CLICKFUNNELS Detailed Review for BEGINNERS 2018+ | Use 3 x FREE BONUSES to Start Making Money TODAY

CLICKFUNNELS Detailed Review for BEGINNERS 2018+ | Use 3 x FREE BONUSES to Start Making Money TODAY

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I think, Gina, yafnaf an enthusiast calm, and in today's video we're looking at click funnels we, are looking at doing a full, clickfunnels, review, maybe. Not just looking at the software itself we, are looking at. You. Know the peripheral. Aspects. The the, issues. Surrounding clickfunnels. As well things, like the the support, we. Are looking at the click funnels community, we are looking at their. Leader Russell, Brand's and how does he affect the click. How, does he influence. Click funnels and how does he. Influence. The, click funds brand is soft up I think what. Is what is the motivation. What was the motivation behind cliff, and monster birthing what. Is the educational system. What. Is the the. Financial. Situation. At the moment of the thing are they going to be around in ten years have some religion all of these factors not, just looking, at the software itself although, the, software, will. Come. Will. Form, a large part, of this review so we, are looking at doing a full and. Detailed review. Of. Simon's. Closest of the, clickfunnels system, so maybe. Grab a cup of coffee and. Let's let's get to it and see how clickfunnels. Can, basically. Improve. Your. Ability. To to. Achieve your big objectives, which. Is obviously to make to make money online with, it be with affiliate marketing or with your own products so let's, get to it before I before, we jump here to and actually. Get into it I just wanted to to qualifiable, basically. Say that I'm gonna be looking up it. Wasn't and then just to make sure that I cover everything you know find notes and that type of thing so. Just to start off with in, order from in order for me to to. Make sure that I deliver a, high-quality, review. Of the, product and. Service. There clickfunnels provides, I I. Would need to try and be as true. And honest as possible not, just for yourself but also for, myself so, that we can have a look at the. Not, just click funds but the click funnels brand itself. Because, I firmly. Believe, if that. That. When. One is looking at, either. Product, or service, we, you need you need to look at you, need to be placed with all the relevant, factors, not just the products or but everything that influences, the, the, product is off so, that you can make an accurate assessment about. The product, or. Service. That you are obviously looking so the, main aim of this review, is to, is to try and give, you all the information that you need or relivin, information, that you need so, that you can make an informed and, accurate, decision, as to whether you would like to. Invest. Both. Time and money into, the, clickfunnels system. Now. Now. Look I also, would like to look at some of the aspects that are there are sort, of perceived, as being as being subjective, things like what, do you what, does what does clickfunnels designed, for what are the objectives, and yes, these are things that there are constantly, changing but, right now at the moment what, why do we perceive what would we perceive clickfunnels. Cliff. Analysis objectives, to be what what what do we think the objectives, was when, when they were when. They were first when, they were initially. Developing. The, software it's after birthing so. We're. Not just going to look at the the features and benefits of the, software, package, itself we're going to be looking at everything surrounding it, although. The the, the. A large, part of this review would be would, obviously be the software itself. Now. We're. Going to be looking at we're going to be looking at the, the. Support. Component. Or the support, department, their click funnels uses. Well, how efficient. They are how. Understanding, there. Are towards, the market, both the, motors at Birth the market and then, individual. And. The, individuals, needs. What. Was it was the education system. Do they use to. Try and educate the. Stakeholders. Or your or their customers or clients, because. Look anyone, that sort of comes in would. Need to be. Made. Aware of the, features and benefits hardly.

Use The system how to best use it so there's obviously a educational. System or educational. Component, that needs to be attached to any in East Bini software, the software service so we're going to be looking at that as well one. Of the other aspects. That I think, is quite, crucial is what. Is what is click final says mechanism. For motivating. Encouraging inspire. And inspiring, the. The, their, customers, so that they can achieve more that so that they can look at various. Other other ways of of, using. The software, not just for, let's say for, doing for developing a website now. They. Do that very well but I'm going to be looking at that as well. And one of the important, one, the more one of the more important. Aspects that I would consider is is their leader let Russell Branson. How. Does he influence the brand how does how does he. Perceive. The brand to be and what part does he does he bring to the table top of him. Now, in my opinion. He's. Really. An exceptional. Leader he's. Humble, he's grounded, he. Knows how to speak to his community he, listens, he's. Got he's got an. Exceptional. Knowledge. Base not. Just about the product but about marketing, in general mainly. Because because, of because, of ways been I mean, he comes from a from a direct marketing. Perspective. And. He's. Already taken that direct marketing. Experience. And applied, it to online, marketing, which. Which. Which. Has allowed him to to. Obviously move towards, towards, the place where he's at the moment but he, believes. And what and and this is what I enjoy is it. Being. Stagnant and complacent. Is. Not. What. He will what he will allow, himself to be to fall. Into his country, learning he's currently developing, he's currently pushing himself, even. If you like if you listen to his podcast. You. Will you will find phenomenal. Amount of, inspiration. Insight. Into. It not just even not just he. Is his, perspective, but you will learn the, different concepts, you will also learn that. That. Your struggles, are real and, that he's obviously gone, through and are still going through them. He. Is when you in when Russell talks he, doesn't just talk about his business, he, doesn't talk about the kik films but he talked about he talks about the family and how hard that sort of integrated, I think ended and that his, family is is. He's he's. Driving, for that with him because of me he loves, his family not like all of us and, and. He. He. Is not afraid, to, speak about his, emotions. Which. I feel is is in, most cases, a. Person, that for. A person especially a man to. Express. The emotions, openly, it's, quite a difficult thing and he does it so easy but but, it allows you to connect because he, knows that you are feeling this the. Same if not or. Similarly if not the same emotions. That I think going through this this, journey type of thing now. Yes. We're gonna be looking at things like lead generation afraid. Marketing, email. Marketing as, well but but, that'll. Be obviously also, a component to this the brief view type I think one. Of the last two aspects, is we. We as clickfunnels, at the moment, with. The financial, stability are they stay boards I mean what. Is the track record we, have, we, we've they come from the we will they wait, where, do we perceive. Them to be in, ten years time will this will be around in ten years time I mean these, are the things that that you sort of need to take into consideration, when you invest time and money into into, something. You need to know that in five, or ten years time that, they'll still be around up I think you know, serving. Your needs and your customers, needs and your customers customers needs type of thing because. Ultimately we, are investors, of time and money into into the software type of thing and. Then lastly, we, get a bit I'm going to be looking at my. Two bonuses, that, I will be attaching to this review which. Which I, feel. Is is, really. Really awesome. I'm, not going to go into too much detail but we look at it at the end so stick. With me let's. Go through it and then at the end I will I will go through the bonuses, that. I'm that I'm giving, away for. Those then, then obviously. Watch. The full video so. That they, can obviously go and and implement. The same. Using. Those those bonuses, that I'm going. To be offering as and. You seem to for watching this this. Slightly. Detailed, video, about clickfunnels, we, have to be a way, of.

What. People's intentions, are when. They look at something and. I'm very specific. To. Sort. Of the the, bad reports, about. Not, just like from the body but any any sort of product or service type I mean there will be the those people that that, would want to explore, the negative, side of anything. I mean they do it about people who, about. People there's world up I think so I, I. Just I just need to touch that briefly, type of thing now. The. There might be a tendency we click, fun also be perceived as just as just being a landing. Page builder or creator or developer. Together. With a membership. Area Boulder, and. That. Might just be because the. The, the, the. Level, of perception might, just be that, at, that level type a thing. Creek, Falls Kim can make the. Truth is a cliff arose is, so much more than just a website and. Landing. Page builder or membership. Area build a type of thing and. The. The. Beauty, of or. The power of clickfunnels, actually, lies in, all the other aspects, that they're surrounded yes does. Them but and it does very well but the. The. The. Beauty. Like like I said the beauty, and the the power come, from all the other aspects in how being, sort of integrates, that by thing and. I would tend to think that that, the reason why some people think read, every. Shallow of either, a product or service is. That, the level of understanding might, not allow, you. Know that they. Understand to develop. To that depth, and. They. Would, would sometimes. Tend to reduce. The. The product or service to the level of their understanding if you if I sort of get what I'm saying if and, if it's especially if it's quite quite complicated and, intricate, they. Would try and reduce it down to to. The illiberal insanity, and try, and sort of take that apart, is and and that is and, that's. Unfortunate, unproductive, because, it doesn't give you the full view or consider. The full of you or all, the aspects of the, product or service everything. So. Now. We have to we have to agree and we have to concede that there are people out there with would, sake devious, intention, yeah there. Might be disingenuous, type of thing, that. Wanted lead lead some people astray, or keep, them away from from, certain processes services and. And and we are where, we need to be aware of these these elements, so, that we. Can remain objective and. Try. And assess the, product or service for, our assault and make our own conclusions, based. On on. That assessment type of thing so. Now. Let's have a look and see what, what, clickfunnels. Should, say what, sort of design for toppling and and look these, are obviously all my opinions. Based. On my both my experience experience, from, using the software and obviously. From other sources, as well so, in my opinion, clickfunnels. Was was designed, for. The entrepreneur. That. Is looking. To establish the South online. Using. The. The. Online. Business concept, you know setting up a business online everything and. Worth. That learn and implement strategies and, concepts. That would that would ultimately, establish. Their entrepreneur, has, as, a. Person that is there's, not just able to, perform. The functions of an, entrepreneur, and a business owner but, also to inspire. New. Or. Other, people as well new new, new custom, establishing. Imported. Knowledge and also to establish, themselves as an. Authority. With within the filter birthing. Clickfunnels. Has also had they've, also incorporated.

The The. Own pitfalls. And. Try. To design. The, system so that so that we as we, as entrepreneurs, do. Not, succumb. To those but, Falls so, you, know we which, would which would only delay the, learning. Curve and the. 60s. Curve diaper thing so they've incorporated, that, as well. The. The using. Interface has been designed in in every, in. In a way that that is recommended, to the to the beginner and the beginners I start with in this. Subtle, subtle. Components. That. Reduce. A fairly. Complicated, system. Down, to manageable. And fun. Aspects. As well. So. With. That they've, sort of stripped away the the super, the, super advanced, features and that type of thing and reduce it down to to, manageable, components, type I think which is ideal for the, the. New. Entrepreneurs to. Sort of start off with and. And take their businesses, from the although. Click. Finals is forms, a hub of most. Successful. Online businesses. You know six seven eight eight figures type, I think so, it's, not to say that it's just for for beginners. But. I just need to need, to qualify that. They, have used, certain. Elements in every ingenious. Method, to. Facilitate. And encourage and. Improve. The, learning. Cycle. That, a new, entrepreneur has to go through. Shortly. Being at being shortly, after being introduced, to the system you know things like the the clickfunnels, game - everything they've. It's, a game, but. As you play it you, learn the different, features and functions of clickfunnels, are softer birthing and, I thought that was, really close to everything. And. If something awfully complicated. The. Okay. The, using interfaces were three clean very functional, and. It. Allows. For a lot of factors, that that, that comforts. The I a comforts, the person to say you know what even. If you even if you know even. If you know very little about about, sort, of web design and coding in that this. Is I mean that you can do we've. We've, done it with we've designed this with you in mind you. Can do it you know so and. I, think I think that is that is that is there is really awesome. From this on interpreting, then. They've incorporated quite, a few other features. That are not, just cool but they're super. Powerful, as well things, like the shape on them they shave funnel function we, once. When someone has designed a funnel and. They. Would like to distribute, that funnel or share that funnel with someone else I just need to, place. That person with a URL. Link, that if, that person clicks on that link you'll. Be able to then. Import. That funnel into your account, without. Having to do anything and everything that that that person has done in, the, funnel itself designed, that the, elements, the the the the photos. The the. The. The. Text elements, in that abetting all of that will be will, be included, in the. That specific, funnel so everything, remains intact, yes you're going to need to try you need to go in and change the maybe, your. Your. Affiliate links in the double thing because there's obviously personal. But. Everything. Else stays. Intact with the share final when. You obviously import, a a funnel. Now. The. Objectives, I think, I think click, final says has designed, the system, with. The in dues in mind I, cannot. Arcanist restate more I really. Enjoy it not just because because. It's easy but but also longs for progression, once, you've started learning, you, can obviously progress, from there on to the next and the next and and. You learn as you go type of thing and it's. Designed so that so, that you, can come in as one, person and. Have. The potential to start. A fully fledged business. You. Know using using, the system type of thing. So.

They've, They've taken the components, that that is they sometimes perceived. As being overly complicated, and reduce it down to simple terms so that you can obviously understand, the type of thing one of the cool features. Functions. Of clickfunnels is is the way that they've set up the the editor, with. With elements we you, sort of understand, how, they. Sort of all the pieces sort of work together to everything but, we'll get into that as well now let's try and look at the, try, and understand the sort of motivation, behind behind. Click funnels and what it was designed for so, that we can sort of give sort, of it further. Or deeper. Understanding. Of the. System now. In. Order for you to in order for you, to fully, understand, the, motivation. Behind kaif analyst, we. Would need to do sort of back tracker but, with. With, Russell, himself Russell, Branson instead. Of consider where he sort of started with with, direct, marketing, and sort of try and try, and piece together what what, his journey was like from. From when he sort of started. Now. Direct, marketing reforms, from, forms, the foundation of. Russell's. Marketing. Strategies, and. These. Sessions were further developed and honed and improved, by. Applying, them to the online environment everything. Now. Listen. Why I click funnels has been designed, the. Way it has been based, on based, on the the funnel, system itself, and not, just and not just slapping, sort of individual, pages together doubling, so this there's a fella and this these funnels tips, within. The funnel itself type of thing. Because. Russell. Sort of learned over the years that. The. Power of selling lies. In a funnel, itself and how, the families, obviously structured. Everything, now. That. That is they're very different, -. So. Just give me one second that's read different to. How. Some other how. Some some of the other systems, work which is based on individual, pages. So. There is a bit of a flaw in the Annette in essence and personally, my opinion. Russell. Also also. Said Russell and his team or his team of creators also looked at. What. What what the crumpet what the critical, components. Are. Or, what, what what components. A. Entrepreneur. Would need to, start and and. Grow. An online, business which, is basically, a website, a, shopping, cart and an autoresponder, and. They bought all of that in worth. Worth a system. They've. Also that, and, then once, once they once they. Once. They develop that. They. Realized, that they need to take it to the sort of the next level, and. That. Is to formulate a funnel, system, or mechanism. That. Would, would appeal. Or, relate. To. Each. Individual. Entrepreneur. Because look, there are so many different, businesses, and business types of Aarthi that you can't just have one one. Or two and try, and service their motor building so as as they, as they sort, of went, along they they realized, that they needed cater for a wider and wider, business. Criteria. If I should put it that way. So. That each, one coming in each, personally, entrepreneur, coming in would then be able to make use of these bit of a. Funnel, that was that was designed for them to bethey but. In, order for in order for those individuals, to benefit. They will need to sort of understand the concept, of a funnel. Or funnels. In that type of thing and Russell. Always draws upon the, example, of the. McDonald's, now. We know we know McDonald's has been in existence for many years but we. Didn't realize what, what, system, they, were actually using and and and and the. Example that that Russell, continued. Also. Said drew. Upon. In. The beginning was that was, that when. You when you visit a, McDonald's. Franchise. And. You. You maybe. Buy. The. Burger. McDonald's. Himself. Almost. Makes a loss on that burger but. When they upsell, you with, with, the coke and fries. Together. With that burger then. That sort of changes things quite dramatically. Tableting so. What. With with him bringing that up so the the coke and fries that end up. Making. Ten times the profit as to, Arthur would have made with, just. Selling the burger to everything and quite. Frankly if you're going to be visiting. I, outlet. You. Know you are satisfying, a basic need everything, so. Those. Services, will will always be in in need so, when. You visit they, know that, yes. You can might be coming for a break at everything but but the, concept is trying to upsell you so, that.

Really, The concept. Is to try and upsell you so that you cannot spend a bit more so that they profit much but, can, you imagine. Increasing. Your profit margin about eight times that's, that's, a considerable, amount of the thing but that. Is that is the beauty of funnels now is it as I said before type of thing they, realized, that they need to expand the, number, of funnels that, they offer their clients everything, because the this will realize that the, this, if. You. Consider the, service-based industry, this. Is quite a bit you know you've got your chiropractors, you go to dangeous your Realtors type of thing so this you need quite a quite an array of our, funnels, to sort of accommodate. Those, those industries, type of thing. But. The bottom line is you're. In business and. In. Order for you to make a profit you, need your funnel you. Either need your, objectives, might, change from, either from selling or generating. Leads or whatever. But, but. You still need customers. To Pithom and. When. When they said about it they they. Managed. To to. Realize. Or achieve the objective, by by, creating, a system. That. Gives. That. That. Gives you everything you need to, to. Market, salt, and deliver your products online. Now. I believe that, click. Finals, now. I believe that Russell. And his team of creators. Eventually. Managed. To achieve the objective, by creating. The system, that that, not not just gives you the ability but it gives you all the the tools, and the mechanisms, and, the functions, that you need to. Market. And deliver. All your products. Online, debiting. And. They. Also believe that that the practically, funds the only way that an aspiring entrepreneur was able to create, a sales, funnel was supposed to basically. Throw. A few, pages. Together. Hoping. That they would sort of complement, each other. Which. Is quite a challenging, and quite stressful, because, because each each step, within the, funnel has a specific, objective and that.

Objective. Needs. To be achieved before the person obviously goes through to the next step so just quite difficult doing, it before, so a quick final sort of arrived everything and. That. Is why I say, I believe. That like that that Russell and his team. Delivered. On that, objective by making, sure that that, everything. That. An entrepreneur would, need is encompassed, in the, system, click, function is one of those super powerful super, awesome. Software. Packages. That allows, you to build. Any. Type of funnel being in a sales funnel so, a, sales funnel or a lead. Generation funnel. Basically. From scratch or. Utilizing. The. Templates. That they offer as, well, as as maybe, making use of someone, else's. Funnel. That that is that is willing to share. It with, you tabatha, so. It. Is quite intuitive, in, that in that that, you can use various, resources, to sort of bold you you, your funnel you. Can either build from scratch use the templates or, maybe. Request. A funnel from from someone else within the the community, repeting which is quite a common. Common. Practice that birthing and. Cake. Follows cliff analyst stands. Like, I said clear understanding, this in the center and it performs, the the central hub of most. Successful. Online businesses. I an. Especially, big been said that that you might not might not be aware of you know six seven eight, figure, figure, earner step I think so, click funnel is. It's. Quite versatile, versatile. In that it allows, for the the beginner to, sort of start, his. Journey Deborah thing and. Obviously, allows, for growth and. And beyond. Type I think and, I think that is that is a super, awesome achievement have been made for for one person, to be able to start a business and. Eventually, take it to a six seven eight figure. Business, is quite. Is quite powerful I mean, we're asking the kind of person do that everything. Also. That. Because because, because of the way they're, designed with, the, funnel. System. Each. Funnel, but. Each. Funnel is basically designed to, achieve a specific objective and within, that funnel those, the individual, steps are also they, also did they're also designed to, achieve, a specific objective, both by, the physically, and psychologically physically, meaning many you need you. Want you want the the customer to to. Buy an item or you want. Or you want to, bases, alarm, TN t--'s email address of the G so that he can become one, of your customers, later on but. Also this, is this cycle of this recycle, ah djegal, components. That you build into you your funnel as well so all, of those sort, of come into players or give an example one, of the things is.

Your. Attractive, character instead, of exposing your attractive, character to, your potential client, of the things so that they can develop that know like interest, sort of feeling type of thing so. With. Each tip this. Is a specific objective, or goal both. Physics both. Physically, and psychologically. So. That you can sort of guide. The, customer, through the entire process and you, are in control of, that. Customer. Throughout, the. The, process throughout, the steps within, that particular funnel, now let's look at the, the. The. Software itself the, the the. Interface now, you, are greeted with with quite a quite a quite a pleasing. Quite. A pleasing, layout. And it's. Not over complicated, the colors aren't fighting with each other they, complement, that settle. Allows. For for, the eye to serve roll, over the page type I thing but, what, is what is what is what is what. I would like to draw at introduce is at the, top here and. That. Is the. K. Finals game and has obviously been designed, like that for a purpose so, that when, you open it that's the sort of the first thing that you'll be seeing and especially. The this the top half of the. Page that birthing so, they. Are let's let me just click on that their resume playing there's. A welcome video that that that. You, can have a look at especially fun for new, new. Users, where. Russell just explains. He. Welcomes you as a, nuclear, furnace member you. Can go through and have a look that look. At that lets. It's, close so. Missus. Opening again then. You're. Looking at one two, three four say. One two three four games the first ones being the first game the second one is the hero funnel the, third, one is to cookbook and the. Fourth is the funnel you 101. And the last one is the launch checklist. Now, each, each game has, specific. Objectives, and what. Is nice is this. These explanatory. Videos that, explains the entire process the, first game misses its bases to tree into your details so that they can option shop the t-shirt, to you and. This. Is. A big psychological. Component. That goes with the. T-shirt. With. The free t-shirt, because. It's tangible, buddies, that is you, know once you get it you wearing it at, least you are brand proud. Sorry. You're you are brand proud and. You. Are also advertising, the. The, system itself. So. That. Is. That. Is the, first, game, in. One ship one ship dancer, you. Can then enter, your. Sign your t-shirt, size and then obviously that'll be shipped. Over to you, the, second. Game, is the hero funnel we, go, through some, of the some of the components, or some of the elements some of the design, elements of a, flee fellows you're. Looking at the explainer video you're looking at the. Video, that, that. Shows you about building, the. New Fennell set. Up a custom domain now that's the that's an important putting. Very important, item. Especially for new for beginners. This. Is the editor video there's the edit, the headline, hard. To edit it and within the specific page with, the editor edit. An image add. A new element, your. Social, accounts a linking, or social account. Opt-in, forms social. Images, you. Know when you when you share your link this is the image that goes with that without. You having to put it in the. Meta, tags save, and exit. Edit. Thank. You pages share, funnels not that is the function that I spoke about we. You. Can, share your final or someone, can share your funnel with, you and. It'll be important to your account straightaway and. Then, accelerate, your final building process. From the now. The. Third. Third. Game is. The. Cookbook now. The cookbooks have been designed to, to. Take you but a little bit further and deeper into into. Clickfunnels and how sort of set up with, with the elements, with the the, and hard, sort. Of comes, together. What, are elements, the. What are the page recipes, and this is clearly designed, it into, engine in a format that everyone, can understand because I mean if you understand, cooking, everyone a sense baking and everything not that you physically, cooker. Back yourself but you understand the concepts of it or the, components, of it what. What our final recipes, and.

Then The funnel built, the. Funnel builder page, all. Of that is included, with. Every. Step there's a video you, open, it watch. It and. Then obviously girl from thee then, is the final you which is which takes a little bit further. Why. Funnels. Let's. Have a look. Why. Why. Do we want why I divide it why, did they design. It in a way. Okay. Now, as you can see it, is quite a disc, wanted quite, easy. To understand, explain the video type of thing to to, take, you through the process make, you understand, and not, just not just the Hartree but also the strategies, and the concepts, behind it, so. That's the best, the funnel you and then the last one is the launch, checklist. We, if, if you if you want to launch a product, that's, that's that's what what, what. Will obviously be become. Important. To you then. We, get, to the your. Click. Funnels dashboard. And this, is where you, can. List. Your your, favourite funnels just, to have be able to have sort of a quick review i've also. Do they the performance, matrix type i thing they're paid views our clients in sales and. You can have a look at them in a duration of either one week one, month or, three, month period, places. Click on three they and. See what what that sort of looks like in. Terms of okay you can see the interest into the page page views nine and eleven page views fifty-seven, obvious options, now this, is Amit setup for for for sales of them it's just those two matrix that Democratic, tracking and that is, made up of one, two three four, five, funnels. So. That you, can obviously have a look into you can you, can see that the, is the matrix for for that these. If. You hover over these, matrix. For that right now the. There. We go the the, clickbank affiliate. Funnel. That I set up these the matrix so. Then, spy see what what that is about you. Can go there to Quick Links then. Let's, come to, the side here, where, your. Favorite vendors know this is obviously just listing your favorite you your, favorite, finals which is linked to this year. Then. Let's. Go down to the, live contact, activity, now, this system yeah I must, admit I under. Valued, and underestimated. The, power of this, live contact, activity, and it, was only made apparent, to me when I had. Migrated. My autoresponder, from, a we were to convert kit and during. That process look. I did, I did take, a bit long to, sort of affect, that that's that migration and there. Was I'd. Missed a few context. But. Luckily. Clickfunnels. Was able to to. Show me what. Who, the. Context. Was that, after. Dean now these are these are by based on your opt-ins, on your on your on your funnels. So, you can go down and I think it goes on to about a month and, the. Show is not just not just on one funnel but on all your funnels so. Especially. If you've got if you've got quite a few funnels in all, different functions, at might it can become quite cumbersome, to keep to keep track but, this is where all of it sort of comes and this is this, is even, though even though I've only got see the $97. Per month package, they. Still allow me the access to to this to this to this function which is which is which is really, really really, good and. Then. Okay. Obviously the get help and that type of thing so, that's it that's as far as the dashboard is concerned. Let's. Go to the. Finals, page it's off now. Just, just to just to go back to get. Back to the to the dashboard you just need to click that, click. Files icon there and takes you back to the to the dashboard, but. Anyway let's go to the finals page now. This is where they list all your all your for you active, funnels and they, can be grouped or tagged and whichever. Way you you, sort of obviously. Want to group him, and. Then, there's all funnels these favorites, which, is which is whatever. Finalist. You've listed as your favorites okay it goes back to the the dashboard, because. List the fact that the favors day then it's the archive marketplace, archive. Is all the the funnels that, you that you sort of had but your archive and this, there's quite a bit quite a few in it you know when. You've been using the system for a while these people. Share quite a few funnels with you you know and I have a look and see you you. Know is. It worth one this and the, only way to see it is actually you know important, but. You. Can you can archive it, whenever. You sort of instead of wanted then there's the marketplace, where you can physically. By. Funnels. But. You can also you. Can also download. Some, of the free finances. Sorry, this is the the funnel the, area. We, list. Your purchase funnels, within. Within your own system. Now. I must make it known that my. Current subscription. Package, doesn't. Include action, attics and backpack. This. Is the the $97, starter, package but. Even. Though I don't have action attics they still allow me the.

Ability To view. My contacts. You. Know in and and that they give you the function to dock to download. The context as well. Let's, have a look at okay, so obviously, I haven't, said there are four four cells yet but. If the easiness cells this is where it'll be listed, let's. Look at the final marketplace, this, is a way you can you can either download the. Free funnels or, purchase. The finalists, that that have been developed, by other market isn't and and and the consultants, you, can see there's a product launch funnel, this is squeeze. Page, funnel there's a two-step tripwire. Final, video. Sales later phenol is a webinar, what a webinar, and. It. These. Are obviously like you said lucky see they webinar funnel that's. $147, that was designed by, Chris. Mary, and. Here. You can see they they then, feature a. Consultant. And I. Think this is a daily a daily, exercise and. I'd. List everything that that he, sort of you. Know sort of, composes. Off or or. It, gives a bit of information about, about. David. Type of thing so let's, go back and, continue. From there so, and then, obviously bold, funnel that's if you want to build a funnel from scratch, now, you can either choose the cookbook, builder, process or the classic funnel builder process. Either. One you. End up using, this function. Resell them because of the sheer final option. I mean. If you're looking for a realtor funnel, you. Go within the the click funnels. Facebook. Group and you're who's got and nine, times in the whole shared with you like. I say action, ethics I'm not, this. Is not part of my package and you'll. See there are only two I've tried. Okay. Back, pack as well which is the which an action index is the easy also responder, component. Backpack. Is the affiliate, component, way, you. Can allow. Other finish, to sell your products, so. You can sit all of that up there's. A hop. Help. Docks, and github now, I must admit the, the, Ducks. And get up function, the support function from clickfunnels, is is is extremely, awesome. Anything. You need they'll. Be able to help you if you can't find it in Docs you'll be able to get assistance. From from. Clickfunnels. To himself now, on the fourth of July. Look. In South Africa we don't have we don't celebrate 4th of July but I know in America it's quite big we. Everything almost claims to still stand and. Not. Let us support. Departments. Operate on, the 4th of July but unfortunately, I had an issue on the 4th of July and. When. I got in touch with him I kind of realized that I might have to wait a while but, I actually didn't and. I. Just want to I just want to. To. Show, you what. Okay. Just give me a second, I. Shouldn't. Show you what. What. Clickfunnels did, for me and this, is this. Is an old video. Okay. Let me just pose that day this is the video that was I had, an issue I wasn't able to I wasn't. Able to get into the editor, to. Eat it and and, this is right this is round about the time we we, the. Web science change, or the addresses, change or the protocol, changed. From, HTTP. To HTTPS, and. I. Wasn't, able to get, in and actually, edit. My pages type I think some. Of them I was I was it I was able to view and when. I got through to them I realized oh sure but it's the fourth of July they might not be able to they, also helped me and. Because. Of the way this actually i think i think i think that they said, they set up a VA, to to, to, sort of to take, over to everything but. There's. The pro the avatar, of the VA that of me but they, sent me when, when i when i raised the issue and i. After. All obviously, being advised as to as to what did you didn't. Work and. Like. They, compiled this video in, the background to show that that, they able to access, the, the editor so there must be an issue in my science so when, i refresh my browser. Deletes. The cookies net up i think I even, showers, i were to get into but this, is the video that that, the the same feed to show that, it is in fact working. Okay. So. I'm, i'm i.

Really. Enjoy the, support. Section i, enjoy. The the. Billing section that they're able to understand. We. Use sort of coming from as an individual, and. And, and you do need step withing okay. Carry on from from there we've got current, details we've got integrations, ix aggressions. So. Let me just go back they actually. Wanted to, give. Me one second. Integrations. Integration. Sees we is is. Basically, where. You manage your api, aggressions you autoresponders. To your third party or, just one death my man I'm making. Use of action, it leaks. You. Know has miasma not. Actually, convertkit. So, I'm making use of convertkit. Asthma, and convertkit, is my preferred. Auto responded what used to be a waiver. It's. Not going to work it. Domains. Is. This. Is where you either add new. Domains or. Register. A domain with. Clickfunnels now, as. You. Can see I've got quite a few listed. And these, are external. That just. Give me a quick overview and you'll see one day that that shows, the. Date that, domain, was registered within, clickfunnels not. Clear right. I click. Finance allows all, new, users, one. Free domain and. This. Is that one freedom and that I use all, the others worse I, think. Muslim were, registered. Within GoDaddy. So. This is where you would register your domain and and, once you've registered your domain and. You and you, bloated. With. Click funnels or link it with click funnels you can, then link, a specific. Funnel to, that domain, so you can have a specific dress for. 4 click for digital assets, this. Is. Once. You've once you've maybe compiled, an e-book, and. You, need to deliver that as part of your as part of your process your, lead generation this. Is where you need with this is where you upload it and, you make it available to, your, subscribers. Via, your, digital, assets section. Templates. That's, obviously we as, you go you, sort of save your own templates, to. To. Make it make, your own developing, a little bit easier that's the other thing if you if if, if. You maybe develop, the site and. You've. Got a complete section you can save that as a template so you don't have to bring it in your design, it from scratch anymore and this. And then that works very well if. If you have sort of the same sections, throughout. The various pages like your headers or your footage type of thing okay. It's, in TP, isn't, DP settings this, is where. You'd, need to set up your SMTP, readings with verse, Ingrid same, greatest is is is the the. Preferred. Third-party. Service. Provider that that click files users, to, deliver, the, emails. Now. Especially if you're gonna be using action, edicts you need to set this up but this, is even, if you don't have extra innings this, is a, extremely. Good. Practice. To to go through because I'll show you later once. When. One of the benefits of using clickfunnels. Is. When. It when it when I when. I lead. Into. The email address and and they confirm, so. The email address is obviously captured by the system so. You, can you can set up a notification, so. The click funnel scanner can notify, you by email when. A new, subscriber. Has opted in which, is a very, cool function, to, have especially, when you when you're starting off so. That you can check then you, can check those, contexts, versus, your autoresponder.

But. I'll go through I'll go through that in detail later. I'm. Not too concerned about the berms unsubscribe. That's a if you use action helix payment. Gators our payment gateways, one. When you when you get to the point we you, use. You. You've. Setup your your, funnels, for, sales. Then. You can set up payment gateways, but, unfortunately, with we am saturated, saturated, at the moment the only payment gateway that are considered make use of is PayPal. And a Clickbank. But. When, you in other countries, you know the the, top-tier, countries you can make use of quite, a few others and he, integrates, them aren't on the, system, here. As. Your. Account billing it's obviously you know we. Where. You pay you with. Been opinion. Which which subscription. Package that way it'll be listed, affiliate. Managers. Not. Really important to the search notifications. If there's a notification that clearances needs to send you this, is where it'll come through and, then I will sign out but. Let's. Quickly have a look at the affiliate. Section, now, this, is where this is we. You. As an affiliate of clickfunnels will, be able to view, your progress and. As done in a very, clear very smart, white up I think waitlist your your earnings per day as you can see they were all received, one hundred eighteen point eight dollars. And. Currently. I have one. Year trial and, one this currently trailing based. On the last seven, days. And, it are we and and list your allows. You to track per affiliate. Tool. One. Of the core. Functions. Of click, finals as well ease the let. Me just go through yeah, right. This. Is this is obviously the affiliate. Program, every. Panel click finals pays 40 percent monthly recurring commissions so, it's either hundred eighteen point eight or, $39. A month depending, on which package. There's. The affiliate bootcamp, that's the that's the educational. Section, that I spoke about I'm, gonna go into details as with. That as well, this. Is one this is another cool. Motivating. Factor your your dream car as, you can see there I'm two of, two. Of either two hundred or two of a hundred this is 100 this is two hundred, there's. Still a long way to go but but progress, is progress. Then. You can go through and check and see which which, product. You'd like to promote. You. Just need to click go and and click the affiliate, link get, that link and obviously. Either either use it as it is or specialized. Opinion, which. Which. Offer, you looking at this this email swaps included, as well, is. The hacks final. Giveaway, toes. Banners. More. So our files so. All of that's been included. In. Indy, and. That's. Basically, this far as far as the, software, is concerned the layout and that type of thing now, we need to just normally just need to go further into it and actually look at the actual funnels, itself, so we've, we've had a look at the, click, funnel system. We. Everything sort of fits in the, settings. The. Mini functions, in that the berthing the dashboard, now let's have a look and see. Within. Each, fennel and sort. Of in within, the pages. What. What we can sort of expect from click funnels so let's have a look now. At. The what, I would like to go through out I'd like to I'd like us to go through through, three specific. Phenols, the first one being, sort. Of a website phenol, and. We, are can we can, basically. Develop. A. What. Looks like a conventional. Website within, click funnels. Which. Is where he just just, but, on but I would use when, I use my website force basically just to to, let, people know who I am what, I'm about and and. So forth and maybe just capture, a few least everything, so let's go let's go have it have a look and, and. Then. Let's. Go if. We open up the. Mistaken. Okay. Now this is my website. And. If. I can just. Show. You that at ease and my website, there, we go, now. As you can see is. The funniest calm. And. Pretty. Much that looks pretty much like like a normal normal website with, the. Menus. At the top Homer. Bart blog and read resources. How. Most obviously we at at the moment then. There's the Abart page. Then. There's the blog, page which. You'll notice is slightly, different to it. Which. Is you'll, notice that it's slightly different to to. The, other, pages. That's, because, now. I'll tell you now let's. Just go back to the Reese or resources, page okay. Pages. The, pages. Home, about. And resources.

Those. Are pages that, that, sits within clickfunnels, so, they are they they they she a. Common. Sort, of sort, of layout and then, the, blog if. I can just open that. Okay. Let's just do this. And. Then let's do this. Just. To illustrate. The. Slight differences. Okay. Now. This. Page here the, home page a bad, page and resources. Page that, like. I say is, sits. Within within, clickfunnels. The. Actual pages this. However sits. On WordPress. Because this, is this is the block this is the actual block you can see the doctor blog dot the finally thesis calm, so what I've done is I've, got my main domain as being. The funny enthusiast then I've got a. Subdomain. Called, blog. So, the, blog itself sits on the subdomain and the. Main website, sits on the main domain, so. This. Is this is this is a this. Is hosted in in, in. WordPress, so, and. What. I've done is I've I've, linked, let. Me just go back to the top here that. Page. I'll. Explain, within. The funnel you, have, to set up your your links and this. Link here points, towards, the the. Wordpress. Blog, and. These. Pages here home about resources. They point back to the wordpress. To the to the to. The click funnels pages. So. These. Are, all these are all my, my. Blog posts and. You. Can see those, are the the, blog post that sits. Within within. WordPress. Okay. Let's let's. Get rid of that let's. Go yeah open that again now, let's. Go within click. Funnels it's off now, within, within the the within. The. The. Funnel itself we've, got we've got steps, we've got stats, we've got context, we've got sales and you got settings then, underneath it we get the overview automation. Products, and publishing. Now, on this, side we launch checklist, which we result, amuse then you have the final steps, these. Are all the final steps here. Home about okay, I've included a a, step. Four blog but it doesn't get it's not being used because it's being redirected and, then. Resources, then contact, now. The contact. You. Can get to it via, the. Bottom click, on contact you'll. Be able to get to the contact page so it's just a case of working, with certain parameters, and then just linking the various pages now this page here. Said. The, then, there's a contact form pop up there's a contact. Thank. You pop up these. The terms of conditions privacy, affiliate, disclaimer and then, the news later pop up now. Though. This, is happy at the bottom you've got terms privacy contact. Affiliate, and community. Communities the trade, the photo so. The. Website is basically made up of our various, pages or. To set the convention, so, within. Within the funnel itself you've got these tips here and in this case we are using we're.

Using The steps as pages. To. Achieve the the normal, website layout. Then. We we've, got overview. We've. Got automation. Automation, you. Very, seldom use, unless. You sit you sit a new action and a new action could be when. Someone opts in to your to your page you can be notified or. You can be notified if the if there's if some. Paper. By, something, but, in this case we. Won't, be using the automation, then these products we don't we're not using products at the moment. Publishing. Let's. Have a look at publishing okay the, funnel funnel. Step name. There's the found the the final, step name, for. The, home page is, the path, okay. We're gonna need to use it now, these these. Options. Here a get click pop code and that double thing get. Clipper get. Click, pop code, get. Click. Opt-in, link and WordPress. Plug-in add to, Facebook embed, code, Don, now these all for the pages so you can actually download the, itself. But. We've. Really sodomy who's that so, let's go back to the overview. In. Fact. Let's listen this may be this may be go have a look at stats, now. This will be this the. Statistics. For. As. You can see starting. From list. But the statistics. To run from the first of. January. Until. Today. Apply. Filter. Okay. The, that, is the this that the. Pageviews. There's, a. Few opportunity, it. Gives you the the rate. As well of. Opt-ins, on the, home page for, the pay the free. Funnels. As. You can see it will give you the, stats, per page so. Let's. Go to context now, context, because, I don't have action. Edicts they. Won't be anything listed here then their sales we don't yourself, let's. Go to settings. Now. Within, settings, we've. Got the name of the funnel is called the, funny through just website, that's what I've named it I've grouped, it under website my domain is the family thesis calm adding. In the domain, I can go through, and. We, need to see immediately we need to set the domain up here, there's. The path and it's. Empty SMTP. Configuration. And there's, also a ferry continent I'm. Included, a tracking, code from from Google. Google. Analytics, which. Attracts, the the. The. Page. Views and and so forth so. As. We, can see here. We've, got in, the at the top we've got we, can copy the URL of, the of, the funnel, we. Can visit, the URL now. This this, comes into effect when you have. This. But, especially, comes into effect when you have an a split, test option, running. As well so by. Doing this, whatever. Setting, you have you with is 50/50, or whatever. Percentage to go to split, the the views, that's, that that's, what the. Whip, the funnel, will do automatically, but you have to obviously use this URL here over the copy so. That. That's, the this. Is go back to the home, page. Okay. Now let's let's, open the, editor. Let's. Have a look. Okay, this is went for a to populate. So. I've shown disabled, this Dropbox, here. Starts. Taking a bit long and, there. We go there we go okay. Now. These, are the, way the way clickfunnels, have have, have.

Structured. The. Editing. Of the finals is quite ingenious because. It's made up of sections. And. Within the section this rose within, the rows this, columns, and within, the columns this elements, so. Let's. Say this is so. What, what. We can have a look at is, at, the top this, is this year the Greenies is a section, then. We come closer, and that, is, a. Let. Us have a look, that's. A row. That's. A row and then. Within. That base, this, is the element, they. Open. That either. Take me so long yeah that, the element the element was, in that row is. At. A navigation. Element. And. I've called it resources. Okay. So you. Can you, use you can set up these links. To whichever. Whichever, URL. Including, your, own. Internal. With. Website. URLs. So. At. The top we've got we've got a section. We've. Got the, rose. And. Then obviously within that you've got the element. Coming. Coming down I've got, this. Is this is a section, this this this year, from. The until, until here and within. That there. Is the. Ease miss. These, the the these the there's, two rows day there's, another one, to. One. Right. This, is heavy look at this yes, that's, a four column row. Very. Good. One. Two three four columns, and within that the, element is is is text. Likewise, this, side there's another row there's. Another row there's no so, it's, structured, very nicely so that you, you can you can add in your. Bits and pieces whichever, way you want you. Can either, allow. To show. You. Can either. Allow. It to give me a second. Okay. You can either la la, the, the. Section. To be showed full, width or. So. You just give a second. Yeah. You. Can either have a full, page wide. Medium. Small, extra. Small so. Okay. Let's look, at one other function, you've got your mobile, settings. As well so you can have a look and see what you look like on mobile. And. He's turned it back there so, at the top you've got you, your the desktop. And the mobile functions. That's. If you have any apps. Running. Which, you. Very seldom do, then, we've got settings we've got integrations. Integrations, is where. You would where, you would integrate, your, third-party, autoresponder. Once. You've connected on on your integration, side which. Is which is. Which. Is there then. You can. Sorry. Then. You would be able to sell, then. It'll be connecting, you need to connect it and you can sell it select the the integration, at, the moment as, you can see half a convertkit, connected. Here but, I don't need, that. To be, set, at the moment the. Isseo metadata, that. Allows. You to obviously name the page but, if we key words in a, bit, of a description of the page. So. That's, the the title of the page so that's a bit of a scription of the page the keywords the author that. I've got a social image. So. The social image is mild, is my logo and. That's. Basically, the SEO data. For the page then. We go to tracking, code if, you'd like to set up tracking code within the individual, pages this is where you would do it you can either do it in in the future or the header depending, on what on what obviously you.

Want To sort of track now as you can see I've got my Google, Google, Analytics, tracking, code, inserted. Job. Is a keep track of the amount of visitors then. We've got custom. CSS. That. That we leave for the advanced. Programmers. Background. At. The moment I don't have a background because, I'm using, a background, within, the. Sections. Typography. Other we'd, undo it and say, that general. This. This is where you'd be able to if, you, to set up special. Special. Funnels, for maybe. Collecting, leads or whatever and you, want them to go to a specific, location, after they've opted in this is the way you would need where, you would set it also, this is where you can load your digital, assets if you if once, a once they have opted in and you want them you want to deliver a this, called the free pdf or cheat, sheet this is where you would select the your your digital, assets you. Obviously need to load it and the. Digital, assets here so. And then. Also the affiliate badge which is being shown here at. The bottom, made, with clickfunnels that. Can be either be turned, off or, shown and within. The shirt and the search engines, you, can either allow this page to be shown or not. So. That's basically, that then the pop-up let. Me just click show and pop-up now, that, is the pop-up that, that, you can set up let's. Say you. You want you want them to enter. The data stick to get the free templates or a free. Cheat sheet you, see that the the the pop up here you, give the the the pop up the, correct. Settings. Trigger. On don't. Show because, at the moment what I've done is. Once. They click yes send me this website. Okay. Waking me give me one second. So. Give. Me you in second. So. I have disabled, the. The. The pop up on the first page but. It. Runs on on the other on, the, other pages so. That's. That's the the the the, pop up you, and and likewise, with the pop up you. The. Pop up is made up of. Rows. You can select how many rows and within the rows you, can have your various, elements whether it be text headline, image.

Video. And. Obviously you you. Let's, just have a look at your, your button, or your opt-in. Input. Input forms, then. At the top we've got we've got sections. This. Is where you can add a section you can add a row add a column or your various, elements you. Can preview it and then obviously once you've made a change you need to obviously go back and save, it so. That's. Why I said later every, single thing has been set up. Obviously. But, I'm doing. The drink in the manual, way, but. What the. Beauty of clickfunnels, is let's say let's say you've got this section here that you want to duplicate, and you can you can you can re you want to reuse the section, on. The other pages you. Can. Click this and. Save. It as a template, so. This, this, entire section, here can be saved as a template, this. Entire section can be saved as a template this, entire section at the bottom which is the footer can, be saved as a section, so instead, of going, to each page and sitting up all you need to do is, just, call. Up that template, and and, that, you can then save, the. Changes. Within, that, specific, page instead, of having to. Open. Up a new section. It. Set. Up the the, the the. Rows. Set. Up the column set up the images set up the the the, text set up the the links so. If you set this up and you click Save. All. The links and everything will, be will, remain the same then you just insert, it on the various. Other pages, so. That's. That's as far as that is concerned let's, go I'm not going to just, save so. Let's leave that. Okay. The same thing with the with the advantage can we want a second. The. Same thing with your Bart page. Now. If I click view. The. Page we'll, see that now at, the same time let's click edit this. Is the about page. With. Me being the driving, force and. Then. Next. Level marketer. Likewise. We've. Got we've got a section we, got a section. Section. And. There. We've got to, a two column row and, within. That you've got the. Either. Paragraph. Or or, headline. So. At the moment I'm just I'm just going through the process of showing, what. What the functions what what the composition, is the, actual building I will do in another video, it'll be later where I go through the actual but I've actually building, a sort. Of a page from scratch. So. If, I were to go to this, code this maybe, have a look at the menu when the navigation. Element. The, link text. Is about and there's. The URL you, can set the Europe now yes, setting up the URL is East. Take a bit of time but. It. Is totally worth it and obviously then you've, got you've got a fully functional, website within within, click friends which is not something that they're clearance has been designed for but. You. Could you design, all your your final isn't it within, within, within clickfunnels, but, let's, say you want to - like I have done also would like to do.

Your Own website, within within click funnels the. It's. Already included in there and and. Sorry. And. What. I what if. What. I when I will do is I will I, will. Make. This website available. To. To. Anyone that, is their, boss's head the website, template. Or the funnel I will, share let's. Go -. Lets. Go -, lets. Go to settings. Okay. She. This funnel Europe so if I were to if I were to copy this URL and. I. Would to send it to someone this, exact. Same website will then come, through will then be imported in their clickfunnels account, know. If anyone, would, like this. Website. This website, in. Fact give me one second key one second. Okay, here we go there we go this is the the the website. That. Has been set up to, be able to be shared because I've removed, all the content, I've, removed obviously, all my pages, but the functionality, remains the same the. Privacy, pages everything so if. Someone would like to get, this website. Funnel. Template. Or the share funnel. Please. Get in touch with me my. Email address is, Gino, at. The. Funny enthusiast calm. Just. Give me one second let's go to contact. Let's. See I'm sure, I. Okay. Click. Here to contact me. Yeah. You you if you'd. Like to, get this website, template. With a fish, a funnel for this website you. Just need to go to to. The the bottom which is contact, got, email, click. Contact me into. Your details and just request this, website. Funnel. Okay. And that and that's basically it as far as as the, website funnel is concerned, so, next, we're going to look at the, the, other other. Two funnels which is which, is the one is more opt-in as. Well as a as, well, as a sort. Of a complete package. But, we'll have a look at it, so. Let's, do that now in, this, section where I want us to look at a slightly, different funnel, this. Funnel is what. I call my. List. This is open it opened, up I call. It the. The. Clickbank a I forgot Clickbank, affiliate Commission. Quick study now I basically come, by, see take compile, this to, to.

Package. A a. More. More. Full. Of system for, the, the, the. Aspiring. Entrepreneur. So. What I did was I I, went to to Clickbank. Had. A look and see okay within the marketplace what, are their what are the high convert. Products. Or services. That I that I can look at and sort of build a a a. Package. Around, that so let's, cut the and. When I did was within. Click panel within, Clickbank, your. They've. Sort, of separated, the. Products. According. To their categories and. I, looked, at health. And. Fitness. The. Health and fitness category, and. To. Search within, Clickbank, for, a sort. Of a high, converting. Popular. Product. That. That is that he's kind of sitting in the you need to look for the grant or we need to search using. Gravity. Now if you certify gravity, the very first, product. That comes up is the red tea detox, system, weight loss system now. What. I did was I Ivan, took, this this product. It's. Just this is open that I took, this product I'm. Signed. Up as an affiliate and I. Built, a system. Around, this, downloaded. Some of the some of the some, of the. Some. Of the the images. Some, of the the there, was the the the PDF that I, downloaded as, well the report. So. I then. Packaged. Everything together, and. The. Start of it the, start of it is. Welcome, to the kickback Commission, quick study, yes. I want free access to Clickbank. Commission. Quick study system. So. Let's open that that, pager which is which is the first landing, page and this. This is basically the. This I designed, this, uh designed let me just go back to this I designed it's got one two three four five six, six, tips but, there's, that that's the the the the. Video. And there's. A click pop video, as well now, that. Is if you want to come from another route but I'll explain, that that that, later so, on the first page of this one let's have a look and see what, it says here welcome to the clickbank affiliate Commission quick study. This. Little video that sort of explains what. You. Can expect within, the funnel. Okay. The. Volume is the volume is a bit low but but it basically, explains. What. What you would need to what you need to do so once, then once, the visitor lands on here and they say yes they want to Commission the quick.

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