CSUN Commencement 2019: David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

CSUN Commencement 2019: David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

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You. It. May be raining but you look wonderful. Welcome. To Cal State University. Northridge. Good. Morning my name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and, Dean of Students, it's my honor to declare the opening of the California, State University Northridge. Commencement, ceremony for the David Nazarian College of, Business, and Economics, I. Ask. That you all now please rise and remain standing as. A CSUN. Jazz a, band under. The direction of, Professor, Scott Whitfield, plays the national anthem, with, vocalist, Leslie Perkins, and performed. By American Sign Language CSUN. Students. Oh. Whose. Broad, strokes. Oh. Thank. You please be seated. Celebrating. This occasion today. And, seated. On the platform are, members of the. President's extended. Cabinet, as well as all of your department, chairs and program, directors, who, in. The interest of safety and time we will go. Without introducing all of them so. It's. My great privilege to present to you all now our president dr. Dianne Harrison. Thank. You vice president, Watkins, good morning everybody, as, president, I'd like to officially welcome you to the 2019. California. State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony, for. The 2018, and 2019, graduates. Of the David Nazarian College of, Business and, Economics. There's. Literally an inch of water on this podium. Okay. So given, the rain my, full remarks, are, online they, were posted, so. What. I'm going to tell you this morning, is thank, you for putting up with the weather and mostly. Importantly congratulations. To. Our graduates I. Do. Want to say to all of our dedicated faculty and, staff and most. Importantly, again, to the parents and Families members. Who have helped, our graduates, reach this tremendous, achievement today, is your special, day to these. Students, would never have made it without you families. Of our graduates, if you, can please, rise and accept. Our applause. Thank. You. And. Now I want, to congratulate again, all of our graduates, who are here, and I. Want to invite, Elizabeth, Herrera. Undergraduate. Student, from the department, of business law to, address the graduating, class and, our, guests. Hello. Class of 2019, guests. Family, and friends, staff and faculty after. Years, of studying, and a few days of worries and frustration, because of the rain here, we are. For. A second, I will give us a quick glimpse of our journey here at CSUN. Once. A matador always, a matador, once a matador always, a matador, and this, was a silent, chant that roared in the back of our minds, as we roamed the halls of ouvea library, brush. Shoulders with each other in juniper I mean. Bookstein. Home haven't. We all made that mistake. Nervously. Scrambled. Through the aisles of our first meet the clubs and as we cheered at our first big show event, now. All. Of this may. Seem unreal, as if it were in literally just yesterday, that we were pulling one of our last all-nighters. And taking, one of our last finals. For. Some of us obtaining. Our college degree was always our first priority. It was, never questioned, whether we would make it whether, we would be financially, stable to put ourselves through it or if we would stumble along the way and yet. Perhaps, for some of us we were that one. We. Were that one student who could barely pass that one class that one. Student who. Once doubted themselves, that. One student who couldn't just work that one job that. One student who, couldn't attend that one office our session, because, you needed to avoid traffic and, to. All those who were that one and to. All those who may know that one.

Class. I stand before you to tell you that, now you, are all that, one. You. Are now that one person, that you never thought you'd meet you're, at that one place that you never thought you'd be, you. Are surrounded by that one student you had in almost every class but you have no idea what their name is and. Sitting. Before that one professor, that you had for that one class you, are. Now that one, person, that is now that much closer to obtaining your degree, you. For. Me a first, generation college student, child of migrant parents it was difficult to leave my home it was, a difficult, and big transition, for both my family and myself. However. The, bell of Success ring constantly in me my. Passion ran, through my veins not, only for me but for my family, because. Of your support I have accomplished, every goal I have set myself for, my college career. This. One here. Now. Today. Is for you you. In the stands that humbly, stood by our sides every step of the way for, some of us at a distance, for some at a glance this. One is for. You. Mom. Dad. Simplemente. Gracias, yo. Se que con ninguna certificado. Ninguna, cantidad, de dinero poder, a recompence Arlo's por todos sus esfuerzos sacrificio. Si trabajo, like. Many parents you left behind family the comfort of your homeland, su, Mexico querido a trabajar, on sin Descanso, des el dia que pasar on tierra en los Estados Unidos. Sor. Ki uh hora, es para, ustedes, this. Is not only for me my, family peers, and friends pero. También para toda mi gente, mexicana, immigrant, a, Louis. Emos. ESO. Es sólo el principio, to. All of my friends family. Thank, you for trusting us for. Giving us the power to accomplish some of our greatest goals. Meeting. Some of our most impactful, people and yes. Making. The mistakes we made thank. You for supporting us even when you may not have understood every, decision that we made most. Importantly, thank, you for allowing us to embark on the neverending learning, journey of life, to. CSUN thank, you for being our home for. Fostering, our growth and development, and forgiveness memories, mentors. Friends, and colleagues that have taught us the value of trusting. And loving our unique selves. For. You fellow classmate, let. This not be the end of your academic journey. May. We liberate ourselves into, the arms of the world and expand, our knowledge skills. And abilities. May. We mold ourselves, into the professionals. And leaders that we have always sought to be and turned a blind eye to the, preconceived, notions of the world. May. We be guided by the purity, of our hearts and recognize, our educational. And professional goals. A wise. Entrepreneur. Once said a bar. Of iron cost, five dollars made. Into horseshoes it is. Worth 12 dollars made. Into needles it is worth, 3,500. Dollars made. Into balanced Springs for watches it is worth.

$300,000. Your. Own value, is determined also, by what you make of yourself, your. Future, is in your hands fellow Matador from. Here on out let's. Show the world what CSUN is made of and. With. This now we can proudly say class. We. Are now one. Of the many CSUN, alumni, congratulations. To us all. Thank. You. Well. Done Thank You Elizabeth and congratulations. To you as well the. David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics, would like to give special recognition to, those students, who have demonstrated outstanding. Scholarship, and. Other, special, achievements, while at the University, will, those students, who are graduating with, academic and. Other special, honors, please, rise and, accept our applause. Thank. You and please be seated. At. This, time I would like to invite dr., Chandra. Subramanian. Dean, of the David, Nazarian College of, Business & Economics to the podium to highlight, three students, deserving, of additional, recognition. Thank. You dr. Harrison. Good. Morning it is Michael. Is my pleasure to present to you today three, extraordinary, students who deserve additional, recognition. Students. Please rise and remain standing as, I call your name and speak. Briefly about your accomplishments. Camellia. Torres. Please. Stand to be recognized. Camellia. Was raised by a single mother who left the Philippines to. Follow her own American dream, camellia. Credits, her mother with all her successes, noting. That her mother helped her both academically. And financially to. Graduate, from college. Camellia. Started, off as a biochemistry. Major before. Realizing. That business, was a right fit for her having. Achieved a, GPA, of 3.5 for. During a ten-year CSUN she's, graduating. With departmental, honors with, majors, in both marketing. And business. Law along. With an minor, and quality assurance she's, earned outstanding. Academic, achievement, award from the department, business law. Congratulations. Camellia, thank. You. I'll. Now call. Chippewa. Me to, please stand and be recognized. Chippewa. Me credits, the business Honors Program and. The Nazarian colleges having changed her life as a, transfer, student with a fashion, design background cheapo. Question, her own ability, to be a successful, business student as a, wife, mother, and an aspiring entrepreneur, she. Knew that this was a turning point chibok, credits her family sacrifices. And support during tortas, success. Most. Days cheapo, schedule, begins, at 4:00 a.m. she. When she prepares, dinner for by 6:00 a.m. for family, since. You did not get home till 10:00, p.m.. She. Then to the daughter to school by 8:00 and was off to CSUN for. Classes. So. She, now graduates. Today with a 3.75. GPA, and triple. Majoring, in, business. Honors, global. Supply chain and marketing. Which. Congratulation. Chip, oh and thank, you. Now. I call, on Sam Yaffa please, to please stand and be recognized. Sami. Yaffa had. A long range career, goal even, before his days at CSUN, and been, part of the business Honors Program at. The Nazarian, College II. Yet. His main goal remains the same, to. Provide opportunities. To those who may not have them otherwise as a. Founding, member of, a 25 million dollar student-led. Investment. Vehicle he, believes, he, has found a way to make this happen. Sam. Credits. CSUN. For helping create the roots from which he could grow he. Graduates, today with a double major in business, honors, financial. Analysis, and a minor in business law. Congratulations. Sam. Thank you. Thank. You Dean let. Me remind, us, that every, single one of our graduates, here today, regardless. Of whether they are honor, students, or matador rising, scholars, those. Who are graduating, regardless, of how many years it took you to get here or. What, your GPA, was, you. Truly all are, winners, and you have all achieved, this life, milestone. By being here today and getting your degree so congratulations. To each and every one of you. As. You. Know this, is going to be an abbreviated, ceremony. This morning such. That. My. Script is soaking wet so I'm, with you there have. Such. That our candidates, will have their degrees conferred we, will do that but. You will not come to the stage for individual, recognition. It. Is my distinct, pleasure to, introduce dr. Stella. Thea dulu interim. Provost, who. Will present the candidates, for the master's, degree I. Feel. So popular. President. Harrison there, are two disciplines, represented by. The graduates, in the ceremony, today they. Are from the department's, of accounting, and information systems. And Business. Administration. I ask. That all candidates. For the master's, degree, from, the David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics, please, rise and, remain, standing. That's. Those, of you with master's, degrees stand, oh. I'm. Sorry I can't see with the rain.

President. Harris and I have the honor of presenting to you the, graduate class of 2019. These. Candidates, have completed the, requirements for the master's degree. As prescribed, by the state of California. And the trustees of, the California, State University and. They have been recommended, by the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. Candidates. Please remain, standing, as President. Harrison confers, the degree, upon you. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California, State, University. Northridge. And by, the authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I, confer. Upon. You the. Degree of masters. Of professional. Accountancy. Master. Of Business Administration, and. The, Master, of Science and, taxation, with. All the rights honors and, responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. Said please be seated. Graduates. Graduates. We're we're. Ready to proceed we. Have done everything, humanly, possible, to have this event, today and. We think everyone who's come out. We. We. Are at the edge of safe conditions, here and the decisions, that we have made as, you know from my communication. To you has. All been in the framework of being, safe, and so. What. We are made we've made a choice about. We've. Made a choice about, providing. All of you. All. Of your diploma covers, your. Degrees will be conferred today. But. We can't run. The risk of, the. Safety challenges, that are here. Today. As well as the technology, for your individual. Part. Okay, if you if you let us continue. If. You'll give us a chance. If you, will give us a chance. Why. Don't we listen for just a moment. Now. All of the students, have each. Of you has your individual. Name cards. Each. Has your individual, name cards. We're. Going to try to get the technology, in, place. And. We're. Going to do our best, for those students. Who want. To come to the stage. To, do so safely which, means we have to take care of each other in this process right. Okay. So. If you'll let us to proceed. We'll. Do our best to. Give you the most complete ceremony. Possible. Thank. You, at. This time I would like to ask dr., Chandra. Subrahmanyam. Dean of the college, to now present the candidates, for the baccalaureate degrees. Thank. You dr. Harrison. There. Are nine, disciplines. Represented, by. The graduates, in this ceremi today they. Are from, the department's, of accounting, and information systems. Business. Law. Economics. Finance. Financial. Planning and insurance. Management. Marketing. And. Systems. And operations management. I, ask. That all candidates, for the baccalaureate degree, from. The David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, please, rise and. Remain. Standing. President. Harrison I have. The honor of presenting to you the undergraduate, class of 2019. These. The. Student, and candidates. Have completed the. Requirements for the baccalaureate degree, as. Prescribed, by the state of California, and the trustees of, the California State University and. They, have been recommended for, their degrees by the Faculty of, California State. University, Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by the Board of Trustees I confer, upon, you the, degree of Bachelor. Of Arts and economics, Bachelor. Of Science. And accountancy. Bachelor. Of Science, in Business Administration. Bachelor. Of Science, and finance. Bachelor. Of Science in Information, Systems. Bachelor. Of Science, in management a. Bachelor. Of Science, in marketing. With, all of the rights the honors and the opportunities. Pertaining, thereto. Please. Be seated. Members. Of the platform party and, the department, chairs will now confer, congratulations. To a degree recipients. I ask. That the degree recipients, please move to the platform as directed by the marshals. Please. Come forward as your name is read, you'll. Be congratulated. By a member of the platform, party and receive your diploma cover and, certificate. Afterwards. Please return to your seats as directed by the marshals. Commencement. Staff and, ashes. I. Ask. That guests, please help so, that we may proceed in, an orderly manner, we. Remind you that the aisles must be kept open and, asked and you're asked to stay in your seats until the, end of the ceremony, out. Of respect for their our graduates, and the safety of our guests noisemakers. Are, not permitted. Finally. Again, out of respect for fellow graduates, all graduates, will remain throughout the entire ceremony, until all, degree, recipients, have been recognized. Let. Me just say again we're doing a lot of repositioning. As you can see here we're gonna move as quickly as we possibly can, and we, know that some of you don't have name cards and so we are going to try to accommodate that as well thank you.

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Ashley. Sanchez. Well, nobody, can say that CSUN, is not nimble, and resilient. Thank. You all who, have, stayed to the end of, our ceremony. Thank. You I. Want. To introduce. Miss. Cindy chernow, who will now officially. Welcome you to the Cal, State Northridge, Alumni Association. On. Behalf. Of the Alumni Association, and, our. 360,000. Alumni. I would, like to officially welcome. You to this University's. Alumni. And I'd, like to thank you those, of you who have stayed because it is absolutely true, we, have to put up with the rain to have the rainbows. There. Are three hundred and sixty, thousand, and Counting. Alumni. Out there and you are now part of that family no, matter where, you go there. Are CSUN, alumni, it, might be the person. Taking, care of your, house the, doctor, the person at the market, wherever, you go there are CSUN, alumni, out there and everybody. Is there to help you succeed, and we. Hope that you, will do the same and give back to your university, so, as those graduating. From this fine College, today you, know more than anyone, it's. Not who. You know it's, who knows you, and. Networking. Is only one letter away from not working so please, continue. To network with your CSUN, alumni, stay. Engaged, and. Congratulations. To every, one of you out there and your families, thank, you. Thank. You Cindy I ask. That all of the baccalaureate degree, recipients. Please rise. An. Academic. Tradition, the student, who, has not yet earned a degree wears the, tassel to, the right of the mortarboard when. The degree is conferred the scholar moves the tassel to, the left and, joins, a select group of highly. Educated, in. Recognition. Of your new status all. Recipients, of the baccalaureate degree, please, move, your tassel, to the left. Now. Go out into the world all, graduates. Please rise. And. Now go out into the world and accomplish, great things and, come back and tell us about them stay connected with us please. Once. Our recessional. Has concluded, as we draw, a close to this ceremony I, ask, that you promptly, exit, the venue so, that our staff can clean and reset it for this evening ceremony. We. Invite you to join the college for its Graduate reception, in Bookstein, Hall again. Thank, you congratulations. And. Once. A matador. Always. A matador.

2019-05-20 14:52

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