Creating A Successful Mindset

Creating A Successful Mindset

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How do you create a successful, mindset that will support, every, ambition, you have for things that you want to achieve and things that you want to create that, you just haven't yet I. Had. One of my investors, in my program on my Facebook community page saying hey guys I kind. Of need some help like I've, been through the training and then I follow, Chris's system and I found this deal and I can get it and has all this equity, in it but, I just don't really know what to do. By. Now how's. Like. Freaking, piss me off like I'm like you, kidding me you freaking came here you. Got education, with you all the BOCES you found the deal this is the start of financial, freedom and you, feel stuck, well. Listen this is the reality of that what most of us face if I put a million dollars in front of if I put a pile of cash in front of you and I show you how to make it you, can get inspired you can get motivated, you can get excited and still, oddly, enough human, beings have the ability to do, nothing. This, is the weirdest, part the most confusing. Part, for me about being human and yet. The reason why is because by. The time you were 16, years old you were told no don't. Can't, shouldn't. Fifty, thousand, times so, we're trained we're programmed, I mean think about it listen if you've got kids you know that, when they're little they're trying to kill themselves they're trying to fall off of edges they're trying to slam fingers and doors they're trying to touch the fire and it's just no don't don't come no no no because we're just trying to keep them alive right, but. The reality is they're gonna take that mindset, into adulthood, and then, as adults they're not going to feel permission to express themself they're not going to feel permission. To live so there's, got to be an intervention there's got to be something, that can, shift and break this broken, pattern because, by the time we enter adulthood the, number of limiting, beliefs that beset us the ideas that say you can't you shouldn't you're too fat you're too old you're too young you're not fast enough you're not good enough and that is the operating, system that is running our mind so, how are you supposed to make a million dollars when you're working with the multi-millionaire, that says buy, it do, the deal that's the house, make it happen when, you really find out why this, is what they say, I'm. Afraid what, are you afraid of failure. But. I can't do it I'm, gonna mess up I'm. Not gonna be good enough that I'm gonna let someone down that I'm gonna lose my money we've, got all of these fears, we have all of these concerns, in our life and so. What, I want to share with you is a special research project, that I have done and I'm gonna give you a crazy, awesome hook-up today that I hope will, be a huge blessing to you in, my world I've discovered, that. We, have thousands. Of limiting beliefs that run our life and there's got to be a way to program, a successful, mindset there's got to be a way to pull out the the bad hardware, and actually, put in a good hardware so, what I did is I brought on a team of people and I evaluated, the top. 1,000. Limiting, beliefs that, you and I are programmed, to have by the time we entered all of it and we got them in varying degrees but the reality, is most of us are suffering from the same broken mindset, that produces broke people also, unhappy, people also broken marriages, and relationships also. Fat. People wearing fat suits because we're just trying to comfort ourselves with the food that's in our fridge so, what do you do to step into a, refreshing.

Mindset, That, can create the door of possibility, I'm about to break it down for you but first I got to help you understand, something that you may not get just yet and I want to go back to the creation, story for. Christians in fact any deity, that's out there because in the beginning there's God and God creates the earth and then he puts you, know green stuff on it and then animals, on and he puts people on it right and you've, got this traditional, story. If you take a look at the, way that that looks in the Bible is that God, speaks. And then something. Comes into existence was. There light before God said let there be light, not. There was. There water before God said let's divide the land and put some water in between it it wasn't there so, he had to speak it believe it and then it actually happened what would happen if you and I started creating that, way in her life what if we could actually believe, in what, was possible, before, we actually saw it without, even sometimes having any evidence, well, that just happens to be the secret to breaking through, your, limiting beliefs now I've written a book called limitless. And it's all about the journey of breaking through the top 1,000, limiting beliefs that get in the way of you being successful I mean you might be a subscriber on this channel like Kris make me a million dollars in real estate and I'm dropping that knowledge on you but for you to take action on that knowledge that's. Gonna require you to break through the, stuff between this real estate that is getting in your way so what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna share with you I've condensed, the top 1000, limiting beliefs I've brought, it down to the top 40. Limiting beliefs and what, I'm gonna share with you today are 40 new beliefs that Trump them, you've. Just got to get away to ingrain, it in your brain which means you've got to obsess, on these ideas and you've, got to convince, yourself, with good positive powerful, energy that you do embody those things here's. My trick it's gonna sound a little bit kind of corny but yes, I created. A coloring. Book this. Book I am limitless, it is, a collection. Right, now on the outside it. Looks like a coloring book but, what this really is this contains, the top. 40, new beliefs to counteract, the top 40, negative beliefs, that are sitting inside of our heads and I'm gonna share them all with you right now and then you could even click the link below go on to my website get yourself a copy of this if you're, a parent you got kids this is therapy for your kids if you, don't got kids and you got these limiting beliefs this is therapy for you I'm inviting you to take hours, obsessing. On ideas, that you can find here for, example here's the first one I am, limitless we are doing. Such a great job limiting, our capabilities, telling the servers that we can't or something's too hard and what we do is it's bad enough that society, is putting these ceilings, on us but, all ceilings, are self-imposed, and you have the power to take any feeling, and making it your floor so that you can step and walk all over it so I am. Limitless, is fighting, that really nasty bad negative dude you get this one I am smart, I'm, a genius, I share. My gifts with the world do you know how good that would be for every kid to meditate, on that idea did, you know that children are having experiences right now where most of them are second guessing their intelligence, they're, telling themselves the things that they're not good at they're telling them the things that that they don't have other people's approval and their grades are giving them Phoebe their teachers are giving Oh teacher guts just gives the kid the tiniest, sideways glance and, a child can develop an entire belief that says I'm not good at spelling I know.

Cuz I did right, so. By the way would, it benefit you to believe that you're smart and that your genius and especially if you're like but Chris that's a lie I'm not listen. The only reason why you believe that you're not is because you choose to if, you want to believe that you're smart you're, gonna find evidence that you're what smart, you're we're we're, talking about here is not just coloring pages we're talking about coloring, our perception, our view of the world here's, the next one I am strong, this. Is for men this is for women this is for people that have told themselves that they can't they shouldn't they're not fast enough for you to believe that you are strong stand up man, stand up and face your life head-on here's, this next one I love, my life, dude. There was a time when I would walk around and say I hate my life oh dude. It just freakin makes my soul shudder, inside I love. My life, I've been repeating, that one now for years I'm gonna tell you right now you. Want to seek experiences. You want your perception, that is taking in billions of bits of information every second, and yet you can only consciously, grasp 200, of them which, is actually, seeing it's, whatever's, at the forefront of your perception, and if you believe that you're weak, or that you hate your life then. You're gonna produce evidences, and experiences circumstances. And people that will make you right I'm, telling you right now you do not want to be right on that one here's. Next one everything. Goes my way this pisses everyone, off when I tell them this because I have it all everything, goes my way and I've been telling myself that before I had anything guess. Why I have so much in my life right now guess why I will, one day be that billionaire, philanthropist, I'm not there yet but do you know what I'm moving in that direction you know why it's gonna happen huh. Everything. Goes my way spend. Today coloring that one out right here's the next one I can, do anything I can do everything I'm amazing. We always talk about faith in God but when are we going to talk about faith in you when, are we gonna talk about you actually, realizing. That this is your life and we're, so hard on ourselves, forgive. Yourself, and get back up stop. Believing, you you are me your past stop believing that you are your your failures, are the things that haven't gone right those are experiences to help you become the man and the woman that you were meant to be those are the opportunities for you to learn and grow and become, these are bad. That is another stupid, word that we use on a bad day things safe freak and grow up stop acting, like a child that's been choking, down on all this garbage there's. An opportunity for you to rewrite the, way that you see the world there's a chance for you to rewrite your life by the way if you never get this coloring book I hope you go through this video pause and write these statements, down and I want you to recite them every single day this is your mantra, this is your manifesto. This, is what you are becoming. Here's the next one I have, all the resources I need this, is because everyone's freaking got these ideas like there's, never enough money you. Know I can't, make it it's so hard making money hard takes money to make money do, that's all the bullcrap garbage. That gets in your way you've, got to believe that all the resources are already available so, that you can go out and seize them by.

The Way you, know people that need to watch this video and you need to share it with them and you need to watch it as a family you need to share it with your kids you need share with your siblings so you got to share with your parents now you're gonna think I'm a little bit of crazy but guess what look at my results my fruits are good here's, this next one I am happy content, and peaceful with the resources, in my life you. Have got to get to a space of contentment in a world where none of us can find it friends. It listen, if you want more you gotta find a way to be happy when now, in the moment that's a great phrase for you come on here's this next one - check out that lion did. I told the person I had drawn that up I said make that thing ferocious, rawr because it's a coloring book and that's a little bit feminine, I am. Brave courageous, and, unstoppable. Right, that's what you want to be eating for breakfast every single day here's another one I got more than enough money for my needs and wants I got, more than enough money how do you know that freak. You probably got food in your belly and check it out your clothes right you probably didn't wake up in a gutter for those of you that didn't somehow magically have this phone, that. Is giving you access to this you're still freaking blessed right I mean the reality is we're, living like kings even the people 200 years ago that were royalty, they, would love to have our flushing, toilets they would love to have our Costco's, they would love to have the things that you and I take for granted just hop pause and realize oh my gosh everything. Is freakin going away the, going my way life isn't happening, to me, life. Is happening for, me, here's. Another one I am, hole fit, and healthy. Listen. You got fat you. Got weight to shed, you're unhappy with your image or your body or, you're not putting on the muscle that you could or, you've been spending too much time in the feminine energy or the masculine energy guess, what we, all get screwed up it's okay that's why if it's like part of some greater divine design get, over it face it and you know what if you want to shed that weight or if you want to feel better about yourself you, can't wait until you possess the trophy of the body that you want it, starts, when you've got to be believing it right now I am healthy fit I am whole I love my life, you're dealing with cancer you're dealing with some illness you got to make some room for the positivity because, everything, that is in here in the ethereal becomes, the material, out here so, we've got to do what like God creates on this planet says I got to believe it before I'm gonna see it rather, than society, stupid jacked up game plan that says everything is horrible and not going my way and bla, bla bla garbage I'm at, peace there's, a good one for me because I get riled up you, probably have never noticed that I.

Love, To exercise, listen. Especially if, you don't like the gym you don't like exercising, I'm, gonna tell you right now you need to believe that you love it if you want to become it I. Treat. All people with love and respect. That's. Just good for all of us right like. Hear. Me out on that that's good for you that's good for me imagine. Saying that every day imagine getting this book and coloring that out just imagine. That like becoming, at the forefront of your perception, dude you're gonna love your life you're gonna love who you become, yeah. This is a long book okay, number twenty whatever I love myself boys. I know, you're predominately men I want, you to color this heart you could even take a screen shot right now and, then print this out and, color it listen. You got to get in touch with that part of who you are as well if. You can't love yourself you can't love those around you the extent, to which you love others all comes down to the extent in which you love yourself and, trust, me most of us are not loving on ourselves here's, another one abundance, and prosperity are, my birthright, believe. It you're experiencing. It bring more into your life I bring, love and unity into, all my relationships. That's good especially if you got jacked up relationships, that's a good medicine for the Soul I respect. Myself well. It's about day time what are you waiting for someone else dude it's not anyone, else's job to respect you it ain't anyone else's job to show up and love you didn't anyone else's job you live in no one loves me on the especially not on respect, or the hero that you are waiting for is inside you, get. In front of that mirror and realize oh my gosh the, words I've been longing to hear are not for mom or dad brother, sister boss, coworker, teacher, they're, from who they're, you wake. Up realize it take it in dude, we having some fun I hope, that you're having some fun with me check it out this is the byproduct, of hundreds of hours of research I've, dedicated myself, to doing breakthroughs, with people helping people find their most jacked-up selves, and then find their new beliefs and then categorizing. It and then putting it in books and ultimately, putting in a cute little coloring book so that you can tackle the 40 top most important, beliefs they're, gonna turn you into the man or woman, that can face its potential, and meet, it I'm, not done with you yet I trust, my intuition this. Is for all you doubting, Thomases, you get the information you doubt yourself it's a plague it's a poison it's a cancer you can't afford it I trust, my intuition you got to learn how to trust you that's what you got to respect you that's why you got to love you there are all different phases, of love right. Here I'm divine. Precious. And priceless, I don't, care what God you do or do not worship the reality, is you cannot, be bought and paid for any price because. You are priceless you are precious. And you, matter I don't care what the world has told you otherwise here's another one for you these, our biggest fear that we're.

Not Enough. Bull. Bull. Crap I am enough that is the truth about you here's another one I like the elephant on this one they're. Big and strong I've ridden elephants around the world I am. Confident. Right. It's, time to be confident, you think that confidence will come from being a millionaire getting. The result looking, in the gym and finally starting to embody the image that you see in your mind no, confidence. Is a State of Mind confidence, is something that you step into and develop one in your life right, now I, embrace. Change, butterflies. Right, at, some point we, got to be that ugly worm that, eats our crap full from tree leaves we go into a cocoon and we go into sludge and then, we rebirth into something really cool every one of us is the phoenix rising out of the ashes every one of us is gonna fail you're gonna make mistakes you're gonna fall on your face, and some of the most successful people I know have, failed better than most people, they have failed forward they have done their best to look at their failures not as mistakes but, as learning opportunities for them to grow and seize life I embrace change I love change, freaking I changed for breakfast, many, of us we're just freakin we're. Terrified, of change but. Change is, the breakfast, of any champion, because, your greatness is, to be better today than you were yesterday that. Requires change, making. Money is easy for me doing. A video this afternoon with my kids gonna piss off the world we're gonna be playing with some money I'm not trying to upset anyone but the reality is we got jacked up ideas around money reality. Is you, can believe this is hard to make and then, guess what will happen you'll, get evidence that proves it and before you know it you're gonna wake up on your deathbed and say I didn't, get to live the life that I wanted it's like Ivan Illich from Tolstoy who woke up following, his wife's dreams he. Left the music in his heart that he wanted to compose died he, brought it to his grave wealthiest.

Place On the planet are all the unrealized, dreams wake, up making, money you, can choose whether it's hard but what would happen if you actually believed that it was easy to make tell you what you'd. Attract easy opportunities, instead of the hard ones that you're insisting on right now my body progresses. Perfectly stop. Getting on the scale and shooting yourself out you're. Exactly where you need to be and, if you need to make improvement, freak go do that the. Tiger I like the tiger Tigers really kind of cool-looking right there he's, like meaty right there I am powerful, powerful. You, understand how powerful you are I'm. Powerful, enough to have, the courage and confidence to make this video and share an idea and I'm just hoping that one of them lands I'm hoping, that one of them just comes in and you grab that and you put it in your heart in your mind and you say I'm gonna recite that every single day that's my medicine, of life that's what I'm gonna go after I'm gonna go ahead and beast this person, I'm going to turn myself into the person that I've always wanted to become you, are that. Powerful. I am. Supported, do. You freaking realize how supported, you are dude, you got loads of people all around you face those people angels, you got all sorts of people in your world that are backing you up stop. Trying to convince yourself that you're alone it's that separation, that separates, you from your higher and better self from who you really are you're actually, supportive and if you start believing it you, will you will find it we're almost at the end I love unconditionally. Can. You imagine a world where we stop putting conditions, on other people can, you imagine a world where, we're done judging, other people for. Heaven's sakes let people make their choices and be who they are people are gonna show up at times as loving creatures sometimes they're gonna be jerks sometimes they're gonna come they're gonna freakin smack you in the face that's. Their job that's life are you kidding me almost, a billion people is planning you're gonna see the variety of spice you're gonna see that all the colors of the planet you're gonna see the way people can show up and I'm telling you right now yeah. You and I we can't control anyone else we, can only control who ourselves. So. I think, the bigger man the bigger woman is one that can love others without, condition, without expectation. It's easy, to live a healthy. Lifestyle. You see what I did right there like the soccer players and like the fruit and, the eggs that's protein you need your protein it's, easy to live a healthy lifestyle, some, of you have. Created an unhealthy, lifestyle, and you've made that easy it's, time to make that hard change, your mind you have the power to do that and if you still don't believe me get, my book it's on Amazon limitless you can get it in audiobook get, that book limitless and let it show you how to rewire, your mind I just need you to obsess, on these new ideas and especially if you're like Chris those things aren't true I'll believe, it when I see it dude, you're just going on and creating the way you've been creating this entire time and guess what look in the mirror wake up is it working, it's not I am. Prosperous as I, serve others you know what this is that servant, leader energy the. World needs leaders the, world needs you and they needs you and I too stopped worrying about us and we need to start looking at others when you start being caretakers, of this planet when you start helping other people and there are a variety of different ways that we can do that I accept, myself, awesome. Right, just Zone. In on that for just a little second right there to see that I, accept. Myself man. Stop. Second-guessing I'm, authentic and genuine gonna. Cruise now I'm. A conscious, creator instead. Of an unconscious, destroyer I make. Good choices can. We just can, we just do a little praise on that one right there I manifest.

Everything. I desire and I want you to write this one down everything, goes my way everything. Goes my way everything, goes your way can you imagine. How your perception, will bring different people opportunities, circumstance, into your life when you actually believe that you're the conscious creator of your life and that freaking this whole thing this whole life is not happening to you it's actually happening, for you what are you gonna do it's time to freaking wake up rise up and make your life everything, that you want it to be I live, in alignment my. Life is balanced, I feel, amazing that's, the second time I worked in that word amazing I rise, in ascend you, get the rising phoenix right there I am surrounded by love, for, some of you that have felt very unloved in your life the. Love that you're actually waiting for is not going to come from someone, from, without but, it's actually from someone from within the, ability to love who you are first can. You see how all-encompassing these, ideas are these. Ideas if you want to be the most happy fulfilled, successful, person on the planet there is a science, to achievement but there's also an art to fulfillment and the reality, is we got to become multi-dimensional. Human beings, it's, about succeeding. In every part of your life why can't you have it all why can't you be accelerating, financially, and having success and achievement your life and growing, and why can't you be doing that in your body and in your relationships. Reality. Is you, can have it all give yourself, permission take. This video give yourself permission to live life to the fullest because you're surrounded by love but that love that you're surrounded with needs to start where from within and then once you embody it you're going to be the lover, that's giving it out to the rest of the world and it's going to attract other people but, the more you love yourself the more they love themselves and you put those two people together man, you've got a cuddle puddle love fest going on last. One I recognized. Appreciate. And validate. Myself there, are words you are longing here and some of you are pissed at the world because mom didn't say this and dad didn't say this and these people didn't do that for me I'm a victimhood. Listen. It's time to get over it it's time to get over yourself I don't, care how bad the world's hurt you have, you realized that no, matter how much self-pity and wallowing there is man, even if you've been raped sexually taken advantage of you imagine some of the worst atrocities. This world can and will dish up are you going to allow that to define, you this whole me - movement, be careful, there's, a counter fit in there for, some of you all, you're doing is reinforcing more, of what you don't want stop defining yourself, by your pains and your troubles and your trials, and, it's time to realize that, you were meant to over, you, are meant to rise above it's not about surviving it's about thriving I recognize, appreciate, and validate myself pause, for a moment and ask yourself where do the words that you've been waiting to hear from.

Someone Else and realize you're the hero that you've been waiting for it's time to dish them to yourself, my, life is a miracle ain't. That the truth, start acting like it. And. That my friends. The. Top-40 beliefs that combat the worst 40. Limiting beliefs that exist in on average in every human being on this planet now. Watch, this video again or go. Online click, the link below and get a copy of my limitless book or grab a copy of this coloring book or, just rewatch the video and write down these phrases and here's what I want you to do final message I want. You to take these phrases and I want you to allow yourself to get into a really positive high energy State imagine, your happiest, moments of your entire life as you, recite those because what you're doing is you're practicing, and what, you're doing is you're rehearsing and, what you're doing is you're getting that engrained in there and when you can recite all of those ideas with. Maximum, positivity, with with super, high energy you are going to become - you're, going to begin to it embody those ideas your, perceptions. Gonna change and all of a sudden guess. Who starts walking into your life million-dollar. Opportunities. People, that love you opportunities. That you've been trying to attract all this time the, health that you've been looking for it's, this far away and the, only person in your way of making it happen is you but, you can change that and, you change that with the thoughts that you think and now, you know 40, of the most powerful, thoughts that. Can heal your mind and heal your heart from. The hurts and woes and troubles of life that. We all have to go through, rise. Up wake. Up and. Start living your life because it is a miracle it, is your time and, I made this video for you because, you're worth it you're, worthy and. I love you so. Go live you're amazing, at.

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