D365 Business Central: What's New in April 2019 / Webinar

D365 Business Central: What's New in April 2019 / Webinar

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Hello. Good afternoon and welcome to our webinar my name is Bobby agar and I'm one of the consultants here at rinse off on, our call today we will be discussing, Microsoft. Dynamics 365. Business Central and, we will plan to cover a few of the highlights in the April release so, let's go ahead and get started with a very quick recap of what is. Dynamics. 365, business central. Now. For those of you who may not be familiar business, syndrome I'll start by illustrating how it fits within the Dynamics 365, family of solutions and what makes it unique Dynamics. 365, is a central, pillar of Microsoft's, intelligent, cloud strategy, Microsoft. Azure is a premier enterprise cloud providing, a global trusted. Hybrid, and secure, platform for business everywhere, Microsoft. 365, as the world's best productivity. Tools like Excel Outlook, and, SharePoint that customers, use across, the globe to work smarter, faster and more effectively, every day now. Connecting, the data and users, of these products, is Dynamics, 365, a set of turnkey solutions. Positioned. To engage customers empower, employees and, optimize. Operations. Business. Central is an all-in-one business, management solution, combining, financial, management sales. Service. And operations, in a single unified experience, offering. Robust, analytic, infused. With artificial intelligent, capabilities, from day one, despite. Its ease of use and low cost of ownership business. Central is a full-featured. Solution, its, functionality, is deep and rich owing, to Microsoft, decades, of expertise, in business, applications, development. Now. Microsoft built this solution specifically. To solve the familiar problems for, growing businesses such as disconnected, systems, outdated. Or legacy systems, that don't meet their needs and common, reporting related problems business. Central was built to solve, these issues and, help them to digitally, transform, if, you've outgrown your existing, accounting software or legacy ERP, application, and Microsoft, Dynamics 365.

Central, Can easily, it seamlessly, connect your people and processes like never before. It's, deeply integrated, with office 365 and, it's infused with built-in, intelligence, so, it's easy to use it, helps you make better business decisions every, day and business central put flexibility, at the core of your business enabling. You to grow at your own pace and adapt in real time that. Means that you can start small with, the right fit for your employees, roles your, industry, and your business needs and extend it as your business evolves and grows, now. The all-in-one nature, of Dynamics 365, business central connects your business by eliminating, silos, so, all data can be quickly and easily shared, with the key people throughout the company you've, got access to the most current accurate data so, you're making the most informed decisions possible, with. All business data at your fingertips real-time, you can make smarter decisions with business central allowing, you to have an end-to-end view of the business with out-of-the-box dashboards. Designed for each role thank, you gives users exactly, what they want to see with flexible KPIs, that can be easily tailored for, specific needs. Now. You can easily tailor the business central in a no code environment, through the user interface you. Can start with as many or as few users and modules, as you want and easily grow as your business grows built. On Microsoft's, intelligent, cloud business, central, will scale and perform, as your needs to do with no additional costs or system tuning required. Now. Since its launch in April 2018. Nine AMEX 365, business central has seen increasing, adoption, by organization, looking, to digitally, transform, their businesses now. As a part of the first major update in October, of 2018 mark, soft added some nice functionality, and introduced. Business central as unavailable, in the on-premises. Deployment. Finally. This coming April 2019. Brings, an update to business central the Ames enhanced current. Customer satisfaction. With, the product Marc chopped is pushing productivity, to the next level by, delivering a smooth and fresh experience, to all customers in business central those. Using the web interface in the browser or, the windows desktop interface. Microsoft. Has combined modern trends, around web based applications, and the complex requirements of the business central customer which has resulted in several improvements addressing. Productivity, of an busy professional. All. Right now, we have a quick refresh as to what dynamics, 36 5 Business Central is let's, quickly highlight some of the key features and highlights, from the April release, now.

Among The many changes in updates Microsoft has been even. More keyboard, centric, scenarios, around the improvement, features, of the product keep in mind speed of data and analysis such as quick entry usage and, personalizations. Sorting. Lists using the keyboard and navigating. Around the fields, and groups as. Needed, now, we've introduced, several improvements the features related, to the customer, contacts such as a contextual. Workday indicator. We've, also added options, enabling. Advanced, users to be even more productive such, as the focus mode they. Improve search and the, new option of inspecting, the table data behind. The page formerly, been about this page, we've also addressed feedback relates to filters, and those, around some Excel exports, we've also added autosave, experience, and, a. Refreshed, action bar and off product, navigation. Additionally. This is central becomes. More. Intuitive, thanks to an advanced personalization, experience, and better, cover, ability of new features that includes, refreshed, action menus groups, across the product but, also the ability to personalize those, to suit the users preferences. Now. With this new release there are some applications that, Microsoft has added such as a longer name in, description, field so, you can now enter up to 100 characters in all description, and name fields across business central in Prior, versions the character limit was 15 this change applies to the name description, field on both master data and documents. Such as customer, vendors items, contacts, resource. Cards etc, additionally. Physical, inventory county is one of the core inventory. Processes, that happen in all distribution, company either, once a year multiple, times a year the, existing, functionality, for this process is based on journals which, makes it difficult to track the process and distribute work, in large-scale inventory, counting, now, the physical, inventory order, and physical, inventory recording, pages increased, productivity and address, gaps in the existing functionality, the. New feature is based on the popular German model which has been widely used in practicality all, implementations, were large-scale, inventories counting, as needed. Users. Can now select multiple, items at once from the item list to add to sales and purchase, documents, on any sales or purchase document as needed, additionally. Users can now, set a date formula, in the quotient validity, calculation. Field on the, sales and receivable. Setup page this, will be used to calculate the quote valid, until date on the sales quotes, now. When a job is created, and the customer is assigned to the job default. Dimension, values from the customer, are copied to the job this. Means that the user only has to modify the dimension, values of the job if needed, and that the reporting, will be consistent, because the customers existing, dimensions are, assigned, to a job now.

Another New features that the shortcut dimensions, that you have set, up in the general ledger setup page are now always available, this. Means that you can also add shortcut, dimension, values, directly to journal and document lines without opening, the dimensions, page, finally. Users, can now view item descriptions, on ledger entries, when. Analyzing, item ledger entries, it's useful to also see the item description the, description field can, now be added to the item ledger entries page. Alright. A nice feature. Within business central is when they duplicate customer, or vendor. Record. Is created by mistake, you can now merge such duplicate, records to a single record given. That you have the merge duplicate, permission, set. Now. As we know Business Central has the ability, to show pictures for your various items with the new release users, can now import, multiple item pictures, in one go with, a bulk import process. The. User can now view payment, information on a customer, and vendor statistic. Fact boxes, information. About payments, and the last payment date is now available, on the customer and vendor fact. Box this, will be a nice sign time-saving. Enhancement, for your users. Within. Business central users can now look up Swift codes as well so. The user can. Keep a list of swift codes for the banks that they, work with and they, use, on pages where those bank, account is required, this, allows for accurate preparation. Of payments, and forces users to pick from, predefined, list of Swift codes rather than entering Swift codes as free text. Within. April April. Release users. Will be able to configure. Reports, for warehouse documents, they. Will now be able to configure which reports, will be printed from warehouse documents. Such as pic put, away and shipment. By using the report selection feature. Business. Central allows users to personalize, the user interface to skip over the address field on documents, address. Information on document, pages is typically, auto filled based on the select customer, or vendor in. Most cases users therefore, will to skip over the address field when, the keyboarding, through documents, with, the quick entry feature you, can now define that, the cursor skipped over the address, field on the sales and purchase documents, when you press the Enter key. Users. Will now be able to view document, attachments, on customer, and vendor ledger entries, and during, payment application, the. Document, attachment feature allows. You to attach any type of file, to, a sales or purchase document within Business central this, is useful for example when settling, vendor payments, so that you can quickly view the original invoice that the vendor sent you. Business. Central will soon allow you to set up default ship-to addresses, customers. Can have multiple addresses but, they usually have a central, warehouse that. Goods must be shipped to you can.

Now Define that customers default, ship-to address in the ship - code field on the customer card, this. Will automatically, be inserted, on sales documents, for the customer you, can still change the ship to address on the sales document if needed. Another. Nice feature is that users will be able to. Schedule background, jobs with a date formula, meaning a relative, date instead of it defining, a fixed date for. Example instead, of running a report every Monday you, can define to run it at the beginning of each month by entering cm + d1 in, april. Users will be able to change description. On GL entries so if you entered the wrong description, during the posting or, if you just need to change the description of an earlier GL entry you can now edit in the description, field on the general ledger entries, page to. Overwrite the original posting, description, on the change log entries page you can view a log of changes, made to the description, field. In. Responsibility the top ideas from our community, forum users. Can now save their list filters, and similar. Personalizations. To create different ways of slicing their data list. Views are given a name such as items I sell and my, include filters on totals, and dimensions, this, allows for more complex and tailored views of a list views. Now appear on any list irrespective. Of how you navigate, to it users. Should quickly switch between, different. Views of a list which. Includes their own personal views or views, that come as standard in their business application, for their role similar. To other personalizations. List. Views run, with the user no matter which device or, browser they, sign into. Now. Microsoft has enabled the ability to add internal. Notes to business data captured, and processed in business central notes. Are displayed next, to the card data and you just have the ability to add edit and delete notes users. Can also include, the internet links accessible, from data cards opening. More advanced extensibility. Scenarios. Now. No two links are available for on-premise, appointment, of Business Center already and, Microsoft is bringing them to the online world as well enriching. Its capabilities, to store data in the cloud. For. Those of our customers who often edit long and demanding documents, Microsoft, has created a special view explaining. The line item, section of the document to take a larger, portion, of the screen and leave, more room for productive, and fast data entry when, viewing documents with the line section, in that mode you can now use advanced filtering so, browsing, and searching through longer, documents, becomes easier, while. You're working on the long sales document, it's not easy to switch to. Focus mode on or off by either by using the on-screen button or using, the keyboard shortcut.

When. In focus mode on a document you can now enable the vanes filter, experience, just, as any other list, this helps especially with when viewing analyzing. Longer, documents, Microsoft. Is bringing a set of features allowing advanced. Users to understand, the work context, in. An easy and quick way now. That includes a work date presented directly, on the screen in relevant scenarios, to, easily understand, the context, of the current view the. New work day indicator, is displayed only when you need it and when the work date is different, from today now. As expected most, users won't see anything because, they used today as a work date but advanced users will get a notification and. They can easily adjust the work date switch, the work date to today or switch, notifications. All. Users. Can now accelerate, repetitive entry of records with the powerful quick entry feature of the desktop browser, and Windows desktop app users. Often spend significant, time on repeatedly, typing in information to create records in sequence such, as taking over the phone digitizing. Receipts, or registering, new items while. Users want to view as much detail as possible on a page only, a fraction of those fields must consistently, be filled in when, creating the record navigating. To these essential, fields becomes cumbersome, when working mouse free as users, are forced to follow the standard tab order of fields, on the page quick. Injury is a powerful, and simple feature that, provides an all alternate, path through editable, fields on a page it, changes the behavior of the inner key to be different from the tab key moving, the focus to the next quick entry field they, cross the page and skipping over non-essential. Fields, additional. In quick entry can be personalized, using the modern and immersive. Personalization. Experience, empowering, users to tailor business central to, how they or their department, typically enters data.

Now. The tremendously, popular list, of keyboard shortcuts already available in the web experience has been expanded, with many additional, combinations. Such as slim, wide page. Mode ctrl. + f12, show. Or hide the fact box Alt + F to add, a, new item Alt + in, and then, previous or next navigation. Control. Left arrow or control right arrow on, top of that Microsoft, has added an easily, accessible list, of keyboard shortcuts to the document, page and made, it easier for you, to discover, available, shortcuts. Now. Current business central customers as well as customers are Dynamics, NAV are very familiar with the concept of autosave. Common, in our products, this, is very much loved and a welcome feature but. We heard from many of our customers moving, from other ARP, systems they're, not aware data is saved and secured, in business central even without explicitly, using any safe function, it. Is for those customers that we have built a smart autosave, indicator, showing, when the data is being saved for them this. New element indicates, directly, the, state of the car or document, that, of being saved in the background, and provides, any user with a clear indication, that the inert information, is secure the. Indicator is shown on the right side of the car and the screen changes, values when the computer communicates, with the server and saves the data the. Indicator can display saving, or, save depending, on the current state and in, case the data validation error, appears it would also display, not saved. Now. To allow users to work efficiently and lists and dynamic searches 5 business central Microsoft. Has improved grip performance, scrolling. And keyboard down at the navigation, back-office. Information, workers spend significant, time working on with lists analyzing. Trend and anomalies, and entering and modifying debt as. A business, database grows the experience must remain perform, it and enable users to continue, working efficiently, business. Central has improved the scrolling and load time Microsoft. Has rewritten how rows are displayed in a list and how, they fetch data improving. The initial display time as well as the snappiness and navigate. Of navigation, across the cells users, can now scroll unhindered. To any position in the list using, the keyboard over the scroll bar without, ever pausing at, the fetching more rows message, the. Scrolling experience, is seamless when, scrolling at a pace where the rows can be comfortably, read rows. Are always loaded on the main Tincher, the larger lists do not degrade the experience, in. April 2019, update to business central there's no change to records display this bricks, Microsoft. Has all, so improve the keyboard navigation of, lists by, using the keyboard cursor, key to go up or down to, the next row is snappy, and you can also hold down the keith to navigate unhindered selecting. Multiple rows has significantly. Less delay. With. The April release Microsoft, has improved the tell me feature, by allowing more flexible terms and, surfacing. Results, for partner solutions on the app source this. Allows users to seek help and easily extend business central with the many solutions, that are available from the partner community. Bike. Shops has added additional search terms so, new users who often, use different business, terms for. Example they might use product, a set of item or client, instead of customer, developers. Can now add alternative, search terms to pages and reports to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for, developers. Can quickly add company's, specific term the, users can then enter in the tumbly box to find the page or report in, question business. Central is published with around 200 such, alternate, search terms for selected. Pages and reports. Now. Microsoft is giving their users the ability to personalize their. Workspace even further with, a number, of enhancements in their own release all.

Personalizations. In business central continue to roam with the user no, matter which device or browser they work on one. Size not fit all users, can make minor adjustments to the layout of their actions on the list worksheet. Card or document page to optimize for precisely how they work users. Can hide any actions, that are not relevant to their test role, or Department they can move actions, across groups and hide or reorder groups as needed. Now. Within business central you, can now be optimized, for data input with quick entry as we previously mentioned quick. Entry is a Productivity, feature that, accelerates, repetitive, injury of records when, interest pressed or on the field the, focus moves to the next editable, quick entry field skipping, over the other fields that are autofill, or, occasionally, specified. Filing. The, simplified help and support experience, has also been, enhanced with business central get, unblocked, using the new unified. Help and support experience, that, brings together our breadth of tools and links, when assistance, is users. Will now find links to self-help content, and documentation. Commonly. Requested, troubleshooting. Information to, self-diagnose, or hand, over to support now. You can seek advice from the community or post new ideas, administrators. Can also configure a single support email address for, the customers organization. Allows, any user to contact, their IT admins, administrator. Or supporting, partner to receive support, now. With the new release the, page inspection, which is formally about, this page isn't hate, troubleshooting. Errors in business data or features, configuration. Often, require an additional level of insight beyond, what is shown on this page power, users and support staff can now inspect any page revealing. The entire contents, or the current record including, the fields that are not shown on the page. Now. What we have covered today are just a few of the many enhancements and, added features that will be in the newest Business Center release so. Who's ready to take the next step we'll. Visit central, you can get started with this robust, all-in-one, system, which, can be accessed through the cloud at only $70, per user per month but, the essentials license your users. Can have access to all the new features and enhanced capability, that we have reviewed today there. Is an additional advanced license, for those organizations in the manufacturing, industry that, runs $100 per user per month, additionally. This product does, have a free 30-day trial to allow you drif to poke navigate, and really test the system so. If your organization, is interested in exploring business central further please don't hesitate to let us know and, we'll be happy to help I.

Would. Encourage you to talk to your trim soft contact to learn more about these changes of features or in enhancements, we, can even help you get started with a free trial business central to experience these changes yourself thank. You for taking the time to attend this webinar if you have any questions, please visit our website and use a chat feature to contact to some woman feel free to send me a quick email or give me a call I'll, be happy to walk through any questions that you may have finally. If you'd like copy these slides please let me know I'll be happy to share those with you thanks. Again and I hope you have a great day. You.

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