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behind they go and dumb billions euros 4.1 million pixels and today the utility of harper tokens is strong of the head by my mother when you spend you will invest [Music] indeed you must have seen and you buy this with a market order public not to say that you see display or pay items with you take your police officers whose one now here interesting allows to box [Music] an order we call a market order huge it is there you have it oh actually at the price you therefore want fds to know how to wear an order of 1 as being the utility of [Music] project evoked by the epic miquel mon sens herself and her common sense listen to this what does fetish say to you for years we have been learning to spend an order two years anyway p tit know what we buy shit you have when not even [__] anything in your basket exactly so now to come back [Music] I know he may but we must stop doing that is to say happy to go and see and such volatility today there I am and let's go for some truffle money sorry we can't equipment it father is for people warm the first of the fall you difficult here here you wanted it you got it coming back actually on tv and not who want to take a lot of gameplay less since we are going to do a show et igamerz we are going to talk about crypto clancy's on clearly clearly so who are trading de la crypto date y pose siebel possible because when you see him it's been a year since I made a year still earlier there we have a limit jean to be the algo we tested everything and frankly 55.0 expected from the margin we turned it over in all directions we is not effectively up to on the beatles the technos I do not avoid their different patinas people the objective we had reached is that we had set cp it's not at all that we can make young people a person it is not fair and ecologically and our fault is not our responsibility so can we really win oenology will resume in March on crypto yes I will explain she will see that he asked that she go how is it about this i resell exactly where we see that the will actually invite someone who really earns on crypto from price to reassemble it will go back a year departure I tell you I invited all after fethi so she lost her mind the crypto place the hands that are you want me to tell you something listen wander right to left on the TV well and i know you lived it and i public who say that they are would just like to testify in what you bitcoin millionaires I was not say is that everyone can find their way looking for nabila is also kim kardashian listen to bitcoin later and because she also talks about it but control was almost 50% in any case no one the cojones become 1500 we went down to 42000 listen actually on the plateau of the television for money tonight for in well since now about 12 talk to take stock a point it falls hours that's why there is no order who pass on genius we are at 40 at the right time since still today the bitcoin has crashed, that's it 6750 and we are flat more now amazing all the media gave it almost over two hours betty very buyers since now so why are we flat fethi there a few days it doesn't surprise me we're going even laughing about it since we are even talking about two explanations 1 there is no news with no news with Salvador has nothing to do with the country, you'll see you are going to laugh anyway I want market does not move and at the limit if it it is ticking too, is with me in don't move that's what I can't stop to repeat it to the jenisch every day the show we will find him in the middle this does not show your market it is going down program will explain to us how he it's stupid but it's the kind of thing true indeed winner on that you repeat yourself ten times it works crypto how it makes my little finger let's quote market not going up it going down like tells me he does not deal on crypto but who use them in a at least that's settled but if ever other register is a bit wobbly is it the bitcoin does not work in the that we can perhaps move on to the other crime and cheese crypt I speak well camera here it will be easier for me of crypto that I am not of crypto nice to meet you go crypto protocol that a cheese in only luc monnet hot the first of back to school, it's gone, it's now definitive it is perhaps because the broker is forbidden to buy or forbidden to sell and most of [Music] time these kits banned from sale made tenured noticed that it also the broker blocks its API blocks its station [Music] you can not do anything more what so it's true because that's when there is a blow m we have a math movement we are a mass movement who wishes me [Music] go where we have seen six circuit hours sections [Applause] bricks and there you go facing a real problem now is not so that we continue that means that tomorrow me go let's go for i leave luc I intervene in this market which does not michaud anyway i don't know do not components ya in this why do i have donkeys i hope that market and how I will try to all is well in a letter luc monnet dethrone hot on youtube we are broadcast i you can win but it will take sell when we were to sell and know genuis tv side besides i'm going buy as have been bumped quickly talk to you about the [Music] new app annoys us trading titus and who all seek to bead best shot he crashes all big platform genus v3 if you are equipped basically sincerely we wanted to put who is looking at us and I can already have one in android it's now or never block of people watching us this that I want to tell you which you tube and you can go to google play and jane yuste tv channels what i want you actually download the b3 then to say is that this market attracts only gogos that this is good news because in these tables of 3 you will first have to guys excuse me lenses send a subscribers of course all factions tweet in his toilet talking about fake the features needed for to operate genus effectively also becomes bangs he laughed 1 he got married on 2 bangs explode it's normal no then broker in paper trading in a first time we'll see for the rest genus what was said next day because that the master is not an idiot he broker it happens it's already elsewhere Said bah listen to what we are going to do is that I was pushed to man the mastiff I in v3 you have everything we will do for you gonna take a billion and i break and that's exactly what he did is a special show me i will make you what is normal and what is it a special program surely the knowing that the product is not regulated next week to talk to you that exchanges do not have the really b3 I make you a law constraints that we inject ively surprise also next week the brokers through the smala mf la this same this weekend you sec and people you know in the states can download it and you will have united they almost want more even limited free access of course we hear about that and expect calls her genus truan she is the one who evidence said it was a scam will allow all those who do not have the good him the pros dollars anyway that means or who want to see the quality of baye gives dixon a scam that the jen us directly in the app last month I have trouble retaining his actually mobile for james last name not to boss of de already available on android on ios the a7 to what he is already called damn the app store normally in stride I lost his name what's his name the boss of the sect already jud süss i tonight we will actually talk about ai said earlier, good that to me crypto we are going to talk about impossible crypto will come back he said it was a scam he even said he was going trading especially of course we are going ban certain exchanges and how you can explain from baïne years is in speak without tongue in cheek and you see if I took a little break in lawsuit in the united states is in the process of being on trial in France a hot letter luc monnet is because but no worry guys are my we have to be honest we all say to each other evening it is 2 p.m. will keep a ok so we broadcast it on twitch fake thing we're going to talk to you about bitcoin on youtube and on tv heifers but you so you are 53 years old you are a hundred thousand euros on your account invested but all are not numerous enough absolutely not had been rome it's normal it's been do not share this kind of thing quite a few you should a lot it is not normal more than that so what are you want me to face you Tuesday night want us to tell each other analyzes that we do case studies of graphics and we try to do talk but we have nothing to [__] negra pic in hand, I'm tired of seeing we are with you that now everything graphics and tell each other salads buy it was to be the most nuanced especially to make you believe that it possibility I don't think there are flaw buy dal'ouna or or big blue people genuinely know king what was expected of them like neighbor's garden must stop the bullshit of course you have to stop them you are in the process of to spin your wheat to people who are fuck your face and in addition you fethi but the citation the incitement to buy their car then obviously at after a while stop you the purchase is prohibited you do not have the complain of course then we go talk about it we are going to talk about it especially since right of any site anyone to buy and they do and it's not normal that they are not here tonight once again I had invited the whole Besides place them vincent ganne and purchases all yes called now - those people who even appear on the tv public to explain that crypto it's extraordinary it pays billionaires that's a whole lot of you understand understand so I had some things for now that makes guys who cry 1 so far I have some serge doesn't arrive at least I wasn't going not actually seen who really not admit we have people at win in the long run absolutely not so lead them believe that we can talk about these we will talk about it then to say what millionaires who are I didn't need anyone place money on the nikon either but to have someone who now exactly you will see actually tell me luc it works scorned no savings they have I needed people who shout out loud jam talents they will put everything and permanently strong you are the crypto on a toxin absolutely understand really wins and beats today nothing that will get you there I am I can tell you crypto at best sorry me mom came through the you make a dead point at the worst you leave amount we wanted from our cars your capital and I will prove it to you look at the features before in the context of trading of course because you want to know which battery but in the end we since there is a way in my opinion anyway watch and a social crisis now that structured digital to come out a winner of that thing and for that I would have done very important and very important part you are there with me earlier you sand that you will live that is good it is go see it's a crack you saw it that we have an adversarial debate, it is not already no more just disagree with what you in preview he will explain to you say is him but in any case what works we are very far from the canards to be counted so well say his satisfaction I am on tv and elsewhere and besides I content it is precise and going to excess add you can share them missions with all the guys who are there personally I have a desire on tell about crypto I would be very happy to have them on the show on the leisure team the projects that will will also talk about robots fuck me truly ramoune nature a peace with that that's why obsession to meet a need the pair times the emissions with the technology that we have techno public me it eats me it's great we call it anything the world of trading and famous and several several towns it's worse and worse so it's true that I favored the community of jen us happy crystals today if we create who now earns a lot of money x 8 x of a product and eric a we will explain to you how they do it but it's true it's boring what is it reality there is a will is enormous heavy there is everything and anything and in it's tender messinis football to answer this fashion moment is the pont zee and y to a need that you are on the more and more it was an I planet that I could use so you can see your usefulness from you said it to explain to you what fall take out the things you who doesn't work it's clear I need owe you owe homework now nobody because I have it is only the guys who are numbers and I will give them to you for explain what works of course for example in IT the forest I was expecting people and of course I will it is very simple victims and a project your mission not i will you I didn't have anybody any crypto trader tell it how they do it for us on who did not want to come except once again internet tick off who is someone who is the document that informs them about their defense professional who is in engineering in quarantine of the product it is is in business development trading obligatory is obligatory fethi even and he will tell you about how he is doing for the ipo the jc at all that is to be able to earn money then this mandatory here are mandatory that I am going to do this evening and we will see now with us they go further actually my screen can see my screen i go what is called a seen the guide whose activated the genus algorithm tonight i term that it uses all before mas clientele the guide had experienced a will do it live with you if that's okay i will activate it and i directory where we see a team computer blueprints of things and will activate the robot on the guts today here is today if you tokyo ranches so i will turn it off go to their website that you on futures commodities stoks go leave their daughter Claudine and the christmas this hour that solo was out in them at the tf and I will leave that crypto you should know that everything steep end of life we ​​have a level such that we are going genus is the first robot algorithms deliver the product within a month or two we trading rather than robot itself let's go all their aerial duels besides irobo because I will tell you has been speaking for a while, it's a spiel here it is obvious trading algorithm developed in now as fring understands us python who don't use mt4 fuck hey they gave me a cold in nothing there peace please me with this stuff do not work without bitching which dates from the 2000s fuck me know how to look for information and a peace please we will talk about it again sprawl of which you do not understand this crypto currency let's go the robot is they tell me this is the dr I'm sorry launched so him how are we but ask with a dog's head he can hurt we are going to need there are some who make money mariana because marianne she has you and the mood have lost for what is put a hold on or inbar what is it good or winning because there are two that the wind down the wind bars is thousand 2000 who also have a friend the really what we gain and what we techniques have lost I'm sorry not loses in real time so steve bad eh and I answer really you will have to personally it's trading look at the wind bar because the wind told by fethi it's his job done that every day but on the other hand it does not bar you're going to see a whole bunch of not like the comics in any case the notification related to crypto currency basically he does it in a serious way he has that is to say that all operations understood that it has nothing to [__] of the thing in front of the hired jenisch you're going to go funny called btc usd / t us thw z see live and you will go see indeed therefore the wind bar is this that we can say if all is well side 43.25 that I can not say after this image because I had to who interests him is really the refreshment is that normal the essence of what is emitted that we can you broadcast me up there say that if all is well moreover calls a token and that it ok so it is indeed a is going to be the objective actually game of rather weird refreshment I shoot again fethi once again thank you check that the crypto currency is good a lot to be with us I ask you launched here I have a little bit of question that kills you near latency but it does not matter is it of the goal when he will continue to fart that we can see my screen cannot see while i do this the figure you don't see my screen mariana it's ok so I run the robot on the crypto change I will even and I will do it personally in front of you to say that I want to see the well listen like that at least it is notifications got into the meuse ears forgiveness of the crypto currency on thank you very much betty i wish you a excellent end of the day find preferences here I want to see the the interview with fethi besides you salary notifications but also see if you are genius subscribers brokers we are aggressive everything is ok I really want to talk with this boy who is full of common sense and we will be able to use genus auto will of course mainly talk about commodities there is a colleague called alexander who were with us for wti trade on crypto cullen shale and trading every Wednesday and it will be there you will see live you will see live indeed tomorrow this excellent talking with people like that is what we gain and what we lose very culture is not just every month good questions from breeders briquettes yes absolutely you have pdf to 2009 thank you fart spend a crazy nicknames guys and excellent end of the day girls yes you will see the fees inside the show is coming to an end we're going which you will find that it talk of course about what risks you ya du lien that il ya de la perte that ya wait on bitcoin so i will both and that we have most of the time we talk to you about several things first actually ends on a break even or I'll tell you about something quick that we use the genius I will on 1 0 and so on and if I can talking to you in this way is tell you about it I hope my screen goes especially because the job that does to be able to display I was perhaps astonished jean huss is immeasurable by not actually drink the wind bar go up or down but that's okay actually compared to the rest of this it's just that things are moving in your head that we can offer on the square I admit the more watch the big tony move the more let it be that good a little since the beginning of the show moves more we have the impression that they are also watching fed up yes pascal the spread is yes the tv for money game that we use in pascal also the skip edge the famous slip hits the mark with us so you have the dom of course and you have here right edge for the moment in any case for a the bracket and on the bracket you have last time I check that the robot the trot gives average and is given average at the moment is in the process of be well launched, let them be well tell us that if we ever wanted to activated side operate as I speak to you there crypto currency on the other hand on this is auto would surely want to aim better at the side deals with his throws and if there are south than the north side then for how much business operations she will do it all long we don't know since jenny it's just September 7th is specialized in hyper short term is 2021 we will actually look in more and more in full margin it is for algorithms genus work but we will what the scores really are very high thank you marc ghana for my also talk about what wins and who loses first of all I will talk to you screen we can come back to me I will first of all who are recruiting remind us that I am now a broker if quickly a big data intern and we mu arrives it will be available in the app is recruiting with some interns who have g37 apd is just beautiful all that sent their application a web development intern a I told you in the session this python development intern that's ya show everything is in you have an intern in market finance a now for subscribers first and in intern in audiovisual production a free version gentlemen ladies i video trainee are a trainee supported and roanne heifers who will be editorial journalist an intern available at the end of the week of course in social marketing manager you will come extremely limited version but of what strengthen the teams in place, do not hesitate really involved everywhere not to send your kodila tedika nature to you can of course place orders info to trade alert dot com all in six rounds on the broker or so you subscribe and finally you are you will simply be attached of course other is 100% automatic you know i to the teams in place and if the experience will tell you about it next Tuesday evening if is conclusive we will translate at your internship if you don't mind we'll have a special in cdi in barcelona it's great to zes the small coins show jenniss vtv3 we will both have available in living in southern europe that's it ios and android and we will all finally have i clear you are more and more numerous do not hesitate to bring in anyway remind you of the evening loeb we have a people who are skeptical currently offering we are in the game those who believe or do not believe in that is to say that you got your first good the crypt ockrent cheese on the principle of open tomorrow morning at with me on the automatic trading do not hesitate European markets it wins it works it indeed to the sword we will come back show them what we can do and we do not win in this case I will double you genuinely will show them what the your subscription you actually spend robot is able to generate we talk in the afternoon you prefer the products Americans and listen in that case again from trading algorithms it wins so much the better if it ever loses I we are talking about jen we are there by the way find your subscription I will the genius mobile app v3 is the recalls that in this American open I took out more than $ 2000 in full first in the world to hold a Automatique recalls that since a while ago in algorithm in its trading platform full automatic wind bar closed I remind you that I am today the score of 2004 182 euros now a very important stay well with me if you with how much luc with 10,000 euros of are interested here it starts it capital in which markets luc has yes the start certain operations happen crypto it's true on futures it's so it's not crypto yet it certain about the actions obviously there is cabba the captain I don't know if you American with platform also we have bein see it live we can see here i show you how it happens is this years that is streit of a future we take care that we can see my Marianne screen at watch how it happens this is how all technical assistance telephone technical assistance it happens there is omg usd / t hitch by phone stop putting me in fln summer us is what we can see paws please morons from dubai to andorra wherever you want my screen mariana pleases you oysters f stop putting me in the paws of in us summer I still do not see my guys who text you signals screen I owe the latency to mariana who or instagram please please please we are in 2021 in less than one moan what's wrong mariana we do not see what I do not hear particles month you are going to have a car without i like you mariana flywheel and without [__] which will circulate at we see it very small we are going san francisco and bas in france in see a lot bigger look here spain in the united states in asia you have here blissful and usd / t the time it takes a heifer station only one la jenny refresh bts usd / t i don't know if you see ce trading platform genus only for money all notify if it takes a little of course with intelligence little time for after dear it's not artificial machine learning and serious we have time and there it tumbles we is at diploma or you actually want 2482 which means that there we already have win do not hesitate jen us trade unions operations that pass watch stephen points as was the case you but they are there these operations they I missed you see you on Tuesday or are montoir judges it takes a little for subscribers tomorrow morning 8:30 am like little time it refreshes here everyday take care all angels i actually xrp and so on we love you ciao bye are at 2482 remember the number because [Music] you will see that it is difficult to hold on this amount we have already taken 300 euros in live crypto I repeat live I [Music] repeat live I repeat live the time actually here are two you refresh page and crypto normally we should have anyway a refreshment is a little bit long it is true that it is small mariana is right but you see here in [Applause] anyway the wind bar progressed to 2482 live and you see all the notifications alpha alpha lrc alors it's not by chance I'll be frank with you it's not by chance if I will show that tonight we had to pick up ball wam suggested kick circular all afternoon on the [Music] crypt with shale accumulation and I could have tell you this morning what was going to happen pass not that I am a medium no not that I'm really an expert of the of the divinatory mode but [Music] experience tells me that from moment when the media together in unison tells you about the crypto that a cheese in saying it's the future you can be [Music] sure that it will blow the face I will explain to you why once again you see all these alerts coming up I'm going to disconnect them because it makes me eats bandwidth and of course [Music] I will have a hard time continuing if I can't disconnect them at jen us send my kilos that's clear v3 louisa and ready you can have it now and already [Music] 2482 euros for the moment I told you there we are live i will you talk of course about so this embarrassment one non very worthy station genuis trading if the trainings station you can find it [Music] on googleplex google full ab3 ios for now to patients until the weekend the first key to a mobile platform with intelligence artificial dub to the beat of genius and in the genus apd it is controllable customizable from the very worthy app and therefore manual semi automatic or 100% automatic yes but we will talk about it stay with us you will see that the automatic trading works perfectly well on the actions we have quite impressive results that also works perfectly of course the tf on the banks on the futures since jenniss is absolutely everything there are four ways to earn work but in terms of trading with gignoux station crypto once again patience patience it does not stop it is constantly flowing with the operation log take a good look at the wind we should have [Music] scores that go very very fast go order book trading I will remove these notifications because otherwise we will not be able to work so much he schedule its operations on there are many you can graphics select managers minors or let the jean algorithm do it the exotics are all in here huss and its 100% automatic auto trade just the time to shoot and its patterns and it's good to have the choice especially for we will actually be able to work to win a few more moments here are the notes it doesn't stop staying there if you have we if you have there i can you guarantee you have to see it all it's impressive here we continue in the meantime we will i will show you one-year crypto statistics if [Applause] you want i will show you crypto statistics in [Music] particular but of course everything over a year time to be able to display them ah bin there I launched the system I would not have maybe not due there it's running full tube actually time to see [Music] arrive these statistics here it is it would be necessary now that it calms down a little bit does not stop one for the moment we are stuck at 2482 de jean huss taishan china suspend mobile heifers that send a lot [Music] of operations be patient again a few moments and it should be able to do it here it does not stop it is to win on the stock market discover the new trading platform go how many operations 1 20 30 40 50 intelligent generation equipped with one the minute it does not stop we will see of the most powerful algorithms artificial intelligence the statistics as soon as I can you I followed the training programs show them and we'll see the statistics live 7 days a week 24 hours a day over a year I will also talk to you led by pros chatting with the of an offer we're going to lose tonight genius community open only during broadcast only graphics integrated into the jane austen and follow the strategies proposed by during the show we are so sure the genius algorithm received of the results that we announce we are dozens of trading strategies all so sure that with genus you will days and use jen us as the actually earn that we are going to you more powerful tools to help offer a deal tonight we are offering you decision manage your ticket operations and a deal you your good you choose order books are already integrated the subscription you want is not one in the janis técher finally activated the car problem or we win in the first trade and access the traits of a multi 100% automatic broker kingston and open what you do with us either the European either the American or we sport mobile wins in front of you live of course and in this case it rolls you keep going [Music] to be subscribed either one loses and in this in this case we offer you the doubling of your subscription is not complicated either we non wins and in this case actually he there is nothing to say we continue or we [Music] lose and in this case we overtake you your subscription is like that at least it is regulated in the content of the show we will of course talk about those bitcoin then will want to sell show you statistics because it takes a little time with all these operations who are launched it is necessary that is this that she will be pesci very late inbar there top mariana please you because there she should move more than that she not moving much in the town barrel should move in any case a little more than check it please mariana thank you a lot we will talk about bitcoin first is there we will lose our history quickly from the big town I will not you tell the origin I have nothing to [__] I will not tell you that he created I have nothing to [__] I will not you tell the celine story who next to me don't care, that's not what we do interests what will interest us by against is knowing that bitcoin and 5000 dollars in 2017 is very and 1750 dollars in 2018 is 3000 dollars in 2019 it's 11 miles away in July 2019 these sixty thousand dollars in 2021 and $ 35,000 in 2021 and today we are september 7, 2021 bitcoin just passed from 53000 to you are ready 43 miles away so for those who would not understand the side scam of the truck ultimately it it is simply a product completely explosive on which it is impossible to have a job every people who tell you salads I you guarantee that these people won't win no money on crypto really it's clear it's absolutely clear I have the statistics then the time that that update I have the statistics I will take the statistics for the year if you allow me cool inside slippage inside yeah she don't move wind mariana there is a problem where so there is a problem up there she don't move the wind there have been operations to pass we will look but it should be appreciated a lot more quickly that i will show you statistics if we can see my screen mariana please let's go first we will look at the day like that at least it's settled day we have 46 operations we have spent 48 minutes per transaction 2h32 of trading during the day and we call 7:25 resignation live 85.71% of subscribers

state that they are making gains with djédjé ni stephen software strategy so it's already not bad 85% of subscribers who say they win it is rather nice 57% say they achieve more than 30 points or tick per day, you should know that among our customers there are most are between 5 10 15 and I even have clients at 500 euros the ticket and when you see that there has some who declare more than thirty ticks a day you say that really it's great awesome who tells me luc is what you got seen the descent of there are all of us i will say something can and I'm sure that the first of the reactions that you will to have is to say the guy is a mytho basically love it there i'll have it for you data sell at 11 o'clock thanks to what to equities the market loan on the equity side gave the y and same seller if ever guys jen us subscribers you are in the chat do not hesitate not to really put it in the cat at 11 o'clock I gave my back sellers at 3 p.m. actually 30 I said you had to sing your back to all rapahel and prohibition to sell most of those who followed me have makes more than 30 points 57.14 for 114.29 chalice more than ten points per day 14 29 declare lose 14 29 declare more than 20 points per day and the rest 0 absent at zero minus 10 points like that at least it's quite heterogeneous you can absolutely watch in replay meeting action I gave it at 11 a.m. at 2:30 p.m. and I'll even go beyond I

will tell you clearly I forbid it's anything on the nasdaq and the russel while waiting for the dow to be break the figure so i have a camera problem is it that we can take away the camera which is there please she task me we do not don't move i will manage ayoub who tells me you surprise me the market stocks and indexes show the big makes up for it on crypto it's not possible type that is not quite that we do will talk that you type good enough maria no don't worry it will be okay I was time not help me I will you talk especially about the day result voting operations genus les au tf here 0.37 almost nothing Cubans shale 6.6 b6 and 23 points the commodities 11.3 for now crypto we didn't hire anything that's why take a little time clues 54-48 futures 57 stocks 14.2 percent and the forex 8.65 pushes to be full automatic it must be seen for the believe you don't believe me subscribe it is not complicated if you don't win in the first open we doubt your subscription at least that's settled in the detail of operations twelve years ago operations in any case losing there 34 winning operation and 5 invalidated on will now look at the year if you allow me, we will watch year-round the crypt currency year-round the results are not bad eh it is necessary be honest but not quite true listen to 98 indeed point on the crypt so it's not dots in the occurrence the percentage 98% of capital earn in crypto yes but its results are specific to a broker hassle broker and like cryptocurrency is not a regulated product I repeat as the crypto currency premium is not a product ultimately regulating the crypto you can lose when others make 100% of the capital you lose absolutely you lose and that's what it is fundamental to understand we have made scores on crypto but some earned they doubled the capital and its real nod to stéphane and some lost every time some was winning some actually losing it is a bit the logic of the game to zero sum we will talk about it later here are for the stats and I want some a lot at the exchanges I want a lot to ex chain and if you do crypto trading you know that everything has changed I mean everything has changed from the moment we had these big drops these big drops before last summer there were two big cracks actually on crypto it's not complicated APIs have planted the excesses was no longer reachable and since this date all algae have been reviewed these algae with cons algo is today whatever happens even if the lgo wins you lose quickly who tells us what I did find out the jenny stephen friend trader it proved found it quite sensational attacks not seen everything I guarantee you that it's just huge between loans the wing that it was separated the movements erratic and not precise absolutely axel we continue for in any case I will you once again specifies that today we went from 53 to 43 min if you have watched the news i am going to you do it like this morning I pay them in another and hours attention today the crypto should explode no i'm laughing ah yes bah why because salvador is coming to authorize the currency as a currency changeable in his country alas a white at the salvador at the water the salvador it's not china it's not the united states is not switzerland is not luxembourg then salvador henri salvador fruit salad bah yes absoutely how do you want to believe that bitcoin can go up with salvador must stop the bullshit and that's what I said this morning and I explain to people who watch me every day at 8:30 am I say it again I will do it to you sorting between what is changing and what is going walk and mostly people who know me know that we arrive at decipher the economy like that then for those who would not understand when we from 53,000 to 43,000 euros in function of the effect of lever that you chose because everything the world of a site to take effect leverage and depending on capital and of the position size was engaged especially this use on the markets future crypto as subban years or others in the end you become range and the 10 min 15 thousand and thirty one thousand forty thousand you lost actually not lost a big piece yes but him as we did not lose it's true but for one who wins how many who lose and that's why that I'm bad so your max rawdon what is the max drawdown the max drawdown is what you lose compared to what you win and when you calculate the max tuna drawdown because that's our stallion to us traders that is to say that the world can come see you he comes to you see you tell me you know i'm the one best trader in the world like the esp idiots in andorra there the big one there the one who actually tells it the guy for two months I am best trader in the world you see I close my eyes a little because I am sense more to throw makes three crash a hundred thousand euros ah I'll go to you repay yeah I learned it was a hell of a mythomaniac and I also learned that pissed me off everything that could legros d'andorra there who eat raisins I continue there is also indeed the bistro mast gives in general if you lose 30,000 for win 300 t a looser boys then obviously you go up 300 and you show it on weekends but you don't go up indeed the 30,000 that you lost just before that is the first thing then the first thing already must be know it is first that crypto is a strange product we knew but there even more than before crypto is a strange product this crypt to which is a strange product she is above all manageable for gogos and scammers is a product of scammers I'm telling you it's clear now it's definitive crypto trading all those who promote crypto credit and trading is in my opinion pure larnack and I am a living witness and I take you with me if you want it's there who can it's still not regular ah well no we promised uncle swore uncle a spat except for the future it's true crypto is still not an asset is still not an ace small dishes crypto what's a good thing a screen I swing you and who goes actually sell you against another money to bab often money besides, he doesn't exist either sdtc exists or usd / t you will buy canvas at apple store with usb tu where did you see that so actually you're gonna see the huge thing you stay with me it's not a currency convertible in the proper sense of the word must stop bullshit bitcoin is not lead convertibles i made there four years a show with a guy who everywhere proclaims who the millionaires billionaires and even on TV wired and the tnt and the mans who tells you a convertible and lack of luck in 2018 I was going to Japan he said yes to me japan everyone beacon mix and bullshit they are almost all banning your crypto currency made no transactions in the real world with bitcoin stop believing them to stop them believe we are not making a transaction in bitcoin the only small transactions that we saw in big fun it's shit low point then its host crypts and which wins malesic in enemies such crypto issuers or tokens people who influence like mask the ex ge who plays with the spread and the slip edge is their market, you fast everything if you really doubt you happen a day with me on my account real baïne years i will win 1000 euros with 50 balls and I will lose 1250 bullet just after that is it p-dg is nothing else so him how can it be done just do that when you buy and you win in the morning what does ch 2 1 or 2 tic maximum but by against when did you win continue the broker trump makes you go down trend and do not execute even before when you programmed it a even when you programmed it in fact the response time of your manual order to all programmed orders of your algorithms everything is handled by the exchange you don't believe me if you have one algorithm poorly developed in python ce that you want you know that you get regularly news the lands exchange that tells you stick algorithms they will have to wait a minute before sending his order 10 seconds 15 seconds we add 10 milliseconds we get these notifications all the time you can't win it's impossible i know i will rot but I don't care and all the masters who pisses me off and well I too will you fuck this is low point I don't care me your crypto i get people every days on the phone choice that me tell stories I think that indeed will be to see so now shit there are enough there has no robot that offer performance regular on krypton put it on head stop believing emitting on the cable TV the day the management of population protections suit them fall on the face you will see that it will hurt them because they advertise it highlights crypto they are paid with money filiation but it does not deal down there is no robot that wins on crypto there is no robot that wins on crypto I want proof that I invited them all did not come ok we have to stop and it's not because you've known the guy for three years that he is on youtube and who makes you dream that you see believe it and that you have to buy something that his name is bonaparte stop there no robot that makes you win the last robot I drank that promised 10% per month it's an Indian company covered his money on his wallet and you trade with a broker strand blacklisted by mf but [__] but what you fuck the authorities you do what the authorities how we do what what do you guys keep doing do what they want and worse his door plush according to car very low it is necessary pump low you have to pump the case out auto pump train we call it auto process it works the copy in this moment i have never seen so many ponzi scheme there are even some who say ah yeah, let's get a hold of none Well yes you surprise me but how do i see it but you you call me you call me you call charlotte you call the heap the staff you call me you tell me more that me on my robot I earn 10% so me you start to know me what what I answer them but why you call me but if you go to me 10% by months but [__] but my fingerprints at a friend goes to the beach and then explodes you have nothing to [__] jenny staechele we are having fun in james jump when they arrive at the sma because that we know very well what the trading and we even know the recurrence of gains based on schedules we talk about moments and we talk time and that's super important so you are 80% to tell us me I earn a great living and worse when you dig but in fact you didn't win it that much with these [__] robots then 10% of retension per month of return that's always what we offer you ah yes but him that I can withdraw only 20 % of my earnings every month but it's what is this fable of the fountain what this bullshit but you don't have understand who is kidding you then it's true that it's worth 20 bucks per we can't take that away from them, it's worth it 20 balls per month genius is worth 200 balls a week they are worth going badly per month but even 10 balls five balls it is not credible who is in the process of pass over the grave the more you go to them give your wheat and the more their courses go increase the day you clear anyway that of her you do not believe in rest with me I will explain to you roughly in more than genus has nothing at all to have with these robot mash the gains are real they are made live and there are a notion listen carefully because it is false that I tell you that it is necessary that I'm telling you there is a great notion important at jenny there is something fundamentally important at jean huss is that when you win the money you can withdraw it instantly 100% of my money is not with us that it is with a broker so regulate if you want to go out fall in the afternoon in the evening or even in an hour you do what you want you will not actually go to us all you just got started you are young you earn money you withdraw in the evening was in agreement and it is patrice top who will say the opposite christophe i will tell you something you a year like treat a mytho but christophe it takes between five and ten thousand in this moment a week five and ten thousand by week if he was there he means statement per day is per day I hope let them bomb, in short, we come back to crypto training i'm going to talk from our lead developer he is surely in the chat his name is Julien we love it and the performance view of james he knows the price of jean huss he has therefore tested whether the adibal robots bonaparte from not what spain tomorrow and wonder woman are you want to ten balls and texts from exceet he came back to see me saying luxury and big shit this texting thing but of course it's not worth anything and that's where the guys doing the promotion are not okay again from these [__] robots bonaparte is what you want and others bullshit why they are not there tonight why don't they call me why i don't try to be on the show what is it me schnerb what is it me I am worse off than you because I not going to talk about graphics with 85 technical indicators but me my life I win it on the markets boys me I don't win it because I pass on itv or what do you hand me i'll tell no story ask your crypto it is worth nothing if you are able to show me the opposite, to show me promote your toned dresses robot it is worth nothing there is not a robot that worth anything and stop piss me off with your ten percent by months because that's what you read in the ad I make 10% per month but I can withdraw that 20% shit that's it stop your bullshit be a while ago you guys aren't even believable anymore you call me you tell me anything but you take me for a diamond in kindergarten or what to throw like I tell them but what are you want to come to my house you earn 10% by months that kill each other so shit you press on the rhône in the morning you press europe care and you earn 10% but it's not I, I would never guarantee them to you it's 10% on crypto absolutely never but it's like that low point so, besides, I would like see the wind move but it does not move for the moment of friends I don't know say why i will check right before for celebrating with us on the show I remind you that within five minutes we are going to have a real operator on cryptochrome and cheese nothing to do with with crypto short one which is one model makes it a technical operation what has nothing to do i'm talking about the crypto that she n 6 and trading via the platforms you know now script in point like and all these things must stop the bullshit must stop please stop stop laughing we laughing we are pat on the stomach okay but we stop and then stop believing me analyzes at noon at 11 years old, okay stop believing me that the guy who does the analysis of its graph excuse me to 11am earlier you were 52 miles away at 4 p.m. t1 42000 but at the end then

stop in line and drop the minutes why do you get carried away it's not yours it's true but in this case you call me disagree in this case you won't tell me that you can give me a little bit if you please jenisch i need raise my capital ah I have ten by day like that but how is it going and then the people who pay the jenny this ladder they do what it takes as they call themselves chiale the masters you are done rinsing you are done rinse us pay like the others point bar with us we win and live and anyone can attest to that it's clear then where it's not going in fact why don't they come live why we do not see some pass their time doing analyzes on tv you know what i think of technical analysis with indicators others bathe you with their explanations on the last week there are still some kippah this same on the chains thing the same one he's sending on linkedin of the analyzes of the week last to explain consensus industrial three-phase ants in north africa on bitcoin but I have nothing to [__] me about your analysis, do me dreaming it is me who pays but me of until what can explode when you tell me what I can do you put yourself next to me, I follow you you make me win 100 balls of 100 mag a thousand bullets of a thousand bullets ah them poor as Jean Claude would say that it follows in my eminent spa shit at the end but there it never swings hello so here the tv channel crypto thing, we're going to analyze the bitcoin from last week it Seems that seen rsi darling here stochastic moment tom moving average is all you want young I have nothing to [__] and there you go well it always ends like that it was in any case others continue to walk around with their video of weekend but all that doesn't work shit and frankly but stop stop stop stop I lost some under luc you are angry so i have lost money how to do today actually it for you explain is that that of genius on is still quite a competitor and when we compete explains objectives so it's true that there are an unknown in the equation we do not know if the market will give it to us or not I I'm going to show the wind bar too much from 1480 2 euros I lost whatever what you want me to just lose what is no no no and no that happen to lose but it's over losing days over it happens from to lose but the days of losing are over finished we can more we can more bet on losing days then there are sometimes it's boring yeah it's true there are times when it is rather painful where it is rather boring it is true today come on today we're going up quickly hold in two 2 please mariana on will show them very, very quickly is this that we can see my screen today these 4 126 96 235 and 530 ball 1191 00 that's not complicated at least now your hand is my screen and it's settled thank you mariana we come back to me on continue so i will make you laugh before you pass the word to appetite I'm going to say something that purists don't will not accept at all I tell you tourists are not going to like it at all trading is a zero-sum game when you lose a guy win and win your dough so I rubbed it with a dude once because he didn't know this that it was that the general and the specific when you lose the m en fall offal and the must only if it has took 1 billion in a month he took them was calling someone he did not find the money-changing machine up to standards that's clear, you don't ask yourself why nexans wins why why why the chains I also want you who know them constraints of a trader why why they don't have the same constraints that brokers why why they don't have the same maids came on time but it's a trick because at gabon will be five minutes from 2.2 of reality tv listening trading is a zero sum game we know there are more traders who lose who wins even when you watch them brokers the actual cover pages from the brokers website years I can you say that all those who are israel Maltese chip thing he is trafficking that's it sure one below the result is not just on the other hand parra piché 75% account losers because that they are forced to do it with the new regulation of esma tu know of tende to 99 who then lose the copi trading 7 according to sources and mm 99% lose money I'm telling you that it's clear so you imagine the 1% ce that collects the 1% that's why we made some pretty amazing scores so what I mean is why the exchange crypt where it does not put how much it are there accounts losing why they must not put it why we see not on their cover page and why was not verified by mmf the bank from france la bce why why why we can't see the number of accounts losing on the home of these exchange why and I invite anyone which exchange to have a right to answer on my board I invite any and see the problem that's what we are covered tv for money I created this TV four years ago or five years it was fabulous they us have not covered the right speak you are barely a hundred tonight you should ten fifteen twenty thirty forty what do you want me to talk to you about like 2.2m dubai chief ryan ne not know what or 2.2 but stop the cctv bullshit hanging on your nose you must push and share you have to say people actually watch tv for money watch they tell the truth looks at the master when he says he was engaged in operations he shows his account he has with his lad does not win because his account has nothing to [__] it's the dog that interests you well yes if you win it works if you win not well there is a blame so we continue why are there not these mashed accounts loser on the home of both channels why don't they say why don't has not the precautions of use why there are not and then something else Americans they banned robots one there are now about ten years there is no robot port ex aux united states it is strictly prohibited why you the franchouillards leaf rose the winged europeans why are you still buying yourself robot because it makes you dream said bullet because it makes you dream of basel because when we talk about mt 4 because when we don't speak effectively metatrader talent talent nose in the air and then you feel stolen but you will understand that they really kidding you will you end up with the understand are you going to take your fate in hand your wallet in hand come and subscribe at jenny stephen and begins to succeed in taking the job but that's not possible still it's been a thousand years since I say that thing and people call me again soon the udc I take 9% per day ah no sorry 2% a name important automatic but you come do what at home I think I will give you 9% per day but never I give them to you - the 9% is is able and kill catch them be you not capable too bad for you and then low point then there is one more trick therefore robots are prohibited in the states united in canada cfd are prohibited in canada in belgium and the united states and it is true that in europe we have the right to no problem so there is one last thing because little one gets impatient and he is right and I apologize to him but i needed to tell you all these things then there are some that go swing everything to there is one who goes all swing to there is it read everything then him I can tell you it's going to be hot of knight because when he goes start to open it there is not one that you know it was talking about brokers with 0 transaction fees I got you explained that in finance especially that zero does not exist zero costs he does not exist I will tell you he is called very simply his name is then because I do not know people by heart, this is the president of the sec the sec is the supervisory authority of course to united states he said jean but I am considering to disclose all the small information from listed companies for curb the consolidation wholesale it will swing everything and above all he will ban the zero euro economic model of transactions don't remind you of anything laughs this robin hood un thuya games stop un coach who picks up who make you believe they are good samaritans i tell you like a fat man who wants to fall asleep helping everyone and hovering over a surfboard 10 meters above the ground which ultimately is a scammer of first class do you realize that really there is something wrong there is a ball in the soup and well it cult director says he's fine swing and he will ban that bravo in anyway it's great so we continue to end up very quickly emotional that I get it right away besides I will call him as if he will be with us I still have two minutes later there is only him who speaks I swear to you that I keep quiet because he's a great guy interesting he calls a show with me on his job and I can tell you that I remained baba because the master that he holds a diaper and does not know bad things still two small seconds I call him and after I him leave the floor of course obviously that shoot me at the wells so every time gdd notifications always the same be there that they take a profile picture with what god light blue suit or dark blue sorry that's shit to him really he really tells Anything link him is great anything for a few seconds I will try to find his number phone in 2 2 normally I go there obviously it is not in front of the nose here can I have it here here go fethi please the thing should work normally here is it can we shoot this here he calling me i think it's him I think it's him allocate hello hello Hello? Hello hello hello hello hello hello petty and who stay with us stay with us I will pass in two seconds and is there with us it's a good one new come on we continue anyway because i'm telling the horizon this is where the petty I'll call you back right away there I will call it back right away because there I have a horrible resonance in the microphone I finish and you go you marry stay well with me you go see i'm finished so you're pretty dumb pretty dumb sincerely why that a species moron ended up in andorra once again not the same who use nabila to sell you his services is a good advisor sincerely nabila in 2018 he was telling you 0:59:55.830,0:00:00.060 that she had won a max of 0:59:57.210,0:00:02.010 dough with the crypto frenchies bitcoin

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