. So do you see visually how much bigger is this one than this one? Ten times, right? Not twice, not three, 10 times. You know what

happens here? This time, they were lucky. And they got back. This time, the This time they were lucky, lucky, lucky. That time they lost. You know what happens? Hundred percent of the system eventually will lose all the money for you. Hundred percent. That's why nobody's in

there. Because 99 percent of our systems already was their money. You lose 1hundred percent of your money eventually every time. Now this is the fun part about this system and I actually loved it. Because this one works from 12. And you know why? Because it's extra scammy salt behind the system. They don't trade

everyday They trade once per month. Or they portrayed once per week. Why? To keep the solution going. If you look at their numbers and again I'm sorry about the if if this guy is has pure thoughts and he's just his misconception. But he

has if if you look down you will see that in 10 years he made 500 trades. It means that he's really spreading his story in order to keep it alive for so long. Wow. So, This should teach you that even if it looks good, right? If you look at different tones below and the numbers you will see that this is a scam. But it looks so nice. So, guys, you know, without going into tons of detail cuz we could we could talk for days about Doctor Anna Becker's background and her team's background in the Forex space but this is actually their expertise prior to the digital currency market opening to the world. This is their background and Doctor Anna actually sold a previous company many, many, many years ago. That was a

Forex AI company and now, to Daisy Uh we are bringing a new generation of AI trading in the Forex space and you get to be the very first people in the world and this is exclusive for the Daisy community until after the company goes public and we open this to institutions. You get to participate in the Daisy Forex AI development and one of the things that's really exciting about this is the active trading where in the digital currency world, the trading is breakout trading, right? So, you have breakouts up or breakouts down and those breakouts can happen you know, over time, right? It's it's it's it's not it's not active trading every single day but with Forex the, market is able to be actively traded many many times per day and this is one of the very powerful things about the Forex side of the AI and for you as contributors, as the AI is performing and producing results, the results are in real time. They're much faster. You're able to

experience daily and weekly results with the Forex AI and so, we have launched a promotion in the month of October for Daisy members and this is a one-time promotion and I promise you, you want to take advantage of this promotion, so many benefits we're gonna talk about, but but every single Daisy member should participate in this promotion, because it unlocks some incredible benefits, and most importantly, it allows you to participate and be a contributor to the Forex side of the AI platform, a multi, multi, multi, multi-trillion dollar environment, with Forex and you can actually participate in this promo when you purchase tiers one through five, you actually get credit for all 10 tiers. Now, of course, you don't get you don't get free money placed in trading but we unlock your position and position you into all 10 tiers and this is powerful because it means that you can now receive spill over from all 10 tiers and you can now earn rewards from all ten tiers in the rewards plan. And so very very powerful promotion that runs from October 12th to November 1st at 2 PM UTC time.

So, basically, you have the month of October to not only take advantage of this promotion pack. But to invite others and share with others to take advantage of this promotion as well. When you purchase or contribute to tears one through four. It will automatically unlock the next matrix for life. So, for example, if you bought tier one, you would automatically unlock tier 2. If you bought

tier 4, you would automatically unlock tier 5 but when you purchase and contribute to tiers one through five, which is a total of 3100 USDT, you unlock tier six, seven, eight, 9 and 10 you unlock placement in those matrix for life. That means you can now receive spill over from all of the tears and here's the best part. It's not just the Forex but it's also the cryptocurrency side of the platform as well and so you will be placed into tiers six, seven, eight, nine, and ten into those matrix. You can receive spill over From all 10 tiers of crypto and all 10 tiers of Forex which is just an opportunity for bonus income to come in and you can now refer other people and earn in the rewards plan from all 10 tiers.

Guys, this normally is a one hundred and two 3 00 total contribution And during the promotion in October, simply by contributing to tiers one through five in Forex, you get this ward for your entire life with Daisy The. rewards plan for all of the promo packs for the Matrix and the Matrix Check Match will pay out on November 1st. The reason we're doing that is so everyone has an equal opportunity. Let's say that you let's say that someone in your team contributes to these tiers before you do. Well, we don't want you to miss out on the ability to earn from that. You have the entire month

of October to secure this promotion and as long as you secure this promotion in the month of October, you will be qualified to earn on every single promo pack that's purchased from anyone in your organization, in your genealogy. Uh the Forex trading will begin in November. So, in November, the Forex trading will go live and you'll start to see those real-time results You must have at least tier one and Daisy in order to participate in this promotion. So, if somebody is brand new, joining for the first time, you'll contribute to at least tier 1 in the digital currency contribution. Once you do that, you join Daisy, you register for Daisy and, then you can participate in this promotion. Now, this is very important because placement in the tiers is based on time stamp and so, the sooner you take advantage of promotion, the sooner you get placed into those additional tiers and that means that you secure a higher position inside of the community. So, timing is

important. The sooner you upgrade, the better it is for you but the rewards for the promo pack, when people buy this promo pack and you wanna get paid are based on your tier one genealogy. What does that mean? That means that right now, your entire tier one genealogy right now is the genealogy that will be used for the matrix payout and the matrix check match. So, even if

you upgrade to the Forex promo pack at the end of the promotion, you will still earn on all of your team members who have purchased the promo pack starting on October the 12th. You won't miss out on any of that money. So, there is an advantage to doing the promo pack today instead of the end of the month but whether you it today or you do it in the month of October at the end, you still earn on all of the promo packs that have been purchased within your peer to peer network. So, guys, this is massive. I hope everyone

understands the power of number one, the ability to to diversify and to have contribution into the Forex AI platform to be able to earn from that, to be able to see that active trading daily and results, shorter term results, higher frequency in trading compared to the digital currency. This is powerful and of course, the ability to participate in the highest levels of the entire Daisy Rewards Plan. You will now be a tier ten member for life when it comes to the rewards plan and this is just a huge promotion that we hope every single member will take advantage of we hope that the word will get out because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If anyone has ever wanted to participate in Daisy this, is the time to do it. This month, this promotion is the absolute best promotion that we've ever put on the table in the Daisy community and this is an opportunity of a lifetime that every single member should take full advantage of. You can simply go

to your back office, you can see here that there are now two categories. There's a the crypto category and the Forex category. When you click on the Forex category, for example, for tier one, it it you have the opportunity to then contribute to tier one and so on. Uh you just go through the different tiers and then you'll confirm that transaction after after you do tier five, you'll confirm that transaction for your placement into tiers six through ten. Any Now, we have a huge pacesetter reset promotion going as well and so, if you're not familiar with the Daisy Rewards Plan, we invite you to watch the 18-minute rewards plan video. Uh simply request

that from the person who invited you here today and you can see the full rewards plan presentation but we have a part of our plan called the Pacesetter and when you qualify as Pacesetter, you earn in all of the contribution around the world from every single member in Daisy you, earn in that bonus pool. You also earn in all of the trading rewards Around the world, whether they're in your team or not in your team, whether they're in your network or not in your network. If they're a part of Daisy, you, get paid and this is so powerful. It's it's been an incredible bonus for for for those that have qualified about 500 members have now qualified as Paysetter but in order to qualify Paysetter, you have to achieve certain goals in your first thirty days and so, this is a pacesetter reset which says, even if you're past your 30 days, if you missed your 30 days to qualify for PaySapp, you now have the opportunity to qualify for Pacesetter in the month of October. How do you qualify for Pacesetter? Well, you need to have 24 personal referrals and that could be existing or new referrals with a total of one and 28, 000 in new contributions. From September 25th to October 31st.

But a lot of people have said, you know, I I I've been sharing Daisy I. have contributions already. Is there any way that I can count my previous contributions over the last six months towards the goal of one hundred and 000. Well normally, the answer to that is no.

Normally, you have to achieve this goal in your First 30 days And there is no opportunity to count your previous contributions or go past those 30 days. But with this promotion when you have 24 personal referrals. This could be people that joined in January or joined in March, preexisting, or new members that joined today. If you have 2-four personal referrals, existing or new, who could tribute to this Forex promotion. Tiers one through five then, you unlock all previous contributions to count towards the one hundred and 000. This is absolutely incredible. For those of you

that have been with us in Daisy, you've been a part of Daisy but you weren't able to achieve pacesetter yet. This is your chance. Help twenty-four people that you personally refer simply participate in the Forex promo package and of your pre-existing contributions, your pre-existing referrals will count towards the goal of a hundred and 000. And so this is a exciting opportunity for those of you that wanna take advantage of the global bonus pools. And you wanna earn from every contribution and every reward in Daisy qualify, for Pacesetter, take advantage of this promotion. We also announced in Dubai our new relationship with Coinzoom. Uh

there's now a Daisy Coin Zoom platform. If you go into your back office, there's a link there that you can click on to set up your Coin Zoom account and this is a single platform that you can now use for all of your cryptocurrency needs and here's what's really exciting is we have a spillover maker bonus pool and 10 percent of all of the platform fees that are generate Coin zoom is going to place them into the smart contract for this monthly bonus pool. So, as members are purchasing USDT from their bank account, purchasing Tron, maybe they're using their Coin Zoom debit card or they're using the Visa instant program where you can use any Visa card in the world to spend your digital currency and maybe they're exchanging you know, tokens or whatever it might be. Any activity done on CoinZoom from the Daisy Community 10 percent of that the all of the fees will go into this bonus pool and anyone can qualify for the bonus pool. When you refer four people to Daisy in, any calendar month, with a total of one thousand USDT, in contributions from those referrals, then, you will earn a share in the next month's bonus pool. So, if in October,

you refer four people who have a total of one thousand USDT and contributions, you earn a share in November's book. You can earn an unlimited number of shares and you qualify every single month and the Coin Zoom platform really does do it all. It's available in over 150 countries. Uh it's a perfect platform to onboard new Daisy members. So, if someone says, hey, how do I get USDT on the Tron Blockchain? How do I get Tron tokens? Uh you can use the Coin Zoom platform where literally you can transfer money from your bank account and and and instantly have access to digital currency. Uh

it's for using and holding your Daisy rewards. So, as you're earning in Daisy you, can hold those rewards in your coin zoom wallet and actually earn interest Uh you can buy Tron in Tron USDT. You can link any Visa debit card to send and to spend your digital currency. You get up to five percent cash back every time you swipe or every time you withdraw to your visa card, you earn up to 5% cash back. You can earn up to 10% a year in interest just for holding your digital currency, your Bitcoin, your USDT, your Ethereum, just for holding your digital currency in your Coin Zoom wallet, you can earn up to 10% annual return. Uh you can instantly transfer funds to any other Coinzoo member with no fees. You can convert your

crypto into fiat and send it directly to your bank account or your debit card. You get $10 in Zoom token when you have your first $one 00dollars worth of transactions on Coin Zoom. So, if you simply deposit some funds or send over cryptocurrency or whatever it is, you get $10 in free Zoom tokens. The platform supports all major digital currencies and we wanna encourage everyone in the community to make sure you purchase the Zoom token as well when you go to the platform, you can purchase the Zoom token, you get additional rewards. When you stake the Zoom token, you earn a higher cash back, higher annual return, annual interest on your holdings, and the Zoom token is something that we believe is gonna continue to grow. It's a

very powerful platform and we're excited to get behind the Coinzoo platform. So, just go to your back office, click on Daisy Coin Zoom, and you can set up your Coin Zoom account. We also have the Daisy app. This is an app that's designed to help a person get started. It's also an app that allows you to share Daisy with other people. Uh we've got the three-minute video, the ten-minute video, the rewards plan video. Uh we've got social

media surveys and a lot of great stuff inside of this app and it tracks everything. Every time you send out a video to someone and they watch the video, you get notified, they can continue to get more information directly from the app. There's a free version of the app. So, we recommend everyone download the Daisy app. It's D dot AI.SY. You can go to the Daisy app.com to register and and the free app has the full getting started.

So, if someone says, hey, how do I download the Tronlink wallet? How do I get my USDT? How do I sign up for Daisy It? takes them through the step-by-step process to get started in Daisy and that's free for everyone. That version of the app is free for everyone. For those that wanna participate and utilize the marketing system inside of the app, it's a paid version of the app that has everything you need to share with other people and to track and share Daisy with the world and that's the full version of the app. The full version of the app is now available for $12 and 95 cents a month and of course, you also can get a discount, you get two free months if you pay in advance. $3 dollars from every

app purchase, every app, monthly subscription, goes into the spillover maker bonus pool as well and so, of course, Daisy, we, you know, as a as a as a doubt doesn't make anything itself but the community gets the $3 per app into the bonus pool. The other $10 goes to the app company for maintaining and continuing to develop and expand the marketing system. So, powerful app that's available to all members and the last thing we wanna close with is this, we wanna invite every single one of you, every single member of Daisy from around the world to join us for our very first international conference on March 28th and 29th. This is

our one-year anniversary. Other than the leadership event that we have for Pacesetters, this will be our very first global event and it's gonna be absolutely incredible. It will be at this arena, the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai and you wanna plan now to be at this event. We're gonna make history at this event. We've got some huge announcements at this event.

Some surprise guest speakers at this event and I promise you, this event is going to be something you do not want to miss it will be absolutely life changing. So, plan on joining us March 28th and March 29th in Dubai for our first ever international conference. So, guys, thank you for tuning in today to this webinar Let's really take advantage of this Forex promotion that is on is live right now for everyone around the world. This is the biggest promotion we have ever had in Daisy and it's something that ever We hope every single member will participate in and let's take this project to the next level. We're excited. We're thankful. Uh we have massive momentum right now and there has never been a better time for you to get involved with Daisy If. you're already a

Daisy member, this is your moment. Take advantage of the Forex promotion pack. It's gonna be absolutely put you in the best position possible to have all of the maximum benefits from the Daisy business model, from the Daisy Digital Currency, and from the Daisy AI Forex All. of it wrapped in together. So, thanks for joining us here today. We

look forward to working with you and we look forward to helping you and the rest of the world benefit from the incredible Daisy Crowd funding Platform. Have a great day. God bless and we'll talk to everybody soon. Accessing mainframe. Initiating Daisy AI protocol. System, error. system

rebooting, power sequence starts in five, four, three, initiating Daisy Global Network. The future is created by ideas whose time has come. Diamond, please. And by those who believe that nothing is impossible. We are all born to

do what has never been done. The journey of possibilities has no end. Only new frontiers. Only new frontiers. Blockchain. Defy. NFT. AI. Daisy Decentralized AI system. Is the

new front for financial technology and a new ear.

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