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Crypto Technical Analysis

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Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day this is the boasts, of Bitcoin. Hold. Up. Hold. Up. Sound. The trumpets, kills. Us in building like, a boss. Live. From the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts, of Bitcoin. The creased o of crypto, is your boy BK, and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody. Today, is February. 26. And as you can see Bitcoin. As, you. Know climbing. To live another day north, of. $10,000. I think every day we, stay above 10,000. As a day we come closer to, hitting, 20,000. You know and is my job to disseminate. This information into, the masses, to empower, the. People into. Taking back your financial. Liberation. Let, the blockchain be, our salvation is that if this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK, you know me as the crypto, traitor and I am the close of, these charts as you will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone, with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result, and today. Is no exception so. With that being said we are going to jump into our Facebook, group to get somebody paid live on the air if this is your first time tuning in I don't know what you're waiting for go ahead and smash that, subscribe button. 23000. Strong. And growing every day 600, higher than it was last week and, we are you, know coming together to lift each other up to make money and eat. And break, bread and. Empower. Ourselves it's self talk now it's self taught expertise, and where. We come together is the number one Bitcoin group in the world so, let's pick somebody out of this group but some free Bitcoin, today's day two to, six those numbers are 10 so, let's count. Down from, the top one two three four. Five, six seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. BAM, big, Cory, holdin, it down like, mr. Huxtable, in the red sweater, vest. Congratulations. Sir you are our, Bitcoin. Winner. Of the day do me a favor shoot me a Bitcoin wallet I'll send you a couple bucks each BTC has a token of my appreciation you, know I know a few people, last, week sent. Me a message it got caught up in the filters so if you haven't received your Bitcoin just be, patient I will be going through all those messages this week and make sure that everybody get paid I don't want y'all to think that I'm slacking, on my pimping I just had a birthday over the weekend so you know allowed, me a few days to recuperate and get back you, know on the grind to things right, one, of the things I try to do you guys is is help. You. Know people just cross. That blockchain bridge so if I got to give away a few few, bucks out my pocket there's no problem because I'm gonna take it from the banks tomorrow in the markets, that's what I do I am, teach. People how to make money by, trading BTC. To USD, in. The markets the method we use is the boss method, and, we will be going through that in a little bit, but, first I wanted. To speak. About the opportunity, at hand again. I haven't done a video in a few days took, a few days off over my birthday you. Know saw some family and friends had an amazing, time thank you everybody. For the warm, birthday. Wishes a you. Know posted, a few pictures in a group got like a thousand, responses, is really you, know overwhelming, I don't often, times I forget how many people that we actually have active, involved, in the community, so. Thank you you know for everybody that reached out to me individually and, through the pictures just to wish me warm wishes I do certainly. Appreciate, that it. Was well received on. My end as well. So. The four horsemen guys Bitcoin, a theory, of neo Bitcoin, cash these are you, know the. The. Stallions, that will be bringing in this new, crypto. Revolution.

Right. And. What I'm gonna do today is walk through every. Each of these charts. Individually. So that you can see how they stand alone and how they come together ultimately. To create the same message and that is a method message. Of. Opportunity. Right. Aetherium. Classic was one of the charts that we just went through prior. To this video so if you missed that video if, you missed that chart go ahead and jump over to. My trading, view account. BT, Kelly 1203. For everybody. In the. Chat right now I will go ahead and send that to you directly, my. Post charts on here every other day or so whenever I see big moves happening, in the markets and so, etc', was actually a chart I did two. Days ago right so. You can see I jump on and and just get some free knowledge to, the people about this fractal harmonics, happening. Inside inside, the markets. Right. And. So let's go ahead and jump down into the charts right now first. One we'll, get started with is Bitcoin. And. The. Method, that I'm gonna be using with you guys is a very, very simple, methodology. Called. The boss method, its patented intellectual, property on exclusively, for the rights of replication, of Brendan Kelly LLC, if you're profit-seeking entity you, do not will not ever have my express written consent to, use it so please don't, if. You are a person I give it to you for free it works quite well there, are three simple moving, averages, the 7 the. 77. And the 231. The, 7, is the, white the, 77. Is the blue and the, 231. Are those columns, right there right, and you can see simple as day when that white goes below that blue you. Better get rid of it that's, what you should do white, goes above you, know it's time to jump in and get paid right, so when the white goes but a blue you know what to do put down 2 and pick, up 6 like, a boss we, do that right there you could have cashed in a hundred, and forty percent just, about in about 30, days and. When, it goes below it's, got a go cause if it ain't paying, it ain't staying and this, goes for every single coin now keep in mind I don't recommend trading, Bitcoin to the US dollar, you. Know but if you were looking to get into the mark i'ii take, some of that fiat, fake money out of your bank account and put it on the blockchain that's. When you want to do it right when it goes above it boom, you just made a hundred percent fiat, dollars, in a, couple of months right, what. Do i see happening right. Now well, as i mentioned a shift. Is on the horizon and, it is a lot of opportunity. Presenting, itself right, one, of the things we can do straightaway, is just, put a cycle, line from breakout to break down right. So if we did something like this we could just see the energy cycles, Bitcoin house forming inside of it that's a break out that's, a break down this, one is gonna be a flatline what, comes next, BAM. It's. Literally, just that, easy, to. Get paid as. Long as we stay on this same cycle, that we're on which, we're almost closing, the door here I keep saying middle. Mart's we should be above water this. One is a little ambitious. If I wanted to bring it back to the top of that that would actually probably be a little, bit better. To. Where we get a breakdown, breakdown. And. Maybe one, flat line. Yeah. And the middle of March looks a lot better 15th, to 19th will, probably be a good time but, let's do this let's bring this back because I don't want to confuse, too many people too quick so let's just say break out break. Down flatline. And this. Will be our positive, break out cycle. What. We can do inside of that but. A Fibonacci right, there boom. Boom and we, can see that all that happens, we came all the way down to, the 1.0, bounced, off that. Hit. Our head, on the 1 5. Sometimes. You need to go down to that little hump right before it came out that fits a whole lot better so, I just took this down to this little dip. Right here to get the maximum. Of all that energy still, capped it right there and this, looks a lot cleaner, the. Biggest thing to note is what's happening now is that 77. We want to follow that 70 70, crept. All the way down to that 7, 8 6 but maintain, integrity and once. This, 77. Comes. Above, that 236. Which it should do, inside. Of that window spin right there then we will be officially. Back inside. You. Know positive. Energy, right, it's not gonna happen overnight and you can see I got this thing scaled out to where we probably won't fully, be, corrected. You, know until, the end of that. Window, right there but. Still and even even, recognizing. That that's still you, know 40 or, 60 percent, 80 percent from, the bottom so that's, what you'll hear a lot of people say oh my god. Bitcoin. Crashed. 70. Percent. In. You. Know two months, 63. Percent, down, well. Yeah if you were to you know sold.

It Down there and that's exactly what you got you got a handful, of nothing, but if you follow BK, and Cole and Brandon, said anything, under seventy five hundred is, free money if you would have just put a limit, by it 75. You, would be up 70, percent during, that same amount of time alright so you, know this, thing has definitely, bottomed out now we're trying to see when and where we will get back above water once, we, get. Above. That point five then by definition we're, more, top-heavy. Than, we are bottom. Heavy right and you can see where well, on our way. To. Making. It back above that point five I think that will happen right around the middle of March because those, are, the points in time when, all of this energy is coming together to. Make these cycles, fill out so, if we know this to be our positive, cycle we can see it's already happening right now I'm just gonna generally, put it over here then right in the middle of that cycle, is when we will have maximum. Energy fulfilling. That cycle, which means more, than likely, this. Will. Be the point that. We will be, challenging. Right, because, we need to fill above, that point to, get back to zero right, here, right. That's. What this chart wants, to do it wants to get all the way up there not won't happen all at once but that's what it wants to do very, very, badly, right, so I would imagine 16k. Is the. Floor right there and we. See this point right here, kind. Of as our next battleground and that's, gonna be 12 5 that, we'll be fighting for you. Know between the middle of March. Right. There that's gonna be the battleground for BTC. Between. 12 5 and, 11, - right. But. Once we do that then. It's. Gonna be a pretty pretty clear path, you. Know - 15, 16 thousand. But. All the while there are other opportunities, out, there and when Bitcoin is sitting sideways then. I think you, know we really should be looking for those opportunities because, that's where, the money is gonna be made you, know when the market returns. Positive. So, one of the things we can pull up real quick is a, theorem. On, a. 343. And this, was actually a chart I did. About. A week ago for our community right and I show basically, where you, know I thought we were gonna come down we definitely did we. Bounced, up which is very. Good very, very good, but, we may not be out the woodwork yet, so. We definitely did bounce up but the problem is now that, we. Did bounce up I think. We're still gonna have another dip, right, because that 77. Has, officially. Turned negative and is actually working, against. Us and not for us at, this point in time so now we have to go back and look at well, where did we fall from you, know during this point in time and the less. Fall. Point I see is right. There right. And that's going all the way back here, to. That. Intersection right there and so. That's gonna be the next next, natural area, that, aetherium goes, down to. Right. And. I. Think that ultimately and. Then, it'll do the same situation, that Bitcoin, just did where it goes up comes, down comes, back, ups it sideways before. It goes up right. And. So. I think on, a longer, scale the more f you, can accumulate, right, around point O 7 the, better you will be because. Once it does a 2x which is not, very hard to do in a crypto verse you. Know you're basically 1 1 double up off the, all-time high so this is this is a very good accumulation, position if even. If we look at the global macro, scale of this whole energy, you, know transit, cycle here we, can see that this thing let's. Say we, went from that. Scale to that, scale look, at that you are accumulating, right at the bottom of the money zone you, know which is exactly, where you want to be on a long term, accumulation. Right so, the 3 a 2 is definitely the best statistical. Place to, accumulate, with regards, to getting back up there to the all-time, highs and surpassing, it going, up ideally, to the point 1 8 right, that's not a bad setup, and if we wanted to look at when we could see that happening, we would do something like this the, way that's break out break, down break. Out look at that we hit that being almost exactly, perfect. If. This pattern continues. We. Would take two, realms one two, right.

There. We. Will get to the one right here. And. Then when you get to the one point six after. That. Right. So. About 40% on, each side of those that's. Not bad that's not bad right, a theorem, is by far one of the cleanest, charts, when it comes to the fractals, and the markets of things but I think because it's the first derivative, of a Bitcoin you, know and it has a legitimate, it. Has its own economy so f is by far you, know a solid, pickup down here for the long term for the first half of 2018. You can basically get it at half off it should double, up you, know before, early, fall, given, a healthy crypto market and I think we will have a very very very healthy, crypto. Market. Next. Up we can look at Bitcoin cash. Let's, go ahead and cross that ocean, to, see how BCH, is doing. I will chart it on coinbase I don't think I've ever done that before, and. That's why because it doesn't have a lot of data, so, we'll jump back over to bit. Ryx but, that's actually a good teaching point like you see I tried to go if, I type in BC, eight right. One. Of the first things it gives me BCH, Bitcoin, one, of the first big ones is this coin base right here but then when I click on that I forget, that Bitcoin, cast just got released on coinbase like, a couple weeks ago so, it doesn't have a lot of data so I actually need to type in Bitcoin. Cash, and, go, over to the bit tricks chart, because. That has a lot more data and I can see clearly all the different levels that I need to do someone is asking, why. Don't I chart two US. Dollars, and that's, because, I don't value dollars. You, should not value dollars either if dollars, were that great you'd already be rich Warren, Buffett, would be a pigeon, and you, wouldn't be living check to check you. Know working for 20 bucks an hour. Dollars. Are designed, to keep you enslaved and keep you dependent. On a debt. Debt. Based system. The, blockchain is, not. So. A quick quick rule I say well I don't out value us because, USD, ain't done nothing for me. If autumn bobbleheads on Bloomberg were in business to make you rich on the dollar then you would already be rich, but the dollar by design is a inflationary. Economy. And, that has absolutely no value whatsoever, only. The value that Wall Street and you, know we we assume, to. Give it right, and. Also. On, a long term chart we can look at any growth, chart, Bitcoin. Has outperformed a dollar between, a thousand, and five thousand, percent a year forever. So if we just hold Bitcoin for one year we assume that we're gonna retain, at least a thousand, percent in dollars, so while you may come. Up you, know on, a few occasions to, where you can swing trade altcoins, two dollars and benefit. Those, occasions. Are few and far between. Right. So. Let's see this let's, just make sure everything's, good, with the data am i good somebody. Said the stream is slowing. Down is it okay everybody. Let's. Make sure I. Guess. I start talking reeling you to start chopping my data you, know so. I got I gotta be, mindful, Sophie. About his listening you know. Alright, so. Yeah that's all it was Sophie. About don't like me trying to pass on this knowledge but, you know I got to do it anyway you. Gotta do it anyway so here we go Bitcoin cash you guys real. Quick we could see this thing is long-term sideways. Right, long-term, sideways. Which. It could be good could be bad depending, on your position of it when Bitcoin was going down in.

Value Something. Sitting sideways was, actually good I think in the in the bigger term you, know we're we're, more or less forming, this really big. Downward. Weds right here, that'll probably look something, like that. To. Where. All. Of that energy is basically running, into, the floor and. It's gonna have to run out at some point in time if, we want it to pinpoint, the. Timeframe that we see that happening, we, could do something, like that. To. That right. And then, drop a horizontal. Line in. Here. See. If we get a closer. One. Here. To here right, and so. Ultimately. What. I see happening it's gonna be two action points that's, gonna be one of them that in the March this, is gonna be one of them right, around the middle of April. Right. This. Is built into the numbers, you. May have some quick money coming. Through here. Right. There see, that that, broke down there, and then, it broke out right there right. So. You may get a little bit of quick money a little bit early but, at the end of the day you still have, all of this area. That. This chart you know needs to fill out it could easily bounce. Down a little bit down, there before it did something like that to come up but. At, the end of the day, somewhere. Between, here. Is gonna. Be its, genesis, point to create a new, cycle, right, and once. That happens, then, you'll, be looking at a, completely. New, configuration. Where. Do we want to take it we could just do. Something like, this. Generally. Speaking, there you go, generally. Speaking all I did there is I took the seven over to 77, right there it took 77. Over to 31 right there you, could see that hit this line nail on the head which is the 382, which is basically what we're consolidating on, right now, meaning. Once we break out from. There, then ultimately. We. Shoot. Look. To clear these next, two lines the 1.0, and then 1.6. How. Long will that take. Do. The exact same thing break, out break down flatline look at that we almost hit that one like straight, on right. To. Where this one. Is. Our breakout, this is our breakdown. This. Is our flatline, what, comes next breakout, so. I would imagine at, this point in time. Would. Be the point in time where, we see Bitcoin, cash make. Some real-deal money and that'll, be right around middle, of April keep saying middle of April is a good time. Middle. Of April will, be a good time for Bitcoin cash is just a matter of running, all of these all coins into the ground running. All of these excess, waste, into the ground right. Good. Good good. And then, the last one we, wanted to look at Bitcoin cash we, closed it out within, E. Oh, the. Old, this. One is interesting this, one looks like it's setting up to make some real-deal money. The. One thing I don't like is that on the RSI, this is just a basic RSI. RSI. Is relative strength index it's, just a fourteen. Seventy. Thirty two. Where when the, RSI, index, gets, above, seventy then more than likely it's running hot and it needs to come down you can see when it happened, again over, there then, we had a pretty, decent, drop. We. Came down you, know twenty. Percent and so we're running hot again, and what. We have with neo is actually, a bullish. Divergence it's. Quite interesting. To. Where 277, actually just went under the 231, but the seven crossed is simultaneously, what I think is going to happen is this, is a quick wedge this is like the same formation. As Bitcoin cash was except. It's not gonna take nearly. As long to. Fill out. This. Thing is is is ready, to make some money right now it's, just the market is not ready to allow it to make money right and, that's. What you have right, here is, basically you have this bottom, right there, you. Have that as the floor. Basically. All of that area in that triangle you have that is the ceiling, and more, than likely that will run out you. Know right, around. Middle. Of March, so, this should be a quicker one and. Once this one goes up let me see if I could turn this back, to see where we're going, boom. Boom. Cuz. Watch this when I do this when. I go like from low to high here. That. Gives me that line. That's. My floor support, right there from low to high there and then I swing it low to. Cap out high. That's. What that is right there so, this is basically, a full, cycle, you know. Extension. Which means I need to come over here, and find, some ground over here that's, the 2/4 that's the 3/2 we, may drop down to the 2/4, but ideally.

We. Stay north of that. And. This. Is set enough to make a lot of money this. Is this is a just, like wave 1 of a new 5 wave cycle, this is setting up to make some money here neo. Is a good coin moving. Into the near-term future this, is setting up almost like like coin you you remember how like coin was doing the same thing it basically like was running into this hill right here and all of a sudden it came out of nowhere and just broke out that's. What neo is doing so I actually not a look, at it this might be wanted a better buys. On. This, list right now because. The 231. Is so strong and that means the deep money on Wall Street is, extremely. Strong right now and, so if neo. Is. You. Know has. It has deep pocket money behind it then, you, notice these short players even though they're not really that short the 7 and the 77. Will essentially, have to agree with the long money behind it right and big. Shy-shy, pedia, said. That they should be running ontology. Air drop which will help push it through there you go whatever. Shai says I agree. And. Someone. Said you can't, predict. The paradigm. What, did I say hold. On hold on let's see this let's, see this. They. Said. Crypto. Is a new paradigm impossible. To predict precisely when it will dip arise the, only thing that can be said, volatility. Will create money. That. Would be true. If you. Assume, that. Nothing. Is, interconnected, I. Make this argument many, many many times that. You. Exist. As a cycle. For example you go through the same weekly. Routine, weekend, week out you, know four years at, a time every night, you sleep on your own biometrics. Cycle every 28 days we, have the exact, same lunar. Cycle, you know, inducing. The metamorphosis. That we live, through and. So since people. People. Are. The ones generating. And creating. And, defining. Their, frame. Of, interpretation. For value, in this market people. Are inherently, flawed, their bias their, self can, self-interested. And they. Therefore. Can, be. Predictable. Right, and that's, what I do I don't care about intersections. I don't care about one-day, events, I don't care about to, be honest until she I said that I didn't care about an air drop because, an air drop is not, going to make one bit of difference when, you look at the, wide scale of Neil's energy, given, all the other air drops that have ever happened forever, right. One event does not create the market the market creates, itself. And so what, we do is we, extrapolate. This information, on a base 7. System. So, if you don't understand. Cycles, or numerology, or statistics. Or calculus, I suggest, you look, up what does 7, mean. Much. Less 11. Much. Less. Astrology. And lunar, events. And what is sacred, geometry, let's, check this out together, what. Is sacred geometry. Because. Your. Limitation. Of your own imagination has. Absolutely, nothing to do with my reality, my, reality is defining, this world that's why I make so many videos, that's why I passed this knowledge on your limitation, is your own inherent. Self-interested. Bias not, mine, but. This stuff was written long. Before your. I ever came, to be so I suggest. You, know instead of being, comfortable. In your own ignorance you. Actually get outside your box and learn something, new and and, maybe this can be that something, right, it's called sacred sacred geometry, it's the laws, of the, universe and I'll, tell you a secret the, crypto, markets, have to follow them because, they exist in, our universe. Not. Outside of it. Number. One facebook group in the world if you are, in. The chat do me a favor I'm, coming right back to you guys in about three, minutes shout your country out so we can see a kaleidoscope.

Of Nations you, know if you're just getting set up in this crypto game let me tell you a secret I do a lot of the work so you don't have to boss, of Bitcoin, calm somebody's, got to be the boss they, said BK one of world's top cryptocurrency, consultants. Developed a patented. Revolutionary, financing model which I give away for free, seven. Days a week you. Know you see that man suited and booted on the right hand side looking like the American Dream jumped, down below, its secret da police report, these, coins are rebuilding, redefining. The, blockchain you, know from from a technology. Driven point, of view and they will be changing world I think crypto, will break a trillion. Dollar market, cap inside, a few months here essentially. Once Bitcoin, breaks, 30,000. Then we just broke a trillion, dollar so that will be happening very soon get, some money right jump in the game and the Dream Team the, next generation, a greatness will be the, players on the bench, that will help get you there uh you, know it's, it's a lot of low cap coins out there. Voxels. Nexus, you know some of these coins we talk about but don't know too much about that, have household, names without household, products, well let me tell you a secret they are on the dream team and, you can purchase all ten right now for, under a $20. Bill you can't even go to the movies for a twenty dollar bill no mo you can't even fill up your car with a tank of gas for, twenty dollars but you can buy the dream team and you can buy a car inside a year just, by boss trading, them you know I'm saying with the boss method so there you go we have a new community, on steam it. 400, followers. And growing make. Sure you follow me on there I will be doing some contests, on steam it so for everyone, in the. Chat right now that. Is the link for you every every, other video I'm gonna jump on steam in and do a statement. Exclusive, giveaway so, make sure you follow me on there as well and, then. The. Biggest thing I think, I wanted to talk about was. It'sit'sit's, synchronicity. Is really, what it is I picked this picture before I picked this discussion, before it had comment what has ever made before ever enlightened. Some, newcomers, with it with the with the inside knowledge of the universe it says change your thoughts and you change your world I just explained, to you my world. And. That. World exists. In a world where everything, is is interconnected. Right. And so, I think that gives. Us the opportunity, to redefine, our, frame. For. The world that we want to live in if you. Want to live in a world, where. You work week, to week month to, month year. To year and, got. Too. Much month and not enough money to make, that equation, work. That. Can be your world chances. Are that's your world right now if you, are still trading you away your, time for. A paycheck, a 401k a pension, and a quote safety, net then. You. Are in that. System right I don't, live in that system anymore I gave that system up a long time ago even when I was getting paid 150 thousand, dollars a year mentally. I was escaping. That system, and now I am completely, gone, in so much that I understand. That if that system of designed is designed for one thing to keep regular, people, like you and me like.

A Hamster in a wheel running, a thousand, miles an hour never, going anywhere ever. See one of them hamsters don't stop moving, might. Stop get some water. Might, might, walk around the cage you know I'm saying walk around the perimeter right. Never get out, never. Ever ever. Expand. Beyond the four walls that were set, before him, so. I challenge you do not be that hamster, allow your mind to make. Your own cage, because. That can happen and, all it takes is just one thought. Right, the, difference, between, impossible. And impossible. Is. One letter, you. Have the power, to. Change that letter. All. Too often we allow ourselves to fall short not because we, are not, capable but, because, mentally. We have, already, accepted. Falling, short, Les. Brown says, that you can you can you. Know make the mistake of of, aiming. Too high and missing or you can make the mistake of aiming, too low and, hidden which. One do you want to do, change. Your frame of mind and you change the, the, mind to which the frame was created, right. And, so that's what I challenge you guys for is is you know I'm growing, through this whole thing - I've learned more, in the past six, months than I ever did you know getting, two, degrees a little. Bit sitting through six semesters of calculus and, you know going and travel in the world learn in the world of business you, know and I've learned more just sitting here in absorbing knowledge. Self-taught. Self directed, insight. And inner standing. Shout out to the man survivable mark an understanding. Community I've learned more just inner standing. Myself, than I ever did, outer standing. The world that was created for us. Now. You have the opportunity and now you got a chance to make some money. Free. Money I'm. Gonna just start holding the sign that say free money. That's. What it is so it's not about money it's about insight, is about power it's about knowledge and. It's about the ability to want, to, change. Once. We got a few of those then you know the world will be a lot better off as a result. So. Let's go ahead you, know I'm saying and shout our people out if. You and attack. Let's. Do it. Got. Scroll up a little bit scroll up a little bit Big Shot pedia, shut up to the monotone it down big Jeffrey was going on Corey Madden, how's, it going mr., Huxter beau himself. Belgium. Would it do Netherlands, Canada you, saw right. Charleston. South Beach, Juan Carlos, nonny crypto, was. Going on good, to see you New Jersey. Kalli. DC. Chicago France. All snow. UK. San. Fran buffs walking, on the west coast, oh age, 10 shout-out to my Ohio players, holdin, it down for the 206. Australia. Fort Worth Austria. VA Canada. Was, going on to the people up north miss, Angela, holding it down for shot, town and a31 to East. Coast's. Theodore, as me what do I think about circle. And. Polo, well let me tell you to see JB's, just, add it to their, acquisitions. Circle, jerk, boys, that's, all they do pass the money around in a circle and keep it from being you. So. That's what I think of it La, Texas, Denver London, Porto Rico that being said guys it's that time of the day signing out this is nothing both boy. BK no matter where you stay from, Brazil to the bay in California, all the way back out through jerk, money. Good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for you Tom like, subscribe. And share, send. This video to somebody you care about, each. One reach one reach one teach, one do that for me if you appreciate, mine until we meet again stay, cryptic. Y'all bees. Like. A boss.

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When are you going to drop the BCash horse and add a Litecoin horse Or do you believe BCash will be ahead of Litecoin at the end of the year?

seems like not long ago you were excited by 20$ NEO

very good question. I think they will be comparable in value, however, I do not think that Bitcoin openly competes with Litecoin for market share. I do, however, think ETH openly competes with NEO - and BTC with BCH - thereby giving the allusion to a horse race.

Michael Burney something happened 2 litepay (correct me if I'm wrong)

How long did it take for you to escape the system once you realized what it was? I've been on the hamster wheel since high school and out of college and realized I need to get off about 3 years ago. I just haven't pushed myself enough to get off yet. Changing that soon, and you definitely help charge that part of my energy into that direction!

How much of a portfolio should be of each

You're my "Power to the People" go-to Crypto YouTuber. Keep up the great work.

Financial education & mental education all in one vid..Fire..

What's your idea about "Polymath" Brandon?

Appreciate everything you're doing; but do you seriously have to over exaggerate everything you say... gets really annoying.. just talk normal.

With Litepay in effect Litecoin should be replacing Bcash

josh meredith damn

giftofnothing rip litepay

Respect to my BOSS

Brandon Kelly Crypto Trader Hahahaaaa much love from The Bay!!

Brandon Kelly Crypto Trader : good morning got the 7,77,231(columns ) 4 hr chart..what is the 343 and how do I set my chart on TV please?

Another one

Great one BK $$

I went through the entire indoctrination process of college, graduate school, and big job with a big company before I realized what it was - a systemic design of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer - but I do think the blockchain offers our path to financial liberation - which is why I take the time to educate those willing to listen.

If the 7 is below the 77 - Zero.

Thank you Nora!

Thank you!

Its goal is to tokenized securities.The ethereum is the platform for utility tokens and polymath is the platform for security tokens.They say Security Token Offerings will revolutionize the traditional finance world.

between doing 10 videos in the past week I haven't been able to learn much about it - whats it all about?

says the guy with 18 words in his channel description... thats like the pot calling the kettle black buddy.

In the rankings

no coin will ever 'replace' another - this is why they are always coming out with new ones, because its a supplementary model, not mutually exclusive one.

lol wow -

Thanks Amin!

Hello guys how do i trade and make profits, i am new in crypto world. thanks.

i have not seen any strategy as effective as that of Brandon ,i work full time and Brandon manages my account for me, all i do is make withdrawals on a weekly basis. this system works very well for me, i don't plan on changing anytime soon

My trade winning record has been off the chart with Mr. brandons trading system. i made from five hundred dollars to seven thousand in just a week. this is super awesome. thank you sir.

Trading with his strategy is the best thing any trader can do to improve his winnings.

I believe you have to pay for quality, if you want good results. infact, i only trust it when it's not free because all the good things in life are not for free. thanks brandon.

oh yeah, the god of trades. all thanks to brandon, i made $20000 in two weeks with just $500 with his recommended ico, very unique and simple. thank you sir

Never seen an easier approach than trading with Brandons, trading made easy.

This Ain't Just the Best Time to Invest in Bitcoins, it is the best time to know how to earn more profit from your investment, not just wait and watch your Bitcoin Grow, l see some people invest in what they don't Understand and its what is killing them.

Its a good thing I saw this video and this Testimony today? This man is the secret behind my success and have made my family have food on the table. i started with a very low amount today i can boast of something

I'm glad to be part of your student sir. what i have in my wallet will make me want to sleep all day. but i have to work hard for more sir.... smiles

Am so crazy about what this man does, I still want to know a lot like you man.

hey peepz, brandon is good, i started with $1000 as test investment on my cryptos and now i can trade myself, i have up to three thousand dollars in my account now, thank you brandon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Started to follow you few days ago. Appreciate the info you share about the Crypto and Mindset. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Love & Peace

Check out 'Chart Like A Boss Playlist'

greetings , how can i get started in bitcoin, investment, am interested but not sure , can you direct me, thanks from da UK

You are my new favorite crypto commentator, and Ive listened to too many of them!

ooo I feel like the gains are coming already

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