Crypto Face Off - OMISEGO / LISK / ARK⚡ BTC 9K | FREE BITCOIN Prediction 2018 Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto Face Off - OMISEGO / LISK / ARK⚡ BTC 9K | FREE BITCOIN Prediction 2018 Cryptocurrency Trading

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Live. From the USA hoping you get paid every day, this is a dose, of Bitcoin. The crease though of creeped up is your boy BK, and if, you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody, as you know. Bitcoin. Is, looking. Strong, found. Support, around. 8,000. And then had a little run over the past two days thats it north of eighty eight hundred, dollars. Not. Too long ago people, were calling for you know bitcoin three thousand bitcoin four thousand, I. Remain. Optimistic. That. We would only go as low as seventy, five hundred seventy. Two hundred we dipped down to 68, but came right back up and. Has a result I think we may be able to see some of these cryptos. Creep. Up in the meantime and in between time to. Help those handles get some green time if this is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK known, as the crypto traitor and I am the boasts, of these charts, as you will soon find out every, day I graced this microphone, with my voice is, another day you get to profit as a result, and today is no exception so, with that being said we're doing two contests. Right now I'm going into our, Twitter, verse to. Give away some cash on Twitter this, is my page at. The paid crypto, trader so, all I'm doing right now is scrolling, down let's see how many people we got miss dianna rider yes I see you I see, all. Parties one two what's. Today's date. February. 12 - 1, - lets go 5 from the top so, yeah 1. 2. 3. Or. BAM. I, met. You. Are our winner. Of the, day on. Twitter and, shout, you out real quick. Do. Me a favor shoot, me a message with, your Bitcoin wallet I, will get you paid and then on Facebook let's do the same thing. Let's go pop from the bottom on Facebook one two, three. Or. BAM. You, see folks. From. The Philippines. Shut. Up Lucy Lou Morningstar. You are our winner. Of the. Day, on. Facebook, as well if you want to get paid you guys do yourself, a favor, smash. That subscribe, button you, know we have the number one Bitcoin. Group, in the, world. 26. I think. 22,000. Of my, best friends come together seven, days a week to. Keep each other empowered, and profit. In the marketplace, you know what you know I'm making enough money in the markets the way I could give some weight to, the people that's, what we got we got fractal, harmonic statistical. Forecast, and conscious, geometry, and a collective. Eclectic. People. Coming, together to empower each other it's really amazing, you know come on it come on in the doors are always open, so. One, of the things I want to talk about specifically. Are some of the resources that we had for. Our community. And, misses this is a big one this is a 90 crypto miss Diana Rodriguez, who was you know graceful. Enough that shut me out on Twitter it, also has her own channel. Nami crypto, 2, where she she takes the time to break down a lot of. Complicated. Videos, that, I do right, keep in mind what I do is a trading, channel, but I'm, not able to you. Know make it very. Out of the break and very simple, sometimes right um so what she does is she actually, goes back and read, does some of the content, to make it simple, for beginners. Right that's her thing she wants to help people get started in crypto. You know and she she made this channel to where she's walking through some of the content, that I create you. Know to make it simple for anybody. To understand, that's just getting set up so, I definitely recommend you guys check that out if you're just starting you, know in crypto you can also check, out the website boss. Of Bitcoin, calm, and you can book an appointment with, her right, there. Is a one-on-one meeting. $200, 100 upfront 100. After you guys me and you will be well, off this. Is this she's by far one of the most one. Of the most talented charters, and traders I've had the pleasure you know of meeting and I'm excited to you know see how the value that she's able to provide to you guys as well what. I wanted to speak. On with, this video today, were. Three, coins I caught it as a crypto, face-off, I had the nice little you know done I'm Travolta, Nicolas Cage thumbnail, I can't find it but hopefully, you guys will see it you know after this live stream is over and.

So. These. Are three very very influential, colors very very powerful. Prominent, coins the first one has. Already made a lot of people a lot of money if, you were in our alert, group on patreon, you know this thing was a buy I gave it a buy signal you, know last week sometime. Right. As soon as we broke out over, here and hopefully. You were able to get in on that and make some money as well I, think. As soon as we broke out right there this is gonna buy a long time what. We have what this is a situation. To where this thing has outperformed. The, market you. Know bar none top to bottom for. A while you, know it's hard to go against, it, at this point right, one. Of the things I see with this coin is that. Right, there, that is the thing that stands out when the 77. Is above, the 231. You. Got money on money and but but those of you guys that don't know what a 77. Or a 231. Is again. Check out chart like a boss I have a link in the playlist and in the number one comment on this video for our. Trading strategy, we use three. Simple moving averages we use a 7 a, 77. And a, 231. Right, but those are the big two to seven and a 77. And that's the white line and the blue line and basically the, 7 is the white line and when that goes above the blue BAM buy, it when, it goes below is, gotta go you know why cause if it ain't paying it ain't staying, and you, see right now this, has been white above, the food you, know for all. To three. Months. It's, crazy, like, crazy. That. Is money Oh money, on money. 420. Percent in 57. Days BAM. Hit. Him over the head would it that's. It that's a good amount of you guys that's, hard to that's hard to do in Wall Street I'll tell you what you know Warren Buffett and his circle-jerk buttons can't do that you know but we can hit it on the blockchain week in and week out what. Do we see with this is this gonna stay how long is it gonna last, it, does look pretty healthy right now however you. Know this is not you, know normal, right coins, don't just go up 400%, forever. Without at some point coming down so they can regain. Their composure if, indeed they're gonna continue to go up so, if you weren't and on, this move, you. Know you, may not it. Certainly, isn't the best idea to try to buy it at the top this is the top right, here right, a normal, break out like that normally. If it's going to come down it does something like that before, it comes up and goes up again. The. Problem, that we have with this coin at, this moment in time is, that. They're. Starting to get to cavities right, we're. Starting to get that cavity right there and. This. Cavity, right, there right. Basically. When you have a void between the. 77. And the, 231. Right, there right, you see that little bubble a little, bowl right there. Whenever. You have something like that little, bubble like that it. Gets filled and, when it gets filled see. You got a little bone right there what, happened it gets filled when it gets filled the chart goes down right, so, I'm not saying this is guaranteed. To happen immediately but.

Just Know this thing is running hot right now and. Charts don't like the run hot for too long right, I think, we had a huge breakout a huge run if. We just look at this thing breakout, to break down you, know this is this is north at this point if we go all the way down it's, right there at the two or right, so what we can expect when, we do cool down is to come back down to that one six and if you can buy list you, know and it probably will overshoot, it just a little bit if you can get it you know under 2:00 to 5:00 I think, that's a pretty good pick up right but for you to pay like thirty two up here I don't think that's a that's probably. Not the best buy, in the market, right now right, but, I know they have a great, project a great day of pain you know great, Twitter. Page and all that good stuff the market does all that research I don't need to do any of it I just follow the intersections, right so they have a great project and great upcoming news and all that good stuff that's why the market has bought it because, they like all that stuff right, you. Know so, there you go that's list, and. We. Will keep it moving, now to. Check out. Art. A. Rk2. The, BTC. Look. At this mmm. This. One's been struggling art. Has been struggling our need to hire lists, marketing, name or something, or somebody to run Twitter Facebook whatever list is doing an arc is not they, need to take notes. You. Know from. What I hear everybody that talked about art talk about how greater the technology, it is boom boom boom let's tell you what the, market know a lot more than I do and the, market, does, not value, has. Not found, value, but art right now what, I did right there is called freestyling, on a fibonacci book you know I'm saying one time you go break out the breakdown BAM, come, back you see where we get right inside the middle of the money zone even though this thing has, not made, a lot of money in the past that, does not mean that it, cannot, make money in the future just looking, at this thing it has a lot of waves you guys it you. Know breaks out and breaks down it has these little micro, cycles break out break down flatline break, down break down flatline, break. Down break, down. Flatline, what, comes next BAM. That's. What we can expect I see, art. You. Know having, a nice spring a lot of these charts, set up to do, exceptionally. Well this, spring I think will his cycle, you, know in march/april. Probably. As early as you know the first week of March for Bitcoin, and these, alt coins go up simultaneously. This, will be a, green. Spring, to, say the least, if, we want to look at when, this. Will happen we, can just do something like that boom boom. There. You go as. Early. Again, first weekend marks right right, there is where. We can expect to see this turn around, normally. It starts. To peak a little bit early but to be honest with this chart it doesn't, look like that may, happen. Mainly. Because the, 77. Is going negative under. The 231. On top of the seven you may see this thing step down, just a little bit before, it tries to regain composure, if we. Have a breakout, that can basically save, the entire thing if that seven comes above, that 77. Quick, enough then, it'll keep the tart from breaking out but right now you. Know that's not a good situation more. Than likely that will step down just, a little bit you, know before it tries to fight that, but. With this one what. Do we see I can, see this one once we clear, that. Money's on say we do clear to money zone by the middle of March we're getting a March that will give us that and, we scale, it out just to get back, to even you. Know this will be us about, 80%, in 80 days a lot, of these charts, are set enough to do about 1% Bitcoin. A day, this is buying, season. Again. I tell you guys we buy and de bread and sell in the green because bitcoin is down you know 80, percent from.

The Top yes what you better cash out your bank account ask your mama to borrow $5. And run, to your nearest Bitcoin, Depot, to pick some up right, because this is it won't be $88. Eighty eight hundred dollars, in two month I can promise you that and and it won't be lower that's. What I'm looking at inside these charts, and that's the energy, that. We have these. Charts are heating, up so right now is. Essentially. One. Of your best times to. Do some converters, and whether that's PTC, to altcoin, or, USD. To, BTC. Right. So. Here we go here we go here we go and the. Last one we got is. O-m-g. Oh. Meats. Ago and. To, be honest I save. The. Best for last. No. Joke this. Is one of the strongest, coins in the, market Point. Blank period I. Look. Through these charts, you know every. Day and. I. Am yet to see a coin get. Released, from, inception, and, go. Up. What. Is this a. Thousand. Percent in two. Months. Without. Needing one. Intersection. Between, the, seven and the 77. All, right you got one right there so, maybe we didn't get quite to a thousand we got eight hundred percent, in two. Months inside, two months from the time it hit the market that means it's some real build power, players, behind. This coin if. You booked the one-on-one, with me I told, you who I think is behind, this, point basically. Bring, in their fraudulent. Banking, scheme over to the blockchain and that's, them being the first ones to cash in on right. Just. Turn the logo sideways, and you got one of the big five banks and, that's who's coin this is right here there's, do a little research read, the website understand. Both business, models and understand, that this coin is not going anywhere, if you have a chance to buy it and buy it at this time you better do it because it will be one of the top 20 coins for the next 20 years. What. We see here is that. We, just say break out break down. Boom boom. Now. We see we are coming as close as we can to the bottom of the money zone I keep telling you guys inside, these green bands is, where, you, want to buy that's where statistically. All of, this energy that went down this, came up you. Know it's like a coiled, spring and, right here it's the 786. Classic. Fibonacci, retracement. Right in there is statistically. Your best place to buy inside. A correction, and still be profitable because once it breaks about that it's going to do that and it's gonna go higher and higher and higher especially. Knowing what I know about Oh me see go when, do we expect this to happen well, let's, do this. I'm. Gonna have to swing this a little bit different because we don't even have an intersection, over here let's see what happened if I just go from the start I don't. Think that's gonna be enough. Mm-hmm. Oh we. Got to spread, a little bit more look. At that right in the middle all, I did I took the earliest, bit of data I could get I took. The intersection, and a 77, in the 231, I've, said that generally speaking this, thing over here is a positive energy negative. Energy. Neutral. Energy even. Though it's very. Positive, tells. You how strong it is and this. Is going to be our breakout I could see this thing honestly, once it clears, that this, is a continuation, cycle. This. Thing could very easily be. Up. There. Inside. Of three months five hundred and fifty seven percent light. Bulb faults. It's. Not it's not gonna happen overnight, but. It. Will happen and we, can even do a sign line on this thing check this out. Well. Boom, that's. When it'll happen right here look at that how do you know how you know. And. This is when you'll get, this rise up right here, between. April. And May Oh me. See go will own April, mark. My words. OMG. Will say oMG, and April. Right. And. That's what you got that's, what you got this is an amazing, coin you guys the. Minis an opportunity, put it this way I'm, buying only you go when I put in my money tomorrow, I'm. Buying Bitcoin tomorrow and I'm transferring, some of it over to oMG because. It's it's money or money it's. It's a good coin it's a banking, product, it's a financial institution. You. Know and it's what guys that know how to make money, I. Normally. Say don't trust the boys in blue but I'm telling you what and go make money without me not this time if you want chat right now do me a favor shout. Check country, out I'm coming back to you you know in 30 seconds. I want to see a kaleidoscope. Of nations just to let the people know what. We got going on right we've. Come back to that come back to that there's one of the things I do you guys I know you know it might be animated. A little bit might be you know it's sink trick a little bit but I think you, know just by doing that I connect. To you guys and let you know that you don't have to be boring, and, talking, up straight. Straight, Blake stone, and you, know talk. About the bulls and bears and 100 day theme and, 200-day.

RSI. FASTA casting I know all that stuff them circle-jerk boys on Wall Street no I know it, because I went to the same school. Most. Of them went in I have. Been trained to make money on Wall Street, I worked for one of the biggest banks in the country I've turned down a Punnett. Dollars. And a, cubicle, with my name on it they, said. This. Is your cubicle. Come. Work for us in five, days I work. With him for two years that's a clean dude can't do it no more can't do it no more can't do it no more can't do it no mo. You. Know, and. That was a long way that was a long path because it used to be you know two dollars an hour you know taking, buzzing tables, at a Mexican restaurant so, it's been a acclamation, to get here but once I got there I realized. That it was all for show it, wasn't, and. That's. Not it right, and. So that's why I do this to you guys to show you the inside of the charts to let you know how they make money, so that as long as they. Have all the money we have all the power this is what the blockchain does, the blockchain is literally, building. A new civilization, on, the other side of that bridge on this side of the bridge you got the US dollar Goldman, Sachs Wells Fargo, TD Ameritrade, Citibank, Bank of, America JP Morgan, all them circle dirt boys been doing business for the past 200, years they live over here well guess what, Bitcoin. Has taken us over. It right. And. Because it's taking us over there it's al and yet to be seen it's shaky is turbulent, you know we're trying to figure things out as we build it but guess what if life was this good on this side we wouldn't make that bridge in the first place. And. This. Is one of the best buying opportunities. You will ever have in your lifetime, this is the biggest transfer. Of wealth in the history of, men and time. After. This wealth may not even need to exist. That's. Part of the plan to be. Monetize, everything so, that money doesn't matter and you know people just. Live. I guess I don't even I don't know what they're doing but at the end of the day you. Know we, have to take it upon ourselves to, empower, ourselves, right. And as. Long as you're trading, your, time for. $10. An hour plus benefits you. Know and and and and you. Know, five. Paid holidays, a year you're. Not winning, right. That's not it that's not the endgame that's not that's not yes I won I got $50,000. And benefits no I was, paying $1,200. A month the, healthcare for what I'm, not even sick.

The. Dollar is a Ponzi scheme that is literally one Jenga, block away from tumbling, over like a stack of cards. And. As long as you depend on the dollar you will be dependent, on the debt death, and destruction that, it creates. And. So that's why the blockchain is so amazing because it's self-selecting. We. Are literally changing lives, every day just read some of the comments in the past videos, in a past month people. Are making money. And overfits people are changing their life people are paying off their debt people are buying a house a car paying off their student loan people are buying back their freedom because unfortunately, your, bondage. Was. Sold transferred. And sounded off long long before you ever came to be well before I ever came to be, and. As long as we value $2 that's what we have to, look forward to. This. Is just the latest chapter in the book that was written long before any, of us came and we'll be, continue, to be written long after we're, gone but guess what while we here let's do something, about there's. Less change a few little words let's let's add our own pages, in there you. Know. They. Go bring their business to the blockchain and call it on me Seto well oMG. I my own as much as I can cook, me in that boardroom - and by the time I'm done they go hand my picture on the wall say, who is that I don't know but he own hands. And. They say the number one Bitcoin grew with copper ten, million dollars, wait. Till we get a hundred. Wait. Till we get a bill wait till we get to Bill's I told you I don't want to be the only millionaire on YouTube I want a million millionaires, behind, me so we could start walking. Instead. Of talking. And. We go get their trusted this is just beginning, Bitcoin 8,000. Trust. Me that's. Just a begin and that's chump change. Get. It why can't guys make this money it's free money out there, up. To you to make it. Are. We gonna do right now. Move. It on out. People, no man's let y'all know you. Know we ain't got time to play, you. Know plans, it moves are happening, its moves being made right now and if you ain't one making, it then you know you, just don't have to respond to the moves as made around you. So. Here we go this. Is one of our resources. Patreon. I'm. Actually. Considering. Bringing, the hundred, day challenge back on here so. If that's something you're interested in make sure you follow me BK crypto trader on, patreon. Lastly, boss of Bitcoin, comm you, know I haven't said my piece on it I'll let y'all know that the time is now, you know big money. Big, Ben take a little bench seven days a week you, know it's time to put up or shut up if you ain't crossing that blocking bridge you, know you need to click that red X and beyond the oh wait Craig topless, you know is where it's at ten, coins that will change the future a hundred, trillion. Dollar market cap before, the. End of 2018 how, much of that equity will, you own you. Know I'm saying if that bridge is gonna be worth about trillion, dollars, we're. Gil told booth that on, the dollar on, own. Own own own thousand twenty five thousand, on, a Hornet. Owner 401k. You got away eighteen years the cash out on, don't. Do it don't. Do it one, trillion. Dollars, before the end of 2018, and, you, got a chance to get a piece of eight brand. That's. The opportunity, at hand. And. So. Now. I'm. Bring, back the. People, we're. Gonna close this thing on now. Right. So, here we go. We. Got. Poland. In the building. America. UK, Sweden France, shot, town would it do Canada, Boston. What, up Colorado. Spring, day, go tally, said, they boss walking, on the, west coast. Sweden. Was going on we big we, big across the pond right now England. UK, Alaska. Alaska. Preffered much love was going on Phoenix.

Oregon. Phoenix. Two times back to back. Let's. Get a couple more up in here New Zealand, what's going on Pauline, it's good to see you again, Casey what, up Chuck Malaysia. Russia, big, shot pedia, holding it down in China you, know making moves out there, that's. Pretty cool ATL, pizza, in Z Diego, Diego two times what's, up South Bend Indiana shout, out shout out I don't know if you know I'm, saying I don't know if you know but I put my time in I put, my time in in South Bend you know I'm saying shout out to the people down there shout out to the golden dolmas they got one day got one over here you know they gave me that piece of paper I said thank, you. Mexico. Midland, Florida oh wait Stan, and. I'm out y'all thank, you so much for the love thank you for the hospitality make, sure you like subscribe share you, know I'm saying I come on and do this five six seven days a week they, said the markets don't sleep so be. Paid out of speed, so. People don't mean something. Like that. Last. Thing. Right. Here I. Try. To end it on a good note try to end it on positive vibes I know, I get heated I'm getting a little bit emotional in, the moment but you know at the end of the day it has to be a reason, for your reason, right you just can't wake up and want to make money just for the sake of making money because that was me about you know six seven months ago I was and I was so, upset. I. Was thoroughly upset, I was getting a nice paycheck every weekend hated, every minute, right, so. All you need to do guys make one person happy each day and in 40 years you will have made. 14600. Human. Beings happy, at least for, little time. Right. So. A lot of times it's not. What. We do it's why we do it. Right. The blockchain, is not just about money it's about a transition. It's about a change it's about you, know Renaissance. And evolution, a a revelation. Of consciousness. And that's what I tried to unveil, to you slowly, and surely very, methodically. Through these handles. Trust. Me every dollar we make is a dollar return and every dollar we earn is. A dollar that in turn you. Know works for us and not against us that. Being say guys at that time of the day signing out this is the most, you'll. Boy BK no matter where you safe from, Brazil to the bay in California, all, the way back out through jerk, Monday good. Night good morning and good day thanks for joining thank you for your time. Starting, to appreciate it, copy, and paste this URL take, somebody, you care about let's bring you, know I'm saying we got twenty thousand in here I want to see forty thousand inside, of a few months do that for me if you appreciate, not until we meet again stay cryptic, y'all please.

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