Collaborative calling and business voice in Microsoft Teams - BRK3232

Collaborative calling and business voice in Microsoft Teams - BRK3232

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The facts oh good morning everyone i'm paul cannon i am the senior marketing, wait. Am i seeing, your marketing, they keep moving around I'm a manager hey what do you know at, Microsoft. I look after voice I have. Looked, after Skype, for business in, the past and still do to a certain extent but my primary, focus is driving, voice inside, teams and. Making, sure that all the customers are message to appropriately. You know really a lot of times in marketing we focus, on and especially for the voice workload and I focus on. Awareness. And so you wonder what does a marketing person do and hopefully you think that in a positive way, you. Know a lot of it is awareness, so that's what this session is about is to drive again in uniform awareness about what we're offering in voice and understanding. Where we're going in the future with it and try to demo a couple of features you know. Introduce yourself yeah sure. Good morning everyone, so my name is Anna I'm, on the same team with Paul product. Our marketing manager at, a Microsoft the team's for, Microsoft teams focusing. On teams devices, and boys. Yeah. We're glad to be here today yeah it's, great and I, tried, to get a guest speaker but today we're joined by mr. yeh link. He'll, be here on this chair I'm sorry I don't have a projector, for. This device but this, thing is everywhere if you've seen our GM, law rewrite session, yesterday we were highlighting. This device this, device is down I believe in our booth and I would, guess that the woman. With the camera who probably knows. Mr. Yale Inc and probably works for him is sitting, in the front row they have tons of these devices so I highly recommend you go look at these these, are a beautiful device so they'll. Do. It ah 21:37. That's great now we have somebody actually. You know bombing, my sessions suggesting, where to go so that's. That's officer I'll be in charge of the bombing of my own session please thank you so. Great. So with that let's go ahead and get started. Okay. So, the. Learning objectives, are pretty clear I want you to understand voice I want, to understand what Microsoft, is doing for voice and. How, it is ready for voice in. Your enterprise now obviously ready is a interesting. Term I know that voice is a long time kidding. Around about this earlier but it's really serious voice, is a long tail. Workload. Which. Is why they try to kill the older staff in. Marketing, to manage it because they know this is a long this is a large space there's, a lot of features some of you are in very different places in your workload we're, talking about a thing that was created over a hundred years ago right before there, was even a computer there was voice so. It. Does make for challenging, but, we do want to make sure that you understand that and you understand our investment, in teams and our continued, commitment to teams being the platform the, sole platform, for, for. Voice in the cloud. All. Right so, I won't spend a lot of time here because again many of these slides were with the intent of I had 75 minutes not 45, minutes so, I think it's just important to understand how many people are using Microsoft Office, 365 today, that's in a that's an amazing number 135, million in fact I didn't. Even check and it would probably tell me oh they just up that number again what, are what we're saying to folks but that, is a huge number of people using the product that what that translates soon by the way when you wonder what does that really mean that means they're using one or more workloads, in teams on a monthly, basis, and so, that's. What we see here not just logging in but actually doing one or more tasks inside, the product and that's one of the great things about graph by the way is that we can actually see that data and. Understand, how customers, as an aggregate are using it I think, the other one I'm particularly proud of given I've been six years on this team which is you, know for the last 12 years and I've contributed a half of this number is really we're, in the leader Quadrant for gardener that's pretty important gardener is the 800-pound.

Gorilla Of the analyst sorry, Danny Carter people sitting in the room I apologize, but it's usually nice to be called the 800-pound gorilla so. And. So, the impact of having us in. That leader, quadrant means, there's a lot, of trust in terms of what Microsoft, can deliver so. All. Right that, being said. Work. Is changing and many, of you have probably see slide like this before this is one of our course slides it, turns up a lot on the teams deck I'm. Not, going to go through a lot of this but really it's. It's a for, me and and I think I have a certain amount of credibility in, this, space given the amount of gray hair I'm sporting, on the, stage right now work. Is changing and you can see that right you look at Anna who's, at a stage, in her career you look at me who's at the final. Stage this, career and you. Can see that the. Workloads are changing right right, now Anne and I are being, right. This week as we're here at ignite they're moving the entire marketing, org into, essentially. Collaborative, cube spaces, there are a few offices here and there but there'll be collaborative, cube spaces the work load is changing with that changing, face. That, means there's different kinds of workers in your organization, as well not just Microsoft. Is is changing. All of us are changing, and they, have different expectations right, how they feel about voice, I can, tell you that five years ago customers. Would have strangled me if I said you know what you're. Gonna be tearing phones off of people's desks right you, know the beginnings, of that happens, and today we've watched right because we execute, surveys, we love to. Do customer surveys and you, can see that number I remember, doing it and we anybody, remember a link TCO I was, one of the people who helped produce that that, TCO, document, that then was shared publicly, that was a few years ago during the linked era and the. The number, of typical number of phones anybody want to guess the average not. The high end alone but the average number and, in terms of percentage, of a, deployment. Okay. No guessing 55%, was what we saw right, obviously you could say some are more and some or less it's all industry, driven right some everybody, has a phone in insurance, for instance but not, necessarily, in other things, that numbers dropped already by about 20 points as far as we can tell right again that's, you know that's based, on surveys so it's really interesting right what's driven the whole experience, of how people are using these products, and the, experiences also that voice is no longer you know voice was a standalone, workload I would describe it as at best it was critical. Essential, but. Adding. Those in right how did they how did you capture important. Information, in voice, somebody. Added PC, was tightening that in later, into some kind of piece of software right very, hard to capture that recordings, but the reporting's are analog right what's. Changing, is that the, expectations, are much higher now we're gonna be delivering voice and I'll talk a little bit about this later but we're they're gonna deliver voice with things like transcription. Translation. Right. The ability to say hey my, boss just had a meeting and I. Know, he gave me and I missed it and I have to figure out if he talked about me in this meeting and. I can search for Paul Kanin and literally, office365. Will come back and say hey, in this, meeting file you're, mentioned three times and I, feel bad for you for the amount of work you have it won't say that part but it, will actually figure out where you've been mentioned and then you can actually do it cuz nobody searches, meetings I don't, like. If we had meeting recording someone said hey I recorded that meeting I'm like great, job I'm gonna go back and listen to that for 75 minutes no time to do that but, if I can spend five minutes, to. Look through or have, the. Power. Of office, 365, AI and the graph to look through that meeting for me then I will. Okay. So that's, enough of that let's. Hop in so, this. Is a course slide to understand, how we think about our offerings, most of you should experience with it obviously office 365, inside. It is the modern workplace which is Microsoft. Teams and as. Part of that is phone system, this, was formerly, known as cloud PBX, in the sfb oh hey, days but we. Renamed it a while back and now that is phone, systems so the first, important, thing to remember phone, system that is one of the core things you're going to have to have to.

Use. PSTN. For instance inside. Microsoft. Teams because when we talk about voice let's face it right we talk about both both at first. I'll talk about the cult the PSTN, portion and then there's collaborative, work PSTN, continues, to remain obviously, kind, of important be able to deliver that inside your companies all, right so how does Microsoft, solve that right so, we have a couple of options back. In December, I announced, the calling, plans for Microsoft, we're. Now available, inside, teams, and. We began lighting up those countries, that, we had previously lit, up for, Skype for business online. So. That's great and we'll talk about that a little bit but the other option you have is. Direct. Routing direct, route we, announced in June of this year so, it may be new for some of you you may have kind of just heard about it that's why that session on Friday with, the. It's, like to say the dr of dr. Which is the doctor of direct routing Nikhil I highly. Recommend, that you catch, that session and I'll talk a little bit here about what. What it means that direct routing but direct. Route is essentially, about geo completion, as far as the business owner the, marketing person feels about it it helps, me tell customers we can deliver PSTN, in many more countries than the original ones so, let me just drill in here a little a little bit quickly so and again so our tagline, really is around phone system win paired, with calling, plants and or and or, direct, routing provides a full business calling experience, in office 365 on a global scale. Okay. So what are the parts that are important for you to understand so that you walk out of the room go oh I know I need to think about a B and C well, a is phone system that, really is our PBX, that's in the cloud completely, software based maybe, one of the most important, features is essentially, that it is a cloud-based PBX. So, when. You move to Microsoft, Office 365 or, continue, deploying office 365, you. Are essentially, and want to use our. Cloud PBX, our phone, system, you're. Going to be able to begin replacing, hardware throughout, your infrastructure, right and pretty soon you're getting that PBX, out of that closet in that building or in that campus, and saving. That money and moving. That into the cloud imagining, it in one single. Place I know many, many of our customers who, are multinational. And literally. Have vendor. By country, for these these pbxs which is really I just. Can't imagine it's such a challenge, to manage and probably expensive, right and so this.

Single Point about moving to the cloud is being able to centralize, this software and have it available and have a uniform approach to managing it. Okay. So the second, be is calling, plans and calling plans essentially. Is what I talked about this, is the white glove, Microsoft. Approach to. PSTN. Availability. In you, tenant in other words you choose Microsoft, as your sole, provider, that, means we, now, we don't own a bunch of, trunks. PSTN. Trunks or SIP trunks, which. Whatever, you want, to call them but what, we actually do is we do have we have partners in the backend but you never deal with that partner what we do is provide you a package, service and you can manage it and it's great as long as we meet the capabilities, you require out of the system the management interface is completely built in office 365 you, request numbers, from us that we've gotten numbers already you, can, execute. Easily, port orders against, your, existing, set of numbers to bring those in you. Can do, lots of different things in terms of managing it and you manage it like any other license, so you can literally give a bunch of people into building a license, for a year and then move, change. The operation, and those people no longer need that phone license for whatever reason you can then easily read a play those licenses, to other folks, the. The one thing I will point out is that it's currently available from Microsoft in, ten countries or. Ten I would say jet ten geographies. When. They originally create the slide and I caught them on it they're like oh it's. Available in in Puerto Rico well last. I checked porto rico is part of the united states notwithstanding, what, certain, government. Officials may feel about that. And, so but, we do think of it as a separate location right and so it is a different location you can get, the. Get. There and then we show i show a slightly different approach for australia, we are partnered with Telstra there they're, doing a calling, plan like. Experience. Which you can acquire. In Australia, so that's great but, like any any devotee. Of American. Public schools you, might have noticed that you. Might say see Paul that, doesn't feel like we've got all the coverage of all the cup countries, there's another 149, or so or whatever the right number is like I said I went to public school here in the United States so, you'll, have to forgive my geography lessons, here a little bit I remember. One day I actually presented a similar slide on a different topic and there, was a there. Is an Australian wag in the audience as they as they. Our and the, Australian, customer raised his hand and said you, know hey mate I couldn't, help but notice mate that Australia. It's not on your world global, map and then, he proceeded, to give me a tongue-lashing about, Americas and geography, so, I've often taken that to heart afterwards. So. What. Is your second option then it's your second option is direct routing write and direct routing, essentially, is bring. Your, SIP trunks to the party all right so what that means is what Microsoft, is built is on. The right side of this slide which, is around we've proved we've, built an interface in Azure check.

Mark Another Azure mentioned that's, a joke for those who are in the room early and, so you'll. Be able to hook those up now the key component, is. The. SVC in the middle and, its, job is to obviously do what SPC's do we've certified, those SBC's. Working. With those vendors today it's. Audiocodes. And ribbon. And also, even think tel is also, mentioned as well and so, you'll, be able to then do that now I show because, this, session is a little shorter I show a much, simplified. Architecture on, this slide which, focuses, on you deploying in the SVC. Inside. Your organization right or a one-to-one relationship, you should be aware that actually, I think. Vast, majority, deployments, will not look like this they will look more like you will engage a partner who may provide you both the SIP trunks and. Host. These, s pcs for you so you can get to a 0 0 in, a zero, hardware, deployment, in your organization if that's what you desire again, every company is different right is it I spent a third of my career as an IT pro and I could tell the, vast services are there some of you feel very confident and believe that nobody can do it cheaper than you in-house great. Look, at this architecture, many, of you say nope we're, moving up the food chain we don't want to have a lot of this hardware deployed and so, we, support that as well and then on friday nikolai will cover all those different architectures, in a lot more detail. Ok. Even. Though i've talked a little bit about the changing, face of phones, in the organization, they're still critically, important, right, depending. On how, the deployment, is going for you and so again. I want to introduce mr. Yale Inc who's sitting in the chair up here he won't, talk a lot but if, some points we will rip make him his head ring and. Essentially. You can see that we have a plan for certified. Teams devices, across many of these different workloads. Personal. Workspace like a phone like that mobile. Workspaces, share. Collaboration, spaces and even conference, rooms and a, lot of my colleagues on this very team will be covering all these different concepts, look. For sessions with Angela Donahue in them she, will have these presented. And so we, have worked hard and our partners, have. Worked very hard to provide devices. That. Will allow us to present, them and what's really interesting about these. Devices, like I'll say about this one you, know one, of the secrets, or one of the now as, it being a long time SF Bo person, or Skype for business versus I can tell you sometimes we ended up with different pieces of software scattered. Across our, our thing, and then we'd have to implement a feature and then, we'd have to say huh how do we get that feature in eight. Or six, or eight different software. Or hardware and how do we get the, partner, with different economics, to implement, this feature always a challenge right and I think some of you are old hands will will, readily, attest, to this situation what. I'm super. Excited about is not only is teams itself a single, UI client, in other words the client that runs on the Mac is the client that runs on Windows, that's, huge alone right if you're deploying teams yeah. I was at a clap did I hear clap no okay I got all excited there was a hard first class. But. This device is running teams as well and unfortunately. I'm sorry again we're not projecting it in this room but you'll, get a chance to get up and close with this device it actually is running teams and that is amazing and that means, that features that arrive in one place are arriving across. Our client, selection and I used to look after clients, and that was always one, of our challenges with making sure those features landing across. These devices. Okay. So, I'm sorry I did miss one last topic I do want to point out the small words at the bottom we've launched a new website so for those of you who are shy and don't want to go talk to booth say, the number again sir. If. You don't feel like going to 21:37, I recommend you do but if you don't go. Out to teams devices, you'll be able to see a great, website that's been built out that explains, are. All the different options and get lets you get familiar with them I'm happy to say that enna was the, lead for marketing, side for that so thank you Anna so much for getting that website available so you guys will be able to begin to see all these certified, devices in the partners we're working with so, with, that what, we're gonna do is we're gonna cut over, to a live, demo.

Live. Demo and we're, gonna go ahead and show you a couple just some of the features in the product right now some. Of you have seen these before but, hopefully. You're, still be interesting. In seeing how we're progressing with teams there's. One I want to call out because it's we really can't demo it but, there's something we've been talking about here all week which is we're. Calling we're saying it's calling, for everyone so today in the team's UI how, many are using teams more, or less Jesus. Unbelievable. This is so great it's. It's, always a risk as a speaker, to go how many are doing X and like one guy goes and, puts. His arm up because he doesn't even know what the question was so, it's great to see how many of you are using teams and I thank you Microsoft. Thanks you for embracing it so however, you've probably noticed if you're not using voice and teams yet and many of you or not there. Is no calling, app on the side but you've probably seen marketing. Photos whatever of our product where there's a calling app that, calling app in the past was. Only lighting up for PSTN, usage so in other words you bought PSTN, and then, a calling app would light up, huh. Does. That feel, like Microsoft, may have got that order wrong maybe, you should have been like hey, we should light up that calling, app for all VoIP, users, voice over IP and make, sure that they are able to see that so they know that callings, in the product, and then, you guys who want to execute your modern, plans for enterprise voice have. An easier, time with everybody, understanding, where the calling is and then, when you turn on PSTN, it it's no longer this mysterious, calling app appears, in the product but it's already there and you've already had experience with it and hopefully your users have used it for making VoIP calls and looking, at contact, cards and doing all the other things you would do essentially, in a calling, portion of a product so this week we're, happy to announce that we're beginning to light up that calling. Icon for everyone, using, teams. So. I'm gonna be spending the rest of the year on Aruba because now you guys will just drive all this work for me and I thank you so much. But it's great so now all of your users will get exposed to this and so when, the, time comes and it's the right time for your organization to say hey boss hey. Hey. CIO hey CTO, whatever, whomever it might be I want to go ahead and move us on start, looking at a true, cloud voice solution, from, teams everyone. Will say yeah that sounds great and if you take the next step into a pilot or turn it on it'll, just light up that icon with additional, abilities to dial phone phone, numbers beyond, the usual VoIP, work so that's exciting and I'm looking forward to that so I've stolen so much time away from Anna so I'm gonna go ahead and give it back to her now and we're gonna go ahead and jump into a live demo. Thanks. Paul, are. You enjoying your session so far. Thank. You so, since. Ignite the last year we have an invested, heavily, in, voice to. Make it easy. And, approachable. And. While. Coy. Is enjoying, Aruba. Let's. Get, some real work done so I have a couple of great scenarios, I would like to show you today and now. Let's get it started. All. Right so, you already see the team's screen. Teams, app up on the screen here is. The cause, tab, that. App or just, mentioned. So. We, are going to roll. Out of this court app to all the teams app and. We. All have different work styles and unlike. Many of you I like, to use keyboard, shortcuts. So. Teams, has provided, as this combined, bar and. Then. Let's see once. I type in slash. You. Can see that it automatically, brings up a list of available, actions such. As changing, status right, away and it. Has supports. Calling so. Once I type in call. Hit. Enter. You. See teams, is very smart it knows who. I work with most. Often so. Now since I just regatta one for my customers, the yelling Cafone making. Boy in the unica phone so I'm gonna call Megan and, I. Tap in Megan's, name. Was. I silica Megan the. Call will, started right away. Hello. This is Megan. Hey. Megan, how do you enjoy your phone so far. Makes. My voice sound deep, that's. Great. So. Thank. You so we will add more, actions. Into, this list now. Teams. Also makes it easy for me to collaborate. With my, teammates, so. Let's say that I. Might. Want to ask for my team mates or, my admins. Help when. To, receive, or make, a cause when on my behalf when. I out, when. I'm out for vacation, next week which, is true by the way and I. Can, easily, set. Up the, delegates in. The. Team's app just. With a few clicks, go. To a counter setting. Click. On manage it delegates. Here.

You See that the people I support. As you, can see I'm the manager, so I don't, support anyone here, and. Here. I can. Add and manage, that dedicates, your, delegate, so. Let's, say let, me add my, awesome, admin, for. Canon. So. Now. He has the rights to make calls and receive. Calls on my behalf. Okay. System. And. The. Teams also, makes it. Easy. For me to take, full control of. How. I wanted, to communicate, so. As you, know that in teams we have the Do, Not Disturb status. And when I'm busy and I want to set my status, as you do not a disturb that, means people cannot, reach me by, cos, or chat with from. Teams, but. What if there is this really, one important, a call that I don't. Want miss in. That a case I can, configure certain. People with, breakthrough. Capabilities. So. That means they. Can still, reach me anytime, even. When I set, myself status. As you, do not a disturb and, it's. Very easy to set up as well so. Privacy. Tap. Manage. Priority. Access. Here. I can, add people, its. Name into it so, once, I added the name to, this list then. This person this person or this group of people have, access to me anytime and. I. Know that you have seen how I config, how I configure, different, types, calls you, might wonder ok is it possible for me to set up a different ringtones for, different types of calls, yes. You can and it's. Easy to do. So. Cause tab here. You can really. Choose and. Play. Different ringtones. For, different types of cause let's. Say I want a different different song for my, for did a cause so. Easy. For me to tell, let's. Scroll down we, have a list of ringtones, you can choose from ok. Space time this one sounds interesting I. Like. It. Okay great. So. Now, you have, seen that. How. I configure, these steps and then, let's see what data happens when. I get okay, when i get alcohol. Great. Thank you Anna so I'm gonna cut over now and as Anna introduced me I am in this scenario, her. Admin which is purely. On, a percent reflective of our real life working, together as well so, you. Can see already first of all here is the the, chat window interesting, the chat window why because, it's a collaborative app and this is where the message has landed and where it should land because that's where the people look they don't have to search through the UI to, see what's happened as her, delicate I've been told, hey she's already set up and now I can do things in it so, what, I can actually now do is I'm gonna use an actual look this is here's, where the demo if, someone guys in the front row could roll out the net for us in case we tumble off the stage but we're, gonna go ahead I'm gonna go ahead and call in to Anna's office and let's see what I get. And. So, that phone call is coming in now. And. It. Will ring through let's. Say now of course somewhere down in the dungeon, here so let's see if that's gonna behave and ring hopefully, that will come through oh, look. At that it actually you, know this is the one challenge it's whether or not cell phones are gonna work, down. Inside here so let me try again and see if I can actually get my phone to ring through. If. Not you're gonna just have to take my word for it okay. Here we go now we're good, great. So we can actually hear my, PC ringing, actually it's still actually, ringing, her PC okay so, let's try one more time. And. See we can get that and I'd, like audio on my PC if possible, please John thank you and. So I'm gonna go ahead at one more time of course the demo gods decided, to once, again punish, us thank you demo gods. Yep. So. Sorry. So. What. You would have seen if the demo was behaving this morning was, I would, actually get in this lower right hand corner a toast and that toast we call that toast that's the thing that pops up and tells you what's going on if you've used teams you've seen that toast. I would, see an actual. Had. This been a real live, production. Moment you'd actually see a toast that would pop up and it would actually tell you hey, call. For an ax saw in, her office right and, I. Could, pick it up and then I could go ahead and execute a consultative, transfer, to her so. We're. Gonna I'm sorry I just can't walk away from this I. Because. When you're in marketing you're, into pain so, I'm gonna see if we can force, this guy to behave, and give us that call now it looks like it's not gonna behave this morning okay. Unfortunately, you'd see that consultative, transfer, and. So what, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cheat because. We're all about cheating in marketing, I'm, gonna hop over here open. Mic when I think of and hey John I'd audio. Is not coming from my PC right now so it'd be great if we could we could do that and.

I'm, Gonna go ahead and manually call. Lashley. I can't call myself Kenny let me see actually I can't let me do that I swear. To god I'm going to do this if it kills all of you ah. That's. Great someone, from. This. Is what. Good. Morning mr. clown, welcome to Anna sales office, so, thank, you whoever is doing that right now please don't hang up I'd love for you to actually say, with. Me, so. Now. We'll. Pretend that this is a really important call and not one of you sitting in the audience come on wave at me who's doing that during you are brilliant sir. All, right so you can see the options I have actually, this, is called live participation. Here I'm gonna go ahead and one, of it and you can see already I'm gonna have to mute. Because. My. My. PC is on so I have a option now to transfer a transfer okay. That'd be great to kill that but all right so I'm gonna lean back in and I get hit consultant, transfer I can, go ahead and pull up Anna and hit. Consult and, now. This diagram, this screen, appears and I could actually again, collaborative, F I could say hey. That, clown, is calling. In. Sorry. Sorry, mr. clown I apologize. But. I'll do anything for a laugh so. Hey. That clown is calling in and she'll, say hey put mr. Smith through or I, can go ahead and use audio to consultive, Li, chat. With Anna and I'm gonna mute and she'll mute when she takes the call. It's. Gonna happen oh well so now Anna and I are actually on a call and I say hey Anna mr. mr.. Smith is calling. In from, a faraway country in fact we'd, like to speak with you yeah, of course please put her through thank, you great and I could go ahead and do that however I don't trust mr. Smith a little bit so I'm gonna go ahead and hang up that call but. That is actually, delegation. And consultative, transfer. Thank. You very much by the way that was awesome. Yep. Okay so, and. I think you have some more you'd like to show them so let's go and keep moving great, so. Now let's switch gears I, would. Like to show you a couple of advanced, scenarios, if you are an IT, ad IT. Pro. So. You. See today I'm still using the Skype for business admin. Center your, future we are going to migrate the capabilities, to the modern. Portal and we, expect, to have the preview. Available, in. Q4, of this calendar, year and. On. The boys tab here. Is where, I assign. The new phone numbers to users. And, services. So, two different types and, as. You can see I've, already Requested, the phone numbers for kaku. And auto. Attendant. So. I'm gonna show you how I configure. The auto, attendant and the. You. Go. To call routing. So. You see I've already created, the ignitor auto attendant calling, and here's. The phone number I requested, earlier. Click. On this item. It's. Showing up. Edit, so. Here, is where, you can manage all, the.

Configuration. For, auto attendant. So. Let me quickly go through this. Tabs. One by one so. You can keep changing the name here it give it a new name you, see the phone numbers here and the other general, information you. Can set up. Business. Hours you can, easily select. The. Business. Hours, that, fits. You I. Would. Live it as 24/7. Here. I can set up the. Customize. The company, greeting, message once, the course once the call starts. So. I can upload, my. Own audio. File or not I. Can. Also customize. The, prompt. Message I would, like the, caller to. Hear after. The company greeting, so. Here I put, it in welcome to ignite a team's calling demo, press, one for sales and a two for support and, now. Down, to. Menu. Menu, options. So. As you, can see as selected one I chose one for sales, - for support so, this is however you wanted to customize for your business, I also. Have the choices of a transfer of transferring. The call to. Either, individual. Users. In. My company, or. Kaku. And. I, decided, to, transfer. The call the, sales call to, the call queue, for. The sales team so. Now I'm gonna show you how I, configure. The kaku next. Since. I didn't really change, the, setting here. So. Let's go, to Kaku. Once. I have the auto attendant in. Place. So. Usually have two different copies I, set. Up here and as, this is how we manage all the details. So. Click on support', here. Again you, can decide over the name you want to you, want to give it the phone number we. Assigned, before for, the you service. This. Is the greeting message you. Can customize. For your business, I, think. My admin Paul previously. Has uploaded, as this contoso. Support. Audio. File I don't really know what it is hope it's not something crazy who are here in a moment. We. Can also use the default, music. On hold or. You. Have, the choice to customize, it as well okay. So now how do we decide the call gets distributed, you. Can either choose, attendant. Which, means the. Call would ring, everyone. At at the same time or. Serial. Meaning. That either rings one person at a time. And. How do we do how do we decide, who would. Take. The calls so, here, you, can select you. Can search and. Select. Office. 365, group, or the, distribution list, within your organization, and add. That into, the, call. Asian support so this is how, you decide, who. Will. Take the cause, right. And I'll just point out that in, our demo configuration.

The. Long-suffering Meghan Bowen, is the support, team at this company and so at, the end of it you'll see the the whole process. Will ring all the way through down to Meghan yes yes, and, then here you can have, more like details, managed. Like maximum. Cause you want to have in a you and how, long you wanted to call to to. Wait in the queue so. This. Is how we set, up all the, car. Keys, how. We configure the car keys I, think. That it's the web webpage, is doing something funny, but here we have it, will pop, a backing of you you know in a moment for, the phone number here okay now let's see what, did it happens, once I really get a call, from the customer, okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm. Gonna put my my. Phone on audio. So hopefully that's gonna work out and I'm gonna dial into the call, queue and we're gonna hear it now what you see on the screen not, yet let me hit the button what you're gonna see on the screen is Megan's, copy of teams, and, I'll. Just point out that you'll. See the toast and how it is configured and what happens this, device supports it as well the, a link device because it's running the same team's client which is great however I just didn't want too many devices ringing, so I've taken, this device out of the play for now just. So that we can focus on this one here so let me go ahead and fire this up now I'm, gonna go ahead and call in. Let's. See how audio goes. Welcome. To ignite team calling demo, correct. One for sales and two for support, let's, see what's happened the old support, time. Transferring. Your call to support. Support. Please. Stand by for our next available agent, what, a great. Ok, so, there it's hunting right now for, the next person and, Wow. Hair comes in and you can see on. The actual screen says call for support and it's, ringing this, PC right now and I could go ahead as Megan pick up this call and I'm, gonna go ahead and stop that call but, also, like I said before if. This device had been plugged in and this was her primary a way of taking calls she would have seen that same screen pop, inside. The client that's running on this device so that's the beauty of having teams, one, client running across all these different devices you have similar experiences, so, that is folks, Auto coquí's, thank you so much enna. Joe, one thing I'll point out really quickly is uh for, those of you who are UI, aficionados. You've. Noticed that we're still using the, Skype for business original. UI for that the plan is to migrate, that UI to the modern portal this quarter will go into preview and then we hope in the next quarter, depending. On you know obviously like anything else preview, does review bugs so but. Based on everything going well we'd love to see that feature be. Lit up generally, available in the modern portal which would be great and then going, forward that's where you would manage call queues and auto attendant okay, with, that I'm gonna go ahead and hop, through I think let, me see if I can I'll, go ahead and hop through let me just move to we. Have by the way in the in the deck itself I put a bunch of screenshots that we're not going to show you because obvious, we don't have time but essentially we went through the same material, what I want to do is hop forward into. The future section, and begin, talking about that yeah looks like at less than five minutes so I'm gonna have to halt, parkus. So to speak so. You. Know what. Is coming really in the next and that's really what you're interested in obviously and this will this is list here you can go ahead and grab that OB in the deck I just. Announced VoIP calling. For everyone we talked about that so that actually. Was, on the what's coming but it arrived. Just in time for ignite, which is great so, everyone. Should be seeing that begin to light up now this week and. As typical, with us now with features in the cloud we roll that out on an ongoing basis, and so we should probably take about the next four to five weeks rolling, it out completely so, give it a little bit of time to appear in your tenant but that should do that we, also actually another, one that we that. I have on the what's coming side but we actually finished it was share. Screen from chat this was a big ass from a lot of you like hey where is that darn thing and I know it's not truly a voice thing but thank you. This. Is the nature of the new world of voices that we're so deeply integrated with collaboration. It's super important because we. Used to refer to this in the in the old days as escalation. Like you start, with one thing and then you can escalate all these other kinds. Of collaborative work loads, in and voices one of those workloads so that's great that share screen from chat is joining that now, probably more important, for many of you especially.

If Your. Home. Country, is and I pick on them a lot Japan or Germany we get a lot of requests about some of these features in the advanced routing column call, park group. Call pickup shared line appearance, location-based. Routing, a big feature obviously for a lot of customers they want to see that as well and other stuff as well and I apologize what I am gonna hustle, a little bit so. We, will be bringing group called pickup two teams and. Hopefully like I said we'll see it by the end of the quarter but I'm, officially. In charge of, the, voice work load and sandbagging. And so. I will say that you know it, may drift, into the next quarter that is that can happen but we hope at least within six months we'll have that group, called pickup out there and available for folks to use and. That, will be great and then call, Park oh my, gosh a lot of people want to see call Park in the product as well and so, that will come. And we'll have a whole design, set up for using, a code to be able to pick up and retrieve calls be able to move that along as well its timing similar. Shared. Line appearance data, what that is as well will be coming animal. It's curious this is I this is the last one I'm just curious how, many feel like this is you know you have to have this feature before you would deploy trying. To see you okay. So again revealing. The long tail nature of the enterprise voice workload I'd say about maybe 20 of you raised your hands but. That is this, is coming as well and. Then, forward to group again, pretty important you know again you can see this is the blurring line of collaboration, in voice we're not. Just having a separate, thing off to the cyber voice but voice being cleanly, integrated, as a digital asset within, your, larger collaboration. Portfolio, that you're using in your company which hopefully is teams. All. Right and of course we think delegation, is very important, we get a lot of feedback on it so we'll continue to enhance that adding. The. Mobile app supporting. Delegation, set up we're. Going to try to reduce the managers were load with delegate, initiated, workflow. We're, hoping to able to also make. Sure that we as, everything. You know we deliver, these features and then we make sure that the IT Pro has control, of that feature and that will be coming as well. Okay. So. This, is actually my last information, slide so running hard and fast here I want.

To Talk a little bit now this moves out of like hey what's the next feature coming in six months but this is more about the future of the product right and so, when, you look at, what. We've done today, essentially. You know for the last year since last ignite. Microsoft. And within Microsoft, I mean our engineering teams I've been working super hard to deliver over, 75, features, on that roadmap, if you saw that transition, roadmap that we published and. Part. Of that roadmap was calling we, have begun to deliver these things we demonstrated. Delegate, calls, we've demonstrated. Consultative. Transfer, next. Time we'd like to demonstrate both of them together but you know we did demonstrate both of them and also. Team-based, calls being able to take calls and handle calls, for each other as well, right, so that's. Great that's today but many, of you might say or whispered to me over a beer if that's table stakes Paul look what what is coming right and so one of the things we're exploring, now and this, is where we're getting into the vision, part of the presentations. I just want to be clear this is not a this, does not mean a feature name instant talk will appear at some point in time but we, these are concepts we're exploring like how can we make voice faster. Right today voice is still like hey I got a dial a number if I'm calling somebody or I got it I got to go through this thing and and deal, with it what if we had voice is a collaborative feature right today already chat is is on and you, can collaborate, at any time with someone what if you could have voice on all the we, have a presence. For instance in Vancouver, now of our engineering teams working. There and so, they're already beginning to experiment with dog. Food features, that are not available to customers, yet what we're looking at how can we have someone who's working is. Essentially, an extended, member of a team and have voice always available to them they, could literally have their boss walk into the, group area and say good, morning Bob and literally. The product understands, that you're trying to talk to bob who's based in Vancouver and Bob's online bob would hear that almost like a instant. Or walkie-talkie. Experience, and so there, are things there that are very interesting, that we're going to explore a lot of them will be driven by usage, and by customer, reaction, to those so we, will test those features and if they don't make sense in environments. Perhaps. We won't be doing this but we're going to explore this concept aggressively. And then, going farther for it in the future we're looking at things. Like attendant, calls rule based calls outbound, customer calls tying, voice, is a digital asset to, things inside. The product like channels. If you use teams you know that you create a team and then a team consists, of multiple channels, imagine. A town channel, dedicated to a, call queue or dedicated, to, something like a call queue where, everything. Is happening inside there and perhaps even stats, or experiences. Are exposed, to, managers who can understand what's happening with these calls so, we're gonna begin to explore that as well that is an exploratory. Mission right, again we have to understand, what, the market wants because we're trying to get ahead versus, saying hey deploy X feature we want to also show you the future of collaboration. So I apologize, I've had to kind of steamroll, that a little bit fast so. In, summary you know these are the next steps right obviously there. Are people who will buy voice and then go to teams but, I don't think there's very many of those most of you are going to have to make sure that teams is a product that customer, your, users want to use inside, so you're gonna have to embrace teams, if you haven't yet start with it today many of you already have then, you can start your voice pilot, and go, ahead and get on top of that and begin looking at how you're gonna deal with that you, can plan your deployment, and then finally.

Acquisition. Is important right understand, what Microsoft does here you're gonna need phone system that. Comes with either that, comes with e5 or it is a SKU. You can buy and add to e3 and then, think hard about how you want to do PST PST and provisioning around the world it's probably going to be a mix of calling plans and direct routing inside. Microsoft and you'll have to decide what makes the most sense seeing. The direct routing on Friday is super important you can for instance have calling plan and routing available, and to, your to your users in the same country. Which is very interesting so, you could have a calling plan for them also use direct routing to deal with expensive, routes, in your calling plants so there's, a lot of options and the only way you're gonna understand those is if you hit that session on Friday. Okay. So I've already showed this slide a lot at the beginning of the session but it shows you the other session other opportunities. And then finally, the evaluation, right so, if this, session was good for you by name is Paul that was Anna if you, did not like this session then her name is Paul and my, name is Anna. Will. Try to take just a couple of questions and I apologize again 45 minutes is so tough for this topic. Not. Yell your question and I will beat it yeah. Yeah, so the question is are those features you just blew through at the end of this going to be also available on the wall app yes that's the intent. Hi. There. Was. A little yeah I, just got feedback my extra accent is bad yes, it is. Yeah, so I'm sorry it's, okay because I have so many people looking for us so the question is what about direct, routing, for Skype for business online, that. Has been a hot topic, today. Unfortunately. We have no announcements, for you around direct, rounding for sfb oh we continue, to look at that as a potential, so we haven't ruled it out yet but there's a lot of internal discussion, around it there's a lot of impact to to, the product, and how things work and so engineering. Is still looking at an understanding what we'll do there so I'm sorry I don't have an announcement on that today. Nine-one-one. Is, dynamic. 900. So, we. Are looking at that as well although we don't have any announcements, today for that. Yeah. So I've been hearing that done amp dynamic. 9-1-1 is the road block we understand that and so, I don't have details on what we're doing on that that front so I don't know if we're working with a partner I assume we would have to for that to provide that but I, just, don't have any information for you today. Right. So I think that. Slide that I show so the question is what about VIP delegate, management or on, behalf of so we, showed, a little bit of that in the demo but we also expect. To be able to add this we we're going to continue an advanced delegation, as well so I expect that would comment as well. Yeah, so the issue is when. I log into as. A guest, in, another tenant to work with someone I lose, whatever licensing. Configuration, I have in my home tenant, today, that's. A great point I'll flag, that to the engineering right now that's a real challenge for us because you're, the licensing, stems from where you're logging in from right that's the whole thing so if you log on as guests at, ABC.

Com The licensing, is attached, to that thing so I, don't believe that is, on the roadmap yet but I do know in general we're looking to improve the guest experience so that's, a great feedback and I'll take that back. Yeah. Totally, I totally get it yeah that's it that's a challenge. Okay. Yeah. So the ask is hey. What, about other, countries, for calling plans and. So the answer is we're, not announcing any new countries at this time you should not expect us to add any new countries at this time we, continue to evaluate particular. Markets. And see, as you know it is a huge, challenge with. Regulatory. Conditions, in different countries and some countries simply will not let us in because guess what their number one revenue, generator, in some of these countries it's their phone company, and so there's a tie from the very top of these these companies, countries say no we're not going to allow competition. In so at, this point I have no further announcements nor do I expect, to have any about, new countries coming the, the guidance. I know hopefully it was clear today was for, the countries we have look, at calling plans for those who don't direct. Routing is your answer, and. I. Heard someone say direct routing is perfect so I'd like to finish the session no sorry. Are, you asking for audio conferencing, in. Sorry. Yeah. We, have no announcements, around audio conferencing being supported, by direct routing at this time. Yeah. So the the, answer, is the same so, right, now we don't have any announcements, for you publicly around that I guarantee that we're looking at all these different options but there's. Nothing I can say today publicly. Yes. So, question is does the is the, silk codec supported, and yes that is the it, is an infant. Yeah. So that is something I'd probably have to go back and double-check those are the older, options. I'm. Sorry off the top my head right now I can't forget what the answer is I believe yes we do fall back to those as well. Yes. Thank you okay. Um you, know what I'm Way over time and probably the next presenter with wishes I would die and go away and probably, not in that order first go away then die so I don't make a mess up here so, I'm, gonna I'm gonna and I promise I would be at a customer. Session at 10 o'clock which I'm probably gonna be late for I'm. Gonna step out and I try to take a couple more questions and I'm gonna run so thank you very much everyone I really appreciate, it.

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