CSUN Commencement 2018: Nazarian College of Business and Economics

CSUN Commencement 2018: Nazarian College of Business and Economics

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Oh. You. Good. Morning. My. Name is William Watkins vice president, for student affairs and Dean of Students, and it, is by honor to declare the opening of, the California, State University Northridge. Commencement. Ceremony. For the David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics. I. Ask. That you all now please rise and, remain, standing while. The CSUN. Jazz a, band under. The direction of, Professor, Matt Harris, plays, the national anthem, accompanied, by vocalist. Megan, McDonald. Oh. I. Thank. You and please be seated. How. About a cheer for Megan, wasn't that a wonderful rendition, and, about. A cheer for our signers, thank you very much. Celebrating. This occasion with. Us this morning and, seated, on the platform are, members. Of the president's extended. Cabinet, also. For. The David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics we, have Dean Chandra, Subramanian. Associate. Dean Paul Lazzaro, knee. Special. Assistant, to the Dean, Deborah, Coors and, department. Chairs, reshma, fed from accounting, and information systems. Melanie. Williams from business law. Anton. Loewenberg, from, economics. John's. Ou finance. Financial planning and insurance. David. Miller from management. Barbara. Gross, marketing. Holyman. Azad systems. And operations, management. And, deborah, Heisley, director, of graduate, programs in. Addition. CSU. Trustee, jorge. Reyes salinas. Faculty. President adam Swenson. Associated. Students president Jonathan. Goldenberg. CSUN. Alumnus, John, Joan, Gregorio, an, honorary. Degree recipient, eunice Nazarian, are joining, us as special, guests on the platform. Also. Joining, us in the audience is, special, guests Ivan, Axelrod, a member, of the CSUN. Foundation. Board will all the members of the platform party and our special guests please rise, and receive recognition. Thank. You and, now it's my great honor to, present to you our president, dr. Dianne Harrison. Thank. You vice, president, Watkins, and good morning everyone. My. Thanks too to Professor. Matt Harris the jazz a band and, Megan, McDonald for that beautiful performance of our national anthem thank, you all. As. President. Of this institution it. Is my distinct, honor to, welcome you to, the 2018. California. State University Northridge.

Commencement. Ceremony. For the 2017. And 2018, graduates. Of the David Nazarian College of, Business and, Economics. On. Behalf of CSUN's distinguished. Faculty, and staff I congratulate. The graduates, being honored, here today I. Want. To talk to you briefly about, making, a positive impact, in, your, world despite. The inevitable ups, and downs, Winston. Churchill said success. Is not a failure. It's. Not final, failure is. Not fatal, it, is the courage to continue that, counts. Some. Of you may have experienced. Challenges in, your coursework, or during your time here at CSUN, but. Through it all you persevered. Working. Through the hard times to achieve success, and look, where you are today. Now. I ask you to reflect that. As you move on to, the next phase of your life think. About making a difference, your. CSUN, education. Has taught you more than. Work skills, and the expertise, of a particular major, it, has taught you how to think critically to. Evaluate, processes. To, make improvements. Whatever. Your degree, your major your background, you. Have the ability, to innovate. And to enact, change I know. That, like so many CSU. Alumni before. You you, will be innovators. You. Will be taking, initiative. To change things for the better in your profession, in your community, and even, the world, dream. Big and act bold. Allow. Me now to thank, our faculty and staff who, take such pride in your achievements. They. Play a significant. Role in, supporting, your success and, their, efforts, to advance student, excellence our, understanding. Of the world through groundbreaking. Research and, the, university's, mission make. Them the heart of the university. But. Our outstanding faculty, and staff cannot. Do their jobs without sufficient, funding. So. Permit, me to make a political. Plea. To you, governor. Browns revised. 2018-19. State. Budget, proposal released. Last Friday still. Leaves the CSU. 171. Million dollars below the amount we seek to sustain, our operating, funds. Academic. Excellent, student, support critical, business, and, community, partnerships, are all in jeopardy I take. This opportunity, to ask each of you to, please, join, me in appealing. To our state lawmakers. To make CSU. Full, funding, a priority. For 2018. And 19. Graduates. Much. Of your experience, at CSUN, was shaped by the generosity, of, alumni. Who. Have supported scholarships. Enhanced. Programs, and improved. The, campus, facilities, for your benefit, this. Year, it was tremendous. To see more than six thousand. Three hundred, and ninety and, Counting. Of our, graduates, proudly. Follow their, example by. Contributing, to the senior class gift we, thank you very much, and. Finally. I want, to acknowledge the valuable, support of, your family, and friends they, have provided love. Sacrifice. And encouragement, to, assure your success, to. The parents, families. And friends. Here today the. University, community and, I thank, you for, entrusting the, minds and the futures, of your graduates, to CSUN, we. Salute, you and now. Ask that you stand for a well-deserved round, of applause please. Families. Stand up and let us take you. And. Now please, join me, in congratulating, our. 2017-2018. Graduates. I would. Now like to invite alula. Saru. Hoon an undergraduate. Student double. Majoring in accounting and. Finance to, address the graduating, class, and our guest a, Lula. All. Right good morning. All. Right so. Perfect. Well good morning, president. Harrison. Honorary, guests, faculty family friends. And. Last. But not least the class of 2017. And 18. All. Right. So. My name is a Alou, Lazar Union it is a it is an absolute honor to be here in front of you all today I. Would. Like to start, with first, taking, a quick moment just to kind of absorb, this this, experience, you know we have came, a long way so. Just. Take a moment and I, really, just think about it. So. Years are hard work countless, hours of, studying. You. Know support. From, every single person that's here that's really what has, led us to this point where we're graduating. Where we're embarking on the next journey next, you know part of our life and, that's a it's a big deal and. You. Know one of my favorite African. Proverb states, that it takes a village to raise a child and, this. Is our village and we. Are all the benefactors, of the. Support, and encouragement of, all. The people that are here physically. You, know the people that are here in spirit and the, wonderful people that are streaming. Right now online as well we're grateful, for everyone, you know and I'd.

Like To really begin briefly, with sharing, my story of how I arrived at CSUN I'm. No. Different than anyone else I think every single person here has that in you know an incredible, story to get here basically I think every single person is unique and, so. My story I was born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and. My family emigrated to the United States in the early 1990s. Due to political unrest, in the country. Parents worked hard to provide for my, siblings and myself and. Really, they just wanted us to have a better life, however, being, you know a stubborn, kid that, I was and, my teens I decided to kind of you, know do my own thing and made, a lot of poor decisions, basically, I barely graduated from, high school I went to Community College in San Francisco I had a 1.6. GPA, and I, only did well in baseball and weight training basically, that, was it. And. Unfortunately, I continued. With making my poor decisions by my early 20s I had developed a substance abuse problem and pretty, much by 21 I hit rock bottom my, life was a mess I was you know completely, just, added, I just didn't know what to do basically I hit rock bottom and my. Younger. Sister and my aunt actually they helped. Me out so they you know gave me a helping you know ear and they listened, to me and they were like okay and then they you know they found this really cool program called the Delancey Street Foundation, and I didn't really know much about it but. My sister found it and I ended, up actually, coming out to Los Angeles to interview, and the last C Street is a 2 to 4 year we educational, facility, for men, and women that have hit rock bottom and it's a place where people go and get, their lives together basically so you learn valuable life skills you learn about you know your back you just learn about yourself basically so I ended up going there my, goal though I was really you know I thought I was a smartest 21 year old kid at the time so I was like I'm gonna stay there for 6 months I'm gonna get sober I'm gonna get myself together on my 22nd, birthday I had this exit plan strategize. And planned I was gonna leave I didn't need any help it wasn't you know I was fine right so that's all I figured, I thought I had everything figured out and somewhere. Down the line a couple months in I realized I really didn't need to change my life I realized that I was not the person that my parents I you, know raised I was not the person that they came to this country to to. You. Know they didn't that wasn't who I was basically, so my six-month, journey turned into almost a five year journey, basically. It's five years of my life I learned a lot of things I haven't, graduated from high school I was able to work as a GED math teacher which was like one of the coolest experiences, ever I was able to help you know countless. Men and women actually with like simple things like how do you know how to do you, know Algebra one right and and and that taught me patience it showed me that I was a actually able to help somebody and then, I had a bunch of other little odd, I was there and it just really like taught me like the importance of work ethic the importance of accountability the, importance of integrity and all these different things so it really. Really. Helped me realize a lot of very, important traits. That you. Know I had deep down within me that I just needed somebody to believe in me and tell me that I was capable of doing basically, so after. Graduating from Delancey Street I started working I, was, going you know to school, full-time I was working full-time I was you know balancing my life and everything and I and I got blessed with an opportunity to come a CSUN and when. I got accepted to CSUN at first I didn't really know what to expect it I just heard it's a commuter school I just figured okay I'm gonna come here I'm gonna take my classes I'll graduate move, on with life and that's. Not what happened, actually I ended up staying here a little bit longer than I expected but. That's perfect, that's wonderful, I was actually able to I came in as an honor student I was in the the business Honors Program I got to do a lot of really cool things and I met a lot of really interesting people, with a lot of interesting, backgrounds, and this this is really not about me it's about all, of us and so. That's. Really what it's about give me one quick moment real quick and so. But. I so. Yeah so my, time at CSUN allowed me to realize, while. Some of our backgrounds, differ we all have certain common, experiences, in life every person, here has experienced, some sort of adversity, and struggle. One, of my favorite saying States that it it's not how a person Falls, that matters it's, how a person, gets back up that counts, and. Really, as we graduate, thank you and as we graduate, and we enter the real world we will fall and we will experience difficulties. In life however. The moments, of failure and, times of difficulty you actually do not define us that's what I realized, before and that's what I that's what CSUN reinforced, in me is we're.

Not Defined by our failures it's how we get back up our. Resilience, is what, contributed. To us being here today so that's the reason we're here is because of our resilience, we didn't give up and the. Fact that we did not give up when things were difficult really, that's that's how we accomplish our goals so let's, continue to be resilient as we begin our careers, continuing. Our lifelong, education. As we graduate CSUN, we will now become part of a legacy spanning. 60, right, impacting, our region and the world. We, will now join an alumni, network consisting. Of individuals, that are known, for their leadership. There exist their their work ethic their there just just being. Amazing, people basically and so that's, what we're looking forward to that's what we have to look forward to in a CSUN graduates, we. We. Are now able to take. Our experiences into the world around us so, that we can actually make a difference in the lives of others and I think that's really like the most important thing I was just talking to a, gentleman, that graduated, from CSUN class of 80 to 72. Ok 72 and, we were talking and you know one of my favorite things I remember like all the you know alpha, Association. Latino professionals for, America like our events. When we have professionals, coming and talking when we have alumni it's. The fact that people are coming back the fact that people are like giving back and helping and, contributing. So I felt, like you know what our class that's. What we're called to do that's. Really what it's all about so let's give back lets you know that congratulations, to everyone thank you to everyone thank you CSUN, and thank. You so much for your time. Congratulations. Thank. You a Lulla for, your sentiments. And for, and, we. Wish you our congratulations, as well, the. David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics, would like to give special recognition to. Those students, who have demonstrated outstanding. Scholarship, while. At the University, these. Students, may be identified by. The honors, medallions. The cords, the sashes that. They are wearing we'll. All of those students, who are graduating with academic honors, please. Rise, and, receive our applause. Thank. You and please be seated. Lavery, ma let me remind, all of us that. Every, single one of our graduates, here today whether. They are honor students. Matadors. Rising. Scholars. Those. Who are graduating, regardless. Of how long it took. Or. Regardless. Of your GPA you, got here today you. Have reached a milestone you. Are all winners thank, you and congratulations. At. This time I would like to invite dr. Chandra. Subrahmanyam. Dean. For the College of, David. Nazarian College of, Business and Economics, to the podium to highlight, three students, for us who are deserving, of additional, recognition and, who, serve as examples, of the excellence, and the extraordinary achievement. That can be found among csun's. Accomplished. Student, body. Thank. You dr. Harrison, good. Morning all it. Is my great pleasure to, present it, to you today three. Extraordinary, students. Who deserve additional. Recognition. Students. Please. Rise, when, I call your name and stay standing, while, I speak briefly, about your, accomplishments. Natalie. Snarly. Natalie. Found her love for business and innovation at, an, early age, while. Attending, grade, school, there. Was a growing, trend for your toys. Noticing. The growing trend she recognized, it it, could be a great business, opportunity. However. Everyone. At a school had the same type of yo-yos, so she, realized. To be successful. She needed to differentiate. So. At the age of seven, she went with a father and bought a large box, of 20 yo-yos, for five dollars. The. Toys were quite different they. Were soft, vibrant. Colorful. And had various pretend, animal, animals at the center, her. Business grew quickly, selling. Each yoyo for a dollar and netting. Of profit, of $15. For every box sold. Therefore. It is no surprise that, Natalie. Decided, to major in marketing. Small. Events. Like the yo-yo story during her life taught. Her that if she wanted to be successful she needed, to have a, 10times. Mentality. That. Watcheth Zola's making. A product ten times better, she. Integrates this, mentality, into a daily life at work, and in school, when. Natalie joined, the business Honors Program she. Was asked, what, her dream job was and without. Hesitation, she mentioned. Working, at Google, and. Doing. Something in marketing. So. During her time at CSUN, she has excelled, intellectually. And continues. To nurture, her love for innovation. She. Strives, towards, her goals and dedicates, herself to that 10 times mentality.

Today. Natalie. Graduates, with a marketing, degree and, after. Her move during the summer we'll start with a dream job at Google. Congratulations. Battery. Our. Next, honoree is paulina, silver. Freshly. Just. Like. Arriving. In the u.s. at age two. Paulina's. First home was a garage. Her. First two bedroom a closet, by. Age five, she was placed in a gifted. Language, and writing programs. Foretelling. Part of her future at CSUN, where. As a freshman, she won. An excellence, in writing award, for, published work in wings the. Campus, literary. Magazine. Business. Law major. Paulina. Is a whirlwind. Of student, engagement, and, leadership at. The. Nazarian, College, across. CSUN, campus and, throughout. The CSU, system and, in her community she. Has. Served as vice. President of technology and, professional development. For the business honors, Association. Attorney, General or for the student entrepreneurship, collaborative. The. Nazarian, colleges elected, senator, to Associated. Students. The. Chair of the External Affairs for. The Senate, President. Of the pre-law, Association. And more. Significantly. President. Of the leaders in Alliance, a vital. Organization. For the life of the Nazarian, College, comprised. Of all the presidents, of all. The 26, of our student organizations it's, already - making me tired just reading all of those, it. She, is quite literally a leader, of leaders and, it's. Recognized, as such by her peers. While. At CSUN. Paulina. Completed. Internships, with, neighborhood. Legal, services, of the, Los Angeles Superior Court. The Ramada. Hotel of, West Hollywood, the. United, chambers, of commerce and the. Mercy Corps Business, Leadership Program, in New York. Paulina's. Aspires. To practice, corporate, law with. Plenty, of pro bono work thrown, in and, ultimately. To a career in elective, politics, she. Expects, to be a matador, who gives back for the rest of her life. Congratulations. Paulina. Last. But not least Maria. Sim. Emigrating. Twice from Guatemala. Graduating. Twice from high school once, there. And, again, here, this. Junior, college transfer, and mother of two under. The age of 5 Maria, story is long and inspiring. As. A featured, speaker at an event sponsored. By the Angela, nazareans, of visionary, women. Maria. Captivated. 400. Women on the, theme of grit. Guts. And grace. Lessons. In overcoming, adversity and. Cultivating. Resilience. More. Intimately, at a church, she. Has mented. Younger, immigrant. Women, encouraging. Them to summon courage, for. And follow, their own dreams. One. Of these women. A teenager, left. Last fall, to study biology on. Scholarship. At Syracuse, University with. Her own small children, in tow. Maria. Majored, in accounting and, business. Honors with, a minor in. Entrepreneurship. She's. Active, in the association, of Latino professionals, for America. Benefice. I the. Business, honors Association, the. CSUN, startup, founders, and has. Been a two-year, volunteer. Inviter. The, Volunteer, Income Tax Assistance Program. Last. Year Maria, started a social enterprise startup. A form. Of this characterized, as doing. Well by, doing good. Securing. Funding, to attend the 2017. Harvard, social enterprise conference, she, came home with a stack of business cards and, a big idea, this. February. Maria. Led her seven student, team back, to the 2018, Harvard, Conference, the. Only, undergraduate, team. To. Present their, business model. Prosper. Lee. Students. And. Prosper, Lee is students, consulting. With immigrant, small business, owners, in San Fernando Valley. They. Were also a semi-finalists. In the bullring, competition, here at CSUN. Maria. Will continue, to pursue her passions, at the Marshall, School of Business at USC, in, their Masters, of Science in social, entrepreneurship, program. Congratulations. Maria. Thank. You and congratulations, students. The. Trustees, of the California State University, have. The privilege, to award honorary. Doctorates. Two persons deemed to have made extraordinary. Contributions. To society. This. Year, CSUN. Recognizes. A person. Worthy of this honor the. Nomination, was approved by the Board of Trustees and, it. Is an honor for us to present. This, degree at this ceremony. Mr.. Nazarian, please. Come to the podium and, be recognized, for your many achievements. Mr.. Nazarian, citation. Will be read by trusty, jorge reyes, salinas. Who, will join me in the formal, hooding. Good. Morning as a, trustee, of the california state university, please. An honor to, share the citation, for, units Nazarian, the. Citation, notes unit caesarian moved with his wife Sariah, and their family to the United States in 1979. Fleeing.

Religious, Persecution and. The Iranian Revolution, a successful. Entrepreneur, in Iran mr. Nazarian became, co-owner, of the, us-based star, CO and precision. Components manufacturer. For, the aerospace industry, he. Also was an early investor on, board member of Qualcomm a leader. In wireless telecommunications. Motivated. To give back then, the Syrians founded the wireless Nazarian, family foundation providing. Support to academia, public, policy and the Arts in the US and Israel mr.. Nazarian connected. To California, State University Northridge. Began, with his son David, Nazarian who. Attended the College of Business and Economics graduating. In 1982. Following. Years of loyal support, unison. Soo-ryun Nazarian, made a transformative, gift to CSUN in 2017. Benefitting. What is today known as the eunice and Sarai Accenture, for the Performing, Arts the gift, was one of the largest in the history of California, State University. Mr.. Nazarian received, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2011. Celebrating. Individuals, who have, made it their mission to share their wealth of knowledge. Indomitable. Courage boundless. Compassion. Unique. Talents, and selfless generosity with, those less fortunate a, recognition. Of his many accomplishments and, contributions the, university, in the community the. Board of trustees of the California, State University and, the California, State University Northridge. Are, proud to confer upon eunice the Sirian the. Honorary, degree of Doctor, of Humane Letters is that, my pleasure to as president Harrison to, come forward to confer the honorary degree. In. Recognition of. Mr. nazareans, outstanding. Work to advance the arts and education. The. Board of Trustees of the California State. University and. California. State University Northridge. Are proud, to confer upon, mr.. Nazarian, the, honorary, degree of Doctor. Of Humane, Letters I. Am. Now pleased, to present to you dr.. Yunus. Nazarian. On. Behalf, of mr. Nazarian his, daughter Sharon, will be sharing remarks. Thank. You president Harrison, good. Morning everyone it's wonderful, to be with you here this morning.

On. Behalf of my father my, mother my siblings and, all the children of the Nazarian family, as, we. Celebrate, these moments of achievement, when one chapter comes to a close and we look ahead excitedly. Nervously. Towards. The next level next, leg of our journey it. Is customary, for those who have made the journey before us to. Impart advice to those ready to set off, today. I'd like to share a few thoughts from someone, who has not simply walked his own path but, one who has forged, his own course my. Father. My. Siblings, and I have had the great privilege of working, closely with our father of learning. His words and his actions, my. Father has achieved so, much in his life as, you heard he, has built and grown companies, he. Has helped countries to develop, and communities, thrive. Through. His philanthropy, he, has given in support of numerous, for. The betterment of humanity. Although. That is not the path that each of us might here, to walk, what. I want to talk about today is not the path he took but, the way he traveled it it, speaks. To the essence of who he is three. Interconnected values. Have forged my father's life and I've. Had a profound effect on me my siblings, and our children, his. Perseverance. His. Strong sense of owning, his own destiny and, his. Consummate, optimism. The. First value, this is he has distilled in us is perseverance, and. What. You might call the immigrant, mindset, just. Like a Lula's family, as you heard from him in, challenging. Times Eunice. Has always maintained, a sense of self and of what's important, he. Doesn't get bogged down by small failures, and even when confronted, by major obstacles. His. Determination, has helped him overcome those challenges. Imagine. The seismic, shift our family experienced, as a result of the revolution in 1979. For. Two decades my, father had worked to, achieve great success in, the, country of our birth and then, in an, instant. He would lose it all. Determined. To succeed again, he, was not deterred, we. Arrived in the US where, he built his by a business back up from, zero I never. Heard him complain about, all he had lost he. Never looked back he would, always tell us he knew that he simply had no other choice but to start again he. Knew no other way I guess. Growing up as an amateur boxer, right. Baba helped. You. Certainly need to have resilience to make it through 12 rounds. My. Father, also has a strong sense of owning, his own destiny never, having a sense of entitlement no, expectation. That the world owed him ever anything, and he, never saw himself as a victim, yes. His life was full of challenges but, they denied to find him he. Grew up poor and fatherless in, a Jewish ghetto in a society where discrimination, was, at the core of its fabric these. Realities, made Mord life made life more difficult. But. He never saw them as a reason to limit his ambitions, and his success, he. Often recounts, the story of the day he went to see his supervisor, at the National Railways in Tehran, where. He was an apprentice and told. He told his supervisor that. He knew the life of a technician would, not afford them the lifestyle, he wanted for himself and for, his future family, seems. There was a little conversation, about a diamond like the necklace he would like to one day buy for his future wife but, he wanted more and that's, why he was leaving his job the.

Foreman Was shocked to, see the audacity of a poor Jewish young man wanting. More but Yunus. Knew it was up to him to aim high and make his dreams come true. But. More than anything at his core my father is a consummate, optimist, he. Sees good in everyone and too chooses. To see opportunity, where. Others might see obstacles or failures. Hopefulness. Is a choice we can make it, might. Often seem easier to choose fear and doubt but, it's certainly not a recipe for success I remember. As a child huddled. Around the radio with my family, hearing. News of the Iranian Revolution. As we, listen to the shortwave radio, those. Days no internet then we. Learned that the dictates of the new regime meant, who were no longer welcome in our homeland, the. Iranian Revolution, had a terrible, effect on millions of Iranians and, it, did undid, the many tremendous, success my father had achieved. Reflecting. On the news eunice instead, of wringing his hands spoke. Up buying a car so he could begin his credit, and start a business of, finding, good schools for us reminding. My sister and I that, we could study and be whatever we chose to be in America, my. Sister is an architect, and a gallerist and I went on to receive my PhD and become a political scientist, and, he. Also wanted, to find a home where we could walk to school and, experience. We had never had in the streets of Tehran where, as a minority we felt unprotected, and unsafe. So. We can all have, our own dreams and aspirations of. What, we want for our future. We. Can have we. Can dream big as my father did so. Let your passions, and hard work be, elevated. By optimism. And resilience, my. Father is one of you so if he made it each of you can as well and, please, if you do make it and I know many, of you here well please. Be sure to give back to your communities, the way he has thank. You for this honor. My. Father would like to say a couple of words would you like to say something, try me. Good. Morning ladies. And gentlemen. Such. A pleasure. Proud. To be here, why. Because. The hard work honesty. And, respect. That's. Why has. My message, to. All of you which I love you, to. Be honest. Trust. Will, work. Hard. Give. It back, to. The others. Thank. You all wasn't that magnificent. Thank. You. It. Is my distinct, pleasure to introduce dr.. Ely. Provost. Who will now present the candidates, for the, master's, degree. President. Harrison, there. Are two disciplines. Represented. By. The graduates. In this ceremony today, they are. Accounting. And the Information, Systems.

Business. Administration. Where. All the candidates, for, the master's, degree, from, the David Nazarian College of, Business and, Economics, please, rise, and remain. Standing. Present. Harrison, I have. Longer are presenting, to, you the great class, of, 2018. These. Candidates. Have completed the, requirements for, the, master's degree. As prescribed. By the state of California, and the trustees of, California State. University and. They have. Been recommended by, the Faculty, of California State, University Northridge. Candidates. Please continue, standing as, president, Harrison confer, the master degree upon. You. Upon. The recommendation of, the Faculty, of California State, University, Northridge. And by the authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I confer upon. You the. Degree of Master. Of, Science and, accountancy. Master. Of Business Administration. And. The. Master, of Science and, Taxation, with. All of the rights honors, and, responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. Congratulations. And. Please be seated. At. This time I will ask dr.. Chandra. Subrahmanyam. Dean. Of the David Nazarian College of, Business & Economics to, now present the candidates, for the baccalaureate degrees. Thank. You dr. Harrison. There. Are 12 majors, represented. By. The graduates. In this ceremony, today they. Are from, the department's, of accounting, and information systems. Business. Law real estate and business ethics. Economics. Finance. Financial. Planning and, insurance. Management. Marketing. And, systems. And operations, management. Will. All the candidates, for the baccalaureate degree, from. The David Nazarian College of, Business and Economics please. Rise and, remain, standing. Present, Harrison, I have. The honor of, presenting, to, you the undergraduate, class, of, 2018. These. Candidates. Have, completed the. Requirements for the baccalaureate degree. As, prescribed. By the state of California. And the trustees of, the California State Universities. And they've, been recommended. For their degrees by the Faculty of, California State, University, Northridge. Upon. The recommendation. Of the Faculty, of California State, University. Northridge. And by the, authority vested, in, me by, the Board of Trustees I confer, upon. You the. Degree of, Bachelor. Of Arts, and economics. Bachelor. Of Science, and accountancy. Bachelor. Of Science, in Business Administration. Bachelor. Of Science, and Finance. That. Sort of science, and information systems. Bachelor. Of Science, and management. And The, Bachelor of Science, and marketing. With, all of the rights honors, and opportunities, pertaining. Thereto. Congratulations. And please be, seated. Members. Of the platform party and, the department, chairs will now offer, congratulations. To, our degree, recipients, I ask. That, the degree, recipients, please, move to the platform as directed. By the marshals. Please. Come forward as your name is read. You. Will be congratulated. By a member, of the platform, party and receive.

Your Diploma cover and. Certificate. Afterwards. Please, return, to your seats as directed by the marshals. Commencement. Staff and, Usher's I ask. That guests, please. Help, so, that we may proceed in, an orderly manner. We. Remind, you that the, aisles must be kept open and you are asked to stay in your seats until the end of the ceremony, out. Of respect for our graduates, and the safety, of our guests noisemakers, are. Not permitted. Finally. And again, out of respect for your fellow graduates, all, graduates. Will remain throughout. The entire ceremony, until, all degree, recipients. Have, been recognized. Now. Reading the names for the business, Honors Program. Mariana. Orosco. Marilyn. Ramirez. Natalie. Sun-lee. Aya's. Khan. Amira. Tizen. Re. Leo Martinez. Muta'ali. Below. Sergio. Martinez. Ruben. Quedas. Kiba. Sabir. Aundrea. Juarez. Wesley. NIM. Bianca. And Gayo. Sarin. Musa Sian. Carlos. Paz gomez. Noah. Archie Asaf. Sheng. Gu's shang. Ethan. Hottia. Elsa. Val strim. Alexandre. Ilyich. Maria. Sim, a. New. Schmuck Darien. Saru. He veteran. Don. G cow. Havana's. Adityan. Chad. Rittenberg. Patrick. Christopher. Kyle. Rai. Sophia. D al Burke a. Sorry. Hal awanee. Sara. Del Arriba. NIDA. Hussein. Now. Reading names for the information, systems, program, accounting. And information, systems. Fadi, neguin. Nazar. The, moral. Sharp. Brain a hunter. Justice. Rankin's. Matthew. Jones. Mariana. And zani. Kaylee. Paul. Andrew. Loog ocean. Araceli. Lupara, Theo. Marlon. Carlos. Cherry. Pea along. Jacqueline. Sanchez. Ladell. Nuki, Megas. Xiao. Jie Mei. Ling. Soo. Shane. Coming. Jamie. Mendoza, Alvarado. Eric. Ali Lunas. Malina. Kazar Ian. Make. Azarian. Arman. A Babylonian. Parney. Of news Ian. Adelina. Mahmud, II. Lilia. Is a high-end. Civic. Serabian. Mary. Lalaki. Analia. Eruzione. Double, D. Alexander. Messiahs. Anthony. Acid, or Ian. Allen. Teras, kasi, she. Johanna. Turkish. Angela. A galleon. Lillian. Mina's. Leucine. Karapetyan. Eric. 11. Michael. Akopian. Hamlet. Sedan, here. Hakam. Tertullian. Armand. De Binion. Gave. Or divisions. Carriage. Origin. Manuel. De lo bien. Adam. Came. Noah. Adam, Dixon the third, yalena. A ladarius. Suzana, stefanos. Rosa. Bubble. Satiric. Kira Koshien. Greta. Baronial. Erik. A ganyan. Graphics. Are galleon. One. Year saying when. Ji Yoon. Who. They have numbers. Elena. On CRO. Janelle. Garlic. Travon, Rivera. Cullen. Rush. Marlene. Gonzalez. Efrain. Marine. Adn, can. Adrian. Martinez. Gary. Palin. Celebi. Muñoz. April. Lorenzo. Federico. Rebel. Hasini. One-party. Rana. Ricky. Girl. Quinton. Right. Serena. Arellano dela, Cruz a, young. Coon. Cynthia. Rockin, Martinez. Lindsey. Lopez. Tiffany. Wang. Justin. If. Vanessa. Balam. Tiffany. Solomon. Samuel. Car durian. Anita. Could join. Oliver. Trend. J. Kang. Ivan. Pena Lasky, tnen. A suti, Wendy. Allemande. Roberto. Cespedes. Kevin. Gilbride. Nahar, Hussein. Carla. Hernandez. Reese. Martinez. Holton. Russell. Ryan's. Surpass. Kenneth. And Rica's. Carissa. Gutierrez. Jonathan. Kasich. Andrew. Machado. Christian. Camino. Jose. Pangu, you. Was. Seem Akhtar. Jiwon. Moon. Karen. Salazar. My. Truong a. Fief. Tetris. Angelo. Valdes. Novita. Core. Steven. Martinez, Tombaugh. Jessica. Gonzales. Muhammad. Ali. Madonna. Nagi's saman. Carmen. Deberían. Cuca, Ruiz. Jackie. Gay toes. Maryland. West be. Tied. To on win. Jessica. Garcia. Octavio. Rocha. Justin. Oc1. Oh. Daniel. Levine. Shawn. Brown. Arthur. Greenwood. Amy. Chua. Rebecca. Gal dem is. Tonya. Farrell. Emanuel. Felix. Nancy. Lopez. Alejandra. Dilatory. Gabriela. Flores. Elaine. Shoo. Javi. Tabatin. Amir's. So toric. Are. Bernays sarkeesian. Sure. Are a pillion. Goal. Sean sorry. Shiva. Vague. Estelle. Oh Perez. Israel. Garcia. Alex. And Rica's. Nikki. V. Kevin. Are Clemen like a. Jaguar. Gaussian. Thang. Long. Luis. Ruiz. Jorge. Tron Costco. Maria. Jim Waldo. Narek. Nico, are sha Qian. Ani. Lee dropped. Brissette. Eeeh Camacho, Ramirez. Edit. Marcos, Ian. Angela. Papasian. Sarkis. Papasian. Haga. Cars jiseon. Andre. Coach katrien. Anita. Abuse. Oracle. Bar darthian. Erica. Erica erica. Garrick. Car partying. Patrick. Stewart. Brandon. Angle. Kyle's. Saguna. Amir. Vaziri. Turin. Vargas. Andrews. Simpkins. Urine. Kong. Honey. Lee. Yeon. Joachim. Michael. Chin. Christopher. Bulldoze. Dummy. Asturias. Ruzhin. Akopian. Keone, Vissarion. Claudia. Alcazar. Selena. Kelly. Morgan. Mackenzie. Reed. Benjamin. Sugarman. Kevin. J courts. Alula. Sorry, hoon, Edgar. Gonzales. Ba. Hey Kara Koshien. Haru. - Gus Marion, Matthew. Dan dan, Joseph. Franco. Daniel. Joffrey Rivera. Jonathan. Sue, Ulysses. Callejas. Jordan. Dorn. Layla. Tabard. Alenushka. Shu, Chien. Ian. Harriet, jr.. Desiree. Gonzales. Israel. Gonzales. Jesse, Gonzales. Matthew. Reeves. Sahul. Del Castillo. Andrew. Davis. Luis. Avalos. Tim. Nuyen, a. Meet. Pradhan. John. Gallagher. Ronnie. - Gideon. Patrick. A Gaussian a. Cop. AGA's Arion, Pierre. Leon. Sean. Delgado. Robbie. Weeks. Mushara. Occur AG. Joseph. Silva. Arash. Hashemi. Nicole. Alda, mere Zakarian. Matthew. Deer a durian. Zoo. Hon Hasani. Joseph. LaGuerta. Michael. Ramirez. Eateat. Arena Vayner. Moses. Negus. Derek. Smeath. Justin. Craft. Lane. Griffin. Hike. Koja, terian.

Argan. A Garrett carrion. Bartender. Entourage, Ian. Now. Reading names from the Department, of Economics. Daniel. Jonathan. Salvatori. Deso. Haddad. Scott. Prinny. Jonathan. Hernandez. And, the a. Ordonez. Ester. Boggy. Brian. Ramirez. Fabian. Sosa's. Kira. Hernandez. Camilla. Rahman. Adriana. Gonzalez. Taylor. Duncan. Lauren. West. Rihanna. Appling. Tigran. To focaccia in', one. Ernesto. Ramirez, acero. Ryuko. Kishimoto. Christopher. Alfaro. Kazar. Italian. David. Bora, dotty. Nico. Agra Mirza. Jessie. Nor Walt, John. Mackey. Eduardo. Mercado. Rene, such as. Come. To trying. Aviv. Assad. Ryan. Fonseca. Andrew. Hamlin. William. Hamlin. Kyle. Hamelin. A new. Foe caldera. New nose, Betsy. Chama. Signal. Tatianna. Era small. Paisley. Susan, Vincent's. Dmytryk. Garcia. Christine. Sade. Marvin. Martinez. Kayla. Roman. Hussein. Abu mohammed. Matthew. Castro. Cherish. Is an ally. Justine. Marie bond, Fazio, pastor. Yesenia. Mendoza. Andrew. Welsh, Andrew. Delgado. Navia. Gonzalez, Barranca. Donna. Chickamauga. SANZAR. Max. Root off. Justin. Cattle bus. Amanda. Santos, the third, Jaime. Lopez. Jong-hyuk. Lee. Evans. A, catch. Zegna. Zu. Lewis. Izquierdo. Osvaldo. Batista. Carina, toribio. Gerson. As Empire. Francisco. Peralta. Diana. A myriad. Now. Reading the names for the Department of Management. Liz. F Lopez, Sierra. Maldonado, Christopher. Mendoza. Efrain, monreale, Jessica. Park. Durrel, Napoleon. Haiti. Revis, Paula. Lebowski. Jasmine. Pimentel. Jessica. Brain. Rodrigo. De morals, Brenda. Solace. Maribel. Gonzales. Yin. Zheng. Boy. Eric what soohyun Lesley. Nicol Mina. Kyra. Mendoza. Freddy. Alvarez. Jessica. Navarro. Jesse. Flores. Anthony. Bacilli. Ashley. Jean mandap, William. Flores. Austin. Vaughn blossomgame. Kyle. Ricklefs. He. In pain. Jessica. Hazel, Amy. Simon. Shalaby. Kenny. Win. Shannon. San. Kyle. Roberts. Giselle. Cano. Roxana. Jimenez. Maritza. Vasquez. Brenda. Flores. Marie. Flores. Katelyn. Quake. James. Rodriguez. Vena. Cava. Brandon, Rocha. Victor. Camacho. Sarah. Figueira. Alba. Velazquez. Alex. Kilo. Giuseppe. Covino. Cherie, Danielle, Minassian. Annette. Bob on, Jasmine. Lisette, chicas. Dental. And Milito. Randall. In Armenti. Janet. Ruiz. Jo. Anna Velasquez. Wendy. Perez. Megan. Catherine Novak. Onni. Matos. Ian. Mari. Passion, Ian, Stacey. Card una Jada. Or, Bri. Justine. Galine, Miranda. Jocelyn. Victoria, Morano, Katie, her massara been. Ovni. Cuauhtemoc. Varios. Azmi. Palazzi. Jesse. Espino. Lewis. On hell Ruiz. José. Santamaría. Emerson. Argueta. Jeffrey. Velazquez, Maria. Montelena. Eugenia. Martinez. Evelina. Regalado. Christian. Our CEO. Magali, Garcia. Natalia. Casseras. Jacqueline. Gouveia. Alejandro. Perez. Eric. Hidari. Row. Helios Silva. Rhonda. Garrett. Adrian. Gonzales. Vanessa. Haroldo. Larissa. Xhosa peon. Amy. Cronkite. Ishmael. Alvarado, Ramos. Shelby. Powell, Paul. Nicholas, later. George. Sigh, a. Susan. Rodriguez. Kaitlyn. Molly oint, Cameron. Diaz. Brandon. Muñoz. Jonathan's. Serrano. Luis. Enrique, Cisneros. Wolfgang. Wexler. Michael. No. Briana. McDonald. Victor. ATandT XR iam. Crystal. Rebus. Alexandra. Yet terian. Jonathan. Are rod. Andrew. Ivan. Edmund. Gregorian. Morrow. Jar, King. XI. Yang Wang. Kaho. Wilson Zhong. Joshi. When. Ji, Hyun Park. Jack. Lee /. See. Bob Cox la nian. Alisa. Maria Ivalo. Henry. G Faro. John. Perez Blanco. Mark. Bus Ollie. Tyler. Greene. Johnny. Olivia. Adnan. Muhammad. Allen. VA. Michael. Reyes. Anon. Anon des. Giovanni. Garcia. Dennis. Hernandez. Jorge. Lopez Albert, Suez. Marco. Villegas on. Hell. Villegas. John. Sanchez. Efrain. Jimenez liebe. Coahoma. Preach kaha. Robert. Harris. De. Si Claro. Ryan. Buddha Foskey. Katelyn. COBOL. Angel. Padilla. Twice. Amin, Rahui. Kyle. Matar II Erica. Castillo. Kyle. Kay Ichi. Ryan. Go hari Dulce. Lopez. Claudia. Fragoso. Elizabeth. Kieran. Elsie. Paniagua. Lorenza. Tony. Vasilis. Sarah Peele a close. Trevor. Honey. New. On-prem in Chandra, Guadalupe. Silva. Christopher. Henry Sullivan. Kaeleen, Alba, zine. Gay. On Gregorian. Mary. Ann a lute wah. EJ. Lou. Moses. Casillas. Evan. Lily. Cameron. Brown. Tristan. Sanguis on Oh Jordan. Munos. Jeannette. Sandable. Nicolas. Paul, Juan. Ramos. Jonathan. Robert Cassavetes. Aryan. Agha hari Ryan. McDonagh. Michael. Perry. Eugenia. Hernandez. Tristan. Rosa. Carlos. Reyes. Erica. Rodriguez. Linda. Diaz. Claudia. Yvette Gonzales. Colin. Jennifer pengon Millar and, Rica. Peralta. Chinook. Fontana, Dave. Raphael. You. Emily. Danielle, Ian. Mark. Guy etske, Brandon. Kenneth, the glass senior. Lillian. Huck Darien. Vincent. Annatto. Geoffrey. Nakama. Hernan. Molina. Damian. Vasquez. Andrew. Kazi. Christian. Marfan. Tommaso. Rodriguez, Jr, Brianna. Wilson. Bianca. Gonzalez. Melody. Malakooti. Means. Shoe ping. Ping. Wu son. Arthur. Our battalion. Angelina. Vardanyan. More. On Simone. Anna. Who what men. Laura. A jealous. Anna. Ibrahimi. Christopher. Mumma. Johannes. Antolia. Claire. Pozole. Gangjin. M William. Meccano. Nicholas. Thornton. Rena. Gotcha. Inna. A bra. Michael. Albert. Heidi. Romero. The. Anniver. Olay, then, listen. Alex. Orion's. Jacob. Steinfeld. Diana. Soto. Rafael. Molina. Julie. Shari, martini. Antonio. Robando the, so Miguel. Jorge.

Salazar. Austin. Heart. David. Weiss. Bryan, a new. Zhenya. Flores. Zadie. Martinez. Aleta. ASSOCHAM. Eric. Kim. Claudia. Shabbos. Faisal. Al-shughour. Leigh. Allen. Emergency. Musab. Al, green Yanni. Hamid. And Hosni. Chant. And Julian. Travis. Williamson. You're. Not a sujeto. Carlos. Calderon. Miguel. Angel. Martinez. Jr's. P'jem. Iqbal. David. Paris. Zyra. Sanchez. Danny still dear toh soona. Simonian. Christopher. ABBA. Vanessa. Paris. Lindsay. Have attendance, and. You, yes me. Shall. Janki. Sergio. Mendes. Lilly. Zhu. Jie. Jane Paul. Kevin, surreal. Aaron. Cook. Matthew. Foster. Stephanie. Rivera. Growl. Young. Elias. Medea. Jessica. Wall. Charlene. Coppola. Jennifer. Duong. Jasmine. Is goal is Silva's. Duran. Avedikian. Kala. To to cheese. Natalie. DeLorean. Amanda. Bernal. Ariane. Or a. Mere. Girgis. Young-shin. Lynne, Christian. Rubik Alba. Amir. Madhavi poor two, new talent, Appa. Gurinder. Pause sing. Trini. Nuyen, Diana. Gonzalez Cruz. Ashley. Espinoza. Jose. Hernandez. Alejandro. Grande Orozco. Christian. Bermudez, a, money. Young. Andrews. Surrett. Phillipa. Gene since on. Alexander. Tim suppor. On. A neat Kalakh lien, Darren. Michael, Colavecchia. Nicholas. Miss perros. Daniel. Hos knee. Tyler. And Psalms. Nicole. Hawking. Alison. Kate Etta. Peter. Cole. Brianna. Beltran. Jesse. Gomez. Joshua. Gets. And. Root amazed Ian. Ashley. Johnson. Odd. A novice Archean. Emmanuel. Territorian. Robert. Campbell. Rebecca. Sammy. Kiara. Thompson. Adrian. Lewis Gomez. Manny. Perez. Cindy. Que pasa. Tiana. Anderson. Xenia. Coleman. Spencer. Ship. Tre. Shawn Harris. Dominic. Anderson. Othman. Hamidi, Ryan. Robles. Daniel. Ben of, Sandra. Davenport. Stephanie. Barea. Ken. Wahl Azeem, Adam. Atena. Ricardo. Antonio, Torres. Brandon. Petty. Valerie. Grimm. Nicholas. Hesperian. Joseph. Motivo, Sheehan, Nicole. Coderre. Mina. Had to knee on. A. Shay's Aki. Alina, some Willian. Tiffany. Minassian. Anees. Sethi on. Jesse. Martinez. Tyler. Bowie. Nicholas. Delgado, Martinez. Bertha. Castaneda. Christopher. Ramirez, a. Bell. Young, Fabian's. Seis are not as. Neriah. / Darian. Jordan. Gil. Andrea. Vargas. Alban. Rosales. Leonardo. Wrote us. Luigi. Ochoa. Joseph. Haddad. Ani. Devudayya, Janaki. Anusha. McCallion. Wan. Dolly Juarez. Daniela. Alexa, crew. Lily. Anne walk acne. Lin. Cien. Christopher. Yunnan. Our. Belma, garni. Robert. Barajas. Nathan. Fernandez, Chien. Ryan. Makhani, she. Genesis. Mussina, on. Choppa. JA Elizabeth. Contreras. Georgina. Bezdikian. Carla. Her lardo. Maximiliano. Or nezha. Christina. Villanueva. Emilio. Barajas. Tristan. I opini. Manuel. Sanchez. Mahon. Cart Gian. Ramon. And Nakhla. Christian. Paris. Jonathan. Mendoza Lorena. Giancarlo. Ventura. Aisha. Hussein, Hannah. Braun. Alberto. Solomon, Flores. Nicolas. Mina's, Alfaro. Antonio. QTL. Guillermo. Waters jr., Marlene. Santa, ball Christian. Contreras. Kevin. Keys. Yanis. Poulos. Silva. Ferrari, on. Juan. Pablo, naira. Daniel. Anthony hi n. Chorim's. Sadar. Yada. Shyam, Khan, Cynthia. Delgado. Sofia. Lorraine, Israel. Waylon, yang.

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2018-05-20 13:52

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