Credentials, Not Required - Episode 222

Credentials, Not Required - Episode 222

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Boom, what's going on everyone this is Steve Larson with sales funnel radio today I'm gonna talk to you guys about just, starting to publish in general. I've. Swept the last four years learning. From the most brilliant, marketers, today and now, I've left my nine-to-five to, take the plunge and build my million-dollar business the. Real question is how will I do it without VC, funding or debt completely. From scratch this, podcast, is here to give you the answer, join, me and follow along as I learn apply, and share marketing, strategies, to grow my online business using. Only today's best internet sales funnels my. Name is Steve Larson and welcome, to sales funnel radio. What's. Up hey I am a little bit sunburned just got back from a, little cruise which is very fun but. A little bit burnt though hey every single Tuesday I actually, get this question more and more now every, single Tuesday what I do is I leave Tuesday. Morning open to just get on any one show that, they want me to and a lot of you guys know that letting us have seen that the. Times are usually pretty packed up. But anyway. It's, interview Steve calm, right and and I had this amazing person come on and set up a time with me and interview Steve calm and so, every Tuesday I just kind of wake up I get ready to for the day and then I just see who's scheduled, time for me to get on their shows and a. Super. Proud of this last one that just happened this was you. Guys all know I mean if you listen to my podcast at all and I've never heard you've never heard me say everyone, should publish like I think you're probably lying I say, it all the time and it's something that has changed my life I am I am massively. Convinced, okay if you want to increase. Your income especially on the internet guys the, the checklist is very simple, okay step number one right, create, some content step number two keep, offering people stuff step. Number three keep getting attention step. Therefore I really, don't know whatever this like the steps are beyond that it's super simple okay step. Number five just keep it like go back to number one okay if it truly that's it okay daily, that's kind of the thing that I do I create, content I make sure that I offer something to somebody and I, just kind of keep getting attention, okay for, my business and what I do so. What. I'm excited about it the thing that always makes me most pumped, is when, somebody is just starting, out and they. Go set. Up a time with me to get on the show I have. Right. Now I'm currently a two comma Club X coach I am. In a one funnel way coach and the guy that yells, at everybody every day and. Then I, also have my own programs, offer lab right, I have another program in the MLM space I spend. A lot of time coaching and the, theme of everyone. Needs to publish is something that happens regardless of what everyone is in that's, like one of the major things that I tell people to go do and. Funny enough I know someone, is most likely gonna have a successful funnel, if they start publishing published, things like the safety net Cades that it's. The parachute, for. All the stuff Frank you can stop listening to 80%, of the tactics I teach you and just published, consistently, come, back to me in a year and tell me that your life's not different okay seriously, it's that powerful so, I was get really pumped whenever I had whenever, I have somebody who's brand-new come on and I, don't care if they're it's a new show or whatever right so I'll get on a new or existing show, and anyways. What I wanted to do today is I actually want to cut over to an, interview, and this is with her permission we, were this is Angela, Clark if you guys don't know Angela Clark she is completely brand new in the space does, not have a right time. We were recording this right her show is just barely launching I think I'm the first episode, okay I don't care that's, great that's awesome and what I want to do is I want to cut over she created a podcast called side, hustle, strategies, which does I think is a great name and I.

Went In and got to. Get interviewed and got, to got to chat on her show and what, I wanted I want to turn your attention to two things number one she's just doing it okay, she's just she's, just doing it doing it which was I'm so thankful for number, two listen, to the types of questions that she's asking me which, I love not all interviewers, are good at it Kay and she was very very good at it it was awesome is one of my favorites that I've done recently and. Anyway. I'll typically do two three episodes, interviews. Every Tuesday morning we'll just I don't even care who okay, and I'll just get on and it helps me keep connected with the audience helps me understand where people's questions are helps me understand, with who the other influencers, to be or currently, are, nice. To see the the influencers, to be up there but. What I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna cut over to the interview that she I. Asked, her when, we were done I was like do you mind if I put that on sales. For a radio she said yes absolutely okay. Go for it I said, I want people to see that you're. Just doing it okay, this, happened more often than not it's new people that are interviewing me okay about well, I'd say about half actually about, half of the time I'm interviewing, some. Of the interviewing me it's usually for a new show or blog. Or whatever. And. So I thought it'd be kind of cool to just capture one of them toss it up here and put it up and please again notice. The simplicity, of her questions, notice. Her, ability, to ask questions this is one of the reasons I like to get interviewed so much guys Kate there's a strategy, underneath. That I am using. Okay not. Only is it helpful because get interviewed all over the place what's, cool is that I've noticed when I'm being, interviewed, I. Tend. To dive into topics and. Teachings. And strategies, and things that I have a hard time replicating. Without, somebody asking me questions, it's one of the reasons I ask you guys in my group the science is selling online I ask you guys are my group a lot. Of stuff I'm trying to see like where the holes are because of me I see right, there's, a model in my head there's, a picture I'm a framework in my head but, I need us know where your questions are right so, what I think is cool is if go. Look at anyways, we're gonna cut straight over the episode here and just a second um but, listen to the. Way she's asking questions which, was very impressed by a great job Angela but. Then also listen, to. How. I'm able to respond, and, if. You have a heart that here's what I'm getting at if you have a hard time like. A creating, content or you have a hard time teaching what you do. Stop. Asking yourself, you don't say in like don't let it come from your own head get, someone to ask you a bunch of questions let them pull it out of you and then go delete all their questions and boom you have a course or boom you got the podcast, or right so anyways it's just there's a lot of lessons with this I'm trying to help display with this um it's not something I normally would do I just I'm super proud to just have a whole bunch of people who.

Have Actually started their shows and I know a lot of you guys there's, a lot of guys listen to this who now have podcasts who now have, I. Don't care what you publish on you a consistent blog or Facebook or whatever it is I don't care the fact is to actively be talking if you're not speaking no, one knows you exist okay. And somehow, you, will by your customer, whether, it's with your time or your money and, if you're like Steven I don't have money for ads well you better be willing to spend some time then one, of the best ways I know to duplicate, time is to create content because I have to do it once it lives on the internet forever now, I have hundreds, I'm I mean, between my two shows I got like 300, almost 400, episodes now I think which is crazy right that's, so that's a lot of hooks that are never gonna die my entire life that are out there pulling, people into my world and the adding value right, so I if you're. Not gonna willing to spend money be willing to spend time right. And it would suck to walk around the, street and just be like hey can I tell you my. Recent podcast episode they like no you. Know I'd. Rather duplicate. Time and by, creating content so, one, of the biggest hacks to the game again crate content make offers to people consistently, that's kind, of it gain attention there you go there's the hack there's like the big secret, and, uh that's, all I'm doing you guys see we do that all the time and. One, of the easiest ways to buy. Your customers, and making a real asset on the Internet is by, consistently, publishing. So anyways let's cut over there to Angela's. Podcast. Interview a with, side hustle strategies, which thought I was a great name guys thanks so much let's cut over there now and if you liked it if you liked what she's asking go go say hi to her and thank her as well I thought it'd be kind of fun and needs just do this I guess.

Obviously. I know you from clickfunnels, fame sales. Funnel radio secret. MLM, hacks, so. For those who don't know you can, you tell us a little bit about your story yeah. Totally I was. Newly. Married. Seven. Years ago I, call, myself the 7 year overnight success story. Failed. My face off on tons of business attempts you know my wife, and I we just we could barely feed ourselves and, life. Was really intense for a while and I know a lot of people you know in that scenario sometimes, and so we. Could barely feed ourselves it was a college town so no one was getting jobs for more than like $3, an hour and, it. Was a new town and move to didn't, know many people didn't know she didn't have a job I couldn't get a job is it was crazy there's more students, than there were jobs. And. I was like we're gonna die you know I gotta, figure out a way to make money and I. Asked, my dad to float us some cash while. We. Waited for some student loans to come in just so we could just have like a base right then I was gonna go run hard and try, and make some more money some other way and, thankfully. He he's. On the phone he goes son no, right, he. Goes I if I give you this money you're not a he, said you will not exhaust the resources, you didn't know you had and. It. Was really intense very very wise of him though to, say that to me and I, just started. Well, earlier I think I think it's why we didn't. Die but, I got the fire in the gut that provide that I think most people just fail to ever and. Never Lee gets lit you know and when you have that fire little, details, that you otherwise get stuck on they don't really matter as much how. Am I gonna figure this out doesn't matter like do I need to know that know like run right and so it it, gave me this lens of action, of what, was just. Like move right, versus like get focused on all and distracted, by all these are the things so. I started trying all these businesses, and. Everyone, we're working and I was spending money we frankly really didn't have and, trying. To make something just kickoff and. Over. For, three and, a half years four years I went through. Twelve. Business, attempts and. They, all failed or kind. Of broke even and, each. Time though I was learning some stuff is, very valuable stuff, but and I was in I was in college, for marketing and business in. Entrepreneurship, and so I started learning more in, these. Attempts, than, what I was learning in my classes, right and, we, started getting into fights with people everything. My teachers over different principals, and I was like no it's it you. Make money like I've tried what you just said it doesn't work very well that way I'm. Doing it right now right it doesn't work and but. Anyway. Anyway. So you. Know and I just be praying to God in the evenings like please, help, me find a way it's, not that I'm not willing to go through pain I am I'm in it right now you know and. He. Totally guided, me though I believe in. Failures. That were needed, for my. Future success, and. That's really interesting you know to think about it that way and I. Started. I. Started. Blowing. Up these different businesses, and trying different things and running into clickfunnels. And I. Saw click funnels for the first time if he hasn't know click funnels is it's, basically a way to, sell things online, or. Offline. But. It allows you to have higher average cart, values, basically.

Meaning, People spend more money with you buying. More of your things that they probably wouldn't have otherwise cuz, you just didn't ask him so you make more money it's really cool and you. Don't be a coder to put these things out on the internet and I'm, not I don't not a code I've no idea do that stuff and I. Started making all these sales funnels, still. Didn't have much money and I. Was like I gotta get next to this guy who made this software Russell Brunson who this guy doesn't even shave like this guy looks freaking young should I even trust them yeah that's, like who is this guy and I, had my own reservation. You. Know he's. Just a very young looking guy if you don't know who he is everybody and. We're. Good friends so I can say that I don't think you'll get mad. Anyway. Anyway. So I was like I got to go to his event and his. Event I was in college still is about to graduate it's. Like I can't get to his event so, I started asking my started changing the question in my mind this is towards the end of college now for me at that time it's. Like what if I just, get resourceful. Because I don't have resources. And I was like well I could learn how to build one of these funnel, things what's the sales funnels, you know and I went and I started trading. Funnels. For tickets. To his next event and funnels, for plane tickets and funnels, for Hotel nights and like, I bootstrapped. My way to his event and, I showed up and I was nerdy enough and their software that, they knew who I was when I walked up to their van he. Said what's your name like Steve Larson and the guy looked up and he goes you. Think I pulling off all that Star Wars ninja, crap in our software right that's exactly what he said and. I, said I don't know he's like you are I need you to apply to click photos and, I ended up getting five job offers at their event and. One. Week later I graduated and, three days later sitting next to Russell is this funnel builder who's just super fast really fast pace so wow, that's kind, of the quick and dirty so. All, right so now today. What. Drives you, to do the work that you do. Honestly. I felt. So much shame. Which. Is stupid I maybe maybe I shouldn't have but. The fact that I couldn't provide, just. Destroyed. All semblance, of self-esteem for me I started. Coming home right, after we got married to. Our apartment. And. I'd walk in and I. Remember a little bit in into, our marriage. My, I would. Come back home to our little apartment is overpriced, we barely had any money not obviously get jobs we really had no income some. Reason I wasn't thinking about that you know honeymoon, phase Madan love you know anyway. I started coming home my wife would still be in bed and, she'd. Already graduated, college and, I was like. You. Okay we, all right you okay you know she's like oh yeah so all right so I go back the next day to. School come back home same thing it's like you okay oh yeah I know it's nothing it's fine same, thing same thing day after day after day after day and I finally got her to admit to me and she didn't want to tell me cuz you don't wanna hurt my feelings she. Had only she, had only been eating one meal a day because we did not have money Wow. And. She. Had been doing that so long she physically, was weak I had, no idea she's a little eating like some beans. When I found that out and all the while like still making me lunches, so I could have energy, in school. And she would just eat like a skank meal at dinner with me in the. Evenings and that was what she was eating and. It just like I, mean. I'm telling you it it destroyed. Me all right a lot of men get their identity on based on how well they provide or what they do, you.

Know And and I couldn't do it and I. Didn't it rocked my world rocked, everything is like I can't describe the pain and it didn't leave right it was that way that's when I called my dad said Haley give me some cash he said no and which. Is great I'm glad he did and I. Went, and. Just. Started running I mean just trying stuff the the the. Pain. The level of. Shame. I felt like I had to hide that from people I was, in classes trying to focus but knew my wife was like starving, at home yeah is like it was great it was nuts, it was super nuts I went on for a lot really long time so it drives me today is. You. Know I I'm, the capitalist, Pig right I am I, intend to make a lot of money and but. Do it in a way that provides a lot of value for the world you know there's nothing wrong with that which is great and what drives me is to help install, that belief in people's brains rather. Than this weird belief, a lot of people have our own cash right, make money make a lot of it because that lets you go help people at a faster, pace than you could if you didn't have money and, what. Drives me is that and. When. I see, people who are still. Like. In that zone I was at the beginning of our marriage like that cool. Oh my gosh that I still, like you can tell like still even like I'm, not over that was very very challenging as hard on me and I don't what. Would. You give to someone who's, who's stuck who's who's, in that place maybe, is discouraged. And, you. Know not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel what what advice would you give to someone to, kind of you know muster, that energy. To. Move on, few. Things it's great question the. First thing I would tell you to do is I, was. Doing this a try time so a, lot, of these lessons I know because I was doing the exact opposite of it that's why I learned the lesson right, you. Cannot. Cannot. Right. If you want, you want depression here's how you get okay you cannot, compare. Yourself to another, person success. Or the speed, that they gained it in it was, the fastest. Way an entrepreneur, or someone's trying to make it in this game dies. The. The only way right, what ends up happening is if you start comparing yourself to these ideals, oh. That. Guy did it in that speed I guarantee that's not true nor is it the first thing they tried right. Oh look how fast that lady did it look how fast that person at success like that's. The visible, side right all of us have years, of just trying and trying and trying and beaten, and beaten on our craft right. What's. Interesting is like, ideals. Aren't. Measurable, like. Ideal pop culture changes every second right and if I measure myself to, an ideal I will. Never hit it because I can't measure it it's therefore unattainable, and so, I end up measuring, my self-esteem, my self-worth my value, to myself and others based on something that is constantly shifting and is, fictitious and so. That's. Totally a huge, thing in the entrepreneurial world today right, entrepreneurship.

Finally, And thankfully is cool now right it's, Austin a super cool it's like this big fat it's like oh so awesome but what's funny is like if I go in and and, I go and rent a freakin Lambo, to take a picture in front of and make on my facebook profile picture like, cuz that's what I think causes success I need an image it's like that's. The most jacked up crap on the planet it's not true and those types of people have noticed that they'll. Ride this a little high but. Because it's based off of things that are fake they crash real hard because, all of their worth all their business words all their sense of self is based, on something that is constantly shifting the way around. That the, only way around that is to go pair. Sit. Around like all men, but, I'm a bad man but jam it look what I did yesterday that, I could not have done six months ago right. My. Level, of opportunities, change based on how I change, and the, whole game is a game of progression, and so when I can sit back and be like man like, I got the nicest kid award in high school it's. Not cuz I was nice man it's cuz I was a shy right. No one knew that and I had to overcome speaking. I'd overcome fear of adults that was near clinical, I'd, overcome a lot of stuff I was dumb, I was kicked out of my first semester of college I didn't know how to study and I like I am. The least likely success, story based off of all everything I'm telling you right now and it's it's because like. The. Only way I got around it was by be carefully comparing, me to me, yesterday, right. Like what are something and in, that way I stop comparing myself to others I stopped looking at the clock of others I know. I'm totally ranting right now but like this this is a huge thing. Something. Important, I mean okay so like I've seen lots of your videos and, I've. Heard you tell a little bit of the story before about being very, shy so I had you know like Mike I've got two kids I've got one that's really reserved you, know with those people and. But, at home you know she's a wild woman yeah, that's yes exactly, at home you would have no idea right, so so my question, for you is you. Know because I think I think that's pretty important there there may be a lot of people out there who have, a hard time putting themselves out there. You. Know what Russell Russell, Brunson has said himself a you know he considers himself you, know a more introverted person, but, when you see him he's like what you. Know so, where. Do you get that from where do you muster, that energy, but to be on you, know like on demand, well. I think the biggest thing someone can do that will also destroy them as they start to self hate hmm. Right they're like man I'm not I'm not that person or I don't have those characteristics, or qualities wherever, I can't become the attractive, character of my business you know and that'll that was recomm. Instead.

Like. Everything. That I don't everything. That I know that it's not gonna be an. Aid in my business his. Name is Stephen and, he's, shy and he's a little bit more reserved I I, want to say I'm shy but, I'm a little more reserved. And. Anyway. I would, not be wearing shirts like this you, know or like yeah, yeah, yeah. People ask outside Steve energy. All the time I have a lot of energy when I needed become. Steve okay, Steve, is a second person I created and I know it's stupid and this sounds really weird but like even, Tony Robbins teaches that you know we all have multiple personalities, inside of us and, so there's. Steven, and, Steven he's, cool he's the man he's, everything, that, I needed, to be in order to learn the painful, lessons I needed to create Steve though Steve, and most, the time I'm Steven gey Steve. That. Dude's nuts he. Is a killer, on stage oh my gosh he's the one talking to you right now he destroys. The microphone, he tells russell brunson to get stage insurance, cuz he's gonna try and crack it right he, is the man he's a deliverer like I love. Steve and so, like every. Time I'm about to go on a video or do one of these or I go. And. I'm. About to record a podcast I, take a moment to become Steve and it. Sounds weird but like I had, to do it that way because. Otherwise I want to just stay this reserved, kind of strike there's no way there's, no way I'll get to get on video like I would not be doing this at all even. Music. Is caffeine. It's. A little bit you know I it's. Not much I don't really think something Kevin when I do take a lot of caffeine at Jack's me ups like anyway, yeah it's a little bit of caffeine a lot of times though it's a, mentality. That I'm taking on and this sounds kind of dark but. One of the things that I try to do is. Man. It's so funny like at the moment you start trying to level up your game you. Get a lot of lovers and haters though, oh it's like bullet you are the. Red Sea you know it's like it's like the split that's what you're walking instead. Of both voices get louder so. What I decided to do for, quite a while I cared. Too much about what people thought about me and so. What I decided to do and I didn't mean it make this a public thing is actually just for me I wouldn't, I bought this um this. Heavy bag this punching bag that shaped as a human and I.

Wrote On it poverty. And I. Beat the crap that thing on, a regular basis and it's. Like this little self therapy that I will walk through and if I need to become Steve like and it may be that things not around I will imagine beating, the snot out of it but what I do is I I, write. Every. Single thing that's negative, that I'm hearing from my audience or another audience or online I write. It on the freakin dummy like this, is so different like most. Of the time what I I realized. What I was trying to do is act like the negativity, wasn't there and I, would try and shield, and shelter, and be like it's, not there no no no I should just move forward everyone says just to move forward for, me that was cool but it was like this wait and. So for me to like in business, I compete on strengths, right. In my, personal, development though I kind of have to work on my weaknesses in, order to qualify for more business, opportunities and so what I do is I write down all the negativity, that I hear from all from from the world and. People, are really tough behind the computer screens you know so some are just straight-up jerks so now, there's just tons of words all over it not enough terrible. Stutter, say too many ARMs big. Eyes or anything. That's like anything. That's negative they're like right. You're not gonna make it not sustainable, watch them fail and burn right. Stop blue they're just freakin jerks all I'll do I write it down and I, face it instead, and. Despite. And I consumed the light I feel, it and I allow myself to feel it and I. Face, it and then I and I'm beaten up or whatever right but what I'm doing is I am despite. Knowing. Those are there and accepting, the negativity, is there and accepting, us there despite all that stuff I just moved forward anyway and, so when I sit down in this chair I, am in a state of war I am ready to deliver I will provide and go to war for my family I will make a lot of value out there and I will make money while I do so and that's totally awesome but that transition zone it. Was very practiced, at first I had to really work on that and and meditate. Over it and try to not. That I'm like downplaying. Who I am who I was but realizing. That my. Business, most likely needs somebody. Else, besides. Me a new me in order, to actually run in the first place am I willing to become that person and not. Not a fake me. But, somebody, else so anyways that's, part of music is definitely part of it so, so, let me ask you this, how. Was. It because, I know like with a lot of entrepreneurs maybe, they don't have the support of family and friends, you. Know was. That something you had and, you. Know how did you find your tribe to, sort of you know have those people that you could bounce ideas off or just you know just be a sounding board for whatever, your challenges, were there's. A lot of family and friends that are out there you know who for. All of us it's. Not that they're trying to be negative they still understand what we do and, they don't get it at all and frankly the entrepreneur, for a long time sucks at explaining what, they do alright, so you have these two differing, angles. And most, the time I found I liked, was. That book seven, Habits of Highly Effective People it's like most. Yeah. Super-good book right he's like most. Most. Fights or little, Tiff's are a result. Of, a misunderstanding of, roles and goals, and so. If. You start working, under a different framework you know your blueprint, starts to change a little bit. That. Can be threatening, to people can be remind, you could a lot of times I found is I remind people the things that they didn't take risks on and so, they, aren't, they're. Not telling me I'm bad or or are you know they're being mean what they're doing is reacting to things they've tried to hide in themselves, that's, a big thing that I've noticed as well so, as far as like I. Was. The only person that I physically knew who was doing what I was trying to in. My physical sphere there was no there you know what I mean they're like no one else's build funnels for. Years. It was that way you know the, reason I wanted to go to Russell Brunson's events so bad is because I, wanted.

To Be around for the first time in my life other people who knew what a sales funnel even was even. Though I was in sales I was in my sales classes, I was in entrepreneurship, classes and marketing, classes and we still weren't, talking about actually make money and. Anyway. So. Yeah. I'd say if any entrepreneur is experiencing, kind of negativity with family, friends or even just in general. Don't. Act like it's not there but just be patient with it understand, that they're operating from a lot of times a completely. Different minds that have no idea they didn't have the same epiphanies, you, had in order, to, be doing the logical, things that you were doing right things that you think are logical. XYZ, most, was just a misunderstanding and facts, oh great. Thanks I think you've given some great nuggets for folks who are in the trenches or considering, getting in the trenches so I appreciate. You taking the time to talk to me today. Is. There anything you want to share about what you're working on where people can go to find out more information about. You or maybe, some of your projects, or products yeah, totally you know I went, through, I. Think it's business 17 I think for. Me the one that actually worked 17. Right you know after his like crazy crazy, amount of failure. It, was a round business, try, number 12 though where. It. Say everything I was launching I didn't, get it I I assumed. I, gotta. Have a better product it's all about this product, I don't hear people talk about the product and I've. Realized though that's actually not true I could. Sell any piece of junk, right. Most, people believe like I need to have, so, much belief in my product, I can sell things I don't believe in though and it's because of an EM knots on everyone's used to go do that but but, it's because of of. Principle, I've learned principles. I've learned about marketing. And sales, and understanding that they're different, understanding. That closing, and sales are different, those. Are the things that have made all the difference in the world for me so the round business try number 12 when I started learning what funnels even were how.

To Do them how to use them that's. When really things started shifting up for me so I. Love. Affiliate. Marketing. Affiliate. Marketing, but. I found is that most people get distracted by the creation, of the product, so. Much so that they have no idea how to sell it or how they should position themselves, or write copy to get attention. So. What I do is I I encourage. Everybody if you don't have a product and you're trying to learn this game I would. Actually tell you not to learn how. To make a product I would, go do. Affiliate marketing alright, and that's why I created a program for this exact reason called affiliate outraged Affiliate. Outraged comm it's completely, free walks you through how to market other people's products and get paid for it's 30 days long I brought, in all these other experts, to teach all the stuff inside of it and it's all free, but like what. I like about affiliate marketing is that lets you practice, just. Because somebody else made the product doesn't mean you don't need to make marketing so it's like marketing training wheels that's why I like it so I would go there okay. So affiliate, outrage calm, that's where we get, more info and step-by-step, instructions. From you yeah. Definitely. Hey. Thanks for listening as you. Likely, have heard in my podcast, I left, my job January, 2018, to build my million dollar business completely. From scratch without any funding or any help and I. Hit it out right, on February, 1st 2019. Just, thirteen months later we, actually grossed a million dollars which is pretty awesome better, yet I got to keep a lot of the cash just as my costs are honestly, not very high that. Said there's several tools though I use to automate vital, pieces of my business and click funnels is one of them coach. Funnels lets me build automated, sales machines, all over the Internet's that are non stop pitching people for me it's, only $97. A month better, yet I don't need to be a coder if, you're asking yourself Steven are you giving me a blatant pitch for click funnels right now yes.

100%, I think it's dumb when people don't use click funnels okay it makes you more and saves you more basically. I have the power of an entire tech, team in my hand and I, want you to have it go grab a free trial of click funnels by going to free CF, trial, com. I want. Everyone to have and experience the power of click funnels in their business so they're letting me hook you up at free, CF, trial, com.

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Aloha Stephen, you are one of the most entertaining speakers on the planet. Love ALL the value you give.

Stephen!! This video and the deep dive that you talk about taking with how you manage your attractive character and dealing with haters is absolute GOLD! I got so much from this video. Huge mindset shift for me. THANK YOU!

I loved this interview Steve and Steven I’m also a psychologist mainly because i wanted to know who i was and I’m still counting how many personalities I’ve unfolding and uncovering all my life experience You’re one of my biggest inspirations to devote so much time to this Marketing explosion BOOOOOOMMMMMM


If you publish content, make sure it has value. I watched some dude do a live and he was playing with his cat. I think he does OFA. At least teach me something about a cat if you are going to do that. Don't waste people's time. Learn as you go but try to impart something for people to chew on.

Steve, I checked your calendar but there are no times open to choose from. Are you completely booked up or is the calendar not working. thanks for your time.

BOOM!!! Love you, Steve! My blog exists because of YOU and OFA. If you get a chance to drop by at I would be honored. Right now I'm on step zero of my value ladder, and you are on step ten or something, but someday, I hope to join you there! Peace, my Attractive Character.

P.S. I'd love to interview you but your calendar seems to booked out years in the future. Anything I can do to get an interview?

I love the dummy idea!!!

Just noticed my nature reaction immediately after pressing play on any of Steve's videos is to mash down on the volume down key before the before the video starts play...BOOM!!!

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