Commencement 19 - College of Business and College of Health Sciences and Human Services

Commencement 19 - College of Business and College of Health Sciences and Human Services

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Now. Entering the stadium, collaborative. Health and Human Services. Ladies. And gentlemen a quick, note please move toward the center and Phillip single and unoccupied, seats, people. Are still arriving into, the stadium and we want to make sure there's room for everyone. Now. Entering, the stadium sustainable. Hospitality. Management. Now. Entering the stadium Master. Of Business Administration. And, now entering the stadium nursing. And now, entering the stadium master. Of Social Work. And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the, Faculty. Of California, State, University Monterey. Bay. And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the. Platform, party for, today's celebration. Well. Good, afternoon I. Am. Dr., Michael, Scott chair, of the Academic, Senate at, California, State University Monterey. Bay. As. University. Marshal. I am, pleased to declare, that this, 23rd, annual commencement, in, the first in rain is now, in session. We're. Glad you're here. Before. We proceed further I need to make a short, programming. Announcement. There. Is significant. Rain this afternoon. And. We. Will shorten, the events. With. That being said in, recognition, of the diversity, of our community and audience we would like to extend this welcome, in other languages. Buenas. Tardes. Bienvenidos. A la vie EST motor sarah ceremonia. De grado sein de. La universidad estatal, de california, in la bahia de Monterrey women, a service. Y. A million, penalty our, son, JP, a deli, in. Venuti, a la venta Tracy Mott ceremonia de cocina de diploma de, la California, Riverside, Hospital, in, LA California Monterey. Bay. Please. Stand, for the national anthem, the. National, anthem will be sung by Miss Chris East Riots who graduated, earlier today with a degree, in Japanese. Language and culture. Can. You. See. By. The dawn's. Early. Right. What. So, proudly. We. Had. The. Twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes. And. Bright. Stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. O'er. The ramparts. We. Watched. Were so, gallantly. Streaming. Gay. Not. Our, flag. Was. Still there. Hoo-hoo, say. Does. That. Star-spangled. Thank. You please be seated. I'm. In Waterloo or Choa president, of California, State University, Monterey. Bay. I joined. Dr. Scott and welcoming, you here today. Your. President at a historic, occasion this is the first graduation. Ceremony, ceremony with rain in the history of the University. It'll. Be it it'll be a lot more fun telling the stories after, after, the fact. In. Addition to our graduates, and their families we also welcome many distinguished, guests and members of our university community we are grateful for your participation I. Will. Now introduce those, members of the platform party who may not be introduced, later please stand as I present you, dr.. Frank wall jack library, Dean and marshal the platform party dr.. Leslie Williams associate, vice president for student affairs and Dean of Students, miss. Barbara's Abbas vice president for university development mr.. Andre Lewis the associate vice president for university affairs dr.. Brian cooperating, associate vice president for inclusive excellence and chief diversity officer, Miss. Hannigan Sade is president, of Associated Students, miss. Natalie King associate, vice president university personnel. Dr.. Ronnie Higgs vice president, student affairs and enrollment services. Mr.. Kevin Saunders, vice president, for administration finance, dr.. Chris Ronnie associate, vice president for academic programs and, Dean of University College and graduate studies miss. Don Theodora, assistant, vice chancellor, and chief counsel at the CSU, chancellor's, office, dr.. Brett real service dean of the college, of arts humanities and, Social Sciences and dr.. Shawn kammath Dean of the College of Business thank. You all for joining us here today and please may be seated. And. Next I want to acknowledge that faculty who are here today the. Heart of our university, is its faculty and, this is certainly true at CSU Monterey Bay, we, thank our faculty members for their sincere commitment to helping our students achieve the successes, that we, today, faculty. Please stand and be recognized. You're. An especially, hardy bunch today. Thank. You may be seated now, I want to acknowledge the family members of graduates, who are joining us today this, is your day as well we, applaud the commitment of our families make to their students, family.

Members Please stand if you're able to or wave and be recognized. Thank. You may be seated. Okay. Now. It is my pleasure to, introduce our, student speakers, for today's commencement ceremony, we weren't we weren't going to leave them out I'm gonna cut my speech frozen's. Gonna cut her speech to, keep it a little shorter but. This. Year we have one student speaker from each college both of whom have been awarded the deans, medalist. We'll, start with the College of Health Sciences and Human Services student, speaker Alexandre, Howard. Alexandra. Is graduating, today laude with Bachelors. Of Science in kinesiology with, a concentration, in exercise, science. She. Has been a very active member of the CSUMB, community, while serving as the kinesiology club, president, she, single-handedly improved, the student experience for herself and her peers by planning community focused events the, connected, kinesiology, students, with local professionals, through. Her passion for community service and efforts to improve the world she lives in Alexandra. Embodies, the mission of Cal State Monterey Bay she. Will continue to pursue her education this fall or she begins a graduate program to become an occupational, therapist, please, joining me join me in welcoming Alexandra. Howard to the podium. Thank. You president, Oh Cho uh. Hello. Everyone, congratulations. We're finally graduating. I. Just. Want to thank everyone that helped put together the ceremony, and to all the family and friends for. Being here to share this moment of transition with, us today, I. Started. At CSUMB, my junior year I was, a transfer student, my. Journey to get here is a little different I grew up in Okinawa, Japan around. A military community I learned. The language and, I loved being surrounded by another, culture. After. Moving to somewhere new fourteen years later I find, it special, that I was able to return to an old army base for my college years. I'd. Like to say that I speak for all of us when, I say that CSUMB, is not like most colleges. We. Don't have a football team our. Gym. Needs some renovating, and. Our. Parking, is very, very, limited. But. Despite all of that somehow. The. School is able to feel like home. Whether. It's the welcoming, faces of the professors, and faculty who. Actually know who we are or. The way that the small class sizes bring everyone together. All. Of these experiences will resonate with me as I move into my future and I am so grateful for the preparation, and confidence, I have gained. Every. Time I've met anyone here in classes. Or through events one, aspect, stands out I made. To feel welcomed, I. Came. Essentially, as an international, student I stepped. As so, many of us have out. Of my comfort zone I, started. To raise my hand in class to. Speak up it. Was here that I found my voice, then. I began to take opportunities, to engage I gave. Back to the community at, the Monterey beach sports fest learn. The importance, of working with others at my internship. Developed. And presented research. Conference, and was. Able to become the president of the kinesiology club, my senior year I, am. A firm believer of Wayne, Gretzky's, quote you. Miss 100% of, the shots you don't take if, we. Want to be successful, we, first have to put in the work to get there I am. So grateful for the opportunities, I've been given. Opportunities. My professors pushed me to take their. Belief in me became my belief in myself. No. Matter what your next step in life is whether. You're going to attend a graduate program whether. You're going straight into your career and even. If you don't know exactly what you want to do yet just. Take a second, to recognize how far you've come. The. Guidance you have received from, faculty, mentors. The. Help of your peers those. Friends on your left and right all. Of the hard work and dedication that, you've put in allows, you to be sitting here today you. Should be so proud of yourself. But. The College of Health Sciences and Human, Services and, the College of Business are, one of the most important, values helping. Others. Each. Of us have benefited from the help of others and now we move into our future with the intention, of paying it back a. Common. Goal of all of the business and health professionals, sitting here is to, find creative strategies, to combat the epidemic of, sedentary, lifestyles. And poor nutrition an. Epidemic. That affects us all. Economically. Socially and personally. This, will require collaboration. Between both business, and health to, find innovative solutions. That are, key to the health of the individual, with the workforce in the community, I. Know. You all are going to accomplish so many great things I wish. You the best of luck thank you. Thank. You Alexandra, for your thoughtful remarks our. Student speaker from the College of Business and the recipient, of the President's Award for exemplary student achievement, is Beth Johnson.

Beth. Is a business administration, major from Three Rivers California. During. Her time at CSUMB, she has been involved with a long list of student organizations and, leadership groups among. Her many accomplishments was. Her role as, the Treasury as, a treasurer, for the otter Student, Union Board of Directors, and co-president. Of the accounting Society Club on campus she. Also served as a tutor for the cooperative learning center and accounting boot camp where. She further develops, her leadership skills while, teaching upper, division finance and accounting students Beth. Will be pursuing, her master's in professional, accountancy, at UC Davis this fall with, career aspirations, of becoming a, certified public accountant, please. Join me in welcoming Beth, Johnson to the podium. Thank. You president, Ochoa. Good. Afternoon everyone. First. I'd like to say how, grateful I am to, be standing up here and to tell you how honored I am to. Have received this award but. The without the support of friends family faculty, and, staff here, at CSUMB, this. Could not have happened, right. Off the bat I want, to thank my parents for, making, this possible and, for being. The most supportive, people in my life I also. Want to thank God for. His blessings throughout, this experience. To. All my friends to. All of the friends, and family, who came here in the rain. For. Us students, thank, you it, does take a village to get these degrees. When. I transferred, to CSUMB. I, was. Expecting, to learn the subject material and, get, out my. Subject, material being, accounting, so, I wasn't really planning on having much fun here. But. I did have fun I, grew. Up next door to a national park so. I volunteered, with outdoor recreation. To, lead students on kayaking, rock-climbing. Camping. And other trips I joined. The accounting, Society served. One year as co-president. And met, practicing, professionals, and business leaders, I got. To sit on the otter Student Union Board of Directors as its treasurer. Going. Through the program here it felt like things just fell into place organically. I, attribute. That to the faculty, here I did. Not realize I was going to meet faculty who. Would become coaches, mentors. And, friends for life I came. Here expecting to be a name or number in a big pile of people, and for. Faculty to, barely remember me but. That is so not how it works here, the. Faculty are super, supportive and provide, a lot of opportunities. Thank, you to the faculty I. Also. Made some pretty, great friends here. There. Are so many shout outs I want to give to these incredible, people, people. Like Brooke Baumgartner my partner in crime. My. Entire capstone. Team for making capstone, not as stressful as I feared it would be, Thomas. Paige and Steven Smith for. Telling me to stop, stressing and, have some fun. But. That doesn't even scratch the surface I met, so many amazing. People here, and formed. What I hope will be lifelong. Friendships, I. Want. To close by saying, isn't. This awesome, we. Did it we. Got that BS or, MS. Each. One of us faced obstacles, some. Of us worked a job. Or. Two jobs some. Of us had children, or some of us cared for parents, some. Of us had a tough time financially I, want. To sincerely congratulate, each and every one of you here on your amazing. Accomplishments, thank, you. And. Now please, welcome your alumni, vice president. Mr.. Daniel, Murphy to, the podium. Thank. You President Roh our graduates. On behalf, of the Alumni Association I, extend.

To You our congratulations for. Their significant, accomplishment. On. Your seat you'll find the official CSUMB, alumni, pin, wear. It with pride. Wear. As a symbol of your lifelong connection, of CSM be in the memories and accomplishments. That. You made here, you. Now join the ranks of over 19,000. Fellow, alumni. Throughout the country and the. World who are members of this USM the Alumni Association. Wherever. You go stay. Connected you. Never know where you will run into a fellow honor. I'd. Also like to take this moment and acknowledge, at the 2019. Senior, class gift so. Far the senior class has raised. Twenty, eight hundred, which. Will be used, towards the student scholarships, in the name of the class of 2019. However. Are. Not yet, at our goal of. Five thousand helped, us reach this goal by donating today before you leave, by. Going to donate. Susan. B edu, slash, 2019. Once. Again congratulations. Graduating. Class of 2019, and welcome. To alumni association. Thank. You Daniel, I would. Now I would now like to welcome Provost, Bonnie Irwin to come forward and to recognize, those who received, academic honors, this year. First. I would like to recognize an administrator, who has just received emeritus. Status this. I. Admit. ERA line Haskell from health and wellness services, please. Join me in congratulating, Caroline. It. Is my privilege also, to recognize, students, who have earned academic, honors, the, Academic Honor achieved, by each graduate. Is identified, for you in the program. Academic. Honors are given to seniors who have demonstrated consistent. Excellence, in the performance, of their academic work. Graduates. With academic, honors are distinguished, by the gold cords, that they're wearing under their ponchos. Based. On their level of academic, achievement these. Graduates, are recognized, as. Laude, magna. Laude and, summa. Laude I, invite. These graduates, to stand and, be recognized, at this time so if you have this gold cords on please stand up. Thank. You you may be seated. As the president said we're making some changes in the program today so we're gonna flip something we usually do at the end and do at the beginning and then move something we usually do earlier on to.

After We do this so. We're. Going to formally, confer your degrees now, and then we're going to ask you. And. Then. We're going to invite all of you who want to stay and have your names read and your pictures taken and all that we will do that after we do this piece all right so. Will. All candidates. For master, and baccalaureate, degrees, please stand. Everybody. Will. The faculty, please rise and. Face the graduates. President. O Jawa as, provost. And vice president for, academic affairs, and, on behalf of the Faculty, of California State. University Monterey. Bay. I present. These candidates, as having fulfilled the requirements. For the designated, degree, and recommend. That the earn degree. Be, conferred. By. The authority, vested in, me by, the state of California, and by the Board of Trustees of the California State. University system. I now. Confer upon each of you the, master or baccalaureate, degree that you have earned with, all the attendant, rights privileges, and, responsibilities. Baccalaureate. Graduates you, may now move your tassel, to the left side of your cap. Congratulations. To all our graduates, ladies. And gentlemen please join me in recognizing the, 23rd, graduating, class of California, State University Monterey. Bay. All. Right you may be seated. Today. We. Have a special student to honor. Business. Administration. Graduate, Brian, via, Nueva, was. An active, leader at CSUMB. And was a member of our great community. Omega. Delta Phi a. Few. Years ago in his, last semester of college at CSUMB, Brian. Became gravely ill, as a result of lupus that. Unfortunately. Led to his passing. He. Left a lasting impact, on many members, of the CSUMB. Campus, and community. Brian. Is survived by his family and friends and, I would like to ask his younger sister Elizabeth, to. Come up and receive his diploma in his honor. We. Are proud of Bryan's accomplishments. And share, in your grief over, his life ending too soon. Thank. You for joining us here today. It. Is now time to hood our masters graduates, and present their certificates. Typically. Here I would, describe. For you the history of academic regalia and I think I'm gonna skip over part of those but I. Will. Say this tradition, Bayt dates back to the Middle Ages and, it came from a church tradition, of wearing robes, today. At CSUMB. Our Master. Of Business Administration. Students. Will be receiving sand-colored. Hoods and the master, of social work will, be receiving, citroen colored hoods the. Names of those graduating, today will, be read by dr., Brian Simmons of, the Health Human, Services, and Public Policy Department. Dr.. Gary Schneider of the College of Business and, dr..

Ronnie Higgs vice president, of student affairs and enrollment services. Now. Please welcome dr. Britt Rios Ellis Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Human Services who, will introduce the graduates, receiving a master's degree. Well. The master of, Social, Work graduates, please, come, forward and. Be hooded, as you're directed, I ask, the audience to please hold, your applause until all. The hooding has, been presented, so that all graduates, names, can be heard Dean. Roni please, join me on stage. Okay. We're. Gonna we're gonna wing it here. Ronnie. You're gonna do. Somebody's. Gonna do this and I'm gonna do this you. Wanna do this all right. The. God of the Dallas. Morning. Joe Torre's. Talia. Gonzales. Norma. Cortez. Too. Young Avila. Karina. So, Daniel, Nava. Lisa. Maria. Hartley. Paula. Hall. Lauren's, drown. Hi. Lauren. Thank you LaDonna, Michael summers. Estefania. Rodriguez. Jacqueline. Serene, sorry. Gay. And. Twenty. Girl dolls. Alma. Rocio. Renteria. Adriana. Gallegos. Crystal. Guevara. Era. Of murder. Cynthia. Mill cosas Garcia. Angela. Yasmin, Anaya. -. Anna Oviedo. Susana. Valerio. Hiren. Smart. Kelsey, gives. Brenda. Or theis, or, THAAD Oh. Maya. Holmes. Margaret. Abraham. Ashley. Jenelle. Robinson. Haley. Craig. Emily. Hi, Kelly. Ilan. Cohen. Derrida. Sarmiento. Lorena. Mattias. Melissa. Freddy. No. I'm. There is Rodriguez. Tourists. And now. I welcome, dr., shom cometh, Dean of the College of Business to, come forward to introduce the graduates, receiving, a Master, degree from. The College of Business. Will. The Master, of Business Administration. Graduates. Please come forward to, be hooded when, you're directed. Jessica. Garcia. Shannon. Taurus. Elina. Collins. Amira. Na PA. Jacqueline. Our cohn. Jena. Arriola. Roxanne. Morris. Erica. Volatile. Lucila. Baptista. Eduardo. Figueroa. Drake. Dixon. Edna. Reese Hernandez. Jeannette, strong. David. Yo. Adrian. Alexander. Dixie. Albertson. Julio. Molina. Georgia Acosta. Nicholas. Costello. Rosalind. Long. Kaitlyn. Whitehead. Rebecca shows. Halen. Darling. Andrew, Garcia. Everardo. Munoz. Jessica. Jordan. Brittany. Cost. Jenko. Frank Lapan. Ashley. Stage'. Mine. Bianca. A Yale, era. I'm. Brie young. Conny fan. Amanda. I, hold. Angie. Barbie. On. Dirt. He Jose, Baez. Jacqueline. Gua fairness. Scyther Borgia. On home. Ida. Lopez, Chan. Nick. Morning. Gina, shops. Ellison. Bradley. Victoria. Turner. Marland, hotdogs. Daniel. Jones. Crystal. Kathy. Honest. Brandon, Martinez. Dwight. Xavier. Don't. Say along, so. Joseph. Vitale. Joshua. Castner. John Houghton. Chris, help. Chad westendorf. Heather. Abrams. Danielle. Smith. Stephanie. Olivia, brown. Alex. Nicole, I. Know. Daniel. Marella. Linda. Harris. Joseph. Palermo. John cantaloupe. Adrian. Baker. Arcana. Gonji. Lisa-marie. Corpus. Any. Parseghian. To, Quebec. Irabu. Ruya. Ulcers. Audra. Roland. Williams. Rihanna. Gregory. Kyle. Begginer. Even. Cesar Melendez. Kevin. Zoobi. He. Stephen. Wang Diaz, de, rivier, Rivera. Najim. Hasini. It. Is now time to present, the undergraduate, certificates. And recognize, the baccalaureate, degrees, earned, by undergraduates, in, the College, of Business. In. Business, Administration and. Sustainable. Hospitality. Management. Graduates. Please come, forward as, the staff direct, you. Andrew. Alco, search or. Elizabeth. Estrada. Honey. Alvarado. Gilbert. Burnaby. Gary.

Kristensen. Paul. Raphael. Alejandro. Government. Maldonado. To. Luanne. Jessica. Melbourne's. Serratus. Say. Sorry rose. Alexander. Garcia. Gloria. Rio. Wafi. We son. Alex. Medina. Jacqueline. Tyner. Lisa. Cigale. Liliane. Natividad. Reyes. Jessie. Raya. Jasmine. Tamayo. Medicine. Taylor. Thomas. Page. Matthew. Wimberly. Conrad. Reeves. William. Rees. Amy. Abbott. Leo. Hill, can. Pilar. Casillas. Alexandra. Karriker. Taryn. Cordell, Oh Rodriguez. Yakko. Funaki. Joel. Newman. Elvin. Narayan. Teela. Hackl. Luis. Sanchez. Daniel. Nakamoto. Jaleel, Howard. Niara. Smiling. I'm. Hell. Montano. Stephanie. Garcia. Katherine. Kids. Garrett. O'Keefe. Riley. Zavala. William. Tianhua. Joaquin. Gonzales. But. Matthew. Stuffs. Alex. LaPorta. Katherine. Elizabeth, Clements. Salvador. By, the endless. Chris. Peterson. Christian. Burnham. Kjersti. Nice. D strum. Hoary. Brody. Adam. Row. Pile. Murray. Michael. Chisaki. Patricia. Caroline. Peres. Gomez. Rosa. Torres. Ingrid. Isaiah Smith. Edison. Gomez. The third. Luis. Armando. Vortice. Okay. Dobie. Shana Vaughn. You. Isla. Isaac. Martinez. Maria. Moran. Alt. Wall Musa. Marco. Pulido. Pertino. Abyssal. Oh. Viviana. Lopez. Kirsten. Golden. Tiaki. Li. Chen. We ran. Danielle. Faro. Bailey. Virgo. Patrick. Armendariz. Laura. Broca. Tara. Gandara. Justine, Ramirez. Ava. Torres. David. Boils. Alonso. Altamirano. Eugenia. Garcia. Anaya. Sports. A. Amanda. Fogelman. Lauren. Burk. Lin Kuei n. Marjorie. Carbine. II. Know. All Fernandez. Martinez. Rosalia. Kearns. Gregorio. Gonzalez. Mario. Barrios. Brian. Mahan. Ricardo. Estrada. Michael. Thomas, Noah. Jonathan. Martha. Dante. Balducci. Brandon. Johnson. George. Sparling. Hey-zeus. Ariano. Salvador. Maria. Break. Contreras. Santa. Regalo. Annihilus. Velasco. Jennifer. Calderon. Joey. Lick my page. Joseph. Stood, admire. Andrew. Not. Out. Don't. Matteo. Jones, Warren. Johnny. Was. Autumn. Giles. Alia. Jones. Madeleine. Heydrich. Sabrina. Sir. Shown. Marlene. Berenice. Ramirez. Born. A Camacho. Patrice. Rodriguez. Bianca. Salinas. Mellon. Shaw. By. Kayla knew or. Vincent. Donald, low. Stevens. Mini, Smith. Lupita. Zuniga. Siobhan. Page. Sandoval. Conor. Keith. Felix. Star. Cochin. Alex. Bruce. On me. Shannon. Rogers. Ana. Lopez. Enriquez. Leo. Fazoli's. Villanueva. Nathan. Hill. Theodore. Barrios. Aspilia. Yaakov. Bailey. Vargas. Taylor. The, asshole. Maxwell. Sanderson. Liliana. Barajas. Darren. Criss. Brendan. Brick. Deandre. Sanchez. :. Bricky. Bow. Voice. Bow. Voice. Fear. Tyus. Bryson. Brandon. Vaughn. Lucy. Raul. Pilar. B-bomb. Victoria. Roberts. Madison. Mahaffey. Ryan. Enoch. Jessica. Stouffer. Jacob. Tone. Asha. Lucas. Barbiero. Zach. San. Diego. Lisa. Smith. Anthony. Michael Rodriguez. Alexis. Martinez. Manuel. Martinez. Jocelyn. Bolivia. Cassidy. Morrison. Alina. Mitchell. Johnny. Cho. Sterling. Robbers. Eric. Oakley. Sabina. Smith. 2nf. Salcedo. Martina. Garcia. Gabi. Abraham. Assad. Alvarez. Pedro. Ortiz. Flores. Ezekiel. Vega. Barbara. Shackleton. Jennifer. Ramirez. Yanira. Caballero. Free. Us. Christina. Bonilla. Antonio. Chavez. Edgar. Martinez. Kimberly. Rivera, Zamora. Daisy. Montes. Emos Zambrano. Andrew. Gleason. Nick. Mason. Thank. You Andrew. Guzman, lay, on. Miguel. Saldana. Josue. IANA. 1. 1 Wang. Fu. Perlman. Brandon. Smith. Yvonne. Gonzalez. Jason. Vania. Benjamin. Goofy. Ernie. And arecas. Luke. Sanchez. Hector. Castillo. Ricardo. Montanez. Justin. Rocha. Scott. Bradley. Fernando. Gonzalez. Olivia. Quadros. Susanna. Salazar. That. Is. Linnea. Carlson. Jordan. Allen. Callum. Carlstrom. Brooke. Baumgartner. Claire. Bullis. Shana. Day. Mariela. Marquez. Beth. Johnson. Tyler. Dyke usin. Brandon. Tomaso. Hat. Patrick, Holbrook. Chris. Smith. Hannah.thompson. Tina. Roto, low.

Amanda. Lyman. -. Leah champion. Benjamin. A. Grill. Felix. Gutierrez. Samuel. Dacus. Kayla. Road, in ski. Vincent. Encarnacion. A. Sueance. A Dominguez. Marie. Gonzalez. Aaron. Jones. Yuriko. Sato. Chris. Gillis, anthos. Alicia. Martinez. Brandon. Sue, dead. Tree I. Now. Welcome back Dean, Britt, Rios, Dallas. I'm pleased, to present the, undergraduates, of, the College of Health Sciences and, Human Services, earning. And. And I'm just gonna say that. These. Otters, know how to swim, so this is good. So. Earning, baccalaureate degrees. In collaborative, Health and Human Services. Kinesiology. And. Nursing. Yeah. Thanks oh okay. Benny. Allen. Jose. Machuca. Courtney. Hennings. Marissa. Huh c'mon. Valerie. Aguilera. Alexis. Ariana, or, a Norfolk. Majula. Pinullus. Kalani. Gaither. Wesley. Adams. Mitchell. Baker. Marc. Anthony. Caius. Horton. Hey. Bugia. Todd. Stewart. Rowland. De, Carranza. Walbert. Bernardo. Katie. Barry. Alex. Macfarlane. Joshua. Daniel, brown. Harley. Near. Jamie. After. Hunter. Peter, Zack. Hector. Guzman. Alesis, Moreno. Michaela. Ellenberger. Gabriel. Kadish. Lauren. Camp. Boy. Xiomara. Ramirez. Jonathan. Velasquez. Harmon. Mandeville. And boa. Rosalyn. Leak. Trevor. Dieterle. Michaela. Liston. Caleb. Disney. Natalya. Last, row. Charles. Ellis. Cole. Smith, Oh. Auguste. Agostina. Healing. Away by. Alexandre. Ray Quinn. Alexandre. Howard. Hey. Fernandez. Windy. Coats. Brace. Colson. Elizabeth. Hemmelman. Roseanne. Belleville. Kiara. Garcia. Egan. Carrie. Sherwin. Ashley. France. Civic. Ronnie. Randolph. Amanda. Crept. Carly. Drew. Ali. I. Karina Medina. Judith. Sanchez. Marissa. Morales. And. Really. Desna. Daisy. Lopez. Reyes. Lucila. Tinoco. Josefina. Mascara. Christina. Morris. Christina. Graham. Maria. Celeste. Rocha. Kimberly. Jacobs. Sandra. Dee, Hill Mondragon. Mary. Jean, cherry. Julius. Verona. Natasha. Joan, Lemos, Mira. IV. Manulis. Josephine. Ordaz, swang. Laura. Ackerman. Erica. Ansaldo. Lupita. Avila. Edgar. Alejandro. Salazar. Embarrass. Jennifer. Mariscal. Nicholas. Espinosa. Kevin. Bernard. Unis. Went dead. Bianca. Salas. Brian. Bischoff. Rebecca. Boron. Trotter. Desiree. Azua. Seth. Garza. Justine. Unio. Bernando. Alone. So. They. Want a Robinson. Jose. Flores. Monica. Montero. Ruiz. Annalee, for, witness. Ramon. Martinez. Otro. Steven. McCauley. Andrea.

Cannella. Angelica. Lopez, Contreras. Lord's. Vargas. Andrea. Hernandez. Sarah. Alcantar. Emily. Nolte. Would. Alexis. Valdez. Reagan. Average. Ariela. Ecco. Jessica. Garrett. Rihanna. Murphy. I'm. Divya Baker. Christina. Elena. McDonald. Rachel. Ramos. Kristen. On solace. Jessica. Sanchez. Karolina. Camacho. Castro. Maribel. Paris. Karolina. Sanchez. Amana's. Erika. Ramirez. Mario. Lena. Villa. Konya. Elizabeth. Lopez. Matey. Espinoza. The. Actress Amy. Berta. Afraid. Oh Diaz junior. Normal. Gutierrez. Anisa. Banuelos. Lindsay. Peterson. Elena. Owens. At. The Rihanna Ania. Yes. Me Bella, gasps Oh. Joey. Crumb. Jessica. Cebu. Do. Jacqueline. Rojas. Nicholas. Delgado. Alejandro. Hernández. Juan. Ibarra. Steven. DiMaggio. Every. Goes any. Terra. More. Valerie. By. Dennis. Christian. Bonilla. Alexis. Gazelle. Natalie. Clifton. Lisa. Keebler. Brian. Michael. Dory. Key. Hazel. More. Maricela. Fernandez. Miriam. Rudd. Unum. Sharma. Sarah. Alvarez. Rodriguez. I. Really. Heroes. Jasmine. Cardozo. Antonio. S Parrish, jr.. Blanca. Rosa. Gaytan, Camarillo. Under. Ei del, Redcorn. Jessica. Sanchez. Missy. Pina. Jessica. Boone. Taylor. Reid. There. Lauren. Levira Lois. Rachel. Monique, Oliver. Fabiola. Orozco. Kassala. Unhealth. Orosco. Gonzalez. Carolina. Garcia. Kai. Briggs, Chapman. Diego. Vargas. Kennedy. Martinez. Teresa's. Cassidy. Lewis. Adelante. The. Theater. Kwinda. Powers. Hello. Norman. Tiffany. Tucker. Ari. Laura, Partida. Lopez. Pais. Robles. To. Sell, Aaron. Jana. Gamma. Maria. Mel cosa gate. On. Daisy. Liang. Melendez. Marina. Santana. Oh, yes. Raja. Marisela. Gonzalez. Natalie. Flores. Karen. Gomez. Haleigh. Nelson. Emil. Smith. Miguel. Santos. Luis. Danielle. Salcedo. Spencer. Her, neck. And. Beth. Salcedo. Haley's. Rossano. Mariah. Barry. Leslie. Aricema. Gonzalez. Samantha. Amaya, mahir. Kara. Anderson. Louis. écoutez. Suzanne. Random. Roulette. Olsen. Ann. Hello. Beyond, Oh. Matt Bevin. Alisa. Guadalupe. V, and the waiver. Mark. Rodriguez. Daniel. Nathan. Cordova. Natalie. And brown. And. Res, Padilla, jr.. Elizabeth. Gonzalez. Pyelo. Rodriguez. Lena.

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