Customer Keynote: Google Cloud Customer Innovation Series - Tuesday (Cloud Next '18)

Customer Keynote: Google Cloud Customer Innovation Series - Tuesday (Cloud Next '18)

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Thank. You again for joining us here at Google cloud next. 2018. Thrilled to, have you here and really. Thrilled to, be announcing, and introducing, our customer innovation series. As Diane. Mentioned this morning we believe that, cloud is really a phenomenal and and, transformational. Set of new technologies, and new capabilities that. Are available to. Our customers. But even more importantly, than that we believe, that the cloud is really enabling. A fundamental. Rethink, of how. Each and every business and every industry. Is really working, it really allows you to start. Forgetting. About the, infrastructure, about a. For. Forgetting about all of the details, of how, does this actually need to work relying. On the. Capabilities. That we have in the cloud relying, on the new innovations. That we're able to generate and really. Think about how does that impact my. Business. How do I actually, transform, my, organization, and we are within. Google cloud investing. Deeply, in industry, verticals, in order, to, really make this happen whether that is in healthcare if you saw the, fireside, chats we had just a couple of minutes ago we are really. Deeply investing, in the, healthcare ecosystem, we're. Doing the same in financial, services we're doing the same in median. Entertainment, in gaming, is same in the energy industry the same, in automotive. And transportation. And we, really do think that cloud, is becoming, this catalyst. For, change this catalyst, for transformation, and. Even. More importantly than us believing, it is the, fact that we're actually seeing our customers do. It we're actually seeing our customers, implement. The cloud implement, machine learning and really get new, value, out of it really transform. Their, businesses, and so I'm really thrilled to. Kick. Off this customer innovation, series by introducing, a series. Of speakers, from real global icons, and these, icons will come on out and each one of them will tell you about what they are doing in their, industry, what they're doing in their companies, to really drive change. And this, is a wide range of icons we have Mike. McNamara, who you saw earlier tell you will come out and go into more detail about what, is target, doing.

In The cloud however, they thought about their cloud journey. We. Will have the New York Times come out and talk, about what their journey has been like in the media industry we. Will, have Leahey, health the iconic, health institution. From, the Greater Boston area come out and talk about how they are transforming. The way that they work in a, very secure, fashion using, the. Capabilities, available in Google, cloud we. Will have eBay the iconic, Internet. Retailer. Come on out and talk about how, they are really pushing the, envelope of, what they can do within the cloud, and using cloud capabilities, last, time airline is the largest airline in Latin America we'll be talking, about their, journey. And how they are enhancing, their, customer, experiences, using the cloud and last. But not least Darryl, West from HSBC will. Be coming out and talking about how one of the largest financial institutions. In the world is really. Driving their business forward. And the, theme across all of these that I would like to, ask you to pay attention to is that theme of business transformation, not, just technology. Transformation, which is critically important, but really business. Transformation. Across, each, and every one of these different institutions, all. Of which have their legged all of whom have their own legacy all of whom have, their own history and their own unique needs that, they need to meet. So. I couldn't be more thrilled to kick this series off by inviting Mike McNamara. From Target on to the stage chief information officer, and chief digital officer of Target thank you. I've. Recently. Celebrated, three, years at Target now. Three years ago I didn't know that, much about Target, and frankly, I would have been hard-pressed to, point. Minneapolis. Where I now live on a map of the United States but. In three years I've learned that, target. Is a huge part of American life, we've, over 1,800, stores nationwide. And, three-quarters. Of Americans live, within 10 miles of one of our stores on. Top of that of whopping 85. Percent, of US consumers shopped, at a Target, store last, year beyond. The walls of our stores 25, million guests, each month, visit. Target, either on the target, flagship, app or through target. Comm, between. Our stores distribution. Centers, and corporate offices, we. Are, over. 350, thousand, team members strong and, when, it comes to brand well. A quick search of YouTube, will surface millions, of loyal superfans. Enthusiastically. Vlogging. About their latest target, finds. America. Loves target. Yet. Despite all of that love an outstanding. Team and an end Lea bull store base three. Years ago target. Was losing ground, we, were dangerously. Late on digital, and our technology, wasn't keeping pace, so. What, to do, well. As a business leader I see my job in two dimensions. Firstly. How do I operate today's. Business, as efficiently, and effectively as possible and, secondly. How do I create the, business of tomorrow as quickly. As possible without, messing, up what's already there on. The one hand I want productivity, and stability and. On the other I want speed and disruption.

Three. Years ago our. Systems, weren't stable. My. First cyber monday. Target. Was a fairly, miserable affair. Shortly. After launching, our cyber monday offers, we, began seeing contention. On a key database, and, there. Was nothing we could do, save. Throttle. Traffic. To the side and limped. Through the rest of the day now. As it happens we had a huge sales day but we'd upset, hundreds, of thousands, of our customers. And we've. Left millions. And, tens of millions of dollars on the table. By. The time my second, Cyber Monday came, around we'd, moved, to, the cloud and. Rather. Alarmingly. Yet, again a key, database, began to overheat, but. This time was different, this. Time with the execution, of a few simple commands we, spun up a new database on a bigger server, transferred. All the data across and redirected. The traffic, the. Whole affair lasted about 20, minutes, our guests, or customers, never. Noticed, and our sales kept on rolling in, and. That's. The beauty of cloud it offers elasticity. And agility. Today. I don't worry that much about system, stability I'm, confident. That our technology. Will support the target, of today which. Means my engineering, team can now focus their energies, on creating, the target of tomorrow. Marc. Andreessen. Famously, wrote that software is eat in the world, well. Today you can wait around until a competitor software, comes and gobbles up your business or you, can create your, own future, I've. Long. Believed, that the retailers, with the best technology, are. Going to end up in the winner's circle, and those. That don't get the, criticality, of technology. Will. Be, in retail, parlance. Discontinued. Today. Our target, our engineering, team is agile. And it's reenergized. Creating. High value, software, at a breakneck pace. Developments. That only a few short years ago took months. Or even years to, complete, we now finish, in days, or weeks. Infrastructure. That took weeks to provision, we, now provision, in a matter of minutes. In. The, past 12 months we. Have launched, a.

Hundred. Of new experiences. For our guests, and our team members, here. Are just four examples, but, always a common, theme. Drive-up. Allows, our guests, to shop on our mobile app drive. To the local store and once. I hit a geofence. Member. Staff is alerted, who brings their order directly, to their car, no. Need to get the kids out of the car seats or trudged, through the aisles with a toddler in meltdown it's. Simple. Convenient. And hassle-free. We've. Launched Target, restock. Promising. Overnight, delivery, of all of your household essentials, we. Created a mobile app that allows our store team to. Place online, orders for guests, from. The store aisles on the, off chance that, we don't have the exact, product, in stock say the right size or color that the customer, wants. We. Even piloted, a ground-up, rewrite, of ours for, supply. Chain systems. Which, for any retailer, is the equivalent, of open-heart, surgery, and in. Doing so we created an entirely, new way of getting goods to our stores. What. Did all of these developments, have in common, the. MVP, was, live in market, in a matter of weeks now. For someone who's been in this business for around 25, years, that. Kind of speed is simply. Stunning. And. Every. Week or two I seem to stumble upon a, proof, of concept in live or a new production system, that a couple of engineers have knocked up in a matter of days and while. They may not all be big. Things the combined, impact of all of these innovations, is quite profound. Google. Cloud underpins. Our speed, and innovation, it, abstracts. All the complexities. Of the underlying infrastructure, away, from the software, developers, allowing. Them to focus on value creation. Compute. Resource is on demand. Infrastructure. Is just an API call, away, as. I. Look into the not-too-distant, future I, see artificial, intelligence, everywhere. Today. A target. We're using a eyes to, tackle, some of our thorniest, problems, like supply chain optimization. But. We're also using. A eyes to, solve a gazillion everyday. Little problems. For. Example we sell mix-and-match, swimwear. Online and we, used to rely on photographers. To tag their images as being say a bikini, top or a bikini bottom. Well. Those photographers, are arty, types and, it turns out that accurate, data entry, is not high on the list of their priorities, and the, result misery.

Today. We use a trained, AI model, to tag the images, and the result is joy. By. The way Google kudos, for a tensorflow it's kind of magic. There's. A lot of hype in the market, about cloud and AI but. If you cut through all the marketing on since the TV, advertisements. The big billboards. At the airport, there, is real substance, there, and I, see that substance, every day a target. Cloud. And AI are, not the only ingredients. But, to make the fundamental. Change like. We did, without. Cloud, is trying, to make grapes, its. Friend of my life trying to make wine without the grapes a. Target. We're operating today, efficiently. And we're. Creating tomorrow, with some speed, and gusto, thank, you. Please. Welcome Nick, Rockwell. Thank. You I'm truly. Honored to be here today representing, the New York Times at. The Times we've been working with Google cloud for over two years in fact, we just fully completed, our cloud migration journey, in April we. Moved all of our consumer, facing products, to Google cloud and it's, been a huge win for us on so many levels but. I'm not going to talk about that today instead. I have something really special for you I'm, incredibly, proud to announce a new transformative. Partnership, with Google cloud today. The, New York Times at Google cloud are embarking, on a truly amazing mission we're. Going to scan encode. And preserve our entire historical. Photo archive, and while. We're at it evolve, the way in which the news from tells stories, by, putting powerful new tools for, visual storytelling, into the hands of our journalists. The. New York Times photo archive, is one of the most comprehensive libraries. Of visual journalism in the world it's. A treasure trove of historical. Imagery millions. And millions of photographs spanning. From the 1800s, up to nearly the present day it's. One of the great gems of the times the collective, work of hundreds of skilled photo journalists, and artists, who, through their talents have given us a breathtaking, chronicle, of humanity, truly. One of the great memorialization. Of the human experience. These. Are actual physical, prints, stored. In filing cabinets and, using an old-school card. Catalog system as its index with, the help of a few heroic, archivists, who somehow seemed to know where everything is I've. Been in there and it's quite an experience. The. Photo archive contains, images on every imaginable subject, from, science, sports Wars. To weddings protests. To parties, it. Contains portraits, of statesmen, and movie, stars as, well as shopkeepers, and children, politicians. As well as passers-by. Snapshots. Of personalities. Lifestyles. And trends throughout the last 150, years the. Vast majority of which have never been published. These. Photographs, aren't just images from our past they're, themselves, historical, artifacts, each, times, photo is marked up like a well-traveled. Passport the. Prints have stamps, dates notes. Publication. History clipped. Captions. And other vestiges, of their travels, throughout, the newspapers, history written, taped or glued on the back, each. Image has a story of its own and preserving, those stories is just as important as preserving, the images themselves and so. We will capture all of that information those. Marks and traces as well. What. You see here are, just a handful, of the millions of photographs that. Are being digitized, tagged, classified. Every. Handwritten note captured, and made accessible made. Visible through this partnership. But. Critically. This project is not first and foremost about preservation it's, about storytelling. By. Making the archive accessible. We make it possible to reach back into the past and tell, stories that were left untold, to. Put the archive and its vast potential in perspective, consider. Unpublished, black history a series. That we published every day during Black History Month in February, of 2017. Built. Around the collection of never-before-seen, photographs. Featuring, some, of the most iconic faces, in American history, it. Gave the world a fresh look at such figures as, Shirley. Chisolm, the first black woman elected to Congress, iconic. Figures such as Martin Luther King jr. and James Baldwin. Lena. Horne through an incredible story about how Harry Belafonte. Helped, her secure her apartment, at a time when white property, owners wouldn't sell co-ops african-americans.

No Matter how famous are wealthy. Kareem. Abdul-jabbar, towering, over his high school teammates, when he was still known as Lew Alcindor, or. Run DMC, performing, at a benefit concert in 1986. To name just a few this. Series delivered, a new perspective on our collective story as Americans. It. Was the labor of love of, seven, full-time journalists. And it took over three months of painstaking archival. Research to produce. The. Archive is full of these stories but we're limited by the precious time and expertise. Of our journalists, and researchers. So. Imagine, what will be possible, with the new digital photo archive, we. Will move from file cabinets, in a basement card. Catalogues and faded. Hand scratched notes as metadata to, life in the cloud, we're, journalists. We'll have the tools to access research. Interrogate. And wander through this archive with, unprecedented ease, and efficiency, unearthing. Lost gems making. Connections, creating, stories. Using. Google Cloud storage to store the digitized assets, Google, pub/sub for workflow orchestration. Of the digitization, process. Google. Spanner to manage and index the metadata, metadata. Parsed, and digitized in part by cloud vision all. In, a reliable and effortlessly, scalable, architecture this. Will truly change the game. It. Will allow us to research archival, stories not in months, but in as little as a week, it. Will help us scale series, like overlooked, in. Which we go back and write, the obituaries, of those who left an indelible mark on history but. Who were nonetheless overlooked. Many. Of them women such as Charlotte Bronte the author of Jane Eyre on, whom we never ran an obituary, or. Emily, warren Roebling who oversaw, construction of, the brooklyn bridge when, her husband Washington, Roebling fell ill I to. Be Wells who, campaigned, against lynching via. Brave and pioneering, reporting, for the Memphis free speech and headlight a paper, she co-owned and edited and Mary. Ewing Outerbridge, who introduced, the game of tennis to the US by, smuggling a tennis net home from a vacation in Bermuda. The. New York Times news from will bring these stories to life for, our readers through. The beautiful emotionally. Resonant visual journalism that we are known for and that helps all of us to better understand, the world, this. Work is made possible by the New York Times story X partnership, team and our colleagues at Google cloud, it's. An initiative that will unlock the past connected. To the present and reveal. The world's most important, untold stories, for, future generations, and for years to come thank. You very much. Please. Welcome Laurie Chapman. Good. Afternoon I'm Laurie Chapman, the VP of IT solutions. And integration, for Lahey Health just northwest of Boston our. Google, story is similar to the beloved Jules, Verne novel where. The intersection. Of a determined, team a specific. Goal a challenging. Timeline, and a time in history converged. Instead. Of around the world in 80 days we. Called it going Google at leahy in 91. 64. If you don't count weekends, but weekend's there were, the. Challenge, was our starting point for. Verne's protagonist, it was the adventure, of his reputation. Riding. On circumnavigating. The globe in 90 days many. Doubted that he could accomplish such a feat so. Of course a significant. Financial wager, ensued. Our. Leahy challenge to. Rapidly, implement G suite a platform. That could scale, and enable, our colleagues, our. 15000. Colleagues, to connect, and collaborate. Unlike. Fogg our timeline, was not driven by a wager but. By four ageing email systems, that, hindered our connection, and growth, that's. A big deal when, you're serving health care professionals. Who want to communicate, and respond, in a, timely and thoughtful, way. This. Adventure, also tested, the reputation, of RIT at Leahy team. Internally. We saw the potential, and we felt compelled to prove, that we could rapidly and, successfully.

Implement, A major change, to one of the most personal, applications. In the workforce, email. And. Externally. If successful. We. Would be the largest healthcare institution. Yet to partner with Google and. Like. Fighting it fogs financial. Stake in healthcare. The. In industry, with growing expenses, and shrinking margins, our, IT. Investment. Decisions, must, be carefully vetted and the, risk and reward needs, to be carefully, considered, it, was daunting for sure. So. The challenge was accepted and, we, began our journey. Foggs, journey took him from London to India. Right. Here through San Francisco, how. Appropriate. Our. Lady journey, also, required us to navigate mental. Physical, and, virtual geographies. Our. Goal was dexterity. And a digitized, workspace. Enabling. Collaboration. Anywhere, anytime. It. Was truly an Iliad and an odyssey mental. And physical. But. Wait that's another epic story. Physically. Our team, supported, six go live dates BIGBANG. At 50-plus. Locations. Spanning. 50-plus, miles. Virtually. Our technical, team laid, the foundation, for the G suite platform. So. How do we achieve this bold challenge well, here I'll draw some parallels, to Fogg and his team at the. Outset, Fogg was portrayed as Cavalier. Somewhat. Selfish, obsessed. With time and rigid. To a fault but. He proved to be thoughtful, caring, generous. And loyal, the. Same traits that positioned, our expedition. For success. Our. IT at Leahy team is hundreds, strong and with. Along, with our core team of fifteen they. Drove the three legs of our adventure, project. Management, technical. Implementation and, change, management. And. Full, disclosure not. All were willing participants, some. Were volunteered, and others. Were voluntold, the. Resistance, it wasn't born so much as a shrug off you know I don't want to help out but, rather it was grounded, in their competing priorities and, their. Comfort zones most. Of us felt, more comfortable, behind. The scenes and behind our screens, so. During. The journey, it. Was surprising, we found amazing, strength, in unexpected. Places. The. Word cloud shows our attributes, but I'd offer that, similar to fog's team the, four that featured here served Leahy best. Caring. Is the foundation, of health care. Every day, our. Team cared connected. And delivered, for, the first time an enterprise-level. Communications. And collaboration system. The. Team's generosity. To. The loyalty. To the task to. The timeline and to, their fellow travelers never. Wavered. And our. IT at Leahy team proved, tenacious. Like. Fogg they utilized, creativity. Ingenuity. And. Scientific. Know-how to solve, every problem that, crossed their path. But. Ultimately this is a story about change. Fogg. Made adjustments whether. The circumstances called for compassion. Or changing. Course, he. Did what was right and the complicating, details, worked themselves out. For. Leahy the. Heart of our journey was changed management we. Named it the force of three plus one the. Force of three, creative. Communications. Coaching. And training and the. Plus one was our knowledgeable, guide sada, our, implementation. Partner. Any. Of you familiar with Dean. Heat's concept, of change understand. Both. The emotional the, importance, of both the emotional and intellectual, sides of change, the. Elephant, and the rider well. That elephant, was definitely, in the room and we. Had to acknowledge it but we were able to harness that beast we. Focused, on finding the bright spots at Lahey. Leveraging. What we already did well. Shrinking. The change. Scripting. The critical, moves and rallying, the organization. To adapt, adopt. And transform. In 91, days, the. Result. Our. Colleagues, can share knowledge. Empathy. And ingenuity, at a level, they never had before with, just one click. So. What's. Next well. Jules Verne didn't write a next, chapter for Fogg but it, was an interesting time in history, the. Technological. Innovations. Of the late 19th, century made, the prospect of track the world possible. The. Suez Canal was open. The. U.s. transcontinental. Railway was completed, and railways.

Connected, The Indian continent, at, that, time despite. Skepticism, you. Can just imagine what many were dreaming could be next. So. Ladies next adventure. Well. Today healthcare is in an era of change and disruption and when. We started, we focused, on email calendar. And contacts. But. As I mentioned we made the entire G suite available and our, colleagues, embraced, it so. Not. To paint too rosy of a picture we. Certainly had and continue, to have resistance. As. You may expect for the change of this scale, some. Just prefer, the solutions, they were used to, but. G suite provides real, advantage. It's. A workflow revolution. Redesigning. Workflows, is, intuitive. And we, are really transforming the way we work. Laney. Health's value proposition, is to provide the highest quality lowest. Cost. Coordinated. Care that's accessible, and close to home. IT. Utley, he is deeply committed to our mission of delivering. Reliable. Innovative. Solutions, that make, a difference in, the lives of the people and the communities, we serve, this. Is enabled, by our strategy, and vendor partnerships, and G. Suite is now one of our cornerstones. So. In closing I'll leave you with this image a. Great. Englishman, that the world lost this year he. Was a hero of mine and he. Was also obsessed with time, Roger. Bannister was, an athlete and academic, and a doctor, and like. Bannister. On that fateful day in 1954. When, he ran the Miracle Mile I want. To let the Leahy Google, and sought a team know that, you threw in all your reserves and broke, the tape in three. Minutes and fifty nine point four seconds, you. Made our google adventure. Success. Achieving. The possible, thank. You. Please. Welcome Larry, ecology, Avani. Awesome. I am stoked. To have the opportunity, today to share a bit about eBay, and how we're taking advantage of the cloud artificial. Intelligence, and what we call the fabric of Commerce to, drive innovation in, this space. EBay. Continues. To be the world's largest. Global. Marketplace, our mission. Is to connect millions of buyers and sellers around, the world empowering, people, and creating. Economic opportunity, for all we. Don't compete with our sellers we, are a true. Marketplace. We. Offer more breadth and depth, of choice to. Help people shop for their passions, and find, their version of perfect weather. It's inflatable, pink flamingos, or new, backcountry skis, or, new laptops, or luxury, vehicles, we literally have it all on, eBay, and, no. You don't have to sit through an auction to get any of that the, reality, is 88% of, what we sell is fixed. Price and you can buy it right now in 80%, of the inventory, on eBay is new. We. Have a hundred and seventy-five million. Buyers in. 190. Markets, shopping. Our 1.1. Billion. Listings. To. Give you an idea of what that looks like in the, US alone a watch, is purchased, every, five seconds, a camping. And hiking item, every, six seconds, a TV. Video or home audio item every. Three seconds, you, can imagine the scale of the infrastructure, that we have to build to support that and also, the amount of data that we amassed on a daily, basis, one.

Of The things I'm most excited, about and count myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on is our eBay for charity platform, as well we. Also like to give sellers a choice with that and so sellers can earmark, anywhere between 10 percent and a hundred percent of their sales proceeds, to benefit a charity, and we're, proud to say that we've raised over eight hundred and ten million dollars, to date for, nonprofits, in the US and UK, I worked. In the commerce industry for over 14. Years and, I, have to say it is changing, more quickly than I've ever seen it in the past, advances. In artificial, intelligence, cloud. And fabric. Are altering, how, where. And when. People shop the. Technologies, are also shifting, users expectations. Especially Millennials. And Generation Z and driving. The creation, of disruptive, new business models such, as subscription, services, direct. To consumer, and on-demand, shopping, from the home car. And mobile. Devices. Brands. Retailers. Small, and medium businesses, alike must. Both recognize, these opportunities, and take advantage of them or risk, being left behind my. Team at eBay was created, to enable us to innovate with these new technologies, move. Fast and target. New customers, without disrupting, the experience, for our existing, ones, even. No longer, wants to rely on users, coming to our website or, downloading. Our app whether. It be on Google home in facebook. Messenger on VR. Devices or, on the TV we, want to go where our customers, spend their time today into. What we call the fabric, of Commerce this, is one of the many ways we're starting to attract new, buyers and sellers to our marketplace. Last. Year at Google next, we, demoed for the first time the voice work we had been doing with Google home helping. People find out how much an item was worth since. Last year we've continued, experimenting, with conversational. Commerce and expanding. Our natural language processing capabilities. More, broadly on Google assistant, we're. Also using our AI to help buyer sift, through the 1.1, billion items in our catalog to, find what they're looking for without, having to scan through pages and pages and pages of search results, or having to select a bunch of filters to narrow down the results we. Don't want people to keep coming back to eBay and every time entering in I want a medium shirt, I want a medium shirt we, want to remember what your interests, are what, size you were in which, brands you love to personalize, your shopping experience on, eBay and help, you more quickly find what, you're looking for, with. Shoppers relying, on image, search more and more each day to find what they're looking for we, also continue, to innovate in the field of computer vision as well our.

Billion, Plus listings and all the images associated with them have given us the training data to create industry-leading. Models, to, predict the leaf category, of an image and since. We started using Google's, advanced GPUs, we've, been able to improve the accuracy of those models by ten percent not. Only did they help improve our accuracy, they, cut the time it took for us to create a real must a robust, model, from, about 40, days to, four and with. The new TP, use that are announced earlier to save the v3, we're expecting to be able to iterate on those models in just a matter of hours. Taking. The advantage of the cloud CPUs. Helps us ensure that our customers see the freshest possible product, listings and find. What they want every, time that they shop on ebay our. Work with computer, vision has, also enabled us to start experimenting with augmented, virtual. And mixed, realities, as well a few. Months ago we released a clever solution built on Google's AR core platform, which uses augmented, reality to. Enable our tens of millions of sellers to, select the u.s. best USPS, flat rate box for items they need to ship sellers. Select a box size place. The virtual box over there sold item and move, it around the item to make sure it will fit inside helping. Eliminate the hassle of finding the right size box for shipping, this. Was one of the first, of many innovations, you'll, see from us in the AR space in the coming year. We've. Also been hard at work improving, the customer experience, for, those shopping on ebay from China as well we. Heart we started hosting some of our infrastructure, in Google cloud in Tokyo, closer, to where our customers, are today which, helped to improve our page load times by over 40% as, we. Iterated on the experience, one of the biggest, challenges, we faced was, localizing. It well, we tried leveraging, some of the publicly available translation. Api's they, weren't trained with commerce specific, data and thus weren't accurate enough for the customer, shopping on ebay so we started training our own commerce, specific, models and built in machine translation service. On Google cloud that's, now powering query title. And description. Translation. On our site training. The models with the commerce specific, data helped, us achieve a 50 percent improvement in, our blue scores for, query translation, as an example, we. Learned firsthand what, a challenge building, a localized, site for China can be and how that can hold back some, retailers. And and whatnot from experimenting. In the Chinese market so, one of the things that we're doing today and, we're excited to announce is we're actually making that machine translation. Service, available, externally, to all third-party developers, through the developer,, program. So, that other retailers, and startups and whatnot can benefit from it as well we're, starting with Chinese and we'll add other languages, in the weeks and months to come to. Close the. World of Commerce is undergoing, yet another massive, round of disruption, the. Entire ecosystem. Must recognize, the shifts in technologies, and behaviors. Driving, the change and be agile and bold enough to capture this opportunity. Leveraging. The cloud ai and, fabric, are some of the many levers we are pulling at eBay to do just that thank you. Please. Welcome, Dirk John. Good. Afternoon. Airlines, and technology, are not strangers. In, fact airlines, have been technology, innovators. In many fields, like distribution. Advanced, analytics, or operations. Research let's. See how we tackle the challenge today but. Before we go there let. Me quickly introduce to, you Latimer, lies. Latin. Airlines is the largest airline in South America, we, are born from a merger of LAN and Tom in 2012. We, today operate, the most dense Network, in our region, we connect. You with in South America, and to, the rest of the world every. Minute a latin airlines aircraft is, taking off somewhere, around, the globe. We. Bring dreams to destination. We, aim for creating. The best customer, experience for our guests, through.

Offering An excellent, product, through. Excellent, operational, performance and. By. Taking care of your needs. Accomplishing. This mission has, been increasingly, difficult for us we. Operate in an extremely, complex, environment. We. Are multi country airline in a highly regulated industry. We. Operate out of six base countries, all. With, their own specificities. Regulations. And constraints. And. Every time we want to create a consistent, experience. For. Our customers, no, matter from, where they fly. We. Also have huge technology depth, we. Operate a technology. Landscape that, grew over many years and that was, not built for today's requirements. One. Of our big aims is to create, a seamless experience with, lap time in all interactions. And. We. Face an ever more demanding. Customer, more. And more we. Serve pragmatic. Empowered. Digital. Native customers, these, customers, value time they, like to have control and options, and they, want a good deal we. Want to give these customers, a great experience, too. Our, answer, to the challenge, going. Digital, we. Believe that the best experience. For our customers, is a digital, experience, we. Are going digital so, we can implement an, engaging, seamless. And frictionless, experience. For. Our customers to be. Successful, with that we, are building ladrones, Digital future based on three key ingredients. Firstly. We enable cross-functional. Work and foster, collaboration, the. Borders of what used to be separate teams in our organization. Are disappearing. Today. We can only be successful in joint teams we. Create a common goal for these teams and equip the teams with all necessary tools, to fulfill that task. In. Many cases this requires, a significant, change of the way we work. Secondly. We focus on large and, scalable. Impact. The. Demand, for short time to market an immediate impact is ever-growing, we. Rethink. The way we create our digital. Products, to, be up for this challenge and improve. Every day, today. We have the right tools to. Be up for this challenge, and. Thirdly we, leverage data to better understand, our customers, we. Are putting customer, experience, at the core of what, we do consistently. Delivering, what our customers, want from us, data. And, data usage are key for achieving, this we. Changed the way we work how. We look at data and how we manage data. So. Let me give you some practical examples, of what we are doing and how Google is helping us with that, to. Foster collaboration, we, have worked with Google to implement, Ries wheat within. Six months for all of our 42,000. Employees, this. Had profound, impact, on how we work together and communicate. Today. We work on the same document with. Teams across, Peru, Chile. And, Brazil. While. Having a video call and discuss, around, it, instead. Of doing slides, teams, present their, results, in data studio and give. Access to broad, communities. Of co-workers. We. See how collaboration. Increases. The quality of our results every day. We. Focus on strengthening, our impact, to. Do so we have adopted, a cloud-first strategy, using, GCP this. Allows us to focus on innovation, and value, instead of managing systems. For. Example creating, air approach, paths using precise, 3d, digital.

Elevation Models, so, we can fly efficiently, on the. Top you see how, we used to fly to Catamarca. Peru a very difficult Airport, to operate using. Conventional, ground-based. Navigation. And, on. The bottom you see today's, picture. Using. The new routes we, defined, flying, completely. Automatic, and with high precision. For. The future we want to continue. Adopting. This practice, technology, such, as serverless, architectures. And moving. Into continuous. Operation. We. Also use advanced. Analytics, to, suit our product, to our customers, we. Are applying data analytics. For. A long time atleta my alliance however, recently, we set up a fully, cross-functional. Team for, advanced analytics, to, accelerate, our understanding. Of our customers, and their needs being. Able to run tensorflow models, and using bigquery after. Only a few weeks of preparation. Is, only possible because. We can fully rely on the GCP, stack. This. Allows us for example to provide more dedicated, offers to our customers. So. What comes next, we. Will continue, to improve the digital experience of our customers, every day this. Means we, will improve the interaction with, Latin through, the use of technology. Another. Big focus will, be to further improve our customer, insights, through, our analytics, and to, be able to offer better products, and. And, we will continue to reduce our technology. Depth to be able to accelerate, and, to scale, we. Will continue, building the capabilities, for an agile, cross-functional. Digital, team. Collaboration. And cross-functional. Work, will. Be normal in our daily, operation. And work. Environment, at, the same time we will develop new models of collaboration, with, academia with. Startups, as well as with corporations, and, we. Are looking forward to absorbing, the next wave of, technology. Innovations. We. Believe having the right team, strategy. And partners, will, allow us to have a successful digital, journey, thank, you. Please. Welcome Darryl, West. Good. Afternoon everyone I, have. The honor and privilege of leading a fantastic, IT team the HSBC a team, that is a center, of the transformation. Of HSBC and so a simpler better faster. And more secure company, for its customers. We. Have an aspiration to be the most awesome IT team on the planet in financial services, and. We see our purpose, as transforming. The world's banking experience. I'm. Going to talk to you now about how we're partnering with Google to be able to realize that ambition. For. The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking, Corporation is. 135, is Hubley 53, years old sorry, with. The Lord's leading international bank we. Are present in 67, countries we. Have 38, million customers, customers, ranging from individuals, to small businesses, to corporations, to, governments. And. We are the number one trade. Finance business, in the world we are the number one financier, of cross-border, trade. We're. A significant, player in the financial, foreign. Exchange markets, so we are a central part of global. Commerce. We. Have 200, 2.5. Trillion Sri assets, on our balance sheet but. More importantly, we. Have a huge data asset of the core of the company and this. Year by the end of 2018 we'll, pass 100, petabytes of, data and, within, that data there's, a massive amount of insight. And. We need to leverage the. Tools that we're using now with Google to get that insight to be able to manage our business better. So. Last year when our C we talked about our vision of where we were to get to to be a cloud first company, now. HSBC, is no difference so most other big global enterprises. We. Tried, for many years to build data centers provision, ARCA infrastructure. Buy. Products. And run it all ourselves and, we've decided about, 18 months ago that. We ought to really decide to focus on what we're great at which is custom experience in focusing on our customers and, partner, with people like Google to actually do all the heavy lifting on infrastructure.

So. We've moved through this journey with Google over the last year or so now to, get to the point where we're going to have this managed service with elastic tape at capacity and, allowing our teams in the bank to focus, on the, data science the data management the, data processing, that enables, much, better custom experiences, and of course as we've been going through this journey with, Platt we were collaborating. And with the Google team on the platform. Now. We are a, globally. Systemically. Important, financial institution. And as you can imagine and the banking business is a heavily regulated business. It's. An important, tenant of the banking business that you have trust and confidence, the data is secure the services are reliable, and performance, so clearly. Anything we do that departs, from history is, going to be a closed, closed. Issue. With the regulator's so the first issue we've had to deal with fear is this list of questions. Now, the, regulator's, we've spent the last year, or so working very closely with them and given our geographic. Spread we have pretty. Much every, regulator in the world is looking at what we're doing so we've had to invest a certain amount of our time and efforts to convince, the regulator's that moving, customer, data to the cloud is actually a good thing and I've taken the position with the industry, and with the regulators, that the, more we do with, Google in, the cloud makes, the industry, a more, safe more reliable, and more robust industry, so. We've worked with two regulators we got them to the point now where they're comfortable, they've. Asked us to assess all the risks end-to-end we have to take the whole proposition to our managing. Board and a group Risk Committee and we've got them comfortable. They. Asked us to make sure we covered all the issues around operational, control things like who controls, the access to the platform and. Where will the data be we're governed by 67. Countries different, rules around data privacy, and data sharing so we have to be, in compliance with those rules we. Need to know what's happened how we can monitor, the logging on the virtual private cloud and critically.

We Have to understand, how the encryption, keys are working because the, fact that the data is encrypted at rest in the Google cloud is fantastic, but, the regulators, are requiring, the, banks to be able to control, and manage those encryption keys and, the. Last thing and actually probably just as important, as all the others is how we'll work together we're a company the sovereign to 53 years old. We have a certain culture and a way of doing things and partnering, with a West, Coast tech company, on on implementing, these types of new things required a complete change of mindset and approach, and one that required an agile and a DevOps method to, get there so we've done, all of these and answered all of these questions and, we're in a very good space moving. Forward we've. Collaborated very, very closely with the engineering team we. Formed a great joint team just, over a year ago to work through the challenges, we've created a. Cloud framework. For banking which I think will become the standard model for financial services around, the world describing. The controls you have to have, from extracting, your data from your core systems, putting. It out into the cloud making, sure that it's encrypted well making sure that the access is controlled and you have the right logging all of those controls. Have been really, studied, carefully and through the course of our collaboration, with Google we've seen a modification, to the product and improvement, to the Google offerings in the in the space of customization. Of roles reasonable, support I mentioned. The logging for virtual private cloud and critically. The customer, managed and customers supplied encryption, keys so, this has all been done and it's now ready for. Primetime and, we're. Going on a sort of a global tour to. Convince, all the regulator's that I deal with it this is going to be a better way of running the banking business.

So. The results so, far have been actually. Quite stunning a year ago I stood up here and talked about the various use cases in the banking world around. Financial. Financial. Liquidity calculations. Stress testing, risk weighted assets calculations. Of the finance teams have to do I talked, about the risk function in terms of market risk and how they have to run Monte Carlo simulations, to calculate, market risks we, talked about financial crime, and the ability to ingest billions, of transactions. And look for nefarious activity. Patterns, in those transactions. And, when using the tools now in this in this platform to be able to identify. Money-laundering. Activity, within a global network so. As we speak as we found here today we now have these two very. Specific and very important, use cases live we're, now able to calculate, their global liquidity for, a country. In, minutes rather than hours, and, critically, using bigquery are able to run a financial crime analytics, ten. Times faster, with a much higher level of precision and accuracy so, this has been a fantastic. Outcome. For us and it's really given us a great confidence to actually progress we have a long list. And. Batting order of new. Workloads, to come over the coming months. So. In terms of what's next for our relationship. With Google we we, really enjoy our interaction. The four fort leaders here at Google the. First thing we're obviously had to do is double down on our data agenda, so are, we going to complete over the next 18. Months or so the. Wholesale immigration of our big data workloads, analytics, and machine learning workloads, to the Google platform and. Only this week of a publicly, announced our, seven year commercial. Strategic. Alliance with Google in as a partner in this space. On. Data management interesting, that we have a similar problem to most big companies historically. We've not had a great day here architecture, and we're working with the Google team so, we evaluate ways, every able to catalog all of our data and our huge hovering petabytes, of data it's. Been difficult for us to be able to organize and understand, what we have and where it is so, we're working with the with, the engineering team there to come up with some tools and you may hear about those tools at, at.

This Event next year. And. More importantly, I guess of all of it is what you heard this morning about CSP, at is tío from from ORS that, was great to see we. Had HSBC's, name up there when he talked about the announcement, of this we work very closely with US team on developing, the. Whole suite of Cuban, ATS on trend that's, very important for us that we have a containerization. And orchestration. Engine like cuban ADEs available to us to one of their own for our own framework words as we do, that migration, from on-prem to the cloud over the longer time so we're. Very proud of our partnership we've, had there with the Google team on application, is hosting and we've, defined a new stack for us for a next-gen, set of applications, that will leverage that. That, set the suite of tools that I was talking about this morning and, in terms of new propositions, we're now developing. Mission-critical, applications for. Our business, for. Example their business banking franchise which, is a huge franchise globally. For us across our 67 country but, developing a whole new set of custom the channels up, in the Google stack in the native stack top to bottom which. Shares our confidence, in, the tools that. Are on offer from from this great team here at Google. So. In closing I just want to say that we, have a new chief executive John Flint was important to our chief executive position. Back in February we've, refreshed our global strategy and we now talk about commercial, growth being our primary driver, and it's. Very clear to me and so the executive team that, partnering. With Google and enabling our cloud journey is going to be a key enabler of that. Of that commercial, growth over the coming three years or so so I just want to say it's been a fantastic collaboration, we, hope that continues, and, as they HSB strapline stays together we will thrive thank, you very much. Thank you to Darrell and to all of the speakers, we just had there's a couple of key lessons that I've been furiously. Jotting, down notes backstage. As I've been listening to everybody I just wanted to share a couple of closing, remarks. What really struck. Me from. All of the talks is how consistent, they were in a number of different areas that every. Company that was up here and I would submit that every company really out there has to collaborate. Better every company wants to be more, agile every, company, is really turning themselves if they're not already into. A data and in insights, in an analytics, company.

Every, Company is obsessively, focusing, about the customer experience but they're doing that more and more in real time more and more for the new consumer, and the new customer, that's out there that has these. Changing, needs. And when, you really boil it down every, company, is really becoming as you can hear from, the speakers at. Today, as well as throughout next they're becoming a tech company in many. Ways, and that means that they are really embedding, the, capabilities. That you have in the cloud that your capabilities, you have with. AI, into. The heart of their business, not as an adjunct not as something separate. On the side is an experiment, but really in the, heart of this transformation, journey, that they are undertaking. At the moment and we, are really thrilled by the partnership. Model. That we've been able to create with all of these companies. It, really is core to our DNA and core to, what we are trying to do within cloud to really view these, transformation. Journeys as partnership, journeys with. Google, and with our partners. The the ecosystem. But with these companies that are looking to transform, themselves as well, and we're incredibly honored, and gratified to have this. Group of companies. Come on up here on stage and really described their journey to. All of you throughout. Next you will hear hundreds, of customer. Stories like these customer, stories about how they have gotten started in the cloud how, they are collaborating better how they're becoming more agile, how they're creating, better, developer, experiences, how they're tapping into, big, data and analytic, and machine. Learning and I really encourage you to, spend, the time to go and listen to all, of those stories and really hopefully take some inspiration and, lessons learned from. Them so if you can please just join me and again, giving a big round of applause for the. Speakers that we just had and thank you very much enjoy the rest of Google found neck.

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