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Daily Routine of Successful Artists - Asking Pros

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What's. Your daily routine, daily. Routine well the thing is to, be quite honest, my daily routine changes, from day to day I mean, I can get up one day like I want to start drawing and I'm gonna start working on my own projects, or other. Days it could be like I don't want to get up right now I'm just gonna lay in bed and be on my phone but, the thing is I don't feel guilty about the things I just want to do at the moment of. Course you know there's deadlines, you know there are priorities, and there are things I have the handle but, at the same time I don't pressure myself and feeling like I should be doing this and feeling guilty if I'm not doing it so the routine goes into more. Of the, interests, of things you want to go for that passion of things you want to do and it could be things like games it could be watching field it could be hanging out with friends also and, I think those are just as important, as a daily routine on top, of doing, the actual creative aspect of it because for me the, actual life experience, going out there and living is also, a huge part of being an artist too, so if you want to tell stories when, you got to go up there and lived a little bit - what. Do you think is the balance though the, balance, is when, those, priorities, are out of whack and the. Quality. That you're supposed, to get you're. Supposed to be consistent, with suffers, right. So if this if you're not hitting the same consistency, in terms of quality then, there is an issue of balance problem but if you can also still do those things and yet produce the same consistent, level of work then, hopefully, that means everything, isn't perfect kind of balance I was talking to some guy on Instagram he was asking me for help and I've. Kind of feeling that he wasn't really, putting in the time just from talking to him and I asked, him like what do you do most like most of the time what inspires you and he said oh video games and, movies I look cool how, often how much time, do you spend on, video, games and movies and he says pretty, much all day and so I go to sleep I like oh well that's not inspiring you he, said that that's what inspires him but it's like if it inspired you you would actually go and draw after. Inspiration. Is the fuel. Lead into you know any kind of art form or creative outlet so yeah okay you can play games but if that's the only thing you're doing all day and you don't really take that information in some ways as an, experience or visual, and apply, it somewhere for yourself then, yeah that's not necessarily, a good balance, as to what you have in daily life so, you know those outlets, of anything that you have can be used, to, your positive, advantage but, they can also be trapped without.

You Realizing so, you, do have to be very aware of where, you do put your time but, I am definitely saying that a lot of different experiences you can always add to, that usually want to get into but, you know even. If it's not the art poorness about the trends, of knowing what's going on you know staying in tune to the front lines of all the stuff around us I think, it's also important, too so being in an O is, quite, important as an instructor because, for a lot of my students that want to work in the entertainment field a lot of the older generation, instructors, right now are not very much involved in entertainment, so they don't know what's going on you don't know how to tell advice, about it's the kind of portfolio should have this is they games you they're working on this is that stuff that's currently going on right now but. If, we're not involved in it ourselves as professionals and, of course we are not be able to give them that proper advice so. I think it's also important, for me as an instructor doing, it to be involved with that. Thank. You very much it's absolutely awesome. My. Daily routine is wake, up make, lunch. For, my daughter, go. To work get, my lunch by going to this drawing, work. More go. Home lay my daughter we're, in bed draw, little. Details, the, only thing is do it and you work at Pixar I wanna thank. You. Thank. You very much thank you. So. In the day you have two parts to it you have productivity. Time and creativity time, creativity. Time is a very small bandwidth. Of time that your brain is active, towards ideas, and then, the rest of the day you're basically shut off to that and all you're good at doing is hammering the nails and cutting the wood basically. Finishing the art oh so in the morning I do all the creative stuff I don't have my phone near me I have the internet on because it's giving me pictures but I'm not surfing, the internet it's, things I need to see and I'm pulling together the, equations, that I'm going to be summing. Up throughout the day and then, once I have that put. Away I get, away from my art table I go play with the cats or do something normal and then I come back basically. Ready with none of the stuff that I just download, in my face because, I want that stuff to be in the background noise so, I can start being creative about it and then, at that point it's all productivity. Until the, next morning when I go to sleep for an hour wake up and do it again so what daily, routine do you recommend for a, student. Starting out okay, so as a student starting, out you're all gonna think that you don't need to draw very much you just know that you can draw because you watch the video the, thing here is that I don't like using this equation because it gets beat down really badly but it's like sports you, have to go out and swing the bat a thousand, times to know you're swinging it in the right place to hit the ball then you have to swing a thousand, more times to know that you're hitting it in a homerun space versus, a second. Base space first that you can actually control all of that the pool player is the same way they can hit there they, can hit the ball with their cue and hit it exactly the way they want it to spin the ball back to them if they want to that, requires, a lot of physical training over, and over and over again to, fail the. Goal here is failure, on a daily, basis, because if you don't fail when, you're doing you, won't recognize, it so that you have an answer for when you need to solve it as a professional. Learn. How, to, break, your day down so. That you know when it's creative, time and productive time build. On basic, exercises. First, so that your brain warms, up and that would be like the circles and the squares and the straight lines. And build, on your. Weaknesses so you have a list of weaknesses, today I'm gonna work on arms. Up because every time I try to draw these muscles, they look funky they don't feel right so that's a problem to solve for today go, into the Anatomy learn that then, go try and draw it from a photograph, using, the anatomy you learn and that's a big problem solving, thing for the day and then wind, down the rest of the day with shading a picture or, something that.

You Can actually do, that you can turn your mind off too but you can still be productive because, if this thing isn't moving all day long this, hand isn't moving all day long you're not connecting, your brain with your hands so that you can be responsive. On the job which. Is every company here at this comic-con they expect you to be responsive, and if you're not they're just not gonna hire you at all go, oh man thank you so much yeah your weapons are awesome yeah you're welcome absolutely, daily, routine. Brushing. My teeth and then I wake up I got what you might get your teeth before you wake up yeah. Before. I go that's how you be a pro exactly. Start your day before, you wake up exactly, i hack my dreams and then it told me to brush my teeth before we go that's time management right there that I usually, stressed. Out about my email cuz I'm like I really hope I didn't get anything overnight right it's, like oh my god I just want it to be cleared, or this is like one thing drawing, why is I, draw. Maybe half the week and the, other half I'm filming, I'm editing I'm doing. Stuff for client stuff like that so it, really varies from day to day but, sleeping, and brushing my teeth is definitely, part of everyday that's. It that's the only thing that's part of everything eating. And and you, draw in the morning or night I always. A night I always, draw at night because I feel like I'm more creative at night okay so and then in the morning you you. Focus on emails and marketing and stuff like that yeah. Like what am I gonna draw late at night and I yeah and. That's. The last question really, you made it. Awesome, here, I did, it I did, it I did my interview, mission. Complete, daily. Routine pretty. Pretty, boring yeah, the artist life is not a not a glamorous, okay you, said you'd come to conventions. Like 10 conventions, a year right yeah I'm doing 10 this year you, and that's the most I've ever done and it's good to be a bit much but you yeah usually at least six or seven a year. My. Daily routine is coffee of course answering. Emails I added, websites I do like, a lot of stuff. That you wouldn't think of artists should be doing because like once you start getting more and more successful, though do you realize the less and less you actually draw oh yeah so I draw, maybe a few times a week and then actually like I'm doing more office.

Work The whole time emails, marketing, yeah like, you, know like obviously social. Networking, then, like then, you're looking at all that other stuff and you get a few days you, know and that's that that's the thing, they don't tell you about art like being an artist especially like, somebody that is like a yourself. Like, then you do your own business and everything else that you, want to do it on your own it's like a lot of the stuff you got to do is is admin. Which. Is like a lot of hours on it here because you. Just want to draw but like if nobody's willing to buy your stuff so. You can draw all day that's the case with like but you have to do all that prepping, and all that curating. Of your social, network account and all make sure they are at web sites always looks, up-to-date. And all that stuff takes a lot of time and more than you would like to give, it you know so yeah same thing up yeah, you know yeah, exactly so, I'm trying right now oh yeah. I think, I'm supposed to be drawing right now but I have no time to do it so I'm trying to get those drawing days where you're actually I'm pointing and do it there are rarity but they're worth it when they happen when you were a student were, you drawing a lot more or did you have a drawing routine, you. Know yeah I do every, day like even when I actually had a job when I was a graphic designer, or what before I actually became a professional, artist full-time, I did, spend every, time I work my regular job I would even if I like when I was working at a clothing store. I'd. Take BRE you get your lunch break your 15-minute breaks and I would carry a sketchbook with me and I would draw during those breaks and, draw during my, lunch I get lunch but I have sketched a little bit like so you find those times that's when people say like you fought one year or when you're having a full-time job and you have to be like. You have to be economical. About your situation like, you have to pay rent first and then, so therefore you squeeze these little time when you can actually practice your graph until, the craft can actually take over and be, full-time and, then when I got the depo back there all the time and there never man, that would be real you can't draw all the time you know so you, find the time you know so yeah, okay well that's good to know you can be this awesome, I'm, not draw everyday yeah, yeah cool, well that was the last question thank you oh thank you so much for the time appreciate coming back around then yeah. What's. Your daily routine as. A professional, artist I'm so professional well I have kids a lot, of. Yeah. Well, I'm, okay. Yeah. So I gotta get up early like. A factory, station, wanna, start. A page a sketch, little, something take them to school get, coffee keep working, or you get coffee after, you do all that yeah, otherwise. I'll be exhausted, yeah go, get coffee first, thing. I'll. Stop around midnight. Or 1:00 in the morning and, then again later, one and then you wake up at 5:30, or so 36, and that's, pretty much every day even the weekends you know I told you my secret dammit this is a mechanical, pencils but, I found out that it fits micro, coulomb a mechanical. Pencil yeah. So. Fits perfect, I can work for hours, better. Handle, them they're all ones so, how you do everyday. Morning. That you think are there artists should also include, in their routine yes. Let's grant that. You have the kind of obsession compulsion, that makes it so that when the job starts, you're. On the job let's. Grant that then. There is another problem and that's burnout is, that you can work so hard that you burn yourself out and I. Got advice from a photographer. Was very inventive, Gary Ramsey. Shan. Shan's. What brother, agree. Sean, Ramsey's. Great-grandfather. No I have no idea I didn't put it together there might be a relationship Gary, was one of the first people, who switched over to digital from. Traditional, photography and, this was I mean back. In the 90s and he was solving, one. Problem after. Another after another so I'd call him up her advice and I'd say how, do you do all this and he.

Said Mountain, biking you know I'm working on a problem I can't solve the problem I don't know what I'm gonna do I just get on my mountain bike I go out for a ride and I swear marshal I never. Go out there trying to solve the problem I just go out there to relax. And nine. Times out of ten when I come back I've got the answer so, there is this rhythm, that you don't want to just stand with your two feet lock for 24, hours because. You wear yourself out but, walking is, less exhausting. Because, walking means you relax one leg and then tense it and then relax it and tense it and so there is a natural, rhythm, not. To work for a week straight but. To work for a day and sleep for a night and work for a day and sleep for a night and that comes down to the small levels to which, is to work until you can't work any more and then do something unrelated. Come. Back refresh, and if, you catch that rhythm you find, that not only do. You meet. Your deadline but you also meet, it creatively. Because, that downtime, is where some of the best problems, get solved but everybody, has their own rhythm I found that mountain biking wasn't for me for me it was walking and for, other people it'll be just conversing, you, know going out relaxing, in the backyard or whatever else but the the counterpoint, of not just. Like a bulldog, sticking, with it all the way through and then collapsing, exhausted, if, you can fit that into your schedule that's the best way to do it daily. Routine is wake. Up in the morning. Get. The kids to school you, know usually if it's not summer come, home walk the dogs otherwise they get pissed at me and then, just start my day roughly, at about 8 a.m. and, then I'll work till. Usually. About 4 or 5 and, then that's what I call it kinda quits and then. Yeah, perfect, that's it yeah. Sweet. It's. Your. Daily routine. Oh my daily routine, you might not tell from my drawings, because they're very stiff I'm still working on that so I started out every morning and I draw gesture, drawings they're. Loose but I'm still trying, to be considered, over the line work and the line quality I'll take a pose I'll do it from reference and then I'll try to move that pose into all different angles hmm, that's my morning routine then. It. Really depends like on, certain days I'll go to get brainstorm I'm. Doing that then I'll just prep for class on other, days I'll just spend the next like 10 hours working on videos and usually. That's broken up into like doing a research phase where. I'll I'll, sit and just maybe read about something or gauge. What, other people are doing with the topics and then usually. I'll start my videos by writing out a script of some sort so, I'll try to put my thoughts into words first, and then start. Sketching and, then the. Inevitable phase, of editing because I haven't gotten an editor yet so that's. The next step yeah thanks so much thank, you so much you clean it take care daily.

Routine Wake up at 9:00 change. Clothes I don't, work with pajamas, but I look, at home and, then I start work from 9:00. To 6:00 and then I do warm up when, I stuck with this worms get to do some life models, so I'm like 30, minutes and then when I feel that I comfortable, started working till, six so six then I have kids then I have to get the kids in the end from 9:00 to 12:00 are. You work again yeah from 9:00 to 2:00 a.m. yeah, oh dang well thank you very much oh thanks but what's. Your daily routine, so I, shower. I think. If I'm drying it depends on the project I'm working on, but, I tend, to probably do something like just scratchy sketching, doodling and a sketchbook that don't show anybody so. There's, no pressure there's I. Know that I'm not going to show anyone so it frees up my mind it, just gets me warmed up. Then. Maybe, some simple warming exercises, if I'm using pen and ink a couple lines here and there just to shake the rust off or if. It's digital. Then, maybe I'll even do some warm-up sketches that I just kind of delete or whatever so you do all those moments before you actually start drawing, not, every day but I think if it's for an assignment I definitely. Do it because I don't like going in too cold yeah sometimes, I'll sit down apply. All that to just a daily sketch which, I made post or, I may not be done like that all, right that's really taking off for us last. Question and daily, routine that, switches, depending. On my deadline, now, personally wake. Up, meditate. Because, it, is important, then, check the emails and probably. Wish I meant eight it a little longer yeah, I get going on a drawing board hopefully. Then, you draw draw, robot, yeah, draw my overall, time is about eight, hours a day but, I do that in increments. You know three hours or two hours take. A break depending. On the. Workflow how, do you balance out all the work you, go out I'm, still trying to figure that out because there's days where I wake up earlier, and, I can get done before, 3. O'clock 4 o'clock in the day is nothing that's, a very refreshing feeling, but then there's signs where I'm working till 3 o'clock in, the morning and I, end up having, later. Starts, the next day but. I end up doing it because it's, kind of a necessary evil, so. You get the job done but I don't like that, I had to do that, well. That's it oh thank, you very much. Nearly. Two miles I warm up every day by doing two-minute t-shirt going oh that's, it nice just start drawing sometimes. I'll do studies, I'll look at guys I like and do studies and stuff like that just a warm-up. I work, from home so like, I literally, draw, every day but it was important, for me to have. Hours, like a set of hours like a nine-to-five because, if, I didn't do that my, whole life would be art and I would never have like friends or an outside life so, I think the important thing is yeah have a daily routine like, set your hours but, remember that like to have a life outside of art - that way art, doesn't become work you don't want it to be like not fun anymore you want to like look forward, to it you know okay. Okay thank, you yeah no problem nice and easy Hey. Daily. Routine ideal. Day I get, up 5, o'clock I do. Exercise. And, meditations. Ice-cold shower which is important, because it wakes you up big, time and it helps your immune system, and then, I go, to work it's generally. A, lot of meetings in the morning and I'll start painting and drawing. Into. The night so about 10 all. Over again perfect. Okay thank you know those that's, it all right. My. Daily routine it's. Really really funny my twitter is Caleb. Is drawing yeah. Feel. It rarely drawing Caleb. Is mostly teaching. Caleb's. Much mostly, driving, my, daily routine get up have, a gigantic, coffee drive. To school greet. As many students as I can before class. Listening. To my students complaints, about arts try to listen to their concerns about arts I always. Try to convince them that their. Struggles, with drawing are. They're, not singular. To them I struggle, with drawing to fact I struggle with it probably more than they did just on a different level but.

I Always try to engage them as. Often as I can to. Try to use. Positive reinforcement, to, encourage them and then, if I'm lucky I'll get in some drawing yeah. I'm an old man so 9:30, 10:00 I'm down but. You wake up boy that's. When I wake up, no. No I, wake, up at about 6, o'clock thank. You hey. Guys in the comments let me know what, can you change in, your daily routine to improve it to, be healthier, and more productive and if. You missed the other three asking. Pros videos, there's. Links in the description.

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How are you gonna adjust your daily routine to get better faster? Any tips we didn’t mention here that you think will be useful to know?

I'm still in the student phase of the arts, and working a full time job, but I try to dedicate three hours a day to the arts. It may be watching an hour worth of Proko YouTube videos, (because theory is important), writing for an hour, (because writing is one of my artistic endeavors), and an hour of drawing/painting. Or it may be like today, where I spent three hours drawing figures from life in class before going to work, then another two hours after work watching anatomy videos, followed by a Proko Pros Routine video, and rounding the night off writing a reply to your question. I don't always get my three hours a day, but if I make it up on another day to get in 15 hours a week, then I consider that a successful week in the right direction. And it isn't uncommon for to get in 20 to 30 hours of art practice in one week if the weekends are open.

I think practicing the basics to warm up is a good point. My OC is a lot of basic shapes (ovals and cones) so maybe working on that will get my hand steadier. I think I need to add about 1 hour of practice every other day and switch off with idea brainstorming on the off days. I have so many ideas that I want to turn into art that I can't do just yet that writing them down helps me get my creativity flowing.

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when summer end their hot temperatures, i'll come back to run. And i'm trying to waste less time on my pc because every time i turn it on, i lose myself up looking videos or playing videogames for a little too much time and i don't like this. I'm more motivated now thanks!

I would say a good night sleep. For me it's more important that drawing itself. I'm a morning person so it helps me start a day and put all that energy into art. After all that I take the day to the fullest by being with family and my doggo, do every thing i need to do for a day and repeat!

Little by little i'm getting into healthier routine: first i started waking up earlier to warm my arm and hand muscles early, now i'm doing exercise soon in the morning to make the blood flow through my brain (and not die at 50 from a heart attack).

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I have to change the beginning of my day, always losing time on the phone scrolling too much. Meditation or some gestures warm up drawing can be perfect to replace my bad habits. Thanks for the series of videos Stan, really helpful.

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Daily routine Draw something Awsome Find yourself didn't have the skills Start learning Can't improve Play video game Think of something else Awsome ...

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This was a really helpful and insightful video! It's great to hear so many different opinions from successful artists that come from varied walks of life. For me I think something that would help me is setting some time aside to be more goal oriented in my drawing. Drawing aimlessly is fun and fine, but when you have something you want to focus on improving or a subject you want to get to know better through observational studies, then I find myself feeling better, more productive and my art takes on a different (and better in my opinion) quality.

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Exercises. Some exercises reduce stress and improve learning ability.

As an art teacher, this is your best video. Love all the different pro artist perspectives. If you are in Yosemite, hit me up.

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Oh man, my daily routine changes every year! I have two kids, my oldest is 8 and my youngest is one year old. I now work (draw comics) 7 hours a day on week days and 12 hours on Saturday to balance things out between work and family time. I don't work on Sunday; I usually just do deliberate practice and experiment on painting and stuff on Sunday.

Each and Everyone of us are different(we all know). So do what you think is best for you. Its all about patience and Working smart yet Wisely ;)

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Yeah,...dude,...I’m 56 and getting a late start in my drawing routine,...I used to be all over the place, now I just focus on pencil and charcoal portrait drawing,...that’s it, nothing else,....I’m a plumbing contractor so I’m busy, trained my self to keep my drawing materials with me and draw when I have down time,...getting excited cause now for the first time I’m seeing my portraits looking realistic,....so yeah,..discipline, keeping my materials with me and just focusing on one area and drawing everyday when I have down time,...I’m also a member of your online drawing site,...that’s helps me as well.

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One thing I have been working on doing lately is to draw/sketch daily. When comes to brainstorming what to draw, I assign certain subject like human, animals, or plants etc to study for each day of the week. If I am still stumped then I pick letter of the alphabet and think of the first like say animal that comes to mind that starts with that letter. Once you start drawing you get inspired to do more.

That's a good idea! My sketchbook is the 642 Things to Draw book. It's basically a book that has lists of every day objects to draw. It's very helpful because I need structure when I draw

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Wake up, yoga/sport, meditate, and let's go for study before big project on day

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I had set up a plan to that I thought would be really fun as well as help me improve. I have learned from experience not to set crazy goals. The routine I've been wanting to do is 1hour of free drawing to warm up and then two hours of studies from my books with breaks every thirty minutes. I came up with this in june and have desperately been trying to keep it going daily at least on workdays since theres no school. I haven't suceeded in reaching this goal a SINGLE TIME . I honestly don't know why since three hours is NOTHING and I love drawing. But I just lay in bed all day watching YouTube and hating myself. I've been drawing more days than I have not but its very rare that its more than one hour. I want to improve faster so I'm applicable for my dream art schools admission in March. I don't know why I do this since I love drawing so much. Sorry for venting in a flippin YouTube comment section

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Propably get better in transitions. My daily routine goes like this- I wake up, shower, make coffee, draw and then move to my day job.. After that I come home and draw until midnight. But the thing with transitions - I usually start with drawing cca an hour after I come home, because my mind is all over the place from the job. I would like to start drawing as soon as possible after job

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Probably the best thing I could do in my routine is draw more often and when I do it would be another good idea to not be angry with myself when I make mistakes.

This video was fantastic Proko, thank you so much for this entire series. I admire every single artist in them, and their insights are very helpful and encouraging. I definitely struggled with finding a routine when I first started my business, and I'm still not 100% set on one, but my biggest breakthrough was compartmentalising business, art, and my personal life, and giving all of them a legitimate place in my life. Thank again for all you do Proko.

So true. Once you reach your somewhat desired drawing goals, you tend to draw less. I use more of my time reflecting on ideas and just refining drawings.

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Vean Studio still doesn't mean it's a DAILY ROUTINE. Dictionary definition: noun a customary or regular course of procedure. commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity: the routine of an office. regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure.

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He don't have one but he's better than all of us combined, his daily routine is follow his feeling of what he need rather than what he wants

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About all the "I don't draw as much as I should" etc. - what none of them said is that when they were *students,* they *did* and *needed to* draw/paint all the time. Once you're through the student period and have your basics down firmly it's not as necessary anymore.

philosophically they're always students tho but I get what you're saying.

+1 to drawing on 15min breaks at work. That's an extra 2 1/2hrs a week with the pencil! Been doing it for a while now, usually just working out problems or trying to integrate lessons from the night before.

How many hours a day to spend drawing, so as not to burn out? (sorry for google translate)

Pumper Nikiel You can draw all day, you can learn something you and if you get tired just draw something inside your confort zone.. to turn yourself off but continue practising

It was really cool to hear from these artist there habits also nice that you got such a wide variety. There is alot to take away from this :)! Nice video

Im trying to draw everyday right now since im not that good yet and it will help me improve faster


on one side I'm thinking about about the importance of putting crazy hours into practice and the same time on the importance of doing other stuff that will inspire you and make you a better individual(travelling,do phisical exercise,spend time with the people you love,play games,watch movies,...)...maybe everyone as to find they're balance

Not a beginner but definifty a young artist who has a lot to learn, these videos are SUPER helpful!

me @ 0:00 but Proko didn't interview me

Loved the diversity of advice! I particularly enjoyed listening to Marshall Vandruff’s advice where he mentioned rhythm in walking and its parallels in drawing. Really interesting. Caleb Cleveland’s advice was essentially to give advice which was also so pleasant to hear. Oh yeah, things I would change in my daily routine... Start with a warm-up, make time for drawings/paintings, take breaks when needed, and get enough sleep while I can :,)

Very useful tips. Thank you

Awesome artists, excellent art work, interesting stories about their daily routine...worth listening to. A thoroughly enjoyable video!

My daily routine is doing my word a day drawing prompts so I get at least one drawing a day done

The third person you interviewed was very insightful. Who was he?

Jason Mamangon Ron Lemen

0:12 Holy shit, the internet wasn't ready for this level of woke.

awesome video! these vieos help a lot

I haven’t even finished this video yet and I’m in deep gratitude. Thank you for this

I know a girl who started a manga at 13 and now at 14 she's like GOD cause she drew everyday a lot of different stuff in a lot of different positions

+Sobbare Aww you're welcome. She inspired me too. We need to work hard and give our best and we'll surely archive our objectives

Thank you soooo much for this! If a 13 year old can do this in one year I got 0 excuses.

+milhud Search for shiruusart on IG

who is?


*THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING THESE INSIGHTS!!!* *Really helpful for people like me >_< I will do my best on my channel!!!!!!!!*

how the heck do you write in bold on youtube?


Bryson Byroo

Sounds daft. But eat properly and get enough sleep. If you fail on either of those then your health becomes a ticking time bomb.

Gonna fail faster. Fail faster and go outside for inspiration.

Thank you for interviewing other artists about their routines! It was wonderful hearing the unique things each artist does on a daily basis. For myself, recently I discovered that by tackling a chunk of my daily to-do list before bed helps me get a good nights rest and frees up more valuable time before work. This change has freed up mental energy and even encouraged me to participate in mini draw and writing sessions during my lunch breaks throughout my work week. I believe a good addition to my daily routine could be adding some reading or meditation in the morning or evening. Follow that up with a writing or art session (which ever suits my fancy). I believe one helpful tip to point out, that wasn't mentioned, is tidy up your work space at the end of a session. A cheap box or tray can hold brushes and tools used for an ongoing project that's drying while you're working on a quick sketch or design in between layers. I make sure to have a drying spot setup for wet media off to the side of my work area too (bookcases are wonderful). Thanks again for the awesome video!

i need to wake up earlier, so i can do more stuff trhought the day

I probably should stop snacking, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Too many celebrations are lined up lol! I do draw as much as possible, taking my sketchbooks and tools to work with me (and I work for TSA). Drawing at home for me is really tough with a 3 year old and a 3 month old. So I must draw on the go. I did stop drinking coffee and I eat smaller meals, it's just those snacks that I can't seem to drop lol.

YouTube is the worst, let’s plays too. It’s actually better to watch a show or a movie and then when that is finished start your art. Or maybe watch something that is less interesting and draw while you watch.

A big part of it would be a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes it’s the case of energy. lol find it’s best to set aside time and even if it’s ten minutes You will often find that you end up working a lot longer. This can be a problem because next time you think of creatingn art you assume you won’t have time for anything else. The key is when to know to say enough for today. That is true about work art and play. Unless art is your play.

Just draw everyday, but use references in order to capture reality as closely as possible. Don't think that these people aren't spending weeks on one project or even tracing. I see Lot of tracing now-a-days. People should really stop being lazy and draw things themselves. Better for you.

I definitely need to walk more, I definitely need to add more masters studies and drawing for myself to the routine and not just Studies and exercises.

Helpful af

Congrats for 1 million!

THANK YOU, proko You really open my eyes, now i am not going to feel guilty about not doing daily draw but getting happy about making draw most of time and keeping consistency In my work

The girl @ 7:27 is gorgeous!

Hey ur video has helped me a lot, Congrats on your 1M suscribers :)

Go early to work so I'll back earlier, don't play all the rest of the day and practice what you like. Sometimes I try to do that but like the video, I like to hangout with my friends of work.

Awesome video! Very inspirational to see the outlooks of different artists

Peter Han's perspective is so solid. Thanks for sharing that.

I think the best part of this is that it shows that people do what works for them. That was one of the hardest lessons I've had to figure out, and I've been a professional for 13 years. Just keep on learning/trying. That's my daily routine. :D

I personally draw on a bi-daily basis during the workweek. I have to balance it with school and a full-time job so it can be tricky. Within the five weekdays of every week I try to get in 3 days dedicated to drawing (which is only five hours a day between waking up and going to work). On the other two days of the work week I try to spend time with friends but I also have classes, ideally I'll get at least one hour of drawing in on those days. I also try to get an hour of drawing in at work when I'm on break or at lunch but I have to skip eating for that. Weekends are usually off or on. I have to use them to catch up on classwork, chores and maintaining the lawn. Ideally that stuff doesn't take too long. After that I can either choose to spend time with the friends I don't get to spend time with over the work week or ostracize them to draw. Anyway I think about this shit every day of my life at work to figure out how I can squeeze more time in. And yet here I am wasting my free time writing all this.

Wow.. Peter Han delivers o_o

Thanks Proko!

Thanks for all those asking pros videos!

Congratulations for 1 m subscribers..Thank you for teaching us so well ❤

You sound like a porn interviewer

Both informative and entertaining, thank you

Loving these Asking Pros series of videos Also, congrats for 1 MILLION DUDE!

Good video

I wanna see everyone drawing environments.

The link you have for "Part 3" is broken. It points to a Grammarly commercial instead.

What i need to do: locate and understand my weaknesses and work it slow and steady each day. thanks for the tips proko. Also finally try colors

I AM LOVING this series Stan. It REALLY helps those who are self-taught and cannot pay for art school. THANK YOU!!!

Very interesting serie of videos. Love it.


This peter han is sooo good person! I love him! Im almost 1 year in dynamic sketching 1 ( week 1)

Great video, great advice - especially Ron Lemen's.

I feel like you could've rephrased the question better. Most of these artists just talked about their literal daily routines. Was more interested in learning their daily drawing practice regiment, as opposed to when they decided to have their morning coffee. The way you asked the question to Marshall was better than the other approaches you took. Great video nonetheless, love the content.

This video is aweeeeeesome ty!

Inspiring. Artists are not superheroes...they're human, they have lives, they have kids, they have backstories related to how they arrived where they are now, they drink lots of coffee, they have drive...Forget what I said before. They're my superheroes.

This series has been amazing. I'm a composer, not a visual artist, but it's been inspiring nevertheless! Hoping for more at a later time. :)

Great video! I agree meditating really helps you to focus and getting in the zone faster when you start working!

0:00 Is that a mix of tarsier, jumping spider, lizard, fish and tuna the dog

Love this series! 2 things I do - in the morning work on whatever inspires me most, just to get started. Usually if you start to think to much you lose momentum. - yoga every evening to shut my brain off. Not much, usually 10-15 minutes, up to 1 hour if I feel like it. Working out and staying healthy is so important in a job where burn out is always around the corner because you're so passionate about your work.

Es raro que los títulos estén en español, pero todo el contenido sea en ingles, ni subtitulos tiene :(

YouTube te lo traduce automáticamente

I am going to put in more hours of drawing. With a day job, it sometimes is tough to manage. But I'll definitely put in more effort. Thanks Proko. :)

Congrats on 1mil!!!

Hey, loved the videos! I think the link in the description to part 3 is wrong, it is taking me to a Grammarly commercial.

Wow a million subscribers! Congratulations for the great job!

almost 1 mil followers yee

Another great vid Proko. Wish you had a chance to ask Ceasar Santos this question.

This is truly inspiring and useful informations, thank you so much for sharing, and OMG I want to be there so bad.

my man about to hit a mil

OwO 999k subscribers? *noice*

I think eating is a good daily routine. Also sleeping. 14:21 is that a teleportation?

Cool guy xD

What i see most of them do is thousands of hours Practice, that's awesome that they could do that. I hear moderndayjames' interview that he ever spend 20 hours of practice. That kind of hardwork is frightening me...

When you stop drawing everyday, or sculpting, painting, writing, whatever your artistic passion might be, you may as well go crawl into a grave and fill the dirt in after yourself. You may make much money and gain fame after you stop doing these things on a daily basis, but your life as an a5rtist is over. You will get no better, and will almost certainly get worse. You are now not an artist at all, your just a business executive peddling the work of your past self who is now dead.

It's fascinating how different all their answers are.

Who painted the character in the thumbnail?

Really enjoyed this video series. When are you launching your basics course?

Awesome video!.

"once you get more and more successful, you realize the less and less you actually draw." that is actually very scary to me...

I wish I had Caleb as a teacher

My daily routine... Wake up at 6 am, do gestures for about an hour, another hour of study of an artist I like(currently working my way through kinu nishimura's figures in a street fighter 3 book), after that 5 -6 hours of figure drawing. I usually draw two full body poses, drawing each pose twice. After that lunch,stationary bike. Then I work on the stuff I get paid to draw the rest of the day until I go to bed. I change it up by doing only faces and hands instead of full body poses ( like today).

There is only so much I can do in a day, I rather focus on a weekly routine. The most important tip I got in that respect was "don't start the week until you've got it finished" in other words; don't start working before you've planned your day, week etc...

I will find anytime to draw .. even in lunch break.... and will draw in the night because I think I'm one who is inspired in the night... and will sleep less ..and I think drawing will motivate me to do this

Damn i want to hang out with Peter Han, he's that person who can influence other people with good things

My guy lemenaid!!!!!

Where is this?

I have started late in my life, but I like to draw a lot and I want to practice everyday. It takes discipline, a lot of it to sit down and pay atention. I have enthusiasm, a lot of enthusiasm which is important; but most of all Passion for drawing.

What an insightful and useful video. I'll most likely be a subscriber!

Congrats on a million subs.

Congretz 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


balance my schedule better and watch waaaaaay less moveis and play waaaay less video games.

I really like that tip where you write down all your artistic weaknesses in a list and try and conquer one of those things a day, I'll have to give that a try.

Wow these artists are so in tune with their minds and bodies they know exactly what they need to keep themselves on track and productive but also healthy and happy. Amazing insight on how some of these artists work!

بليز تبادل الاشتراكات

The perfect day: -Wake up at 4h32 -Stretch & fast workout -Shower -Meditate -Quick sketch or video Editing -Get to my day job -Get back from day job and work on personal project or Editing -Go to my MMA training -Chill (Either Video game or Tv shows) or draw some more -Go to sleep On the bad day: - HOLEEEE SHEEET I'M LAAAAAAAaAaaAAAATE !!! What is happening ! XD The Routine gets interrupted when my friends call me to grab a beer :D

What I have done recently is make a few pages filled with boxes and fill it with something that I want to practice drawing. I fill it up a bit more everyday so that at the end, I'll see that I have one hundred plus hands, or faces, or trees or whatever it is, and also see my improvement. I think it's really fun and an active way to get better and see what progress you have made.

Wow so helpful! I will implement doing warm ups b4 drawing and scheduling what i am going to draw

This was inspirational!... -*watches it three more times* XD

Manage your time better. Not everything is going to revolve around your phone and social media

Please give me few of urs subscribers

Great video. I need to be more consistent. It looks like almost all of them said that they start with a warm up. I’ve noticed that when I do that, even when I don’t feel like painting or drawing, that it keeps me going.

Swing ur bat ppl swing ur bat!

San Diego Comic Con

Bobby Chiu

Can you make a video on how to draw fabric from imagination.

Inspiration will find you. But it will find you working.

This was a great video with some of my favorite artist.

They all should have YouTube channels

@nooligan is my boy! His art is AMAZING!!!!

Good, strong, routines are so important! Breaking down the bad routines is also important. I think it's a great idea to keep a 2-week time journal to build awareness, as mentioned in a Jake Parker video. I loved the book "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg, along with the audiobook "The 5-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. Not exactly routines, but the book "Deep Work" by Cal Newport was also great for productivity at a level that one may not have believed possible. Marshall's comment about going for a bike ride or walk etc. really works for me; not to grind it out like a bulldog. It's important to become aware of one's own circadian and ultradian rhythms. See ASAP Science's video on the Science of Productivity as well. To support strong routines, it's good to determine how much sleep you need and then plan your wake up time at the end of a sleep cycle. Never hit the snooze!! The site sleepyti.me is a good tool for figuring out your bedtime. Thanks again!

Very useful video! Lovely people. Thanks Proko!

This should have been 2 questions. What was your daily routine when learning as a student? And what is your daily routine as a professional

Step 1: Weed

All these pros that say they're still working in the small hours... I'm practically brain dead by 11pm every night!

You had Chuck Wojtkevicz there and you didn't interview him? Man.

I'm seeing a pattern of waking up early.

Awesome interviews! The idea of Marshall Vandruff about walking got me and I will use it the rest of my life. In my daily routine, I want to improve on two big things for me: to start my day with a sketch and to have a limit on working hours (because I tend to overwork and then I have a great difficulty of concentrating for a while). And all of you resding this: you are awesome! Keep your work flow going and stay healthy!

Everything has a sweet spot, and as token, a rough patch. The person who is responsible, takes due responsibility, with honor, of doing the act of balance between those 2 opposite qualities...

7:51 Android Dialogue: Face Reassembly Complete, Mission Accomplished, Returning to the Front Lines

They don't sleep much.

Where is Brom? :( Or Randy Post (rk post)? :P

excelente!! gracias por esto! lo que me pareció raro es que nadie hablo de la música xD una de las cosas mas importantes cuando dibujo.

What if you don wanna be professional, you jus wanna be better?

I need to take more breaks. I wake up, eat breakfast and draw until I almost fall asleep on my desk. I still have so much to learn so I can never stop practicing. From now on I'll take more breaks so I don't burn out.

Thank you Proko this is awesome. I've stared listening to all the great artists advice and my art is realistically improving. I feel like I could actually do this in a few years I'm soo greatful for help and I wish all the best for you and all of us who are trying to get better :D

ugh draw in the morning, because when i draw at night i end up going to sleep at 3am and i feel shitty the next day

nothing is normal. noting is still or in motion, sow i dont know about my rutine, no Work jet.

It's funny how Ron Lemen explains how in the morning it's creativity time, but if you have ADHD like Ross and me, we get way more creative at night and energetic too.

I think rituals are super helpful no matter how small. Love your videos, always informative.

Summary: Daily Routine: - Routine goes more in the interest of what you want to do, if you want to tell stories through art, you want to get out there and live out there too in life, inspiration is the fuel for a creative outlet, if you watch movies or do something you could use this in your positive advantage, try to just draw a lot, be involved in the entertainment industry, know what's going on - Find time to draw wherever you can - Productivity time and creative time are the two different things, in the morning be creative for what you want to do for the rest of the day without distractions, then distract yourself with something and then be productive into making it, you could then be creative about it (I think because the ideas float in your head part of the day), go fail on a daily basis so you recognize how to solve it in a professional matter, learn how to break your day down to know when it's creative time and production time, build on basic exercises first (shapes, lines, etc), then work on your weaknesses (list it), learn it, do it, etc, problem solve it for the day and then wind down the rest of the day when shading a picture, be responsive, practice every day - many people have their own daily routine, find yours, find one that works best, just be professional in everything you do, get involved in everything around it - find the time to draw - wake up early to do things and then draw, again, be active in achieving the things you want to do in life - solve one problem after the other, if you can't solve the problem do something else - this dude mountain bikes, so, don't stand with you two feet locked, find a natural rhythm, work until you can't work anymore and then relax, it comes down to finding your rhythm, whatever it is really - your routine could take time to work on, it seems that mixing things up helps - it seems that many people wake up early, draw a bit in the morning, do something, draw for a couple hours - do some doodling, sketching, warmup sketch, and then start doing the real drawing - wake up, check emails, do some work, then do a drawing, work in periods of 3 hours then do something else and draw again - do studies just to warm up - have a set of hours to have a life outside of art, that way art doesn't become work, it stays fun, something to look forward to - wake up 5 a clock, meditate, cold shower, paint, draw, to the night and restart - wake up, drink coffee, try to solve something qua drawing, get motivated by something, like a video, and then draw

I should probably just pull my shit together and start drawing some more. Im 19 y.o and already stressing the hell out over my future as an artist (its hard as hell to get noticed )

Man o man, this is really good!

2 minutes into the video and Peter Han has cured my anxiety, thanks.

I really enjoy these artist question and answers. I learn heaps! Thank you.

Great video !!! I would say the thing I'd like to change in my daily routine, is getting rid of every fear I have related to my art skills, and start practicing those things I'm usually afraid to draw.

I feel like I'm addicted to Youtube, a lot of my days start out great! I would wake up, have breakfast while watching an episode of a series, clean up and do some studies (Currently I'm doing Andrew Loomis's figure drawing book) for around 2 hours. then I would take a "Break" and watch a couple of youtube videos aiming for around (30 mins) of watch time and suddenly 4 hours pass by.....

Mr. Ron Lemen's words are gold to me, strike a balance between productivity time and creativity time, internet but not surfing, lots of physical training to fail. Goal of failure on a daily basis, so you can solve it when you need to solve it, build on basic exercises for warm ups after which build on your list of weaknesses, and winding down at the end of the day but still being productive and repeat the process. Thank you Proko for allowing me to hear these words.

ADMIN??!! Ewwwwwwwwwwww 8:48 - 8:54

This is super insightful, thank you!

This is why I subscribed. Guaranteed quality art videos. Keep up the awesome work!

if only I had a routine to optimise...!

Thank you so much

haha, i got what you were thinking at 7:30 you naughty.. naughty man... :D

I particularly liked Ron Lemon's response. ''You need to train over and over again. The goal is failure on a daily basis. Because if you don't fail when you are doing, you won't recognize it and have the experience to solve it." This applies to any occupation or hobby. The 10,000 hour rule.

Lots of interesting information from all the artists. Thanks for sharing with us.

to me, I feel like I have a great Idea all the time, but cause of work stuff, all the idea only work on when I'm free, and it usually at weekend.

omg mandy at 3:15

Hai-na looked really sad once he finished his interview, don't be sad fam. :(

Yeah, but being consistent isn't improvement. If you're trying to improve, it should be a priority

7:27 lower right, thats the most beautiful artwork right there..

Smoke some meth then DRAE the shit out of it

Going to the gym is SUCH a benefit. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone for so many reasons. The biggest TWO reasons are that A) Doing cardio 3x weekly just gives you so much more energy, you'll find your drawing sessions are longer and more productive, and easier to start. B) Anatomy. Weight machines often have diagrams that show what muscle you're exercising on it. Bulking up doing anaerobic exercises really will teach you so much about musculature.

"Caleb Cleveland, Kid Cop" - Adventure Zone reference?

Great video! Very interesting to hear all the different answers.

These artists are incredibly articulate about what keeps them creativity productive. Thanks for the insight.

Ahh, professional artists. Not hobbyists.

0:08 haha if your daily schedule changes at whim, that's not a routine :P (I'm like that tho -- but aspiring to be routine-oriented)

It sounds like my home limitations like not being able to leave the house or go out and socialize are really hurting my art. Believe me it's not because I don't want to, it's because I don't have a car, and I live out in the country. I'm also disabled. So I think it will be especially important knowing what I know now, to pay special attention to my surroundings and enjoy as much as I can when I DO leave the house. Take as much inspiration from the little things as possible. Another thing I've been hearing a lot is to make a space where it's ok to draw messy, and make mistakes and allow things to be imperfect, and make those failures so I can learn from them. I need to keep challenging my perfectionism.

Fantastic interviews!

Loved this! very good routine ideas

3:15 For a second there I thought Gandalf was flipping me off.

A lots of sex before starting my day.

I've started waking up earlier and working in the morning and it's SO USEFUL. Do iiiiiiit.

Great video. Thank you

The emails are absolutely the worst. I've lost entire mornings just to correspondence, and I'm not even good enough to go career yet.


Maori tattoo?


So cool video! Thank you for it, I got conformation: you have to work, relax and follow the passion for your work. National rhitm, is good expression for it.

Fantastic video Proko. I wish i could stop playing too much rpgs and mmorpgs (i really love them but its is an absurd time consuming) and study more anatomy and do more life drawings...

Make bed, use bathroom, make coffee/tea, meditate, gestures

Wake up at 5am. Got it!!

Wonderful journalism into professional habits! I would love to see more of these from you, thank you for sharing; and thanks to the gracious artists who shared

No kids for me.. I prefer the art I create to be my children. At least I don't have to deal with dirty diapers and back talk.

Man, peter han's advice struck with me well. From feeling guilty for not drawing when I'm doing something else which only leads into putting off the drawing because of the guilty and obligatory associations I've been relating with it, instead of the fun I've always had in the past. Would be great to have that itch to draw each day because I love it I I've had in the past instead of feeling bad about the whole endeavor. >.

THIS IS AMAZING some of this advice was extremely sound. Thank you!!

I love these "Asking Pros" videos!

$40 each 2 for $80 #5:09

I absolutely love this video. In art school I had this professor that was a lot like the third guy in this video (Ron Lemen). They are the kind of people that eat, sleep, and breathe art and are completely and entirely dedicated to their work. As much as I respect and admire people like this (I would kill to have that much passion and dedication), it’s also so intimidating and disheartening. My professor especially, always made us feel like we weren’t real, true artists if we weren’t like this too. He would continuously tell us that we should rethink our art career if drawing and creating wasn’t on our mind 24/7. I personally think that’s a super unrealistic expectation to have for creators. People are very different and work in various ways. And it’s just so nice to see all these other professional artists who have these different routines and show how you don’t have to be that kind of artist to succeed!

I really wish I didn’t have a nonart job that is a minimum wage to pay for rent. I struggle to find freelance work- I still don’t know how new people find work. My nonart job sometimes eats up my day. I sadly can’t find a social life since I worry about food on the table. My daily routine- whenever I get the chance

@3:15 I thought Gandolf was flipping the middle finger there for a second. I had to laugh.

7:45 who is that girl

she is cute

Hello and thank you for your amazing video! I struggled to improve my art for about 1,5 years until I understood that I'm doing it in a completely wrong way. I'm not super successful artist - just balancing my study, daily job and freelance. So, it used to be like that: 1) waking up and go to 9 to 5 daily job; 2) coming back home and trying to pull myself together to study; 3) 1 hour watching Netflix; 4) studying till 1 AM. This was so exhausting and also inefficient! Because my brain was already tired at 6PM - I couldn't remember my studies properly. During the last month I tried a different way - waking up at 6AM and study theory and try to understand tutorial. During lunch or after work practicing mileage. All in all, 4 hours of practice for 1 tutorial. Btw, this is how I track my progress http://prntscr.com/lqfuh4 It's a simple table, but very efficient.

It has been one of the best videos I've seen about inspiration and work when channeling a personal project, and this is good for everything, not just for drawing. Currently, I have enough problems to establish a routine and that is that I spend most of the time consuming multimedia content, playing video games and all that may be fine if you are looking for inspiration or disconnect from routines, the problem is when that becomes in routine and you do not know how to separate it from your responsibilities. I am currently taking up the drawing, I work in the audiovisual section: I write a script, I do photography, I edit and I film videos, but then I have days and weeks in which I lose interest in what I do, and I get carried away by everything that digital content, thus losing the notion of time and wasting opportunities to advance with my personal projects. Without a doubt it has been a great video and very motivating, the first part with @Peterhanstyle has found the success of 100% of cases in which a person does not try hard enough. A hug from Spain, I hope the translator does his job well for this comment. :)

As a happy amateur who's bought herself a Huion tablet for christmas, I got to say, I really appreciate all your videos. They're inspiring and full of great knowledge. Thank you!

*Checking back in* I'm working on my daily schedule! During the day in my classes, or during breaks, I'll sketch my classmates poses, or stuff in my head. After classes, I do my classwork, then head home. I chill for a few hours, then start drawing at around 7-8, then finish at 11 to midnight. My relax times mainly consist of messing around online, video games, Hulu, and what not. On work days, I'll draw when I'm not working, and not draw when I am. But I barely draw on those days since I'm always so tired (But I'll squeeze in 30 minutes or more before bed). I'm trying to draw on my breaks, but I always forget my sketchbook...or I'm just hungry :^D My drawings start off loose; I hate drawing stiff poses. Then I'll get into my weaknesses (I have a list going down the body so I know what to work on next). I'll want to do some stylized art to take a break, but I'm not doing that alot (something else I have to add for my drawing breaks). Health based? Basic three meals, I'll walk for 30 minutes every other day or night, specifically days where I don't work or have school. Trying to get more sleep, all that fancy jazz. I don't have a set hour schedule, since I kinds draw when I want to, but having set times may make things easier. I'll try it out!

I've recently found giving up alcohol and my phone has helped with productivity. My phone is off both when I'm at my day job and when I draw. The laptop doesn't have all of the addictive algorithms that make phones and insta such a trap, and as a result of dropping those I've noticed a great increase in creativity.

The only thing I don’t like is that some of these artists are sleep deprived...

Best advice from Ron Lemen

Thank you so much for this movie.

Thanks man! all the artist on this video are real Monster Masters like you!

ayyy a dillinger escape plan shirt. noice

14:20 dat emotion, "oh it's you again"

11:46 Dr Strange, is that you?

if youre learning you probably should draw every day, even if its only for 5 minutes some days not forcing myself to draw a certian ammount other than to draw SOMETHING has really helped me to keep concistency, especially as someone who has depression

only one im here for is peter

why is this all 2d stuff?

i needed this video. Thanks proko!

Awesome video man, very helpful! thx !

Play with the cats and do something normal

Super great and informative video!!! Thank you very much for sharing these people suggestions on their daily routine!! That was quite enlightening!!

that third person is a wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:25 thats woke as fck LUL

Thanks as always, Proko. Hugely helpful.

inspiring video.

yknow I've been searching for secrets to productivity for a long time, and I think its all come down to a few simple elements. Just be dedicated to what you do, be organized and find a schedule that works for you, and then simply put the work in. I think you just kind of need a general plan, and then to execute it, and let life happen as it does. I am now of the opinion that too many people spend time watching videos on how to be great, instead of actually trying to become great.

Set a time to make art as part of my "daily" routine, no matter how small the time..like school or work. And manage it like a professional or student. Lol this year will be bigger than the last!

1. I brush my teeth 2. Then I wake up

reading, praying, making my sunday sermon then drawing... and talking to some people friend or neighbor.

I love Stephen Silver

In a private channel

Mod i involved others in the demo tutor me

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For me, it is making a daily practice of reacting to different areas of design in any media and daily stimuli that I experience throughout the week. What kinds of colors did they use in different scenes of Sicario and why? What color is the shadow outside or being cast by this indoor florescent lamp? What colors and shapes am I seeing as I get the mail on this rainy or sunny day? I feel like one should never be just an artist when drawing, sculpting, etc. but also when you are not. It should be an internal process that reasons, visualizes, and reacts to design, art, and storytelling all the time. My daily life is mental and physical and reacting and getting excited about shapes, colors, scenes from stories, inventions, lighting, and so on. Whatever inspires you. For me art is not just a job, but also a fun life style and way of perceiving the world on a daily basis.

damn, first guy in and I already learned so much

Eleeza is my favourite artist! and one of my biggest inspirations. She's pretty quiet online so it was really nice to see her so chatty here! : )

Im gonna try wake up earlier and get inspired for the day. I think inspiration is a really power motivator to get through the day.

"Until six... and then I have kids..." GODDAMN HE MAKES KIDS EVERYDAY

i think he was so rude to the guy in the 7:00 compared to the others, hahahahhah good video,

"The goal here is failure on a daily basis." -Ron Lemen That's some deep stuff.

i agree to Peter Han

Thank you for the Inspo!

They're friends or good aquaintances - they did a video together before.

+Volt Prime The one drinking water

Are you talking about Ross Tran or Mercy?

A good routine could also be, wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, Grab my glasses, I'm out the door; I'm gonna hit this city ...

+Miriã de Lamônica US

+Volt Prime maybe we have different cultures, where are u from?

+Miriã de Lamônica I don't see him being rude tbh, just looks like he's joking more than with others.

+Volt Prime oh really? i dont watch his videos always so i didnt know, maybe others that dont too may think is disrespectful thank you for telling me

+Volt Prime i'm from brazil, maybe its because of that

Is this the diffrence between japanese mangaka and freelancer artist ?


7:33 all the attendees are overweight. how is this a thing?

The guy who outlined a successful professional artists time balance gave away a gold nugget. Figure out how to be productive and creative and control that flow day in and day out and you've got it.

My daily routine is *shit.*

Nearly everyone said they warm up. I'm gonna try that

Im personally replacing daily sketches with daily paintings

brush my teeth before I wake up

8:00 Wake up Neo! XD 8:30 A lot of coffee 9:00 listen to music or watch some videos for inspiration 10:00 let's draw! 13:30 -15:00 I usually go to lunch with a friend ... I talk to him about the job I'm doing, then I get back to work and finish at 18:00

Whoa! you met Bobby Chiu and Ross Tran. Their art were my inspiration

Great. I use to draw and inspired by all of them like Bobby

Less laying on my bed and watching art videos and sitting at my desk and drawing and watching art videos.

Macanical pencils are power there so awsome and easy to use

the guy giving advice has no personality ... artists must be interesting people so you get inspired. not all photoshop hackers are artists ^^

Some common things: Warm up drawing, balance with other duties, and separate the relaxed creative time or problem-solving time from the productive time.


it varies depending on what shifts I'm working, but I try to dedicate at least an hour a day to practicing drawing. When I wake up I divide my day up depending on my work schedule and from when to when do I have free time? Do I need to go shopping before work? How much time do I need in order to make something/eat... etc, than decide ok from lets say 10-10:30 is breakfast, I'll draw from 11-12, relax for an hour or 2 before work. If I really feel like drawing than I'll eat something quick, and spend all the free time I have practicing and if I feel burnt out then I switch it around to watching something or videogames.

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