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A. United. Black Business Association learn, more right, after this. If. You're looking for a new pet that your family will cherish every, day consider. Adopting, from, a shelter. Shelters. Are the best places to find a new pet that's, where you'll discover healthy, loyal. And. Loving animals. Eager. To become a part of your family a person. Is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet so, bring home your new buddy today, to. Find out more visit the shelter pet project, org. Welcome. To community, watch Greg. Duh hey, you. Doing all right I'm doing I'm. Here now. Go you plant you or an, entrepreneur. Did. You think that safe to say. What. They entrepreneur. Technically. Really. Innovation. You know you're finding different with something a better way of doing things so I'm just doing what. I'm proud of business, owner they say but I'm saying maybe a social. Entrepreneur. But. I do own my own, to. Small, business instead of little. Profitable, I can say I mean you know. Some. Excited. About the show today yeah we, actually. This. Has. Been. In operation the. United. Black, Business, Association for. Not. Quite. A year. But. I just found out about it recently so. I. Was very happy that our. Guest was able to join us today talk a little bit about it so me, too, so. We'll. Learn some background, today we'll learn a, little, bit about the, the purpose of you BBA and. You'll. Come away educated. Just as we will so stay. With us we'll be joined by our guest right. After. The. Color in my garden, keeps, a pink of my cheeks. Volunteer. By donating your lunch break and America, let's do lunch dork. Welcome. Back to community, watch we, were very happy to have with us today, marquita, Searcy welcome. Thank, you for having me, well I was, very excited, when. I. Found out I first, found out about the magazine before, I knew about. The. Black, Business Association so, but, they're they're clearly, connected, yes they are so, tell. Us a little bit about about, what. The UB ba is, the. United, black visitors, Association, is what I like to equate to a Chamber, of Commerce, it. Caters to the minority, community, for. One I took a stroll down Broad Street, and, I. Counted, the number of minority, businesses we. Were lacking in that department. We. Were like we were definitely lacking in that department, and I, kind of thought to myself why, is that I. Always feel like education. Is the key and I. Figured, if we knew better we'd. Do a little bit better so, that's why I started United, black Business Association was, to educate our business owners and make sure that they were successful. And, we grow in numbers so, that's, what I did and out of it came our, magazine, as a promotional, tool so. They kind of go hand in hand and. They, worked together to to, paint this awesome. Picture of our community, that we're not just. You. Know we're not just black. People we're all sorts of things we're, entrepreneurs. We. Have we dabble in various, businesses. Electricians. Have artists. We have authors. We, have amazing people in the community and that's what we want to highlight through, our magazine, and we've. Been doing pretty well so far I've met a lot of great people. No. I I have. To complain a little bit okay. We. Always have one well, where, can I get the magazine, you can, get the magazine, from our website if, you go to the. Blackbook, magazine com. You can purchase it and we ship we're. Not just local we ship all over now. If you're interested in taking it a step further, say, for instance you, don't just want to purchase the magazine you want to be in the magazine you can submit through, there and also. Submit. For our feature and we, just asked you to tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll reach out to you and schedule an interview and, that way you can be in our magazine as well well. You know actually this is I guess about the 3rd, 3rd, or 4th. Creation. Of such an organization. Years. Ago no. Judge Steve some bill called is a. Bishop. Ellen they had a black Business Association of some type years. Ago then. I know there, was one Larry, I think it was the same one but to kind of rejuvenate.

It Brother. Larry James of quarth and then about five years ago actually I tried creating. Wow because. Like. You I think. Sometimes. We. Fail to realize the importance, of economics, and the, importance, of owning. And controlling. Businesses. Especially, when, it comes to. Our. Community, we in a capitalistic, society. And if you're not working. In capital, if you're not part of capital and you kind of really left on the outskirts, so, I'm a very big proponent of. Supporting. And helping create. Black businesses, and, so I know, this, is needed, because. We have, the, buying power I don't know what it is now but I know we have like over a trillion dollars, in buying power as, a group of people that. Actually make our. Buying, power actually make the after MIT community Richard, in some countries, yes, I've read that hey, we, still some. Time we made a lot of Vance's and a lot of. Other areas when it comes to business, I think there's just one area we haven't quite. Fully. Committed, to yeah, you're exactly right, we. Do we have a large. Amount of buying power but, unfortunately, none of it comes back into our community, to help build it up we. Have to have social capital in, order to rejuvenate our, community, to even be called a community actually because. I don't feel like there is a sense of community among us. So. That's what you BBA is here for is to create that capital, to be that crutch to provide those resources that may not be ready readily, available, to. Us unfortunately. I talked with a young lady in Summersville, she. Just opened up a business downtown and. Difficulty. After difficulty, after difficulty, just because of miss education, and. But. It didn't hurt her but just imagine how, many people have been deterred, just, because of that they didn't know and we don't want that to happen. Business, is a big, thing in our community and we hope to develop it with you BBA and I'm sure we will it'll take time of course but we, have to stay on it we have to educate our. People about the importance. Of business ownership if. We ever want to grow our community and. Like. I said it's just it's going to be it's definitely a process it's an uphill battle and I actually spoke, with Commissioner. Collins, and North. Allen on their. Organization. They. Informed, me that they were the ones that had a dabble, in the statue. That's up at Five Points, that's, awesome I actually never, noticed, it was there and, once. I was informed it it was there I took a trip up to kind, of pay homage to it and he. Told me a little bit about what they had going and we, just want to take that and take it further, we. Want to do more we want to establish programs, that. Will help us is people get the information that they need when starting a business I, met, so, many other people that are unsure, on you, know where to go where do I start like. I want to go I have a lot of caterers, and, there's a lot of regulations, and when it comes.

To Dealing with people's food. They don't know they're like well can I do this no what. If I want to ship out the state well. It has to be inspected you, know so as so many aspects. That comes with that and it can be overwhelming, and deter a lot of people and that's, just something we don't want to happen no. Look. At it as, a community. Historically. We have provided. A lot of other communities, the. Financial, resources they, needed to. Build and grow and become. Really. The messes, of their own destiny, it's. Not uncommon to drive around in, any, predominately. Black community, in America, and find, that most of the stores are not owned by people that. Live in that community to even look like that community. And. Somehow. We got to realize that that's just not right, it means since that. Something. Is you, just can't drive in most communities and, see businesses, owned by other people, but, you can always choose to come to our community and you see that and you, can't be mad at business. People for taking up or taking advantage of the business opportunity, but, we at some point have to say wait a minute okay, you have a store here that's fine but we don't have a store ourselves, we have to be willing to invest in our, community otherwise. You know, we'll. Still get kicked we'll keep getting the same communities, that we say we don't want if you waiting on somebody else to come in and build a moat they have to do that so, I am excited about the. Trick you own because I do think, most lot of people don't realize this but one of the tenements, of the 100, is economics. You, know we have this part of our mission is the economic, fabric it's actually in our mission statement but. I think. We. Have to understand, the, role business, play I think we think its business is something separate, your, business is really the center, of your community, it is and, if you don't believe to. The people at the Chamber of Commerce Rome is growing, in Romans great Romans all this but Rome is all of that because they have rome has rebuilt itself, from. A cotton, town or whatever river town to town, but industry's time, with manufacturing. Which, is around, business and. So I think we as a community we have to we have to start looking at businesses, and owning businesses. I. Don't. Think we've earned the right to call ourselves community. Quite yet, community. Has businesses. They have, economics. They have all that so we haven't really, earned that right yet. I'm. I'm. Curious. What. Was, involved. In. Your. Decision. To. Create the, Association. I mean you said you noticed. How few black. Owned businesses, there were. Then. I mean, was that I mean that was, the gist of it it really was, it. Was gist of it I wanted. People, to be able to have somewhere to go where they could get information and get accurate, information and. Feel comfortable. Sometimes. We aren't I'm, not gonna I feel comfortable going, into certain. Businesses. Because we don't feel like okay not. Too many people come here but, I'll go ask this person and, sometimes when they go ask that person then they don't necessarily give out the right information so we are an entity and we're going to make sure we give out the right information we're, going to make. Sure you follow all the steps that you need to make your business successful, as well as have all the resources that you need and now that's the overall goal and once, we do that we also encourage, encourage, our businesses, to give back to the community, in, turn we're going to create social capital, we, support, you you in turn to support the community, and that's how it works that's. What every community, does exactly, I mean if you really look at it, it. Is a mutual relationship, you. Know it's not I owe you you owe me but it's a mutual understanding that. I am, choosing, to spend my money here, with, you in, my, community, no with this business where I could go other places but, in return you have a commitment, not to me as an individual, but to this community, and I, think. It. Is an educational, thing but but but I don't think it's something I, think. It's more. Sinister than we realize I think it is something that has been grayned I think, it is something that is systemic. We. Do know ever since desegregation. The percentage, of businesses and, the number of businesses that closed. That. Was, not just by happenstance, yeah. So we still, struggle there's a good book doctor named pegboard changed in images of psychological, slavery, and, when she talked about this thing and one. Of my mentors Miss Samuel, talks. About the. White man ice being colder, that once desegregation. Happened, and we had the ability to go to other businesses, we. Stopped purchasing. And buying from people that looked like this in our community because we was under the impression that, what, the other community, had was better than what we had and, and that hurt us tremendously and, ever since then I think we still struggle, when.

It Comes to creating, and maintaining. Business. It's one thing if you start one but it's something else actually have longevity and. There's nothing to community. Have to address that's, that's exactly right. My, dad told me about a period he, was born in 1942. He's, gonna get, me in trouble. And. He told me about a time when they were they. Had a community, that they had plumbers, they had electricians. They had grocery stores and they. Thrived, and. For. The life of me I like what happened, what, happened and. It's kind of like what you were saying that. People just lost interest, they. Felt like they, were better out there even though we were providing, the same thing and so, they kind of Bend in their community, and we're, left with a white man ice is cold. I. Thought all ice was it water. Froze, at 32 degrees but I haven't. Done, that study but maybe. We. Need to take a quick break we, will come back with a lot more discussion don't, go away. My. College offers classes that mean my educational. And career goals with, opportunities, outside the classroom where, the faculty know, me by name my college, can't prepare me for my career I can earn an associate's, degree and transfer credits, for my bachelors my college is a state college within the University, System of Georgia my, college, is affordable it's, close to home my college has online opportunities. It's where excellence begins, we, are we, are we, are DAC, Georgia. Highlands College. Welcome. Back to community, watch we're having a conversation with, my Marquis. De Circe who. Is. The. CEO I guess, is the right term for the, United. Black Business, Association and. The. Magazine, that is. Connected. To that the, black book magazine. So. Our our. Businesses. Or people. Who want to begin businesses, are they seeking. Seeking. You out are you, seeking them out or how is that work it's been a mutual it's. In both ways actually I've. Had people that. Are referred, to me can. You help them they're, trying to get started so I've had that and I've actually reached out to people, that. I see potential in I, feel, like they can take their business. To the next level, they just need tools. To do so I actually, sit down with a young, lady this past Sunday who wants to start a clothing, line and she, was unsure where. Do I start, she, actually wasn't familiar with how to sew or even, draw I was like well first, you need a business partner you need to, you. Need a business partner so what I told her was to reach out to a fashion, school find. A sophomore, junior. That's, very eager and grabbed. Them up and kind of collaborate. Most. People don't think about that that's how I get a lot of my team members is hey let's collaborate, so, I do a lot of collaborations, and, that's key and that way we're helping each other and maybe. Money. Maybe, money's never you, know changing hands but, we're both benefiting, from the. Situation, so it actually works both ways and I've been enjoyed the people that I've been introduced, I've met a lot a lot of wonderful people I just, spoke with a plus-sized, travel, agency, they. Cater to people that, have, mobility issues as well as.

Disabilities. And they, help them navigate that, world they. Feel I think their logo is you, dream it we, book it you live it it's, wonderful, and I think people should know about that because so many people are coming fine to a certain area because they're oh you, know I'm in a wheelchair I can't travel no, that's not the case you know and they're in the process of revamping their, website. So that's something that I could assist with as well to make it easy. To navigate because we like simple stuff people don't like to click on a lot of stuff it needs to be in their face so that would be something that I would help with just various, aspects, of that, business, or let's. Start with a business plan. We'll. Start there that's what I started with with the girl on Saturday, have, me a business plan by, side next Saturday I need, to see it we'll start there and go from there it's a step-by-step process and eventually they'll get the hang of it and I, feel like that's something that's needed because nobody it's so difficult to figure out where the start and I just took it and ran, I'm. Not gonna say that it, worked out good but, it was definitely a tougher route and I'd rather not. Have somebody else go that route I rather help them along the way and kind of make. Them want to continue, because trust, me there's been times where I'm like I'm done with this so. It's a rocky road but, if you keep going you'll, definitely be okay and I just want to be that, little. Helper there that just guides you through the journey well. That's definitely at me I, talk. To a lot of young people talk about owning a business but like you said they really don't have a clue to, what that entails. Wish, becomes a regulation, becomes a capital, it's like yeah you got a great idea but you know there are some other things that you have to have besides just a great idea. Simple. Things like market research do, you even know your work do you even know the demographics. Who is your audience I mean and so it. Is a need but. I just, but. I'm excited, about a couple of years ago the. 108. KS for, about two years had the black Business, Expo, and. I was amazed and even sometimes today I'm still amazed at some of the black, owned business that I didn't even know existed because, we're not working in collaboration, we're not even if I'm not using your product, I still should be aware of what you are you selling, so that if somebody does ask me I can refer them and.

That Was an eye-opener to me is that well we have more businesses, than I realized. But we're. Not affiliated, in any kind of way and, so. Some people I mean I just think that's critical. Because who. Your audience, if they don't know that you exist, they can't they can't you know they. Can't, you they can't buy your products they can't support, you they don't know you exist and, so, hopefully I'm hopeful, that this, magazine would just be another area another tool, that our community, can use not just our community anybody, who want the services that we all face because. I think sometimes people think because it's a black owned business, you, own a Kahler cater to black people that's not the case it. Just means that the person who owns is black for their take, if. You want their product, they'll be more than glad you're happy to sell it but. I think that's one of the things we have to we have to know daddy. You. Know just by being a black owned business, you know the greater community may consider you may not even think you're an option, for them and so you got to make sure you're making them aware hey. This is an option that if I'm a caterer out he doesn't matter exactly, I think you or hit know something, that is very much needed and then you. Can be in business for a long well. We're hoping and, you, mentioned, about knowing. And part, of our magazine is a directory, in the back so. You can turn to it you'll. Find people from all industries so, there's no reason that you should not know. The business owners in your community, they're right here laid out for you in an order flip. Through you, can find anything you need and there are so many more business there's businesses. Here that I I, couldn't imagine I was like wow all these and it's, funny because it kind of started with the Facebook post so shut, up to Facebook I love, it so it's a wonderful tool it really, is, made a post and I, said tag every. Black owned business, that you know. Overwhelming. Response, I was, like y'all just made my jobs a thousand, times easier because, now I don't have to go out and ask everybody it's. All right, here, I think I got it, was almost, 200. I'm gonna say it's business, owners, and entrepreneurs because. There were some people that had just started out they may not necessarily had, a storefront. But. I still count that as a business if you have a website you're still a business well, in today's market. Brick. And mortar is no longer the. Thing I mean it's great but I know I'm. An offense in the travel industry one. Of my jobs, and brick. And mortar I mean those four is the traveler it's just not one of the that's, not a fast-growing area. Right therefore he's breaking more than travel industry because everything, can be done from, your phone for most people your business needs to be in the director. Last. Year I was the economic empowerment, chairman, and, we started, a black. Business directory, it was actually talking about it at our meeting that we need to refine, it update, it we need to do a better job and, someone, said well you know there's a sister, who has I said, what, for real and, so that's. Why I mean I'm glad you here because I know we have a directory, then we need to say hey here you go because, as part of our mission is economic. Empowerment and, so you have, a vehicle. That we can put some gas in it's, like here you go you can take this legwork and just multiply because I do, think, there's. A lot of businesses in our community that we just don't know about and. And, not knowing means I can't invest, in your business. That's. Exactly, right and going back to what you were you, were talking about people that don't know I, did have to learn the difference between business. Minded, and business. Professional, yeah there. Are two different things business minded, oh you just know you want to start a business and that's about it you don't know anything else about it a business professional they, navigate, they know how, to work events they know how to push their product, and. They're they're becoming, established, or are already established but. You had said yeah it's a very different mindset and I'm learning to. Take. Those business, minded, people and make them into business, professionals, and get, them where, they need to be so, a lot of us we start out as business minded, oh I just want to do this and you, know what, have you but you got to get to the professional level and that's where we want to take you I got a challenge before them you got a question I don't, know if there's truth I've. Heard it and I want to try it regardless, I've. Heard that if, the.

African-american, Community, would. Commit to just $20. Paycheck. With. Black businesses, a lot, of black businesses, wouldn't go under and. I was thinking about it and I'm thinking you know it makes sense though because most. African Americans are negative check not, one, dime, goes. To a black business, so, if you take the, average if you take the number of African Americans that live here in Rome and, they just committed $20. To a black business, the cash. Influx. For. Those businesses. Would, be tremendous, because most of us when. We go when we spin our check most of that money does not go to one black bitch the only business that probably they gets our money on the regular basis or barbers, to salons, that's. About it and the mortuary when we die. Are. We consciously, and, so I really, my. Challenge, you to put this together cuz we need to educate our community just commit $20. Of a month or $20 whatever it is a pay period to. A black owned business, makes a difference but and. We. Don't do it well my my, question is, related to that I think do. You think, the. Time has, has, come or or improved. Or situation, has changed and, that. Our. African-american. Citizens. Want. To, support black. Owned business, I think, so I think so I think the, the times I've definitely changed I think, our people are feeling more empowered and, even, before a black panther. Even. Prior to that I think we had some momentum, going in that direction and, that movie, kind of just secured. It on the grander scale but. A billion, dollars bottom yes that, is awesome that, is awesome and, I think somebody was saying it's still not even released in some country, so it's set to go really high and I'm. Just waiting for the sequel but, yes. I think there was momentum, going in that direction. Most. Definitely, the time is now and we have to use that to our advantage to make that big push to, becoming a community and be deserving, of that word community. I think, technology, has made it more possible to now I mean whereas before, you, had to head a lot you know in most business, models you have to have a lot of capital get. Started, whereas now depending. On the field that you got a lot of young brothers and sisters in the music industry yes, they're just revolutionized, the. Business and, they're there, at the house and they bathroom. Recording tracks and making the beats and selling. Them and so I think technology. Has leveled, the playing field somewhat, for people who want to get into business but, I think you still have to take it from business minded to business professionals, to really learn about your profession, spend, time and educate, yourself about your profession, so, that you know the, product, that you're really presenting, and you can you, can do it well.

With. That, well. We're coming up on another break, we, will be back though don't, go away. 145. Over 92 180, over. 111. I, had a heart attack a cardiac, arrest and then a strep this is what high blood pressure looks like you might not feel its symptoms but the results from a heart attack or stroke are far, from invisible or silent, get back on your plan or, talk with your doctor to create an exercise diet, and medication, plan that works for you go, to lower HBP org, if I were to follow a treatment, plan I would, not be in this situation. Welcome. Back to community watch we've. Been talking, with marquita Searcy, about. The united, black, business association and the, associate, the. Magazine, that's associated with it the. Black book magazine. So. Where. Do folks, get. In touch with you to be part of this you can do everything through the website, it's, the black book mag com. You can submit to be featured as well as purchase a subscription, and. Learn more about what, we're doing in the community and upcoming events so. The black book mag comm. Yes sir okay great thank you so much for being with us thank you and thank you for being with us we'll see you next time on community. Watch.

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