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Hi Travelers! This is our first family travel tour... Our Elina's first flight. Elina is sleeping tight at the moment.

Shall we tell where we are? Yes, We're at the Bandaranaike International Airport. Previous time Chamari said it wrong... That's why I told you to say it.

We're now at the Serendib Lounge. We all ate. Now we're relaxed a bit. We feel so excited. So excited... We don't know how Elina will react at the flight.

Not sure whether she'll struggle in the flight. I guess everyone knows that this is our Elina's first flight. We're traveling to Dubai. So you'll be able to watch a beautiful travel vlog series in the near future. If you're watching our videos for the first time, this is the first video of the series. First, we planned to stay for a short period.

But later we decided to stay some more days. Because we didn't have an idea whether Elina will feel difficulty while traveling. We didn't have an experience with it before.

So we decided to stay some more days in Dubai. Let's see. We'll bring you a lot of beautiful videos. Isn't it Kasun? Yes, we’ll upload the other videos as soon as possible. So, keep our channel subscribed and follow us on Instagram. So, you'll be notified when we upload a video, post, or a story.

Mostly, we'll be in Sri Lanka when you're watching this video. Last time, many of our viewers requested us for an airport guide. So, this time also we decided to bring you an airport guide through this video. Specialty is, due to covid many things have been changed this time. The other special thing is another member has joined us. So, this is a family tour.

So, You guys watch the airport guide until we go to the flight. We've prepared all the necessary documents to go for Dubai or UAE. We must do a PCR test 48 hours before entering the Airport.

After going to the airport with that report, We have to do another PCR test there. We did the PCR test. Negative.... We're going... There are two laboratories of the Asiri hospital and the Kings' hospital here in the behind.

We can do the test from any of them. Before doing it, we made the payments from Colombo. We brought the paid receipt and did the PCR straight away quickly. It's very easy. We can make early payments to the Asiri hospital. So that we don't have to stay in a queue to make payments here.

In that way, we can take the PCR quickly. So, we got the report in about an hour. We parked our car here in the car park. Elina is asleep with her aunt.

We're going to the departure side. We'll tell you more details after going there. Elina, Hi....

Everyone who flies has to go into the airport from this departure side. If you can remember our Bali tour, We brought you all the details from here to the ticket counter from that video. Watch our Bali tour video if you haven't watched it yet. As we've taken business class tickets this time, we have to enter the airport before this departure.

Anyone who took business class tickets, is able to go to the departure through the silk route from their vehicle. But we suddenly forgot about it. Normally when we're buying tickets, they'll inform us about it. Then they checked our passports, tickets... Moreover, our body temperature. And then our bags were sent to check ins.

Then at the check-in counter, our documents and reports were checked. Next, we had to go for the immigration. Anyone who buys a business class ticket get this priority. It was a great convenience for us too. Because this is the first tour, we're traveling with Elina.

There are several ways to check in to the airport. One of them is the online check-in method. We used that method. Other than that, there are kiosk machines established in the airport.

We can self-check-in through this by entering our ticket details or passport details. Before going to the immigration, If you're a Sri Lankan you must definitely fill this departure card. It has a set of instructions. Read them carefully and fill this card.

Last time when we were traveling, the immigration counters were at the ground floor. But now they're at the 1st floor. So, the immigration area is made with a lot of space. After the immigration process, First, we're entering into the Duty Free area.

Next, we can spend our time leisurely at the airport until our flight arrives. The other facility given to a business class passenger is that they can access the lounges in the airport. We spent our time in the Serendib Lounge. Here we can take a rest comfortably, spend our time leisurely, and also get some food items free of charge. You wanna eat? Yes... The other lounge which can be accessed by a business class passenger, is the Serenediva Lounge.

This lounge also has all the facilities as in the previous one. You can get the food and drinks free of charge. Also, the passengers who have the Sri Lankan airlines co-branded cards can access the Palm strip lounge. You all might know Hashan of the "Trip Pisso" YouTube channel.

He's also working at the Sri Lankan airlines. Hashan helped us a lot at the airport. So, we must mention him with much love.

Where's Elina? Although the gates of the flight were opened, we got a bit late. But we went to the flight quickly. Another thing I wanna mention is the Elina's stroller. As it was in a low weight, we were able to keep it in the hand luggage compartment. Ayubowan! [Welcome] When the flight took off, Elina was a bit scared. Because it was a strange experience for her.

But to change her mind, Kasun and I did some jokes with her. Also, we wanna mention the crew. They gave us a lot of instructions. Even the little ones' ears get blocked when the flight takes off.

They told us to feed them. So that it will be ignored. So, when we were feeding her, she falls asleep. Elina is sleeping tight.

This is her sleeping time. She sleeps wherever she is, at her bedtime. This is our business class meal.

Chamari and I will have to share in this way. Because Elina is asleep. It's difficult to open my table, Because I kept her here. We can't wake her up.

So, let's eat. Let's go. Shall we go? Bye... We landed on Dubai! Say, "Hi!" Hi... We arrived to Dubai just now. to the Dubai airport.

As everyone wished, We had a safe flight. And Elina also enjoyed a lot. Elina is awake for the first time at this time. Normally she's sleeping tight in this time.

Now it's about 2 a.m. Let's talk in detail after going. Aren't you capturing me now? Only daughter? :( Yes. I'm capturing only her. Hi Elina! Say, "Hi" darling Hi...

It was a great advantage as we were able to keep the stroller with us on the flight. Because the Dubai airport is very large and we had to walk for a long distance to collect our luggage. Now we're going to collect our luggage. So, Thank you very much to the Sri Lankan airline crew. They helped us a lot.

Specially, as this is Elina's first flight. Because we were also scared that it will be uncomfortable to her. But it was better than we thought. In fact, we chose Sri Lankan Airlines because of the high level of security. From what we heard from our friends etc...

We thought that Sri Lankan Airlines has the highest level of safety. The service was also good. They took care of Elina very well. Thank you so much! As for the rules in that period, We have to do the Covid PCR test in the Dubai airport too.

I must specially mention that it will be done from the airport free of charge. Next, we had to go for the immigration counter. We went through the queue of the economy class without knowing. So, we had to walk for a long distance. There is a separate queue for the business class. We can go to the immigration counter quickly through it.

Next, we went to collect our luggage. We can easily collect our luggage near the belt with our flight number. Okay... Let's go. Once we came out of the airport, Two of our best friends, Daham, Hansi and Dihen came to welcome us. We were warmly welcomed by them. We planned to stay in their house in Dubai.

Hi... It was about the early morning of the 27th when we landed in Dubai. While we were going to Daham's house, We were able to watch the light rehearsal of the Burj Khalifa which was to be presented on the 31st night.

We're fortunate as we were able to watch it earlier. After all, we went to Daham's house. Hi Travelers! Hi... We came on shopping today. It's not a big shopping.

We came to buy some fruits to Elina. We came with our friend. They're going in that way. Today is our Day 01 in Dubai. We thought of resting today, Because we came in the morning flight.

But we had to buy some things for Elina. Because we didn't bring anything. We hoped to buy from here. Because we can't carry many luggage.

So, on the first day, you can watch a shopping vlog. Let's see what we're doing today. We're staying at our friend's house.

What we're doing there. We'll bring you all the details from today's video. We're buying everything. Yoghurt, Eggs, etc...

As we're staying at Daham's house, We can cook food there. Let's see. The supermarket here is not like Sri Lanka's. It's very large. It's very difficult to find the items.

We both are finding the items. Kasun, are you checking the price before buying? Can't find the price. We told them. We're like confused Isn't it? Where are you going? Let's go to check the weight.

Hi... What has happened to mom's mask? She tore it. These are the things we bought.

I don't feel any difference. I still feel like I'm at Sri Lanka. I don't feel like I'm at Dubai. These leaves are for Elina.

Keep the phone away. Scrape the coconut and help us to cook. There're no coconuts here. See the significance in Dubai ;) No need to scrape coconuts. The coconuts are in Packets.

Is Elina asleep? Yes, Elina is asleep. Elina is asleep. We kept our stuff here. Laptops, My cameras... Daham had equipped everything for us. To keep our stuff.

A beautiful room. Here's another friend. Tell us your name.

What's your name? Dihen... Where are you going? Elina where are you going? She is going to grandma's house ;) Chamari made a Chicken curry. Not sure whether they'll leave their home. Today they'll chase us from Dubai. Check for a night flight today. These are the food cooked by Hansi for us.

Red rice or white rice... Potato curry, Salad This is mine. Chicken Chamari sister's chicken. Then shall we eat? Okay. We finished the morning shopping.

Actually, in the morning we went to buy some food, fruits, and vegetables to Elina. There were many things. You may have seen in the video. We're planning to visit the water park tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. So, in the evening we went to buy some suitable clothes for it.

The name of the shop is "Day to Day". This shop is available in many places. The cost of all the items there is less than 20 Dirham.

So, we bought some essentials. We're planning to do a shopping vlog on another day. We'll do shopping all day. and will bring all the details about the places for shopping through that vlog.

After shopping, we came to the Marina walk straight away. Now we're at the Marina walk. We came here just to see the place. I saw in many articles, that this place is very beautiful at the sunset time.

There were beautiful photos taken from here at the sunset time. So, we are hoping to come again on another day at sunset time. There's a water mountain too. We decided to go there also at the same time.

Moreover, the walking area has 7 km. So, we came here to lose Kasun's weight. We'll come here once again. We'll end up today's video from Dubai. Tomorrow we're going to our planned destinations.

First of all, we'll visit the Miracle garden and the butterfly garden tomorrow. because we hope that Elina will also prefer the butterfly garden. Oops... forgot to talk about Elina. Elina slept.

She's sleeping well in her stroller. So then Let's catch up from the next video. Cheers! Keep our channel subscribed because if not you'll miss our next video. Follow us on Instagram. We've uploaded beautiful photos of our Dubai travels.

So have a look at them too. Let's catch up from the next vlog. Cheers!

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