Conversando con Traders Ep.005 - Jan Humme

Conversando con Traders Ep.005 - Jan Humme

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Kamusta. Truth and una gran Xena this. For the living. Yeah. We went through Columbus Ohio in special. Tsunamis. John yoo. Hoo. Right there on my condo CEO and. Amelia. Say, mucho through. Slippery. Yo, tengo. La. Cumbre, sorry to check. Is gonna be okay. People. I saw is like movie. They. Proposed in Concord is this pass you on, a joke how is the Baathist. Mr.. Momentum Aquila, for LA today. Mussolini, is very much abou Liana then. A Moses how old Gianna. He sent out for me way por supuesto earlier they. Both told. Me. Because I seek. A widow. A Masonic, a cosplay, Kentuckian. John. Come estas. Muy. Bien. There. Is no. Genealogy. E. Oi. Mikey. When. Oh poor LBJ, is Theresa. Scher, is, an English or, mental self sub titular, is. Any place is crammed in the poem was expressed. Received Elliman, Adamas optimum possibility, Ezequiel, activist a momento voy a cambiar de roma ya policy on those people. So. Yon just. Let's get right into it, tell. Me a bit about your, experience, in trading out that you really get, into this into. This world of the trading oh. That's. Oh that's a good question sound it is from long time. Actually. I've. Been trading for 12 years now and. It all started in 2007. When. My. Mom gave me 1,000, euros and I, decided, to open a trading account to find out what reading was about, so. I put it in a trading account and I. Decided, to buy some food options, with that money and a. Couple of days later my, one else euros had changed to six-and-a-half thousand, euros which, means the benefit. Of it. So. I thought I was the big guy this. Is for me my I know how to do this we're, going to be rich, of. Course a couple of days later I was left with only 300 euros, on my account I. Decided. To take it from there I understood, needed. Some good training. Courses. Or whatever so. That's how I ended up in trading, so. I spend a couple years looking all over the place for, good. Training good information, a. Lot. Of mistakes there as well, and. Then finally in, 2015. I. And. I side the poor horses they, decided, for mentorship. Basically. All involved and all the programs that -. Traders teaches and. Well. Here we are. It's. Amazing is amazing I think trading, just alright, if, you're just trading is for you I think trading, will always find a way. To. Reach you you know once, that bug, bites you I think there's no going back and I think I felt the same thing and, I feel like that's your experience as well I always. Get this crazy. Sensation. That and, I'm, up every time I want to do a podcast I feel like sometimes the.

Conversation, Before and after the podcasts are even better than the podcast, and we, were actually in the cab ride coming here and we, weren't touching on, a very interesting, thing. Is that you, don't really pay. Too much attention to, psychology. And, I think you're more oriented. To the plan into the process so, how do you really see that what were you trying to take tell. Me in the cab ride. That's. Right something. In. My vision, most. Emotion. Let's. Say most problems that people they are are are psychological. I really. Know psychology, left all they're just lack of knowledge, and experience. It. Might be as many people. Had, very little patience, and try to be successful in trading too, soon where. They really don't have to the, experience, in the practice to be successful. So. What it does is it gives one fear to the trader. And. It makes, it very hard for the trader to really really. Do a good job, now. Many people think that is psychological. Problems that you have to overcome it I I tend to disagreement, I believe that what. Issue didn't first is, practice, so much and try. To improve your skills so much that you gain so much confidence, in the method in a year seven men, you will find yourself. Trading really, peaceful. Did. You if you should be nervous and of course there, some. Psychological issues left to deal with absolutely. Not. Saying it's not important, but. I do believe that too much attention is getting from psychology, where. At you actually the time should be invested, in proper training and. Really. Study, Memphis. Yeah. That's, very interesting and, you know what I've actually been I, myself. Am. A person that is very interested. In trading psychology and, psychology in general I'm, very moved. By the way just human, beings are and how our mind control, is you know so. I really think it's very valuable where you say to me and, the fact that, maybe. I can learn from this is that it's. Just. You. Don't really need to. To. Think. Of the psychology. If you just follow the plan and. I think that's just something I really value from you and and. There's a saying in our family is that I don't want it I would like Oliver, I want to trade like yeah. You. Have a real fine. Way, of literally. Following, the fat into detail and. You actually told me that sometimes, this place against. You. But. I think everyone, values a lot the way that you can actually follow a plan the, way you protect. Yourself, and you actually look to, maximize your gains is, really really really impressive, and. Yeah what do you think are some of the key values, that let you actually, call the bank because I know there's a lot of people including me that, sometimes, have difficulties.

Especially. In. The trailing stop members. Well. So do you see and. Oliver always says. Big. Problems, with trading is that. It's. Actually very should, be very simple it's just not easy to do and. The reason for this is that people are wired completely, wrong to, be do traders. This. Isn't in many in many ways. The. Issue that most traders, will. Be fearful to, give vector games where. They should actually do the Overman they are about to. Lose. Money instead of giving back games. In. My opinion. One of the hardest. Parts to master race. The. Number. This, is a this is something that is very off to mention the numbers getting but very few people's really internalize, that numbers. Game meaning that you really. Understand, who, really feel that what. You have to do is perform a series of traits can accept the fact that. I. Just want to be losses. Most. People don't do that they live in the trait they, all we think about the trade that they're currently doing and. They do not appreciate the fact that they really do think about that whole series of twenty traits that they're and. Accept that the current trade, may very well end up to be a big, loss I. Think. This is one of the first things for people to. Really. Master and really internalize, and the. Other and I think it's one of the most important, things because if you really understand, this. We. Will find out that you are so much more, peaceful. Within, your training and it's much easier, to deal. With the emotions, that you have because you're all over interested in the result of this particular, trait. The. Way I like to think about this is that you, see it for example if you have a tactic, and let's say the tactic is successful, seventy-five, percent. That. Also means that in twenty five. You. Will get. A loss through this tactic, so. You have to accept that wooden portrays, issues falling. Straight, for a. Win, or a break even, know. The. Way I like to think about this is that. If. I'm in a trade and, I, and I get stopped out so I hit the loss, so. It's it's that one trade out and core that was supposed to be a losing, trade so I like to think of it this way that I say okayed markets, you, have just given me a loss now. You owe, me three winners. And. If you think this way you, will find out it's much easier to accept a loss and to. Just the next time just apply the same plan in the same way. And. In, the end you will be rewarded this way this. May be a way I, help. People to internalize. The concept of the numbers which. I said before I think is it is a very vital part of their illnesses. Wow. That's really special, what you say right here right now, and. I really believe that it's, so true what you're saying right now I mean I'm going to take it for myself I'm going to internalize, it and really apply it to my training in my life in general thank you. If. I may add to that that the. Problem with the numbers game is also that it's a concept that's very easily understood, if, I if anybody explains to you what the numbers game is about everybody there has oh yes if, I understand, it whatever understanding. The concept, is probably different from accepting, accepting. The, concept, and actually. Its. Implications, and this, is where the problem is this is the point where you have to get. Well. That's the point where we're going to get. There's. This I. Feel. That in the Latin community we, have blessing. And also a curse and it's, the fact that we're trying to do this in a community, you know that. You're a big part of it you, give. A lot to the community with your posts about you trading and everything, and. In this community and I find I myself, as a translator, find groups. Of people different, groups of people. You. Have. Groups. Of people that are very similar to me I'd, be like or very similar to you that, easily. Understood, that it all depends on us that. We have amazing, knowledge and, we just have to know how to apply it. But. I also find some people that, through this getting. To know yourself and do, this process of, experience, since. Against our you, know I tend. To get greed they tend to get mad and, they start looking to.

Blame Someone else, might. Find, this a lot in the, group and it might be a small minority but it's a real thing so. When you were going through your dark periods, where nothing was working. What. Was your state of mind what, really kept stirring the game, sincere. In complaining. In and, just. Understanding. That it's about ourselves and, not about the plan or Oliver or whatever you want to put the blame on what. Was some tools that really helped you during. These periods and still, today probably. Well. It's definitely true that many. People. Is. Like reflects when, things. Are against to, look for someone to blame someone, has something to blame something. That's outside, of their control, usual point. To finger so. They don't have to to, just look, in the mirror and see that the ultimate. Ultimately. The only one who can make the difference is themselves. Fortunately. For me this is I don't. Know how I. Ended up that way but this has been something that has always been concept, there was being very clear to me in all my life. Obviously. I don't know where I got that, wasted. My adversaries. In. My life where, all gets beat I've, always focused on myself I, am the only one responsible is. Really and all, the work, myself out of it I'm. Not saying that that, means it is easy of, course I had my dark areas especially in my trading as, well. It's. Times. It's just very frustrating, and it looks like you're not making any progress. Meanwhile. You're only producing mosses, and although. You know you're better. Just. Doesn't share. With. Me. But. Ultimately you, have to. Think. The secret, is, many. People. Underestimate. Time, that it takes to become a good trader. So. To. Me I've, always looked at it like like. A university, career you. Want to become a lawyer or, a doctor, nobody. Would. Five. Or six years of my life and in order to get anywhere to both I make more later. However. Trading. Most people tend to underestimate that. They think they follow, Morris practice for a couple of months and be successful, this. Is just not the case although, it seems it, may seem very simple. In. Reality. TV star, and. Even, though for example soar, like the last, three days all of our uses two days actually not even full days to explain. This. Would be me to do it, it. Requires a lot of practice, time. I, think we're traitors will. Be very, good for traitors if they allow themselves this, time and. If they understand, that. It's, going to to, be a very long process and. That, they shouldn't be getting up so. They wouldn't get frustrated, that if things don't work out in a few months or, year. Push. It even further and say. It. Has to do with taking. Taking, the profession, seriously. Right. Thinking that they mastered. This. Is not. Compare. It to becoming a lawyer Proctor whatever good. Trader also needs that run and if. You set this, and. Then you make the choice to go for it this. You know where you stand, also. In your darkest hours. I think. It's a special way to look at this it's, literally like a career like you say and now you know I've actually been reading a book it's called Siddhartha, it's. A its agent. It's Asian philosophies. You know but, it's a story about. Buddha. Before becoming Buddha. And. That's exactly what he says this, Buddha, nor. Siddhartha. Before, becoming Buddha actually, greets. A Buddha himself. Buddha. Means the enlightened one. Siddhartha. Means the, one who made it or the one who, lightin so. He comes to the Buddha which, is already enlightened and, the. Buddha offers, him like, a mentorship, and. He says no, and. Is literally because he. Tells the Buddha listen, I think, I've already. I've. Already learned. Everything, I have to learn about you. But. There's only one thing that you can't teach me. And. That's. All. The experiences, you've had. That. Really touched me because it's like we. Know all the knowledge like, you said in three days we got all the tactics and strategies, but. No one can give us the experience Oliver. Has had you know so. I think that's what you're saying and I think that's so powerful and, I love that we get to connect with a nice glass of wine I got food in my plate you know this, is very special for me and I love that that sound gets to hear this as well you know very, very special, listen. Young, I'm. Just thinking like I can speak with you for like five hours whatever.

Especially. With a glass of wine I'm. Just thinking in the attention, span of humans. Myself. We're. Gonna try to keep this debate short so people can really digest it but I, really value the conversation, I just had with you thank. You from me and from all, the top I'm very sure I know, this conversation, will be very valuable for our people. Thank. You so much something for the opportunity, I really appreciated. I'm. Sure we will get back to this one. Thank, you so much.

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Me encantó uff demaciado bueno. Gracias Santiago por poner tanta pasión en lo que haces y traernos a personajes como Jam que entraran tanto valor a la comunidad

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Como siempre dejándonos buenas enseñanzas y el reflexionar que hay que tener disciplina. Y nonse la noche a la mañana nos volveremos riko. Hay que trabajar en lo que nos gusta. Santiago como siempre muchas gracias. Bendiciones. Esperando otra nueva entrevista.

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mucha sabiduria en esas palabras mi querido Jan!!! y a ti Santiago gracias por el potcast!!!

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Si funcionan, debes activarlos.

Gracias!!! Admirable Jan, buena entrevista!!!! Saludos

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Muchas gracias por estos podcast.... Realmente ayuda mucho ver la perspectiva de cada trader desde su propia experiencia y proceso.... y entender que esto no es un juego... Es una carrera.... Bommmm


La experiencia es una cosa muy bonita te da una claridad única, sabias palabras nos regala Jan. Gracias a los dos por esta charla.

Excelente podcast, como siempre Jan nos regala sabiduría en el trading cuando habla y muestra sus gráficas, ojalá sea el primero de muchos podcast con Jan, la comunidad latina lo admiramos mucho, te felicito Santiago por como manejas las entrevistas lo estas haciendo muy bien.

Muchos mas por venir. Esto es valioso para todos.

Muchas gracias Santiago, nuevamente! Creo estar en el camino correcto! Simplemente porque a pesar que no soy consistente, estoy totalmente seguro que se puede...casualmente estoy con el libro de Mark Douglas "Trading en la zona".

Hola oliver estoi empezando en esto del trader, que consejos me darias para empezar?

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Esto es lo que le falta a todos, y es escuchar a las personas que tienen experiencia. Podemos ahorrar camino como un hp. Pero creer uno q sabe cuándo en realidad estamos en panales en un te a nos hace ser i feriores. Gracias @donpepesierra por traernos estos podcasts son realmente valiosísimos.

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Me encantó la parte de que al perder en una operación le dice al mercado que le debe 3 ganadoras. Yo voy a adoptar lo mismo pero cada 1 perdedora me debe 5 ganadoras.

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