Cryptocurrency Bull Market Projected To Surpass December Rally

Cryptocurrency Bull Market Projected To Surpass December Rally

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On snipers, naima low baby here I hope you're all enjoying your day today let's go ahead and just dive into our daily cryptocurrency market, analytics and update, for today we're gonna be looking at the cryptocurrency market, as a whole being. That we've been on such a boron with all of these all coins and Bitcoin just now breaking, through all of these resistance, levels as you guys know we are now heading towards the big resistance, of 9,000, and we're gonna take a look at the technical analysis, here for Bitcoin, let's actually just pull up the one-hour chart really quick and see what, we're watching right now I want, you all to realize, that every single time we've went up over the past two weeks we've. Seen these huge. Uprising. In prices, and it's always just going right through these resistance, levels we're not really seeing resistance. At resistance levels we're seeing some sharp price movements, up at resistance, levels which is a known, reversal. Pattern if you ever know, about having a double bottom typically after a double bottom you'll see an ascending, channel, forming, and that's exactly what we're seeing here and you can see once twice three four times we've, broken through these resistance levels and I am expecting, this to happen a fourth time here at this big even here being that 9,000. Here if you pull back to this four-hour chart you can see how we found resistance, here previously, and almost, formed a double top before seeing that retrace him all the way back down to these lower lows but now that we're heading back up in my opinion all it's gonna take is another. Exuberance. In volume, to take this price level to the next level if we pull up the one-day RSI, as well just so you have an idea of what I'm looking at here and what I'm paying attention to is the, fact that we finally have broken bullish, into, that 60s zone for RSI, and Bitcoin has not yet seen the exuberance, that we're expecting for these RSI, levels to be completely overbought, so at this point in my opinion dollar-cost. Averaging, your position into Bitcoin is the smartest, decision to make knowing, that were in these but, we're in these bullish, zones and I'm extremely, excited about that we've had some awesome awesome, trades, over the past couple of days if you guys are patriots, getting our trade, alerts by the way we are opening, back up for a limited amount of time our sapphire emerald and diamond memberships. And we are going to be raising prices for, the whole memberships, in general as well sometime. Soon if you are grandfathered into these current prices then you will keep these forever the reason we're doing this is we are switch off of this platform soon, it's gonna be a lot, more intricate complex. In advance we're gonna have more analysts, and we're gonna have a lot of cool stuff coming I'm gonna talk more about that but the basic, premise of our trade alerts is pretty, much sending out these daily, signals, this was one yesterday from n cash with over 15%. Profits. We had another one for sys, today, another, big profit margin there as well and then several others we had a couple of them stop-loss and then one. Of them's still on the way up but. These opportunities, are coming into this market for one specific reason here's a really cool article that I found today that, I'd love to share with you guys here Bitcoin nears 9,000. As crypto by orders composed 92 percent of the market for the first time since March 2017, by orders now composed over 92 percent. Of market activity the. Massive surge could potentially, exceed the monstrous late 2017. Run up cryptocurrency, by market percentage, is currently at a massive, 92 percent greater than the December, 2017. High of 88 percent. So we are seeing more buyers in the market than we saw in December where. We saw the huge exuberance, and rally towards. Around, 20,000, US dollars as you can see here by, order presents hints, towards a massive run-up, in the near future and I'm going to go through this whole article but it's talking about a 25, thousand, dollar price prediction and I would not be surprised, looking at this market you can see the amount of exuberance, we're seeing here and just in total market capitalization the. Majority these all coins are over, 30 percent up this is a big deal now what, coins am I most bullish about in the next one to two weeks well, today we're gonna be having a Rubina, buff mastermind, I'm gonna be talking about specific coins but I've also drawn a couple out for you just to have an idea of what coins I'm looking at right now you can see a lot of these coins are under 10% up in the last seven days and we use this metric, two. Weeks ago and we talked about Manero for example that was under 10% you can see it's now over 30%, so I like to look at coins that have not yet seen the type of exuberance.

That The majority of the market has seen because once again every single time you see more liquidity coming to the market it's, gonna divide itself upon many different, asset classes and in this case some of these asset classes will be overlooked like neo for example we haven't heard much about neo, most people are focused, on a OS being, the blockchain platform. Competitor, aetherium and they forgot about neo and you can see it's, only 8% up, in the past seven days and it's, only at $75. While aetherium is already surpassing, 600 and bitcoin is right back up to 9000, in my opinion, neo is gonna be due for another breakout soon the by Nance coin we saw a major, consolidometer. Aceman, after, the coin burn because we saw a ton of hype prior to the coin burn but still, very intrinsically, valuable coin, less. Than, a percent, it's actually negative right now in the past seven days even with this bull market verge, as we know with the announcement. Of their partnership saw major sell-off because most people bought the hype sold, the news but that doesn't mean there's no intrinsic value my, opinion verge, is better off today partnered. With these huge companies then, it was two weeks ago when it wasn't partnered with these huge companies so in my opinion still. Has more intrinsic value than it did before and at these lower price levels it's definitely, gonna be due for a breakout other coins including Wan chain SIA coin less, than 10% waves. Ontology. Awesome, platform coins Komodo, the first use case of atomic, swaps only, six percent up a ton. Of different coins in my opinion have a lot of opportunity, in this market as long as you're aware of what's, going to happen once we see this market go from 400 billion to 500, billion and the reason we're expecting, a larger. Bull run than we saw in December. Of 2017. Is because, the majority of the market right now is retail, investor, oriented, but, we're starting to see institutional. Investors. Interest. In the market and that's going to be the exuberance, that we want to see for this market to surpass 1 trillion you can see here as well.all coin, dominance is starting to level off a little bit while bitcoin dominance is also starting to level off in my opinion you might see a little bit of horizontal, movement, here because bitcoin is due for a small breakout so we might see Bitcoin rise a little bit in dominance but I still think all coins over time I'm gonna start reaching that 30 to 35 percent dominance, where right, now we're right around 23% and the all-time highs were, pretty much right around 25 percent so I am expecting that to start to shift towards, that 30 percent we're still heading we're actually heading, we, are at the levels we were at in December, so you can see here in December we were around that 23 percent were actually further than we were in December, so knowing, that all coin dominance is higher than it was in December knowing, that more individuals are going into these new exchanges like my Nance and COO coin in my opinion we're gonna start see this dominance play a huge factor in the market soon so with that being said let's go into these altcoins and take a look at some technical analysis, here I have aetherium and ripple pulled up here I do want to talk about aetherium. Forming. A potential, rounding bottom due. For a breakout, you can see it's, now starting to go above that 200 a moving average which is indicated, here in orange, and that 200, a moving average is gonna act as a very strong resistance in my opinion and it's also gonna coincide. With what we're seeing here with the majority of other coins where they are rising above, their 200-day moving averages, so you can see here for example XRP right, above that 200-day, moving average, in my opinion a theorems gonna be due to go over there but it's gonna most likely see a retracement back forming, a handle if you don't know what cup and handle looks like or around the bottom in this case cup, and handles are different in which cup and handles come from a breakout rounding bottoms come from a retracement but you can see here this pattern is sometimes also called a saucer, bottom and demonstrates. A long-term reversal, showing that the stock is moving from a downward trend towards an upward trend instead, and I think that's exactly we're seeing here with aetherium and we'll talk about that in just a second let's see who we have on our live audience by the way we've, got Christian, ad saying because. They are already coming in yes. Oscar camposanto, says how, do you know the institutions, are coming in I just came back from a conference actually a good question Oscar, I was at the ICO summit, 20 and I'm telling, you institutions. Are eyeing this market, right now they understand, that there's opportunity, here you've got huge companies, like Amazon.

Now Releasing blockchain. Based cloud. Servers. And it's just Walmart. Amazon. Apple. Everyone's. Getting into blockchain, it's only gonna be a matter of time and still when. They're gonna start utilizing actual, crypto currencies, that have, intrinsic value like, the XRP coin for example ripple, has been seeing such an exuberance, because of these huge partnerships, but, these huge partnerships, are just an entry, gate for ripple to get into these big players markets. And eventually. Adopt their technology, like we saw back in the 2000s, in the dot-com bubble where Microsoft stepped. Its foot into the doors of all of these major corporations with their hardware, and then eventually. Transitioning. Those corporations. From utilizing their hardware to also utilizing, their software so, Lawrence, Brewer says what's up snipers, what is up Steven. Says love your videos now and keep up the great work thank, you brother I appreciate. That, such. Allah says hi brother Daniel, kasi, says hey nineteen charred and says hey and it's good seeing you guys it's like it's almost like it's been a while kalenna, says nice going I mean thank you so much, Swedish. Truckin says which institutions. Are coming and we know the Rockefellers, they have a huge fund they just recently started to seek interest into crypto markets there are some huge huge big-time investors if you watch some of our past videos we've talked about some of these institutions, and citing. Them as well christian eighty says great channel man thank you brother Palm Beach one says nice beard, I appreciate. That parish. Says love your work you are adding values thank you so much. Yash. Says hi and welcome randy, says no more lagging, oh my gosh I am so, oblivious. It was such an obvious issue I just had my servers set to, across the world I needed to set my servers in like a local, area, it was ridiculous, how easy it was to fix the lag so I went ahead and put it back up to 1080p and everything is I have good internet it's not because I internet suck and it's not because I was on pornhub.

Like Everybody else was saying when I did the pornhub video they're like get off of pornhub, I'm like I'm, not on pornhub we're talking about the porn out of partnership, you guys are ridiculous. Sajjad, says hey bruh that thanks for today's train alert you're very welcome, yes, first. Forum Fitness's haven't seen anyone of this many accurate, pics killing, it bro amen it's all about technical, analysis, matter of fact why don't we just dive into this technical analysis because I do see some further upside for aetherium, I talked about bouncing, off of this 200-day moving average, but in my opinion it's. Gonna be due to go over and find support at that 200-day moving average, before we. See any sort of significant. Retracement, you can see we're already seeing a little bit of resistance at that 208 but I don't things gonna take much for a theme the right to, go right past that and what's also cool is we're seeing these three moving averages on most of these larger, cap coins if, you don't know the three moving averages is this is the 50 100 and the 200-day moving average, it pretty much is showing, that a lot of these averages are starting to kind of mingle together which shows a lot of strength, because typically, when moving averages are so far apart that means there's been some sort of exuberant, price actions, but, now we're starting to see moving, averages starting to coincide with each other and to, converge together which, is showing a lot more straight, can see just a freaking. Believeth. Of convergence. Going on here the ton of lines and that's a good thing because that means that we're seeing these moving averages find more strength, and that's very good because that means we can have a upward trend, that's solid, and intrinsically. Accurate. Rather than some sort of speculative, trend which is really cool but in my opinion what, aetherium is starting to do is form, this rounding bottom I think we're, gonna start to see resistance, at this Fibonacci retracement. Here I think we have a little bit of a waste to go all the way up to around 714, dollars before seeing, any sort of significant. Retracement, in which you want to take profits and then enter in a new position if you are swing trading it and I think that would make sense because you can see we found previous support and resistance, here so once we can head tours at seven hundred and fifteen dollar price range that's, also going to bring this our aside to these overbought, levels we'll see a very healthier trace mint and I think that handle, that forms is gonna be the indicator of these, this huge breakout that's to come a lot of people are saying that a lot of these other d applications, like AOS card on o Nia, are gonna be taking over aetherium, and competing, it with a higher, level but, in my opinion there's just so much room for a growth in this market that Thiam is not going to see itself. Go downhill because, of competitors, coming in because AOS is a whole different type of platform. It's not like aetherium aetherium is very decentralized it has thousands and thousands of nodes iOS does it you know us has 21 centralized, nodes and it's more so used for use, cases that require speed, rather than scalability. But aetherium in my opinion is more scalable, than you know I cos is scalable, to a certain degree but it's not as decentralized. Because the nodes right but, that 21. Node factor, allows it to have some. Speed sorry I just got a phone call somebody. Says bulls on parade Robert. Adams. Robert. All our are says checkout Easter pearl please we're, gonna be doing requests, on. Our. Was. It our mastermind, today but I don't mind checking out Easter pearl what is the ticker I have not done too much research on too, much research on Easter pearl but. I don't. Mind checking it out let's. Go how to type in oh it's not even pulling up it. Might be. A different ticker let's go ahead and type in oyster, pearl. PRL, all right PR, L let's see what we've got here. Oh does, it okay it doesn't look like it's on trading views so unfortunately, I can't do that technical analysis, somebody, says Stephen should he wait for another, dip to buy BTC hers right now a good time in my opinion we're heading up there's no remember. What I talked about in the beginning of the video every single time we've been seeing.

These Resistance, levels met and we've, found strength, at the top of these resistance levels we've just broken right through them right so we have these ascending, support lines that form and then, we just break through that's what we've been seeing right look ascending, support line and I'm, waiting for this breakthrough we, saw this happen multiple times here look ascending. Support line we broke through ascending. Support line we broke through ascending. Support line we broke through and we just keep seeing the same pattern here it's indicative of a reversal, right when you see a reversal, we double bottom here we knew the bottom was down here we're starting to see these just these quick, breakouts through these resistance levels and in my opinion that right there is the bullish sign of the market going up. Somebody. Says how. Do I get your trade alerts our trade alerts are on, slash snipers. So this is how the page looks we have our new memberships, that we just opened up for a limited amount of time sapphire, emerald diamond sapphires. Pretty much get coin reports, every week of coins, that have intrinsic, value for the long term that aren't in the large cap coin so you can have coins that are like silica, that we talked about three weeks ago that now have seen over a hundred percent gains emerald. Will give you VIP access to get all of your questions and chart requests answered by a technical, analyst and then diamond gives you one-on-one mentorship up to four sessions, every single week or, every single month up. To an hour with, an analyst so we're gonna be opening that back up but that's all located, at slash snipers. Let. Me says check oyster a pearl on coin, market cap, okay. Let's check easter pearl on coin market cap and see what's happening here 10 percent up 74, cents nice. What. I like about waster pearls you can see it's obviously. Seeing some, sort of a consolidation, here hasn't seen any sort of exuberance, yet it saw that previously, with all times highs reaching right around like what four dollars twenty three cents so being at 70. Cents right now knowing the all-time highs at four dollars and 23 cents even though I can't do a technical, analysis, on this chart being that there's no indicators, and advanced charts I can utilize, I still. Think this is looking, just based on the coin market half because look you at these support levels rare it trading. Is all about profits. It's all about risk and reward right the more risk. And reward you, have the more attractive. A trade becomes so if you have high-reward, low-risk that's. A great trade if you have high risk lower reward that's a bad trade so if you, see here with oyster pearl there's obviously a lot of reward, versus, risk because you can obviously set stop losses at these known support levels and that, right there is how you want to trade as a swing trader to make and take, advantage of these quick swings.

Somebody. Says do. You expect BnB significant, price movement by the end of this month Russ, Mick, Clan of Han let's pull up B&B BTC really quick and check it look at the technical analysis, here so if your hope that one day here what I'm watching right now is for B and B to start, to curve back down you can see the RSI is starting to curve down and to find some support right along 36. Because you can see 36. Is really level in which we saw, this. Coin. Bounce off of multiple. Times and we're, still just not there, yet you can see we're starting to curve back down if we're gonna pull the MACD. Here you can see we still have a little bit of a waste to go we have all of these sellers here but, in my opinion we've seen quite a bit of them so as soon as the system have searched the level itself out a little bit which is gonna look like this where this line right here starts. To go down a little bit and you, start to see this histogram, complete, itself that's when you start to see the buyers come, in and this, is where you want to have your position in so you want to be able to buy as, soon as this starts to curve because that curvature is what's gonna indicate the, start to the buyers coming in and when those buyers come in that's the best position so in my opinion if we were look at this 4-hour chart there. Is much, strength, here at these levels you can see we've, double topped right here at the 200-day moving average, we're starting to go back down that's actually not a 200-day right now if we pull up the 1-day you can see where's. The 200-day, yet way way down here so I still, think we have quite a bit of a, waste to go down right now we're, bouncing out for the 50-day moving average but you can see we were below at one point so I think we might consolidate, down to the 108 moving average I think that would be a fair point for the our site to start to head back down to 36, as well and for that Mathieu to finally find that curvature and once that happens I think that would be the best entry point for B&B. Hopefully, that added, some sort of value let's, go ahead and take a look at X RP. X. RP is looking really good in my opinion I'm. Gonna show you a couple different things you can see here beautiful. Cup forming, we're starting to see a little bit of our trace Minh I think we're gonna see a little bit more of our trace Minh towards that 200-day, moving average. I think, the biggest thing to watch right now is the fact that we found resistance, right along with this fibs own if we, can break out past this fit zone I think there'll be further upside, but I don't think there'll be much further upside I think right, now what ripple is seen is quite a bit of exuberance, it was one of the highest performing coins, over the past week and in, my opinion it's gonna be due for a small retracement. Before seeing some higher highs most, likely back down to these fib levels you can see with this math P we're starting to see sellers come in it's starting to curve down it was completely, over stretching pull up that one day as well same, exact thing actually we're seeing buyers on the one day which is good but, there's. A positive divergence so, you, know we're still seeing buyers on the MACD on the daily which is good I just think the RSI is way to over about right now for us to, justify. Higher, price levels right now before seeing lower price levels so I think XR P is one of the coins that, if we were to go on a coin market cap and see total.

Gains, Over the past seven days it's pretty, high right now thirty-two, percent in comparison, to coins like aetherium at 21%, which have a little bit more upside so why trade Ripple if it has less upside in aetherium right that's kind of my philosophy, there, so that's why I don't like to trade coins that have less upside trade the coins I have more upside that's why Bitcoin in my opinion probably the best bet right now with, the 7%, gained in the past seven days in comparison, to most of the coins over 20% it's, just a better opportunity. More. Upside in my opinion, Tony. But says ripple is too manipulated. Edit. Name says no one cares about a centralized, coin, LTC. Please I'm just gonna go with that comment because I think a lot of people do want to see LTC, but. Ripple. Has been making some moves lately I mean if you see what it's doing I thought it was only to be working with the banks but started a partner with Walmart starting to partner with Apple that's a big deal I mean that is really what changed my sentiment, now, the cool thing about light. Coins you can see we're finding some resistance along that 200-day, in my, opinion, there, is a big possibility that. We can go above that and find support and I think that's what's gonna happen knowing that the MACD is turning a curve but more importantly this RSI, has broken bullish, and what I mean by that is you can see 60, was. A level in which we had to break in order to confirm, that we're seeing higher levels, and we did break that even, though we're seeing a little bit of a trace Minh it was enough to justify. That, we've finally crossed that barrier you, can see previously, that, 60, acted. As a very very very bullish sign here as soon as we passed 60 here we saw this huge run-up so my opinion if you wanted to buy into light, corner now the best time to get in is to buy the breakout, on the RSI set up and alert here at 60, so that you know as soon as it crosses 60, here that's. A bullish sign that it's gonna start seeing those higher level and you can see volume, is starting to increase we're starting to see that curvature that upward, trend starting to form we found some known support, levels right here right around 107. And we didn't go below that so in my, opinion litecoin also looking very good I would, say that in the next two. To three weeks I could see litecoin, past. 160. US dollars for sure I mean, you can see the next known resistance is right around a hundred seventy-five so, I could, see it going all the way back up to 175, been. Forming a cup here as well so, you've got this, cup and handle forming so, that could go there find. That handle to then see the major breakout past 200, so I think that would be the ideal scenario, litecoin, and aetherium, very, similar, and i think bitcoin is probably. More bullish in both litecoin and aetherium right now if you go on cryptocurrency. Market cap you can see litecoin. Here 30. I'm sorry 14%, up you've, got aetherium 21% up a Bitcoin only 7% up so still. A little bit more bullish. Somebody. Says can you review oyster, pearl please, we. Just did the oyster of pearl on coin market cap so if, you want like a more in-depth review I, would have to probably, do a, full, video on that neon visual, says they. Don't want to learn we'll, see how much they want banks around when they grow up and need mortgage, or a car loan or a business loan or a credit loan, what.

Are You talking about man Andre, says what's your take on bch, Bitcoin, cash I think it's seen way too much of an exuberance, right now you. Know I saw a huge retracement, it went to these really low price levels and now it's over 59, percent up I don't like to buy one, is up 60%, in the past seven days it's just due, for a small, correction it's just way too high there's way more opportunity. Way, more less you know there's less risky, there's less riskier, trades out there than a coin, that's up 60%, in my opinion. Somebody. Says, when. It goes on a bull run do you think you'll pass 20,000, for Bitcoin yeah for sure tempore very simple it's intrinsically valuable it's, a limited coin it's, an entry gate to the majority of these other coins and not only that institutional, investors are eyeing Bitcoin right now it's one of the only coins that won't be deemed as security under the Howey test knowing. That it wasn't created as an investment opportunity but. All these other coins that are coming out are investment, opportunities, and the guarantee or they, promise a potential return Bitcoin. Didn't so I think it's one coin that's intrinsically, valuable and will continue to be intrinsically, valuable because, it's literally like the digital gold right and 20,000. Was just the start of that was a retail investor speculation. Bubble I mean what, happens when there's institutional investors, coming in and speculating, on the price of Bitcoin that's gonna be a whole nother ballgame a k-50. Says what, is the difference in trade. Alert and Gold Ruby and Sapphire is they all the same yes so, all the trade alerts are the same so the trade alerts we post are all the same for. Any. One of our subscriptions, but, once you start getting into like the Ruby levels rubies you guys have mastermind. Today actually after this livestream we're all gonna be heading over to the Ruby and above mastermind, and that's where you guys can actually ask specific, questions get. Specific. Coin chart requests done as well, sapphires. They get weekly coin reports, of long-term holds, so, coins that have long-term potential, like three, weeks ago we talked about silica, and now it's over a hundred percent emeralds. They get VIP access so they get any of their coin requests, done with charts from analyst and they also get all of their questions answered for any of their alerts or anything that might be personally, you, know inhibiting them from something then diamonds get mentorship so there's, just different levels you can just go on slash snipers, if you want to check that out a k-50. Somebody. Says are my, 50,000. On bab going. To make me a millionaire i. Don't. Know if that's gonna make you a millionaire Jason, Hanson says and cash please we already did a trade alert on end cash so, we were able to lock in about 15% profits, and, that was if, you're on our patreon that was 19 hours ago that we put that one so I really.

Am Expecting a retracement right now from that one it already hit the take profit zone Lawrence. Brand says what percentage of your crypto investments do you allocate for swing trades about, thirty to forty percent depending, on how confident, I am in a trade like, with, Bitcoin right now I've got you know my positions, into Bitcoin I've got trailing stop loss is set up as well just in case to keep my profits, and that, allows. Me to sleep in peace autumn. On and I'm Ronnie says Bitcoin is probably the safest bet. Ron. Thomas nine isn't that a bearish divergence between, BTC price and our side levels on the one day chart great, call ins oh by the way thank you Ron um, I don't see a bearish divergence I mean I'm, not looking at the divergence, as much as I'm looking at the, historic, pattern, that Bitcoin, has been falling at these resistance, levels because every, time we've seen resistance, I mean look at it right now we, are at whatever yeah. 8900. Right now I mean we're. Like right at the, resist like resistance, levels are not supposed, to act as. Horizontal. Trends, or horizontal. Channel levels right resistance. Levels are supposed to show resistance you hit the resistance, and you drop right we're, not dropping from these resistance, levels and it happened multiple times look, we've headed. Right towards the resistance level we popped right through all it takes right now is a buy, order to come in another splurge. Of by volume, and that's it it breaks right through 9000 it's not that hard I mean look, at this article 92, percent, of the market right now is buying you've. Got very little sellers, in the market we've exhausted a lot of the sellers in my opinion, William. Blow says if you're so confident the market will surpass the December, rally wouldn't it be best to huddle if you, want William but I think you can make more money on the swings because we're gonna see a red market soon do you want to keep your coins during the red marker what do you rather buy more during the red market after you sold at a huge profit so, it's up to you how you want to play it but you want to have a long-term portfolio of swing trading performing on a day trading portfolio that's the point of allocating, assets and diversifying, properly, if you haven't read this book I would highly recommend it Oh actually it's. I was reading a yesterday it's called principles here's a good one mastering, Bitcoin, highly, recommend this mastering. Bitcoin all about the actual ledger. Distributed. Aspect, of it the decentralization. Very, simple, but very very complex, in my opinion cuz it goes into a lot of coding. Very good book but, principals is the one I was I was trying to mention but, it talks about allocating. Assets and diversify, properly, as the. Best form of risk management, Dylan, says institutional, money is gonna come through via over-the-counter. Orders won't necessarily affect, exchange, prices. Um. I don't know about that Dylan there are a lot of exchanges, being developed right now for institutions, like, one. That I was at a conference two, days ago for and it was an amazing exchange. Called sprocket. Frank. Varga says is it at 40% tax if you sell under one year um. And depends that's if you're in the highest tax bracket, ss. Says neo woo please and calm down I, think Neos gonna be big. Neo. Is down right now I think. Neos going to be the next break out kind of like AOS look at that 8 percent up in the. Past seven days nobody's, paying attention it's only at 75 bucks Neos, got some awesome platforms, and even built on it awesome applications, I mean. It's gonna go ahead to head with aetherium so, it. Is how do you keep track of taxes with all these trades brah I would use block folio or coin tracking, info, there's. Also a really cool program called three commas it's in the link in the description below but it allows you to set up consecutive, stop losses and take profits at the same time so most, exchanges, don't let you do that but, if you're on three commas which the link is in the description, you can actually do that, somebody. Says McAfee, yes. McAfee. Is funny I was actually invited to this conference called, Futurama, in Dubai, and McAfee, was there and I posted, a tweet with McAfee, being a guest speaker and then two days later I got a message from the event organizers were like McAfee. Is in part of the conference anymore I'm like well what happened or like he is crazy, that's, all they said like. Okay no. More questions, dad, says coin tracking is fantastic, for taxes, but expensive. Hey. You got to pay for good service right, Christian, 80 says Delta it's great. What. I think about nano kneel, or nice said what do you thing about nano I think now is a great coin that's fast it has very good blockchain. Use case, and it. Works so very bullish, on nano, I haven't, seen many blog changes as fast as nano Vincent.

Says Check Hugh link. All. Right now we're just going to a ton of requests viado Saudis is 400 likes per name to wear a coin suit jacket, that's, a deal if we hit 400, likes I'll wear a Bitcoin, suit jacket and shave a Bitcoin, in my beard how about that oh shoot. We have I thought we had 400 years we have 500, viewers I think. We're still fine make, sure we don't have 400 likes I, love. Betting with y'all I have. Imagine, going to the old man we're at 91, likes okay I'm fine. Okay. Whoa now it's going up. I. Don't, want to have to shave a Bitcoin, in my beard actually, let's not talk about that let's, move on oh wow, now we're heading to 117. Man. Now I'm getting sweaty you guys are getting me nervous. You. Guys says pump 2 likes boys. I'm. Just imagining people like pumping, likes now. Palm. Beaches what is in your long-term portfolio we're actually gonna be talking about that, at the Ruby mastermind, tonight there are a couple coins that I'm expecting, to be listed on by Nance soon and I think that's going to pump. The coins by. Around April 30th, of this month knowing, that that's, what I'm expecting them to be listed, somebody. Says, cryptology. Token pay has great potential yes, Dalton. Says liquidate, him holy. Crap, the lights just went up to 200, technology, oh my gosh let's. Not let's, not hit 400, guys, ha, ha oh man. Now it's soon enough. But some some other coins in my long-term portfolio I do want to talk about some, definitely. Silica, I'm very bullish on silica, very. Bullish on KU coin shares as well I think ku coins going to be a major exchange. Very, soon I think. A lot of coins are you. Know in need of these exchanges, that have these. Capabilities, of, lowering transaction, fees for example like what the B&B token does and I think we're going to see a lot more of that type of use case soon so I think the KU coin shares are pretty good. Other. Coins, and I'm watching right now include. And, cash. Isn't bad I was doing a little bit of my research on in cash byte. Ball I haven't done as much research about but it's only 0.4%. Up, right now and I know byte ball has, a pretty good team in place so knowing, that I think this is gonna see a little bit of a rally soon and it's just market sentiment, electroni, 'm down, 3%.

In The past 7 days you. Know it's a coin that i've been bullish on and i'm, still very bullish on it I just think that people, are getting. Attracted to all these other coins and leaving, a lot of these smaller cap coins because if you go down you can see a lot of these small caps are starting to see negative price levels like negative, 8%, here and you, could see a lot of these look these red numbers are coming from these lower lower cap coins versus the mid cap coins which are seeing the majority of the green so, it's just that. Division. Of liquidity, within the market that we're seeing. What. It says is CX overdue for a pump possibly. Credits. Please, pre-beta. Achieved, yes. So credits, was actually one of the coins that we're gonna be talking about in the Ruby and above mastermind, tonight so, credits is only available on, ku. Coin right now but I am expecting this to be available soon, on Finance, if, you look at credits if you go to this chart. Here you can see hasn't seen the type of consumers, who've seen with the majority of coins it's, only listed on coupon and several other exchanges, not on by Nantz yet and they have a really good team in place a beta launching, soon in my, opinion this is going to be another breakout soon so this is we're gonna be talking about and, we're actually gonna start heading over to the Ruby and above mastermind, right now so if you are rubies and above I will see you at the mastermind, if you want to submit a question before, the mastermind we posted, this, post, on patreon, yesterday, says ruby plus now around April 22nd, there's a link here where you can submit your questions, but this is only for rubies, so, submit. Your questions and your coin requests right now I'm gonna prepare for the mastermind, thank you all for watching and hopefully I added, some value we're working on a lot of things on the back end we're trying to bring more value to our community, and the, way we're doing that is by, enhancing, all of our platforms so hopefully. You enjoyed this marketing update thank you all for watching and until our next one, snipers. Out. You're very welcome NYC.

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