Crypto Fibonacci (FIB) - How To PREDICT Patterns While Trading!

Crypto Fibonacci (FIB) - How To PREDICT Patterns While Trading!

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A. Sniper's. Foster. Here I hope. You guys had a great weekend. I decided. To make my third video I'm, gonna be talking about, Fibonacci. Retracements. That's. Why mr. Fibonacci is here on the back the. Screen and. Before. I start I would like to thank Rob Hutchins for, suggesting. I would make a video on this I always. Wanted to look into Fibonacci, but, never really got into it and I, figured hey it's gonna be a it's. Probably gonna be interesting, so. In this video I'm, gonna be looking at three. Things first of all I. Was, tripping on XI and what did we find, out, second. How, does Fibonacci. I will just repeat our sequences, how how. They occur in real life and of, course then the, next part and last part will be how to incorporate, this in trading. So. If every night she was a mathematician, and he lived around 1200, in, Pisa, in Italy been, there once very nice place also. Known for the Tower of Pisa. And. He. Came up with a. Sequence. Of numbers now. When. We go back to school or probably, or preschool because we. Already knew about this before the problem is cool a little bit. And. We'll know how to count and this. Is what we use daily we count zero one two we constantly add, right. We only add. One. Step to the next one that's. How we. Have. A constant, factor here, that creates, the next number in the in line, so. This is a you know our most common, sequence there. Are a sequences, like if you look at time although, time. Uses. These numbers but, there's only 60 seconds in a minute and, not a hundred and there's. Only 24 hours in a day and not like 25, or 100, or 20, so. Time. Is based most likely on Russia. Is based on the number six. So. People actually had this sequence, that's what were we talking about here in this video. So. At first you. Had nothing then we have something every. Nazis thought well the next number is not going to be - it's, going to be a. Total, of these two combined. For this one was. This one, it's. One because, the wrong one actually, is one, so. The, next number would be 1 + 1 which. Would be 2 and. So. On, so. 3 makes up, it's. Made up out of 1 + 2 5 it's made up I was 2 & 3 so, this entire sequence is, the Fibonacci sequence and. You know you and I've been in school we. Probably. Didn't. Really look at the sequence maybe, I'm. Not sure I know my, school didn't show me this and. It's a lot of a sequence because it's kind of like Exponential's. Going on go up. However. If you look at the relationship between these like let's say you go from 3 to 5 how much more is that well we, divide 5 by 3. And. We can do this with all these numbers okay. So. This. Will go to 1.6 and specifically. To 1.618. So. The ratio here is. 61.8%. Right. 233. Times. 1.618. It's. 377. Right. Is itself plus a factor this is a factor six one eight. You, don't have to go. Look. At the ratio it grows you can also look at how it relates. To the. Previous number. So. You can say how. Does five or later eight. You. Know back. What. You see here this is very important, is. This. Range will go to. 0.618. Right. That is, 61.8%. This. Number right here. Give. It a little color and these. Numbers. Basically. State that there's, a relationship between all, of these numbers as well not, just the way it grows. Poor, shrinks because you can go negative. There's. Also a constant, that relates, it this, one to the next one which. Is this number so, if, you go to infinity. And beyond this ratio will still be in place, of. Course here with 0, & 1 & 1 0, divided, by 1 is 0 and 1 if I bow I don't is 1 1 divided by 2 is 2 so these three numbers that's. Where it starts and then. The rest will just go to 0.6, something. And. These. Numbers are also, important. If, you finish your treatment you'll see in a minute. Now. We. Can relate 8 to, 21 right. They divided by 21 there, we go this, is going to be the next range. So. The. Number related, to nothing, next but the one that. Comes after that one just. Like you can. As. You can see here you have 3 to 34, but you can also relate. 13. To. 55. And, so on so, these. Numbers are also, numbers. In front Bonacci retracement, and these are a constant. How, all of these numbers relate to each other for. Thirty eight point two. And. Twenty three point, 61 and. These. Green, numbers are the numbers that are used in Fibonacci retracements, and these this. I will show in a little bit what, I will also show you which, I get some coffee. Is. If you look at the sequence and these numbers. These. Numbers will, actually show something, that, we. See all around in life were not really aware of. So. We're gonna go here. Is zero. We're. Gonna start with 1 right so this box, is gonna be one.

By One and. Next. Number will be one again right except. For one on one together is going to be two so this is going to be two by two. And. Two and one is three so. There's, gonna be three by three. And. I. Guess, once what's gonna happen here we're, gonna have a five by five. And. What you can count can say five, and three is eight. Three. Five is eight pages, next number so. This. Is gonna be the next square, they. Buy eight. And. What's. Interesting about this I may feel this. Is. That the surface of this square. But. I've just selected is. 61.8%. Of, the, currently selected, rectangle. Just. Like this square. Selected, is sixty one percent of this, and. So there's, a constant fact because this will just go on if I select these you can see down here it's. Really thirteen so here's going to be 13 where 13 I don't. Have a video wall to go all the way to infinity and, no. Screen could never comprehend, that. But. This is how these numbers relate to each other including. That. Factor. Of 6 to 1.8 which. Is why. Some people refer to as the golden number or Phi, pH. I. Something. Else to. Segue into this how do I recognize this, how does this correlate with real life, if. You draw a quarter of a circle in here like. Water in here, water. In here and a quarter in there and a quarter in there and a quarter in there you'll. End up with a spiral. There. We go this. Is the spiral Fibonacci, and this. Will go way, out to infinity and, it will all go inwards two words infinity, again, and. This, spiral, correlates, with a lot of things we haven't seen. In in nature. For, instance this nautilus. Shell. It's. A perfect formula to spiral. The. Shape of an egg correlates, to it's. Not exactly about correlates, to these two, Fibonacci, spirals. The. Way that vegetables. Like artichokes. Are. Made up or leaves. Our. The. Way it's billed out is it, correlates, with. This. Spiral. You. See the bottom of a pinecone here. Some. Flower you can draw, these Fibonacci, spirals, in here so. It's kind of amazing how they're works out and, we have a surfer and the waves the bottom of the, wave crest, and the top they. Correlate. With. Preventing. Even. If you look at the. Spiraling. Arms of the galaxy. They. Correlate with your Bonacci. And. It's, not always about the. Spiraling. Arm. You can see right here it's. Also about what I just showed you is like the, way these surfaces. Relate to each other which. To. Us I guess unconsciously, makes. Us either appreciate, or not appreciate, a certain, design wow that's a nice building and then you realize hey the. Architect used this. 61.1%. U-238. Point to the 23 point 61 they. Use all of that in the design and, to. Us I guess as human, beings we like, that. Now. How does this relate to training well first of all well. Actually first, of all a little copy. Second. Of all, there's. Not really proof that. There is a relationship, between Fibonacci.

And Trading however. There. Was. If. You. Put in Fibonacci levels, in here you can actually see that, I guess by a coincidence. Those, percentage. Levels, that we've drawn, out here are. Actually going to respond to resistance. And support levels. So. There's a correlation there as well okay. I opened. Ripple. One. Of our favorite. Coins and. So. The. Third option here will allow, you to select the FIB retracement, and. I'm just going to put right here. Got. Me a little seating. And. Okay. So. When, you start adding your Fibonacci, retracement, this is what you'll see and, you recognize, the zero half and one has numbers in twenty three point six three eight eight point two sixty, one point eight the. Old one out here. Is, seventy. Eight point six three you. See seventy eight point six got nothing, to do with Fibonacci. However. If you take the square root sixty. One point eight you'll get that so. It is a way to split, this big box up into two levels and. This, is where it's gonna get personal. For most people because. Not everybody, likes all, lines. In here there. Will be people that say well the. Seventy eight point six is not real Fibonacci, so it's gotta go and, then. There were people who say well I do not like to see half because have response. To a support. Resistance level, however, usually. It doesn't act like that so, we're gonna get rid of it as well then. Some people will say well usually the thirty eight point two is the most important, one and the twenty three point six is not really, that important, so they might remove that as well so. It's going to be really personal I haven't. Personally found. Out what's gonna be very nice. To to. Use I will probably at least use this maybe, I would doubt this not, sure yet I'm. Just going to show them all. And. So. How, does this work well. First of all when, you look at, a. Graph. Like this let's just I don't know if that one. What. Happens is in. Training, everything goes up and down right so, there is volatility and this is how people know she's being used. Because. Fibonacci, as Naima, said and how my, MCS mentor has told him if you want to look at the future you need to look at the past, so. Phurba know she is a great example of something that learns, from the past and gives you something, for the future and. What. I'm going to be doing here is I'm going to be any, retracement, and retracement, is that we're, going to start at the top, we're. Going to be at the bottom and how are, we gonna go back to the previous top from here that is what Fibonacci retracement, is all about. And. When. You start drawing you do not start drawing from the top of the camel but the, little part that sticks out right there. To, this. Part down. Here right. There. So. This. Is our. Blush. You could say right, and how are we gonna go back so if. You, click on the. Setup through, Bonacci and, you do the extended, lines. There. We go you. See the lines go into. The future, first. Of all look at how we came to, go here how we got there so, we went down here it kind of stopped on this level then it break through downwards. And got up and I broke through again. It. Went straight through the six one eight straight. To the point five and it. Kind of bounced off here, went. Back up here, slightly. To the sixth one and then it bounced off a 38 and it started trading between these two lines and, then. It dropped through all levels. Now. What. Happens here is that you kind of need to make, a picture you need kind of like a support right to put on a track you want to know that what you put in is like a support, line and, as. You can see here, it, was kind of like. There's. Been a support, here let's, just put it in I. Guess. You could say that this will be a support line. So. You do want to have a, certain. Support so that you know we're not going to go down even more because if you go down more it's fine you just wait with your Fibonacci, until it reaches support from which it can grow again it's, kind of important, and, so. Here, you can say well. We're. Gonna buy somewhere, above the support but, we, can say if we really drop, down outside. Of the Fibonacci and we're gonna go down even more you, know you can say you can set the stop-loss here. Right. So this is where you want to sell it really goes wrong, however. You, want to buy somewhere so. Once you trade in this level you could say well it feels, like their support here it's safe to buy here so we're gonna. Want. To buy here a buy. Order there, and. Then you work your way up you as you can see here there was a little resistance, and it broke through isn't. It amazing, this. Is a support, resistance land which is not really, but it is if, that's awkward line the awkward thing that. Is fibonacci these number C sequences, they, come back in this trading and. So you break, through now. Usually. What happens is, around, 238th there's going to be a form of resistance and it bounces off and then.

It Breaks through now. The fact that it breaks through doesn't, mean at a halt as you can see here we went down a little bit and then, we had our support, here on the 23.6. Line and now. It's around this level. So. To. Show you this, another. One. Let's. Go to Manero Manero, was, at a certain top right. Here we're gonna put in front much e we're here at the top and. We. Correct it all the way down here. See. Right, down there. Okay. And. There. Was a support, level here, right. Here. I'll just put this in here. Ephemeris. Gonna correct up and it. Bounced off 238 and this is something that. I've. Heard. From other traders. Is. That usually. There is a, correction. To worse, at 38, but, then it bounces up back down and if. It then comes, back up it'll go through. So. It'll go through and as you can see here the 50 was a slight resistance but, then it broke through and now there's resistance here at point six eight so what, you could have done you could have said hey if I break through 38, if I buy if I let's, say that. Is our support and we set a buy order here. In. Green. And you, could have said well and, when I break through 38 I want. To sell right here and we're, gonna sell what am I going to sell. I'm. Gonna say all, 25%. You. Don't have to but this is how you work, work. Your way up to. Resistance. And support levels you, can say when I make it through. 50. Usually 50 is not a big support. Of a level, or resistance. That tends to go through there, but. You can set your trades there you can also say well I wonder if I'm breakthrough 61 I'm gonna trade another 25%, and then, when I go through this top level I'm gonna, do the other 50 and this is when I take. My profits. So. I, want. To recap this in. Here because, the, other day I saw, my M do a live stream. Where. He was trading and, one of the indicators he had honest I think I'm not sure but it seems like he had the photo davon. There. We go what. Does the auto-ship do well. If we do, a regular Fibonacci. Retracement, in here, and we. Have a top here. And. We, have this bottom here, right. There well, you. Guys see what I see I just. Said these levels, and these levels. Correspond. With. What the program. Or. This. Indicator. That's been made by somebody autofit. It. Gives you automatically, from, a previous, top to, a previous, bottom what's going to be the. Next lines of. Support. Resistance to go back to that top and so. This could be a way for you if you constantly want to have. This autofill. On it's like where are you right now and how is this related to previous. Tops. And bottoms so. That's, about it I. Think. The. Question is for, you as a trader do you want to keep all these levels in here do you want to get rid of the 786 because it's not really Fibonacci level do, we only get rid of half because it's not really, support although. Sometimes it seems to be seems to be a little bit support. Or resistance. And. So you have to personalize this for yourself and you cannot use these in all situations. But. If. You do you can lose it you know for your advantage. Well. I would like to close down this video with. Discord. Like, to. Tell. You one, more time like I mean does every day and, that. We have a lot of resources on this, chord one. Of them is actually the helpful, reads you know money is a great book if, you wanna know more about. How. Blockchain. Technology. Came. To be and how you can like and trade is there, are other books down there as well and of course we have our other. Resources, you can read. And. We were trading one on one with. All of the different. Patterns. Need to use trade and there, is a video. Suggestion, tab, there's. A whole bunch here, and, people keep adding to that and, I'd like to have another video, so. This video was a little longer maybe. A little bit more intermediate, but, I think beginners will find. This very useful as well, once. Again rough questions, thank you very much for. Suggesting. This topic and. All I gotta say is, snipers. Out. You. You.

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Let's give it up to Markus for a great teaching on SnipersTube! ►Become a Patreon & Get Trade Alerts! ►Join Our Team On Discord!

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