College of Business and Economics Undergraduate Ceremony

College of Business and Economics Undergraduate Ceremony

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And. Now. Will. Everyone please rise, for the academic, procession. You. Ladies. And gentlemen please, remain standing and welcome, Cal State LA student, desiree, gonzalez who, will sing the national anthem. Accompanied. By the Cal State LA brass, quintet. You. See. By. The dawn's. Early. Right, what's so. Brothers. It's nice. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright stars. Again. Streaming. Please. Be seated. Good, afternoon. Good, evening everybody. Students. Honored faculty. Members, friends. My. Name is Rami Mesa, me I'm the Dean of college of business and economics. Welcome. To the 2018, commencement. Ceremony. Over. The course of your academic career. Our faculty. Administrators. And staff have, have. Focused, their. Expertise. On your success, they have become your mentors, and, for. Some of you they have become colleagues. At. This time I would like to acknowledge and, thank the, chair of the Academic, Senate vena, Prabhu. Okay. Members. Of the faculty. Emeriti. Faculty and. Staff. Representing. The university's. Six, colleges. As. Well. As the John F Kennedy Memorial, Library, and, the administration. For their contribution. To our students success. I'd. Also like to welcome our, special, guest alumnus. And former, Los Angeles County Supervisor. Mike, Antonovich. See. Here. Okay. Will. These members of the university, community please. Stand, and be recognized. Thank. You you, may be seated. Now. Please join me in welcoming the, president of Cal State LA William. A Covino. Well. Congratulations. Class, of. 2018. How. Many of you are the first in your families. To receive a bachelor's, degree first, in your families. Congratulations. All of you have made it you've worked hard for. This accomplishment. You've. Persevered, you've, excelled, today. We're, here to celebrate you. And all. That you've achieved and, all. That is yet to come. Your. Time at, Cal, State LA, has, been, a pivotal. Chapter. In the story of your life. During. Your time here, we. Witnessed. World-changing. Moments. Together. California. Became the world's, fifth, largest economy. Expanding. Opportunities. That await you, as you graduate. Political. Challenges. On the national, scene political, changes. On the national, scene created. New priorities. And challenges and. Activated. The voices, of students. Determined. To serve the public good who. Became an even more impactful. Force. For. Change. During. Your time here advances. In technology, gave. Us new power new, potential. New, business models. Technology. Is fueling, innovative. Forms of marketing, new tools for human, resource management, and. Our. Day to day life has, become, more full of possibilities. For, personal. Growth. And more, full of tools to, strengthen. Business by. Developing, the full potential, of our, business, organizations. And the. Full potential, of everyone, who contributes, to their success, and, you. Class. Of 2018. You. Are the, great, creators. Of tomorrow's. Innovations. And successes. During. Your time here each. Of you experienced. A personal transformation. That. Is, as, profound, as, the events, we live through together you're, not the same person that. You. Were when you first set foot on campus. You. Came here with a plan to, learn more to, focus your major on a career, path perhaps. To embark, on a new path, and you'll. Leave Cal State LA with, knowledge. And experiences. That will propel. You forward in. Your, careers. In your. Research in your other endeavors, I, hope. That, you'll always remember. The, faculty, who taught and mentored you, and helped, you become, the accomplished, graduate, you are today. And the, friends. Who encouraged, you and the community, that embraced. You, you. Shared, an important, events, in the life of the University community, together. We. Celebrate at, Cal State LA, 70th. Anniversary. We. Launched, new, initiatives, we. Stood in the spotlight, when a study in the New York Times, ranked. Cal State, LA, number. One in the nation for, the upward, mobility of, our students. Graduates. That means, that. A, prosperous. Future. Awaits. You and parents. Parents, get ready for this the. Day is coming when your. Graduate. Will, pay the bill when the family, goes out to dinner. Huh. How. About that. Some. Of the graduates, don't appreciate me, saying that. Night. Yeah. Today. You're going to become alumni of Cal, State LA you'll join the ranks of more than 245. Thousand. Alumni of, Cal, State LA and three million. Alumni, of, the, California State.

University System. Our. Outstanding alumni. Include, tennis, legend, Billie Jean, King congresswoman, Maxine. Waters, congresswoman. Lucille. Roybal-allard. Astronaut. Samuel, T Durrance, the. Creator, of the Bratz. Dolls. Isaac. Larian. Some. Bratz dolls owners, out there. Dr.. Sue Monta, Paul the director, of the kidney cancer, program, and medical, oncology. At City, of Hope hospital, and. Members. Of the family, that owns. Porto's. Bakery, you. Don't. Get a discount at Porto's though once you graduate. Now. All these great people are your fellow alums. The. Class of 2018, includes. 106, veterans, who, have served our nation with, valor and then returned, to earn a degree I, would like to ask all. Of the veterans. Upstairs. And downstairs all. Of the parents, and nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters and Friends and all of the graduates, who, are veterans to, please stand and let. Us recognize you. Thank. You very much. The. College of Business and Economics is a nationally. Renowned, College, ranked. Among. The top ten, in the state of California. By u.s. News & World Report. With. An expert, distinguished. Faculty, that's taught you to bring new, perspectives, fresh, ideas, and high ambitions. To, your future, endeavors. They've, prepared, you for 21st. Century careers. In global, business and in. The local business community this. College, is home to the Center, for Entrepreneurship. And, innovation, which. Hosts. Entrepreneurship. Week and the Fast Pitch, Competition. Which. Helps, Cal, State LA startups. And businesses, get off the ground and is, home to a career, placement. Center that, has provided you, with rewarding, internships. And employment, with. Partners, that include the Creative, Artists Agency Jet. Propulsion lab. Boeing, Disney. Southern, California. Edison, and Pepsi. In. This. College. Students. Like Tara. O'Callahan. Discover. Their, passion. Tara. Was. A student, in the business, Honors Program a, highly. Selective, program. Jointly. Offered by the Honors, College and, the College of Business and Economics, Tara. Came to Cal State LA to earn a degree that would help her climb the corporate ladder. However. During. Her time here Tara's. Studies in entrepreneurship. Led. To new interests, and new, ventures she. Co-founded a. Thriving fashion. Brand and launched. A consulting. Company as an. Older student Tara, was initially, concerned, about fitting, in but. She used her experiences. To enrich the, university, community she. Served as the president, of the campus, after of the professionals, in human, resources, association. And as, an honors, college ambassador. And a member of the business honors Association. Today. Tara, graduate, school laude with, a Bachelor of, Science and, Business Administration and. An, option, in entrepreneurship. After. Graduation, she will develop her new businesses. She will pursue a Master. Of Business Administration, of. Cal, State LA at Cal State LA good, choice by the way congratulations. Tara. So. Graduates. You like. Tara like so. Many others, are headed to communities. That, you, will energize, and, empower. With. All that you've learned with. The Cal State, LA values. That you carry with your. Experiences. As a part, of this rich, intellectual. Community. That's. Why today's, commencement, is, such a monumental. Day for. Communities. Across Los, Angeles, and for. Wherever you, call home, when. You walk across the, stage you're. Not just, walking for, yourself, you're. Walking, for the places, you. Love and. Speaking. Of a place we, loved last, month we, launched, the greatest. Fundraising. Effort, in the university's. History we. Call it we, are. LA. The, campaign, for Cal State LA we. Chose that name because, graduates. Of Cal State LA, represent. The, best of Los, Angeles, because.

Of The dedication, and knowledge, that you're carrying, with you wherever, you're, headed wherever. You will live and work the, people in those, places, can. Look forward to an even better, future because. Of what you will bring. So. You're walking today for, the. Places you love and you're also walking for. The people, you, love you. Didn't accomplish this. Important. Goal alone. Those. Who, love you. Inspired. And motivated, you. Helped. You along when. The going got tough and, in. That, spirit, I'd, like all the, mothers, and fathers of, our graduates, to stand now. And let us congratulate, you, mothers, and fathers. Now. You stay, standing and, let's, add the. Grandmothers. And grandfathers you. Two, grandmothers. And grandfathers join. Us. Aunts. And uncles. Sisters. And, brothers. Nieces. And nephews. Houses. Children. And. All. The Friends, of the class of 2018. Thank. You all so very much for, your, support the, many ways in which you helped to make this day possible for. Our graduates. So. As you as you can tell graduates, in the. Story of your, life today, is indeed. An, unforgettable. Chapter, today. You stand, on the peak of a, great, mountain, looking. At the world and at, your future. Around. You you see other mountains, other mountain, peaks, many. Of them higher than, the one you're standing, on they. Represent. Other goals and challenges as. You. Look, around at that future. Remember. This. Advice. Don't. Be daunted by the height, of your, dreams and, challenges. During. Your time here, you have, learned to reach the, top, always. Remember. You are a golden. Eagle and you, will. Soar. Congratulations. Class of 2018. Thank. You president, Covino. Now. It is my pleasure to introduce our, keynote speaker, mr. Castillo. De. La Rocha. Mr.. De la Rocha is the chief executive officer. And president of, ultimate, health. Service corporation, and is, a trailblazer, in the health care industry. Under. His visionary, leadership, ultimate. Has transformed, from a storefront clinic. In East Los Angeles into one of the largest federally. Funded, health, care health care centers, in the nation. Mr.. De la rocha built, an essential, resource for. Millions, of underserved. Residents in, Southern California and. Created. A model of excellence for, health health care centers, and, communities. Everywhere. His. Innovative, whole. Community. Approach to health care has earned him national. Recognition, and. He. Has received, the US Surgeon, General's. Medallion. For Public Health. As. Well. As the Los Angeles Business, Journal, lifetime achievement award and the leader in action, award from the prime program at the David, Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. In. 2017. He was honored with a medallion of excellence, from the Congressional. Hispanic, Caucus. Mr.. De la loire de la Rocha holds a Juris Doctor from, both. Old, House School, of Law in the University, of California, Berkeley, a, Bachelor. Of Arts in political science, from the University, of California, Santa Barbara and a, certificate in management, from Stanford, University please. Join me in welcoming mr., de la Roche. We. Want to start this. When. I started, this a todos. Good. Afternoon it's, indeed a pleasure to be here with you this evening, I. As. I look into the audience and I. See the, many faces of young. People, graduating, this, evening here. As, I look into the the, audience and the eyes, the. Faces, are. The parents. The. Grandparents. The. Friends, the. Villages, that are here supporting. This young people, I am. Indeed proud, to. Say that, it is indeed an honor to. Have received this invitation to, address this, group I, remember. As. A young. Mexican. Immigrant. Who. Arrived in the United States in the 60s. Having. Attended, schools. Here, in the East Los Angeles community. Graduated. From that mighty, Roosevelt. High School here. In the East LA area I, see. There's a few alumni so let's not talk about Garfield, here tonight but. It. Is indeed a pleasure to be here I. Graduated. From Roosevelt High School then, I had the privilege of attending. The University, of California, at Santa Barbara in. 1967. In. 1967. There are approximately. 15,000. Students, on the campus at.

The University. 15,000. Students there. Were 20 of us there. Were Latinos, on the entire campus. 20. Of us there were Latinos, in the entire campus, you. Had African Americans, the nation's and perhaps we came, up to 60 70 people. Look. At you today, look. At what this did, look at this audience here give yourselves a run of applause here. This. Is extraordinary. This. Is extraordinary, and, I congratulate. Your faculty, I. Congratulate. The administration. In the, vision, of this institution. For, what they're doing here or for, training you. Because. It is you, who. Are the future leaders as your, president, has said the. Future Leaders of America. My. Son is, a product, of this College a number. Of my organizations. Employees, our graduates. Our current. Students of this school I've. Had the opportunity to, speak to one of your management classes this, past fall, what a wonderful. Time I had with her with that class, some. Of you may be familiar with my. Organization, ultimate. Health services, corporation, either. You have seen. One, of our sites medical. Clinics or dental clinics or perhaps, you have been a. Patient. At, one of our facilities after. All if you're indigent, we provide free care. None. Of you qualify bright, you're, certainly going to be paying the bills in the future though. For. Those of us that are not familiar with my organization we, are a community. Health center nonprofit. Organization. We're, the largest in the state of California, and the largest. In the United States and. Really began. With. A single clinic, in East Los Angeles a, free, clinic there are three employees, at that time when, I became the president and CEO I, should, tell you that nobody else applied for the position, I was the only one and I've been there for 40 years now it. Took us decades to, grow into, what we are today I expect. That most of you will not go into healthcare, or into. The nonprofit sector. Though. I hope many of you do. My. Career, happened. Somewhat. By accident I studied. Law I, ended. Up in. Healthcare. After. Immigrating, here from Chihuahua. Making. Thank. You I knew. There were a few here from Chihuahua. What. Is an, attending. Roosevelts I mentioned it in going on to the law school I stumble. On a chance. Prospect. And join. A handful. Of people leading. That small, free, clinic and East LA, what. Began as an opportunity. To fulfill. A need, a, need. In a community. Eventually. Became my, life's mission. Sometimes. There. Is no planning, your. Career in advance. You'll. Learn that that's, part of your process here, because. Sometimes. Opportunities. Present themselves, and. I would tell you it's. One who grabbed an opportunity. And created, something from it when. They do come, around I hope, you grab that opportunity. Many. Of you will go on to lead teams and will, have the difficult, but luxurious, role of making. Creative, decisions. Regardless. Of what you pursue, or, whether. You, use the specialty, listed, on your degree it is. Important. That, you constantly. Develop, your. Soft, skills, and I'll talk a little bit about that, in a minute. Over. The last decade. We. Have seen a push for, STEM education and. The. Inclusion of technology. In nearly, every. Industry. From. Medicine, to food, to, the auto industry and, to, entertainment. We. Need to. Be, technically. Savvy.

Because. Technology. Is going to advance with, us or with. Or without us that. Advancement. Is moving very very rapidly. But. You also need. Graduates. You. Also need, to embrace the, talent, the. Interests, that make. You, unique, and, really. Develop. Those areas, the. Ability, to, listen respect. Fully to. Think critically and provide. Honest, or. Creative. And creative. Solutions. Ability. To read people. And know, when, you're overstepping, your boundaries. These. Are far, more important. To be successful in, life and in work bill. Toes. Those. Of you in, marketing. And management, you. Are going to at. Some point in your career. You. Are going to be the, face of your own company, or. Help. Determine, what, the faces, of your company, look, and sound, like. The. Day-to-day, operations. Of any, business, may. Be and. May fall in the hands of a couple people a hundred. People a thousand. People 3,000. People but. If the public does not find the face of your, company reliable. You. Will not want and they, may not want to support the, cost, your. You, will become an in. Critical. And important, element, of that company. Be. Aware of, how. You represent, your, costs make. Sure your, cause is your, brand, it is you, and what, you represents, that matters, if. You. Are fortunate enough to hire your own team at work. You. Must recognize that there is a diverse, range of people are valuable. To you look. Around you look at. Things have change in American. Society I think, that Donald Trump would be very proud of this audience and the people who are gathered here today this, is the this is the group that we are to be proud of and, could. Continue to see through. Our universities. Building. A team means recognizing that, a successful, mean, successful. Business, has, leaders, as followers in a, bit a cynic, ISM to. Keep your keep, your progress, honest, you. Need people to. Point out where. There is room for, provement. Especially. If you, are passionate about your, product you. Need problem, solvers to respond, to criticisms. And to help resolve those problems you, need, good communicators. People. That can speak well and promote. The services, that you will be offering in, the. Healthcare sector and I'll take a minute to speak about something, that I devoted, 40. Years of my life to, in the, healthcare factor, we know that technology, has. Made it possible for people to keep track of their own health. We. Now where Fitbit to. Track, steps. And calories. We. Have applications, to. Help us narrow our, symptoms. So. That can so, that we can decide. Whether. We're sick enough to conceive doctor how many of you have referred. To an application, for that. No, there's a few of you who are raising your hand there the. Truth of it is, that. A few years ago we were never thought about using, an application, or doing, anything like that and relying. On our own instincts. To be able to do that, part. Of that is attributed. To STEM education. But. We don't just need, developers. To make these, options, happen, we. Need the creative, teams to, dream up ideas, we. Need the marketing, teams to. Research, where the demand, for a product will be and shape. The campaign, that, will convince the public that, this, product fulfills, that, demand. You. Are all. Graduating. From. A school with, a business focus and I, have no doubt that many, of you are realists. You. Already know that, you can only be an idealist. As. Far as your resources, would allow you I'll. Share with you as our. Company, was was developing, we may have had maybe 25, 30 people but. Our offices, were divided, into sections, as. You enter in the, front door on the. Right hand side where, the executive, offices, were my office, we're lucky and on, the left-hand side as was finance, was that an accounting, department, what's that and all the building was done the. Left-hand side was called reality land. The. Right-hand, side was called lala, land and the. Lollol man himself was, me, mr.. CEO was, the biggest la-la man of law, now. You may say that was, 20. Years ago, when. We were talking about lala, land and reality, land how. Is it that in. Tho 20 years we have built a billion-dollar company, a. Billion. Dollar company 3,000. Employees based. On social justice, based. On look in their ways of improving health, care services, to, working-class. Communities. Of the Greater Los Angeles area. Built. And the concept, of, eliminating. Disparities in, health care. How. That was accomplished, by keeping. The idealism. By the vision, and believing. In that vision and working. For that vision and struggling.

For Their vision and knowing. That your guts and then, your gut that what you were doing was right at. All times I had finance right, behind me and next to me and I had marketing, people and I had management, people always. Shaping. And helped me helped. Me structure, that vision. Just. Think about it how. Many organizations. Do you know, that. Are committed, to social justice, civic. Engagement and, providing. Excellent health care and communities, that, are successful, today there. Are very few of us who are that but, it's all about vision and it's, all about bringing, together the, elements and I can see each and every one of you, involved. In those kind of of endeavors. Over, the course of the last several, years ultimate. Has grown tremendously. There. Have been opportunities and. We, continue, to grow. I'll. Give you another example the, Affordable, Health Care Act Obamacare you, are very familiar with Obamacare. It. Is through Obamacare, that. We insure another, three million people in the, state of California. And ultimate, we, saw over a hundred, thousand. New patients. How. Did that happen, worse. Legislation. Introduced, in Washington, DC that. For the first time would open up the, doors for people to receive health care we. Knew that the Latino market was the largest, market in the United States that was uninsured. The. Largest, market in the United States were Latino markets and we knew that and we knew that it was a historical. Opportunity, one, time in our, life that. There would be an, opportunity to, open up the doors and to ensure hundreds, of thousands, of people. We. Plan, we. Sat with. We strategize, our marketing. Teams came in our branding. Teams came in our sales teams came in we. Opened new facilities, we hiring new doctors, we invested, hundreds, of thousands. If not millions of. Dollars in preparation. In, the long run it, was highly successful, ultimate. Became the number one enroller numero, uno and runner, in the state of California, all because. Of our, ability of, pulling together talent. Like you, possess. Now and in, the real world, were test very, soon, in. The world real world you, were test very, very, soon. Risk. Gutsy. Taking. Risk and being gutsy, about it, ultimately. To, success. From. A business perspective you, have to know your limits and what. You are capable of, accomplishment. And this. Is especially as you go into to the new world as, a team leader as, someone who oversees, the big picture, you, can dream up all the, you like but, you must understand. What, you have at your fingertips or. At least within your reach. Remember. The, story about lala. Land, can. Be mr.. Lala you can be mr. realistic. Putting. Those things together but, ultimately to success. Graduates. You are one step ahead of many. Because, of the, college degree, you. Are living with today. But. You have other resources, valuable. To you like.

YouTube, Online. Courses forums. Public. Libraries, and free. And affordable classes. These. Resources, are great, equalizers. And they, are empowering. That. Cellphone, that, smartphone. Is as empowering, us anything any of us have ever used, please. Don't. Take these, things for granted. We. All love a good cat video, but. We can teach ourselves nearly. Anything, on a moment's, notice, there. Was there. Was unheard, this was unheard not. Long ago even in your own lifetime. Your. Formal, education. Teaches. You, how. To manage, time, how. To research. How. To work with, a variety of personalities, and persons. But. You will learn what. You need to know as you. Find. It you. Just need to expose yourself to, enough. Ideas, that. You do and. You will eventually. Find what you need. Read. Everything read. Good, literature read. Nonfiction and, learn. A variety of subjects, languages. And voices. Graduates. Felicidades. And congratulations. To all of you. Thank. You very much mr. de rocha, excellent. Thoughtful. Speech. Among. The students. Earning. Baccalaureate degrees. Are those who will graduate. With academic, honors. Dr.. Angela young associate. Dean's in the College of Business will, recognize, them now. Thank. You. The. University, Grants, the baccalaureate degree. With. Latin, designations. Summa. Laude magna. Laude or. Laude, to. Students, who have maintained, an outstanding. Academic, record while earning their, degree, these. Students, wear, gold braids, draped. On their black gowns to. Mark their outstanding, academic. Accomplishments. Will. The candidates, for graduation with, honors please. Rise, and. Be recognized. Thank. You. Now. It is my pleasure to, introduce the, chief academic officer. Of the university dr. Lynn, Mahoney, provost. And vice, president for. Academic affairs, dr.. Mahoney. President. Covino I, present to, you the, candidates, for degrees in the College of, Business and, Economics, they. Have met all of the requirements for. Their respective degrees, and, have, been recommended, by the fact University, faculty, who have taught them. The. Candidates, for baccalaureate degrees, will, now be presented on stage. Bachelor. Of Science Business Administration, management. Patricia. A lie Ayala. Batteries. Paris. Justin. Gabriel, Salazar. Omar. Sepideh. Edgard. Soria. The, weight Kurata. Kelly, Marie Bart. Donna. Nunez. Jocelyn. Tovar. Ricardo. Garcia. Carro Karapetyan. Noah. Quintero. It's. Devin. Josue, parents. Christopher. Exeter Janos. Annie, I'm Barsoomian. Monica. Isabel Garcia. Ruth. Vasquez. Josephine. Hernandez. Adriana. Hernandez. Noemi. Morales. Nilo. File Lily Russia are. See. Omar Aviva's. Erich. Segal, ah. Laura, Martinez. George. Kell. Z-ro. Christopher, Bay's Neely n. Valarie. Celestine. Ma. When. When. Julie. Do with. Bush. King nuyen. Esmeralda. Corina lira. Nicole. M Robinson. Chiara, Vega. Jessica. Arredondo is dumb young. Richard. Amador, Sanchez. Katya. Moravian. Marry, Felix. Astrid. Rodriguez. Jennifer. Abigail, Reba's. Daniel. Alexander rolled, on. Patrick. Geryl. Jessica. Linda Flores. Valentina. Doing. Eliza. Jewel Maya gotiya. Shall. See Dan Dan. Lisette. My Ella frost on. Omar. Sunday on. Jacob. Are on the hill. Steven. Barrera. Pen, hang. Andrea. Garcia. Jimmy. Anthony, Lara. Marian. Rua see. Joseline. Lee. Leslie. Alvarado. Cindy. Jacqueline Contreras. Leslie. Perez. Angry. Daniel Cugini. Adrian. Chavez. Andrea. Maria Rosales. Chelsea. Fidelis. Animu. Yesenia. Aguilar. Sathya. Am gonzales, Oh. Manuel. Hidalgo. Nathan. A Sousa. Abraham. Rose. Celaya. Candace, Johnson. Muhammad. Hassan were sama. Alexandria. Susie Acosta. Amaryllis. Modelo. Hey. Soccer team. Elliott. Patricia, Guerrero. Nicole. Victoria, Chavez. Ana, Karen. Regalado. Susana. Samu, DoD Azzam. Manat. Organ, of. Gregory. Has oozed upon their. David. Alvarez. Map. You fellas. Charlene. Martinez. Diaz. Rafaella. Rodriguez. Teresa. Hepler. Carlos. Alejandro quinones. Carol. Espinosa. William. Thomas cry now. Vinnie. Trias kadaifi. Covina's. Rosalie. Cusan, Baker. Courtney. Michelle Wingfield.

Neiman. Marcus McCoy. Singer. Jonathan. Lee Ulysses, Gutierrez. Jeremy. I'll also earn an Dez. -. Antonio, Jones. Julie. Coulter. Parasya. Gonzalez. Chris. Allen rowdyism. Nerine. Volition. Nada. Sophia para. Sinaner. Rodriguez. Karolina. Montenegro, Bay Shore. Sonia. Paella. Jacob. Seth Wiseman. Tara. O'Callahan. Kishin. Marilyn. Judy. Jimenez. Jasmine. Perez. Jennifer. Davalos. Joanne. Mack. Leila. Ivette Torres. Linda. Ha. Grace. Rangel, Santiago. Araceli. Sandoval. Natalie. Marlena Camargo Morales. Evelyn. Palacios. Mary. Maldonado, Figueroa. Joanna. Diaz. Denis. Villeneuve, Lopez. Jimmy. Coronel, Morales. Wendy. What a Lupe moralism. Summer. Nieto. Jolene. Marjorie Santorelli. James. Victor, Rango jr.. Daniel. Is Beth images. Sarah. Serrano. William. Solara is. Julio. Gonzalez. Henry. Truong. Selene. Revenez. Karina. Acevedo. Erik. Espinosa. Michael. John Campos. Jesse. Alexander Bonilla. Steven. Dip. Brandon. Anthony, Torres. Mark. Bowden de. Sandy. Wang. Emily. Tom. Shean. Beaucoup. Alton. Ten. Samuel. Holland. Mario. Roberto, Fuentes jr.. Manoj. Mijita. Candace. Edwards. Alexander. Michael, lamp. Brian. L Lou. Brandon. Whoo. Poor. Sancti. Coast. Guard era. Adrian. Aguilar Ayalon. Trey. Kaiser. Jimmy. I am. Stephanie. Cardozo. Justin. Escalante. Luke. Thomas Mian. Kelvin. Chow. Sheree. Fan. Loose. Our Zavala. Nazareth. A jog lien. Edwin. Roberto, Rodriguez. Michelle. Sanchez. Anna. Elizabeth, Arden days bony young. Kevin. Alejandro. Moreno. Brian. Why Kim. Joseph. Andrew Camino. Kevin. Agreed on Oh. Alaya. Torres, lepe. Wendy. Yes mean casares. Ethan. Johnson. Peter. Nicole, maiden Alucard, Oh. Toya. Johnson. Steven. Trinidad. Adam. Ratima. Davila. L Torres, Martinez. Zachary. Bridge. Priscilla. Santos. Michael. Bryan Vasquez. Karen. The Lourdes Carranza. Vivian. Kwon. Both. In some butter on. Salmon. Murió. And. Romano's. Colleen. Hello, Amir Ian. Christine. Denying. Narvik. A chicken. Osbert. Hammam Gian. Chris. Nara, Kassian. Voila. Lupe Beatrice Medina Rico. One. Carlos, a chain. Natalia. J Martinez, Dino. Odd. On campus. Young. Doe. Bryan. Martinez. Cheedo. Haroldo. Aguila. Lesley. Lu be muhammara. Angela. Isla, Enriquez, Oliva. Nancy. Catalina Vega. Lynette. Moran. Ikura. Ashford. Diana. Molina. Guerra. Crystal, Dara's. Jessica. Miranda. Ashley. Mira a alarm. Sandra. Oleg a. Nolle. What a loop a Saturday. Veronica. Patricia, Melendez. Lee. Said condado. Victoria. She'll Enlai. Any. Yin-yang, die. Jared, sir Martinez. Elizabeth. Murray lulara. William. Hinkley. Dottie. Porn Adam no Italia cool. Audrina. Ivana's. Hey. Naru Ornelas Godoy. Veneto. Acuna, jr.. Madison. Renteria. Marcone. SN, Garza. My. Alexandra, Hernandez. Michele. Hernandez. Jenna. V R sell. Mary. Shamlian. Jonathan. Louise Cruz. Elizabeth. Erasmo. Michelle. Kwan and. Alex, lamb. Andrea. Anna Vasquez. Daniel. Gonzales. Alfredo. Carlos campus on on. First. FC, Asajj. Priscilla. Victoria, Santoli. Yuriko. Johanna. Quani. Carla, shell Bradley. Caddie. Taylor. KSK. Than. Stephanie. Yanni lesbian, Oh ever. Robert. Carl Ferris the third. Nestor. OH -, eNOS. Melissa. Rizzo. Diana. Albarran. Celeea. Abigail, Corona. Williams's. Raj. Genevieve. Helen Conway. Vanessa. Amy Cabrera. Fantoni. Carlene. Joe. Selena Garnica. Street. Ar-rahman, Gomez. Wendy. Natalie, Escamilla. Samantha. Araceli Trejo. Darlene. Tejada. Frances. Kim. Serena. Irish, villain. Mustafa, kemal Alice ie. Denise. Marie Lopez.

Michael. Parag. Highly. Brittle. Alina. Giovanna Fajardo. Judy. Avila. Yuri. Beth Maryam. Stephanie. Brito barrientos. Yalu. Eunice. Louis, Johnson. Just. Need setting. Edna. Barossa. Latina. Tap. Heidi. Elizabeth, paws. Para. La havana Pacheco, Guevara. Shawn. Figueroa. Stephanie. Gonzales. Marisol. Ananda's. Davi. Pegasion. Maria. Via grana. Hey. Suz Antonio, Torres. Alec. Gilbert, Robinho. Cara. Jeanette, Martin's Eclair. McGary. Her opinion. Randy. And Maria Hernandez. Francisco. Guzman. Stephanie. Barraza. Noel. Armando, are Zola. Alex. Puente. Maria. Could savage. Sherif, Nassif stolen. Jasmine. Farias. Actor. Jacob, Barrios. Cellino. Leanne Nava. Lisa. Esparza. For. Hate Asians. Troy. Arthur, Drogo Mueller. Angel. Dee Torres. Ivana. Munguia, Contreras. Jennifer. Guadalupe, Go Dino. Desiree. Del Carmen Vera. Veronica. Sandoval, Ramirez. Jacqueline. Gomez. Natalie. Bastidas. Nicole. Elizabeth Maura. Joseph. Lionel, Ortiz. David. R Gomez toggling. Jonathan. Scott lamb. Well. The new bag has mean pass. Stephanie. Elizabeth, via. Lena. Michelle marine. Denise. Lyon. Golden. Diego beltron grooms. Bachelor. Of Science, Business Administration. Marketing. And. Eco ball squat is. Christopher. Tolentino, Ramirez. Jacqueline. Christine carbajal. Karina. Flores. Valerie. Sanchez. Alicia. Garcia. Dahveed. Is a year Sandoval. Guillermo. Hernandez. College. Home. Mario. Delgado, Medina. Ashley. Jerry said Gonzalez, Mercado. Orion. Vasquez. Julian. Castilho Enrique's. Michael. Christopher, Avila. Rafael. Eduardo, Rios. Leah. Bardo Meyers. Heyo. Cárdenas. Hanyang. Monica. Bueno. Sani, Chuang. Dagoberto. Vergara. Ryan. Con Senna. Yvette. Mangano's. Angelica. They are and unders. Question. Leonardo lamellae. Chantal. Reyes. Brian. Eric Richardson, jr.. Debbie. Chen. When. DJ is. Eugenia. W, he. Tiffany. Mang sang. Nancy. Gomez. Marlena. Get rid of. Alexandra. Nicole called their own. Dutch. Kacang. Selena. What is Raimundo. Jessica. Rose croon. Jessica. Alejandra, are done. Nancy. Aaron and ezza. Cecilia. Delasco. Maria. Josefina, Garcia. Manuel. Dario Mencia. Marilyn. Pena. Stephanie. Aguilera. Geum. Lee. Anais. Duenas. Brian. Matute. Sure. Said steven, lara. Ariana. Belinda Rodriguez, Escalante. Tiana. Latrice, Isaac. Michael. B Garcia. Davis. Nishikawa, Yatta. Ryan. Lewis Chang. Lucas. Isaac, mccallion. Garden. Hill I. Don't. Called Morales. And. Reread the, as. Samuel. Moreno. Kevin. Armas, jr.. Willie. Alfredo meano jr.. Stephanie. Flores. Natalie. Desire. Peters. You Shalu. Nicholas. Andrew, Torres. Steven. Brasada. Suzy, was Korean. Desiree. Sabrina, Garcia. Roxanna. Mariana, Cengiz. Jerry. Hey soos Carmona Perez. Eugene. Who Donna de Reyes. Greg. Michael, Garcia. Alejandro. Zamora junior. Jessica. McDonough. Estevez. David. Quinn Chang. Vanessa. Alumbaugh. Davy, Ramirez. Maria. Gia's Camellia Juarez. Bianca. Denise Orellana. Jonathan. Costanera. Jonathan. Lee Hall. Korkin. Bitola play junior. Al. Dreamer, was me. Melinda. Avelina, at the harem. Vladimir. Mendosa. Justin. James lions. Monique. Alexandria. Lara. Micah. Baba. Vivian. Knew, in. Saudi. Car. Anton. Motional. Greta. Fong. Curry's. Bob Lowe's. Angie.

Gomez. Alicia. Aguilera, Sanchez. Melissa. Antoinette, Brandenburg. Karen. Camille Caston young. Maria. Bocanegra. Darville, Rodriguez. Steven. Anthony Roncalli. Evelyn. Ruble. Marc. Anthony the Lara Patek oh. How. Tin, lung. Chanson. Lynn. Raymond. Gutierrez. Julie. Yang Gutierrez. Carlos. Santiago Casas. Her, Kelly sponse. Hindley. Michael. Christopher rody. Melon. Lisa del Rosario. Christian. Rico Contreras. Amy. Hung-chang. Humberto. Tardeo jr.. Robert. Masucci. Yamazaki. Christian. Eduardo, Jimenez, Bustos. Marcos. Alejandro, Moreno. Gregory. Humbert. Justin. Michael Davis. Nicholas. James also nom. Diana. Andrea Judy no. Christopher. Alexander, Sanchez. Justin. You know. Chania. Courtney, Davis. Safer. Danielle Cobian Perales. Roses. Guzman. Joanna. Jeanette Vasquez. Sultanate. Kisaki Ava. Anderson. A, free. Jeffrey. Hideki g'quan. Marcelo. Carmona, said on a. Meet. Oh. Lionel. Toronto. Linda. Jean Michelle price. Celeste. Booyah. Danielle. Hammer down. It's. A Jana Ramirez. Desiree. Corina pitaka. Parts. And wah. Diana. Hi. How. Jenshaw. Renzo. Fabian Pacheco. Kimberly. Ricardo. Stacy. Vargas. Reina. Yesenia, Garcia. Christian. Adrian I don't know. There. Is a nun, -. Louis. Willie Walker jr.. Jesse. Omar, Polanco. Kyle. Jiang. Tim. BAM. Prince. Arthur, Allah gal. Steven. Paul Gabrielle. Carlos. Andres, bulnes. Ji. Chang Lee. Julie. True. John. Woo. Ladies. And gentlemen please, welcome brothers. Marlo and Carlo Lopez to accept the degree awarded posthumously for, The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with. An option in operations, and supply chain management for. Graduating, candidate Aki, Talia al Lopez, Cortez. Well. I really don't know what else to do now oh. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Will. The candidates, for, baccalaureate degrees. Please. Rise. That's. Everybody. Okay. Okay. Okay. Hold on hold on we have to do we, have to do a little bit of official, business here okay. By. The authority. Vested in. Me by the state of California. And by the trustees of, the California. State University, I. Hereby. Confer, upon you the, baccalaureate degree, for, which you qualify with. All the rights privileges, and, honors, pertaining. Thereto. Now. You. Can move your tassel. From the right to. The left. Congratulations. Okay. Just couple more minutes. Please. Let me allow. Me to thank all, of the university staff faculty, students. And volunteers who, were involved in organizing. The 2018, commencement. And. We. All acknowledge the members of Honors, Convocation and, commencement Advisory. Committee, and finally. At. This time the university hymn will be performed. By the Cal State LA student, Desiree Gonzalez, who. Will be accompanied. By the Cal State LA brass, quintet. The. Lyrics may be found in your programs. Congratulations. You. To. The. We. Do. To. Truth, and, peace. To. Give. Oh. Towards. You.

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