Crypto Night Trading With Naeem - Stellar ($XLM) And DigitalNote ($XDN)!

Crypto Night Trading With Naeem - Stellar ($XLM) And DigitalNote ($XDN)!

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What's going on snipers, name a labayda here this is gonna be a night trades episode, one I'm just gonna go ahead and just do some night trades it's, gonna lift the music just rock for a little bit and, hopefully you guys like this I don't know I'm gonna just test this series out hopefully it's something that you guys enjoy but I get, so many questions so I was like well might as well just live trade. So hopefully. You guys enjoy this so I'm gonna just kind of put, the mic down a little bit and then enjoy. Gus. Hey, guys I'm just. Gonna live trade so I'm not gonna really I'm, gonna focus all right so give me give, me a sec while I set up. How. About we do this guys why. Don't we let you guys pick which coin we're. Gonna trade. So. Which coin do you guys want to trade. I. See. X what's, I see X. August. Said on, Alex, tenth fun 32. TRX. Matt. Coyne. Jaden. Said read LS. KBS. TV. Read. Oh man. I'm just gonna pick. Let's. Do C, sno, what, is yes I know. That. Pull up oh. No. Any. BL. All. Right Bradford, effing, Bradford. Deaf and he said any BL. There's. Not enough volume. What's. Another corner that we can watch guys we will do multiple coins what's another coin that we can watch. I. Think. We'll do. Here. Oh. This. Is gonna pop this is gonna pop, will. Trade iota watch. This. Oh, no. You can't even turn Toyota on this are you kidding me. Nope. Are you serious. That's. Fine we could pick something else, yeah. They don't trade iota on this ah. Man. I. Wanted. To do I owe that guys check. This out. You. Can look at this pattern right over here. This. Exact pattern formed, right here to the right. Right. Here it's. The same exact pattern that form there so. This is gonna go up look at this this is gonna go up see you. See that green volume that just came in it's gonna go up and, that's. A quick swing trade right there you could have made a couple bucks depending on how much you're trading. Somebody. Studies that work in. My patient. Through try to watch this lol haha. Filming. With Nick said why do you need it to be on crypto I just chose to use this exchange today just just, preference I don't know I just wanted to use it I like how it has all the coins listed, out so, just the preference. As. Patients, dying Frankie Cortez haha, I. Don't. Really like this graph right now it's not it's not the volatile, enough for me I can't do anything with this right now it's, just there's, no volatility, what's, the point you know it's following a support, line what. Am I gonna make a fight once Satoshi gain of. A paid transaction. Fees higher than that you know. All. Right what's another coin, what's. Another coin, it must be listed on crypto, Pia number one and number two it has to be on tradingview. If. You don't know just go on coin market cap and then open up the coin like. This and then go to market, see if crypto, key is listed on there before you request it please so. We don't waste time. ET, n I. Bought. Some ETN already. But. Fine we'll do ET n will do ET n I'm gonna to get out of nebula this is - it's. Not volatile, enough. Unfortunately. We can't do iota like I wanted to yeah. ET n is not on yeah. See, that's the issue it's not on this trading. The Turner's it's not on Finance yet but I heard us going on Finance so we'll see ok I'll just do something with high volume here. We'll, do PAC what's packed let's see if at home what's up. No. LTC. Thank. You Mike. Thank. You Reverend I saw you too brother thank you rev I. Would. Like to look at a different chart I know. I'm, not really liking this too much all right look at the other side just peaked out at second, and go so I think, it's gonna bounce a little bit back and forth I want to do something I can make it quick you, know quick buck really quick. Thank. You Claude appreciated. That bro, appreciate. That man every day man oh. Look. At this baby. Virge. I'ma. Pop one in there right now. I'll, buy at these levels. Let. Me by. I'm. Trying to get it at a lower price. Sometimes. You can be picky with what you get if. You don't get at the price you want just don't buy it don't be emotional, trading. Is all emotional, guys. You. Have to control your emotions when you're trading so. I don't always buy a coin if I'm watching if it doesn't hit the price that I wanted to hear I'm not getting it why am I gonna buy something at a premium when I want to get it at a discount.

Can. You feel it technical, the hell is this on the steam this. Isn't for tech analysis, sorry guys, we're. Trading live. But. I don't mind trying to trade it if, it's on oh. It's. Not. Thank. You Claude thank. You brother thank. You. I. Like. Toyota somebody, asked why our F dusty I really liked it it looked really nice there was a lot of volatility and it was predictable, it, was copying, previous patterns, oh. Man. It's not on here you kidding. That's. Fine, if. Look iota is gonna go uh if we're just gonna go up I didn't, want I wanted to get it at these low price levels it's gonna go up here cuz, it's following a channel look at that it, goes up and down up and down so. The. Data for charts is for a different exchange bro oh. That. Is so true I. Understand. That but. What. Can I do right. All. I have is finance and bitch rigs. Maybe. I can log into my bit tricks account I. Forgot. That, sorry it's the first time I use that exchange. So. These are white my nose. Thank. You Mike, appreciate. That bro, you. Said there's a huge pennant. Yeah. This is a nice pendant awright look at that that's. What he was talking about. I'm. Not trading on this on this chart right now. But. I'm sure they're probably a possible, breakout. Yeah. Prices, went up yeah that's fine. We'll, get another one guys remember. It's not emotional guys there's no sort, of law so you got to be smart, don't be stupid with your money. I'm. Using the, Fibonacci, the EMA the RSI, volume, a couple, different here's moving averages. Did, you know thank you brother thank you home long how. About the saw. Okay. I, think. It's gonna touch 30 it's gonna touch 30 if it touches 30 I'm gonna buy I'll, probably set up a stop-loss right there or, a stop, by, cuz. Check this out it went under 30 you hear 1 2 3 4, 5 every single time it popped up at least 50% of, the, RSI, so within, the healthy levels. Here's. Where here's where it hits the our side bottom. Right. Down here. Every. Time it went this level hit our side bottom. That's. My buyer right here. Lower. Levels of the Fibonacci under, the EMA right. Under the moving average following, it like a little beat. 515. Satoshis. Thank. You Kyle. I'll do that after this guy. I'm. Trying to think what levels, I'd want to do it. I'm. Watching this chart guys gonna be a safe. All. Right I think we'll do it let me uh. Do. A buy, order here for, 515. Satoshis, because. 515. Seems like the, bottom of this RSI, here at 30 and then, every time it hits that bottom it bounces back and that's in red zone here which is right under the 50-day moving average, and, under, the EMA so I'm, gonna be setting up my buy. Order right here at 515. Satoshis you, can see right here we'll. Just do a hundred bucks a Bitcoin that's about 100 bucks. We'll, be trading about I think $800. Today so, the. Bid is five one five this is how many tokens. I'll get so. I've set up a conditional, order and that basically means if, it. Hits this, it, shouldn't make the sale so, if. By. When. Less. Than or equal to. You. Guys enjoyed this should we do this more often or should this be the last one. Reverend. Said don't pick your nose Naima. Hey. Med this is my trading Zoey I got a focus. Test. Larette's and the music was perfectly, timed for that trade Aloha ha, ha. Ha ha that. Is hilarious. Now. I've had a long bay guys I've been out with meetings all day so ha, ha you, know we'll, just see what happens here. Rey. Mentor, said this is badass, that's. Awesome, so buddy said do this a lot, this. Is great it would be good to do often we, want to learn from the Guru. That's. Awesome. More, and please. Verbalize, your mental, Rafi. For. Sure man. Are. We watching this. So. Now I can set, up a trade alert so, I right click here at alert so I know if it buys it so I don't have to worry about doing the stop the. Stop-loss, yet, because. I you know I already know when I want to sell, it I'll, probably sell, it like. Let's. See. If. It hits that level. I'd. Probably sell it right. Here just to be safe right around, five hundred and I'd fly say 500. 550. Satoshi's. So. That'll be my sell, order so I'll take profits, right over there, I'll. Be I'll be fine with that that's, a little risky it's a little bit higher than these resistance.

Levels But who, cares yeah I like, to take risk and I have a feeling it might do that especially if it hits that line it might not hit it if it doesn't hit it that's no big deal yeah that happens a lot sometimes I'll trade in my, trades you, guys have to understand trading is more. Emotional than it is logical, so if sometimes. You know you are, trading, and, your. Trades never go through because maybe it doesn't hit that price point don't. Get emotional. About it you know it's no big deal maybe you just weren't meant to have any good trades that day like. That's why it takes time to trade it's not just something that you just jump into and make a ton of emotional. Moves you have to really plan it out you know what I mean like, this isn't a game, this. Is serious that's why you have to find people that know what, you know that. Have experience. Alright, I'm gonna I'll be right back. All. Right guys look it's about to set up the it's about to set it up 5:19. It's heading, towards the support. Level, this. Is gonna be fun it, may go a little bit below it it may go to like 508, and I'm fine with that as. Long as it crosses at 510, I'm good to go. Ha. Oh. Look. At that look at that did you see that touched it touched it look at that it touch to our side baby oh look. At that it, touched, 30 right under 30 look, stop-loss triggered BAM look. At that triggered. Now. Look by. Order, is filled. Baby. Let's. Ride this one out. Brady. Mayer said it would be so funny if for ever came down and sat in the seat. Look. At that 5:15, going up 5:19. Look at that 5:19. Oh. Look. At that baby. 5:19. I'm. Already at a profit let's. Start getting set up to make this this sell see. What, I'm doing my trade I'm gonna watch it I'm gonna watch it closely, I'm. Gonna see how I can go up on this level. Look. At that 5:19. We're finding, some stability and, some ground level baby. This. Is where you sit back and relax, sit. Back and relax watch, your money flow. I'm. Gonna I'm gonna snapchat, this guy is give me a sec. What's. Up snipers, we are live right now doing some night trading, this is a new series where we're trading look at that we're already in a profit, we bought at five hundred fifteen Satoshi's is that five hundred twenty two and that's just a start baby oh. Look. At that money flowing, in my pocket, what. It's. Easy guys, easy. As, one two three. You. Know this was a user this was a somebody, requesting, this on the channel - this. Wasn't even a trade that I pay. Guys. This music was custom made I. Want, to give a shout-out to the custom, music. By Justin, Rogers aka. Ted's. Are rekt you, can find him on Justin. Rogers dot, CA, that's, Justin, Rogers, dot. C a that's. A Canadian, website it's their version of calm. And. Then you can also go on his Facebook, page that's, in the description, below under, resources.

Kent. Clark Krypton, my indicators, I've got the Fibonacci, here, in the background I've got, the, three, moving averages, I've got. My RSI, down here and my volume. David. Sabian, said what maybe pick X to the N well, somebody just requested, it in the chat I think it was Claude. All. Right so while this goes up look, at that 530, it's, gonna start popping, up this way I'm gonna set up a trade alert right out here but. I'm also gonna set up some more trade alerts just in case so if it crosses this line this is where I want to take my profit, right now. So. We'll. Do this right here. So. We created an alert there and I'm also gonna create alert. Where. I saw previous resistance right over here because I may want to stall right here just depending on how long it takes it to get here. All. Right oh wait on that one so. The red stands for stop-loss, I'm gonna set up but. We're currently. Out of profit right now. Rick. Nelson said, let's all by then, we won't be able to because he's gonna have a big red candle, or a green candle. Looks, like a pennant right here I. Like. Watching it you know we can do more trades we can look at more trades but I'd like to watch it. What. Chat is used for the livestream. Precision. We're really using the YouTube chat brother. This, is a pretty good song Alan the link, is in the description, for this song creator. Nice. How much profit did you tip do you take on the first resistance, uh we'll. See you probably be maybe like I'd say 25 Satoshi's. But. This is just basic trading it wasn't a big channel there wasn't much volatility, there was some volatility I saw I could make a profit you know. You. Guys see how it jumped right on top of this support level that's the importance of the support level jumped right on top it went down we bought it right up here but it went down right to the support level right so, did. Anybody see that. Look. At it right now. Five. Hundred thirty one satoshis. 5:34. 531. We're. Hitting it baby we're hitting it just, like expected. Okay. I'll do night mode sorry about that guys, let. Me do night mode for you. My. Bad I. Know. Some of you guys have your. We, have Virg pulled up I just didn't like what I was seeing I don't, want to trade this there's not much of all the Atilla tea right now. A little, bull flag on phone right here it looks like happens. Quite often as it runs up so that's. Simply fine you. Can tell here there. Was all the there's only one, red candlestick, right now -, kid Rhett Randle -, red candlesticks, on its way up typically. It has either one two three. You. Go back here. One. Two, three four. So. Let's watch this. Now. Remember guys all. This for I'm playing with right now is profit, so I'm I feel, fine you know. It. Looks like, any. Times it has those sharp swings, up any, time that touches bottom it has a sharp three it pretty much continues. To go up. Sultan. Said go on and sell that baby I'm not selling, it's. Not hitting the priced hurry I'm not gonna let my emotions, take over I, chose. That area for a reason. See. At this point I'm thinking about, my risk management. If. You look at our side here, starting. To peak down. So. I'm watching this right here we did hit a little bit of a top there but it could easily just recharge itself and, most likely will end up going horizontal. And then maybe, back down a little bit and then maybe shoot back up so. We'll see how the RSI, follows, right now everything, is being based off this RSI, you. Can see it's right under the EMA.

RSI. Starting, a curve, so. I think it's gonna start going horizontal. There. You go green, volume. Well. Look at another coin in the meantime. What. Coins should we look at what coin should we look at to. Trade. We. Got to make some more trades guys. Yeah. Chris Gonzalez, I'm day training, man, actually, we're night trading maybe, this is night trading episode. 1 here on snipers, tube and this is your number one place for cryptocurrency, news updates, and more. Somebody. Said apps. Blendin. TRX. All. Right we're heading close we're, getting close. Our. Size starting, to point right that's good that's good that's good sign it's gonna go up hope it curved up it curved up that's good, I. Might. Test this hi here. Rey. Montana said you're in a, much more chill mood I think we all needed this yeah, when I'm training I'm not you know on a live stream I'm, not, like what's, going on snipers. This. Is gonna go up. There's. Tron. The. Color flies are Fibonacci. Looks. Like a hit bottom to hit the bottom of the RSI so. Watch. This baby's gonna go back up you'll, see. Baby's. Gonna go right back up. Machat. Quantum, ah. That's. Disgusting. Not. Much volatility. Oh. Look. At this baby. This. Is a nice one I like this chart. It's. About to bounce. I'm. Gonna take it right here. It's. About to bounce oh. Dang. I missed that ah. I'm. Still gonna set it up for. 4210. Let's just set it up just, in case guys you never know right let's. Hope this this goes in what is this or chaining, xlm. Let's. See what happens. Let's. Just try it out. Will. Do. What. Did we say was. 4210. Oh it's, it's already gonna bounce guys. Oh yeah. It's going in oh it's, hitting it let's. Do it will do uh. What. Is that on preed. Alright so we just placed an xlm, by order for 142, xlm at. 4210. Satoshi's, which is right where it's headed, right now as you. See there's a bounce here starting, from this support, it bounced, 1 2, let's. See if we can bounce a third time it may go under and may go under down back to here but. I think that's fine because you can see with the Fibonacci, the, read levels are pretty much saturated. We're down here RSI, is low so let's go ahead and watch what happens ok. My buy orders should have been triggered at this point. Let. Me make sure I'm on the right chart. Yeah. That order already went through. Let's. Go check back on this trade all, right we're doing good. Our. Site look at that our size following, the exact pattern we drew out look at that followed right on that pattern. It's. A predictable. Market, market guys it's a pretty bit for, predictable. Market. Thank you crypto Zach appreciate, that brother. What, course should we look at guys what coins should we look at. Jarrid, the trade alerts are gonna, be on patreon, so it's not gonna be through here. My. Heart. TRX. Colex, xvg. Xlm, card on Oh fun. Coin nav, point interesting. Ripple. Okay cool.

Oh. Look. At that. Saw. Some green, volume but it started headed, now let's, watch this. Somebody. Said Tron let's pull up Tron. She's. Not too volatile, right now. Kent. Clark said show your fib tool. Alright. I'll show my fib tool. Daily. Fibonacci pivot, point. Oh. Doesn't. Look too good haha. Wanted, to test that one out. Well. I'll just do all my indicators, one more time for you guys, so. I'm gonna be doing several different indicators. We're going to be using the. Moving. Average exponential. Or the EMA, which stands for the exponential. Moving average, the, RSI, or the relative strength index, the. Three moving averages in the back represented. Here with the 50-day, 100 a and 200-day. Also. Gonna be looking at the volume and then we'll add the fib. So. There's. Several different from the Nazi levels you can use I like. To actually just kind of fluctuate. Between different, ones just depending on which one I'm using for that day today. I'm really liking the Fibonacci, glance here this, one is, an exciting one that I've used in the past. I'll. Even show you guys how to use this so, with. Fibonacci glance, it. Keeps this main level of support. Highlighted. And that's what I like about it because, this highlight, here is the main level and that's really what the focus is when looking at the bit notchy because it almost follows, the exact pattern of the candlesticks. I'm. Using the predator. Predator. 17. No, problem. My. EMA periods, let. Me show you guys. My. Length is at nine. Look, at that you're gonna see this jump back up because look. Every. Time he goes below the fibonacci it jumps on top every time he goes below it jumps on top every time it goes below so, now it's below it's gonna jump on top. No, problem Franco thank you brother. What's. The next corner we should look at guys. It's. The one minute timeframe. Substratum. All right we'll do it Donovan. Donovan. Said, substratum. Nobody. Who keeps saying that even, watching me for weeks and I looked shook that's. Al a psycho. XRP. That's. Awesome. All right we're trending on top so, that's good that's. Why I like to buy at the support, levels so that I can ensure that if it's riding, within the channel I'm still fine I'm in profit, the whole time. But. We're following this exact line we drew out pretty, exactly. Five, volumes coming. A good, time to hit that low it went up so let's see if this good seems to go. Jessica. Right side me oh it's down. Me. Oh let's, pull up me Oh Jessica, wants to do neo. Alright. I. Don't. See me support yet I don't know if I want to do this see. There's no clear support, that's the only issue for me right now because this could act like support, but we don't know yet is dropping, below and. Went under all the Fibonacci's. Oh. That. Would have been a good one. Thank. You Johnny appreciate. That brother. Iota. Yeah. We can look at iota. Thank. You Christopher. I. Saw. The super chance already. So. Look we've got some support here I would have bought right here if I had the chance I don't. Mind putting in my. Money in any of these because if this shoots up it should sub right.

The, Song is in the description, below. By. One of our music, producers. Here on snipers, - yes. - check them out his name is Justin, Rogers, Justin. Rogers dossier. What's. Up Matt Thompson good to have you man all, right now we're singing we're, seeing some. Xlm. Swing back. You. Never take my requests brother I ask want to thank you so much to scry for this rockety now. Sorry. About that dude I try my best to take the requests we can look at quad stamp though. Oh I. Might do this one look at that that's swinging. Let's. Watch these real foot. At. This point I might need to get ready to set up a stop loss so if. That happens it's no big deal, but. I'm gonna suffer learn right on top of this just in case so I know as soon as I need to set anything up. I'm gonna set up a stoploss for this one right now. There's. Anything below this line right here. That's, summer 2000 yeah. Oh. Man. Is already spiked. I was about to I was just gonna trade this. Because. Look at that you got a clear support right down here. It. Seems that while the channel is growing he is starting to north some of the comments, I started watching he only have 500 people watching the live videos that's. Awesome yeah we don't ignore the need comments, it's just there's so many so sorry about that. I. Don't. Think the finance coin is on bitterest unfortunately. All. Right. Let's. Watch our trades guys, this. One's heading back up. This. One pasta, perfect. That's hitting that's sitting up so, now I'm gonna set up my profit, where do I want to take profit, looks. Like it may pop back to these levels right over here so I may put it right under there it. Looks like pretty good amount of satoshis that we can prop it off. So. Just set up an alert there. Nayeem. Coin. Krrish, end all you got to do is change the settings, here go on their settings if you want to change the background go. To background, and then change the color here so we. Can do any color. Snipers. Coin baby. You. Guys enjoying this you guys want more of these live trading videos like. They might not all be exciting, but I'm sure we'll catch some really cool trades every now and then you know I mean trading is not you.

Can't Just force a trade but. Do you guys want more of these in general like you guys just don't mind. Everybody. Say yeah. Matt. Aaron. Matt vitality. Jared. Garcia. Pablo, Chris Kevin. Andrew. All. You guys welcome to the stream Drake Richardson. Nice to have you. Macklin. In the house we got Matt brolic, Armand. We. Got faded, Tim. My. Res. Justin. Be shy I like it, love. It I'm trading with you, that. Is awesome, I think, it's cool different that's awesome Corey this. Is the great you are a great asset to the crypto community, keep. Them coming, thank you for it posse. It. Is fun. Would. Love to profit together yep. Nobody's. Researching, that by hype, keep. Them coming. Sean, Andre. Good. To have you on the livestream brother the music isn't the link in the description, by Justin, Roberts he's our music, designer here. Instead were students. Guys. If you enjoyed this video. Hit. That like button. Man. What, happened this thing just lost its volatility, but check this hi every time it loses volatility. Of brakes so. We're gonna see a big break soon. All. Right what's the next coin that we're gonna look at guys what's the next coin. What's. The next coin. If. You guys if, you guys if the, coin that you tell. Me to trade. Makes. Me a profit, then I'll give away a free copy of, the. Internet of money by. Andreas. Antonopoulos. One. Of the Bitcoin, teaching. Experts, in the blockchain community. We'll, do saya coin. I. See. Syukur, here Eric and Eric. Said cycloid. Yeah, we already bounced on this phone. Ah. Man. No side coin. But. Joe uh Pato said bat, oh. That. Already broke out I would have traded it right over here I. Woulda. Trade it right here. Fight. Coin vcn. Vivek. Send Vuitton. Oh. It's. Not working man sorry. The. XR. N HS. E XR. N o. TT. N no. Sorry. CND. Josh luau. That's. Only on Finance a. PPC. By. A ambition. That's. Only on Finance. BC. PT, by Matt. Holliday. That's gonna pull up. D. CN by, Charles. Or, Charlie. Req. By brick. No. ZRX. By Eric. No. Iota. By. Johnny. Where's. The chart here for iota Oh. Salt. Jovan. Rnd sets salt. Oh. There. You go, xdn. Oh. That's. Not good. No. Let's. See what happens, hopefully, it bounces back if, it doesn't it might have to set up some stop losses and take some losses guys, no. Big deal. I'm. Not gonna risk much but I think I'll bounce is, hitting the bottom of our side. So. At this point you want to start watching what you're training. Just. In case you need to exit. Yeah. Can I'm only bit trips that's what I'm using. Right, metrics are crypto Pia. Hi. Sock that's awesome brother. Less. Butter. Locals, at risk. By. Volume is coming in. I bought, xlm, on of it tricks oh, we. Got another training, a litter. What. Was that I. Don't. Know how I feel about salt, right now I. Don't. Want to trade this I don't like it I think. It's too high. Tn. Be by Stevie, fee, Co, only. On finance. Etn. BTC. Oh that's, not on finance. Corey. Said read I. Can't. Trade this one either, it's, too high. Guys. You, can't trade every chart I mean if you don't feel comfortable trading a chart don't trade it good. To make sure you're comfortable now. I want to watch this I. Don't. My finance, I need to get my buy nets figured out I couldn't, use it for the same. It's. A pretty strong support, levels here so not worried I don't. I just don't I don't think he'll just crash out of these support levels that I maintain all this time so, I think we're good I have. Confidence in this trade that's why I'm not setting up my stop losses see. It's all in indict, it's all indicative on what trade you're making it's not necessarily, a want to all be all like you're, allowed to not follow every, rule every time so this, is fine if it goes down it goes down no big deal it's gonna come up. By. Ace pros I'll try by Nance Pro. Franco. I don't know if I pulled up vos I'll pull it up right now. I can't. Trade this there's not enough volatility. Oh look. That, it's. Gonna bounce it's gonna bounce watch this watch this, RSI. Is high touching. The EMA touching the moving average bouncing, on top of the resistance.

I'm. Looking for just a volatility, that I'm comfortable with. I didn't, sing head-and-shoulders. If. This channel, bounces. Back down here to the support level I'll definitely put a purchase in. Priscilla. Gonzalez, and I just failed trading xlm. LMAO, haha. For. Sale you should post your trade on these success stories. Doggy. Coin Angela. Angel, let. Me check out doggy corners. So. If we have trades I'd like to put them on the left end so when I'm trading on tabs which is like regular, web browser I like, to put my trades, on the left hand tabs, and I put everything else in the middle to. Separate, I have my indicators. Open right next to the actual trade so. If I need to ever get on here and make a trade I have my alert to set up at the levels I want them to be set up at right now so, you just leave it right here I put the crypto coin market cap here in the middle and then, I have my preview and then I look at charts on the right-hand side so I can keep track, it's. All about organization guys, if you're in the if you've ever went, into the military you know what I'm talking about. CRX. May break out. TRX. My breakout check this one out. It's. In low levels. I. May. Trade this one I think I'm gonna trade Tron I'm a traitor on for sure. I'm. A traitor on. My. Only issue is it goes, down to these levels here but I. Don't. Know I would want to see the RSI. You. Guys see this trade every time the RSI hit under, 30 were hit at 30 it. Was around these price levels so, typically. It bounces back from there I don't mind doing this one will do a Tron tray let's do it on trade as, long as this is the right exchange, oh. You. Know what I think you can only get drawn on Finance, yeah dang I would, have traded this but we're using bit tricks not buying it I have an issue with my buy nets account so I'm not gonna be using that right now. Doggy, corn. I. Definitely. Trade this one but it's already at the top so we'll see if it comes down but, I'll draw up the channel. This. May break out. QSP, might break out guys. Yeah. I remember that - Stevie, good to have you back on Chico. Mine, is planet these low levels, it needs to jump. Let's. Look XRP. My. Finance, I, accidentally. Locked myself out of my Google two-factor. Authentication so. I need to get that Rivera fight unfortunately. Yeah. Jason when I'm day trading or night trading like I am right now I look at the one-minute for sure. This. Determines, a percentage. I. Think. I think that's fine. Sultan. I think that's cool if you can do it shook here matter, of fact if you want to message me on discord, that would be awesome I'd love to talk to you about that arbitrage, if. You're already doing it cuz I wanted like to know more but thank you for the super chat. Thank. You Hugo fit I'm glad you like the music. Hey. Guys let's let's let's see if we should use this type of music more often if you like this type of music instead of the classical, music let's, take a vote if you like it click. The like button.

You. Can't create new by Nance accounts right now. Oh my. Face isn't the subscriber. Ha. Ha Daniel. Said I see what you did there. Thank. You fancy I'm glad you found this channel man thank you for the the love. You. Said check out what BC. End. You. Had doggy court dodge, coin is all the way at the top guys it's gonna be hard to do this one but we'll check out beat we, can't do that though because it's not on the exchange, that we're trading on right now, sorry. What's. Going on with these coins man, it's. Just hovering hovering. We'll. See what happens, give. Him time give him time they need to reload. I like. This type of music to listen to listen to turquoise. Thank. You big Luna appreciate, it bro. Steam. Araki. Yeah. That's gonna pop up guys, it's gonna break out QSP, break, out. I don't, see enough volatility. In my opinion, there's, no big breakouts, I can't trade this I don't. I don't like this. Our, trade alerts are for patreon, so if you're a patreon, you have trade alerts that, come in every. Week so. The link is in the description, for that. Ukg. Will pull up ukg. I know, you are Jared thank you brother, much, appreciated man. Julio. Torres said I just feel like I jumped into a Mission Impossible scream. That's. The patreon if you want to get my chart. Alerts and stuff I posted. It. Fernando. No Lacroix today man, sugar. Substratum, oh. That's. Only on finances, unfortunately. Thank. You Sarge Singh oh. But. I like this hold on. We'll. Check out xrp. And, JP from, grandma grandma, boy that's funny Nick that's, funny. I. Might. Trade this I'm gonna watch this I might trade it. Yeah. Electra name is only on cryptokey, right now Jerry. Sarge. Right now I'm using, and I'm, using a trade alerts to keep track but, there's different ways that you can keep track. What's. Up Dane good, to have you Dane. Finance. That. They saw a huge influx, of users after the whole Tron search so they. Disabled. New accounts for a little bit so they can get back to some of the support emails. Yeah. My two factors messed, up for them. On. Silver. I'll explain, it right now. Somebody. Said do I get trade alerts on silver, you do get some, trade alerts I actually. Do a top, five coins of the week so. Just, depending on which one you become depends, on what you get so, if. You want to become a patreon. The. Link is in the description, you, can choose silver if you're a gold you get my instant trade alerts any time I'm watching a coin for a swing trade right, now I'm doing day trading that's what I'm trading on the one minute but when I'm swing trading that's like that's, like trades, that you make today. And then maybe you sell in a couple days or a couple hours but it's more like it's, like it's. Like midterm not short term or long term so. I post, all my swing. Trades on snipers, Gold Members and then if you're a Ruby you, have access to our live calls and our night owls if you're a sapphire you get all our recordings, of our podcast, and our night owls and then, you, guys can look at the other stuff but, the link is in the description, I'll post it for you guys to, thank. You. The. Alerts come in into your email instantly. Alex. They'll. Come from patreon, it'll be an immediate alert and it'll have.

Everything, Set. Up there. Yeah. We'll have some testimonials pulled up soon. Yeah. This is how it looks when you get an alert so you can listen to the podcast on your way to work if you're working 9:00 to 5:00 if you have a day job if you have a family kids if, you have a wife if, you're too busy in the daytime you can just listen on the go this, is for our sapphires, and above and then, if your this, is our trade alert so I'll put my whole description here why it's a swing trade what, I'm gonna do how I'm gonna trade it so. You. Know we have a couple, different types of posts here this is where we spotted the cup and handle that broke out so, this, will come straight to your email. So. The patreon is in the description. No. Problem, I use. Tradingview Pro, Plus. So, there's three levels there's the first. One second one and third when I use the middle one because. There's a little bit more alerts. Short. Man there is a swing trading section of this court it's the string trading voice chat but, we'll probably add a section if like, we we might do one on the chat to. Julio. Torres just click the link and you can check it out. Thank. You Jason. Difference. Between day trading and night trading, nothing. It's the same thing I just named it night trading it'll be our new series. So. Night trading is gonna be only on snipers. Tube. I'm. Running a predator, 17. Thank, You Dana. Hey. Fosse I you. Can just search, snipers. On, training. Parabolic. Gains, we're just taking advantage of some quick swings nothing, big. Zero. Nimbus, the link is in, the description. To become a ruby just, go on the patron. Grell. We've set, up a couple, trades. To do breezers haven't let them trigger yet. Our turn I would diversify Bitcoin. Aetherium. Ripple and then diversify, into the top 20, to 40. Hey, parabolic, gains what, do you mean by an edge. I'm. Looking to see if there's support level that's what I'm looking for and. If there's a support level that I can trade on top of it, it's. A simplest way to do it. Let's. Look at some of these coins. There's. Not too much volatility, here. Oh. I. Might trade this one we. Might do V and right here. If. It hits this level. I'll. Probably trade this coin right here. Yeah. If we can hit that level I'll trade this one right here. That's. Gonna be around all. Right. Yeah. I'm looking for some volatility it's a little bit late right now so there's not much market, action you. Know everybody's sleeping so, if, that's the case that's fine. But. We'll see what happens, I don't. Know if this will hit the support level and I'm looking forward to it but if it hits I'll buy. Starting. With about 800 bucks I'm about 187, bucks up. I'm. Waiting for these to swing. There. You go price action price, action. About. To take profits soon. I. Can. Pretty much take profit, on both of them right now if I wanted to but. I think I'm gonna wait a little bit for, them to hit these levels then. Take my gains. Being. That we're out of profit right now for both coins right now. Yeah. Guys we're, trading on the basic, level today, we're not using you, know multiple charts, and multiple screens I'm, just doing this basic so you guys can have an understanding of what I'm looking for as we make. Trades and sell but you know it's not always gonna be a time where you can buy and sell you really have to be sure that you're waiting on you, know the price points that you've set your target for because you, don't want to go back on your initial price points, you know that's when, your emotions kick in so you, know I'm at a profit for both coins which is good I, think this will rally up to, around these levels, so, I'm gonna just continue to hold, as. You, can see our size high. Who. Mangia said 90% of day trading is waiting yep. But. If I wanted to sell this right now I could easily sell it for 528. Satoshi's, just. Go here click max. Go. Here, click. 0.2. 0 0 0 0. 5. 2 8. No, eat it depends on how much time you have you can make a lot of money day trading with. Small amounts, or, even large amounts, however, if. You don't have the time then you might as well hold. You. Can see guys so we. Hit the top, of the RSI, here we, consolidated. A little bit but, now that we're not on the top of our side but we're still at higher levels, than previous. Levels, that, is an indicator that we're an upward, trend so, this is almost like a bull flight. Look. At that run up run, up you see that. It's. Entering new Fibonacci, levels, and centering the green. Tyler. There's always bad nights brother you, gotta get used to them look, at that broke resistance. Let's. Fly baby let's fly. I like, that cyber prompt I agree. Júlio, I'd say maybe minimum, 100, I started. With $100. I used, to trade like this all the time. Tesla. Said you're a crypto predator.

Look. At that look at that, volume. Is increasing, little, by little. Less. Cell volume or by volume. For. Sure people you act we do a live stream every night brother. A. Chunk. Bunker, xlm is right here Ben we've, already we're already, trading, it. Danny, you can make as much as you want to make today on how much you invest all right we broke 5:30 we broke. 530. Satoshi's so we're gonna be on our way to 540. Satoshi's right now now. We're gonna start hitting these levels, where I already set my priority, to plan and sell. You can see we're about to break resistance. We're. Testing, resistance. This, is xdn. Thank. You Josh glad, glad you're here brother. Marc, MACD, is a great indicator I don't use it much on this stream and confuses, some people, alright we're testing other side levels that are high but we're still up in price, we. Just are now, approaching, this new Fibonacci, so I expect, a small consolidation. But we're still up so that's, gonna be, expected. Yeah. Thank You j-bird thank you brother. Joey. Prophet, said is this actual live trading, what the eff is going on. Yeah. Baby we're doing it live on snipers tube. That's. Awesome market to have your brother oh. Thank. You that's awesome I just want to make sure you guys could hear me. Yeah. This is a one-minute crypto coin was I'm trading on the on the minute, all. Right so we're, breaking these resistance, as we speak, this is alright we're breaking broke resistance, broke resistance, we broke resistance, may be heading. To these new highs, for. This swing. Trade, or day trade that we're doing here night trade actually so. We're hitting all the time levels right now high RSI, broke through resistance, again and, now. We're finding more support, around resistance, here at 535. Satoshi's were over the resistance now. Eric. Said that's funny. All. Right we're up we're, up we're, up we're, up we're, up we're, up, hey. We're. Up. Yep. Should. I sell the second, should I sell the second red line or the first red line. Rocky. Landsat freestyle coming. Crypto. Trading. Looking. At the graph like they're shading. Sitting. Here debating. All. I ask for is a good rating. I'm. Gonna get out of my house and start skating. Master. Debating. Julian. L said I'm dying. It, makes that he could pretty much drop the mic on that note. Which. I said, better than Netflix. Bull. Flag is forming, bull flag is forming, look on our side is dropping, this, is a good sign because, more, the more this our side drops it's like it's like filling up the gas tank high. Cell volume here we're finding resistance, previous resistance levels, we're gonna test resistance right here. Daniel. Lopez's, name better, than most of these mumble, rappers. I. Think. I may sell it this first line, right here cuz to. Be honest with you it looks like we saw some strong resistance up here. It, just depends it made I might change my decision just based on how how the Fibonacci. Is looking but. Look, at that we're going back up. Yep. They. Said I can't stop rolling I. Want. You to walk to the Bronx and get me a sugar cookie. I had, my volume RSI, my. EMA, and my Fibonacci. Somebody's. Riding xlm. With me that's awesome chilli. Well. Look that I'm also xlm. Is riding, itself out so we purchased, excellent, right over here. Nick. Ali I'm looking, for certain things I'm, looking for volatilities, the biggest thing though. Larry, said I'm gonna talk to my cousin's, I could sign you on his label, hey. Guys let's give away an Internet of money book tonight guys, I'm. Gonna give away a book for you guys I just really appreciate all of you guys you guys are awesome. You know lately. We've had a really big. We've. Had a really strong. Really. Strong the. Best I can put is we've had. Let. Me just show you guys we've had over 1400. Patreon, sign up for patreon, we, have a ton of silver gold rubies, sapphire, emerald and, diamonds, if, you guys want our trade alerts you guys can come on patreon. We. Post trade. Alerts. Pretty. Often and these are all swing trades we actually predicted. The Tron breakout the other day so. We drop these Tron breakouts I set this out at 7:30, and it broke out like around 9:00 so.

You, Can see all these people were able to actually get in on it but. If you guys want access to this I post these trade. Alerts and, different. Pennants that forum I put a little description for you guys. That's for patreon I just posted the link and, we. Have different tiers here so you guys can access, all of these and then. Yeah. Guys I want to say thank you so much though I really appreciate, all of you guys that got on there if. You guys are not on our discord, we also have a discord, and our. Discord, is pretty much a resource, that you can use to learn how to trade but, we're gonna give away this book. So. So. Pretty much my question. To you guys is. I'll. Make this question easy why don't we just talk about something. Simple, so. When. You're trading, in a channel, and. You. Have. A support, and a resistance, level. Is. The resistance, level going to be on the top or the bottom of the channel. Ethan. Zoeller one. Ethan. Zoeller Ethan. Ethan. The. Resistance, levels at the top of the channel you. Can send me a message on discord, brother you won the Internet of money I sent this to you this is a book. The first book I read ever about Bitcoin, and it. Helped me understand what Bitcoin was you. Know I first traded, my first Bitcoin in 2010. Around that time and yeah. You know it's, been a journey and once I learned about the distributed, ledger technology, and the decentralization. Versus centralization. It, changed everything hey. Matt I don't know if you were first but on my screen you weren't just to show, you that because sometimes they'll show you that you're first on your screen but in reality you. Weren't like look Matt. You, were here and then Ethan was here so sorry. Man. Next. Time we do giveaways all the time. Awesome. Ethan sounds good man. Alright, guys so we're at a profit right now we're. At a pretty good profit we're hitting these first levels that we plan to sell out. So. Right now if I were, to set my cell or der let's say I set it at 540. I, can. Do uh I, can, go here and. Do. 540. Satoshis. I'd. Be about a 4% profit, right now if I sell this right now I'm at a 4 percent profit so. I can sell this at 40 and get my 4 percent profit and that's you know that to, be honestly I'm ok with that so, I'm gonna just do this because I don't want to have the stream go too long so we'll set up a stop-loss conditional. Order if it's. Greater than or equal to 540. Satoshis, that's a bit of up about a 4% gain for me so. On $1000, that's. 40, bucks right there within. A couple less, probably, less than two hours and that's just one trade we we can we could have made a ton of trades you can do probably I I handle. Sometimes. 8 to 12 13 trades at a time so, I've got my screens pulled up and that's how I do it and then you, know you have a $40, ear eighty bucks here 20 bucks there it adds up so you, can make some big money on this but this, is probably gonna hit the 540, satoshi level might go higher I don't mind it I just want to get out of this because I'm not really gonna plan to hold this long term. So. You, know I just wanted to show you guys a quick live trading, so. Hopefully we can have this sell order get, in and take. Our profits. Maybe. About a four point two percent probably, four point four percent. Eric. Smith we're gonna be setting up a schedule soon so we'll have a schedule, for our live streams well we'll have that coming out soon. Nicholae. We do videos every day brother about trading. All, right hopefully we could take profits, at that level. RSI. Is recharging. Itself this is look at the RSI it's finding support right here now. Our size and the bounce back watch this. Eric. Smith I posted the patron in the chat free brother. Gordan, BBB this song is actually by one of our sniper's, tubes. Sound. Designers, his, name is Justin Rogers the link is in the description, under resources. So, I'm just going to close out on this guy's I'm going to take, the profit here at 5:30. If. I can. No, Matt I'm not doing I I haven't. Done any goes. Augustus. We just chose the on the chat we just chose it from the viewers. Yeah. It's, dropping, we'll. See office. Richard. I try to get up this early. You're. Over said you give me hope, that's. Awesome brother, I, love. Giving open. Leo. Said this dude. You. Can print out all your transactions, for your taxes. There. You go 530, you should have placed my order.

Check. This out. All. Right soon as this is 530, Satoshi's. What. Do you mean leo huh. Josie's. Jyoti, said man what are you on huh I'm. On passion, brother. 528. Satoshis. All. Right let's sit 530. Alright. See. This go up man. What's. Up babe good to have you brother. All. Right let's hit this profit baby. This. Is eventually gonna go up guys you haven't understand that because it just went way, higher than it was past here, and the artists eyes already a lot lower, like. You can tell just check, this out guys this is a clear indication watch. So. You see. Let. Me show you something. So. This whole area right here. Where. This, candlestick. Is you, can see the are size at the same level, it's at right now, but. The, prices, are up here. Versus. Right here, so when, the are sides at the same level, but, the prices, are finding, stability at different, levels that's. An indicator that okay well this right here is a positive, trend. Yeah. Guys so. We're. Currently at a profit right now so I'm gonna keep my stop by. Set, in but. I hope you guys enjoyed, this type of stream guys. You. Know, we. Can actually wait for it let's let's let's pull this up let, this hit 5:30, which is it hits, 5:30, then it's gonna put a sell order in. Yeah, there you go my. Volume comes in look at that by volume high by high by volume out of nowhere. By. Volume is increasing. Thank. You Tosca. For. Sure Brice thank you brother. You. Guys want more of these type of videos like, the video let's see how many likes we can get. Let's. See if we can hit 900. There. You go five thirty trade, looks sold. Watch. This you're gonna see the notification. Come. On baby. Oh back. Down. All right this is headed up look, at this by volume is headed towards our size. Pointing, up just pointed right. You, guys want a sniper's coin. You, guys want to do a sniper's coin I see oh. Hey. Danny could have been a lot more men. Because. If I have traded four of nine you, know four to nine coins at the same time. Hey, it's okay team I'll I'm gonna actually make a schedule. For my livestream soon so you guys will know exactly what I'll be live. Somebody, said that would be sick. Yeah, the Bollinger's are opening up now so in a head towards the top, Fibonacci numbers and then trigger those stop let's. Stop by limit. Cell orders. There, you go 5:30 we're gonna pass it right now now, hit 532. And then this orders in a tuck, watch this limit so order this, is how you work it. 528. It's gonna jump to 532. 527. 528. 530. Place. To order baby 531. There you go. Go. Pop it in there. Yeah, I'll leave this one a BTC. So, let's wait for this trait to go through. I, love. Training with you too Eric. Oh. As. My condition still set 40. No. It's 5:30 here. We'll. Break out right now it's, testing its testing it's gonna break out. The. Outbreak y'all right now. Yeah. Look at that our side isn't a head off we can probably even increase, this but that's fine. All. The stuff conditioners, set at that oh. Yeah. You're right. Thank. You I. Did. Not even realize that. All. Right this should work better. All. Right you can see. There, you go, so. That was a let's, see what profits look like there. Looks. Like we. Went. Ahead and made that swing. There. You go guys. So. That. Was a total, of. 3.2, percent so, if that was if that was 3.2, percent on ten thousand dollars that's. Three. Hundred and twenty, dollars right there and you, know in a couple minutes. Like, what was that like a total of like 96. Minutes or something that's the right right, right around an hour, and a half or two that. We made that trade so you know, typically, I'll have like eight or nine different, trades, happening, at the same exact time with, my screens pulled up when I'm really focused, you, can see this this is probably gonna head towards these higher levels I just wanted to get that trade in so you guys had that full, circle understanding.

Of How I did the trade how, did the stop-loss to stop, everything. So hopefully. That helped out guys better, than working a nine-to-five job, and making less than 100 bucks right. Better. Than working eight-hour shifts, and making. A hundred and twenty dollars where you can make forty, bucks in two hours make, another 40 bucks in another two hours and then, make another forty bucks in two hours and then cut your time I don't, even do it for six hours and that's with one trade if you have five of them let's, say you make 40 40 40 that's. 120, two, hours right there. Leo. Said I want to cry right now. Thank. You wow. Where. I said your discord is so lit thank you brother I, love. It what do you yell into the mic. So. This helped out guys. Hopefully. This helped that thanks yeah bro I agree F in modern savvy set us free. Yeah I agree, amen to you thank you so much guys hey this is what you guys can do for me like this video so we can get this on the, top of the YouTube ranks not, only that guys if you're not patreon, we do our trade alerts here on patreon, I just, posted the link and we also have a discord, which I posted the link in the chat right now so, you guys can click those links and our, discord, is a free community open for all of you guys thank. You so much Pat man thank you so much Ryan Anderson thank you so much leo thank. You so much Augustus. So. Guys glad, Matt, said loved it nice so. They get the book for recommendation. Yes. So. There's book recommendations, there as well how. Do I get the Train alerts if you want the trade alerts if you want my trade alerts you have to go on patreon, and be, come a gold member so, when you go on patreon, your. Trade alerts will look just like this and I'll send them out these are for the swing trades today we did night, trading which is kind of like day trading the difference, there's three types of investors, there's day traders swing traders and value investors, day, traders they, trade 20 to 30 trades a day value. Value. Investors trade long term swing traders they trade like every other day or every two days or every week or maybe even a couple of days so yeah, you're very welcome bacardi man thank you guys so much for tuning, in tonight and until. Our next video guys you know how it goes, snipers. Out.

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This is the shit this guy makes trading crypto so fucking cool in the next video he will have bitches dancing in the background

hello naeem,what are thoughts on Appc??have been hearing very positive things about it???

Realy nice video! I think all the ppl in Europe will enjoy this, because its in our Daytime! :-)

I just joined as a Sapphire and the podcast alone is worth the $$.. Keep up the good work!!!!

huge inspiration

I love that you support crypto content creators . Keep up the good work Gang, love the support for SnipersTube

Can you do a video the best way to cash out? Not to loose on fees! Pls pls pls

You should start thinking out loud when trading

What are you using to keep track of taxable income?

please Please PLEASE... more ore ore of thissssss!!!!

do you have a course on how I can learn to read the charts? I would definitely pay for something like that. Im new to all this, but now is the time to get in. I invested $1250 in jan 2018. I know thats not much but I wanna make it grow!! so I can make big swing trades in the future

thanks man you too!! we will!

Yea me either man, I just keep watching the daily videos and join the night owl voice chats and soak it all in. I hope you kill it this year bro!

im in! haha. ive been on there for about a week.... but there is definitely a learning curve. I wasnt in stocks or anything before this either

Ryan Frailey join the discord channel you will find everything you need to know and what you don't just ask. It's probably linked on the description, best of all it's free

dang i want to do this wish i have free time when you doing this i will join your patreon group monday

Next week ripple will be king of the hill watch fools

Why couldn't you just trade for iota on biance?

Dude you are freakin awesome at this.

Love the new music and great content–very helpful to see you in action!

Do this more often. Keep it up!

Watch ENJ

Do you ever day trade 2+ coins at the same time on varying degrees of volatility so theoretically you aren't waiting around as much to hit the buy and sell button?

I like these videos but pleeeeease talk more, brother

yes on the more trading:)

I think you should do this regularly, i think it's very helpfull.

been trading xlm while watching you

Enjoyed the beats you supplied for the background music...BTW i really enjoyed the format of the show.

you should buy paccoin

anyone know of any crypto discords to chill at?

Inverse join the the discord on the description, it's awesome.

slick music..

Also Coinigy is a good app to bring everything together via API Keys and charts on trading view.

like the beats check out CAPP

Do more of these.


Good bro

I am new to crypto.. really need to learn a lot from you.. thanks mate

we love this channel! he's inspired us to do content creation as well. love the support of this community we've gotten so far.

Elvie Lins cool move here I got a five bedrooms I just need someone to trade while I'm at work

Drain The swamp yeah Im hot her in Asia

Elvie Lins your hot are you in the USA

You should have more videos like this. Where you get down and dirty, right into it without taking any questions and doing your thing while we watch you. It's dope, and real.


siq... profits in action! would love to watch this regularly!

Can you check XRM 1F18WQDqQiudifPrPsHzo312N453pieA2w Love what you guys are doing. I’m learning a lot- Thank you. Hopefully. One day I’ll be able to quit my day job and do this full time in a year or two.

Keep doing these live trade video, very informative.

stellar a good buy at the moment?

Kangen Kingdom xlm is going to be big.

can you check xrp bro? is that head and shoulders

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LOL how does asking for a handout do anything for you? invest in a coin, DENTAcoin is up 120+% in 24hrs. He's giving you the tools, as are other content creators such as myself. Get out there and DO IT YourSELF!


seriously????? shut up. keep your personal stuff to yourself.

Really awesome stuff Naeem, love the live trading and the freestyle was liiiit! Learned a lot as usual, keep up the great work.


my mentor said naeem...... you made me 1k already my dude thank you. this is the channel!

Just read up on Technical Analysis and reading indicators.

Nice ;)

What indicators did you use in trading view?

cheers mate

RSI EMA 3 Moving Averages Volume Auto Fib

good video but what the hell was that music?

Lol! You didn't like it?

more of these with explanation of the psychology behind everything - more explanation/ teaching please.

Can u tell me how to cash out my coins on cryptopia step by step

Where do you get trading books? Top

In our discord under helpful reads



Hello brother!

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