Cryptocurrency Market Review⚡ Bitcoin Price 15K USD | Boss of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Market Review⚡ Bitcoin Price 15K USD | Boss of Bitcoin

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Check-check. You guys here my boys okay. Let's. Eat. Alright, alright let's, go ahead. Get. Some of this stuff together. How's. Everybody doing today. Gonna. Put, this countdown up and then we will come back knock, out some charts and get this video on the road. Make. Sure you hit that thumbs up button. Share. It tweet it steam it alright, all that fun stuff. All. Right good. So. Now. Bring. That over here oh. Yeah. I've got to do this one thing hold, on. Here. We go. Yeah. Yeah. Alright. Go. Ahead and get this countdown oh, you. Know. It's. A badge message. Being on Facebook. If. You want to get a hold of me. All. Right. It. Doesn't like it why, not, Oh. Okay. I'm sorry I start tweeting as well. Normally. Normally whenever I make a lot a new live stream it automatically, tweets it but. But. Yeah. YouTube. Definitely. Don't be uh letting. People. Know. That's. Why I have to delay it to be honest because a lot of times they don't even you. Know notifications. Gonna go off got to give people experience to get. On the channel. That's, one more time. What's. Going on guys, there we go. But. What's. Better. All right cool see you guys in 20 minutes. Go, get the rest of this stuff setup. And. Also make sure you jump in a Facebook, group I need to share, this post. Oh. Oh well. Well that's with that. And. Cool got that got that go, boom. That's, good. All, right. There. You go so. That is. The. Post. For. The daily. Giveaway, I will, post a link to the group. Right. There. And. Then uh. All. Right nany will talk to you later a, tough. Talk to you in a chat. Cool we'll be back in 13. Minutes. Make sure you jump in Facebook groups share that. Post. Pin, to the top and, I. Will be back, 13. Minutes to pick a winner. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. What's, up everybody. If. You, haven't, done it by now make sure you jump in our Facebook. Group and. Share. That. Post you see right there and. About. In. Minutes, we go run through some charts and then I'm picking up. Somebody. Out that list, to, win some cash money. From. My pocket to theirs I gotta fix. This thumbnail real, quick. So. I had the wrong price Bitcoin. Don't. Want that, gotta. Be accurate. Let. Me do that real, quick, and. Then look, what chart, do you guys want to see if you're in chat right now let. Me know what chart and. Then. I'll, try to pick a couple of them, then. That out real quick for you guys. Both. Mother. 2,870, people rocking out on the air right now how many lights do we have. Somebody. Let me know in the chat how many lights we got right now. There. We go. 1:12. Good good good awesome. Thank you guys so let's go ahead and uh jump. On a few charts, I see, 8rk. From. A man Jack, the, Ripper. Best. Screen name in the chat right now so. Let's go ahead and do that one for you. Smash. That like button. At. Subscribe, if, you haven't done it yet it, does help us out we do have a global, community, a hundred, and fifty, countries and, Counting all. Around the world I want people to be able to watch this video make some money so make sure you hit that like button pay, it forward, or. Play, a one-time. 8rk. For. The BTC. Until. Game guys the method I am using is called the boss method. Why. Is it called the boss method, because I'm design it I designed, it and I'm the boss as our. Work. So. Uh it's. A really simple myth that you guys I know we have a lot of first-timers, so when I walk, through these charts for the first time I just want to you. Know take a few minutes and let you know how to logistics, work you can see I only really, need, to use. Two. Simple, moving averages, and. The white is a seven, and the. Blue is a. 77. Right. That's, all you need I'm. Gonna turn on a four, hour candle. To. Show you how this thing works this is exactly the chart you would be looking at on, a free account on trade of you you can just click the link in the description, I have two tools for you the. First is a direct link to trade in view you can look me up on there my. Screen name is be the. Kelly, one. To zero three three. Is. My screen name on trade and view I will post. This chart. Do. It. Let. Me make sure I write down a are, Kate. Yeah, yeah whoo - I'll knock that one out to you for. You what's. Going on man I hope all is well we'll. Take care of that one next and yes. Krypto Carly well I'm, actually gonna break that out, into.

A Separate, discussion but, yes, I. Will. There's. A lot a lot more resources, coming for you guys so you know. I know yes I am on steam it someone just asked, this is my steam it page I, will be posting, an exclusive. Chart. On their video. So. That's my steam, it page right there BK. Crypto traitor. That's. Yeah yeah just, getting set up on this thing, but. I will be making an exclusive, steam it post as. Soon as we're done here. All. Right back. To this here we go here. We go. You. Can see I'm literally like. Reorganizing. All these links as we speak -. All. Right. Welcome. Welcome, back for the first time you guys, BK. Crypto trader here we are about to check, out two charts, before. We start our lab video I'm gonna break this part out as a standalone, video for everybody that didn't see it live on air the. Two charts we'll be looking at is a RK, arc, and, Nexus. Right, so, first things first this, is tradingview, dot-com, I do have a link in the description for, you guys, you, can click that link in the description. Tradingview link it'll take you to a trade of view and you can look me up BB Kelly 1203, that is my screen, name on trading. You I. Post. Charts every week I try to do every every big video we do you, know I try to post a couple charts to supplement, it and so. You, can see we're gonna jump over to. Arc. To. Bitcoin on bitrate. One. One quick thing note I know, we got a lot of new people looking at these videos and I don't hold it against yeah I'm happy you joined us I set, this thing up to, you. Know provide educational. Information, for the masses, one. Quick note you guys should all take note of. When. You get started and you're. Trading Bitcoin and you're trading, cryptocurrency. To, look. At the, chart you always. Want to look at write this down, the chart you want to look at is. Always. So. You see arc. To. BTC, that. Means that every, time we went on that chart we. Are winning more, Bitcoin. Right. You, don't want to win dollars, because, you can win dollars, and lose Bitcoin, at the same, if you don't beat the market if you don't beat bitcoins. Dollar dollar, growth and so, you don't have those two metrics built in it but when you do arc to Bitcoin you're. Guaranteed. To win dollars, over, the long haul because we all know that bitcoin, is better, than dollars if we value dollars, we wouldn't need Bitcoin, so let's just, accept, the fact that the dollar sucks, let's throw it out the window and let's value Bitcoin right, welcome. To the money team a arcade. To the BTC, own it, 2:40, this is a four-hour chart we are using patented intellectual, property, called the boss method. Owned. Exclusively. By. Yours truly if, you are profit-seeking entity, you, may not ever use my, method without my express written consent which, you will never have if you are a person, I give it to you for free use it and use it abundantly, pay off your debt buy a house get. Your boy out of jail pay for college whatever you want to do just go out take, a take a first-class, flight to Vegas one time and do it up real big come back to work on Monday and act like nothing happened, you.

Know I'm saying drop five racks in a weekend you don't and pop up to work on Monday you don't saying don't nobody know nothing you know I'm saying this is real deal wealth right here you guys this is money own money own money, it's two simple rules when, the. White is, above. Blue you. Know what to do jump, on the train and go get paid that, means it's time to cash in. Right. So. That's all you got to look for guys is that intersection right there white above blue you know what to do BAM hit, it. Right. And when, the white go below it's, got to go why is that because if it ain't paying it ain't staying, right. Every, day I wake up. So. That's what you guys got to start doing too and it's really just that, easy. So. I'm looking on arcs chart right it's early I'm saying I'm getting, amped I'm gonna getting amped on the charts right now y'all got me started, so. Is this is a AR, K right, what. We see and what I'm doing right now is I'm zooming out to see. What happened before this, little event right here here cuz that's a major event that's a lot of money, time. We. Can see that it's basically coming off a huge, cycle. Right. There's three parts to any cycle, break out break. Down, flat. Line right, this was just to continue down trend on bitcoins. You. Know a little a little bit of deals so you could even count that as break out break down flat, line another little micro cycle in there and now. We. Got some money, right. Right above blue you know what to do if you would have jumped on the Money Train let's see how much you will be up right now oh. Under. 66%. In, 25, days that's how you get paid you guys it's just that easy to get paid. Right. So, what do I think this one is gonna go first of all it's up a lot it's almost straight, vertical. Right, that doesn't last forever so you definitely gotta expect it to do something like that at some point in time where do I expect, it to happen let's look at the past. To. See when these major shifts, happened.

That's. Good to know so we'll take it all the way back start, there from the bottom of the blue to the top of the blue look at that just like clockwork. Right. And this, is gonna be it's this was an. Uptrend. That's, a downtrend. This. Is an uptrend. So, this is gonna have an amazing four to five months right here this is definitely gonna break all-time, highs pretty. Easily. Let's, just do this real quick, the. See. That's. Probably gonna hit right there, low. To high, we're gonna okay, wow this, thing broke out so quick this, is crazy so what's happening right now is this is basically a, complete. Reversal. Back. Into, a breakout. Right, so this was the reversal, section, this, is actually a really good chart technically, this, was the reversal, section, that little part right there where it basically like hit the bottom and. Jumped. Out right just like a you, know like a bird like that one guy used to make like you make them little birds in school you. Know this thing finally got wings and could fly right. And. Now. Now we broke, out now this is like real-deal money right, but, we. Hit our head on top of the green right here that won't be long this is still a pretty strong chart if anything, we would fall back down. But. A seven eight six right here but. Once we clear. Above. That. 0.5. And break out of. That. Money zone so basically once we clear. Spend. A week. Above. 0.075. That's. When this thing is gonna hit a continuation, and keep. Going right. But. It has and I'm not talking about one candle, tip I'm talking about you got a you know you got to put more than a tip in on this one this. Has to be at least a week above. Point O. Above. 75, but, once that happens then. You have some real-deal money, coming, behind the scenes and you'll. Be all the way back up there, clipping. That one six right. At 107. Right. And, that's what that's what this will look like right here and so. That's what we see this is pretty much guaranteed. With. This recent breakout, here is we're at 66. Right now. Again. It's gonna come down there. But. You're almost guaranteed, another, 50%. Right. There, and. That's. Free money that's like locked into the charts ideally, you would get a few extensions out of it so. Ideally. Sell. A short, candle, at. The to four at 13, right. Because 107. Is almost guaranteed so ideally, you can get one or two candles, up there to sell at 13, if, you don't have it I wouldn't. Recommend buying, it because, again that's just basically a straight, line breakout you don't want to buy that right. What, you want to do instead is, go down to the two hour chart, and. Look. For the closest, intersection that, this thing is expected, to fall back down on and that. Would be this one right here. That's. Where you want to buy right. This is gonna take a dip at some point if, you're. If you get anxious and you don't think it's gonna go that load and you can put maybe a half order in at 58, you. Know and another half order in at 51, just, to catch it right, and then if you got a three-piece, right, depending. On depending on where the market is you might look up in two days you. Know and something has changed but those are basically two different levels like you'll see as it goes through you. Know it'll go do something. Like. That right. And so. Depending on where you're at at any, given moment with. Regards to these three these, phases, you know can determine how much or how less you want to put in at the time I don't recommend jumping in up here because, again that's basically, straight, up what goes up must come down but you got to support right there you. Got a dip right there and it's gonna lock into one of them to. Continue, going up in the. Interim, right, but this is definitely a pretty good coin I would, just let it cool off a little bit and. And let let the market make you money we make money on the buy remember. That guys we make money on the buy right, so we all chase money this is money chasing money up there we let it come we let it come back down we, buy it down low and soon. As the market snaps back up guess what we just got paid right. And so there you go. Somebody. Said Cherie and says she doesn't understand the boss method but, very eager to learn this is all you got to do Charlene. Is you just type, in on YouTube chart. Like. A boss, right, you can type it in on Google at this point I'm. Saying even Google know my name by now so. Here you go you type in chart like a boss and it. Should pop, something up. There. You go BAM, hit him over the head with it that's. The boss method explained us then about you know our breaking. This thing down like a fraction. Chart. Like a boss that's the playlist, right there.

23,000. Views you. Know I'm saying this is one of the best comprehensive. Eclectic. Methods, out there it's based harmonic, forecasts, and Fibonacci, retracements. Universal, collective consciousness all that good stuff and a little bit of. Statistics. And uh. Quantum. Mechanics, as well. So. There you go that's art, thank. You for joining us too Charlene, I wish you the best of luck in the markets. Nexus. In excess. Let's. Check it out, again. You guys if you haven't done it by now you got about two and a half minutes, this is gonna be a quick chart I'm coming right back to this page and I am. Picking. A winner off the, top of that group I. Also need, to jump in there and bring, clear, two boards that way. Everybody. Is. Involved. Right. So there you go again everybody in the chat I just put the link up right there for a Facebook group jump in there. Share, that post I'll clear, the boards now for everybody that already did. For. All the new people the. Nexus chart and then, we'll go ahead and. Make. This real. Just. Make sure we ain't got nobody trying, to pull no fast ones. Shout. Out the heat milk what's going on tell. Sivan I said what's up shout. Out the Saban Bowman and the. Universal, community come on come on you're pushing it man I said what's your favorite crypto I said I said, if you don't answer our questions we will consider you about you will not be let in do. You understand. We. Didn't answer that question man I can't do it I can't do it I. Decline. At least one person out of, the group that way I feel like I did something. Though. Somebody got to get the boot and I think that person was just assumed. Sometimes. People be putting some funny answers though, aah. Aah. Well. Is that a stripper. All. Right all right so everybody's, in everybody's, good. Nexus. Yes. To, the Bitcoin. Again. Make sure you always look at the Bitcoin chart guys cuz USD, ain't done nothing for me. Don't. Waste your time with it mmm. Goodness. I. Something. With Nexus is this. Was working on a polar reversal so, is basically you. Know, coming. Off about a three-month. Decline. Right. There. You go that's good that's good that's good. Yeah. So. This is all you do you look forward to part I call this like the genesis point you look for to point to where all of that energy started. Right. And then, you look for the point to where all of it stopped. Right. And. That. Is, more. Or less gonna. Be, your. Cycle, right. Remember. Three. Parts two this. Is just a long extended, cycle just look a little bit sloppy but at the end of the day breakout, breakdown.

Flatline. See, that and so. Now we're. Gonna break that cycle up. Into. Other, smaller. Parts. Let's. Break out break down. Right. There. Right. So all I do with my with my cycle, lines is I. Said. That's where it started at, that. Where you, know it was about halfway and. Then. It found the next starting point and. This. Is going to be about, halfway and. That's. Gonna be. The. Completion point right. Now. What does that tell us that tells, us that Nexus, is gonna, make some real-deal moves, here pretty soon. And. This. Is gonna go up. Sit. And, up. And. Sit. Right. I. Guess. If you have it right now. It's. A lot of top down pressure on it this, is not a good situation when, something breaks out like that and has that sharp down pressure that's. Not a good situation, long-term, you'll, be fine this thing will recover and you, know make you a lot of money by June July but. Between, now and you. Know February 1st probably. Won't make you much of anything this is why because. You have so. Much quick, down, pressure, on the, market if we turn those candles, on you. Know you got so many candles, now it's. Almost like top-heavy it's like this thing is going over to rollercoaster, right. And it's gonna look for somewhere to land and the, closest, thing is not, until, that blue line with. Is still you. Know. 30%, away right, comfortable, comfortable, 30%. Away if we, jump down to the two hour we. Might be able to, pull some information yeah. And you can see this thing just switched, over switched, off on the two-hour so. Now the, quick momentum, is selling. Nexus right so. If you have it and now would probably be a good time to get out of it because, what happens here is when that quick momentum sells it it normally drops, off to, the last part where they agreed at and that, will be right there so I would I would say no, it wouldn't be all the way down there I'm sorry, this. Is where when we don't have that much information, we. Need to turn on the 21 and anchor into an intersection up here goodness gracious we can't even do that. Hopefully. It doesn't fall here this isn't a good setup dumb. Prop. You have some decent, support, you'll, probably bounce right there because. The thing is once people start, selling, it. Then. People. That were in it before with long money they'll start buying it right there because this is basically like a real, quick area where, the market came to some debate you. Know and so that will probably be a decent area to, bounce off of say.

That's What it's trying to do right there okay and now that I turn the candles on you can see that. There is one more micro, level right. Around there, but. That's a big drop I mean, even if you take the top of that candle at point 4 at, 40, that's. It that's still a pretty decent. Decline. Right, and so, given that the quick money is out I would definitely look to exit, and buy, back in you. Might be able to jump. Out and then put, a limit, by right, there. Right. At 50. So. You can see levels are basically 60, 50, 40 that's. Pretty clean right, so if you sell it up here at 71, buy, back in at 50, congratulations. You just made 40 percent on your money like, a boss, this is the pretty it's hard but, if you and and that's why I say you got to make your money on the buy right, so now you just let the chart work for you let the market work for, you you put your money down and walk away from it come back a week later to market field and you already up right, there. You go, and. It's good to see you in the chat again Johannes as. Always always. A pleasure. Make. Us thank, you does. That meet $10 oh yes he liked the chart. Appreciate. It man good. Deal. Speaking. Of tipping. And patronage. I do, have my patreon page is up in live this. Is really cool we do have a. Few. Options, available for you guys just simple. Shout out if you want that this, is a, top. Ten community, charts. Seven. People signed up for that already that's pretty cool so, we'll look at all of this stuff started, in February, - and basically if it's, less than 10 people and each of you will basically get your own coin right, and I'll put a top 10 list together community, choice of whatever you want Town, Hall this is where I'll be a meeting. With you know kind of hosting, more, meetings, I might I might go back and do redo that one but. This one is the big box, method alert service this, is basically. It's. Only nine spots, left, but. This is gonna be an automatic, daily. Notification. On what coins. Just. Crossed or broke down on, the boss method so the, quick money seven and seventy-seven, depending. On the frequency I might do it on a 343. Or seventy-seven depending on execution. I don't want to like flood you guys with trades but hopefully. You. Know ideally or, I might modify it to where you, know, you. Get probably two or three a day but then the same coin, doesn't, come back you, know until like once. Or twice a week that way if you are a day trader you can jump in or jump out or you, know if you just want to take a cycle off you'll have that chance but can still you, know look to see what else is moving in the market as well right, so make money while you sleep. Top, 20, coins again we will be starting this, service. In, February, as well. There. You go guys this, is the if you want to do the alert service And. You. Can. Sign up right. There. Someone. Said BK send me money I am broke. I'm doing better than that son I'm sending you knowledge. You're. Only broke because you're only limited mentally, on what you can achieve financially. The minute you change that. Perception, is the minute you transform. Your. Reality. Welcome. To the money team. Let's. Go ahead and make this, money. Last, call. Last. Call. Facebook. Group at, post. Share. It if you want to win some money. Nobody. Just as if I'd look at the 21 yes I do. Look at the chart I just did I turned a 21 on when I'm inside of probably two weeks worth, of data. And. The seven and the 77, don't really have any error in sections then I turn a twenty-one on to. Give me some extra information to, see where two support levels lie, right.

And. That's it. Let's. Do it. Just. Type in BK crypto traitor on patreon, and then, you will find me. Here. We go. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day, this is the dose. Of Bitcoin. The creased o of crypto is your boy BK and if, you're like me you, must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today is January. 10th, as you, can see bitcoin, is still holding, on right, around fourteen. Five, Bitcoin. Cash is sitting nice and a shadow between twenty five twenty eight of them etherium is closing it down between ten and twelve. It's. Always money to be made even in a downtrend, and that's what we go look at today you know it may be getting a little cold on the market but I tell you what once you start making these trades at 7:07, like a boss then. Your pockets start heating up real quick this, is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my, name is BK you know me as the crypto trader and I am the most. Of, these charts as you will soon find out, every. Day I graced, this microphone, with my voice is another day you get to profit, as a result, and today, is no, exception so, with, that being said we're going live into, our Facebook, group, right, now is, called, the number, one, Bitcoin. Group, in the world. 20,000, of my, best friends, come together seven. Days, a week to. Keep each other empowered. And in profit, in the. Marketplace, is a beautiful, thing you guys over two hundred countries represented. In 20,000. People and we. Just come together help each other out they said it ain't no fun if the homeboy don't get none and so every, day you know I'm saying we we breaking bread sitting, down and eating together so, here you go all you got to do share it is share this post right there at the top of the page to, win some free aetherium, yesterday. I gave away a couple hundred dollars a week there you go you know I got a whisper because my girl don't let me give him away money like that I told her I said. 20,000. We, got 20,000. Young's, and I said. That's worth a couple hundred dollars, it. In my younger days not. Not recently in my younger days I. Spent. More than that on spilt, liquor. That's. That rig clear that's that Ric Flair shout out to my 80s babies who, know exactly what I'm talking about. So, here we go a number, one Bitcoin group, in the world right. What's today's date January, temps so we go go 11. Let's. Go 11 from the top right, one, two, hey, what's that big be one, two. Three. Four. Five. Six, seven. Eight, nine. Ten. BAM. St8. In. The building, do. Me a favor shoot me your aetherium wallet you are our free, aetherium. Winner of the day BAM and it's just that easy to get paid everybody make sure you come on in and, join the, money team the, doors are always. You. Know number one Bitcoin group in the world we don't need to you know spam each other you don't gotta pay 995. For. A udemy class it ain't no pump-and-dump, group on telegram, this is just fractal, harmonics, and empowerment. And a few you know crypto, means to make it a little bit little. Bit easier, it's, a big tricks and finances closed we are the chosen ones hey guys where's Nobby man you go wake up one day you, know Bitcoin go be a, million. Dollars, and you go be looking around feeling. Elevated. But that's what I say let us not you know as we increase our affluence, let us not decrease, the influence, and the commitment, we have to empower, in each other right, and, so that's the biggest thing you guys and that's what I wanted to take.

A Minute to do in. This midweek, market. Review. Right, what's, next, the, big corner, Barak has asked me this question and, it's had about 15, times tonight he said that seven is below 277, BK what should we do, what's. Next what's. Next. Let's. Look at the times we. Are going to trading V dot, Tom, right. A link, is in the description, you guys for. Trading view if you click that link right there you can type in to the, search be the, Kelly. 12:03. That, will take you to my profile, page you know got about a hundred thousand. Views on this thing that's pretty cool eighty charts. Published. Right. And, I will be published in tonight's chart as well and what. We'll be doing. Is we will go to a Bitcoin. Start on a, four-hour chart so all we got to do is type in BTC. To the USB, and. Let's. Check it out on. Hello. And. A method we'll be using is the, boss method, this is some of my design develop, and. Trademark. Patented, and protected, for the people, if you're a profit-seeking, in Kiev the Doozer area plant one of them circle-jerk boys on Wall Street about the default the economy, again in the next global recession, you do not ever have my permission to use it if you are a person, that has been defaulted upon, use it and use it abundantly, it works quite, well. It. There, are two simple rules you guys it's it's literally. Two. Simple. Rules, for, the. Simple, moving averages. We, use a seven, day moving average and a, 77. Day moving average and between. The two of them we, can make. Money ninety, percent of the time right. Not a thing with bitcoin is I don't recommend swing. Trading, big, this is swinging trading, you guys I don't recommend swing trading, Bitcoin, we, swing trade the alt to. Accumulate. More Bitcoin but, it's always good to understand. What bitcoin is doing fundamentally. Because then we can understand. What, we expect, to. Do in response. To. It right, and so. The the, chart I'm looking at right now is, going, to be on a four hour candle, that's more, than enough. Time, for Bitcoin you really don't need to go on a two-hour candle, because then. It just you know screws. It all up and shows, you a lot more than you need given. A situation. For. Our gives, you two macro and, a. Two hour and one hour give you two micro, so, what I'm gonna start, is on. My macro, and then I'm actually gonna break it down maybe, to a one hour to show you what the micro looks like right. So, real, quick. First. Thing you want to do is, zoom out as far as you could go to, see kind of like the genesis point where did all this energy come from and where. Did it all change. Right. Where did it start and where did it end that's. It look for those two intersections. And now. We're. Gonna draw a Fibonacci. Bambam. Right. And. All we see basically, only, thing that's happening right now is, really nothing to be overly. Alarmed. About least. Not yet we. Are consolidating on, the 786. See. That that blue line right there that's. What we're doing we're just consolidating. On that blue line, right. There right. Now. This. Has happened before, right. To. Where we, have kind of like a. Breakdown. A, dip, you. Can see if if we actually zoom in on this moment. In time right here, where. We had a spike. Some. Sideways, action. This.

Is This might be like an exact, replica. Of what's, happening right now right. To. Where we had a big breakout we. Came right back down to the blue line and. Another quick breakout came right back down to the blue line guess what happened we, broke down for. All of, seven. Days actually. It was maybe like a month. But. Then. We broke down but guess what came, right back right and, made. Some real deal money. So. Theoretically, that could be, exactly, what's happening, right now is. We. Just broke down and. We. Made consolidate. Like I don't. Consider, it see. This is the thing when. You. Understand. What's happening. Inside. This chart you, really don't care if. Bitcoin, is $1,200. Or if it's, $1,900. Because. You should never be selling your Bitcoin for cash anyway, ever, ever, ever, ever, at least, for the next five years right. Now I'd be looking at buying in and yeah that makes that make sense but to be honest when you buy in you buy it and then you jump over to the all points to make more Bitcoin so to be to be honest you should never use Bitcoin, as a vehicle for dollars, until, you're ready to sell it which shouldn't be in five years but for now we, will take a look at the chart which. Says that yes we are on a temporary. Downturn. This, more than likely will push, us down. To. This level, twelve. Thousand. Right. We, do have a very very very strong floor, right, there right. At around, ten thousand, dollars you see that loop right there go. Up go down that. Means that this thing is almost locked into the charts right just. Like this moment right now is locked into the chart so basically, the. Minute we break this, moment, here let me clear this off real quick I. Don't. Want to do that, we. Just take some of these circles off. The. Minute we break. This. Moment, those. Loops right there. The. Minute we break under that we're. Basically going down to that next anchor point right, so. In a minute we break under, that. We're. Going down to. That. You. See that it's. Basically the loops talk to each other and this is where the 21 does come in handy if I turn the 21 on you, would see that the 21, has a few more intersections. Right in those key areas that, we we. Are anchoring into I don't really want to turn it on because it, doesn't really it. Might just make the chart more sloppy let's. See you. Can see that was like that was a key one right there two intersections, close together and that's what I look for is really like two intersections. Close together and that's between the seven and the 21 and then, we got. Two. Intersections, almost at the same level right there so, this is like strong, strong, strong support, right, but, what we have here is basically a downward. Triangle. Right. The. Where. I'm. Basically on a draw. To. See when. We can expect. The. Fall. That's, probably gonna be it right there. That's. That's gonna be it and that. In turn is gonna, drop us down. Probably. Right there. Look. At that that's, pretty, crazy but, remember I told you guys right before. I did.

This Whole thing at. That line right there was kind of like our floor right, that's like our global floor now you see that the energy of these two triangles from, those two intersections. Basically. Confirmed, it right, and all I did actually. He'll be right there so I like lines are perfect all, idea was I drew that triangle, copy and paste it put the duplicate, right there at that intersection and it, shows you two paths that bitcoin is gonna follow, right. As, it. Makes this little breakdown. Probably. About half way to do something like that bounce back real quick and, then. Decide, right around this time what it wants to do, and. That time is gonna be when that triangle, passes, through, that. Moment. They'll. Be right there right, around Valentine's Day. Now. Keep in mind, we. May not feel this pattern, this. Is a strong pattern at this point but it's not confirmed, it's not guaranteed right. We, could bounce like. Right there and easily, do something like that you see how it feels, the same it just it's. Basically, just Bitcoin, setting, up for. The next movie right, so it could either be that. Move. Or. That move and, I'll just leave this like on the chart so you can see but. Basically it's. Downward, pressure on it long downward, pressure. I'll. Look at turn on the 231 to see where our global support comes in that's not good. I was. Hoping not to see that so that basically takes, out the upward range. Once, we have the. 7700. The. 231, like that you see how the. Blue is under, the, columns. That's. Not good that's not good at all that's I call that the death. Cross, right, and, so, now we're basically guaranteed, to break down where we're gonna break down we're gonna test. This bottom zone here at twelve eight once. We break off of that we're, gonna come down might, have a quick bounce off twelve thousand, maybe the back. To 12 for twelve eight you, know but then it's coming right back down I would, say anything, under ten thousand, and this is going through February, through. Valentine's Day anything, under ten thousand, is a five right, on, a macro. Global. Macro, continuation. Pattern, right. But. This is downward, pressure this is a correction. At this point this is gonna be about forty, percent off the top which, is really, what bitcoin looks for, look. At that how did I know forty five percent off the top which is exactly what Bitcoin looks for but. Before, it continues its. Next bull run right. It looks to pull back between thirty and forty percent. Normally. Before it can go up another, thousand. Percent right. So you got two options you can either sell your Bitcoin right now and try. To buy back in and speculate. Or. You. Can just wait, for a dip by backing in I don't, recommend that either because this isn't guaranteed to fill by any means if, China decided to sell, half their gold for Bitcoin then this thing would be eighty, five thousand dollars tomorrow right. So I don't recommend sitting, on the sidelines and US dollars, because if the dollar was designed to make you rich you would already be rich, by now right, and. So what. I see for Bitcoin is that. Will be our consolidation. But. Then when we come back this. Is gonna. Be our breakout. Right. And, that's built into the chart. Once. We consolidate. Down. To that point five come. Back on a nice bull run clear that sixteen we're, gonna hit our head on 24, come back down to 20 and hit, another 3x, all the way up to forty five to forty eight. Right. That'll, be somewhere, around midsummer. Yeah. Confidently. Around midsummer next year you.

Could See it as early as June July. Be. Around 30,000. 32,000. June July and then probably correct right before September, pushed about 46. 40, to 44. So. There you go guys Bitcoin is on a you, know minor, correction. Right, if you sold it at 19,000. Congratulations. If you bought it at 19,000. My condolences. But at the end of the day it doesn't really matter hold it for six months and you'll, be completely, fine, right. In the meantime we, swing trade the alts to accumulate more Bitcoin, and that's what we do every, day like. A boss, if. You appreciate, that make sure you hit the thumbs up button subscribe come. Back on I have videos going 7 6 7 days a week and I, also. Extended. The, available. Resources, this is the most important, I think this is our new patreon, I have I think six, or seven of these left two guys said that they wanted one one got paid in crypto this is the boss method, alert service, on All. You do is you go to patreon, and you type in BK. Crypto. Traitor. BAM. Right. Get up and, that ball back out and, once. You do that you. Will be redirected, to, my, page and I, do have a few products available most. Importantly, is the boss method. Alert service we're gonna be starting to add up in February, and that'll, be a daily, update of, what coins are above or below to 343. So. You can get in early, to. Make some money and beat, the market right you can go to that at. Your leisure doesn't. Know that it's there and a few new resources, available. For the community in addition to that as soon as I'm done with this video I'm gonna be jumping on steaming, and posting, another exclusive, chart, just for steam it, so if you're on the steaming Channel, you can jump over to my page steam, accom at BK crypto trader link, is in the description, as well, and, lastly, if you're just getting set up then, come on over to, boss of Bitcoin. Dot-com. You gonna see my man on the right hand side suited, and booted looking. Like the American Dream they said it's a hard job being a boss but somebody, got to do it and I think he'd do it pretty well so, these are a few other packages he put together for. You to be successful first, is the number one Bitcoin group in the world 20,000. People growing, every day next. Is the crypto, police report ten coins that will change the future no, joke. These. Coins are legit. We. Every, day we're rebuilding, civilization, from the inside out and moving, it to the, blockchain, right. And so decrypt a police report is really putting together a list of what those coins look like that are leading the way literally carrying, the torch, for. That convoy. For. The masses right the Dream Team is a, very. Good list right now especially with this most recent pullback many of these coins are down 20 30 40 % and it's a great buying opportunity we. Make money on the buy remember, guys we buy in the red and we sell in the green only time we sell is when we want to stop making money right, and.

And So a lot of these smaller coins, that, the dream team has on it you, know these these rookies, you know never been through a cold winter right now it's not even a cold winter there's just a little aftershock, there's like oh Bitcoin 19,000, of a coin eleven thousand you know that's it but guess what two month from now bitcoin with 28 paths so. You know the dream team is really made up of the first generation, coins that you know have, up-and-coming. Potential. Some, of the new black chain breakouts you know are on that list as well and, and you, know it's, it's another another beautiful little compilation me. And the community put together for. The new guys come. In as well, I, think. My meetings are all booked up until March I might have to take this down for. A while right, and so. Those. Are the resources, we have if, you are in a chat right now do me a favor, shout. Your country out I'm coming back to you guys in about 13. Seconds, wanted, thing I wanted to do first was, really you, know bring, it back. To. The math hold, up let me turn this light on it it's not a dock the, dock. Every. Time that's a little bit better I got to get me like a stage light or something I. Think, one of the, one. Of the biggest opportunities. Let. Me do something like this, yeah. One. Of the biggest opportunities you guys I. Didn't. Do that I did B it's. Like. One. Of the biggest opportunities that, I found in, trading. Is really. To have, the patience, and the wherewithal. To be. In, control of your money right. You're in control your money you don't let your money control you you. Don't let your emotions control you you don't let some bloggers, or some retweet, or some article, from some person you don't even know, control. Your actions and. When. We do this when we take all of our emotion. And fear. And uncertainty, and, greed, and dependency. On the dollar and you. Know ignorant. To. Harmonics. And energy. Complete. Oblivious, to an interconnectedness. Of everything when, we take all of that put it in a ball and throw it out the window and we just look at the chart and we, say okay a intersection. A. Intersection. Is a. Confirmation. Of a, continuation. Of, energy, and we just look at those intersections and, that's what we base our logic, off of we don't need fear, we don't need uncertainty. And we damn sure don't need a dollar. Except. A fool not more Bitcoin. Once. You do that and so this is what I say I say artists to say this is that do not let a number. On the screen, affect. You in a. Way to where, you're. Unable to perform you're unable to execute. You're unable to think, don't be scared. Of making money because, scared, money don't make. None right. I know. A lot of people that you, know me me, and my girlfriend been trying to get to buy a cryptocurrency, for, but, years now and, they're scared they're, scared to lose it they said I can't afford to lose and I don't have no money and. We said we know that's. Why you need to buy it. So. It over the next two weeks three weeks I'm sure it's gonna be a lot of negative, you. Know energy, with, Bitcoin, going down eleven. Twelve thousand, ten thousand, nine five you, know but don't let that affect you right block it out we know it's coming I just drew the triangles, right there you see where the energy aligns just subscribe, to the channel watch the chart and literally you can see the candles, falling on top of the try and go every day right. But. Once you. Reintegrate. And align with the positive, energy and the fact that we're literally. Transitioning. Our value, we are transforming. Our wealth from you, know some green piece of paper with some dead guy's face on it to a protocol. A, faceless. Protocol. That's what the blockchain is it. Doesn't need a face it doesn't need an interest rate and a damn sure don't need no government, making no fake Claus you. Know or bomb in no country, of poor. People to. Extend its longevity. Don't. Need a stock market in it don't need a derivative it's. True, value and, for, all to you to people out there saying that bitcoins, a bubble bitcoins a bust you shouldn't buy it you're safer, and you know precious metals are silver, you know that's, dependent.

On The last two hundred years of history on a government, that has from. The top down suppress, the value of people and bitcoin, does the exact opposite you see this I'm sure. How. Do you all know what this is right here right, a. Lot. Of us down. There. Holding. It hmm, on our backs for the most part right, few. People at that top blockchain. Turn. It upside down and. Say. Now the. Masses have. The. Power because. The masses, confirm. The. Value of the network and as. Long as we're the masses, we. Confirm, the transactions. We, therefore. Confirm. What, we value, the. Exceedance we, don't need a centralized, authority. To. Monetize, our, and, commoditize, our value, when. The blockchain. And. Put it on nice secure little. Interface and do it for us and. There. Are thousands. Of companies. Reiterating. That protocol, right now and. This. Is just the beginning, Bitcoin 12,000, Bitcoin 13,000. Trust me in two years you wish you. Could have got it at 13,000. Just go back and look at my videos from this June Bitcoin. $4,000. How. Many people out there with jump on Bitcoin if it dropped to 7,000. Let alone 4,000, right, so. This is just a little glitch and radar a bump in the road do. Not let it detract, you from the major. Undertaking. Ahead and that's to literally transform, society. Civilization, in our complete, and total existence, in this dimension right. There. You go. Let's. Take it back. To. The people let's. See who we got rocking. Out with, the boss, right. Now. Again. We. Have the steam it page I'm making a exclusive, chart. For seamen as soon as we're done we have. Patreon. That's, up you just type in DK. Crypto, and i'ma jump to the top of that list for you on patreon, and then we got tradingview you already know what that is. Facebook. Group in the, world this. Is a growing and empowering. Community, guys thank, you for joining me thank. You for you. Know spending. Your time with me thank you for your positivity, your support, you. Know your words of encouragement after, most certainly do appreciate it. And, so. Let's. See who, we have with us. Today. Jorge. Ramos mejía. Cold, b-before Lapham. What's. Going on man, yeah I might find myself in Mexico, one day to someone I don't even know yet.

Here. We go you talk in the house. Wow. West Cali Canada. The 20th subscriber, was going on Wilco - great thank you, but, at ready. You're. Pretty funny Brandon you're pretty funny um. Let's. See let's see who else we got. Portugal. Two times back to back was up. Dallas. One time. Sad. Town big shot boss, walking, on, the west coast. Big. Jump on holding, it down for the Northeast Russia, what was going on the Gold Coast London. Cottage. Grove Wisconsin. Shout-out. To my Badgers I don't even think you he, you. Know you know saying you better check check that helmet standing up there you know number 56, on the field you. Know Barry Alvarez generation. Shout-out to my Badgers Oregon, San Diego, Wesley kind of the Philippines, la. Like a boss, Ohio, shout, out my Ohio, players oh it's ten Indy, lip. Elena Croatia. Seattle. Florida. Eagles. And. Italia. Thank. You. Thank. You for joining me everybody it's, been a pleasure, you. Know and. You. Know and uh, go. Hang out and go with my girl this has some fun you. Know as we increase, our. Influence. Our. Affluence, I do as, we increase our F once let it not decrease, our influence, and our commitment to empowering each other right, problem. With this system. It's. Not room for a lot of people up there right. When. You turn it upside down it's. Enough, to go around right. That's. What the blockchain does. That. Being said is that time today signing out this the boats boy, BK no matter where you stay Brazil, debate California yet all. The way back out through jerk, Monday. Good. Night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you think Tom I'm. Trying to get you. Know a hundred thousand people in 2018, inside this community text, this video, to somebody. You care about actually, takes the two people you care about chances, are you are detects to that first person named jumping on a mini train so now we need to go get somebody else it. Army. Full of millionaires behind me you know I'm saying cuz broke people don't got no voice but guess what big money you talk little, money walking I need some soldiers.

Behind Me, you. Know I'm saying eight big. Do. That for me if you appreciate, mine I ain't trying to be the only one till we meet again stay cryptic, y'all. Is.

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