Covesting Ico Review - Io - Game Changer COPY Trading Platform!

Covesting Ico Review - Io - Game Changer COPY Trading Platform!

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What up what up what a, gene. Wolf you're a k-8 the Jedi marketer, and we got a really good in good, IC. Overview, here I've. Actually come across this company a few times now and, I. Felt compelled to really take a deeper look into it, and, so. This is a co vesting, dot IO review. This. Is a very interesting IC, o---- I've. Looked looked, through it pretty thoroughly and. Guys. Know me I'm all about foundation. I'm all about, sustainability. Sustainability. Legitimacy. And. Whether, or not I want to invest in certain things so. I'm gonna be going through and giving you guys some information about co vesting, and. To. Let you give you rating, what I think of it and whether or not I'm gonna be investing, it and even. Participating. In using, the platform as well so. They. Have a really nice website, that, very, professional, professionally. Done. To. Give you a brief overview I've, been through pretty much everything, they. Have to. Share. Their information about. So. Yeah. I'm gonna dig right into this review right now so hold. On I got some notes here so what is co vesting Co, vesting is a copy trading, website, they. Basically have a list of traders, they, whether, it be crypto trading Forex and stuff like that that you can choose from and pretty. Much at the click of a button you, can copy. All these traders. Trades. To, your account and so, they're your account can be linked to for, example like bit tracks buying ads and all these other places and so, if you're into trading and you, suck at it basically, what you can do is you could take all these traders, trades. And the. Traders the traits that they have for the day boom. You can take their trades and and. Basically, do it for your own website I'm. Not entirely, sure about the process, of when they check the trades are, activated. But I think they're because. Finance. And all these others like bit tracks and them they have stop-loss so. It's basically like an auto trade format, where you can set up an auto trade. Take. Mirror all these trades that all these really good traders that, are listed, on Co vesting, and you. Know whether it be 1 to 2% for to you, needs trade. So. Basically when you. Buy. Into the, co vesting. IC, o---- and you get the token the token acts as like a, value-based, coin. Both. So. That you can trade on the exchange, but also as. Part. Of a subscription, so, you can actually use. It to buy. The, trades and hire, the trade higher the traders, will, not hire them like you paint a buyer an hour but basically. They. Or dulse they would also do some trading on your behalf too if you wanted to do that as well and so you'd. Earn gains daily. From from letting. Them trade through your account they get a percentage of that now I'll get into detail on that a little bit here. So. You choose the trade that. You want to do and it, executes sit with whatever exchange at, the best price for you and it's, connected as I said to the crypto. Exchanges, through their API.

You. Can link all your trade accounts, to Co vesting, API, so. That everything's, done through their back office or their dashboard. You. Can pick traders, on strategy, time and clean preference, so if you have a specific coin, because, some traders are really good at vault reading volatility. On certain. Tokens, and so they become I guess, you'd say. Specialists. For certain tokens right and if. They're producing. High returns, all the time from these trades. You and this specific token then that's somebody you might want to use, use. Their mere trades as well right, so. The profits work out about, 72%, to investor. 18%. The trader and 10%, to the platform, so. If there's like, an example, of this if, there's like a. $30. A $30. Trade or a profit, profit for the day, 72%, of that would go to you 18%. Of that $30. Would go to the trader 10%. To the to, the platform now. The. Beauty of this is is, that you. Know. For. Me I'm still learning how to trade I'm doing, pretty, well, I've. Got my portfolio. And Bitcoin balance up to a position, to where I can start doing probably a hundred to two hundred dollars, a day in trading which. Is you know really really, good for me considering. I'm a newbie and so I am doing very well at this point but. I would, like to take advantage of, the opportunity. To basically have. Somebody. Who's who's seasoned, a professional. Audit and if. I know I can gain one, but between 1% and 10%. A day depending. On how much I put into my balance, so that they can trade for I. Would. I would like to be able to do that it's basically you. Know easy, money - so to speak I mean you, know clearly in anything nothing, is guaranteed, right. So there, is a risk obviously, in this as well so. But. It removes the learning curve it learns of you having to spend hours. And hours and hours and hours trying. To figure this stuff out and going. Through trial and error while you're doing it actually you can have these traders be doing the trades for you mirror. Trading. You. Could take their trades and and, you can you could do the trades. Whatever. Whatever trades, that they give you right and you could do that and be, profiting, while. You're learning because Co vesting also does training. As well, they. Have a team of twelve and, six advisers. Including. Jeunesse. Cuarta who, is a blockchain expert. And. That's really good in, that they have somebody who's an expert in the block train and can, develop the platform to a point where it becomes you know extremely, powerful, because we know blockchain, technology. It's. It's, like you, know it's changing the world. And, there, is pretty much nothing you cannot, do with the block King. Let. Me see this and, I'll go into the team a little bit more at the end see. Do coin is a utility coin, so as I said before it acts as a value-based. Coin. Where you can subscribe and use, the cove esting services, on their. Website, they're. Also burning, half, of the free tokens, half. Of the fee tokens, which, will increase the value of the token on an exchange, so, whatever. Fees, that you're you're having to pay. You. Know whatever, I think I guess in. Terms of their profit margins, when they get the part, of the profit, for, when you're doing the mere trading and stuff so they get ten percent well. Five percent of that I guess, if. I'm if I'm unclear you, guys can post, in the comment section but five percent of that would get burnt and what. Does that do. Well. One of the things that I've learned over time with IPOs, is when you're burning coins, it. Increases. The value because now there's less less. Tokens, inside, the market and so, your tokens, become that much more valuable on, their exchange when you trade them mmm.

And You don't really have to do anything to do that because they're gonna be doing that in a sense it's almost like buying back the tokens, and then burning them basically, but they're doing it through fees. And, profit. Margins, total. Supply 20, million tokens. Estimated. Ten million after the token burn through, the fees and. As. Of right now each. Token is around ninety, cents. So. That 100, plus traders, already, signed up these and these are all professional. Traders, who are making you. Know a gang vex gangbuster. Of money and. So, the. Timeline, in terms of timeline. They're. Going all the way through tell, I think, third quarter of 2018. And it. Hits the exchange their, first exchange you're gonna be hitting his hit DC, in. January. Probably. Around the end of January after. The ico is completely. Finished. So. Let. Me go through their. Team. Let's, see here. Cheap. Oh my, back here, we go team. Demetri, Prue glow Dimitri. Pro quo is that, she's also trading, professional, which is really good. Extensive. Experience in global financial markets, passion, for the four, and inspired. By FinTech and trading his scope of interest expands investments, in traditional, markets to startups and cryptocurrencies, after. Graduating, for corral DeGroat, a Hajus. School, antwerpen, the, meat the, meat, the. Meat TD meat Tish quickly. Began to develop a career in the financial, industry as, a top performer, in the SCB. Bank investment department, so, this is really good we, have somebody who's, pretty much a seasoned, professional in, this industry both in the banking cryptocurrency. And. Clearly. He knows what he's doing so the one. Of the the founders, and the CEO, so, he knows what he's doing he it's just I guess, if he was a trader or if, he was an investor this is something he would build for himself, right that's, what I would say right. Tim. Borin also co-founder, and CEO, Oh Tim. Tim for. Tim for, net Tim, voronin, yeah Tim well to say Tim is, an experienced, equity, and derivatives, trader. Entrepreneur. And early adopter, of cryptocurrency which, is really good that means he has a very extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency, the. Volatility. And. He understands. How you know pretty, much he probably understands how to block train works as well his, first engagement with Bitcoin began in 2002, so he's probably one. Of those types of people who were an early investor in a Bitcoin as well when. He first included, cryptocurrency, in, his private portfolio, so there you go right Tim, again trading, his career, in 2008, as a prop traded. At our turbo traders, where he. Was constantly, implementing, new trading techniques, and grew as a professional, trading on LSE, and, extra. During. One of the most, turbulent times, in market history. Very. Good more. Cryptocurrency. Knowledge. And history, so, these. Two guys right here stand. Alone by, themselves that's. It's really good that they have so much extensive, experience and knowledge in this industry. As. An investor for myself I mean that that gives, me reassurance, about whether or not these. Guys know what they're doing it's a legitimate platform, right if. You have any if you want any information on, them you can check out their LinkedIn profiles, they're all connected there, another. Co-founder. Here. Dennis. Is an influencer. Specializing. In business development strategy. And blockchain. As, well as an ICO evangelist. For. Three consecutive years, he has been ranked in the top 10 50 influences, worldwide and blockchain FinTech, and social media dennis. Is the founder, CEO of life's I Peter. Period blockchain, past, with a noble, noble of, medicine, he, was the founder of the trading floor one of the first digital social networks for training at Saxo, Bank so, they has bank banking, experience, very. Powerful. And. These are these, are the you know the references, and.

In, From, basically. You, know what they have under their belt where, they work where they come from Saxo. Bank, Seb JP Morgan Barclays, Citibank, EUI and KPMG, and, in, the at the Coe vesting team more. People with. Lots, of different. Experience. Yeah. So. Advisers. You. Know yeah, they have a really extensive. Team so I'm pretty impressed. Let me check out their social media here. Facebook. White. Paper and if you want to check out their white paper you can check out their white paper here and go through it, I. Pretty. Much covered pretty much everything you got my son in the background, there is watching cartoons. Yeah. So. Yeah. Really, good Facebook, following, 13,000. People, very. Active, yeah. Legitimate. Twitter. Followers, 3000. Which is pretty much standard for, ICO, companies. If, you want to check out the. Co. Vesting. Technology. Let, me see here I think they have a demo. I'm pretty sure they do, well. They've seen it give. Me a second here. Now. Here it is demo. Okay. Yeah. Very clean surface. Yeah, this is this I like this this is really good. Search. Traders, so you can search the traders, these are all the people like if you want to mirror, trade them, you. Can just click the plus sign and mirror their trades. They. Have a message board here, news. So, you can I. Guess if you have if they have news on certain, coins and stuff like guy you, might want to take, that information and. Then run with it you know what they say is you know one of the things that having a cryptocurrency industry. Is to. Buy. The news, and, then sell, it off there so if you hear that there's going to be news there and there's, gonna be some really powerful updates, on a certain token, then, that means there's more than likely going to be a boost in that token, and so. It you'd be that, good idea, to buy when it's low because, that then actually you can start getting some powerful. Gains some easy gains and profits off the news right, sell. The news right. And. You've, got a wallet feature here so you can deposit your Bitcoin and stuff and this is basically. Where you're gonna be able to use. Your tokens, and your. Aetherium and bitcoin, to purchase, the services, and use the services, they have, yeah. That's not there but I have a report. Section, markets. Yeah. You can check out the markets, here too as well, BTC. And, let me see here. Yeah. Okay, yeah live coining markets - that's really cool. We. Got accounts we got some support lines here and then the boost you jumped. Up to, just. Checking out one of the coins they're really, cool technology. Yeah. Very. Impressive. Let, me see what else notes a guy here that I miss anything. Above. Uh. A. For. The most part I've gone through pretty much everything. Roadmap. Um. Let's. See here quarter, to. Quarter. Development. Quarter one. Kyc. Module, integration, which is basically, more, of a legitimacy, to.

The Platform, where they you know if you're an investor you're, a trader or you're gonna be using the trading platform, you. Need to you, know verify, your account verify. Your identity which, is good, liquidity. Aggregation. With multiple, cryptocurrency, exchanges. Established. Exchange. Listing, of CoV Tolkien, and that is basically so in the first corner sometime. In the first quarter first three months I guess January. February I guess would be more more of the likely. Times that they're gonna be listed on you. Know some of the major exchanges, beta. Version of the platform at least roadshows, so they're gonna be out there hustling. Getting, more of the top traders sharing. The platform. Risk. Management, reporting, system, integration. Quarter. Two so they're gonna be going straight straight, through to around. September. Late September. I would. Imagine with. The raising. Of funds and also with. As. It develops, and progresses, and. Evolves. That. Timeline, is gonna continue to expand. Because I can only imagine that. With. The money that they're getting it's, gonna it's gonna actually open up more development, hiring. More coders, more, different, features, and stuff like that, so. Yeah. This, is a really good platform I'm pretty. Pretty damn impressed. You. Know based, on what I've seen through. The team the. Idea I. Would. Have to say that I, would give this based, on that. Probably. About. Four and a half stars, out of five and. I'm, definitely gonna, be investing. In this and. I'm definitely going to be promoting, it because. They also. Also. Allow. Let. Me see energy. Exchange. I. Have. Some other things here that. Yeah. They have a referral, program where you actually earn 10% yeah let me see right here. That's. Something you shouldn't take. Note of, referral. Bonus campaign, now. Everybody. Can earn from ether. By. Spreading the. Word about Courvoisier, and promoting our token sale will pay 10% of, referred country, wow, that's huge 10%. Is huge. So. If you're a marketer, you can make a lot of money and. Getting involved with the token and especially with all the points that I've pointed out and when, you're gonna be burning the tokens. Increasing. The value. Getting. In right now buying the token so doing a bit of both you. Can make some really good money for this when this hit the exchange, so, yeah they have a referral, program. As, I said yeah I give it four and a half stars out of five, these. That I have seen other platforms. Out there like this but. Based. On the foundation, the, value, the people who are behind it the token, burning, and stuff like that I mean, it this is a really, a game, changer for a lot of people also because, now they get the mere mere professional, traders, and earn, percentage. And I mean. You know clearly nothing, is guaranteed when. It comes to these types of investments. Some. Negatives, yeah as I said not a hundred percent unique, other platforms, that do do offer coffee trading, thing, is though what. I think, about Co vesting is they give you more control, though. Profits. Are not guaranteed, obviously, you can pick you can also I say, one, of the features, that they have you can pick a max, loss and, that is basically when I said a stop loss feature so when you're doing crypto, currency trading you have, they have a feature where it's called stop-loss. Investor. Control not 100%, but better than most mirror trading platforms. They. Have a short roadmap but I Adam as I said I would imagine that it would grow over time more, than likely, early-stage, ico, massive, risk but insane, reward. As. With any ICO you're an investor. You have to make, an. Educated decision, on what you're investing in yet to do the research. As. With, everything, in, investments. Everything. In ICO is everything, in cryptocurrency. Nothing. Is guaranteed. Even. The information, that I'm providing you is purely, for educational purposes. I am NOT your financial, adviser I am, not advising, you about this stuff I am. NOT trying to try to tell you what you should be investing, in I will. Be investing, in this company and the reason why I will be investing, in this company is because of a lot of the points that I that I said you know there's a really, good foundation here, and I just want to earn easy, profits, to you, know what I mean both from the token sale hit in the exchange, and the, fact that they're gonna be burning a lot of tokens. And. Also I want these traders to trade for, me I want I want these mere trades I want to earn those you, know 1%, 5% easily. Just like that and for. Me that's, a game-changer that's like extra money that's an extra, you know maybe 50, to $100, a day add, it, to my already growing.

Portfolio Of. Investments and, also daily, income. Some. Other notable point, points, they shot 15, videos in Hollywood California to, teach people how to trade, about. Trading, and cryptocurrency so, they there is going to be training inside, which is awesome. And. There will be hundreds, of articles as well as market, insights from traders and a forum so, you're gonna be able to conversate, with the top traders as well as get information. The. CTO, was, a former, head of IT at, Nokia and, I actually asked, them about this which, asked him about security, things and as he. Replied, he said they're the. Was an IT at. Makia which is really good. The. Faster, demand grows for the platform the more fees that are generated. Thus, they created, a really high pain ICO referral, program, the. More they burn so. Supply exponentially. Goes down as demand goes up and the price of the token, goes up so, based. On my based. On the research that I've done everything, I. My. Opinion, what, I would, do with my money I'd invest, in this.

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