Daily Handstand Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

Daily Handstand Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

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What is up guys welcome, back to another video as requested, today we're doing a daily Hanson routine especially. Target for beginners and the key word is going to be daily, you want to be training your handstand every single day whether you're a beginner or whether, we are an advanced, but what it's going to vary is going to be the time if you are a beginner, a 5 to 15 minutes routine, like the one we're going to do today it's going to be more than enough and if, you're advanced maybe a 60 minute every single day it is what is going to work for you but whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, I rather you do 5 minutes every single day then, you do 2 hours of training one day and then you're not able to practice for the rest of the week Hanson's are about exposing yourself to the position, as much, as you can in a frequent, basis, we're going to be doing both work with, the wall to, create time under tension in, the position so your body get used to, being upside down as well as doing work with other walls so we also build the neurological, pathway, to, create balance I know it is very scary to get off the wall sometimes so, if you're starting out you might stick only to the first exercises, that, we're going to do against the wall and once, you feel comfortable with those progressions, then you can move on to the next exercises, that are going to be with, all the wall so, without further ado guys let's begin when I start on our knees and our hands to warm up a rest remember, warming, up our race is critical. And super important every time we're doing handstands, so, start on tabletop, position, engage. Your scapula lean, forward for 10 times, 1. To. Hold. In for about 2 seconds every, time you go forward and applying. Every. Time a little more pressure into. Your wrist. If. You are advanced, you can take it to plank. If. Not, you, stay on your knees. One. More and hold the last one. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Set it down give. It a little shake to the hands now, put your fingers facing you, externally. Rotate your. Arms so your elbows are facing, backwards, and you're, going to lean back for, only, five times and forward, then. Back, forward. Back, forward. Back. And. Last, one hold, it if this, is too much remember you can put your hands closer to you or if, you don't feel the stretch you, can always move the hands a little, forward the more forward the hands are the, more, intense the stretch is going to be. Give. It a little shake get. Into a squat position, so, we're warming up our hips at the same time we're going to do little rolls in, our left hand so grab with your right hand find, that little separation, between your forearm and your wrists, and do. Little rotations, with your hands as, I said on one of my previous videos you don't want to close, your hands because that's going to close a gap between, the, forum and your wrists you want to just create, like a small fist but without creating, that much tension go. To one side and. Then. Go to the other side. Switch. It up. To. One side. And. Then five to your side, then. Up let's warm up a little bit the shoulders let's go for ten, shoulders. Backwards big, circles. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Now let's go forward one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Now, we're gonna go for shoulder, flexion all. The way up and all the way down you. Want to keep your, pelvis. Posteriorly. Tilted, so your core is engaged so. You are not actually arching, your back like. This but, you're only working, on the flexion, of your shoulders, so, engage your core, like, if you were in a handstand position and just raised. Your hands all the way until they can go don't, try to compensate by arching keep that whole, body position, let's, go for 10, 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. That's. It for the warm up if you need a little bit more warm up feel free to do so but for the purpose of keeping this video a little bit short we're gonna start with a workout first, exercise is going to be a handstand against, the wall but, we're going to walk towards. A wall and we're, not gonna get into a full handstand just yet the first attempt we're just gonna walk into. A pike position so. Maybe your hands are like a, leg distance, apart, from. The wall and then you lower, your legs you, create this L shape, we're. Gonna hold this for. 10 seconds only. Open. Through the shoulders. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Set it up get, it to a squat give, a little roll to the wrists so. Less and, to. The right if. That progression, was too much you are going to repeat that progression, if you feel comfortable with that position we're, gonna move the hands a little closer towards the wall and we're gonna get into a handstand but diagonal, to the wall this is how it looks so, you plant your hands, you. Walk a little, bit closer this time and.

Once You find this position you're, going to bring your feet up and, find. That whole body position, like you're, in the hand sir. Opening. Up through the shoulders keeping, that pelvis, posteriorly. Tilted, and your core engage, hold. For 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Set, it down back, to squat and again. Little, rolls again. If that position, feels too, much for you you can repeat that position, or go back to the previous progression, but, if you're ready the, next one is going to be a full handstand, towards. The wall we're, gonna try to put or no our chests and our toes in contact, to the wall so. Walk it up. Get. As close to the wall as you possibly can. From. Here put your head through, touch. With your nose your. Chest and your. Toes and, if. You feel comfortable you, can get your chest of the wall creating. That hollow body position. Press. The wall with your feet so you're engaging your core and, you. Are creating that hollow body position the, entire time. Extend. Through the arms completely, straight, hold it four three two. One. And safely, walk, your. Way down. Whoo. Again. Little. Roll to your wrists. Let's. Take a little break the, next one we're going to do is, kicking. Up towards, the wall so we're inverting, the hands and this time we're going to do a lean, handstand, hole and we're going to try to get our feet, off the wall, if that doesn't happen and you're not in that stage yet, don't, worry about it just hold, the handstand against the wall you're going to build a confidence over time and once you do this routine maybe. In like a week or two you're going to be able to start finding that balance upside down so let's get two towards, the wall put. Your hands, at, about a hand distance, apart not too far but not too close either you, don't want to be a smashing, your, head towards the wall but you don't want to be too far either that you create that banana Hanson so place your hands. Kick. It up into your hand set. Find. That straight, line first, press. Through the arms aren't are completely. Straight from, here bring one foot off, press. With your fingers so you create the balance and you get off - whoa may. We find it here. You. Get a couple seconds if you can you, balance in your handstand if you go back to the world that's totally fine and if, you fall that, is totally fine we're, going for a whole or maybe. Three to four seconds if you can hold it longer than that don't. Do it just because we're trying to practice we're trying to accumulate. Seconds, but we're not trying to exhaust, ourselves as, I said this is a daily handstand routine so you don't want to be cooking your shoulders that much you actually want to use the getting into the position so, you create the neurological, pathway that we need in our brain in order to be upside down let's, go for the second round place. Your hands, kick. It up one. Foot. Off use. Your fingers to get off the wall, try. To get the other foot maybe, you stay here in that L position. Find. That balance and if, you feel comfortable here you. Bring both feet together. Keep. Pressing through the arms, hold. It and then, come. Back down, as. I rest for the next set we're going to be doing a little bit of stretching as you guy know I like to a stretch as I rest instead of just walking around you want to be a stretching, in the middle of your, sets so, put one feet towards. The wall and we're, gonna be switching a little bit or our hips and. The. Reason we're opening, your hips people. Think Hansen's, is all about the shoulders which is true if you're doing a straight handstand is all about the shoulders but. Our hips, having open hips switch. It up it's, gonna help you when, you're going. Into your handstand and you have one leg here and one leg down the, more flexible you have your hamstrings and your hips the. More balanced you're going to be able to create. Because, at the beginning you. Might not find balance on a straight handstand you, might just need to stack, the legs and that's, maybe the position that you find the balance in so, let's go for the last step, find. Your hands. Keep. Get up into your Hanson. Won't. Put off. Press. With your fingers. Try. To balance, maybe. You get it maybe you go back to the wall you try it back again. And. Then, come down. Go. Back to the wall just stretch a little bit of the hips for the next exercise.

So, Go ten pumps on one side. And. Switch it up. This. Hip opener, is going to help you for the next exercise that we're going to do we're gonna get off the wall again. If you are not feeling comfortable with the exercises, that we just did towards. A wall and you still feel scary. To do it in the middle of the room you, can just repeat that for a week of - and I guarantee you that if you do that you're, going to feel comfortable and then you're going to be able to do it in the middle of the room so, if you're feeling comfortable and you know how to fall you know how to save yourself plant. Your hands in the middle of the room without any wall and, we're, going to kick up and don't. Try to match your feet right away we're going to create an L shape or maybe, a V shape depending. On what. Feels more comfortable to you and that's, why we open the hips prior to doing this exercise, so, you can plan your hands. Find. One leg that is going to kick up in my case is going to be my right this, is going to be the one that, is going to bring. Yourself up and I, don't want you to think about your feet coming up I want to think about your hips stacking, on top of your shoulders so. Bring, the leg up this one is going to create the momentum and when, you go up you start your hips maybe. You get on the first right and as you see I may be in a beach V shape or. You can be on an L shape whichever feel more, comfortable for you and from. Here, create. That balance maybe, bring. Both legs together. Hold. For a couple seconds, and, set. It down with. Control. One. Of the best tips that I can give you for Hansen is every time you're coming down try, not to come, down super fast you, want to come down as slow, and as contrast' possible so, that way you're building that core strength for. Eventually. You're going to be able to come up remember. It's always easier to come down that to come up but if you come down often. Enough then eventually, your body going to be able to get into that press. Let's get for the second round place. Your hands. Maybe. Try the other foot if, you are more of an intermediate, if you are beginner just, try one foot but. If. You already got some practice you can practice both legs so swing. It up get. It up get. It on the first try how, to point your toes your. Hips need to be right, on top of your shoulder to create balance from. Here bring, both legs together with, control, use. Your, fingers, to balance, whole. Body. Keep. Your gaze on one point, and. Set. It down, go. Into a squat little, roll to your wrists again. Guys if this is too much if you are, still having, trouble, to find balance keep. Working towards the wall keep working towards getting your feet of the walk but try to learn how to fall I have plenty of videos on my channel on teaching, you how to fall safely so. That way you're, not always relying on the wall because the wall is great, to create time under tension and, create. That awareness when. You're upside down but it's not going to help you for ballet but you really need to create the courage eventually, to do that handstand in the middle of the room we're going to go for the last set so plant your hands. Maybe. You'll get it this time maybe you got it before maybe. You get it tomorrow it doesn't really matter how long it takes as. Long as you're practicing every, single day eventually, it's gonna come so, kick it up maybe don't kick up too hard if you're still fearful so. Play. With it play, with one, see. Where your hips are pencils. Are all of our awareness and understanding, where. Our body is in the space so, maybe you need a little more and then, you find that balance. And space, from. Here close. It up all the, handsome. Set. It down. Alright, so that's it for the practice, aspect, of the handstand now we're gonna finish off with a core, aspect as you guys know core, is super important, for holding.

Ourself Upside down so, we're gonna be doing three sets of a hollow body position when I hold it for about 10. Seconds and then 10 seconds of rest on so. Lay, down in the ground if. You guys saw, my previous videos, you already know how to do this exercise, raise, your hands overhead we have this gap right here, in our lumbar spine we're going to close our gap, by, engaging your core and talking. Our tailbone under, then. I'll leave your legs lift. It up hold. It for 10 if, this is too much always modify, the pose. 5. 4. 3. 2. And. What. That's, a rest we're going to stretch to liberate our hamstrings so. Bring, your legs forward engage. Leave your chest exhale. Full. Round. To, go. To your back bring, your hands overhead. Feel, the space I want you to really feel every. Single aspect of your body when you're training handstand is all about awareness it's not about strength or, anything. Else it's just about understanding, where your body is in a space and working. With that so from here tuck, your tailbone under leave, your legs leave, your hands and hold for ten nine. Eight seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Set, it down, again. A little break in a four for, your. Feet forward inhale, if your chest exhale. We're, going to go for the last round this, time we're gonna be doing it a little bit different so if you're still a beginner just. Do it for 10 seconds that's, it that's your workout if you're a little bit more intermediate advanced, we're gonna be holding that for 15. To 20 seconds and right away we're going to go into our handstand in, the middle of the room also. If you're intermediate you can do the whole and then do the handstand against, a wall but, listen, to your body since you're doing this every single day I don't want you to tire up every, single time you do this routine so maybe you just do this ending maybe, like twice or three times per week and the rest you take it easy you want to be practicing your handstand every single day but somedays you want to be going a little bit harder than other days so you give your body chance to adapt to a different stimulus, let's, get back to your back.

Engage. Everything up now from here one. Movement three two one close, it up and hold. Engage. Your glute engage. Your quads as well point your toes. Pull. A little bit more. Five. More seconds five four three. Two. One. Relax, now, go. Into your hands and either in the wall or either in, the middle of the, room go, up, whichever. Way you want to up and just hold it there just. Five, seconds five four. Three. Two. One, hand, set it down oh. So. There you have it guys that's a daily handstand routine for, you guys to do if, this, feels way, too much again. You can stop at any moment of the video maybe just do the first two exercises for. Like a week then move on to doing the next exercise or depending. Listen to your body and understand. In, which stage, of your handstand journey you are if you're still feeling fearful to, get off the wall work a lot towards the wall and get, comfortable with it maybe close your eyes maybe, feel your body when you're upside down so, you start understanding where, your hips are where. Your hands are where, your shoulders, are moving and. Once. You feel comfortable in that position towards, the wall then you can move on off the wall, and you can start creating balance, guys. If you did enjoy this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up to, support the channel also share, with a friend that can benefit. From this video also, leave your comments and questions down, below I'm, going to be selecting, the question, with most, amount of likes and I'm, going to be doing a video about it so think about what is holding you back from achieving that handstand or maybe, any other fitness related question, and if, that question gets the most amount of like I'm going to be doing an entire video about that, question that's. It for today guys if you're new to this channel consider, hitting that subscribe button and as, always I'll see you all next week. You.

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Definitely a topic I will cover my friend! In the meanwhile Keep experimenting to see what works for you :)

PS: I love your music

Gabo Saturno Great man! I break my 5 second freestance plateu today :) Thanks for your video!

Christos Andreev how did it go? :p

Gabo Saturno Do you live in Spain?

Dude, I can't believe you replied! When I first got into barefoot running, it felt like "What if I had hands on my feet?" Now that I'm getting into calisthenics six years later, it's like "What if my upper body were as strong as my lower body??" Your videos and drills totally help me on this journey, and I just landed my first downward dog to crow this week. Starting to take my knees off as well. HSPU's are on point, but still working on the balance.... Namaste from Tel Aviv ✌

Ark333 no pain no gain.

but harder on the fall :D

Hey Gabo. Thank

You made me realise the reason I couldnt hold a straight back lever was because I didnt use hollow body, Thanks a lot ! Can't wait to hold handstand using your routine and tips

Jordan Kolar yes mate! Sure shoot me a link to my email (in the description)

Great sharing Gabo! Keep improving blessedly...

Thanks for the awesome content. I have been trying to learn this skill for a while now but I think shoulder mobility or lack of his holding me back. Can you do a video specifically for shoulder mobility?

I think wall walks are kinda dangerous because when doing them there is a risk of a full body slam against the floor -unlike the kickups. The closest to the wall I dare to go on wall walks is like 40cm and even at that distance I am afraid of falling over

Gracias Gabo. Tu siempre con estos concejos de master. Sigro trabajando por mi balance.

very useful ! thanks

Very good Video !!

Thank You!!

Nice. Thanks

This is an amazing video! I’ve been looking for a good handstand routine and I’ll be doing this everyday!

1k likes, 2 dislikes. I wonder what those 2 morons are trying to prove

would like to practise everyday but I'm having wrist problems atm... can't give em enough rest to fully recover because seeing my progress ist too good >.

Thanks gabo love ur videos man..... I have a question... I stretch 2 days a week because i can't stretch daily because my training is so hard.... So what do you think about 2 days full body stretch if i want to be flexible... Does the progression come to me or no?.... Thank you so much

Yes thats fine! but I will incorporate small stretching sessions throughout the week. its better to strecth 10 min every day than 60min two days.

Tim T coming my friend :) lets wait for the bar set up to be ready ;)

Thanks for your response! Love Your Video Content. I will work on it through your video for core strength

Keep Calm Programmers! I dont think is a lower back problem but best advice is to keep working at it. Increase your shoulder strength and work on handstand negatives for the core strength

amogh viswanath right now I am at my lightest. 155lb ...normally I am 160-165

Monika Sitarska appreciate you so much Monika

At last everything necessary for handstand in a single video. Danke

This is a fantastic video thank you!! My handstand has been hit and miss for ages!! I got to a 15s hold but it wasn’t consistent and if I didn’t train enough I lost it. I’ve started doing this routine daily and already the progress is really visible. Thank you


I'm making my handstand journey alone so at junctions I feel scared to kick upside down. One more pressing issue is situational awareness. I can't always manage to see my body in space from certain inverted progressions and so fear factor doesn't decrease unless the right amount of confidence is built first.

Gabo am a teenager and I have no equipment or calisthenics parks near me, can you please make a video on how to train full body without equipment I am very skinny and want to change my physique right now all I do are different pushup variations and bodyweight squats, thanks for your hard work!

just the video i wanted! i got a shoulder strain (not from handstand but weighted dips that were too deep). i keep training for a month until i realize the damage i did, but i got so much better at handstands, i was doing 30 secs holds,. now i am recovery and i have not been able to train for 3 weeks and it is going to take longer. so i wanted to ask you if i can do it twice or more times per day ? so i can start doing free handstands ASAP?(starting 1 time pe rday while i make sure my shoulder can handle it) gracias por los vídeos!

How do you deal with blood rush in your head, for me it's the pb. My muscles are fine I could be holding more but I can't because my head is about to explode xD

babi92100able np :)

Lol ok ty ! I've just tryed and yep breathing makes it easier, I eat and drink well so i need to do it more often i guess :D

Taking in some deep breaths help

babi92100able 1. Exposing yourself to the position often so your body get use to it. 2. Inflammation can play a huge role here make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating in a way that helps you stay free of inflammation. 3. Breath XD

Voy a aplicar esto, son muy buenas las progresiones, saludos desde Argentina

Hi Gabo! I’m a new subscriber... I love your channel, you put me in a really good and peaceful mood

Desiree D Hi Desiree! Welcome

Fit at 42 yes!! Will do!

Just don't fall then.

Thx for this very smooth introduction.

Hola Gabo , de antemano muchas gracias por el completo contenido acerca del pino. Muy buen contenido. Y mi duda es que esta rutina a pesar de hacerla todos los días puedo igual compaginarla con otra rutina sin problemas o debería alternarla?. Saludos!!

Diego Velez buenas Diego!! Gracias!! La rutina esta diseñada para que puedas hacer otra rutina combinada con esta. Te recomiendo justo despues de la rutina agregar tu entrenamiento normal. Pero siempre escucha a tu cuerpo y toma descanso cuando lo veas necesario! Saludos!

Great but do also a routine for intermediate/advanced

Ilian Krumov This Tuesday ;)

Se puder coloca legenda em português please !!!

Respect Gabo :)

Heyy mann, Please make a video talking about your daily diet, foods and how to detoxify the body and stay healthy Namastê

Filipe Masseli will do my friend!

I got anterior pelvic tilt and it's hard for me to engage my core. Anything I can do to fix it ?

Tasty Not tasty core strengthening exercises, hamstring stretch, strengthening your hip flexors are all things that can help! I will cover this topic in a future video :)

Hello Gabo! Great way of improving the handstand! Can you do an intermediate follow along video like this video where we can try to improve with a slightly more difficult exercises?

Michele Manni coming Michele! Next video :) Tuesday!

GYT X welcome!!

Victor Manuel Polanco fear is overcome by something called “exposure theraphy” so basically just repeat the movement as much as you can until fear begins to dissipate :) much luck in your handstand journey!

Gracias gabo, keep the good and awesome job! much love!

ivan salazar you could but make sure you take adequate rest and not over exhausting yourself as this can make your progress go backwards. Train smart not hard

Awesome video as always!

tremendous video - really helping me !!! An odd thing to ask - what brand are your pants? Thx !!

Hi there Great video Do have a video on opening the hips that I can do Thanks

Thank you Gabo! I am enjoying your you tube videos & started following you on IG. I’m going to take your advice and practice handstands daily. In the past, I would practice probably once or twice a week. I rarely have big chunks of time ( cuz I’m a Mom)

wow, I thought I found all the calisthenics channels I needed (calisthenicmovement, FitnessFAQs) But man! this is golden! Extraordinary job Gabo. Much respect. That is as close to perfect video as I could imagine (meritorically) I wish you a quick channel growth.

Very useful!

This is beyond fantastic. You have clearly explained everything and gone into so much detail that this can be a daily re-viewing video to watch. Thank you so so so much.

Awesome! a handstand routine on YouTube thank you

Try Thenx


thanks for sharing Gabo. I been practicing my handstand a lot but i have yet to be able to achieve the balance point and hold it there. I guess my muscle memory is not there yet. Will keep practicing and this drill !

Hi! Great video. I have been working on my handstand for a long time now. Still far from stable though. My major fear is while making a handstand facing the wall. Once i fell on my back. Since then as i get closer to the wall i get scared and unstable. Do you have tips to react when you can't control the handstand there so you don't fall flat on your back? Thanks

¡Muy buen vídeo Gabo, mis felicitaciones! Mil gracias por tus tutoriales, son de gran ayuda para los que empezamos.

Gabo Saturno Thanks! I will be looking forward to it

For 3 years.. I still can’t do handstand without wall.. I’m about to give up then you video popped up

You are awesome bro ..wow wat a step by step explain ...1000 likes man . God bless you

Bro do a video with your other calisthenics friends too

WTF i did it first try, and then i crashed on my back lol

Brother, could you kindly guide me on this : I'm training for handstand push-ups and general push strength on 1 day and handstand on the 2nd day... Should I keep doing this on alternate days? Or do I have too less time for recovery

Good video, but those veins at his waist are sussing me out.

Very useful ;) - resume at 19:47 :)

excellent video !! with this I'm going to start my ninja path, hahaha. Thanks :)

Just needed a tutorial for a handstand video. Great video, very detailed with what you can do or can't do. Thumbs up!

Thanks, Gabo, very clear progression exercises. What is keeping me from getting a Handstand is some kind of fear to kick the wall and keep the handstand position.

What a fantastic video. I'm just starting my handstand journey, and I wanted to set up a daily routine rather than just throw myself at the ground 2-3 times a week. This video has given me the tools and the motivation to do it. When I nail a freestanding handstand, you'll be the first to know. Thanks so much!

Good and wise advice (it makes all difference to include the warm up routine - to avoid injuries and unpleasant consequenses). Thanks !

Very nice video!! I d love to master handstand and this really helps!

Hey man, this video is awesome!!! nice explaining!

Great video. Very informative, thanks!

This is excellent. Thank you sir.

Seriously one of the best HS videos on you tube. Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for this Gabo! Super super effective and educational. Been practicing daily for about 1 week now and seeing small progresses. Sometimes I have a bad day though and get pretty frustrated. Hahaha. Excited to see where daily practice with you will take me! :) Hardest part for me is that hollow body. :/

great yoga insights and handstand techniques, even better music production. you definitely got a new sub.

Hindi language use please

Great! Thanks so much

great exercises. wondering if modern hand balancers ever incorporate hand walking into in their exercise routines ?

Funny... who hast an hour just for that. Sorry, we are not all without work or a « personal trainer »

Hey! Can you please do a video on your diet and what to eat for maximum benefits?

man you are an incredible instructor, awesome video, thank you

Any tips for straight bar handstand? I'm doing it outside in the park and I can't do it near the wall :( It is skill I want to learn the most. I can do push to handstand on the ground but on the bar I fall forward immediately when I start to straighten my arms

I've watched hundreds of videos from the best YouTubers (calisthenics, gymnastics...) about the proper handstand for the last two years. I still can't hold more than a few seconds. The only thing I haven't tried is practicing every day.

Be Water its the only way unless you are superhuman or you have previous Hs training. Its a game changer. Try it and let me know how it goes :)

Hi Gabo, can you do a flexibility video for beginners who have no flexibility in their hamstrings and hips please. Do you have any advice for me as I have super tight hamstrings and I don't know where to start with correcting this. Many thanks.

Awesome! great timing :)

liam jones x thats actually Tuesday’s video my friend :)

Gabo, your content is amazing! can you do a tutorial for scorpion handstand?

Thanx for terrific explanations pls tell me why I keep falling towards the floor although I have been practising for a weeks where do I go wrong ??

I know you from thenx

Gabo, what's the name of the first song?

Gabo, would you say that doing this routine daily will not significantly affect my recovery from strength training? I currently strength train 3 times per week. Great routine btw!

Nice explanation. I am trying for long to do the hand stand . I have very less kicking power. May be my shoulders aren't strong enough to do. I will follow your video. Tell me how to improve my kicking power

Just subscribed to your channel! What an amazing tutorial. Thanks! ;)

I tried this routine for the first time today. Almost got there. Amazing! Many thanks x

LOVE the your teaching, can please talk more abut neurological facts the hinder people from hand stand.

It's really useful!

Great video! Intelligent progressions! One should listen to the details also!

Thanks for excellent handstand tutorials. This is the best handstand guide I've ever seen!

How do I know ,when I am in a handstand , if my form is good ?

Best handstand video on youtube! Thanks man ,

Thank YOU for explaining the neurological facet of learning how to do this. I'm hoping something may have 'clicked.' -afraid of handstands

Absolutely perfect tutorial!!! I needed this to master my handstand.

Ok Gabo You REALLY need to do a this with a little less clothing ! LOL

Very very nice. What is your native language ? Thanks

Do you lift weight?? U have a nice chisseled body... or u just gained all thay through body weighy exercise??

Great video just found your channel. I’m for sure gonna be practicing everyday

You are amazing

If my shoulder flexibility is very bad, can I practice the handstand?

You are fab....all the sequence you have shown

The most detail explanations how to hand stand push up ive seen so far..

Great video! This is just the inspiration I need for my handstand-part of my workouts!

How do I get a feeling for my body? Is it just the time doing it and getting comfortable with it? How do i create balance with my handstand? Thank you for your video man!

thank you so much for this video.

The first exercise, the one with the legs rectangular to the wall is very hard. Either the legs slip downwards, or too much pressure on the hands. Impossible to get the rectangular, ending up looking like the second exercise!?

Muchas Gracias Gabo, excelente práctica. Namasté.

Congratulations on your channel. You teach well. I hope I'll be able to do a press-to-handstand one day. I'm stuck with the "normal" handstand, which I think I do pretty well. For doing the press-to-handstand, it feels like I still lack much strength.

Movement of body strength


Hello! Interesting video, any specific detail about the position of the head..?

Hey dude you knew how to do namaskar. I liked it

Great. Thank you.!

just found out about your channel subscribed! (i know you from chris heria!) and WOW your channel is so damn good. thank you so much for posting those body mobility videos. Much Much LOVE to you brother

Just did day 1 - super easy to follow along. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow

Gracias desde México, thanks broo

Thank you so match. I appreciate what you do.

What a neck

Gabo brother, I'm 52 years old and getting fitter everydayI have been teaching your routine to my Capoeira class and have been following you now for weeks and it is very enlightening. I really appreciate your generosity for sharing your knowledge and kills..Thank you very much...

Hot body

I was scared to do handstands when I first started but I got over the fear of falling I love practicing handstands now and I know for a fact I'll master it soon!!! Great video man

Omg, haha! Ive been doing it wrong all along! Thanks so much! cannot wait to practice!

Great video Gabo! I've recently got into yoga because of your videos and have been trying to do handstands following this routine since then! I want to ask if you have any tips or routines that can improve shoulder mobility/flexibility because i find when i am doing these handstand exercises (video recording my progress) my shoulders/arms do not go back as much as yours and always seem to be in front of me. due to that, i am not getting a the form of a straight handstand. Thank you so much!

Thank you. By the way, your body is fascinating to look at.

Si tengo sobrepeso, crees que me salga el handstand??

Thanks for video!!!

very good information... as always the best

Excellent video! The instructions were very clear and the exercises were approachable. I appreciated the different drills spoken about for different skill levels. I look forward to doing this video everyday. Also, really enjoyed the music!

Thanks Gabo, you are my inspiration to learn the handstand =)

I been trying to achieve the handstand off and on for 4 yrs. I'm ready to master this thanks to you.. You are a phenomenal trainer wow inspired

thank you

did you build all those upper torso muscles by doing only handstands?

Cool! It seems so easy so I'm working in that kicking, you look as you are floating... Thanks Gabo!

Thanx bro...

Is this stuff possible for someone who is a powerlifter and conditioning athlete for the past 6 years. I'm 21 and 6'4" 230 pounds. I never see anyone in calisthenics that's around my weight.

I will do this

Gabo Great Video! Thank you!

Best tutorial I’ve seen so far

How to strengthen the fingers to hold the hand stand or for walking hand stand?

thank you Gabo

I'm just starting to learn to do knee push-ups, which I don't even have the strength to do. So I wonder, is it too early to start learning handstands now? Or would it be better to wait until I have more strength and am able to do some basic push-ups first?

One friend of mine also recommend to make push-ups on a fingers.

It’s false if you really want have the handstand you just have to try all the time

Hey Gabo, I'm going to start this routine to improve my handstand technique, but I'm thinking of doing this routine as a warm up for the rest of my training (except of shoulders day, obviously). Do you think it is a bad idea to use it as a warm up? Maybe too much?

It's nice to see your technique for a steady handstand. My left hand forearm is weak compared to my right hand. P suggest.

Ur teaching skills are very good


Music at 10:27?

Great video man. Thanks!

Am I the only one who feels the eyes are gonna pop out ?

Gracias por los consejos Gabo.

Probably the best explanation about hand standing i found on YouTube

Good video. Thanks :-)

My eyes went literally to the sliver of sky I see between your crotch and stomach.

I got a straight 20 seconds handstand after three weeks of doing this routine. This is the most beneficial video on the Handstand topic you can find out there for sure.

+Gabo Saturno Hey Gabo or someone from the team. It would be a pleasure. Like two weeks ago I sent you/Gabo a DM on Instagram with a looong story about my handstand struggles and also with a video of my first 20 sec HS hold. Should I still resend it to this email address?

Martin V thats awesome man!!! Could you possibly send your testimonial to saturnomovement@gmail.com so we can feature you in our website (2-3 sentences of your experience and before and after videos of photos if you don’t have videos)

This is so.. Helpful for me. Thankyou. Buddy



❤❤❤❤❤i save it

8:05 Ive been at this point before watching and this is a good idea to practice balance, ive been stuck but thanks to your video I can progress.

If you have problems with glaucoma or eye pressure. Be aware that handstand may make it worse. The pressure within your eyes increases drastically when your eyes are lower than your heart. I was loving moving toward handstand push up, but went to the ophthalmologist and found out the risks. Military Presses are my new thing. Just a word of caution.


muchas gracias por compartir tu conocimiento Gabo excelente video. soy un principiante y mi problema es que al intentar la parada de manos me duele la cabeza, es normal? debo continuar o desistir de practicar este ejercicio? saludos cordiales desde Venezuela.

Gabriel can you send me a high quality foto of handstand to my mail korotkov19@mail.ru please? Want to place it on the wall in our yoga studio. Thank you very much. Best regards. Alexander korotkov

i’ll be back every week with progress

Silvi have you?

+SaturnoMovement Hey Gabo or someone from the team. It would be a pleasure. Like two weeks ago I sent you/Gabo a DM on Instagram with a looong story about my handstand struggles and also with a video of my first 20 sec HS hold. Should I still resend it to this email address?



+Nursik Haha, 20 seconds Handstand hold js not such an amazing achievement to put it out on YT or IG ;). But if you still want to see it, maybe we can find a way

+Martin V it would be cool if you uploaded that video publicly. :)

great video, congrats. You're the first guy I noticed that has some degree of hyper extension in your elbows. Mine is pretty deep, I can bend my arms to an outwards angle that even scares some people. How do you balance that? Cuz I've learn of people with htis issue that actually break their arms when exercing force while bending more than 180degrees outwards. I think it is affecting my hability to handstand. I've been practicing every day for the past 2 months now andeven though I'm getting better I'm noticing thats a big issue for me.

Thanks you Gabo, I will train myself with you

Hey gabo , Should i go from the esier progression to the hardest , or i should go from the hardest to the easiest , because im amble to hold it against the wall and im askin if i need to start from the Pike at the start

Gabooooo! Increíble! Mil gracias por esto! ❤️

Bro this is great ...I have been working on doing a handstand and have made progress but it’s been slow cause I have only been chucking them into practice once or twice a week! Looking forward to doing this everyday

Hi! Is it right to stand up just after handstanding? Thanks for your videos!

Great tips Gabo, thanks!! Ive been spending the whole last week practicing kicks and balance with a free handstand (over a yoga mattress). I got a few 2-3 sec hold but it's not 100% straight yet. I'll be focusing on this daily routine for the next weeks, and try practicing my free handstand only the weekend. Im very exhausted today, I pushed too much doing around 30 mins of free handstand practice every day!

Martin V wow!!serious?? I am inspired now!!

Cool video. Could you give a link with a tutorial how not to fall or fall right?

I'm watching this frustrated, I've been practicing handstand for like 10 months, I can only hold 8 seconds, but its so random like ..I would love to progress to 8and1/2 seconds, then 9 seconds over time, but it's like i never know what's gonna happen..

thank you! this video has greatly helped me....practicing every day and seeing great strides and results

awesome man very nice

Great video! I have been practicing some of your other routines and I can see the improvement in my flexibility! I have never done the handstand though but I am gonna start working on it! You are not only a great inspiration but also a great teacher! keep up the good work!!! And thanks a lot :)


This is such a great tutorial for learning hand stand. Thanks man!

This is what I've been looking for.   I workout with a PT 3 times a week.   I have made great progress towards a healthier body.  Now I have a new goal.  My goal is to do a handstand by September 2019.   Will I be able to do this ?    I sure hope so.  I will be 67 then, at that date is my retirement party.  I want to shock all of my friends.

Is that your house?

Beautiful work.Yes, it's a perfect workout for all who have a perfect hollow body at will and can slip the belly button under the ribs. One has to be very comfortable with the early exercises. I've seen injuries from the facing away wall exercise (although I love it). I would never teach a handstand facing away. I would build up the body, and use kicking exercises on the floor and then facing the wall. I don't know why yoga people teach it this way. By the time a gymnast teaches it, the kick up may come short at first, but the confidence is there.

Great video! Thank you so much

Hey Gabos, I start get good balance hold the L shape but when I bring my legs together even slowly I find myself falling over the left hand side. I use my left leg to kick up. Any tips would be awesome :)

TNx alot

You got this

thanks i have been waiting for so long to try a handstand and your work out help me a lot !

I was getting good in handstand but ended up getting a tendinotis in my wrist :( gotta start all over again with parralettes, ill come out of this stronger!

So are we supposed to the entire routine or the parts where we have progressed and practice that?

I'll do this for the next 90 days. Let's see how it goes. At the moment I can't even hold a crane position.

Amazing content, gonna practice right now!!!

I have a problem with engaging my core but I can hold the handstand with a little bent form for 30 sec any tips with how to preform the hollow body?

Probablemente el mejor canal de calistenia movimiento corporal... Gabo muchísimo ánimo y muchísimas gracias por tus enseñanzas......

I have been doing slow handstand up from the start, now I can hold a proper handstand now for considerable time, but I can’t seem to do the kick up handstand without a few tries, is that psychologically or am I lacking something for the kick up handstand.

Handstand part starts at 4:34

Thank you for this video! This daily practice just after a week is having a huge effect. For me its been helping me to gain the confidence and courage to balance in the center of the room. DAILY has been the key, since I am strong enough and flexible enough to get in the position. Also, focusing more on the position of my hips and for now focusing less on my legs and feet has made a difference. Thanks so much for this video and the ones on how to fall!


this is truly inspiring ! thank you for sharing. i'll definitely try to do this every single day now, hopefully my results will be as great as yours. cheers!

Buenas, hace algo más de 5 meses enteros que llevo haciendo esta rutina, casi a diario. Tengo enormes problemas para controlar las piernas cuando hago la pateada inicial. El 45% de los intentos, se me van las piernas para alante, termino cayendo casi inmediatamente, y tengo que compensar con la muñeca izquierda para caer bien, o camino un poco con las manos, y luego caigo. Otro 45% de los intentos no pateo con la suficiente fuerza y me vuelvo hacia atrás al punto de inicio, y el restante 10% es el que logro equilibrarme, con las piernas algo abiertas como se aconseja en este video. De ese 10% solo logro aguantar más de 5 segundos, diría yo que un 3% de las veces, el restante 7% me caigo antes de 5 segundos. Además al tener que forzar tantas veces la muñeca para caer bien hacia adelante, he desarrollado undolor crónico en ella, que me molesta para hacer otros ejercicios de calistenia o incluso levantar pesas. En ningun caso estoy diciendo que el video sea malo, al contrario, es muy bueno y me ha ayudado a mantenerme unos segundos, pero noto que no puedo controlar las piernas al ponerme vertical, y es lo que me hace caer tanto. Estoy muy frustrado, pero esto acabará saliendo !!!!!!!!!!!!! y además leo comentarios de otros que dicen que en pocas semanas se mantienen mucho mas tiempo que yo, y me da mucha rabia, será que soy un negado para el dichoso Handstand.

Is it normal that wrist is the hardest part about a handstand? I find my wrist isn't getting a whole lot better after a couple months of 3x/week practicing. In fact they hurt in a different way now, almost feels like bone contacting bone. Not the same feeling as when I stretch my calves or something and I know it's a good discomfort.

Thanks u sir

I think I just got a new friend. Hugs from Brazil.


What's your waist size

Your body is beautiful

As a beginner working on these moves I appreciate you taking the time to explain all the basics and progressions. Great channel.

OMG this is great....sooooooo glad I met you (y'all) at FIBO!!!!!

So when i can only do the first 2 exercises I do them as often you did all exercises together in this video?

Amazing video!! Thank you!!

Hey ! I do this routine from beginner level, after one week I can climb against the wall without touching it and stay for like 5 seconds, then I go down as said in the video, since I don't want to exhaust. I find this workout excellent, and hope to post more progress

Yeah that's true I suffered a lot from that. You can counter this pressure by simply breathing to release pressure from your upper body.

I started on saturday (21/12/2018) and today (28/12/2018), one week later, I held 2 seconds, without wall hahaha cool, I feel stronger than last week thankiu gabo!!

Literally 3 days in, and already seeing progression! Keep up The great work!

Puede ser que por falta de fuerza en los antebrazos se me dificulte el handstand?

Absolutamente si. Es bastante común inclusive. Haz mucho hanging, planks, HS holds contra la pared y poco a poco ve acostumbrando tu antebrazo. Puedo llevar esto bastante profundo pero son las 2am aqui hahaha so hope that helps brother ✊

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