Crypto Trading Hamster Out Earns Warren Buffet Since Launch

Crypto Trading Hamster Out Earns Warren Buffet Since Launch

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Oh, yeah. Good. Good morning and welcome to Episode seven. Eighty one of hard factor. It is Tuesday, September 28th.

Thank you for cheating on the news with us. We got Mark PacWest and I'm Will. And today we're talking about a big legal case in the cup of coffee, some haunting local news and international stories. Where where those taken us, Mark.

We have three interesting characters you're going to want to like very interesting characters. If you think of an interesting character in her head. And then more interesting in that all around the globe, all around the globe, can't do it. Fantastic. Also cheers was to

with the new bubbs cheers from staud hard facts. ICOM Wesa's got the hang of PacWest mug I've got the cheat on the news but. It is lovely. Really good. It really it really does. Pat in person. It's Chris. Starbucks mug. Beautiful Starbucks. Wait,

wait, don't mind. Follow at hard fact news on all social's Petrenko flashcard factor for bonus podcasts and anything else. Sports, any other topics du jour before we hop in. No, I'm all jammed up. I could I could use a rub and tug in New York right now.

I'm so full of jam. Let's do it. You're going to go for you. You want me? You want to run? Yeah. Yeah, I would like that if you did and could just about the experience. Yeah. Oh, you want to go and then report? Yeah. Yeah, vicariously.

Yeah, yes. That's fine for journalism. And also so that Mark can feel like he got his off too, right? Yeah. I'd rather you than me. Yeah. You know, I don't think I could do it like I don't think I could get get up because I know you could. You could definitely come on. I really don't I don't like the owners at strip clubs that that much like you're in a closed room with the chick who's using lotion, you can take as much time as you want. And she and you're never going to see her again. So you can be as flaccid as you want for as long as you want until you get it up and then you're up.

Yeah. Trust us was yeah. About it. Do just my buddy. You can get it out. Yeah, you're probably right.

That was that was that was just code for. He's already done it and he's. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't think I could do it, you know, I'd tell you if I don't. Yeah, yeah.

I don't think if someone sent me it gives you Devika that I could, you know, use don't the one on a street works very well that not Manhattan. I don't think I, I don't think I'd look huge in her tiny Asian hands. It's all right. Come on. They probably could do it. No, you could. You'd be good. You'd be good. All right, let's do the news.

Cup of coffee. The big time is up first. Premiere cup of coffee, big time. Halliday's history and trending news. But first, a fun fact. Do you guys know that the largest orca on record was 32 feet long and weighed to 22000 pounds? It can't be twenty two thousand twenty two thousand pounds. Thirty two feet long? Thirty two feet long. It's like a school bus.

Yeah. And by morning, two thousand pounds. That's terrifying. It also has a top speed of thirty four miles an hour.

So faster than Michael Phelps can swim. Yeah. Oh, wave this way. Faster than you're saying bolt coming at you. Did you see we keep getting crap because they're like part of the Dolphin family, but they're. Come on, they're like whales. No. Yeah, I got more fact.

Also, the name killer whales originates from old fisherman, seeing them hunt whales in packs of up to 50 because Mark, they are actually just giant dolphins. There are zero recorded human deaths from being eaten by an orca, but they do attack boats and fuck with people like slapping them and shit. But they're also the only thing that hunts great white sharks who have eaten at least 52 people to death. So, I mean, you can't really be like there are zero recorded deaths of the animal called a killer something, right? You're right. I mean. Exactly. Oh, yeah. Why do you think there's no deaths recorded?

Because you say I've I brought you guys around. I don't know. Leave no witnesses. Destroyed no shark. No one's a shark. I hear. Why can't sharks and whales both be dicks? I'm a shark. You guys are against all of them.

Yeah, I'm a I'm a big time. I guess these are dolphins, though. So you're against whales, right? They're like they these are like dolphins, like Razer and whoever else from Transmuting Ninja Turtle to seek a it's a turtle at around. You know, the lion is a fucking splinter.

Yeah. Like a house cat is a lion, you know, like, come on, they're not dolphins. All right. Yeah. All right. I just you know, I'm going I'm not going to stop my killer whale campaign.

I don't think you should. I will say there will like well, facts are sweet, but I feel like we kind of got them out of the way in elementary school. I'm never wowed by a whale fact, you know. I mean, that's pretty impressive, though, 34 miles an hour and being that big, 32 feet long. Twenty two thousand pounds.

I'm even more impressed by the press, but I'm not like I still think I'm still I still fear, though. That doesn't impress you. It's scary. Duhon, impressive in the water. No, it doesn't. It doesn't impress me at all. Did they go fast in the water? Who swim real? Kumin Cheetahs go fast on land.

That's impressive. Yeah, but they're not huge. Like, yeah. It's just like if a cheetah was like 75 times the size of a cheetah was the size of an elephant. Well, if you ask me how long the biggest killer whale was, I wouldn't have gotten past 20 feet. It doesn't matter how bad or how does it 15, 15.

You about 15 feet. Yeah. Yeah, 15 baksh. Must have been a male. The males are bigger than the females. When one thing after another.

OK, moving on September 28th, Halliday's. Nothing you need to know about. I'm going to flash the ones up there so you can read them guys if you want to. But really, just a national register to vote day is the only one I would say drink beer. Today is cool beer, dad.

Pretty cool, Kodos. Yeah. Like strawberry cream pie is one of the day's world. Rabies Day is another one. There's like a fish tank thing. Drink beer day and register to vote. There you go. The two big ones are huge rabies.

If you guys want rabies is one of the most fucked up viruses out there. The way that they had the run for the cure in the US, the way that it works and you're in people's minds and animals minds is the devil. They were all created. I think this is like a rabid animal. This is stuff that should be at the top or the fun fact section. Sorry.

I'm just sayin just kind of where to give the fun fact of the day. OK, well, I'm just commenting on a same Creative Cloud same. It says rabies is.

I want to hear more. I just. OK, I'll give you guys a rabies facts, Mara. All right. Today in history, September 28th in fifteen forty two, California was discovered by a Spanish explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrio.

He landed near San Diego 917. Yes, lots of land. Beautiful. Do you think he was like, oh, it feels beautiful here? Do you think using this is pretty good? But I think he likes better. I think he likes the climate of San Diego. He probably should have just stayed there. I didn't stay there or not. But we build a great zoo here.

One day, one day in 1781, September 28, the siege of Yorktown began in the Revolutionary War, which was like the last push the Americans to win in 1920, September 28th . Eight members of the White Sox were indicted by a grand jury on charges. They threw the 1919 World Series to the Reds. And that's the Black Sox scandal.

Shoeless Joe was on that team. Hmm. Yeah. He never Warchus, son of a bitch, never wore shoes running around the bases, shoeless. Give a shit about herpes. I mean, rabies, athlete's foot. Rabies, tetanus. Yeah.

Tetanus is there you go. Get one. Yeah. That was because he lost his shoe on time, right? Yeah. And he made it. And he made a big stink about apparently the point.

He got a nickname. Where's my shoe? I don't know if just Giono more. Yeah, I don't know. You're one of the better players on the team. But you think you can afford a new shoe. You see what happened back there with my shoe. Yeah, baseball. It's the play shoe. Oh, yeah.

Imagine your toes would just be like always sliding into the bag break and it's so horrible. And then in 2008, September 28th, SpaceX launched the liquid fueled Falcon one into orbit, making it the first private company to do so. That's one day after China's first spacewalk ever.

Keeping score card about moving on to the trending news. Honorable mentions Google did something very hilarious, which was make their twenty third birthday and a five billion dollar antitrust find that they're appealing against the EU. The top two trends on Monday. So Google claims that 10 million plus people were reading about their lawsuit. The two million plus were interested in their birthday. Yeah, flexing on the Internet, because I'm not going to even say that person that was below them, who's probably number one in the world.

Yeah, OK. There's no way 20 times more people are interested and in their lawsuit than the guy who's number one today. Yeah. I'll give you that, Will. I will give you that.

So what is that? Is that is Internet manipulation. That's Google Flex. I will probably I will. Yeah, I would say that's not possible 20 times. We're interested. You know, people look it up. I mean, they really were they screwed up was their birthday, that's what they screwed up the lawsuit was could have been at least maybe been believable. But the birthday thing you have right there next to the boss, the person who's number one, these numbers need to be comparable.

I'm sorry. It's good to be the king. Yeah, it's just true. They should have made it more believable. Good to be the king. And Google is the king of the Internet and they're showing off. Also friend of the show, Roger Sullenberger.

His new article in The Daily Beast about Matt Gates beefing up his legal defense team trended on Twitter. So check that out. So, Roger, I'm going to give you some props for Slip In. He kept referring to Matt Gates as Florida man, Matt Gates multiple times in New York. Yeah, it looks like he is beefing up his team. I read most of the article.

Roger likes to write a blog, but I read most of it in that he's got quite the team of all star lawyers. Do does. Have you had bracing for a storm? Who knows? I didn't I didn't even have to read it, Matt. I have I have a robot read it to me. And I didn't I didn't mind you like the robot voice. You can deal with it. I can deal. There's an option on The Daily Beast website now. Just hit play.

You want to listen to this article? And I'm used to on NPR. It's actually someone reading it to a human, but not why. This is why 50 percent of people said they're going to fuck robots. This is why Omak I mean, it's actually 100 the other 50 who dislike me. I'm not going to say it towards.

Tilt towards Baucom and call me a lot. Call me a liar. I'm sorry, I'm not calling you. I'm calling. Most people that say they're never going to fuck a robot. Yeah. Everyone's going to fuck a robot. People people shun lobster at one point, you know.

Did they? Oh, yeah. People was bug. Yeah. Now, as for poor people, observant Jews still still shun it. Sure. I mean, that's a great comparison. Lobster. All right. All right.

Top three Jenning stories. Number three, Josh Gordon is now on the Chiefs in the NFL. This is after the NFL rescinded his ban from the league for six lifetime suspensions last year. Mostly it's lifetime suspensions that that fault fell pretty quick. Yeah. Right. So they let him back in after those six that were mostly for weight. And then they banned him again last year until this last week.

And now he's unbanned again. And now he's on the Chiefs. You're banned for six lifetimes. What does that. Twelve years?

Oh, no, no, no. I mean, six like he had six suspensions lifetime. So they just kicked him out of the league forever. Then they took that back, let him go to the Seahawks. Then they banned him again. And then they took it back again last week. And now he's on the Chiefs.

Is that the most stoned team, the Seahawks, do you think, like historically, the Seahawks? I feel like maybe when Marshawn was thinking of Marshawn most anyway, Marshawn was there. But yeah, I think nowadays Jordan would have been been the top. I think the chiefs taking it to the Internet. VP of Hard Factor Football Operations, PFC commentor says Kansas City Chiefs, Irmo, but chiefs, the Chiefs like a chief in on like Chief Keef. Yeah, that's the chiefs. Bang, bang. Like the Joint Chiefs.

Exactly like General Milley over there. All right. Speaking of football, the birds versus the boys going on as we tape cowbirds, help. We want you nervous. Makhmalbaf.

They won. Yeah. Nervous. I'm nervous every time the Eagles play this year. They looked great. Week one. They laid an egg wig, too. And the Cowboys have a good offense. Yeah, I'm nervous. And I hope they won. I don't blame you.

I hope both teams lost somehow. That's great. You guys are in for a tie. This happened with the Eagles, actually. They both tie that in, both Lewis. Kemp was tied to be great. Number two, the government shutdown clock.

So this is the only thing that trended on both Google and Twitter on Monday. Besides what we're going to talk about at number one, and that is the pending government shutdown so late Monday, Republican senators blocked a standalone bill from the House to raise the debt ceiling. Their reasoning is that they want the Democrats to raise it on their own as part of the spending packages they plan to pass, or they say they'll vote on something else that will avoid a shutdown without raising the debt ceiling. So

that's their reasoning every fuckin two years. I remember the the first government shutdown we heard about. I was pretty stressed.

Yeah, it's like that's like every year at this point more frequently. Yeah, it's happened at least four times since we started the show. It's like people that tell you that they died. Right. Oh, man. I actually died like I was dead for like a minute.

Like, were you dead? Yeah. Because you're here. You got a lot of those conversations about how many of those guys have you met you? I mean, in the music business with bars, you're hanging out. Yeah. Matt met a lot of dead guys. OK,

so this is what said, you know, the guys I'm talking about. Yeah, sure. Like songs about some dead guys, too. I know. No, they're all just dead. Dead?

Yeah. No, they died. Yeah, they died. Are you talking about. I saw the light while I was down for finisher's. Yeah. And just taking it back to Capitol Hill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the government shutdown situation, we will support a clean continuing resolution that will prevent a government shutdown. We will not provide Republican votes for raising the debt limit. So that's what he says.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says it's one of the most reckless and what are the most irresponsible votes I've seen. Take it in the Senate. We be it further action to prevent this from happening this week, which they need to, because the government shutdown starts Friday. If they can't get something, that's soon. So is it. It's basically in politics, especially in Congress. It's like one side is flabbergasts more flabbergasted than ever before.

Every time every single time, I'm completely flabbergasted. It's all by their side and on the other side, I'm against it. Yeah, it's the strategy and act strategy. These hoes are burning. They're burning us out. To be honest with you, these government homes, they always have been. That's just same old bullshit.

Some cry welfarist bullshit. Keep doing it. That's the thing. It's like the guy who used to be the host of The Bachelor before they kicked him off for defending the racist chick was like this season of The Bachelor. The most dramatic yet. Oh, right. Yeah, it never stops.

Yeah. People were like, oh, once Trump's got, the drama is gone. That's bullshit. It's always there. Flabbergasted. Flabbier, completely flabbergasted. I don't have pictures for you guys because that was about like a reality show.

Teaser is actually it's an awesome it's a fantastic analogy. If you know, this this session of Congress is even more flabbergasting than the last one and the real flabbergasts on this season of Congress. And since I didn't have pictures for you guys, since that was just about the Senate, here's a picture of Joe Biden's extremely hairy upper arm. That's right. Yep. Can you zoom in on that as he was getting his Covid booster shot on Monday? And it's it's funny.

It's an impressive upper upper arm of hair. It looks wolfish. It looks like he got his legs getting transplanted onto his arm. Skin is what it looks like. Yeah. Like I wonder, kids used to like to like brush their brushes, hair, you know.

Yeah, no wonder. And that's the type of stuff that's the type of arm that only Dyken bench press reps with concrete weights. You know what I mean? Oh, yeah. Yeah.

He only does old school exercises. He wears sweat pants. Shorts. Mm hmm. Yeah. It keeps that hair around the kids. Loveall sweatpants, that arms. Never seen a fitness machine.

All freeway hits, baby. I didn't know. Joe. Harry, that's that's incredibly hairy. Probably for good reason. Honestly, Will that you didn't know because if you that Harry. Yeah. You keep the long sleeves on. Yeah. Yeah. I talked about it before. You can have a bunch of the kids love it. But he's got a bush in his rear end, too. Oh my God.

When you get older, you don't shave, you don't shave your bush knit y. You know, he's got Bush in the front in the back. It's cutting your hair. It's like a white fire out of your hair.

A lot of your hair. All right. And no one. The cream of the crop today, the cream of the crop. R. Kelly was found

guilty on all charges he was facing in New York good including sexual exploitation of a child, racketeering and multiple counts of sex trafficking on Monday. Here he is in court. So you guys can see looking pretty forlorn. Yeah. He's scheduled to be sentenced in New York on May 4th. Seems like that's going to be a long one, probably.

But he still has additional sexual assault on minors charges multiple pending in Chicago and a prostitution with a minor charge in Minnesota pending as well. And it looks like no amount of belief will let Mr. Kelly fly away from the courtroom this time. He's going to be in prison for a while. And that's today's cup of coffee in the big time, which was brought to you. By word to word tune is the tool that can help you and your business construct better sentences on anything you ever need written.

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Hard factor. Nice. Nice. All right, guys. Halloween is still over a month away. Not even October yet. But don't tell that to the freaks in my neighborhood who have already begun putting up their giant spider webs and their trees and monsters in their front yard. Well, what is acceptable then, wesi? Listen, is these people as soon as the weather breakevens, fine.

Yeah. Yeah. OK, freak. Whatever you say. Yeah. What are you saying? Only October is the only time you can atlis. I don't I don't think. Where's the senior Halloween display, Mark? Yeah. What the hell? Yeah. Well, you got a big one up every year. Yep. Yes. My neighbor, my neighbor has his up and I talk to my wife about it.

She's like, do you want to take out the giant eyeball? The thing from Mart that we got, that's a giant eyeball that spins. Yes. Oh, yeah. How are you? There you go. I've already got the old I've already got the old,

like a pumpkin situation going on over one of the fireplaces. Yeah. Brought in brought in the decor. That's that's inside your house, though, right? Inside and outside conjoint. But outside it's forever. This weekend, October 1st is fine. OK, but they're going to leave it up until fucking Christmas time.

They might not take it down at all. You know, spiderwebs all year out. Oh, they they it rains later on. It just rains. And then it's just disgusting. It's you know, it's fucking ridiculous. Can you I mean, can you imagine trying to sell your house and then Halloween comes around and bam, your next door neighbor has like Webbs in their front yard and like a motion activated and entourage all it's.

Yeah, yeah. I'm I'm over here. They do this year round, don't they? Yeah, I don't I don't want to have this much fun. Yeah. How long does he leave that up to screaming? Which I'll be honest with you, I value your neighbor.

Be the holiday. I like holiday cheer. But this is a bit much. It's got the laser eyes pointing through your glass glass window.

Yeah, I was just stay in California. Drop your coffee every day. Right. Yeah, it's terrible. The stuff is worse than inactivated. Koffman thing is the worst. Oh, it's insane.

Like a hand. It's like, ah, I peed. You never you never see it. They get me at Costco sometimes, not to mention like, you know, it's the card or Amazon Prime. People say that should do. And look, I like Halloween, as we know from some questionably gay costumes I used to wear as a kid.

But for fuck's sake, people, it's it's one month max. And the giant webs, please. Anyway, with Halloween decorations and department stores randomly turning into costume stores also come pop up haunted houses like the like the real big professional ones. They advertise on TV or billboards house to torment all that shit.

You guys you guys ever been to one of these big professional haunted houses? I haven't. But I do send cease and desist letters to them at least once a week. Oh, right. For chainsaw. So I pay claims every time I do a story on these claims that his friend has the number one scariest haunted house. Not not the ones reported. Well, how come you haven't bedpan? These things are kind of funny.

I've been to Dark Wood Manor and Luray, Virginia. Is that that's what you're the house on the East Coast. So there you go. And you've gone through. OK, I said biggest. Right, okay, OK.

Big volume size, house of Torment. And Austin's a big one. It is Kassav Torment and Child Voice House Freekeh. It's a pretty fun. I forget. I forget where I went to. They do. Women like mall parking lot on Xbox.

Yeah, I think I went to one at bat. Rouge in a mall parking lot. Yeah, they're big. I went I went like three years ago with my girlfriend. The House of Torment in Austin paid like 30 bucks.

FastPass to what's walts by all the poor house freaks gone up. Teenagers say it's about a three hour wait. So that was a good call. Know you got to get the FastPass. I mean, it was fun. You girls like clutching to you both get into you have some genuine scarers, good times overall. But the one thing that makes it even better time is, you know, that absolutely nothing is going to happen to you inside, that they aren't going to get you're going to get chainsaw that that you won't get in by a zombie.

The werewolf is just a guy in a suit, et cetera, et cetera. But you play along just Biden with a sleeve. Yeah. Yeah. Are you shirtless if you play along? Scuffing does volunteer work as a hairy man? Yeah. He's just doing one sprints. But again, you know, it's more fun to play along. You know, no real danger of being harmed is coming your way.

Otherwise nobody would go, right? No. Your golf, the world was real. You know what I mean? Good point. Yeah. Yeah. No, I won't go. So we'll try telling that to one 11 year old boy who went to the seven floors of hell haunted house in Berea, Ohio.

And here is the the local news story. My son was sad. Talk about scary. That's the mother of an 11 year old boy who was stabbed by a worker at a haunted house at the birria fairground. One of the workers is walking around with a real knife. You heard, right? A real knife. Mom is obviously concerned about her son being hurt.

And the frightening incident gets worse. The knife is very rusty and doesn't look sanitary. He was wearing a pair of crack sandals and that the knife had penetrated the sandal and cut his his toe. The actor Christopher Polecats, Eliscu, you might say, took his role a little too seriously. The 22 year old apparently didn't follow the safety and warning rules, especially the one that reads no touching the actors. They won't touch you no matter.

Using rubberized props for such an incident to try to scare the attendees at the event lost his face. Abby said poor decision on his part to bring a real knife to the fairgrounds, and he's been criminally charged with negligent assault as a result of making that decision is a poor decision where open toed shoes to a fucking haunted house, you fucking idiot. I mean, it's two year old, 11 year old and 11 year old.

It's part of the deal. You're going for a little scare. You wear close toed shoes, you fucking idiot. Yeah, I think you give him his money back and call it called a wash. Yeah. And it's like we're told him look that bad, by the way, that the people are just listening. Shows just like I mean, it was blood. It was cut.

They cut someone's stuff. So the initial cut doesn't look bad. But but if it was rusty, it could get real bad. Real quick. That's how you are. It's a giant Bowie knife that he brought. It's like it's like a 12 inch blade bowing.

I know it's an eight inch hunting knife, whatever. Who gives a fuck? It's a real knife. So how it happened is this 11 year old was in the haunted house. And this actor, this twenty two year old Christopher Pogo's Wolski was doing his thing, trying to scare them. And the kid turned around and was like being a smart ass, like, oh, look at you, you fucking loser with the fake knife in a haunted house scaring kids, you big loser.

You don't scare me, big loser. I bet you live at home with your parents that you have a really, really Polish last name or something, too . And that set that set Kris off and he was like, oh, Yafai loser, huh? You got me with live with parents and polish, but watch this little fuck.

So then so then to show them how much of a loser he wasn't and how real the knife was, he started scraping the real Bowie knife on the ground in front of them and started stabbing the ground, probably like trying to generate some sparks or something. But instead, he accidentally stabbed the kid through the cracks. And you saw the bloody toe? Oh, he actually did that with his hand. I was thinking he dropped it on the kids to.

Oh, he's stabbing around them, stabbing? No, no, no. This is he's he's he needs to be locked up. Yeah. No, not saeki over here. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What do you want, man? This is you know, this is like it's a tough job, OK? There's not a million. Chris is out there, OK? And there definitely are people that can be learning and they feel this these roles up quick. Every town, I guarantee, dude. And there's no way. Absolutely. But it's cash only by high dollar per hour.

Hey, dumb, dumb ski, you're fired. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. These guys, I would say of any profession, I'd wager this and y'all listening in the hive if I'm wrong, tell me. But I would say highest percentage of employees that have a proper vape rig.

Oh, are guys that work at haunted houses? Yeah, sure. Sure. Like a big rig. But why are you saying that's hard? I'm just saying that some people might say no. It's it's video store dudes are like laser tag emblazed. Like I think it's the haunted house employees have the most per capita high end Dabiri. They should have a cloud chasing tournament between those those places of employment.

That would that'd be a good TV show. Honestly, they would have some impressive. Clouds, you know, you know, they're blowing clouds in there.

What happens? Well, this happens all the time. I remember going to haunted houses when you were like between 11 and 14, 13. Do you remember you and your friends? Yeah. Yeah. Like a little shack back herd and festival.

I think they used to have are like like back in our home town, like they used to have like one of these pop up. And I remember definitely being rude to people inside there because it's theater kids under the mask, you know, and you can tell my group of friends got chased by like a 20 year old working with a fake chainsaw after the event because we pissed him off so much. He came outside around the exit and shout. And like I was like, I'll fucking kill you kids. Like we got him so worked up. We did. And I'm not skittered. Yeah. Right. Exactly.

So Rodney Gafford, who owns Night Scream Entertainment, said, quote, We upgraded their tickets. They went through all the houses. They had a great time when they were done. We've been in business twenty one years. We're very safe. And it's just something that the actor foolishly eurozone he was said he was apologetic and stayed while the boy with the boy the whole time.

They'll take a shoe off. It was an accident. If you consider an accident something, you could be poorly avoided if you haven't brought a real knife and started stabbing at the boy's feet . Prove them wrong. And then Rodney Effort then had an immediate meeting with the hiring staff. And here's the exclusive audio from that meeting. I fux, I gather round gather round idiots. Listen up.

I think we all know what happened here tonight. One of you moron stabbed the kid, right? So what happened? What are you morons brought a real knife and stabbed the kid in the foot. OK, listen, I got a business to run here. You think I can run the business if one of you morons is stabbing, stabbing kids in the foot? Huh? Now, listen, you managers, I'm looking at you, if you see anyone on the application and their last name ends with Sky, posted it in the trash. Oh, stand. No more seats here. You got it. Yeah. If I introduce myself and someone

and someone says their last name ends in Saeki, you're fired. You understand me? Heart. I dare say. The brutal, brutal leaked audio was tough. Oh, yeah. The trash. They're reacting by getting rid of all Polish employees.

All Polish employees. Got to go get motiveless. Yeah. Yeah. So safety first. So that's that. Be careful out there. And those haunted houses. All right, guys. Still take care of some business now.

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It's time for the Tick Tock International Moment. Thank you, Darcel. Don't ever leave me. Hmm.

OK, we have three very interesting characters today, like I said, one from Germany, one in Suriname and one in China. So let's dig in. Apparently, investing in crypto is pretty easy, guys. Yeah, it's so easy. A caveman could do it.

Just kidding. Don't sue me, Geico. It's even easier than that. It's so easy. A hamster can do it. Meet Mr. Gox. Here is set up here, Mr. Gox. Areas in the in the wheel. There, is that right?

Don't compete with me. I got it. Yeah. Mr. Gox, a hamster from Germany that has been trading cryptocurrency since June and has seen his funds increase by over 20 percent. He's a big guy there. Oh, yeah. Check it out. How could how could he? How can I help you? Look, he's got a wheel and he's got a little look. Oh, wow. Wow.

Chase mishandles to add onto that little desk charts. That's got a little easier. You got a little wooden chart. She's got a little wooden chair.

How could he not be up? He means business, guess. Yeah. So basically every morning what happens is Mr. Gox gets into his intention. We'll like we'll at a set up again. He gets in the attention will and the intention we'll on his little device has the name of different cryptocurrency he's listed on it. And when he stops to get off, we'll the ticker points to a particular cryptocurrency.

He then runs between either the buy or sell tubes. He has about also. And then automatically it's a program that whichever one he went through, they will either buy or sell the stock. His intention wheel is stuck on bass and he is up big 20 percent on the year. Every single time since June. Every single he just started in June.

He's up on the area every month. Every year. Those are Madoff like returns. Yes, they are, Pat. Every time he runs through the door, Basel, he's up more than the FTSE 100, more than the Dow Jones and more than Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

During that same period of time, the hamster on the wheel. Mr. Cox knows that one year capital. I got to ask why they called him Mr. Gox. Gox and crypto has a bad omen. Bad joke? Yes, because the Gox mountain, because of the shocks that got everyone got stolen. All the everyone got the.

That's exactly why Pat missed a joke. I think Mr. Gox is a complete joke. Perhaps even making fun of all of crypto. Yes, it sure is. And it's making fun of human beings as well.

It's just, you know. Yeah. Has two 30 year old German owners, Mr. Financier's said we were joking about whether my hamster would be able to make smarter investment decisions than we humans do. Guess what? It turns out he can. Maybe China would reverse their decision to make all cryptocurrency transactions illegal if they just let the hamsters make the decisions for them. Hmm. I agree. You know what this is like? This is PMed. Larry, except for crypto.

Yes, they did a for pictures of Mr. Gox and I hampster. It's similar. And the hamster is just making money. You can also just follow him on his Twitter and Twitter.

Here's here's like I got a tweet from Mr. Cox's account. It says, Mr Gox has concluded his office hours for tonight with one order place, surely did one that day. Career performances use up sixty three point two seven euros or nineteen point four one percent. Disclaimer You know, he's not a financial advisor, but you can follow him on Twitter and just follow his moves and be up twenty first. Livestream it all the time, huh? Oh, really? OK, you guys say if they charge you for Mr.

Gox picks and you don't know he's paying for it. He's giving out free tickets. You'd pay a bad ass, man. Yeah, probably 20 percent off. What? Are you kidding? Sharp. I start following. You got it.

I don't know if we made was. Have you ever told the story? Now's not the time. But but maybe we could do it out of the next five hour of your your foray into buying picks over the phone. Oh, yeah. That you mean the the gambling picks? Was it college football picks? It was. I mean, it was it was NFL picks.

It was as good as the number given picks for dollars that it was everything. How much how much more we pay in a pack? I don't remember, but I think I remember I was on every call that every pick person had for for like years. I still get them sometimes Vegas picks, you know, like. Yeah. Yeah. You're on a couple lists. You're on the dumb dumb ski's list.

I think I spent a couple hundred bucks on it. You and a bunch of Polish people get those phone calls. That's right. All right. Next up, as some side Polish listeners and you're really giving a tone tonight, I'd like you to meet where is he ? And I actually don't have a picture of him yet, but I'd like you to introduce you to CERN vice president. Sixty year old Ronnie Brunswick.

Let's play to truth and a lie, shall we, with Ronnie? Ronnie is wanted by Interpol. Ronnie has over 50 children, and Ronnie made his professional soccer or football career starting for Inter Monga Toppo, the team he owns against Olympia in the CONCACAF League recently at the age of 60. Two truths and a lie.

So one of those 50 children. Anyone else with children? So I would save the Children's I. Yeah, well, I've got a trick question, they're all true. Three Chris Rock Ronney is wanted by Interpol for drug trafficking charges, so he will not be able to play in the second leg of Venters match up that he debuted in this past week. Ronnie does have the drug charges in the opening soccer team. Those go together, I guess, 50 kids.

Yeah, Ron Johnson has at least 50 kids. And Ronnie started alongside one of those kids when he played 53 minutes at Striker this past week in a six oh defeat. Here's Ronnie, kick off the trio.

You people see the end of us 60. Yes. They say, you know, I can't believe he's playing the first match up against a bunch of 20 year old series, The Kick Off. Oh, there he goes. Oh, that's got his age on the back of his jersey. Yup. Sixty one jersey. Sixty one.

But well, that's what he will be in a couple of weeks. One better than that himself. He's better than himself.

They were down three nothing at that kickoff. If the video played a little bit better, he then jogs at about a third the speed of everyone else on the field and calls for the ball like every chance he can get. He's like the time he's like, yeah. Or Lukashenko when he plays hockey. Oh, yeah, yeah. They let they accept. They accept they have respect for Putin.

They let him win like 19 to nothing. This guy's got no respect. He got six of six. Oh, man. A rich guy who owns the team who by the way, of the team that's calling for the ball, that's like, oh, what are you going to do, not call for the ball? No, I'm just part of the team.

And you better pass the fucking ball. Bonus bonus fact. Ronnie used to rob banks in his youth and a career of robbing banks and drug trafficking gets you paid and also get your boys paid. Here's a video of Ronnie handing out money to the other players on the on his team that again, he owns. Just handing out money, Bill.

I'm slapping Bill after bill after House. I start sharing Ronnie on because it's just pain, that's an airline. Yeah. Yeah. So they haven't built the team to be friends with Ronnie. Yeah. And I wonder why they let him on the team without us thinking unless he like is plotting to get you to take the fall for him.

Well, right. I mean, he is a drug dealer after all. You could definitely catch some ricochet shots, but, you know, the whole team might get lit up. The team loves Ronnie. Interpol not enamored, but the team big fans. It's awesome to me.

I can't believe they were in the CONCACAF tournament. That's right. That's INSIGHT. His six year old starting a drug trafficking felon, won an international criminal, was playing striker for a team in the CONCACAF tournament this past. It's a bucket list thing. You know, I went away for a while.

Escobar used to have the teams come and play private games for him. Yeah, he was basically that troll of the Colombian team. Right. Yep. Mm. That's similar. All right.

So but he didn't play that have been hilarious. If Pablo had gotten on the field, this guy played fifty three minutes. He didn't even go out and have a lot of minutes. He was back on for the second half.

Huge for a little bit. Love of the game. Love of the game. He wasn't at Cheverie. The controversy. Yeah. Pablo's guy. Right.

Or was the guy with the giant hair that was on Karl Valderrama. Valderrama? Yeah. Yeah. I don't either. Yes. Yeah. Alderaan was the man at Chavarria was Bolivian, I think. And his he won the first couple championships and Disunite or John Hawkes go Eagles. All right. So you got a soda is bad for you, right? These United Eagles.

I think that's the team. I was at a couple of those championships. So does bad for you guys. Did you know that? Well, get off. Yes, we know that. We look at us. We but we we didn't learn, but we knew that it can kill you. OK. Quite literally.

Just ask another guy who hasn't learned, 22 year old Beijing man who drank an entire one point five liter bottle of Coca-Cola on a hot day. Oh, what's that? You can't because the soda killed him. What? No. Yeah. This is a story about a bottle of soda. Eddie almost himself. You not so. Yeah, Eddie.

And you know, the guy who drove around the the. And the homeless, Eddie the plumber, Eddie. Oh, yeah. You got paid to babysit for a summer here. You killed him. So

you had to like didn't you have to like limit a soda? Yes. Yes. That's enough, Eddie. So cut it out, Eddie. This guy didn't have a choice. And it was a hot day in Beijing and the guy was dehydrated.

So he decided to drink a giant bottle of Coca-Cola to quench his thirst while he was dehydrated. Bad idea because six hours later, he ended up in the hospital. He had symptoms of a swollen stomach and severe pain in the stomach. The doctors noticed he had a lack of oxygen to the liver cause likely by the Coca-Cola or they call it shock liver when you don't have oxygen going to your liver. They tried to release gas from his digestive system, which was full of gas, but they were unsuccessful.

And the man died later on in the hospital. He had no known underlying health conditions. I mean. Twenty two. That's horrible. Rippey. Terrible. That's I mean, it's kind of like that's that's got to be a freak accident, right, because most people aren't going out to a bottle of Coke.

As the heat, you know? Yeah. I mean, it was just he was dehydrated, but. Yeah, so maybe you're right. Well, because here's a quote. It's not necessarily that he died from Coca-Cola. It could have been bacteria that formed a pocket of gas in the intestinal wall, which then leaked into up into other parts of the body, such as the portal vein, said Professor Nathan Davies, a biochemist at University College of London . From his new Redler Lamborghini license plate, Poula. Boy,

that's a sick car, though. He was worth it. Yeah, it wasn't worth that definitely wasn't the Coca Cola that gave him the Garcia's intestines. Thank you, guys.

You guys have chug like, you know, you wake up, but then maybe you're hungover. You haven't eaten anything all day and you chug like a Coke and it just all goes in. Your belly hurts and you're like, what the fuck? Yeah, I just do.

Yeah. Kills you. You could you could chug. Drano would be better than chugging Coca-Cola when you're. Yeah. Yeah. That's literally my move. And I don't know.

I could chew it. Not like this guy. Well, I guess I'm saying some people, not a party, some don't. That's what I'm saying. All right. But Pat, your gas also smells terrible, so there might be something to it. Hey, man, whatever. He's drinking all that gas out.

That's that's cause he's beaten up his intestines left and right. They're trying to they're trying to take a beating, a cheap cut of meat. You know, skin off my back. Well, we might have lost my mark there, could we lose Mark IXo, he's frozen in the video chat and Solaria. That's OK. That's all right. Looks awesome.

No worries it happens. Well, let's talk about crowd health. So did you guys know that more than half of Americans are on a high deductible health insurance plan with co-pays and extremely high monthly premiums? You probably did, because you're probably one of them. So for many people in the U.S.,

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Hey man, you know I'm all about community. All right, guys. As we've talked about on this show pretty extensively. California has a bit of a wildfire problem, right? Well, yeah, you could say that the worst ever last two years running. You could say that. And over the last three or four months, tens of major fires have displaced thousands of Americans and kept the overworked and underpaid men and women who fight those fires with a seemingly impossible and always dangerous task of trying to contain them.

And when you hear about a wildfire, the worst possible news that you can hear is that it wasn't caused naturally, but instead, because of a gender reveal or general human negligence, a.k.a. gender reveal, or in the worst possible case, on purpose. You never want to hear that a wildfire started on purpose now, but it happens sometimes. There's just crazy people like I guess I was going to start a fire and they they're going to start a fire.

It's sexual for them, as is most depravity. But it appears, guys, that in the case of the fire and fire, a wildlife fire that has burned more than 8500 acres in northern California since September 22nd and it's currently only 50 percent contained. The origins may have been, in fact, intentional. Yeah, it's pretty, pretty, pretty big bummer here, guys.

Thirty year old Alexandra Sovern Narre, whose occupation on LinkedIn is Shoman. That's OK. So how'd you get that gig? What? She she yeah.

They let they allow that in LinkedIn. Paid for that. It's a thing. Yeah. That's that's the shaman there. Oh, wow. Oh, those eyes. Way, way wider than I expected because I was a shaman. I don't know if that's racist, but yeah. You're going to discredit her when she says she's a shaman. You're the first. That's interesting. The first thing you notice is right.

Yeah. So 36 I'm sorry, 30 year old Alexandra Sover Navea, 72. Yeah. Her occupation shaman, she's facing felony arson charges with an enhancement. This is important of committing arson during a state of emergency. Right.

So it's kind of like it's kind of like when you get busted for hitting someone over 65. Right. Yeah. The crime is a maximum penalty of nine years in prison. And Alexander, she's a former forestry student and yoga teacher. Now, Shoman, what she was she was training to be a firefighter. Oh, yeah. And she has like she has an undergraduate degree

from MIT, Kalpa, Caltech Poly in biology. And she's she's she's gotten her learn on big time something in the forest upset her. Lots of smart, crazy people in ways since her path she went from protecting the forest to wanting to destroy it.

Well, innocent until proven guilty. But we'll see. Let me let me tell you the rest of the story. You be the judge. So she she was claiming she pled not guilty. She's claiming that the blaze was triggered accidentally while she was doing Charman Shit in the woods. OK, you might say what shaman shit are.

I'm sure the judge said watch him and shit. It's pretty simple. She was trying to tell you.

She was trying to boil. She was trying to boil bear urine to quench your thirst. She gets to drink it. How did she get that? Yep. So well, according to Alexandra on September 22nd, to get back to her 22nd, Alexandra was she was on a totally normal hike to Canada, you know, and a 700 mile hike can really take it out of you and even shaman's get thirsty.

But luckily, she came across a puddle in a dry creek bed. But apparently the water had been contaminated with therapists bomber. Right. We've all been there before. So first she tried to filter out the piss with a tea bag, but that didn't work. So, yeah, no way.

The tea bag didn't get rid of the pee in the water. No, it didn't. So she then as she attempted to point, she took it. Right. I know. What the fuck? No, it's water tea. And I thought you were a fucking shaman lady.

Now it's a delicacy in China. Yeah. She's obviously a moron. I'm an alchemist. How are you? What are you, a shaman in training? Denver. Does a story get it gets dumber boys. OK, anyway, so. Yeah, so that didn't work.

So she then attempted to make a fire to boil the piss out of the water. But she told officers later it was too wet for the fire to start. So she said, fuck it and drag the bear pissed. Anyway, so does he have a different burning point smoke point than water like steam. So the pee would burn off faster than the water.

Pretty sure she was just condensing the pee into a more can. You just solidified pee. Yeah. Yeah, just more pee. The less water in there would. It evaporates. Just more pee for her. She's just making herself feel better.

Yeah. Yeah, I did everything I could. Yeah, I think I've got it. But I will drink it. I mean, no offense, guys, but you guys don't know shit about forestry or Shomron.

Sure. OK, it is true. She just Gerti, she doesn't. There's no way she knows to get out of water.

You boil it and add to it. Well, if she had no shit. Well, it's a shaman on her LinkedIn page.

Yeah. Yes. Good point. No, that's that's a further that's yes, that's affirmative. Yeah. If she didn't know shit, she would have Shaman as her occupation. Damn. The Pollocks and the shamans are going to today just AFEs if there's a pole shaman out there, he is not coming back.

No, he's not just a thought. Why isn't it? Why isn't it charwoman, you know. Yeah. Woman, if you thought about that. OK, anyways, here's what happens. So she told authorities she tried to boil the bear, piss out of her tea, didn't work. So because I was too wet to wet in the forest, she told authorities.

So she ended up just drinking the bear pesty anyway. And bam on the candidate. She went public. Yeah. It wasn't long before she came, became

completely surrounded by flames, and then had to get rescued. And apparently the shaman had been doing some freaky shaman stuff earlier in the day at a quarry not far from that creek bed that really freaked out the quarry workers who told her that she was trespassing probably from a distance . So they were out of range of her spells anyway. The quarry workers saw her throw some CO2 cartridges in the quarry and they found that suspicious.

And then shortly thereafter, a fire popped up. So Alexandra May shoots down whippets in the quarry and lighting fires next to it. Muck and boil, burning shit on a day. One day she's dealing with bits of the drink, spare parts and then starts fires.

That's huge. Yeah. She may have put at least two fire spells that contributed to the fire and fire out there. And authorities are saying that she may be responsible for other fires. And when investigators put two and two together, they asked her to empty your pockets and her fanny pack. Where? Or I guess she calls it like her Satchell or something where they found the same CO2 cartridges that match the one at the quarry.

A functioning lighter and a white item containing a green leafy substance that she admitted to smoking earlier in the day. So those those were it's not CO2, though. It's nitrous, right? I'm sure that yeah. Look, there's nothing you can really do with CO2 that a CO2 actually put out a fire. Why didn't she just cast a spell of invulnerability? I don't know.

Before I get in, I'm going to take it to the Internet real quick. But before I do, I looked through her Facebook. What do you guys think this is? So it's like a hand, like some type of weird Halloween that looks like her lighting a fire in her face. Yep. Oh, no. Yeah. Yeah, you're right, Mark.

Yeah, it looks like her standing and lighting a fireball next to her face. She may want to take that off her Facebook. Let's take it to the Internet, guys. Let's take it to the Internet. OK, guys. Sean Fuct Effy. You see, I guess it's how you say it.

How would you say it as fuct? Yeah. Sean Fuct, a missionary activist, artist, speaker, author and the founder of multiple worldwide movements, including Burne 24/7, which he started in his dorm room, light a candle and hold the line. Not to mention this guy also produced, recorded and released 22 music albums, coauthored five books and created numerous teaching resources and developed an online school. He's also again ignited several global mission missional initiatives. Sean says friendly reminder, this lady purposefully tried to burn down our town and endanger our homes and families. Some of you don't live in fire areas and don't understand the fear that spread through our town because of her. Is she crazy?

Yes, without a doubt. Does she need Jesus? Yes, without a doubt. But is she still crazy? Yes, she is. And that is what I called her. Doesn't mean God cannot grip her heart. And I pray that happens.

But she still is. Crazy, crazy face emoji. That's all. Cry, face peace. So Shawn comes to that, right? She's crazy, but he still feels she could redeem herself.

So she's pretty accomplished guy. I don't know all that stuff I got from his website anyway, so. Yeah. To which hey, if you that nice. And he lives in the area. That's actually pretty nice.

How many houses has it burned down, hasn't it? Oh, like 19 houses. Yeah. It's like yeah. Yeah. She's a fucking terrorist. She's bad. So Chad and Edwin says Shaun fucked. The Bible tells us to be discerning in these circumstances. You did nothing wrong.

Keep fighting. Brother cheered him on. OK, well, yeah. To which Star Stripes replied at Sean. Fuck, she has a legion for sure. The eyes I emoji are the window of the soul and west combat as well. Just like Stars and Stripes little region was the Legion mean. A lot of the biblical stuff flies right over my head.

I don't understand. But suppose she means she's got this like she's part of a demon. She's demon. Yeah. There's a lot of good demon movies out there. Yeah, it's a movie called Legion. Well, we are. We are. I am legend. I don't know. Right.

It means she's got a group of crazies that she belongs to. She's got a legion. So anyway, that seem to strike a chord with Patty Anderson.

Patty Anderson added that Stars and Stripes, I agree about the eyes. Most of these corrupt people have these eyes. And I'm like, OK.

Yeah. Stars and Stripes. I guess. I don't know. Got back in. Oh, no, I'm sorry. Was Debbie Blackford who got back in saying she knows. She knows. The article says she's a shaman and that she has contact with the evil underground.

Definitely crazy. And has demons. Yeah. Yeah. Wait a minute. She wasn't even hiding that on LinkedIn.

Why didn't they stop her beforehand? She's no man. She's a shaman. I guess maybe they thought she was a faker. She's advertising her. What do they call that? When you're the demon takes you over possession or zeshan? Yeah, just advertising it.

She was possessed, I guess. Stars and Stripes responded back really to Patti saying, Patti, there is no peace in her eyes. Mojie, but it is the look, eyes, emoji of the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. John, 10, 10. Included the verse to write. So he attached a little word meme there with John 10 10 scripture on it with a cross in front of a sky that's unfastening. Yeah. Mark, this is for you just to

to break this scripture, an analogy down in case anyone is on the table. QIt John Tenten is from a trio of shepherd parables with the thief, widely understood to be a reference to the self-serving human leaders of Israel during Jesus's time. And in this case, Alexandrea, so VIRNA is just like the self-serving human leaders of Israel and a bunch of shamans. There you go. Yeah. So Julie ctober lomi dobrej.

She vied on that, survived on that scripture. And she said stars and stripes, the darkness or isor darkness and need deliverance. So I want to get your take on the West. Brought it up, but

it's clear as day. I mean, pop those things up again. Oh, yeah, she's crazy. Look at that. Do you think I take those eyes off the other picture, too? I mean, she's really staring daggers. Whoa. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's a. That's that's she's got a possession going on.

John Tanton was honest. John was on to something. Look at those eyes on you. That's terrifying.

Also on our Facebook, it is like a great like, you know, people like take Nome's players. They're haunting like garden gnomes. She like took a like a big ass crystal on a road trip. It's like a bunch of pictures of like the crystal in front of like a McDonald's for some reason or like, oh, well, she needs to be I mean, they need to get her out of here like you are. You can't burn down 90 houses and then and then like Sean sucked is on at you.

So can you can you get her picture back up there again, Pat? Which one do you want the tight or the why? All the while. The one you just pull up the first. Just the first one. Now the first one. Go back one. Should I tell you what she looks like? Yeah. The very first picture. You ever shot that one? Yeah.

She looks like she fox is what she looks well, for sure. But also those eyes to me, though, also 10. They say, you know something sexual. Please. Please. This way comes. Yeah. It just wants it.

Intensity in the sack intensity and the shaman world intensity in the fire starting does like a slump at the shaman intensity with with the whippets. Yeah, I'd like to. No way. You're having bad sex with someone who likes fires for fun, you know. Yeah. It's not exactly missionizing. It's whatever you're in Teter.

Yeah. Like seriously. I mean, the fires are the fires are 90 houses, 90 houses. Get her out of here. Oh, yeah. Apparently she's responsible. So she led to that became the fire and fire and they're pretty sure she lit multiple others. Oh, in California. Yeah. Because you get like Shonn from being a firefighter. Is is what happened like because you said she was formerly in the Forestry Ser

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