Consistency and Strategy Performance Discussion, BWT Precision Autotrader - VLog #783

Consistency and Strategy Performance  Discussion, BWT Precision Autotrader - VLog #783

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Hello. Everyone today is Friday. Hello, everyone, today is Friday August 9th it's 11:00, 12:00, p.m. Eastern Time and. It's. About. 5:12, p.m. my. Local time just getting around to making today's video, first. Up I'm gonna do a recap, of the week and show our spreadsheet and, see what performed, and what didn't what. I have here the first shot I'm showing you is. One. Of the best performing, charts, this is the Nasdaq on a 987. Bwt. Hike and a Shi tick chart and. This. Is a very consistent chart, we've been showing it for a long time it. Had a great performance this week. What. I want to point out here on this chart particularly, is what. You can learn from losing. Trades we, have three losers in a row right here and this drew, us down and, I want to show you. How. You might, improve, settings, on a chart like this so. This. Chart. The. Setup did draw down here as much as 327, remember I've gone to just, showing a single contract, so two contracts. Here would be, $1,000. In. Profits, but this drew down about. 332. Here. It. Came back. Plus. 175. And then it drew down again a second time to 87. But. What I want to show is how. Some. Of these trades might have been better, because there's something to learn from, losing. Trades okay. So. These couple of trades here, if you. Enabled. The, volatility, stop for example. As. A stop was here I have no trailing stop if. I were to make my volatility. Stop. If. I were to activate, it say you, know maybe. 20. Ticks or 15 ticks then, my exit, would have been right here at the volatility stop and this. Trade would have been a little better and this, trade here, only would have lost about a tick instead, of down here, and this, trade here only would have lost a little bit because it would have exited right at the line, now. The. Bigger lesson is right here. This. Was a. Perfect. Signal filled on her limit order minus three ticks and. I. Got, stopped, out because, my stop-loss. Is 21 ticks and, the, ensuing move. We. Would have hit our goal on this move and so. Whenever I see something like this. It's. An opportunity for you to. Change. Your settings I'm definitely. Going to change my settings to more than 21 ticks this kind of thing just, shouldn't, happen and, it's. Really aggravating, when it does so, I'm. Gonna say from. 76-14. To, the volatility stop is more. Like, 7605. But let's just say 76 oh for thats. 10. Points, or 40. Ticks I'm going to say my volatility, stop on this should, be 40, ticks I probably made this on, one, contract, for whatever, reason, I did, honestly. I don't think it's enough so I'm gonna make the stop on this 40. Ticks because. Of this trade this like I said there's. Something to be learned from every. Losing, trade. Overall. In spite of the drawdown here, in the losing trades. This. Did come back with these, two winners here and you can see the. Size of this winner and then of course this. Winner here. If, this would have been a winner it. We. Could probably would have hit our goal but. Anyway there were two winners back to back here and that brought us up to our goal and obviously there was one tick of slippage here, after. I'm done showing all the charts then, I'll bring over the spreadsheet, and show. You the the weekly results. Okay. This has been really solid this, emoney. SP, on a. Super, rank of four tick with the opening range filter. This. Is trading, exactly, as as you. Want it to trade very, few trades and the, ability to hit its goal I have, a goal on this one most. Super ANCA four ticks I put the goal at, like. 375, or 400, but this one I have a $500 goal and, a. Profit target of 45 ticks, that's why it took two trades here because we had a little bit of loser, had. I, enabled. The trail stop. You. Know here. Say. 29. 30 and a quarter was your entry, and this. Went to, 34. And a quarter so had. I had a trail. Stopped by, bars enabled, at 20 ticks I would, have had a nice winning trade here, but, this trade here, would. Have only, gone about 20 ticks and then. Retraced. I. Would. Have been stopped out by bars but the, thing is is that would have been 40 ticks which is $500.

And. I. Would, have hit my goal so that might be a worthwhile change, here to make to, trail by, 20. Ticks because, if you have. A shorter, move like this and even, if you get stopped out. You. Would hit your goal with, two trades like that so that might be a worthwhile move, the. Way to really know is to run the charge side by side and test the different settings anyway. This has been a great performer, since I've been showing it the. Combination, of the step ma and the open range filter has worked really good this chart, has. Traded really nice. Remember. This is trading a single contract. Okay. Next up is the e-mini S&P on, a super rank of four tick with, a super anko six tick higher time frame this. Has a goal of 400, trading, one contract, and the. Way I have this set up is. 32. Ticks is four hundred dollars or eight points and. We. Do have some money management here so again the logic of, hitting. Sixteen. Ticks and trailing. By bars which, I did here that. Worked, out pretty good so the previous chart that I showed about. Trailing. To stop sooner, I, think, that's a good idea. Okay. The Nasdaq, on a 1597. Hike and a XI tick chart with. The open range filter. True. Down only about two hundred dollars on a single contract, and then, came. Back with these two winners and hit its goal of, 500. On a single contract. The. Dax on a superegos, six tick. Starting. Trading at the u.s. session and. Not. Using any filters. Has. A goal of, 500. And so, this, hit his goal probably had some slippage, and. Here. Are the trades here the cup two. Winners two losers. And. The. Drawdown was. Minimal, less than a hundred dollars. Okay. The e-mini S&P six, Renko regular. Renko has. Been. In solid, and strong. Since. We've been showing it so this week it did very well once, again a single. Contract, and. This. Is a limit, order with a 4 tick pullback, and a. $425. Goal. And. 34. Ticks is the goal and. I'm. Trailing the trailing, a little before we hit our goal so. This. Has been a solid performer, for us the. Dax on a 377. High kanashii with the open range filter had, to any trades and hit its goal. Of. 650. Probably had some slippage but this. Has been a really strong chart as well. It. Didn't do all that great this week, but. It's, still been a. Very, good performing, chart overall, so. When you guys are analyzing. The information I'm, giving to you which I've been hesitant, into because I don't, think a lot of people really know how to interpret this information they'll, look at a chart that, is performed, well for a week and they're like okay that's the one to trade and it. Really takes a long time to. Really. Confirm. Consistency. And, that's. The whole purpose of, now. Over 700, videos you, can look back on some of our videos you, know six and eight months ago and you'll see some of these charts or even years ago and that. Can reinforce, your. Confidence, here but there.

Are Some patterns that start to emerge. Just, watching the charts day-to-day and week-to-week. Okay. The, best performing, chart of this week is the. Dax on a super, rank of 14 tick and you. Can see why right here a single, trade. Hitting. Its goal. Which. I believe I have set at 750, with excellent, positive, slippage this. Is a really, strong performer, this week this, chart. Did. Over, three thousand, dollars this. Week in live simulation. But. These are all limit orders. Accepting. When we hit our goal and it's not always negative slippage, a market, order at the end so. Again. Just wait, I'll be patient and I will be showing the spreadsheet, in just a few moments, okay. The second-best chart of the week is the Nasdaq on a super encode six. Tick my. Version, that's. Kind of similar to what Jim was trading. That in and, I still have this left, at three contracts, with. A $750. Goal. This. Stood really good it didn't really draw down there, was, one. Losing, trade right here but. It basically had five, winners and one loser. That's, pretty incredible, three. Contracts, with. Pretty. Tight money management and, this. Did, about. $2,500. 18. Just, about $1,800. For the week. This. Is another chart that has been very. Solid as well, and that is the e-mini S&P on, a regular, - Renko. With. A, super. Anko 6 as the higher time frame this. One has a goal of. 375. And. That. Was hit and we. Had, excellent. Positive, slippage today on this chart. Ok. The dax on a 150 high kanashii, hit. Its goal of 500, today on a single trade and this, is also using, our open range filter, the. E-mini S&P on a 1597. High kanashii chart okay, like I said I before, in yesterday's, video I had to redo my chart this, one still remains trading, to, contracts, with a thousand, dollar goal. This. One is still trading 2 contracts, with a thousand, dollar goal so 500 per contract, I'll. Have to change this in the. Spreadsheet, I've only been giving, it credit for. One. Contract, and, logging. It as 500, but anyway. Here's the trades today. Three. Winners and one loser. Okay, the dax on a super Rico's six tick that. Starts trading at the open, of the u.s. session. This. Drew. Down about. $200, and. Then. Had. Another losing, trade right here. And then, a winner right, here that. Brought, it up to its goal of 500. Okay. That. Okay. The e-mini S&P on a night. Okay. The emini S&P on a 987, high kanashii chart had, a single trade and hit its goal of what, looks to be like. $400. And. Here's. The open the market finally got short here and hit. Its goal in a single trade another, very good performing, chart, okay. So here's the results, of this. Week and, I. Can. Make this a little bit bigger here. Okay, so let's. Have a look at this here. Okay, here we go I finally got to fit to the chart. Here's. The week totals, I'm, just going to go down the list you can see we had, one. Two three four five six. Seven eight losing. Charts, and the. Rest were winners and, the. Highlights are. Starting. From the top the crude oil 150, line break chart at 8:40. The. Crude oil super anko eight tick. Normally. A pretty good chart end, of, the week at minus 490. Last. Week. This. Did 140. But. I. Believe. It's better than this you have just have to give it be, a little patient I think we'll see better performance, from that chart. Okay. Going down the list the crude. Oil and super anko six tick chart for, the week of 85. Finished. With a modest gain of 170. Super. Anko, for. Tick with, six hit higher time frame. Just. One tick chai of a thousand dollars so very good performance here. For, winning. Days I don't have a trade here for Monday. But.

This. Chart. With the open, range filter and the step moving average, had. For. Winning days and one stop out here and did, 1537. For the week. Super. Encode for with a tick higher time frame. Had. A couple of losing days here but still finished at 587. For the week, the. Super anko's 6 with, the sick stick higher time frame. Normally. Pretty good in three, line break bars. 59-97. High. Kanashii chick. We're. Both negative, I think, I'm going to drop this chart, here. Last. Week the. E-mini. S&P super. Anko's six with, a six tick higher time frame was one of the best charts for last week at 1725. And this. Week it. Did. -. To 60 to 50 so still. Up 1500, in two weeks. But. Again this. Is the beginning of all this. You. Know a little more time will, reveal. More. Useful. Information, about, what. Is most consistent, like, I kind of have an idea and. And. I talk about it but the. Regular, Renko bar charts, are really, good here this one finished at. 1037. For the week super. Anko for chick with a, 5. Higher time frame. Negative. For the week 500. Regular. Renko with, 5 higher time frame -, 1360. For the week, last. Week. That. Did. 162. So it's it's a little bit off. The, super, echo to tick on the other hand, much. To my surprise this. Finished, at, 1075. Only one losing day and then. Right below it the, super, anko 4 tick with. A 1597. High kanashii as higher, time frame we, just added hiked and ashy as, a. Higher time frame in the. Last version but I've never, bothered to use it so I've only been running this chart for, maybe a month and it. Showed. Well this finished, at 14 1250, for the week only. One losing day here. 1597. High kanashii chart, just barely broke even at. 37, 50 see. Franco 4 with a 60-minute higher time frame did 587. Super. ANCA for with the super Inca 4 to 7, 62. And. It, looks like I. Have. Two, charts, the same so I'm gonna have to figure this out with. Different, numbers, so, again. Right here these two are the same I'll. Have to figure out what's what. On, the, DAX, okay. 377. Normally, pretty good this. Was down for the week and so. Was the super anko six but the rest of the Dax charts, were pretty strong, the. 1987. High kanashii tic. 1334. Tic three line break 875. And, the. Winner. Of all of it is the super. Inc °o° 14, tick on the. Dax. And. Last. Year last, week. The. Dax 987. Super. Anko six, super. Inc of 14 was. Negative. For the week but not by much. Still. Had some winning days here but. Anyway. Like I said you'll, have to study, this and draw some, conclusions. Same, on the Nasdaq here really strong performance, on everything and then. This week, mixing. It up a little bit but. The best performing. Chart was, the 987. Tic with 2450, keep. In mind this is trading a single contract and. The. Nasdaq, on a 750. Goal to, be fair. Probably. Here it was trading two contracts, so I'm just going to change this to, 500. And, assume. A single contract so. Really. Only 1840. But still in a single contract that's very strong the losing day here was only 155, big deal. This. Is the. Emulation. Of James template, which is trading three contracts, and that, finished at 8:15. This. Is a chart that's that's, been. Very consistent over the, years the, one that I had that starts trading at 12:30, p.m. so that's why it's down here and it started trading it again. On. Wednesday, so. Anyway. There you have it that's the breakdown for the week. It'll, be interesting to see how, it goes next. Week that's. All for this video thanks for watching.

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Maybe on the NQ 987 BWT HA tick chart, the pullback should be bigger also? Not just the SL? Just a thought and something to check.

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