Crypto Analyst Bob: Risk Management, Profit Target, And Coin Distribution Trading Lesson/Class!

Crypto Analyst Bob: Risk Management, Profit Target, And Coin Distribution Trading Lesson/Class!

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Hey. What's up snipers. It, so Bob, here, also known, as, rebel. Crypto, here, live. Coming, at you tonight own snipers. Too. While. This rooms filling up fast and I I, really. Appreciate, everybody showing, up tour not got. An interesting. Show. That's. About to happen tonight as. Promised. I told. You, excuse. Me I got my cigarette there I. Told. You that. I was gonna give you something, very important. That's. Gonna help you out day to day going, forward. Here. At. 10:30, p.m. Eastern. Time. It's. Gonna help you out I promise, it's gonna help you out it's. Gonna make you make better decisions, going. Forward and, your trading and cryptocurrency. Now. I've, got my hands full here. All. These people over here. Watching. Uh. Over. Here on. On. The, channel and. So. If I don't. Get right to, it I'm a little, bit different done then, Nayeem he's got all this sophisticated. Equipment. I got, a six thousand dollar computer and I'm surrounded, by three screens and that's about it but. Anyways just sit back and relax we're, gonna talk about a few things. First. And foremost about, what's coming up tonight. First. Of all we're gonna be talking about a trading. System that's. Gonna help you. Make. Better decisions, in your trading hopefully. It'll make you a lot more profitable. Now. And. There's, a. Few. Things that uh I, just. Want to mention right. Off the bat please, be courteous in the chat room you. Know. There's, a lot going on 19 may, or may not be, home after. The show here tonight but I'm gonna be having a. A, hosted. In the discord, and you can find a discord. Down. On in the. In. The. Underneath. The video here and. Also, you can check out my channel you. Can become a patron. There's. All kinds of things to do but. We sure want to see you over there and in, the discord, after, this broadcast. Here, tonight so. Let's. Uh. Let's. Get started what do you say I. Appreciate. All y'all over there. Thank. You so much for all the all the love going up I. Hope. Everybody's, enjoying. Their, Friday night I'm, really pumped about this show tonight you guys I mean it is really. Really. Got. Me fired up hopefully, everybody, will get something out of it, if. Not you, know that's fine too we're, just going on. We're. Just gonna carry on and, hopefully. We'll see everybody over, in in Reds. Corner, after. After. The show you here so. Let's. Get it fired up, hope. Everybody's, in gonna enjoy this evening alright here we go alright. So what makes up your trading system well. We. Get, it over here going here there we go. Psychology. Makes up 60%. Of. Your. Trading system. Is. Your mindset over how you follow the rules, of. Your system. And manage your emotions. Let's. Talk about emotions, a little bit, you. Know if. You want to do this. Day. In and day out and. I'm. Gonna, stress this right, from the right, from the start, number. One you're, not gonna make. You're. Not gonna make. 100%. Wins. All the time. You're. Not even gonna make 5050. But. By. The end of this broadcast. I hope you know you'll have a better understanding, about it but. Psychology. What, goes on up here is. 60%. Of. What makes up your trading system. Ok. 60%. That's that's huge. So. I mean, you got to learn to manage your emotions you. Got to know, what. The Rock Hall is going into a trade. You. Got a watch, signals, where, the entry point your exit point is. But. Mainly, you got to keep this in check if. You don't keep the old noodle in check. You're. In for bad bad. Bad. Right. Here a lot. Of you out there and. On my ask this question I'm gonna look over here and see see. What. Is said in chat how, many of y'all sit, in front of your computer. More. Than, 10. Hours a day looking at the charts seeing it that if. That coins are gonna go up or not if. You do that. Say. Yes in check. How. Many of y'all do that I. See. One two three four five six seven. They. Yes. Yes yes, and. It, doesn't say yes Oh Lord. Now it's really taking off, wow. That's. Too much emotion, you know I, mean. Seriously, is, way, too much, emotion. When. Was the last time you went outside and saw the sunshine or see it snow or see it rain. Huh. When. Was the last time he was able to go outside or, go out to dinner would your would your family, your. Girlfriend, your wife, or. Even by yourself, I bet. There's a whole lot of pizza being delivered somewhere.

See. I'm. Gonna show you a way where you can, more. Or less set it and forget it and I know somebody. Just said what. You're. Gonna do what yeah, I'm gonna give you a way out, you know, because. Look guys if. You're that, emotionally. Invested. And. In. What you're doing. You're. Gonna make more mistakes you, look. You gotta you gotta rest. You. Got. You. Got to eat but. I'll say you're gonna take time for yourself and, for your family if. You don't do that I mean. What's. The difference and you know going. Any further than this. All. Right how, many of y'all are trying to swing for the fences right now and try to get that home run and get. You a, get. You Lamborghini, how many how many of y'all are all out there doing that who's. Swinging for the fences right now. And. Somebody said well it's outside. Oh Lord. Yeah. See. The. Thank. You I appreciate it, everybody's. Trying to go for that oh, that. Old Grand, Slam. Look. I'm, gonna tell you right now you can't. Do, that. You. Know, what. What's better to. Have. A little bit in this in. Or. None. In this he see. A little bit in this hand none in this hand. If. You're not willing to take that then this. What. I'm about to show y'all is not, there. Okay. It's. Just not going to help you no matter what you do you, got to get out of that mindset of, swinging for good for. Defense, you. Know that oh, it's. Going this corners God tell. You what's gonna happen it's, gonna be going going gone and you're gonna be broke. Plain. And simple. Nothing. Else to say about it, so. I mean I, hope. This. Going forward from right here I just wanted, to really get that out of the way because. The system I'm gonna show you you, got to do it consistently if, you don't do it consistently it's. Not going to work you, can't change you. Can't do nothing you've. Got to do it day in and day out as I, show it to you and the, neat thing about it is you'll, have this video to go back and forth and. Watch, when you're, you. Know you don't understand, or, you're making mistakes. Excuse. Me so. Alright, let's, go on board with this. So. The. 30%, is. Position. Sizing, who. Knows about position. Sizing if. You know what position sizing is, typing. In check. You're. Welcome, look, let. Me get back to the right screen here look. Here. We go anyways. Hitting. The wrong button I was looking at the computer I. Said. Bob put me on the plane I'm. Hanging curved there I hear you brother. No. Idea no idea what I'm talking about positioning. Sizing, well. That's one, of the things that, you. Should know because it's a. Different. Name for risk management. Risk. Management y'all. That's. What position, sizing is. So. You, take your positioning. Or your, risk management, and. Right. Now you're throwing it out the door. You're. Still swinging pulled up the for defense out there trying. To be first to the finish line. You. Got to start, learning. How to control, your risk risk. Management. Because if you don't you're. Gonna be in serious trouble people. And. I don't know you. Know somebody somebody. Was on the live stream last, night you know blow. Nayeem up saying that I'm self-centered, Oh Reb, he he, sell sinner he don't he don't want to he. Don't want to listen. Or. He's. Got, one wave you know, it's not then I don't want to listen and I, it's, not that I've got a one-way view. I'm. Just doing stuff that's working. Maybe. That person's a little discouraged. Because you. Know he. It's. Not working for him and. He wants to pick on old Bob here. But. The Rebbe he don't care you, know, I'm. Not doing it, to be ugly, when I'm very. Passionate about, something, my. Emotion, gets up it's. Because I'm doing it for a reason it's not because I'm trying to make money I'm. Doing it because I don't want to see that person you. Making. A problem, for yourself and. You're broke and then you come back. Later. And said well maybe I should have listened to rev but, I hope everybody, that's in this room here, tonight is going, to. Or. Watching. This stream tonight is gonna, change things, and when. You start making money I want you to spread it everywhere I want you to spread it everywhere I'm. Just paying that for it guys let. Me give you a little bit of background about old Rev here. I'm. A 30 year retired paramedic. Nothing. Has ever been given to me in my life I, wasn't. Born. With a silver spoon I. Work. Hard all my life I've seen some of the worst stuff in the world and. You. Know I'm paying, that board I'm.

Here To help you. Make. A better life for yourself, I'm. Living, the dream now because, I'm, sitting I'm sitting pretty right now I mean I ain't gonna lie to you I have. A training and. I. Have. A history. I should say is in, training, and I've. Been doing it for several, years. Excuse. Me but. I've also. You. Know. My. Car is, somewhat. New to the crypto. World but how does new is much some of your I'm, new to the aspect, I've been doing it for almost, two years now say. That's how new I am but, I mean I knew about it I, dabbled. In it earlier. But. You know I've tried to forex I try to start some commodities, you, know whole different ballgame this is volatile, this will make you broke quick and trust. Me after a while I've. Learned. That. Uh. I've. Learned. That. Uh you. Can't. Take shortcuts. Everybody. I mean everybody that's. Swinging, for the fences right now you. Just can't take shortcuts. Reds. Preached, a little bit you know a little bit about me now sort of we're, gonna move forward all, right I want my pie chart here that you're looking at. Ten. Percent of this is all. Strategy. Being. Your entry, signals, and your. Exit, signals, and. Following, the rules. You. Know some, of you are. Going. Against your guinness, the grain you're, trying to swim north, up the river, that's. Flowing south. That. Ain't gonna work for you very long folks let me tell you you're gonna get tired. So. I'm I, want. You to take. And. See this you know you're, you're. You're. Trying to sell. On a uptrend. And. Buy. On a downtrend, I mean, it is crazy, but. After you learned a system not hopefully, everybody adapt. To it and, try. You. Know try it it works is proven. You. You'll, get them. You'll. Get a little bit of money. In your pocket and you'll quit swinging, for the fences and be, smart, about things. Hi. Position. Sizing is, a part of your trading system that tells you how, many shares. To. Buy. Or. Sell per, trade, okay. Position. Sizing will. Help you determine how. Many shares you should go long or short on for a particular trade. Your. Risk per trade and. The. Overall, risk to your portfolio, yeah. Risk, management Wow. And. Your expected, return. To. Your portfolio. So. I, mean you got a. You. Got to understand, that all this takes. It's. Pretty important, y'all you, and you need to be paying attention from, this. From. This, part going forward because things are gonna get really. Interesting, at this point okay. So. Everybody. With me so far. Okay. If. Everybody. Is. Getting something out of this. All. Right steps to, calculate, positioning. Size, step. 1, calculate. Your, capital. All, right let's your cash or your coins wherever you you're. Sitting at and whatever, you're doing. That. Getting. A hold of this right here it's. Gonna. Tell you how many shares you should buy or. How. Much your how, much you can afford to buy okay. You. Got to have money to operate with, and if, you're stretched. Out in, one. Coin. You're. Really, limited right now so. You. Gotta calculate, that alright so this, is going forward right here remember. This number, let's.

Say You got, $10,000. Wrecked. Up in your. In. Your trading account there. Let's. Throw that in there let's. Say you just got $10,000. All right. The. Second, step is determining your. Risk per, trade okay. Risk. Refers, to the, maximum. Loss. Per. Trade. This. Is the this. Is the maximum amount of money, you. Can lose if. Your stop-loss hits, okay. And. Everybody says man, I don't want set a stop loss, well. You better start setting the stop-loss going. Forward right here okay. All. Right, this. Loss, should, never be. More than one, to three percent of, your capital. Okay. And I, suggest. Right. Here that, you use only one. Percent of your. Capital and you. Got to be consistent, with it okay. I. Never. Risk. More, than, one, to three percent of your capital on any. Investment. Going, forward, that's. Where you lose the money at folks. That's. That's. That's. Where you lose the money, if. You don't. If. You don't take nothing else from me tonight. Take. This never. Risk. More, than. One percent, of your capital on any investment, and, I, say three, percent but right, now I want you to capitalize. On one. Percent so, let's, say you start this trading system today. You. Can't. You. Can't do one percent today and then do two percent the market go back to one percent today I mean, the following, day, you. Got to do it consistently every. Single day, then. Once you get used to one step you're, going to take it a step further, okay. You. Can go up to two percent or you can go to three percent for the for, the ones that like to swing for the, for, all vents, there but. You know. Once. You figure out, what. You got going on here, and, the, next little bit excuse. Me, you'll. See what I'm talking about but never ever risk, more, than 1% of your capital on any, investment. Because. What, if you make that wrong decision, you're. Gonna swing for the fence and you're all excited about this one coin because you got your emotions. Jammed. Up in it and you're gonna say well. I'm gonna swing for the fence now and, it. Takes a dump, and. It, goes in the wrong direction and, all of a sudden you're looking at Wow. Hunters, lost a lot of money, so. Keep that in mind if you don't take nothing, else save. That one for a rainy day. All. Right step 3 determine your, your. Position science. For, each investment. Ok. And. How we're gonna do that we're gonna use this formula, right here alright. So. We know. We. Know that we, that's. Given an example here he, want to go long on Triple, X RP and. Your entry price is 8 dollars and 60 cents you're gonna set a stop loss because we're always from, this state going forward, we're. Gonna set a stop loss okay. And. You want a profit, target, at ten dollars let, me show you how you're gonna get there all, right. First. We're gonna take 1% remember. The 1%, rule, times. 10,000. Because we, know that we had 2 as their, example, or 10,000. In. Capital, ok. Then. We're. Gonna bring this up. Hmm. You say really what is that well. You'll hear, me talk about, two, are or. Two. Rewards or, one risk or. One are okay. So. We know our entry, points gonna be eight. Dollars and 60 cents we, already figured that out so. We're gonna take. And. Set. Our stop loss at seven dollars and ninety cents. Alright, so, here's how we're gonna come up with the risk per share. Okay. You. Just -. 860. -. 790. And you come up with 70. Cents. Okay, that's, your risk for sheriff okay, so. We'll just throw that up there alright, so.

Now. We. Want to set that profit. Target. At. Ten, dollars mine. So. Now. We. Want where. The two are comes, in that's, two percent that, you're gonna gain. Towards. Your profit profit, target, alright, which. Is a dollar forty cents you. Want to set your. Your. Your profit, target. Double. That. Then, your stop-loss okay. So. Doubling. Your stop, stop. Loss. Seventy, times two is a dollar forty. And. A dollar forty two, 860. Is your, profit target. That. You you're trying to achieve here which is ten dollars okay. So. Now let's take, it a little step further here. So. How many shares can you buy with that. Well. Let's. See here you're gonna take, the. Number of shares the VIX RP. And. That's one, percent, times. 10,000. Which gives you 100, let. Me highlight this right here, okay. Beleza. P now. That's. A. 1. Percent times. $10,000. That's our predetermined number as, we see up here, equals. 100. So 1 percent he, was 100, all right so. Now. We're. Gonna take our 70%. Right. Here, I mean. 70 cents, and. We're gonna figure, we're. Gonna take 100, divided by, 0.7. 0 he, was one hundred and forty three shares, so. Now your position is you, bought in at eight dollars and sixty cents times. One hundred and forty three, that's. Gonna give you one, thousand, two. Hundred and, twenty nine dollars and, eighty, cents that. You can that. You got invested, in Ripple right now okay, that's. Not this. This. Is not your risk right here y'all just, thousand, there's, twelve hundred dollars here that's, not your risk the, maximum. Amount of money that you can lose is only, one hundred dollars look at her that's. The maximum, amount of money if, the sale went in today and, boom. His. Stop-loss, the, maximum, amount of money you're gonna lose is one hundred dollars now. Do you see the value in I said one percent. Okay. One percent is all you need here y'all. So. Going forward. I'm, sorry. I'm reading the chap here so. Going, forward, you. Got it you got to realize that. Using this system right here is gonna save you a lot of time and money. Okay, a lot. Of time and money, if. You don't. Set. Them stop losses, and. Try to minimize, your losses but. And. We're gonna see in, the, next few, minutes. Here what, I'm talking about anybody. Ever heard of the. The. House always wins, when you go to the casino. The. House always wins and all. Of us have been there before you, know we've been to the casino, and we try, to take money throw, it against the wall, hoping. That it will stick. It, don't stick does it, no. In the house always wins their their dagger money, because. We've been to that casino and, we've seen time, and time again. They'll. Start pouring on the drinks, you know and you're having a good time you might win a little bit here you might win a little bit there but they're, not, nine, times out of ten. You. Don't go out of there we need very much money okay. Some, of you might because, some of you are smart, but. There's been times that hey. I've. Been. Out of the way quite, a bit so. I've. Lost a lot of money at the casino I've lost a lot of money in trading because one we, can't win 100%, of the time you, think, that. Then. You're in sad shape but, what I'm gonna teach you coming up here it's. Pretty powerful, it's. Gonna show you ways, that you can maximize, your. Winning and. Maximize. Your losses, even. If you come on to 5050 trade let's, get to it. Hi. So. The. Fresh no trading equal. Trade. Like a casino, who. Wants to win. Well. Let's. Pull it up here, as. We can tell. For. Example the old thank you pity rule everybody, says well, I played roulette before, you know it ain't nothing ladies a spending up that, wheel and. Round. And round she goes they throw that little marvel, over there and. You. Know you wait forward to the to. Land on. Red. Or black or one. Of the green numbers. But.

See Casinos, are smart they cheat. What. You think. You're. Getting away with the, casinos, got you figured out already, but. As you can see there's there's. 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers 18 or even an 18 are off but. There's two green numbers and that. Gives the casino an edge over two players, let's. Say you you. Bet on black. What. Are your chances of women. You're. Right it's 5050. So. Let's, say uh let's. Figure this out. What. Do you think the odds are. Are. In favor of the. Players. Here okay, let's do the math. All. Right it's. 18, we got. We. Got 18, numbers but. Actually that's 38, numbers we got alright which. Equals 47.3%. So. If. You if you bet black let's just say you bet black and. You. Know. You're. Swinging, for the fences you got a thousand, dollars on on that, black. Well. Now let's see how much the casino, gets and how. They got it rigged. They. Got 20. Percent. Of you. Of. Them, beating you and they. Got the same numbers. As you and. Separately got them green numbers right there because. Now. They. Taking them green numbers because you bet black you didn't hit on green. So. They. Got the same chances, of you I, separate. I got them two numbers right there so that gives them advantage, of 52.7%. That's. Pretty powerful right there, what. Does that equate to you. It's. A casinos. The. Statistical. Edge. 0.4%. So. Over the long run, for. Every dollar that is, bet. In the casino. The. Casino, makes my. Point, for sins. Okay. That's. Huge. So for every, million, dollar bet. For. Every million dollar bet their profit, is 54,000. And. They got it down to a science. And. You. Know. It's. Insane if you think about it because they're feeding you two drinks they're, giving you good food they might even come to your room. But. Here's the fine you know they got it down. That. For, every dollar that you. Bet the casino is gonna make five point four cents, home and that. Equates to big money for every million dollar that that's, that's. Bet and think. About it how much is that how. Much is that a day. I bet. It's astronomical, numbers. So. Now. We're gonna take this. This business. Model of the, casino, and turn it into a statistical. Edge for us as traitors, going. Forward. All. Right. Turn. That over. So. We're. Trying to get. The, 50/50. Balance. Here, okay. So. As, you can tell over here with our to. Our or to reward, as I call it you. Know. What. We're trying to we're, trying to achieve a profit target. Of. Two to four percent of the capital and. You know we we, know our entry process. And everything and. When wanting to minimize, a risk, to one to. Two percent of our capital, or. Three, if you're one of them go. For defense type people okay. To. Replicate, the casinos, business, model you first have to have a strategy, that. Is. Simple, and you have to, have. To follow it. You. Got to know how to cheat, the. Trading market legally, of course, to. Where it's in your favor. And. Y'all had to excuse me here my mother, she's. Trying to hold. On one say. Just. One sec ago. Sorry. About, my mother was in here. Trying. To get something here all right, yep. Yes my mother she, is a. Surviving. Breast. Cancer, at, the moment and I. Have. To attend. To wherever once in a while but sorry about that y'all. She. She's. Got it all, under. Control now. All. Right, so. Let's. Say that we take input our, entry. Price here and this is just real quick. We. Bounced that in at $50, okay. We. Must have. A predefined. Stop-loss, as I told, you earlier in, a predefined, profit. Target. So. We're gonna drop. The old stop-loss, in there and, then, we got a deal, profit. Target to come up with okay, so. We're. Gonna minimize the risk. To. 1%. Of our capital. Well. Just say that. That's. My, dollars okay, so five. From I. Mean. 45, from 50 least $5. And. We're going on. Excuse. Me and we, and, we got to find, out what we want to get out of the trade okay, so. Now. Now. We must, set that that, that profit loss because, you know we want to make. Sure. We. Want to make sure that. You. Know we go 2 times, the amount of.

Our. Stop. Loss to, figure out what our profit, target is, okay. When. I'm going the wrong way here. Which. Is $10, okay. So. Overall. We. Got a. So. We can alleviate our risk over here and, try. To make our 2% which. Our targets gonna be $60, I'm gonna get that straight, here my. Mother coming in here just really, got me out of sync here. So. You. Got to know what your. Whatever. Thing you're you're shooting for like I said earlier, we're. Trying to go for this $60. Right here so, if if, we said our, our. Target, price at 60, that's, telling us that we got to double up in order for us to get that. That. Money and minimize. A. Probability. Of loss here okay. So. We. Can't win 100%, of the time we already know that. And. We can't lose I mean, we. Can lose that. Most. Of the time so you're 50/50, balance here, is just it's. Got it you. Know you're. Still thinking that you're that. You're going to do 50/50. Each time which you probably. Can, but. Here's how we're going to minimize everything, let's. Say. We. Did 104 trades and we're doing 5050 loss here and. We're doing our one percent. Risk. Per trade and, two. Percent for. Potential, profits what. Does that equate into okay. We're. Trying to average of 50%. Win. Average every time okay, we. Can do that I'm going to show you how. You gonna make money with this. We. Got fifty. Times one percent which, is minus, fifty percent. We. Got fifty times. Two percent which, is a hundred percent at. The end of the day. You're. Getting 50. Percent, of, your return back, that's. Powerful, people. It's. Really really. Powerful and, if, you'll take and use them. You. Use this method going, forward, you. Can minimize, so. Much of your loss and. Gain. So, much of your. Money, so. You're minimizing your, loss but you're still making. Your your profit, at. The same time, you. Know so what you lost fifty times. The. Only one fifty times but you doubled, that because you're using this system. So. I mean at the end of the day. You. Can you. Can still rack up on it and, I'll take that two percent over there and say it was four percent. That's. One hundred percent return, on your money. And. You're making crazy, money with, it. So. I mean. It's. A very simple, system to. Follow and I'm. Gonna be adding more. To. This I'm not going to be doing it tonight. And. Everybody wants to. But. There's. There. Is there, is a shot for. There. Is a shot for you to make a lot of money here folks in the crypto game but, you got one manager. Risk -, you got to. You. Got to manage your emotions. And. Three, you got to have a strategy. And. Four. You, got to. Have a trading, system and you, got to be consistent with it day in and day out if. You if you don't do that. Then you're, in bad shape but. We're, going to be. Talking with you tonight over in Reds corner and. We're. Gonna be doing a lot of things answering. A lot of questions we're. Gonna be doing a lot of a lot, more of these little, classes.

And. I'm. Going to show you the. Expectancy. Using. This system probably. On Sunday, what. Your your. Your. Ratios, are you. Know let's say you lost. 50%. One. Time and then you got off your system, and. And. You. Lost, several. More times but at a higher. Loss. In you didn't do nothing on on the wind side. And. Won the. Same amount of times. You. Know if, you don't use this system right you. Can still end up broke, but. I'm gonna show you probably, on Sunday, how, to take this a little bit further, but. Uh while, we're talking about things anybody. Getting in. Getting. Anything out of this. Talk. Yes if you're getting anything out of this. Top. Yes in the chat room. All. Right that's good and I'm glad everybody's, getting something out of this. Every. Day it took off now. All. Right. Well. Why. Why, we're here I might as well. Might. As well show y'all something something, else. Boom. Boom. How about some hash flare mining for the miners out there and. We'll get back to this you know you're on the trading system right be sure to write down your questions. For the sort. Of thing I'm, just going to show you real quick I who. I give, up my little surprise there, I'm, just gonna show y'all something and then, I will head on over to the chitty-chat. Let's, just say right here if you if, you look at the. Double. Screen here let's. Say you put twelve hundred and twelve dollars at. Today's price I'm thinking well ago when I looked at it once, its, dropped down $300, but we're not gonna worry about it let's, say you put that in you. Want to see how much you make in a year. Using. This system right here I'll be taking questions about, this right, over. In. Revs. Corner look, what you make right there ten thousand, five. Hundred and eighty three dollars and eleven cents but. I'm not gonna not. Gonna spill the beans, so. To speak right now I mean it's gonna click out of that yeah. We'll say that. But. I hope y'all got something out of it I. Hope. Y'all got something out of this and I'll be sure to join. In. You. Know or a. Chat. Here after the after to show anybody. Anybody. Got any questions. Anybody. Got any questions over, there and chef. Has. Anybody made any money today. I. Want. To get back and re-watch takes, more notes to fully understanding. This awesome. Breakdown there. And. I was. On a roll there for a second. Okay. Brandon, Douglas, worth. That's. Just a hypothetical number. Of staying you got a you got a. You. Got to take. Well. That. Was a hypothetical number, people I mean that's just. Out. Of top of my head just do. Something fast there. All. Right. But. You got to learn where to set your stop loss at if you're using 1%, of your capital you got to know where to enter the market at and that's for another another. Time so, but. You know you're only gonna use. 1%. 1%. Of, your capital. For. Your risk management okay. So. But. Let's, let's just say. Let's. Just say you said 1 percent and 1 percent was, $1.00 you're gonna get $1 below. $2. Okay. It. That's. That's what you can afford to lose this 1 percent of what you your, capital, is. And. You. Said that stop-loss, or don't, set a stop loss I should say, and. You. Bought. 1,500. Shares or something okay, I'm just using hypothetical.

Numbers. And. You, think that you're gonna get into market and you're going to. Take. Off to the moon. Well. Let's, say the market goes the other way, boom. It. Doesn't hit your stop-loss. But. Now you said, oh stop blocks, and. The. Trade ain't going so well and. All sudden it takes dump and what. He has a stoploss, you. Only lost. You. Your. $100, or whatever you got, figured. Out in your mouth. That. Beats better, that that's, way better than $1500. Or or more. You. Know. Alright. So. You. Gotta have a bass. You. Gotta have. You. Gotta have a good knowledge of things I mean you don't want to go. You. Just don't want to go out and swing, for the fences all the time if, you take small, profits, over large profits, I. Guarantee. It's almost like The Tortoise, in the hair y'all heard, that that. Story. It. Wins that. Old slow. Ass turtle I said, wins, cuz. He's just chugging, alone oh. But. Here you, know the. Rabbits already crossed the finish line he's. Broke. That. Old Turtles is chuckling, I'm, gonna do, some time and. Boom, he, crossed the finish line with a big ol. Sack full of money. It. Ain't all about. Swinging. For the fences joke I mean, kind, of take. That mindset, away. If. I can get a little bit at a time I'm. Gonna beat you to the finish line every, single time. Just. A little bit at a time might, be slower. But. If we're if. We're comparing. Yeah. You might, get to the finish line before I do but. If we're comparing, of money. And. You've taken the shortcuts, and trying to swing. For the fences and not setting your stop losses and everything I'm gonna. Beat you because. I'm gonna be smart and I'm setting my stop losses I'm. Doing, my math I'm doing my research I'm. Doing, everything the, technical. And allyce's, part of the guys. After. You get past that you go. Into a trade every, single time doing the same thing. And, it's, like wiping your behind. You. Rolled a paper towel up and you you wipe your behind. Some. Of you do it is that same way I knew I do I do it is I said way every time, but. Thank you think like. That guys I mean you got to, you. Got to do something. The. Same way consistently. If you, do something 28 days straight okay. It becomes a habit. Statistically. Proven every. Single time you do something the. Same way for. 28 days. Straight. It becomes a habit. So. If. You take that in consideration and. Try. To system, do. It consistently. At. The end of the month let's, let's, talk let's, talk again at the end of the month or. A. Month from now if you do this system. Let's. Talk again and see where are you staying at and. And, Sunday I'm gonna go over what. You need to do implementing. This system okay. One. Thing you always got, to do you heard me last night talk on my stream later on my channel is, you. Got to, keep a journal, if. You don't keep a journal, folks, you're, gonna you're. Gonna be in bad shape you are going, to be in bad shape. Because. How are you gonna judge, you. Know, compare. How many wins, two, losses you, know it's like. Keeping, statistics, in baseball, all you cats for swinging for the fences but how many times have you hit a home run. You. Might hit a home run once, out of twenty times but. How many trades are you making. 100. To 300, and I mean you. Got you, got the way here, you, got the way yourself here does that, scale.

Might. Be like this right now. And. This hand over here is the losing hand you're down here. You. Know you. You. Ain't making their money. If. You want to make some money and put put, the profit over here and put this up there and there you. Got to do it you. Got to be consistent with it you can't try to assist them and if. It don't work for you switch, it up. And. Throw. All your money to do, the Wolves you. Just don't work that way. Anybody. Got any any questions over there in the chat room for me let me see what's going on in the chat room. That's pretty good they're. Pretty. God much. Yeah. How. Do you factor exchange, fees into, the, into. Small trades. You. Factor that in with your risk I mean. If. You're making taking, profit, I mean it really ain't gonna matter I mean. You. Just can't. Look at it. Didn't stop Roberto, no is I. Don't. Know what you mean by that but uh. All right, no. Questions. Please check, super, check I can't. Do it from my in because I'm not. I'm. Not got, to super chat powers, over here oh my and I just got just three. Key, but. Say about your questions, will be running. Over to. Tow. Ray's corner, of wrong, on. The discord, channel and, the discord, channel. Can be read. In the description. Down below the, video here guys be, sure to hit the subscribe, button. If, you're not subscribed, to this channel and. Please, hit, the like button if you're. If. You haven't done so already we, greatly appreciate it. You. Know this is a good community a short community, and you. Know I'm. Sure everybody, that's involved with this community appreciates, that, you're here and. You. Know you. Can't can't, look around all corners you can't win all. The. Time but. If you can minimize your losses and, maximize. Your wins at. The end of the day you're gonna be a lot, better be. Sure to check out my, channel over, on YouTube, it's called. Rebel. Crypto. Check. Me out here on discord. I'm here every, single day and. You. Have any questions be sure to pop. In but. Let. Me add something here you know because there's gonna be haters, and. I. Get that and I say you know there's some haters in there that just didn't. Like the video tonight you know there six of them you, know some. People just don't like old Rev and, that's. You, know their problem I don't mind. But. You know you got to be respectful, to people when and I, try to be if, you don't agree to me don't just. You, know I'm. Not asking nobody. To. Be my friend or anything like that I'm. Trying to help people. Advance. Their knowledge of crypto. Currency. And, in trading, and everything, only, to help you out so. Don't ruin it for the other people and the other people don't pay attention to, the, ones out there in the world but. Uh I'm. Just gonna leave that at that and. Hope. Everybody, got something out of it tonight, you're. Quite welcome everybody. You. Know Charles don't have no life they waste their time trolling, exactly. Right that's a good, point. There. Pat man. And. I appreciate, I appreciate everybody. Showing me to love I said. We're, gonna ignore the haters. Can. I watch this in full later yes you can. It, will be up here also. I will have a. Copy, of it up on my channel but you can catch it right here just look into the video, playlists. Great. So, I hope everybody. Takes. A chance uh and. Comes on over to. And. I'm sure name Richard, Howard yeah. We we try to stay positive and we're going to stay positive you know these people.

These. People just don't you. Know they, ain't gotta like they. Probably broke. I'm. Laughing all the way to the bank every day so. But. I hope, to help everybody else look. Here I want, everybody to uh have. A good weekend, until, Sunday evening I don't know what time we'll post it up here and, this might, become a regular, series here everybody, and I hope. If. It was good, for you to not be sure to pass it along to the powers to bo9 you catch, him he might be in here after, while doing another one right behind me but, nonetheless head, on over to the discord, Channel I hope. Everybody, has a great. Wonderful. Weekend, make a lot of money look, at this trading system y'all it's I. Mean. You. Got to start some words you got to have some kind of system in order to make money I mean. If. You're going at it in the dark now please, stop please, stop trading. If you're going about it in the dark because, I'll tell you what. You. Just asked. Me yourself to. Two. Problems, and I don't want to see nobody suffer. And. I want everybody, to become rich okay. So. Until next time I'm. The river crypto Bob Riley I'll catch you again Sunday. Sometime, me, be. Sure to watch the announcements. And uh we'll. See you soon head on over to the discord. But. That being said, snipers. House.

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