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They. Have jewelry, Oh ed. And, this. These. Are all new, is. This like a little mystery, pack. Hey. Guys what's, up we are back. In. The rental we're in Virginia and, we're checking out Dollar Tree over, here in Williamsburg, so, let's, go intention you know. Shave. December, is still in full effect, ooh these. Purple, containers, look new. This. Is such a pretty, color. And. These would be nice like for little Easter baskets, or something. That. Is really nice. Valentine's. Day goodies. Some. Little washi tape, oh look. They have then um this. Is called tum. Som tum. Tum. Tum. I don't. Know what it called but, I haven't seen this pack anywhere. So. We go. It's. Candy. Maybe. It's just like a crystal, rose or something I think. And. There's some little kids Valentine's. Day cards. Whoa. This. Is a little canvas. Shut. Up. That's. Cute. The. Little guy looks a little creepy, but oh. It. Looks like there's a. Robot. Family. Back there oh. You. Know what maybe we'll make some and spin them, the. Grammys. For. Valentine's, Day. Oh. Look. At these. String. Lights target. Dollar spot section, had something, similar for like three dollars a few. Years ago, and. These. Super. Cute guys. Know I love a good headscarf. Hair. Scarf. Scarred. From my hair I bought. One of these one year. And. Used. It for like a DIY pillow. Heart. Bracelets, oh like these little caterpillar. This. Would be cute for like a little basket. For, Zara ng. Valentine's. Day basket. This. Would be nice to have in my stash. My. Ribbons - I, like this one. They. Have these little figurines. Well. These are super cute, all. Of this stuff will be really nice if you're making like, a Valentine's Day, gift bags, for your kids. To. Take to school oh. I. Bought these last, year and they came in handy for like DIY, supply. Stick. To do you. Really. Need stickers. All, right love stickies. This. Is good for scrapbooking. Or. Handmade. Cards. I don't. Have any of these. Looks. Like they have some more back there. Maybe. I'll get a pack. Of those, as. Well. Sorry. Has been, super. Super. Pretty but I'm getting you one for violence are insane. You. Guys know I love some rustic, looking. Stuff. These. Are kind of cute maybe for a classroom or something, or. Maybe you could put like a reef around it if, you like having reefs up all year round they'll be really cute so, I. Completely missed all, the candy, and, they. Have these little buckets, they. Had these during Christmas time, you. Know what the christmas patterns oh look, at these, their, little storage containers, and. They're still putting stuff out so. There's. More to come but yeah those are the bottoms and then they come with the tops, then. You can fill them with your own stuff. Stickers. You. Have to pay for them first. Here. Put it back please. Thank. You. Lots. Of candy options, the traditional, candy. As. Hard candy. As. Accents. Put. Viy apartment, Valentine's. Day or like. Inside of a bucket or something I'll, show you guys. In. Bracelets. Then. They have pop rocks. There's. Oh. Look. At these look. What I see do, you guys remember when I did, a New Year's Eve a, Dollar Tree haul. They. Have some really good stuff in here and you can add to them, like. Maybe add some more crystals, or something some, more diamond, rad feathers, you. Can get all of that stuff out of here. Really. Nice I have, these as well. I'm. Gonna tie up in the back so. Many different, colors I'm. Not gonna do a haul. Again this year because it looks like they have the exact same things. The. Last year. Some. More masks oh. And. You know what I. Thought. Your stuff is, for. Mardi. Mardi. Gras, whatever. I always Jack it up every year, but. You can use this stuff for a New Year's Eve oh my.

Goodness Guys. These. Are so cute, they have little gems in the center, and look at and, this. Get. Out of here, there's. A light little plastic. Screw. And a mason jars oh, my. Goodness. This. Is a nice score. Go. Dollar tree. So. You guys know dollar tree has a ton, of cards. To. Include Valentine's, Day and these I think this would be a nice little Valentine's, they give, their. Little love cards. Almost. The Sun catcher. Sorry. My like oh it's been nice little Valentine's, Day gift. To put in a little basket for, her I'm always like thinking ahead of time. Whoa. Never. Seen those in here bag, they have like the whole TGI, Fridays. Collection. Over here. Hey. Buffalo. Ranch cheddar. Cheese how many cheese. What. Is it cheddar bacon. We've. Seen the magnets, before oh these. Are new throw. Me a bone. All. Of these are new paws cute. Cool. Cat. Wow. Easter. Items already. But. They're so cute. When. They have some little ducks, and. Some. Little bunnies. To. Me. These. Just open, in the front like. A little mailbox. Super. Key right and. These. Do the same thing, I think yep except they're smaller these, containers. Again or, they're not containers, but little storage things or soda cans but. I love these to hold craft items, they. Don't stack but they're very nice oh and you can also use them in your pantry I love, them and. They have these, as. Well but I really like these more. Little New Year's Eve potential. Pets, this. Thing has a lots of glitter I'm just letting you know right now. There's. Some fun festive, party hats. What's. That a. Balloon. I'm. Sure you crafty, folks already though you can use these plastic, containers, for. Valentine's, Day storage, bins and. You guys know Dollar Tree always. Has. At. Least one. One. Hand. Yeah. These are more practical for little baskets. Or. Even this one right here. Caddies. Are also a good option. My. Little pony. It's. Just like a little book. Sorry. It's very upset, right now. Zootopia. This. Is a really good movie very, good message. And. See II. Have. Some really cool children, books in here. Found. These. Are little trading cards. Web. Skin, I don't. Know if that's popular, or not and. Then behind you. Know. Collectible. Cards. That's. Cute all in the biz a pokemon cards. Very. Popular. Can. You remember the last time I watched that show I, hope. I find some slime in here what is this, explore. Go-go's. Yes. It's like a little mystery pack. Whoa. I, don't know what it is but there's no I love a good mystery pack I. Hope. I can find some slime oh they, have a new little, Lego. Set. Look. At these little, mini mouths snow-mickey marrows some markers said. Cuz, re could use this considering, she's already with. Over markers. You, want Mickey Mouse.

Say. Thank you oh. Look. At this this, would be nice of a New Year's Eve you. Put the can, the, silly string in and it shoots out. Doo-doo-doo. Oh look. At this. It's. A new crafty, items. Marvelling. The kit. Oh. I. Wish how do you pronounce this. It's. Not teasing, it's like tongue. Something. But. It's a son gadget I just. Think they look so cute. Pick. That up, hey, hey, waiter poke. Poke poke poke, poke pop, we, could use these for our, little Mickey, Mouse dry erase board. I'm. Sure you guys have seen the alphabet, beads in here but. This is a pretty good deal. Star. Wars, the. Sticker, set. Some. Markers, it's. Nice. Then. They have some little revenger, figurines. Spider-man. Marvel. And, some, Disney, figurines over. Here. It'd. Be nice to collect. What. Was pitching. Should. I get them. Ok, these are supposed to be squishies or some people are saying they're squishies but I. Guess. They could be they're. Pretty hard, and. That one's soft. They're. Definitely not slow, rising. I. Guess. They squish. Look. At this the window clings I. Don't. Think I might get that for sorry I'm. In the teachers, section. Always. Down for having, some learning stuff around the house oh, look. There's more Disney Journal. Spongebob. Little. Pin. Multicolored. Pin and. The Ninja Turtles. Look. At these little mini binders. For. Little planner, shells, I. Think. These are like the little oh they just have beads in them little, Disney stickers. What. Is this. Nickelodeon. Hello. Teeny, little. Alphabet. These. Clipboards are, super cute. I just. Love these little mini calendars. But. This one is not really mini because. I like the really small wise. Notepads. You guys are telling me that your Dollar Tree doesn't, have these and we are in Virginia. And. They followed, me here. The. Square ones. I. Guess. I'm just like super lucky. No. I wish I could send you guys all of them oh my, goodness. This. Little, rooster. Pretty. Sure I'm jacking it up is it a hen I don't know looks. Like a rooster to me I couldn't. Be wrong then. They have these little figurines, I don't, want to call them Buddha figurines, because, I'm pretty sure that's not. Correct. But we saw these before, but just in case you're new.

They. Hold for the tea light candles. Look. At these you, guys, this. Is not perfect for springtime. Really. Like these and look at this to. Be nice to put in like a little Valentine's. Day gift basket. And. Put like a pitcher right. I like. That this is black so it'd be nice for, those who aren't really into pink I. Just. Not scream, 80s. I'm. An 80s baby. Look. At this, little. Canvas. Print. It's. Like we have. Would. Be nice for Valentine's Day. And. I would you just it. Is. Just. Some. Nice amazing. Things, I. Haven't. Tried these, but. I did try the Christmas ones if you missed out on those. Videos. Down blog mess and look at these you guys. Can. You just imagine like, 10 of these hanging along the patio or, just, sitting along a windowsill, or something. Super. Cute, and these are glass so. They have clear. This. Green color this. Red, one right here, and then they have this, shape, all. Do as much larger. Or longer. This. One and then they are a. Few. More colors back there and. Then they have this style to you and histology just, as like a lot of little, fun. Of glass stuff in here and these. Aren't new. Maybe. You could put like a fresh rose or, sunflowers. If you like me in. That case and, look, at this any sense strawberry. Chocolate. And strawberry, or. In the world. And. There's so many little goodies, to make Valentine's, Day gift. Baskets. From. From, Dollar Tree I don't, know if I'm gonna find any of this stuff when we go back to California but. I'm. Gonna get as much as I can and. I found this just hiding, over here. You. Can hang this off, or. Hang this on a wall, and. I, wish they even know there's, only one what, am I gonna do with just one when. We were at Big Bear at the Dollar Tree saw. These didn't. See these. And. This. Is known window. Insulation kit. Hmm. Some. Heavy-duty duct, tape you. Know the stuff fixes everything, duct. Tape that is, these. Are really nice to put on your stroller if, you go for walks early.

In The morning you. Get two in a pack you can also put, it on your arm or, your bike oh I. Was gonna show you two spring stuff but then I saw this. Sway. Your dogs. Or. Your kids to. Brush them, help. Remove some of that old, fur, that's stuck in stuck. In their coats. But. Yeah so they have spring stuff out lots. Of pots. The. Lavenders, back out, the. Pretty colorful. Glass, faces. What. Guys they have the DVDs. The. Julian, Michael's I. Don't. See the other Fitness stuff at least we have the DVDs, in here. Hot. Body. Finally. In Dollar Tree I see, the, scars. They. Had them. They, didn't have them in any of the stores in California. This. Would be nice to use like. Fabric. For DIY I'm always thinking of something for a DIY it's. A purple one cute. Little headband, oh this would have been really nice in the care packages, this. Is nice and thick. Really. These are super, thick. They. Just have some more headbands. A little, pom-pom head. Have, some gloves down there oh my. Gosh Dollar, Tree has, earrings. They. Have jewelry. O-m-g, oh, my. Goodness I'm pretty sure I'm late but these are new to me. Guys. I. Was. Waiting for them to carry jewelry. Because. I see stuff like elsewhere, for like 99, cents oh. And. Looks like they have some t-shirts in, here. Lots. And lots and lots of t-shirts, and. Instead she has everything. I'm. Sorry. This. Hat reminds, me of when I was in Korea for some reason like. All the IG, Ma's would. Wear these little heads I. Don't. Know why but, but, this. Is really this, is made really good you guys it's nice and thick and heavy. This. One is too. Well. Look at this like a vintage so, at the wrong back 100. Like. This. Then. They have a breast cancer awareness head. I'm. Sure they don't sell that at Dollar Tree. This. Is new. You. Guys I have, a $1 tree makeup, challenge. Video. Coming. Okay, if. Not. January. February, but. It's coming I. Showed. You guys these. This. One is new the, eternal. Flame and, vibe. Oh look. At this, acne. Fighting. But. Yeah it's coming oh okay. It's coming you guys and I. Cannot wait because, it's gonna be like a really big challenge oh. They. Have all the brushes I'm, gonna use all of this stuff when. I do the video kid. Wait. I'm. Gonna pick up some stuff today I. Was. Gonna try to do it for New Year's but I just don't have time since we're visiting family. It's. Gonna feel like a New Year's makeup, look, these. Are all new. And. They even had the pointy, one this, is probably my favorite pattern, up. Here. Some. Nice neutral, colors, this. Pack is known as well. This. One down here, so. Glad they have some. Darker. Okay, well not that one but they do have the. BB cream and dark, I don't, know what it's gonna look like so. I'm gonna buy the, dark one and. Mix. It with a. Lighter. Color and maybe I'll get my color and then, for the pressed powder I'm gonna give this tan color and. Another. Like. A lighter color. Maybe. Beige. And. Then I might be able to get my color we. Have to strategize in the air, here. They have some more nail art pens this is a new one this is coconut scent. Then. They have blueberry, and, you guys told me they smell, once, they dry or. You know once they're dried, that. Was cherry grape, I. Think. That's it they're, carpet, towels I think I'll show something like this before but, not this color. Have a big. Chocolate. Box. And. This is the one that I do not, have. If. You guys have not seen on my toy. Unboxing. Video you, need to go check it out ok. This. Is a pleasant little surprise. They. Have all these. Squishies, in the end you guys every. Last one. The. Donuts. The. Cookies. The. Emojis. The, macaroons. They're. All in here. I'm. Just so lucky, oh I don't have this little. Sorry. Squishies. Squishies. Hey. Alright. Guys we hope you enjoyed hanging out with us at Dollar Tree we. Are about to head to another one but I'm not gonna share both trips in one day so you have to come back and oh, yeah you have to come back to the hall - I don't, know if I'm going to include the hall in this video, just. Because we're on the go a lot but anyway hope. You enjoy thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe.

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So fun!!!!!!

I keep missing you in Williamsburg thats my home town

I love your videos and really appreciate how you are always thinking of making care packages. I have a son serving and loves when he receives generous kindness from strangers.

Love your channel. And your daughter is adorable.

Easter is 4 months away! I need DT to chill tf out

Omg I live in NN va literally 15 minutes away from Williamsburg

I miss vlogmas! But, I sure do love these Dollar Tree walk throughs! I can't wait for the haul!


Tsum tsum is pronounced soom soom great video too!

"Zoom zoom" lol its spelled weird I know! tsum tsum?

Linda Lara my dollar tree has it too!! I freaked out and bought too much if it, lmao!!

Awesome lots of cute things

Just found your channel! I love dollar tree, actually heading there today!!!

I love watching your family!! From Ky

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Nicole Smith

Tsum tsum is soom soom

It is pronounced soom soom

i love dollar tree also. i reside in nyc and the dollar trees out here are nothing like the ones I've been to in other states. Other states the stores are much bigger and have so much cute stuff. I usually have to go go about 3 different dollar stores to find cute things. but dollar stores out here are not a dollar. only dollar tree. i do get get some cute things from tume to time. but I've been seeing dollar tree diys and my dollar trees dont carry anything like that to make a diy. i want to do over my daughters room with some of those diys. i am determined to succeed at those crafts.

Do you think you can tell me what the sku for the long valentines signs. Thanks.

If i could I would go

Great video! Love Dollar Tree!

your husband is so Caliente...Guapo!

I love the dollar store!

One thing I love about u is u take your time and we can see everything others go so fast ❤️❤️❤️



Linda Lara I did too

Where do you live? You've got an awesome dollar tree! I live in NW florida and ours is pretty good, but doesn't have near all the stuff you found :) Thanks for sharing the great video!

I want the Pokemon cards!!!lol

She shows everything in detail it makes it easy for us to plan stuff thanks a lot for doing this

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