Contoh Trigger di Pasangan XAUUSD/GOLD || Trigger Example in XAUUSD/GOLD Trading

Contoh Trigger di Pasangan XAUUSD/GOLD || Trigger Example in XAUUSD/GOLD Trading

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The first trigger was candle pattern I've explained it. Next, using changing color candle Changing color candle isn't alone. It must be on top or in the psychology level It must be on top or psychology level For example *Opening Music* I give you an example from the market I make it clear first We enter H1 time frame I try to explain changing color candle as the trigger Changing color candle must be on top How's the clue? It can be from the range or psychology level This is the example; it can be from the top For example, it rises. In the morning, it rose a lil bit then it goes down Then, it rises again When it starts to be long, we look at the left side, is there any psychology level there? If there is psychology level at the left side, The closest is here The psychology level is breakout Then, when it reaches the top, it's rejected So, when there is no another psychology level above it, turns out, there is another psychology level here It touched many rejections here We see the psychology level, will it be breakout or no? Turns out, the closest psychology level is breakout Then, it's rejected there. There is rejection here. Although the rejection doesn't have big impact. Because it's still too small rather than the volume. We always pay attention to the breakout condition. When it's breakout and there is rejection, we must be careful.

It still continue to rise It doesn't mean will continue to rise. But, there is opportunity to order Buy after this. Before it goes down red, it rises first. If we measure it, the rise movement is around 90 Pips When it rise and can't breakout the previous highest price, At the end, it's rejected by Seller and closed by red candle Although it's at the bottom, it's rejected again and closed by red candle If it's closed like this, the previous highest price becomes the closest psychology level Even when the previous went down, it can be psychology level there The left and right side touch. So, it can be the psychology level The most important thing is the highest at the left side is lower When the color starts to change, it can be clue First, we read it from rejection then it's also unable to rise. It's still under the previous highest price Then, it's rejected, becomes red candle. It can be clue/trigger that market will go down soon

We don't know where the down movement will stop. We must test it. The most important thing is we must test it in the closest psychology level area We take an area which has many rejections here It's to test whether it's strong to go down or no At least, there is clue here (changing color candle) The changing color candle was started by rejection, it rises again and rejected. The rise movement is still under the previous highest price. This changing color candle becomes our trigger Sometimes, we can order Sell here Sometimes, we need confirmation candle We must try this more. You'll realize and know it like.. 'turns out, there is psychology level there'

'Turns out, it's unable to rise anymore'. So, we can utilize to order Sell there Next, the second was confirmation candle Confirmation candle is when there is changing color candle, it's confirmed by same color candle without many rejections So, this is the next trigger; 2 confirmation candles So, we order after this candle In a pair, there are opportunities in a day. We just need to find it out. If we see the market clearly, we'll find it.

When it goes down, there is psychology level here There is psychology level which has passed here So, this is the psychology level When it pass the psychology level but it's rejected, we must be careful. Passing psychology level and rejected, we must be careful. It still has down potential because it reached this bottom But, be careful! buyer rejection is very strong Pay attention to the next candle. When it rises, it's rejected again. We always pay attention to the highest price The highest and the lowest The highest price goes down, it still has down potential But, please be careful. It's breakout in the psychology level but the rejection is amazing 2 rejections can be clue that it will reverse Yesterday, we used the next There are changing color candle, 2 confirmation candle or 2 rules, 2 long rejections 2 long rejections in the psychology level area It's also applied for the top 2 long rejections.. One of them is when it's in the psychology level and rejected long

Then, see the breakout. There is long rejection It will go down again but don't forget that the rejection is long So, these 2 long rejections can be our trigger that market has chance to rise back See the next candle! Before it rise, it went down first I've told you that it's breakout So, we can order Sell here (after the candle change) We just need to get profit then exit. Don't take the target too much. when there is opportunity, you just need to order, get profit, then exit. We got more than 200 Pips. If we use 0.1 Lot x 200 Pips = $20

the point is, there is opportunity and it's confirmed, we order and get profit, then exit. After it finished, we wait for it. We see the condition. If this candle is closed by thick red candle without rejection, we focus on Sell again. It's confirmed that it will go down again Otherwise, when it's closed by changing color candle, The low is getting higher or the lowest price is getting rise, it means that Seller is unable to go down again until the bottom then, it's closed by green candle. It becomes trigger that the market will rise

Then, it's confirmed to rise again 2 confirmation candles strengthen Buyer will rise again. We can utilize it by ordering Buy there When we order Buy, don't forget to limit the loss 400 - 500 Pips You just need to input it. For example, here's the Stop Loss SL is 1746.41

When we order, don't forget that.. Here's the example.. In Order Modification, the Stop Loss is at the left side The Take Profit is at the right side. We just need to input 1746.41 in Stop Loss

Then, it's modified If we have transaction, this white and grey box will shine. You can click it. there is Stop Loss at the left side to input the numbers If we input the number in Take Profit column, it's to put Take Profit I never use this. I also seldom using Stop Loss If my Lot is 0.1 Lot and the loss is 500 Pips, I get $50 loss We just multiply it or at least, the number (the floating) will show up there. To know the amount Pips, the formula is the floating : the Lot It was found that 200 Pips If it's $50, it means 500 Pips But, there are huge opportunities It was from changing color candle, 2 confirmation candles, 2 long rejections For the bottom long rejections... These are 2 long rejections

It's confirmed again by green candle At least there is clue that Buyer will show up When it's confirmed, we can order buy here That's a part of trigger Once more, breakout as trigger If it's correction, when the market goes down then the candle goes down long after this long candle, there is correction. It rises and rejected to up So, the candle is like this. This becomes tail This is what we call as correction when there is correction, we take Sell position The position we take doesn't against the trend. But we wait for up correction

It's also same if the market rises. There is long red candle rises For example, long red candle I'm sorry, this is long green candle rises When the market is strong to rise and no rejection on top, don't we order Buy! We can order when there is correction Volume is formed with tail on top When it goes down, we can order Buy by not against the direction It's ok if you can utilize the correction When the trend rises thick and no up rejection, we can order Sell quickly When it goes down correction, we close it directly Have I gave you the step by step of recovery video? The utilizing running video when the market is up and down? All of them can be utilized by correction. I'll give you the video The next is breakout. It can be our trigger For example, this is psychology level area, then it rises When it's breakout, we can order Buy there This is the example Breakout will be stronger when it pass the strong psychology level Now, we see candle which is breakout from SNR We see the breakout condition This is Sideways. The market ups and downs Then, it rises and goes down again So, the bottom psychology level is this one. This is the closest. It touches many rejections This is psychology level Then, the top becomes the closest psychology level When it's breakout on top, it will continue to rise. If it's breakout at the bottom, it will go down

We zoom it out first. We mark it here If it's not breakout yet, it will be always there It's in the consolidation range When it changes, there is new psychology level. We use the newest here Then, it's here We color it as different color, so that there is differentiator This is the closest psychology level and the newest It's not yesterday, but it's the newest If one of them is breakout, it will continue to rise. Pay attention to it. It's not breakout This down movement is in the psychology level, then it's rejected. The up movement is in the psychology level and it's rejected again It rises again and go back again. Pay attention to the row

It rises again and touch the psychology level. It doesn't continue to rise. It means that it goes down again Until it's breakout. When it's breakout, we see it. The closest now is not here, but above it.

Because there is psychology level, the newest rejection, the closest rejection. So, the psychology level moves to here At first, it was here. Because there is the newest above it, it's formed here It follows the newest The high is there If there is any psychology level above it, we use it. Because it close here and all of them are touched, we take it. This is also touched.

This one too This one too Pay attention when it's still around psychology level area But, we can see that it wants to rise The direction is getting rise When it's breakout.. Breakout means that it becomes thick candle and passes the psychology level It passed the psychology level strongly. So, the next potential is it will continue to rise We can utilize the next candle to order Buy by using breakout as trigger Another example I scramble it Maybe it's here There is psychology level which is formed there The psychology level is at this top There is psychology level at this bottom It's breakout, it has potency to continue to go down There is potency to continue again Because XAU always be loyal with the SNR If it's not breakout, it will be consolidation or even it can go back If it wants to go down, we can see it from the structure Before it's breakout, the structure can be seen If the market wants to rise or go down, pay attention to the closest structure from running If the direction goes down, then it's breakout, we focus on Sell If the direction rises, then it's breakout, we focus on Buy The green candle on top The next is breakout on top. It's breakout from the top psychology level. It continue to rise again There is psychology level on top. Don't take it, take this one first. This is the closest.

The basic is psychology level which is the closest from running The closest doesn't mean the distance But, it's the shorter psychology level The closest but the shorter at the bottom. If it's passed, we take the psychology level which above it So, we have many opportunities to take order. When it's breakout, there is rise opportunity. Is there any breakout on top? If it's breakout, we can order Buy again If not, we see it. Whether it's strong to go down or no. We see it based on the changing candle and the last candle character

We see it when it's not breakout on top, Then, it's rejected. Then, this red candle becomes clue to go down It's strengthened by breakout. We can order after this candle It's breakout. There is clue here. There are 2 confirmation candles. We may take it here. There is breakout, we may take it.

Then, there is also psychology level at the bottom. If it goes down and breakout, it continues to go down There is also psychology level under this If it goes down and breakout, it will be getting down There is also another psychology level under this It's here. It's always gradually like that. If it's breakout, we look at the left side again It's always like that. When it's breakout, it always go back to the formed price. Turns out, there is psychology level here This one is in the psychology level Why it could be like that? Because market always go back to the past price memory In the psychology level, it's rejected to up When it goes down and breakout here, it continues to go down again. and there is also psychology level here If it's breakout, it still continue to go down. It repeats.

We look at the left side, there is another psychology level at the bottom Then, the strongest will be here It's here In this area, it's started to be rejected. It's getting rise In the rise area, we focus on Buy There will be psychology level on top. It's here There is psychology level above it Just see the end of rejection. Including if it rise and down like this If the psychology level is passed, it will rise strong. If not, it will go back.

Including this one. This is strong psychology level. strong is when there are many rejections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

There are 6 strong rejections. Don't against it. We follow the trend That's the explanation. I've explained all of the triggers We just need to practice them. How we test our skill in applying the material in the up and down market. Then, don't forget to manage the Lot and control the loss That's about my explanation. Any question?

to be continued...

2021-09-01 14:04

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