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Copy. Profits, success global, review, hey. My friend before. You watch any other video, on this. Company, I want, to talk to you really, really quickly and tell. You before, you join this you need to understand. Who. You joining, and which. Team you're gonna be placed on because, positioning. In this company, is gonna help. You a lot right, because, if you. Basically. If you join under somebody, who is a top recruiter like myself, you're. Gonna get a lot of benefits, so. Stay. Tuned for couple minutes and we'll explain what's. In the store for you and obviously. I'm going to show you the compensation, plan and how much money you can make here as well so. I've. Been in life over 10 years right so I have I know a finger to about driving traffic and how to create sales while. We, sleep while we travel the world and. This. Is the son of my results that I was able to generate and many other companies as. You can see we got you know huge checks on stage. I'm. Not showing you the numbers to brag I'm show you the numbers so. You can understand. That. If. Someone. Can generate, results like this and many other opportunities. We. Can dominate, this company, as well. Some. Of my results from, another company you can see big. Numbers again not to impress, but. To. Press. Upon you that who, you joining makes a big difference because if, you think about it it's a matrix right so the. Higher you, are to the top to, our top recruiter. The. Most pillow what you're gonna get because there's only three spots below, me right, so I've started filling up the matrix and. Everybody. Joins after, everybody. Else right, so basically. What. Happens, is. You're. Gonna get some benefit. Of being, on my team as well obviously, again. As, far as the products, and compensation, plan are probably gonna add the video to, towards the end of my video so. You can learn about that and I probably gonna place a link somewhere around the video or maybe in the description, so. If this resonates, with you if this makes sense you. Know I'm a big team builder right, I build. Teams to dominate, not just to play around so, if you're serious I'm not looking for tire kickers obviously, because. I know this message, is gonna attract a lot of people that might not be serious. But. If you're serious person, if I'm talking to the right person. Welcome. To the team right find. A link around the video join, my team because you, know. Domination. Is. My prescription. Right this is what I specialize in and this. Is something that I mastered. Over the years it takes a lot of years to master a lot. Of pain and frustration you, know to learn how to drive proper traffic, to get those sales and conversions, so. As, far as the product and compensation, plan watch. This video all the way till the end, and. I'm. Thinking. To dominate this company's, flow so, this. Is some of the previous, companies obviously my name is Alex uber I've like. To use project apex, for my team names so. If this message resonates. When you find a link join my team and. Let. Me just see something I just started, promoting. This I think today. Actually. Last night. And. All this is possible obviously there's different, ranks different.

Compensation. Plan. Payout. I mean. Honestly, if if, you're a part-time like I was a long time ago if. I can substitute my, income with just 3,000. Extra. Per month that makes a huge difference than, most families lives, but. Obviously. The numbers can, get really, crazy here as well plus really awesome prizes like, Rolex. Watch. You know Lambo, hurricane. And so, on and so forth, again. Let's stick to the basics, let let me teach you how to drive traffic let me teach you how to build teams, everything. Else is a, byproduct, you, know everything, else comes into the play and the picture after you master, the basics, so. Let me just take a look at something I think I just saw, my name on a little board I started promoting this literally. Last. Night already, number four Alex, right there. Last. Night, they. Go number five. And. Let's see this week number four and again this, is what it's all about if. You have the skills I don't know when you're watching this I don't know if they have three enrollments, right now right now maybe. It's a dollar trial whatever it is click. On the link and I will see, on the inside and. Stick. Around and watch the rest of the video but. I'm looking forward to help you if you're a serious person I'm, looking forward to build. This with you as well, and help you achieve, your financial goals, so. With that thanks for watching thanks for, tuning in and enjoy. The rest of the video with more details, on the compensation plan and the, product, lineup, in the copied, profit, Success, global. You. Hey. What's going on everybody Joe well Santiago, here one of the original, founders, of CPS global, just want to say thank you for taking the time out to view this presentation I'm, sure, you're excited as am i but before I get into it just got to give a huge shout out to the entire team, if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't be where we are right now which is literally with, the best most. Value, proposition. This entire industry, has to offer and it's all because of you guys from the visionaries, and the, founders, down to the selected, advisors and leadership. Team that we have from all over the, world thank you guys we're, truly blessed, I'm excited.

To Be building this with you guys and even more excited, to the names and the Alliance's, that we're going to be making here in the near future to, be added to this list as well so again thank you guys I really appreciate you, all and for everybody else that's watching let's, get into it all right guys well let's just jump right into it because if you're watching this video chances are, you know what we offer here at CPS G and you're just excited to share it with friends and family and we're here to compensate, you as a result so for those of you guys don't know where CPS, G copy, profit. Success global, the number, one forex, trading educational. Platform, on the planet folks. We have a dream team of traders, a team of professional. Forex, traders, world-class. Traders, that have had success in the markets over the last 25, years they. Are able to provide the University, that we give you guys the modules, that we give you guys which, teaches, you exactly what forex is if you're completely. New to it and then, teaches you step-by-step what. You need to know so that you can confidently, go out there and approach the, market that's, CPS, University. We also have CPS, live folks CPS. Live is simply, daily. Webinars, that we provide, for you guys so you guys are able to see our traders, do, it in real time you, see them trade you see the trades that they place you see why they place them you learn you learn exactly, what they do how they do it and at, the same time you, can mimic these trades and earn while, learning this, amazing, platform and this amazing, industry. Of the forex, market. And then, last we have training tools and supports. Scuse me trading, tools and support. So everything, that you would need to go out there and trade we have it here and that's what we've been able to provide for you guys so, that you guys can go out there and achieve your financial goals, now. Let's get into the compensation. Plan you know here at CPS, we're. Big on rewarding. Those, that, put. In the work you know if your heavy lifting, then we believe that you deserve your. Portion, your fair share so I must say and my years of being, in this industry well, over a decade I've yet to see a, compensation. Match, what we have here and I'm truly excited, to be able to reward you guys for, your hard work so, as you guys can see this is the first rank that you go from becoming a customer this is when you when, you get in and it goes beyond becoming, a customer where you want to build the business that, first rank is what we call a CPS. Generator, the, CPS, generator, becoming. A member, generates. A personal, volume of 145. Which is what you're going to see here shortly after. That after you go out there and share it with friends and family members and you get three people to commit to build with you or to commit to, partake. This education. Then guess what ladies and gentlemen your. Monthly. Membership. Is 100%. Free. It is waived at that point okay on, top of this you get the online trading the, online education the. Online support, the live webinars, everything. That I mentioned, before at that first rink, moving. Forward we provide a fast start bonus of twenty five dollars, for each person that you share this with and it comes on and purchase as a pro package okay, so let's just say you share it with your sister and your brother they, go ahead and they join the business and they, come in at the pro package no promotional, price you. Get on twenty five dollars in commission, this is a fast start bonus that we pay you the, following, week, okay, you put in work this week you bring them on board they, commit, they partake. In the product we pay you the following week, chi-ching, write, to your bank account, now.

This Is extremely exciting. For some of our experienced network marketers, out there you're going to see these numbers. And you're gonna be blown away but. For those people that are now aren't. Familiar with, this industry, and don't really understand, some. Of these numbers I'm going to break it down for you a matrix, is simply a company. Structure, that's, built off of three legs okay, so, you don't have to worry about becoming, overwhelmed, with a lot of these compensation. Plans with other company, that there's huge and so, many requirements that you need in order, to activate and. Be compensated. For your effort well with us it's, simply, three people you build your business and you, teach them to continue, to duplicate, your effort now this is simply one component, in our, compensation, plan and as you can see folks as you grow your business each level, activates, another level, which, which, in return pays. You per. Person, we, pay up to three dollars, per person, in the, matrix. Okay. So everybody. That falls into your organization. Not just by your effort not just by the efforts, of your team underneath, you but also the upline, your sponsor, the people above you that are growing their business as well so it's a collective, effort from everybody, to, achieve, financial. Success and, now, you can see in a perfect, world they, show a total, of twenty nine thousand, five hundred and twenty three people. Is what it takes to fill a matrix, but look at the income right next to it okay. And again folks these numbers are hypothetical you. Know you, can you can achieve less, than this you can achieve nothing or you can even achieve more. Than this but, the. Point is is the opportunity. Is there, for you you just have to choose what you want and put, the work in behind it so look at eighty eight thousand, dollars per month that's a million dollars annually, if you add it up so, just think about what's like what what type of lifestyle, you would live if you, achieved, something. You, know something, like that and even if you just did a fraction. Of that ten, percent of that which, is just eight thousand, I wouldn't say just it's a six-figure, year income, but, even just doing ten percent, and achieving, ten percent, of that is literally.

Life-changing. Income. And like. I told you folks we, want to reward you for sharing, this opportunity. We want to minimize your expense, in your costs and by doing that we, reward. You with a free, membership. Our membership, is 145. Per, month that, pays for your subscription, but when you go out there and you have three people join your business yours. Is, 100%. For free you're not operating, your business. 100%. For free now there's gonna be quite a bit that I'm going to cover right now and I'm gonna try to do it as quickly as possible so I don't draw up this video but, I want to go over the ranks that we have so that we can go over some some. Idea you know for you builders out there that have organizations. And huge networks, in which you, want to share this with well, I want to break down some. Numbers for you so you can get an idea on what you could potentially be making if you came over here you commit it and you grew with us as I, mentioned before the first rank is the CPS, generator, once. You get those three people into your business your, business is absolutely free, now, you're in profit mode every person, after that so, if you look over to the CPS, builder and right beneath that it shows a total of 12 distributors, so, look at that a team, of 12 people you know what that is that's simply, you sharing, it with three people and then. When they get on board you help them do. The same thing you did to find three more people apiece, you, get three you teach, those people to get three and guess what we, reward you with the, 645, dollar residual. Income per month now I'm gonna stop there, because. The numbers are gonna get bigger as. The. The volume continues, to grow then the income continues to grow but, I'm here to tell you that this rank right here is going. To be the most achieved, rank and all of the company, and this, is the one that excites me the most because, it's easy to attain with. A little bit of effort and just. Imagine. How much of a difference, six, hundred and forty-five dollars. Additionally. Into a household, will make for.

A Family, it'd. Be huge that's a car payment, you know that's that's a you. Know some place it could be a mortgage, or part of a mortgage you know the fact of the matter is is I'm sure, that there's many people watching this can use an addition, of 645. Per month and that's not including the matrix income that I just mentioned before, so, that's on top and of, this in addition to this and we're just a team of 12 that. Is truly. Truly. Gonna, change the industry this simple, simple. Concept, right here because, it's so powerful, the income, that can that can literally change somebody's, life and with, the small small, team of 12, it's easily, easily attainable, if you. Continue to go on the ranks like I said before forty, distributors, gets you to the associate, rank the. Associate, ranks pays monthly. And again this doesn't include any of the other income that you're gonna generate one thousand, six hundred and forty-five dollars I'm, gonna continue to go through it guys bear with me just just. Just take what you can if you need to pause it pause it but I'm gonna get through this as quickly as possible a, team, of a hundred gets you to, our junior, rank that junior rank pays three, thousand, one hundred and forty five dollars per month two hundred and fifty gets the senior, rank you're over five thousand, dollars per month and hit activate, the first incentive. If you, look at the bottom folks I'm, gonna go right through them these are all the incentives, that we have with, more to be announced in the near future, the, first incentive. Is an iWatch, just. For a team of 250 not only you're getting five over five thousand, dollars in residual, income from, this bonus you got the matrix, in income, we have the global pool not to mention what you can be making in forex, but we're also gonna give you an iWatch you, continue, to grow we have the MacBook you, continue to grow we'll give you a vacation well. Over twenty five thousand, dollars for you and your family you continue, to grow we Ward. You with, a Rolex, watch a, jet. Smarter, membership, a Lamborghini. Hurricane. Okay. Now, again these, are hypotheticals. This the higher it gets the more effort you're gonna have to put in but, I'm here to tell you guys this, is what's out there this is what's possible this is what's in our compensation, plan in which we will reward you, when you go out there and you build. Continuing. On.this that the rank of director is, five hundred people five, hundred people in your organization. You're making well over ten thousand, dollars a thousand. People in your organization. Well over twenty five thousand, two thousand, euro, well over forty thousand, dollars and the numbers, continue to grow, capping.

Out As a shareholder, ladies, and gentlemen well as what, with the team of fifty thousand, customers. In. Your organization. You, are getting everything that I mentioned, every single one of the incentives plus, more to be announced and you'll be making well over 1 million dollars per month, 1. Million, dollars per month again they're hypotheticals. But, I've seen this done and I'm excited and I can't wait for it to get done here, with us, again. You. Guys got to put the work in but but but again it's there what. Other company, is doing this, nobody. We're truly truly changing, the industry and I couldn't be more excited, on top, of that ladies and gentlemen as you can look back at the bottom daily. Pay on, all, residuals. So, what does that mean Joe well that, means let's just say hypothetically you, earn $10,000. Per month that's, the rank that you're at for the month of February, well we're gonna pay you in the month of March every. Single, day so. Every day that $10,000. Is going to be broken up over the course of 30 days and it's, going to be prorated and paid, to you every. Single day, every single. Day, of the month so, you're not going to have to wait you know to get your commission, or your residual, check on one designated day, through the middle or throughout the end of the month you're gonna start getting paid for your production the very next month on your, residuals, this, is huge. How many of you guys that are watching this would love to, be paid, residually. Daily. Instead, of having to wait to the end of the month of the middle of the month I'm sure everybody watching, this has their hand up keeping. On ladies and gentlemen here's, the global bonus. Pool while, we reward you guys even, more for those that are out there building as you can see it's, from the executive, rank all the way up to the shareholders. Continuing. On the, rank advancement, incentives, that I told you guys about from the iWatch MacBook, vacation. Luxury. Vacation, it could be Dubai it can be the, Maldives, it could be wherever, whatever, you guys want to go it's going to be on us and for your friend or for your family Rolex. Watch as you guys hit that ranked a jet smarter membership, what is jet smarter membership, that those that don't know you'll, be flying private, everywhere that you go in the United States on us you, have a year membership on us and then last but not least that beautiful, Lamborghini, hurricane. That, you see over there to, the right again they're hypotheticals. But, again I've done this I've seen other people do, it and I'm, truly excited to see who are the first, Lamborghini. Earners. In our company, support. And training as you guys can see before this video started, I showed you the team that we currently have right now and I'll put, money on it we have the best in the industry ladies, and gentlemen so email phone, support, we got it how, to acquire customers you, have some of the brightest minds in the world you, will also be provided with a rocket, recruiting, platform which, is an app it's an app that does. 99.9%. Of the selling for you and it also. Eliminates. The. Biggest, the, biggest, the biggest hurdle an obstacle. When presenting your business to somebody which is the money okay. On top of that hot a team build how to trade Forex, all, of this that we had together is truly. The. Result of a, collective, we. Have the best and most brightest, minds, in forex. In the, network marketing industry a legal, team that cannot, be matched, all. Of us have come together to literally provide, what I promise, to be the most valued, proposition in, the network marketing space I, guarantee. It, and. As. You guys can see we, have this spillover, the, spillover for, those of you guys that don't know we, run a matrix.

And As, a result, of the momentum of the builders, that we have you, have the potential to, earn business. Off of the efforts, of the company, of your upline, somebody. That. Push. Their business, promoted. Their business, grew their business, and as a result, you benefited from from, from, their growth and last, but not least I'm gonna end it with this, there's no excuse. Out there, now, for people, not to join your business we. Have the. Strongest. Educational. Platform, we, have success, stories and, the beta testing, that we've done 8 to 12 months prior to launching. The company, and we've. Packaged, it simply. For 99, cents under $1 you. Can share this with somebody they, can test drive their, business your business for. Seven, days for, 99, cents it's not contractual. There's no obligation, if they want to quit cuss us out whatever. I highly, doubt they'll do that but, my point is we don't want you guys here unless, you absolutely want to be here and share, and and, in the community, and the culture that we've created with. Really, an intention, a genuine intention, on providing. A solution that so many people need which, is to learn something that's. Going to generate an additional whatever. It may be into. Their household, and tackle. Some, some. Financial, issues that might have been troubled with or even if they're trying to provide for a lifestyle, that they want to live we, have that here and I couldn't be more excited so that's it for me guys I want to thank you guys for taking the time out for watching this video again, give a huge shout out to the team the, dream team and the, team that we have that. Man. The best in the biz you guys couldn't be at the right time or the best time at the right time thank. You god bless love you all talk to you soon. You. You.

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