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Watching. Knowing better. When. You see a preggers you video it's, not, like anyone else because, you, see it and you. Know you have to do something about it because you know you're the only one who can really help someone. Who watches knowing better is someone who is able to look. At the world and really see what it is and not, just look at it and see it but to be able to go and be. Effective and do, something about it. And. They're. Like. Have. You seen a 4k, TV. What. A beautiful thing you know because it's. Maybe one day one. Day it'll be like that like wow. Porque. TV's I'll just read. About those in the history, books I. Do. It I can and I do it the way I do everything, you know, there's. No part of the way for me it's just. This. Video is brought to you by brilliant, the, story of Scientology, is really the story of its founder l ron Hubbard which his followers abbreviate, to l rh we're gonna be hearing a lot of scientology, lingo here and much of it is just initials, l ron Hubbard was a Navy brat and his dad was stationed in Guam he failed at a university, and he tried to join the military once or twice then he became a science fiction writer during the Great Depression he became the most prolific writer, in history using, 20 different pseudonyms he, still holds several Guinness World Records he was paid a penny a word for his pulp fiction novels and topped out at a hundred thousand, words a month this script is just shy, of 6,000. Words his science fiction books actually contain, a lot of concepts, and names that later come up in Scientology, but that's not really the point of giving you his background, the reason I went through all of that is because of his father's military service, his short university, attendance and a seemingly constant. Book publishing, we pretty much always know, where he was and what he was doing yes I've slept, with bandits, in Mongolia, and I've. Hunted. With. Pygmies. And Philippines. Matter, of fact I have studied, 21. Different. Primitive. Races. Including. The white race no, he didn't he's lying pretty much his entire life is accounted for and he never went on any adventures, to the far reaches of the world but then World War two happened and the standards, for entry were lowered this was the most important, event of his life as it was for many others I suppose he. Was a lieutenant put in charge of a sub chaser patrol boat and by all accounts he was a major soup sandwich, he once dropped all of his ordnance on what he thought were two Japanese submarines, but actually turned out to just be a log and a month later accidentally. Shelled a Mexican island his evaluations. From superior officers, aren't very kind consider, this officer lacking, in the essential, qualities, of judgment, leadership, and cooperation he, acts without forethought, as to probable results, this officer is not satisfactory, for independent, duty assignment, he is garrulous, and tries to give impressions, of his importance, not, temper mentally fitted for independent, command those, were three different people across three different years, after, the war he rejoined, his writing but he's in Hollywood and got involved in a black, magic sex cult trying to summon the literal, Antichrist. Now I tell you all of this not to make fun although it is pretty funny but to tell you the foundational. Myth of Scientology, think of it like the crucifixion, of Jesus or the parting of the Red Sea LRH, claims that he was crippled, and blinded by the war the story changes, depending on when he's telling it sometimes, he's the sole survivor of his down destroyer and he was blinded by the Sun while adrift at sea other, times it was just shrapnel. And muzzle flashes, the important, part is that LRH claims that he healed himself using, the methods that would later become Dianetics. Proving, this wrong would be akin to finding jesus'. Body it would shake everything military. Records are pretty solid and easily accessible. He never earned a Purple Heart or any of the medals a he claims and at the end of the war he was hospitalized. For a stomach ulcer and pinkeye, after, treatment the naval board stated, that he was considered, physically, qualified to perform duty ashore preferably, within the continental United States he, also wrote to the VA several, times requesting, psychiatric, treatment, for long periods, of moroseness, and suicidal. Inclinations the, Church of Scientology. Claims that these records have been falsified, in order to cover up the truth they also claim that his involvement in the occult was part of a Naval Intelligence assignment.

So You, know after, world war ii there was an explosion, of religious fervour in the West not only was there an increased interest in established, religions, which gave rise to evangelicals. Like Billy Graham but. An interest in previously, unknown, Eastern, religions, like Buddhism this was also when alternative, medicine and acupuncture, and yoga became popular people were hungry for ways to improve their lives and expand their mind which, is also why drugs became more popular the point is that the stage was set for someone, like l ron Hubbard to come along in 1950. He wrote Dianetics. The modern science of mental health and middle, class white people eat it up it spent 28 weeks on the New York Times bestseller, list in this book LRH claims that these are the methods he used to cure himself of his war injuries and that using, these methods you can cure yourself of, all sorts of mental and physical ailments. He also claims that for every hour of Dianetics your IQ will go up one point I tested, people before Scientology, processing, and after Scientology, project, newly uniformly, found that their IQ, had, he once claimed that he raised a boys IQ, from 83, to, 212. Now for, those of you who don't know IQ is a standard, distribution, where the average person and the majority, of people are at 100. The majority of tests really only place people between 30 and 170. But technically, this scale goes from 0 to 200, it's just not possible to have an IQ over 200, but surely you're going to go as much grade as you're born with oh no and your brain has nothing to do with it brain is a sort of a well. I don't know brain is brain what. It does I'm never quite sure but. And, I don't think anybody else is in Dianetics, Hubbard theorizes, that there are two parts of the human mind the analytical, which is just stimulus, and response a, completely, rational machine, like a computer that perfectly, processes, and records everything and the unconscious, reactive. Mind this is where all of your emotions, fears, and psychological, ailments come, from it's also the source of physical ailments like asthma your memories and thoughts are recorded, into what he calls engrams, and it's these engrams, that are the cause of all of your problems as anyone, who's ever talked to the cryptarch would know you can get rid of these engrams, through a Dianetics, every which is basically self-hypnosis, where you would think about a thing until it no longer had any effect on you kind of like exposure therapy for PTSD or, a phobia you would continue to do this until all of your engrams have been erased and your reactive, mind had been completely, eliminated, this is what he called the state of clear and that.

Means That the individual, has erased. What, the Freudian, said, was. His basic. Illness, which is his reactive, mind his, unconscious, mind is gone and he. Is totally, alert and totally. Capable in, August 1950, three months after Dianetics, had been published hubbard produced the first clear, a physics. Student named Sonia Bianca, and presented, her to an audience to show off her abilities, she couldn't remember basic formulas, or even what color tie LRH was wearing it would be another 16, years before he produced any others and of course not publicly, but that didn't stop him from continuing to sell and practice, Dianetics, LRH thought that his book was going to be a breakthrough in the field of psychology and mental health but it was rejected by the APA, and described as not science, not, science, fiction. Fictional, science Dianetics. Was the homeopathy, of psychology, it rose at the same time as other new religious, movements, alternative, medicine and self-help, and as soon as people realize that they weren't getting the gains that they were promised, it fell apart Hubbard was hit with numerous, lawsuits for false claims and even criminal action, for practicing, medicine without a license, by 1952. Dianetics. Clubs around the country had, shut down in Hubbard was bankrupt, even losing the rights to the name Dianetics. Because, of these legal issues LRH, went to great lengths to distance, his next project from psychology, and psychiatry even, branding them as the enemy. No. Psychoanalysis. They, lay back and don't, associate, Scientology. With such people in 1952. He incorporated, a number of different churches under different names but the ultimate winner of the branding war was the Church of Scientology. Sian from the Latin Sian Chia for knowledge and ology, meaning the study of the, study of knowledge, he, replaced the idea of self-guided Dianetics, everies by introducing an auditor, who would use an e meter to process, people through eliminating. Their reactive, minds according, to Scientology, an, e meter locates, an Engram and measures its charge in truth and a meter measures the galvanic skin response or. Skin conductivity, it's one of the measurements used in a lie detector it just measures how sweaty your fingers are years later the FDA would require all Amir's to carry a label saying that it's not meant to diagnose, or treat any illnesses, and is instead just a religious, artifact, because of the two handles, Scientologists. Refer to using an e meter as being, on the cans Scientology. Uses a number of different symbols but perhaps its most recognizable is. The eight-pointed, cross which seems a bit like plagiarism, but is also somewhat intentional, I discovered, that the common denominator existence. Was survive whatever. Else man was trying to do whether. He was cultured, or primitive, and so on he, was attempting to survive. The. Eight-pointed, cross represents. The eight dynamics, of survival, the first dynamic is the survival, of the self the second is the survival, of sex and children, which they usually sum up to mean family, in order to sound a little less weird the survival, of the group whether it's a country or a race the, four dynamic, is a survival, of all mankind. Then, all life including all animals, the sixth dynamic is the survival, of the physical universe made, up of matter energy space and, time or mest this, becomes important, later so remember that the seventh dynamic, is the survival, of the spirit in the final eighth dynamic, is a survival, of infinity, which is sometimes viewed as a Supreme, Being or a higher power Hubbard, and therefore Scientology, views individual, humans as three separate entities the, mind the body and the spirit, not exactly groundbreaking most, religions, have a similar, view the key difference here is that the spirit, known as a thetan is an immortal being that has lived and will live many lives again, reincarnation.

Isn't Exactly a new idea either Hubbard, had initially rejected the idea of past lives but as people continue, to report engrams, from napoleonic. Or Elizabethan. Times during auditing, sessions, in order, to explain that it was incorporated into, Scientology. Scientology. Wasn't just written and handed down to the masses, it was developed as he was getting feedback from his followers as part of this development l ron Hubbard created the bridge to total freedom it's, kind of like a course list for Scientology Buddhism. Has the Noble Eightfold Path, Scientology. Has the bridge to total freedom it's fairly complicated looking, the left side known as trainings, for auditors, and the right side known as processing, is for everyone else most everything up to the state of clears just repackaged, Dianetics, and that is where most people see the most benefit. Scientology, recruits people through small courses, that maybe only cost 50 to $100, it starts by taking a personality test, which they call the Oxford, capacity analysis. And is, in no way affiliated with Oxford, University, the purpose of the test is to find your ruin. In marketing, they would call it a pain point something, that bothers you personally. That they can then sell you the solution, to Scientology. Is for an able guy like you or like, me. Able. To function in life able, to make his own way does, his work and so forth all right that's the man that should be helped that's. The man you should help out because. That's all I was having a hard time yeah, I'm afraid that you are completely, miserable and totally. Depressed, I am, I didn't, know that well, there's certainly, question that you are a perfect candidate for Scientology, are you having trouble with your marriage personal, finances, do you have a hard time studying or focusing, in class what, about drugs do you have a problem with drugs Scientology. Has the solution, for, a nominal fee that last one is particularly, dangerous they, market it as the purification, rundown and it's the first step on the bridge they also call it Narconon, not to be confused with the actual Narcotics, Anonymous a 12-step, program similar, to Alcoholics. Anonymous there's nothing new or even wrong about having a religious, element in a detox or rehab program, but Narconon and the purification, rundown have, no medical or psychological aspect. Scientology. Teaches that the only way to get this out of your system is through hard manual labor exercise.

And Sweating, it out in a sauna this is incredibly, dangerous depending, on what you're withdrawing from, but now you're on the bridge and you're taking classes that guarantee, the ability to communicate freely, with anyone on any subject or, recognize, the source of problems and make them vanish and relief, from the hostilities, and sufferings of life, nice, it's also vague enough that you can get this for most self-help, therapy, or even just practice, and if you don't this because there's something wrong with you not Scientology. If despite, all that trouble in care the case did not gain or if the case simply didn't gain despite auditing, no matter how many years or intentions, and you've caught your suppressive person a suppressive. Person or SP, is someone who doesn't see any gains from Scientology, leave. Scientology, where speaks out against Scientology, it's quite possible that I'm going to be labeled an SP or at least a potential trouble source many of the people who went through the beginnings, of Scientology. In the 50s and 60s were, labeled as espys which then opened them up to the fair game policy, fair game means that Scientology can use whatever means necessary to, discredit or destroy, that person, which. I'm not looking forward to the Church of Scientology. Claims that this practice is no longer in effect, but back then LRH, would write letters to the FBI talking, about how these people including, his ex-wives were, secret, communists, this was during the Red Scare and McCarthyism. Remember likewise, all of that information that you gave them during your auditing, sessions is put into what they call a pre-clear, or PC, folder. Can and will be used against you in fair game an auditor, isn't a doctor or a priest there is no promise of confidentiality, as, Scientology's. Presence grew and they became the subject of several lawsuits the government found that LRH was using Church funds for personal gain as a result, in 1967.

The IRS, stripped, the Church of Scientology. Of their tax-exempt. Status to, avoid any government action Hubbard, took to the high seas founding. The C organization or, C org the most important, element of the church which basically, functions, as its clergy and members. Sign a billion-year, contract the. Sea Org was LRH his personal, navy and he even appointed, himself Commodore. It's even marketed, much like a navy and its stated mission is to clear the planet roll credits, they. Spent several years bouncing, around the Mediterranean, looking for lost treasure getting kicked out and banned from several countries and even allegedly. Participated. In an attempted, coup in Morocco in, 1971. It was during this time that LRH developed, the operating, thetan levels, these are the levels on the bridge above, the state of clear they, are caused over, matter energy space and time this is also where things go from self-help, and therapy, to religion, is, this a religion, because, my family is like Catholic, or something you could be a Christian, and be a Scientologist. Okay you can be not only a Scientologist. But a Roman Catholic and an anglican, as well oh yes. As. A matter of sober fact they. We. Have many many denominations in. Scientology. Then, how come that sign says Church of Scientology. And, it is a religion, because it's dealing with with, with, this. The spirit you. Know you as a spiritual, being Scientology. Could be called well. You. Could call it a religion of religions, they say that as a hook, if they came out of the gate saying it was a religion, anyone who already had a religion, would just walk away but make no mistake the further along you get in Scientology. The more of a religion, it becomes it starts off helping you with drug or marital issues then you're going through auditing to clear your unconscious, reactive, mind and so far it's probably helping and once you've been in for seven, or eight years and a quarter million dollars, it becomes, a religion, if you're a Catholic or any other, or, let's be honest even if you're not a Christian, you probably, know what the first few sentences of this book are or at the very least you can paraphrase it you can find this book basically everywhere. Likely for free, you've probably turned down someone handing these out on the street the point is you probably know the creation, story and can look it up anywhere Scientology. Is different, you have to go through all of the stages up to clear and buy all of Hubbard's, books and lectures for well over $4,000. Before you find it out it costs a fortune if, you're a regular Scientologists. But, and it's, a huge but everything, is free if you join the Sea Org which is the primary recruitment. Tactic by the way I mean how else are they going to get you to sign over your life for the next billion years this is cognitive, dissonance in action, by the time you hear Scientology's.

Creation, Myth you are so invested both, in time and money that you almost have to believe it Hubbard wrote this story in, 1967. For operating, thetan level 3 which he calls the wall of fire Scientologists. Believe that hearing this story before you're mentally prepared, will cause you to go insane, so. Surgeon. General's warning but in all fairness you've probably already heard this story most famously from South Park in 2005. It all began 75. Million, years ago, back. Then there was a Galactic, Federation of, Planets which, was ruled over by the evil Lord, Xenu. I'm. Not gonna show the entire thing here because you, know copyright, but oddly enough this information, had gotten out before South, Park and the Church of Scientology. Tried to take it down on copyright, grounds, the weird thing about filing, a copyright, claim is that in order to file a claim you have to prove that it's yours so when South Park put this little disclaimer on the screen frozen, alien bodies were loaded onto xenu's galactic cruisers, which, looked like dc-8, except, with rocket engines they're telling the truth there's even a recording, of l ron Hubbard telling this story dc-8. The. Dc-8, airplane, is the exact copy of the, space plane of that day it's easy to make fun of this right so that's not necessarily, what I want to do here I want to explain how these beliefs shape Scientology. The ot3 materials, state that the universe was created for, quadrillion. Years ago 75. Million years ago which was before, the dinosaurs, were wiped out xeno, is facing an overpopulation. Problem. Selected, people to be killed by and I wish I was joking one of the mechanisms, they used was to tell him to come in for an income tax. Investigation. Remember. This was the same year that the Church of Scientology. Was stripped of his sacs exempt status so yet. Again the enemies of the church were folded, into the doctrine, these aliens were then disposed of by throwing them into volcanoes, on TG AK which. Was earth the disembodied, thetans, were then captured, and forced to view what LRH called our six implants, which, were fake memories, that we later acted out and became our religions, and histories these thetans aimlessly, roamed the earth and eventually attached themselves to humans, you can have hundreds, of them in on and, near your body they can be up to 60 feet away and still influence, you and these brainwashed, confused, two lost alien souls are the source of all of man's problems, does your elbow hurt that's, a body female are you afraid of spiders body.

Thetans So not only do you have your own engrams, to work on eliminating but, ot3 to ot7 is, dedicated, to eliminating these, body thetans, at this point in scientology, you're also auditing, yourself, so you, know honor system, you see how you can't believe this and that God created the world in seven days as a practical, matter Scientologists. Are expected, to and do become fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion, of other faiths in, fact that whole Adam and Eve in Noah's Ark story are just are six implants from Lord Xenu seventy five million years ago why do you think man is here on this planet well. He. Was put here and. He. Was supposed to make his own way out of it, to. Put him here. Again. It's easy to laugh at this story but you have to put yourself in the mind of someone experiencing. This in the 60s we hadn't landed on the moon yet so when you've signed over your life for the next billion years and everyone around you also believes, this because anyone who doesn't was kicked out it's, easy to see why you'd buy into it especially if you were experiencing, legitimate, gains from previous, courses if you do waver in your beliefs but you don't want to get kicked out or you're considered, to be out epics you're sent to the rehabilitation. Project, force or, RPF, he was a science fiction writer get used to the silly names the RPF, is like an extreme, bootcamp, or prison, for Sea Org members where, many alleged, abuses, and inhumane, practices, occur the Sea Org has also participated in many not alleged, proven, in court clandestine. Operations, in 1973. Operation, snow white involved, infiltrating, over a hundred, government agencies, the American Medical Association the, American Psychological Association. And, numerous. News agencies, around the world with the goal of finding and destroying any, information, they had about the Church of Scientology, it is still the largest domestic, espionage. Operation, to ever take place with over 5000, Sea Org members participating. Operation freakout was one of the first major uses, of the fair game policy, with the goal of destroying Paulette. Cooper a journalist, who wrote a book about Scientology, they tried to frame her for various bomb threats and sued her from numerous countries, they even imported, her book to other countries, specifically, so they could sue her from that country it almost worked - she was about to go to prison but in 1977. The FBI raided Church offices, and uncovered, all of this information which led to several high-ranking church, officials, going to prison instead including. Eller H's wife Mary Sue they also discovered, files related, to project Normandy. A plot to take over the city of Clearwater Florida. Clearwater is the spiritual, headquarters of Scientology think, of it like their Vatican, it's known as flag land base or simply flag it's the only place you can get ot 6 and above and it's the headquarters of the flag service, organization. Also known as staff by Sea Org members all, of LR h's policies, and directives are, known as flag orders, if you visit a hotel in Clearwater, it's almost guaranteed to be owned by the Church of Scientology. And they don't pay any property, tax on it which I'll get to later the Hollywood headquarters, the big blue building that you all recognize is known as the Pacific Area Command base or PAC base it's also pretty close to the celebrity Center International, and yes it is spelled that way Scientology. Has a long history of recruiting, celebrities to increase, its popularity they use celebrities to sell shoes and car insurance so why not a religion, celebrities, have come and gone over the years but by far the highest profile member is Tom Cruise. Seorak. Members basically wait on him hand and foot while he's staying in clearwater or at gold base near Riverside California I told you to get used to the silly names this is the infamous compound, with bladed, fences, that not only keep people out but keep people in while clear water is the spiritual, headquarters gold, bases the corporate headquarters, Scientology. Also operates, a number of bases around the world like trementina, base where. L ron Hubbard's writings are, preserved on steel tablets, in an underground, vault could you imagine being so important, that your accomplishments are put on a steel tablet, the goal of trementina is to preserve our h's works for the next 10,000. Years because, oh yeah, he died in 1986, did I forget to mention that at 2000. Hours Friday. The. 24th, of January, AD 36. L. Ron Hubbard discarded, the body the, body he had used to facilitate his existence, in. This meta universe, had. Ceased to be useful and in. Fact had. Become an impediment to the work he.

Now Must do outside, of its confines LRH, died of a stroke unless, the coroner's report was, also falsified, but of course the new leader of the church David Miscavige, known as CEO B for chairman of the board had, to tell people that he voluntarily, discarded. The body in order to continue researching further levels, of OT operating. Thetans are supposed to be impervious to illness or injury so if he can't survive how can anyone else the several bases that the Sea Org operates, around the world all have this infinity, symbol somewhere so, the L R H's thetan can find its way back home because, like many messiahs, there will be a second, coming the reason you sign a billion-year, contract when, you join the Sea Org is because you're an immortal being a thetan and you're given a 21 year leave of absence to find your way back l ron Hubbard's thetan has been AWOL for, over 12 years the, fact that you're an immortal spirit really changes, the family dynamic, and Scientology, in that there is no family in Scientology. Now celebrities, and public Scientologists. Can have family sure but if you're in the Sea Org you're expected, to not, have children or turn them over at a certain age because they're a distraction they, believe that children are immortal, thetans and tiny bodies, as a result, they are treated, like adults discipline. Like adults and expect, to work like adults as you might have guessed there are rampant, accusations, of abuse alleged. Abuse, most Scientologists. Right now are second, or third generation they, aren't really getting any new members and they're losing members at a pretty amazing pace ot7, will, take someone 15, to 20 years to complete and cost almost a million dollars, OT 8 was released a few years after LRH diet and is only given aboard the sea orgs flagship, the free winds remember, that game that was super hyped a few years ago and then once it came out and people played it for a while they really hated it you remember, the game ot8 is known as the truth revealed and teaches that everything, that you've worked on up to this point was a construct, of your reactive, mind and various body thetans so. Now we can get to work on you it's basically a fade to black and start over at the beginning. No. Man's sky I was talking about no man's sky I'm still mad about that Oh teen 9 through 15 which, Co be said that LRH had completed haven't, been released yet and it's been 30 years as, you might imagine many, oth, rage quit many of them had pre-ordered OT 9 10 and 11 and have just lost that money because the church doesn't really do refunds never pre-order, the season pass the International, Association of, Scientologists.

Or IAS, is the required membership, club, for, Scientologists. It costs $5,000. To be a lifetime member or 50,000. To become a patron it only costs like a dollar to be a knowing better patron, they meet several times a year in order to give out freedom medals and bang the drum about how much great work they're doing they claim that they have 8 million, members, but because they were given back their tax-exempt, status in, 1993. They're, required to give over certain information to the government they have maybe, 30,000, members worldwide, if, even that the video is claiming that they reach millions of people each year are produced by one of Scientology's, many propaganda. Arms golden. Era productions they. Also operate a number of other organizations, that pretend, they're not Scientologists. But totally, are we've already talked about Narconon, but they operate another group known as the citizen's Commission on Human Rights which, tries to destroy, the psychiatry, profession, they're the ones who run the psychiatry, Museum of Death they also operate The Stand League. Scientologists. Taking action against discrimination. I don't. Know where the end comes from it's supposed to fight for religious freedom and they have a number of Twitter BOTS Scientology. Has a history of inflating, its numbers and attacking its critics whether they be psychiatrists. Or suppressive, people or the IRS as I mentioned in 1993. The IRS, reinstated. The church's tax-exempt, status it came after years of lawsuits not only being filed against the IRS but, individual. Employees, of the IRS from every jurisdiction imaginable. They, would send people out to be Fe Alaska, to file a lawsuit from, there that, the IRS was then required, to respond, to all in all there were 24 hundred, active lawsuits, by 1993, that, suddenly disappeared, as soon as they were recognized, as a religion, it's strange but when you think about it there really is no agency, or organization with. Authority, to decide who is and, isn't a religion, except, the IRS when deciding which 501, C 3 applications are approved is Scientology. A cult well you could ask the cult awareness, Network they sound like a group that would have the answer to that except, they're owned by Scientology. Too many, countries have labeled them as one but the United States hasn't necessarily I, certainly, wouldn't call them one but there are models we can look at and questions, we can ask to determine if they fit the label a dead giveaway of a cult is that you can't leave a Scientologist. Who leaves is said to have blown and they're ostracized by, their friends and family who are still in and a practice known as disconnection. The church denies that this practice exists. And that members freely, choose to not talk to ex members it's important to remember that Scientology, wasn't, necessarily, designed to be manipulative, and controlling it, was born in the 1950s, along, with dozens if not hundreds, of other similar movements, Scientology. Is just one of the few to pass through the filter of time maybe, that's because it works for some people maybe, it's because of its cult-like practices, it's easy to laugh at many of its ideas but this was before brain, imaging like the MRI back when the government was legitimately, testing, mind-control, drugs and before we started to explore our solar system, Scientology. Was founded five years before Sputnik was launched so you can't really blame his followers, for buying into his science fiction stories because, they didn't have access to brilliant org / knowing better brilliant, is a problem-solving, website where you can learn about math science. And astronomy brilliant. Breaks down these concepts, into bite-size and grams so you can understand the move for moving on and saying something like the length of time from the planet koltes to the planet Tiki ACK which is the name of this planet was. Nine weeks, and you'll see that as many light-years, how can someone travel faster than the speed of light brush up on your Einstein, in this course on special relativity and view of the fact that Einstein, was absolutely.

Right And. No man can't go faster, than the speed of light which is a bunch of faller - don't sound like this guy head on over to brilliant org slash knowing better and get 20% off you'll also be supporting the channel when you do scientology, is referred to as a UFO religion, because of their incorporation of, aliens, and other science-fiction elements and, it was born during a time where people were curious, about space and hungry, for new ways to improve their lives the people who join Scientology weren't. Stupid they just wanted to believe and the next time someone wants to give you a stress test or tells you that they can provide you with the secrets to happiness for a nominal fee kiff, LOM. I'd. Like to give a shout out to my newest legendary, patron, Richard if you'd like to add your names of this list of operating thetans, head on over to Better. In the meantime don't forget to audit that subscribe, button follow me on Twitter and Facebook and join us on the subreddit.

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My full sources are in the description, but this video was heavily inspired by the book "Going Clear" by Lawrence Wright - Big thanks to Genetically Modified Skeptic for providing the voiceovers!

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*if you'd like protection from the scientologists, I'd like to help, but would require some help in the process, call it a collaboration.*

How can every one of your videos get better and more interesting by far my favorite channel on YouTube keep up the good work eh

I'm hoping that by now you have researched the current consensus among experts on the neuroses and mental state of Adolf Hitler, realized that what Jordan Peterson was describing in the clip of that your video; learned that that is exactly that, in terms of his germophobia and other known facts, that you have gulped and felt bad about how you callef Jordan Peterson a neo-Nazi for pointing that out, and I hope you are preparing an apology to the man you called a Neo-Nazi, simply because he explained about the psychology of Hitler as agreed by experts in the field as true, he had those neurotic tendencies absolutely, and obviously Jordan Peterson pointing that out is does not mean Peterson is a white nationalist or neo-Nazi but rather a psychology professor and a scholar discussing the history of Adolf Hitler and World War II. What's more, I have not forgotten that you never explained how you left in the comments to that video a message saying that you never meant that Peterson was intentionally dog whistling, but that what you were trying to say that he was unintentionally dog whistling, wheb we all know that by definition you cannot unintentionally dog whistle. By definition dog whistling is intentional, it is impossible to unintentionally dog whistle. There for you just quoted out of context Jordan Peterson explaining the true facts as understood generally consensus of experts in the field about Hitler's neuroses and mental problems and have them out very clearly in context to be proof that Jordan Peterson was a neo-Nazi. You were wrong good sir you should do the right thing. Feel bad for what you did and make amends.

From 20:37 to 20:39 That isn't true. At no point is that ever easy to see but that's probably just my mutation, i.e. having been raised religious and never falling for that garbage either.

Great book, these folks cray cray, and getting away with murder for years.

L Ron gonna sue you from the space grave for that impression

you should make this a series next time cover jw's and morons and others!

One of the reasons I like the work you do is because you include sources and give credit where is due. As a philosopher at heart, I like to learn, question, and get new insights. To some, ignorance is bliss, but I know better.

Aj Hegi I would believe in Knowing Better better than Jesus Christ, Muhammad, & Gandhi combined

What voiceovers?

I'm gonna open a church of knowing better

I like your F76 poster

Found your content recently, love your stuff. Keep it up! Now because of you I’ve been...knowing better. *Full House Ending Plays*

Knowing Better can you do a video on the beard liberation front


Good video man! Keep it up

Wait a second...You just uploaded this yesterday and there are over 850 comments? Am I about to read a whole bunch of Scientology stalker posts or is this just a very chatty channel? I'm almost afraid to continue reading....

Destiny reference. High five

Oi knowing better, pls wink 5.5 times alternating between your right and left eyes in your next video if you're kept hostage so we can send help

anyone actually read one of Hubbard's books my god there truly the work of a deranged mind and seriously C**P. and a sociopathic liar

damn the death announcement for LRH sounds so much like the beginning of Evita i half expected it to end with "and has entered immortality." Great vid!

Tom Cruse is in his dropped now, bout to take care of this no good suppressive guy. Fear the boot of his exosuit! Lol

I thought Scientology was expanding outside of America? Maybe that's just their propaganda.

Ouch, my spleen

Is it fair to comment that just when the video was reaching a point, it turned into an advertisement? Or was that the point? Or was the point when doing a video about a paid pyramid scheme was more along the lines of "Why give them money when you can be Knowing Better with Patreon?" Oh, I was supposed to use the word "cult"? But to me, all religions are cults and this one seems to be a money making scheme. More of a money making scheme. Primarily focused on earthly goods more than other organizations of the same type. Then I remember such "ideas" of absolvements where rich people could pay money directly... to God in the Church to have their sins which they themselves previously declared as "evil" absolved. So two things: 1 This at least has some imagination. 2 A fool and his money are soon parted. This is the ultimate truth of the universe and the real meaning of life. And a third: You can't take it with you. Ha ha, LRH. The last joke's on you.

Yeah, I been to take a Scientology auditing, they had no solution to my issue, so I left.

Do a Video on Creepy Porn Lawyer.

97 Scientologists disliked this also the intro was Genius!

When my boy knowing better has fallout 76 pictures in the background

How do you accidentally shell an island?

Hubbard was a schizophrenic, he had paranoid delusions and heard voices. He even thought 'entities" were attached to his body. Complete Psychosis. He even asked for professional psychiatric help in the last years of his life. His love for drugs probably was the reason.

How come some cults/religions are banned for being scams, but these big ones aren't? This is what happens when you are too weak to grow up and leave your sci-fi/fantasy fandom.

2:39 "soup sandwich" made me smile.

LRH's mouth is the stuff of nightmares. Pennywise you're *beat.*

Hej do Lord Zenu sounds like Emperor Ming?

"Never pre-order the season pass." Wise words indeed.

Channel9 of Australia are still at it, they set molly Meldrum as a scientology non co-operator so harrased him till he couldnt take it no more. (They also killed that sexy batman joker guy)

I enjoy and are subscribed to PragerU and Genetically Modified Skeptic. I like them both quite alot, not equally I prefer GMS due to his incredibly friendly attitude but on views I like both equally.

9:20 What? Eight-pointed... Call the Inquisition! Emperor protect us!

holy hell l ron hubbards mouth is creepy

I liked your TC impersonation at the beginning

Scientology is insane but I absolutely love the worldbuilding and the fact that one guy just made it up.

Xenu be praised ^^. All jokes aside people may call them a cult because they also threaten critics and opponents of their faith violently (so I've heard) and as you mentioned they also try to control information about what they really do.

LRH moves his mouth like Professor Snape.

I wanna say that the 94 dislikes are Scientologists... but most of them wouldn’t watch this out of fear of being interrogated with the e meter...

Cool.... :-)

Didn't he depthcharge a magnetic deposit?

I thought he meant Spore..

So you're telling me Scientology is actually scarier than the IRS?

U guna do Christianity next?

What a psychopath.

I just love you.

Alright boys, Who else was here before Knowing Better "mysteriously" Disappears?

I really like your videos. Keep up the good work. AND YES WERE ALLLLLLL MAD ABOUT NO MANSKY!!!

LRH's facial expressions, mannerisms, and head movements are remarkably similar to Trump. It's creepy...

13:51 that moment when you figure out... "ou shit" lol

You can't really say people didn't have the knowledge because the same would be same 100 years from now if the same happened again.

*HOLD the phone* his wife is called Mary Sue?

Is it true that LRH said if you want to make money you need to set up a religion?

That beginning skit was hilarious.

In destiny you don't get rid of engrames. You accumulate more.

Intro completely turned me off from watching the video

Nice segway

Hubbard looks like a wizard of oz villain.

No Man's Sky is really good now. Since Next they're constantly updating and improving the game.

*This comment has been removed by the Sea Org*


I can't stop looking at those horrible baked bean teeth of his ...

L Ron's mouth is just disgusting looking. It's making me very uncomfortable.

Well, belief can really drive someone who wants to succeed badly enough. Idc if unlimited free will is real, I believe in it and that is how I push myself. I blame myself for every bad choice I make...

me first finding this channel "This becomes important later"

Narconon alumnus here. They made me do all the weird shit described in video. Those places should be shut-down. Got drug free a few years later all by myself, sober 15+ years now.

How dare you make this video about Scientology! They're going to SUE YOU! SUE YOU! #SouthPark

All your sources are hostile to Scientology. Which seems a bit biased. You wouldn’t make a video about Islam and only cite Fox News.

88 Scientologist have seen this video

16:53 Let's talk about your big but. Also... His wife was named Mary Sue. Hmm... Finally... NMS. It wasn't what I was hoping, but I still pu somewhere around 60 hours into the damned thing. I think I got my money's worth, and while I got bored with the planets along the normal path to the center of the galaxy, I did have a lot of fun with it early on. And... easy platinum. I mean, easy except that damned "extreme planet" one, which wasn't hard in the conventional sense, just really... really... really boring.

The government should've used the scandals in the 70s to declare Scientology a cult and domestic terrorist network and wiped out the leadership.

L.R.H kinda reminds me of trump

I used to live in Clearwater

A billion year contract? Sounds like a college loan.

Kifflom Brother, Brother

Spot On creeper intro! Keep making these videos about anything and everything I’ll keep watching 4K tv or not

The Mouth of Sauron

The main Scientology guy looks so creepy

The Ex-$cientology community on YouTube is an interesting rabbit hole to fall in.

Ooooo do the jehovas witnesses next

Is he pretending to be Tom Cruise?

What the f is kiflam?

Ugh, look at L Ron's face, he has the same type of sleaze factor as Trump, only more so... thanx for the ferret antidote @ the end. Can't believe Heinlein was friends with that festering boil.

wow, they are crazy.

From my own experience 30+ years ago, anything you have ever heard about the CO$ is but the tip of the iceberg. And since they still run a form of "fair game", that is all I am willing to say.

Huh, I always thought it was Elron, not L. Ron. That's what I get for having never seen it written down. Wait, his wife was named Mary Sue?

Thank You

You totally nailed this one man, good job. Sorry about suddenly being targeted by Scientology though...

Nice knowing you, bro.

6:29 destiny boiis

Yee dat destiny reference

I remember when I was stationed as a reserve officer at the Defense Logistics Agency in Clearwater, FL, that I kept seeing a lot of male and female Navy officers on the sidewalks outside our building. At least I thought they were Navy until one of my coworkers informed me they were Scientologists. I never understood why they wore Navy uniforms until now.

STAND league? Is that a Jojo reference?

Can't believe you pulled Tom Cruise for a cameo in your vid.. Channel is really moving up man, congrats!

Omg your Tom cruise is spot on

Someone please help me. What game is he talking about at 25:45?

+TitanFX - Nvm, all I had to do was watch the next thirty seconds. Never again shall I be so quick to comment

Randy Butternubs Watch Dogs I think

your tom cruz was pretty good

8:32, was that a nod to ChubbyEmu? Great video as always!!

I knew most of this, but good video. :) Anyone interested in LRH before Dianetics should track down one of the interviews with the brutally honest Harlan Ellison. He wrote (still writes,) back in the day and hung out with a lot of old Science Fiction writers and he has more than few stories talking about how LRH basically approached a bunch of them and was like "This writing shit is *not paying the bills....what should we do?" and, don't quote me, but I *think it was Lester Del Ray (yes, later to start Del Ray books,) who, jokingly, said to start a religion. LRH was friends with a lot of famous people, notably Ray Bradbury, but most people never denounced or exposed LRH as they were too polite, but not Harlan Ellison. XD

Hubbard was more wacky than all of Jonestown combined.


Apparently, LRH was a real nutter. What a surprise.

Yo man, love your videos. Really surprised you would tackle this topic but love I the best

By Xenu I think this video is going to go down in history. Amazing work as always!

The way he moves his unclosed mouth while he talks is frustrating.

I love when Christian's say Scientology is ridiculous. Yeah Scientology is fucking crazy, but not your line of fairytale bullshit. Yours is perfectly rational lmao

. . . and my sweaty L. Ron Hubbard upper lip . . .

10\10 Awesome intro, thought you going to jump on Oprah couch for a moment. They are coming for you now. GL SP

I am following the development of Scientology for over a decade, and I have to say that this is a very well done introduction/wrap up. If you have only 30 minutes to get familiar with the subject watch this video. :-)

Any further discussion about neo Marxism? And whether it has coopted social studies or media?

chrisrus1965 great spoof, dude! Man, The Church of Jordan Petersonology would be super-wacky!

It's not an Infinity symbol, it's the double O's from Kool cigarettes because that was Hubbards favorite brand.

Bight size engrams.... luz

Uhg, I'm super proud of your courage. After watching other docs of the shady ways sci-tog goes after SP's.

*I swear to Ronnie Hubbard that your disrespect for the ancient art of Scientology will be Avenged.* I am a 5th Dan Scientologist and have all my belts. The ancient art of Scientology teaches us never to use our skills to attack but only for Defence - *but you sir have put my chi out of sync with your disrespect* and I am forced to utilise my board-smashing Scientology skills to rain havoc down upon you. I'm going to enter your dojo and rip you up!

Seeing as to how you spoke of this, I would like to know what you would think of Bright Insight.

Well this video was randomly suggested to me. You deserve way more subs. You make great videos that are engaging and funny, and serious all in one. Thanks for the great start to my day! :)

My dude, that was perfect. Don't do it again.

Hilarious and scary.

His wifes Name is mary sue? And he was an Author? Thats just gold

How'd you get Tom Cruise cameo?

Wanna do something fun? Go to an A.A. meeting and talk about your lord and savior Zenu.

A great video! So informative, I always wondered wtf about scientology.

Why do they always laugh like they've lost their minds. Oh ... right!

You've convinced me. Where do I sign up?


Man, that intro was more forced than Tom Cruise's acting :D

No Man Sky did not lie. It rhyms, so... ...yeah... it rhymes

Really well done video. However, it would be nice if you put the notes above the subtitles, I use them and have to turn them off everytime you put a note.

I liked the intro a lot, loved the video! Good job, keep it up :)

I wish I could get paid 1 cent a word to write bullshit.

L Ron Hubbards face is honestly extremely disturbing, he looks like he had his hair glued on, his skin looks like a plastic toy's skin, and his lips are just.... too dark.

That was a top notch Tom Cruz.

You know KB is blowing up when Tom Cruise agreed to be in the intro.

Scientologist should minister in Saudi Arabia

Do one on affirmative action. hurry up

I knew about much of this, but the part that you left out about his OTO occult times is that he conned people out of money to buy boats.

Is this making fun Of Scientology??????

LRH and Trump have very similar facial tells and techniques.

Scientology is rather unscientific

How did they follow a guy who's lips do that?

A statue of Christ, holy water, and the symbol of the cross are religious artefact. Not the stupid E meter. BTW the beginning creeped me out.

You had me at S C I E N T O L O G Y

Brilliant you got the laugh down

Dude, trump could do this shit and it would be way easier. The man knows how to sell anything I swear.

When I was a kid my dad temporarily got into Scientology. He took me to one meeting. I had never heard of Scientology and so thought it was a sci-fi club of sorts, as the founder was a sci-fi author. I found out I was mistaken when at the start of the meeting everyone stood up and applauded a bust of L. Ron Hubbard. And whilst there, a group of them told me that I shouldn't be reading the books I was reading and that I should really read all of the books by L. Ron Hubbard. They were very, and creepily, insistent that I stop reading whatever it was I was reading and read something like Battlefield Earth. After that meeting I said I never wanted to go back and since luckily my dad had not been in that long he dropped it a short while later.

that guy has a very gross mouth, is it wine stained? why is it purple!!

Holy shit that Cruise laugh is way too accurate

That Destiny reference was great

That mission in Watch Dog's 2 finally makes sense. Why am i destroy tablets in a cults secret basement and saving a movie star from a "rehabilitating" compound? Now i know better.

accusations of abuse or accusations of alleged abuse? I didn't think you had to say "alleged" if you already made clear they were allegations. or was that "accusations of abuse; alleged abuse"?

Really good.

LRH looks like a serial killer who eats his victims

You can't leave Islam or Jehovah's Witness either.

No Mans Sky: Next; the game is Unironically Good Now

Infotainment in the best possible sense

this has more views than there are scientologists HAIL XENU!!!

Hubbard looks weirdly like Donald Trump

Or does Trump look like LRH ?

Go listen to Joe Rogan talking to Ron miscavige if you want to know what it's like being a member.

Best 30 minute review of scientology I have seen

This is some SP crap. LRH is a great man. You're using FAKE NEWS!

Ah, the fraud called Scientology.

Xenu sent me.

You are a God !

Does LRH's demeanor remind anyone else of Trump? His speaking style and complete disregard for truth is what does it.

Another amazing video! Good luck dealing with Scientologists


Prager U screaming calm is to the BuzzFeed how BuzzFeed is to screaming loud.

"We're gonna sue you buddy!" "Fine then sue me!"

No Man's Sky is not THAT bad anymore... they updated it.

SO HAPPY THERE’S A NEW VIDEO, love your content dude. Wish more people knew about this amazing content !

10:40 : Why is it that people who undergo 'past life regression' never end up being that one poor schmuck who was the dirt poor farmer all of his life, or the slave hauling the blocks that built the pyramids ^_^

Dude you deserve way more subs

Propaganda... "knowing better". Way to believe your own props...geez

That Tom Cruise impersonation at the beginning was very epic.

17:30 I love that Parker and Stone felt they had to put a disclaimer stating that they were not making the whole Xenu story up. Just a pity it led to them and Isaac Hayes parting ways... :(

So is that "stolen valor"? Claiming a purple heart and war wounds when in reality he was just an inept ship riding

Anyone ever notice that scientologist leadershipl dress like Kim Jong il or dr.evil?


Hate to see you waste time on such fools... Much more interesting things you could cover :)

But, damn could he write! I have read two of his books, Battlefield Earth and Invasion Earth. The former, after I closed the book, took a breath and began again. The latter is a "decology". A book that is so 'wide' it is ten books wide basically. As soon as I would finish one or two I would drive for hours to Uncle Hugo's to see how many more I could purchase. Asimov, Herbert, Verne and so on, all the greats never made me so eager for the story. Crighton did make me involuntarily close a book from fear, "Sphere". So there is good reason he was paid so highly. He should be more celebrated for his writings but instead he will be remembered for his willingness to prey on people's gullibility. If a person is religious they are gullible enough for his story most likely, most are not willing to give that much. Ten percent though, that's enough. You forgot to mention his most notable quote. "If you want to become rich, start a business. If you want to become wealthy, start a religion." Don't feel like you need to have short videos to get views, you don't want ferrets as viewers do you? I do look at length of a video before watching ensuring it is long enough. There are topics you could provide more information but it seems you were rushing. Your format is a pleasant one that is easy to digest even one that goes over a topic a lot of people know a portion of already, so don't be afraid to.

138 dislikes by Scientologist

Careful of what you say about them, they might sue you, much worse than what some YouTubers hate demonitization or the copyright strikes.

wow great job! Keep it up!

turns out I'm the theten of LRH and I'm not bringing him back

Wait a second.....he's a bad writer AND his wife is named Mary Sue?


L.R.H has to many teeth

wait, his wife is really named Mary Sue? And i thought it couldnt get any better

Honesty, that discussion of his about him traveling the world sounded like the "follow the chicken" man.

I am getting a strong Tom Cruise Scientology vibe from the start of that video. Oh. I get it now. You're parodying Tom Cruise's infamous laughing whilst promoting Scientology video.

The ferrets totally keep me here until the end of the video.

All that money and LRH couldn't afford a toothbrush?

Save me Tom Cruise

*here's gm skeptics voice* "A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one"

So this Cult dose the following #1. Charges people money $$$ #2. Makes them sign billion year contracts #3. Not allow high ranking members to marry/have children #4. Encourages low ranking members to physically/psychologically abuse thier kids #5. Believes REAL Psychology is fake. #6. Tries to sue Ex-members for speaking out

LOL! 4K!

IB in Sweden was bigger spy organisation. The socialdemokratiks in sweden spying on the kommunist. But the swedish state trys to hide this story and allso put the jornalist thet expost IB in prison. It the same whith the konsentation camps in sweden where the put kommunists for slave work. The swedish state try to hide this to


This is the first time I have watched your Channel, nice Tom cruze impersonation, I hope you don't get any Scientology backlash

Excellent! However, you missed L.Ron's drug days and rehab... just before he started writing

so he's basically just a super manipulative sociopath

23:30 Actually if I wanted to preserve a book for all time, I wouldn't use steel, I'd use gold. Gold is one of the only non-reactive metals around. Isn't there a religion that had documents carved onto gold plates?

What an odd cult; and that's even after watching JRE's interviews of Leah Remini and Ron Miscavage . Also: was the game Sim City? I bet it was Sim City. What? No Man's Sky?! Awww.

nice chubbyemu reference

You are clearly of the enemy (of Scientology). Anything you say should not be considered (by Scientologists). Take out the parts between ( and ) and you have a rather inflammatory comment that is still 100% true but still good advise.

I'm real sad but I need to watch this. My best childhood friend is lost in there somewhere. Jacob or Madison Chilenski if you see this, find Nick Wonderling.

Dude you nailed Tom Cruise. Manurisms, laugh and vocal cadence just spot on.

Your impression of Tom Cruise was creepy af. Aka, you nailed it. Like seriously, it made my skin crawl.

Well your channel was nice while it lasted...

No Man's Sky?

Man your channel is just so good. I've binge watched all of your videos and 95% of them are so interesting and entertaining. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more uploads from your channel

Scientology has some elements of truth, which have been borrowed from spirituality and some eastern religions. But creating a religion (Scientology) from spiritual experiences is fundamentally wrong. Hubbard has experienced such trips while under the effects of LSD or Psilocybin, which I have tried and have changed my life. My issue stands in the desire to rule and control people through a morbid religion created from your perverted imagination with elements of psychedelic experiences. Spirituality means believing in your own experience Religion means believing in someone else's.

best impression eva :D

Knowing Better So when's Uncle Try Know Better coming back?

Oh and one more thing. Great Cruise impression.

Just one thing to say: Bum Fuck Egypt Alaska??? Hmm Lmao.

Wow very good, was a bit upset first to see scientology as an recomed video

You want to make real money, you start a religion...Who said that again?

Tom Cruise being a scientologist isn't such a surprise - he seems to be really creepy, so he somehow fits. However, The fact that Elizabeth Moss is, really puzzles me. I admire her work so much and by all accounts of people who have worked with her, she is a truly nice person. It's hard to believe, she's into this nutty crap.

What if out of all religions they were the ones who got it right the most

Loved the segue into the ad at the end. Hilarious.

LRH was SO unsettling. I hate watching footage of him - it's even more uncomfortable than the Tom Cruise interview.

LRH looks like the fuckbear in the cyanide & happiness zoo skit.

To be honest. Ill laugh just as much as Scientology as Christianity. Two words. Zombie Jesus. Its all about wording. Jesus turned water into wine? Hell nah. Jesus hooked his boys up and had a mad rave! Who needs water when you can get fucked up?

dude. if you think PragerU is wrong why don't you challenge Prager to a debate?

A perfect Tom Cruise impersonation and a perfect video.

A charlatan created a religion? Huh, go figure...

Haha that intro was amazing! proper good!

Gotta appreciate a good transition from content to content sponsor ad. Good job

Damn, xenu doesn't mess around....and you thought the IRS screwed you over during income tax audits, at least the IRS doesn't throw you into volcanoes and 189 scientologists downvoted this video

He was the most prolific, and then Steven King spent a three-day weekend typing and...

What a brilliant segue

You didn't jump up and down on your couch screaming about how much you love katie holmes though

Wtf is up with that mans mouth at 24:05

PregurU itself is deceiving. Some of them r good and i initially was a big fan of them but most of them are now conservative propaganda.

does anyone else find lrh looks a lot like djt? hmmm.

Soup sandwich?

You do a surprisingly good Tom Cruise impression

"Garrulous" is an underrated word that should be used more often. End of message.

Unrelated to Scientology: If it’s impossible to travel faster than the speed of light (as per Einstein), then how can E=mc2 be true? Because you can’t square something that is the maximum speed of the universe? And yes I’ve taken physics. Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

I’m actually thinking of making a Sci-Fi game taking place in a universe littered with extraterrestrial life and the creation story is similar to scientology.

I think the beliefs of scientology are great! In a Sci-Fi book of course.

No Man's Sky. Sorry brother. Was that the Genesis of Knowing Better.

Scientology sounds like a really interesting fantasy story's lore until you realize that people actually believe in it

WTF was that intro...?? Creepy as F!!!

100% Agreed ! Good Job knowing better!

i never unironically felt like i wanted to completely eliminate a religion. usually im all for people believing in what they want, but these guys are just... w h y

I turn in all my engrams but still end up disappointed.

Yes the operating thetan is impervious to illness or injury from accident or whatever but they claim that they died because they just get another body because the usefulness of the body with the age is not very much

That was quite literally the best Tom cruise impression I have ever heard.

Nice channeling of Tom Cruise and Scientology production! Excellent video!

5:27 And then the boy became a Rick and Morty fan.

Those captions tho.

Next thing you'll know, KB raped 17 people, ran over 24, and is under 76 lawsuits from all states. It's not fair game guys, this things just happen.

Y S F'd. Your So Focked. Current events you leave alone. History your good at; and I enjoy the segments on England, Ireland, and 4 k vid about eye sight, - that was amazing. But current events need to be experienced at least to TR-4. I have passed TR4 to TR8. Since 1978. Columbus Day America!

I have practiced Scientology since 1978. About Forty Years Ago.

I personaly did three personal rundowns. Six hours in a sauna. Log your day. And ...

Oh shit a soup sandwich lmfao

Wow! One of my favorite subjects - Scientology - explained by one of the better youtube hosts! Love this!

Thie Tan, is really pronounced Thee Tan. Thhhhheee-TAN. wtf? I am not surrounded with Thetans now but at a point in my personal life I was surrounded by many weird kinds of thetans.

9th Survival of the Ascetics And The aes·thet·ic Aesthetic at the Same Time of Space, in other words, PRESENT TIME PHOENOMOINA. Called: Being In Present Time.

Scientology is pure sci fi

Yeah, I don't think he's comin' outta the closet anytime soon.

Eight pointed cross like the symbol for Chaos and the Eightfold path of ruin.

Criticizing Scientology is like criticizing Hillary Clinton very bad for your health.

I thought you were being serious for the first minute. Then i realised the source material. Well done. :)

L ron Hubbard has such an evil looking face. All he needs is a scar running down his left eye or something.

Have you seen Bending Truth by TheraminTrees?

26:22 Jab at telltale games?

Oh go play it again after the patches. No Man's Sky isn't bad.

The LRH clips... what's with the mouth? It is worse than DC's!

Well, I hope you are OK. Thank-you for the video. 'Cult Awareness Network' - That is good to know that is run by Scientologists. Scary even. These people are above the law and will do anything. You probably already know this, Centre is British spelling.

How else are you gonna convince people to sign billion-year contracts? Easy. Just gotta convince them gradually of some smaller stuff first. 1. Scientology makes you feel better! 2. Scientology is good for people in general! 3. If only Scientology could be brought to everyone on the planet, the world would be such a better place! 4. Actually the reason Scientology is good for you and everybody is, that you're an immortal spirit with immense powers. It's just a space villain trapped and assaulted our spirits and that's why humans think they're just vertical apes. But we are actually weakened spirits grabbing onto gestating tall ape babies, and Scientology helps us regain our true identities and powers and escape the prison of humanity, even physicality! 5. Hey wanna help Clearing the Planet (TM)? What else are you gonna do that could possibly safe the future of everyone's eternity? 6. Hey wanna join the Sea Org? You'd be an elite, working 24/7 to save everyone anywhere, anywhen, from the cycle of blindly stumbling through a life of suffering only to die and be born again. Also what's a little billion years in the grand scheme of your multi-trillion-year existence? It's really the least you could do.

My iq was recorded as 150+ on both my second and fifth grade iq tests, am I really 0.1%?

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's the very first of your videos I have ever came across. It makes me a little sad to know you likely now have approximately thirty thousand people out to destroy you. I intend to binge watch all your content while I still can.

No one noticed how similar the aliens were to America at the time? I mean, DC-8s? Tax audits? people bought into this?

Dude, you are parodying a video from 7 years ago? Try being more up to date.

Tried to get into Scientology, still couldn't understand it. Now it sounds like it is a cult I want nothing to do with. Heard they are into controlling some of their ilk and manipulation.

Where is the part where you jump on the couch???

My thoery is that KB only made this video so he could show off his Tom Cruise impression

Cool... Where do my feet go?

22:02 did u say his wife is mary sue?

To be true, none of the claims made by Scientology is in any way weirder or more fantastic than any other claims by all existing religions. The point being, it's all nonsense, it's just Scientology doesn't have a whole build in centuries hold system that educates people to their own fantasies like the established religions. But in the end, it's all bullshit.

one of my favourite episodes so far!

I wonder how long until it gets downvoted by Scientology bot crowd.

ordo templi orientis, can imagie was fun at the times Alistair Crowley was still alive

What's with orange guys that openly talk nonsense, but somehow people get suckered into thinking they are charismatic? I did a Scientology test on the streets once. Keep calm, and when the needle moves, slightly remove one or two fingers to reduce the amount of contact of your hands to reduce the current. Works like a charme. Obviously the conclusion was that I had no obvious problems which means my problems were very deep rooted and hidden... which is true, but not in the way Scientology thinks.

This is eye-rolling shit. One then another, then another. Wow. Thank God I'm an atheist.

Scientology is stupider than the religion I was indoctrinated into.

All dislikes are from Scientologist.

This made me rematch the master

the thing that scares me is that the difference between LRH and say jesus,moses or Buddha is that LRH has public records and there is footage of him....Mormons barely made it

Great video man

what the heck is keflam?

It's like the Soviet Union's government mixed in the worst parts of Roman Catholicism and death cults. OOOOOOWEEEEEEEE

21:25 What about the "Patriot Act"?


I subbed because you look like my classmate who let me borrow his ballpen


This already has more views than the tetrachromad vid that you teased at for months lol

congrats on the growth, you have rich and entertaining content!

I only had 2k subscribers when that video came out, ha.

Loved the video!! But I’m not really sure about defining a cult by ”beeing unable to leave”, is all of Islam a cult then?:/

It's not Sci-Fi, it's Fi-Sci.

just saying, it is theoretically possible to have an IQ over 200.. it's not a scale from 0 to 200, it's a normal distribution with mean at 100...

*_Scientology..._*_ the bullshit that keeps on taking... or "How a Bad Sci-Fi Writier fooled Dimwits into Handing Over their Money and Time and Died Happy."_

check it out, right or wrong is at where you draw the line

You know... Scientology sounds very similar to how YouTube Atheists, YouTube Skeptics, Red Pillers, Black Pillers, Alt-Right and Anonymous... Hey uh... guys... what if the whole mess that Atheism (and even more so Anonymous) became in the 10s is due to an infiltration campaign? What if... the whole mess with the Alt-Right, GamerGate, etc. bullshit ... was Scientology taking a bite back at Anonymous? What if the whole current nonsense of the political landscape and it being the Darkest Timeline... was... o.o'

Elron's mouth is the stuff of my nightmares

Cool! Do a post on the Hells Angles. Met a couple of old bikers who talked about it if it was a sort of church / religion. Patents 672256, 3190554, 3013505 .

Hey, some of us spell Centre properly too. Bloody Webster and his unnecessary changes.

So L Ron Hubbard is a fiction write who turned his fiction writings into a religion. Just like Joseph Smith!

Haha, as someone with w 147 IQ and crippling biochemical mental disorder I can say L Ron was a brilliant scam artist.

For anyone who missed it, the opening was a parody. I think without pre knowledge of how messed up Tom Cruze got on Scientology (and no psychology meds) the opening would come off weird.

Yo man that's cool and all but what if doors were never invented?

Honestly, just watching Hubbard talk gives me the willies. I don't know what it is...but his lips and mouth move kinda funny. He's creepy.

LRH has scary teeth.

hahaha @ bite sized engrams

What is that intro song?

Knowing Better your side notes go down too fast. Could you please keep the notes up for a bit longer

Ok I like you man but the 4K video you made is shit

Dang, my thetan levels are strong today.

Enjoy your death threats and harassment.

LLR's lips don't look real. As if somebody edited someone's lips over his, kinda like how the Annoying Orange does it in his vids.

You should make a video over Howard Hughes! From his OCD to his great achievements w aviation and movies to his greatest fails! Just a suggestion

L.R.H. the Jesus Christ of our times.

Thank you for that CinemaSins reference

I have a feeling I'll be stalked now that I've "liked" this video. I do live rather close to Gold Base.

Soup sandwich, all ate up. You gotta be a service member or vet to get that kind of reference.

Ron the Liar, as his son called him.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Scientology. The mythology is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the theories will go over a typical normies head. There's also L Ron Hubbard optimistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily fromNarodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Scientology truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the psychology in Hubbard's existencial catchphrase "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them.

LRH's mouth is the gateway to hell

I rly like you using other youtubers to do voices, rly add to a better vid! Like abit more when it´s Cypher tho hehe

dang bro they must be trying to murder u for this vid now

I swear the cryptarch hates me

Errors and omissions in this vid: 6:05 The analytical mind is NOT stimulus - response. The reactive mind is. 6:20 The reactive mind is not THE source but *a* source of disease. In the book Dianetics he estimated that the reactive mind is responsible for 70% of diseases. Later publications also allege a combined responsibility of the reactive mind and physical factors for diseases. 6:30 The book Dianetics claims that engrams are the cause of all mental abberations. Problems is a much wider subject. Also later, more sources of mental abberations were found. 6:32 Dianetics reverie is mentioned in the book Dianetics but was abolished directly after its publication and is not used in Dianetics courses. It is Dianetic auditing that causes the gains, not the reverie. Dianetics basically is reliving past experiences over and over again under the guidance of an auditor in order to desensitize stuck thoughts, emotions and actions. 9:00 The e-meter does not work on sweat. While sweat has some slow effect on the needle, the needle reacts much faster than you can sweat or un-sweat. 14:20 there IS a promise of confidentiality in auditing. It is in the Dianetics Auditor's code 19:30 OT3 is NOT the source of all problems, not even by LRH's standard. That is an interpretation by critics. OT3 is handling a spiritual booby trap that springs if you make too much spiritual progress. It was discovered during a branch of the GPM research that lead to OT 2. 19:40 NOTs handles telepathic influences in general. OT3 Body thetans is just one example but far from the only one. 21:20: remark for completeness: the Scientology version of events is that Operation Snow White targeted not "information" but slander and smear placed by people with a vested interest in targeting Scientology. 24:25: LRH disappeared on december 4th 1972, allegedly arrested by the CIA. When he returned 10 months later, he was a shadow of his former self. Speculation is that he was destructively brainwashed MKULTRA style in order to destroy him as a person without killing him. 28:40 When LRH found out that disconnection was used to break families apart, he specifically ordered that disconnection should not be used against family members. However the currect Church leadership reversed that order. Which adds to the assertion by independent Scientologists (known collectively as the Scientology Freezone) that the current Church of Scientology has departed from original Scientology. Also LRH ordered that ethics officers should not interfere in people's 2nd dynamic (sex life). Regarding the perfect memory for clears, that is indeed claimed in the book dianetics. But LRH retracted the statement in the PDC lectures. Dianetics processing improves memory but perfect memory also requires practice.

My god watching part of that interview as an adult out of the COS is a trip. I used to revere that interview. It’s nice to be sure that the empower is wearing no clothes, rather than quietly speculating it.

Lots of claims that LRH said this or LRH said that according to source X. In some cases, it is person X who is lying and bullshitting (aka slander). The most famous example is Steven Fishman who wrote a false document called OT 8 and put LRH's name under it. The false OT 8 was later proven false when the real OT 8 surfaced. But that didn't stop critics from quoting this false OT 8 for years to slander LRH.

Hope you don't get too much OT hate mail.

Bless you for that intro

Better downlad and keep this video before Scientology try to put it down

30:31 Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well Kifflom!

A video on the Holodomor would be great please!

Was that Scientology entymology bit a reference to that one medical bloke who has the titles I can't not click on? I can't remember his name but he's Asian

the internet is the worst thing that ever happened to scientology. or christianity. or islam. or any other cult.

Best one yet!


I'd love to see the Matt Lauer pharmacology meltdown in your Tom Cruise impression

why is he fornicating with mongolian bandits? that's gross. they use yak skins for contraceptives.

they got the creation all wrong. while biological life evolved naturally on Earth, it was the influence of the energon that Shockwave seeded on your planet that created the spark of intelligence that led to modern humans.

Dude. That guys lower lip is freaking me out.

You realize you are now a dead man walking, right?

LOL love your intros!

This is the same guy that created that Writers of the Future contest? Man. LRH was a nutbar. LMAO He did have a writer's mind I'll give him that!

Didn't Dennis Prager die already?

I don't want to nit pick or anything but the latin word scient was mispronounced in latin the c is always hard it should have sounded more like SKient

Dat intro LMFAO PragerU is ran by a bunch of bois with average IQ below 70, but Ur IQ was below 55. Talk about trust factor.

5:50 but there is a guy that has 220 IQ...

I like how he incorporates the commercial content freely into the script

I had heard about LRH before, never knew he was that crazy.

The Tom Cruise imitation is spot on! LMFAO

This is the most informative video about Scientology that I think I've ever seen. Very well done!

8:36 Haha holy shit I get the reference. I love Chubbyemu!!

You are great

Abrahamic coalition against Scientology when?

Harlan Ellison author of "I have no mouth and I must scream" actually knew the friend of LRH that suggested a great way to make money would be to create a religion. The Interview is here on YouTube.

I actually took some of their "secular" management courses for my job back in the late 90's at their "college" in Hollywood. Some of the things I learned were surprisingly useful. That being said, the entire time I was there, I constantly had people trying to get me to learn more about Scientology. And one time I was was offered a ride back to where I was staying by one of the college officials and wound up being taken to a Scientology awards banquet instead where I sat through three hours of boring self-congratulating rhetoric.

The corporate office is most important. That's where the cash is, and where Ocazio and Bernie can do maximum wealth redistribution.

You have the best intro on Youtube


So Scientologists believe in eliminating emotion? Shouldn't the interviews with L. Ron Hubbard where he exhibits any emotion at all debunk their beliefs then? Either its BS because he claims to be "clear" but is emotional still or its BS because the founder to whom they all aspire to fit into the mold of is emotional and therefore fails at his own ideal.

Your parody at the beginning was close but didn't quite capture the mania of Tom Cruise. Great video, you touched upon some things other people haven't.

God damn those segways to the ads are annoying

He is also a sf writer with no idea about fysics he have written about rockets that went past its target in space and then it just turned around whitout firing the rockets and then it's direction was reversed

You are funny and brilliant

Only 1:00 minute in, but, perfect Tom Cruise impression.

Can you do a more accurate research of Mozart?

New subscriber, love'n the content. But, having binged watched a few episodes in a row, the same repeated background music becomes *very* noticeable. Would you consider getting some additional tunes?

"All these terrible military records are total fabrications! The Navy obviously has huge enmity against him." so the anti-christ sex cults thing is a fabrication as well "Uhh, no let's say that really did happen even though there is far less evidence it did in fact happen, but that it was all done for a good reason, it was actually to help the navy that are still totally malicious liars about Hubbard." Cool story.

Can we bomb these Scientology bases? This is America, we bomb less crazy shit.

But he had a great imagination! Sea Org, yeah :-)

Why are people saying that everyting is far rigth? Are they correct?

those people are weird uuhh uuhhh uuhh do Mormons next you kind of close to the camera buddy lol

I would ban Scientology and seize all their assets and facilities, And send their leaders to prison

He still hasn't said why you dont put coke cans in the fridge :/

Why is this showing up in my recommendations? Why does every Scientology person have a creepy laugh?

So, body thetans are just really old yo-kai?

holy shit i thought the start of this video was serious for a second then i realised you were memeing tom cruise holy shit

A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool!

The neat thing about this video: it gives me the support I needed for the arguments I made since I first heard about Scientology. I had a friend in high school that tried to convince me to read his books. I read the first paragraph and stopped. Anyone who writes bad SF and then develops a religion, can't be trusted :)


The unmistakable tom cruise... you nailed it!

Florida is always the place where crazy is born!

+Mrbunsngear he already covered Franklin in his series on States... :-)

Kifflom, brotha. Welcome to the Epsilon Program. Lol

Sounds legit to me. How do I join?

Omg cinema sins was outa the blue

Babalon was not The Antichrist.

No man's sky was all this guy at work talked about. Them it came out... wahh wahh.

Wait, LRH's wife's name was Mary Sue?

is Donald trump the son of L Ron Hubbard?????????

You said LRH's thetan has been AWOL for 12 years but he died in 86, that would mean you made this in 98. Just wondering if I missed something.

Hi "knowing better" (Would be nice if I actually knew your real name, just to adress you correctly), my name is Mourad btw. What if you did a video about how YouTube works? That would be fun!

kifflom? (30:33)

Nice Destiny reference. Damn You Rahool!!!

hi. i'm a member of exclusive brethren. we love and support our members as long they follow our rules. if not, we don't only shun them we will destroy them. but these scientology guys are scary. we better nuke them

The Tom Cruise impression was spot on.

oh this tard

It's one big RPG

I hadn't read the description and when I heard the voice over I immediately knew it was genetically modified skeptic. I think I watch too much YouTube.

I'm a Scientologist, I'll say I enjoy your content and will continue to watch it because it's informative but I'll also say I personally find this video absolutely silly. The point of Dianetics never claims it will raise iq points 1 per hour. It claims it will raise iq but never gave a set amount. I've read the book. I can't separate what's false from true in your video because I don't have enough data in front of me to compare and contrast so I'm not gonna watch it. I've done enough iq tests to show I have actually raised iq. You can do it too and they will show you iq scores before and after (not to say that's the point of auditing it's to help you spiritually, it's a religion and it's a thing of personal belief just like Christianity or Taoism). Point is honestly the best way to learn about it buy (and read) a book or two, get some auditing and see if it works for yourself instead of someone saying "ah it's a bunch of bull" and you disregard it without knowing if it would have actually helped.

Hopefully that makes some more sense and communicates better.

(not to say the point of auditing is to raise iq, it's goal is further spiritual growth and the raise iq, handling of psychosomatic illnesses were byproducts of this growth)

I realized there were so many typos in that comment it's comedic, auto corrects annoying. Anyways im going to try and correct them: The point that "Dianetics raised iq one point per hour" is not stated anywhere in the book. It claims raising iq but never specified how much or how long.


The invisible parasites that scientolocrazy believes in, are supposed to be found in greater numbers on children & younger people, which is why dingus mistercabbage refuses to have kids near him. I could almost respect the scam of the whole deal, but when the leader & others actually believe the scam, it makes it sad

He did once in a Q&A video. Basically you shouldn't put any non-alcoholic beverages in the freezer especially if they haven't been opened before. The water in the liquid expands when it freezes denting the can. Since there's already pressure on the can it can burst when the expanding water puts even more pressure on the can. Basically you shouldn't put anything pressurized and carbonated in the freezer especially beer or sparkling wine. Beverages with a high alcohol content are pretty safe, though.

Wow, you're a cool guy.

I just happen to have watched their movie two days ago. Crazy I found this video. - Namaste & Shalom Keep on keeping on.

Wait, wait, wait. There are EIGHT Infinity Stones?

You are not the body, you are a spirit. And you have abilities way farther than you can imagine. You've just forgotten what they are and how to use them.

The reason you have to pay to do Scientology courses is so they know you are serious about doing it and won't wast your time like when you were is school and never did your work. You need to have the necessity to finish it you don't want to be throwing that money away. So you pay. If someone gave you it for free you wouldn't be as serious about finishing it. They also use lots of the money to help fund organization that help people. If you go the Scientology website you can take a few courses for free. Don't be chicken and go to the Scientology Church and ask for a tour.

You are misinformed about Scientology. You got some of it correct but some of it is wrong.

Your eye balls look... creepy. very white and shiny...... creepy.

According to Gene Roddenberry L Ron Hubbard advised him to turn Star Trek into a religion. This was sometime in the early seventies after Star Trek was cancelled again and when Gene was kinda struggling. Star Trek had not made Roddenberry successful at first. The big succes came later through syndication and the movies. Not sure how true that story is but it's kinda funny.

Your imitation of Tom Cruise is hillariously great!

Oh boy… How is one to take this serious (which it is) when you deliver it like this! So funny! On a serious note what does this tell us about humans? Homo sapiens or Homo ignoramus? Independent free thinking minds or hive minds? You could do a video like this on a majority of religions and what passes as 'science' nowadays. Really enjoyed watching, no wonder you got your silver plaque. Best go find an underground vault for it now lol.

When I was in college, I took a comparative religion class. We did group presentations, and one group did Scientology. As a result of that presentation, I have since felt that Scientology was just plain stupid. That was years before South Park did their infamous episode (one of my favorites). PS If this makes me an SP, so be it.

"Soup Sandwich " lol, love it! May I use it?

I never really binge watch YouTube channels, but I had to make an exception for you. Very informative, and with a clear effort to cite sources (something that is rare, and I applaud you). Of course, I wouldn't be a good new fan if I didn't have a request. There's so much ancient history that we do not know, or that is more confusing than helpful to our understanding. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what we don't know about our past. I think even an informal musing on the subject would help us all know better. Any conspiracy theories you happen to destroy along the way would be a welcome touch.

LOL Great video.. Keep on Keeping on! -< Jesus IsReal

WHy is the spelling of Celebrity Centre International special? Am I missing something? Dumb?

Americans usually spell it Center.

+Knowing Better oh, got it. I figured it was probably something I missed.

You get a 21 year leave of absence to find your way back. He should have returned in 2007.


And now basically LHR is president...

Beginning made me cringe

Love the chubby emu reference at 8:35

Your retelling of his involvement with Aleister Crowley is quite a joke among occultists and high magicians. His involvement with Crowley is but in passing and even Crowley had acknowledged that he was a sheister and a conman.

It creeps me out the way Hubbard's lips move while he's talking

Your gonna get sued any day now

I like your videos, your sense of humor, and you. Keep on keepin' on man.

I know how we can clear the planet. It's called "Exterminatus"

When you mentioned a game that comes out and you play it for a while and then you realize that you actually hate it. I was looking at the Fallout 76 poster on the wall thinking to myself I wonder if this was actually a premonition about that game.

So, once upon a time, 1980 or so, I actually spent cash money on "Dianetics" being a curious sort of individual. I'd been exposed and made curious by vague late-night commercials of the time. Got it home and began to read it. Almost immediately it became clear that it was popular bullshit physho-babble at its very worst. I slogged through 30 pages the first sitting. Dreading my next session with it. But then I have this obsessive compulsive thing going that means I must finish this piece of trash. But, fortunately for me, I had a new puppy going through her chewing stage. I came home one night to discover she'd trashed the book. Though, in principle, she'd been a bad girl I just couldn't punish her. God, I loved that dog.

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oooh oooh, do one on the Freemasons

Also, nice Vault 76 poster hahaha!!

29:28 that Segway haha

did you know, charles manson received 150 hours of auditing, but later left claiming that scientology was ''too crazy''.

hahaha, spot on Tom Cruise impression :D

In which religions the mind the body and the spirit are separate entities? In Christianity for instance they are one and the same...

Another great video!

Don't be culty

I don't worry about Engrams anymore! I kicked that game to the curb.

"A dead give away of a cult is that you can't leave." Oh crap, my work is a cult.

+Knowing Better Ah darn Americans, always spelling things wrong

He should reach out to Lisa Remeni.

Great video, thanks! I'd like to know better how the Senate came to be what it is etc etc...

Listening to this its like if Trump made a religion. Seriously... They even sort of look a like...

"Kiflam" lmao

Was that... Chubbyemu?

Have you done any research on MKUltra?

Meh, I liked the channel before it became political.

I'm enjoying your videos. Could you do one on the Electoral College?


Theta - Mest Theory just don't get it. Para-Scientology your explaining this with out knowing first hand. I have no knowledge about this Para-Scientology, besides liking the Movie Harry Potter and they almost got witch craft right. but I love Harry!

Billion Years is a cognition. Cognitions are pronounce during Auditing. After auditing one goes to Cans and is a FN Floating Needle. The examiner looks up and says FN floating needle. So, if my hands sweat you think the machine is doing something.

Thetan is pronounced Tha-Tan like Thee Tan. I have no thetans around me today. But during events in life like funerals, well if your very familiar with the deceased I mean talk a lot not just visits but time spent with another person. The amount of quarrels with compared to compromise if your loved one, compromise outnumber the quarrels you tend to like and love that person. High levels of love are common in society. When a lose well that love just fades away. To quote a song. It takes a short time to fade away. what do you call that period of time. during the 20's .

Being on the Cans, if the meter is too much you get anti-perspirant spray on your hand.

They are a Cult! of course

231 scientologists must have watched this video

LMAO That reference to Destiny

I really like the intro.. LOL.. Excellent expose on $cientology. The "reactive mind" is the stimulus-response mind, not the "analytical mind". Everything else is spot-on as far as I can tell. I went through it...

"well, brain is sort of a.. brain is brain. what it does, i was never quite sure. and i don't think anybody else is." eeeh, how can anyone not accept this man as his savior?

Good puppy. ^_^

That would be great.

Dohn Peterson “Welcome to my parlor,” said the spider to the fly.

It seemed to me more like a case of a mentally ill person becoming surrounded with enablers. If only he had gotten help.

Ahahaahahaha damn tom Cruise ..the laugh is on point

Scientology = preying on the weak

He should make a podcast

"the study of knowledge", oh, like epistemology?

I would love to know your thoughts on Machiavelli and how his philosophy typically prevails over more morally right philosophies.

"Hunted with the Pygmies in the Philippines" lol. Seems legit XD

Can you do a piece on the addiction crisis / opioid crisis . I am an alcoholic/ addict in recovery so I may be able to help if you have questions.... on Twitter @mattthewjudge

Just found your channel. Good stuff. I would be interested to hear your assessment of the current economic and political climate in South Africa

*t e c h n o l o g y r e c h a r g e d*

We've known what the brain is and what it does since ancient Egypt, Ron. Maybe YOU have an IQ of 50.

Why is the left audio channel on your videos always screwed up?

Hey dude, could you do a video on 9/11?

Thetan is actually pronounced "Bull-Shit." Scientology is pronounced "Scam." L. Ron Hubbard is pronounced "Paranoid Schizophrenic." Class dismissed. There will be a quiz on Thursday.

Your credits seem to be from poor sources. Trying to learn about a subject from disgruntled people isn't the best place to get your information. Did you even think of possibly reading one of the books or going into one of the churches to get information directly from the source?

Just when i thought it was about our planet or aliens, i regret clicking this video

old, orange hair, weired ideas, rich by illegal and immoral means. Kind'a like Trump

I think, in Japan, after the 2d War, had a huge influx of "New Religions" after their loss. We have had a few in our long times of peace.

Just came across your channel and instantly subbed. I noticed you used the term “soup sandwich.” Are you a veteran?

Are you a commy

Do one on Mormonism! I'm an exMormon

“What the brain does I’m really not quite sure.” Yeah we can tell.

Also defrauded Jack Parsons for his life's savings, and stole his wife.

Trump is the lrh of America

LOL did Tom cruise break into a Scientology talk during a War of the Worlds interview? What a twat

Loving your videos man, I really like your style. Subbed w duh bell Ps... I’m still pissed about No Mans Sky too..

Know, you should try no mans sky again. The NEXT update has almost everything that was promised in the original game. I mean the reset mechanic is still there but multiplayer, etc is all in the game now.

I'm here only for the ferrets at the end tbh

All these brain washers used to be carnies. until the government hired them.

carbikenetwork Life is full of ironies...

I only have one question: What are your crimes!?!? Bwahaha. Goog luck with crazies!

122, I'm not as bright as wish to be.

Hubbard looks a bit like that Admiral from the new Star Wars

I love that Tom Cruise intro more than I should.

I'm really sad I'll never see you again. Cheers Knowing better !

Dude, please give me some tips on doing something like what you do. How did you even get the idea? Your channel is brilliant

Why does he look like the 1980s Batman penguin when he talks? He looks like the guy to munch on raw fish anyways

Does anyone know whether Miscav or any of the other current or past leadership actually believe their ridiculous doctrine, or do they understand that it's a fraud scheme? I must say though, Hubbard's audacity and creativity are awe inspiring. Inventing a system that convinces people to give you all their money and do your bidding...that's impressive.


Kifflom, brother brother

Maybe video about Volhynia Massacre, maybe it's a local massacre, but 200k peoples died. Japanese methods to kill are nothing compared to Ukrainians method to kill Poles. Today, these Ukrainians, who killed so many Poles, are heroes of Ukraine. Please make video about it

LMAO the CRYPTARC!!! this guy is great.

Congratulations! Your lawsuit arrives in 3...2...1...

Just saw your other videos, so that answered my question. Loving your content!

Loved the roll credits gag. The cinema sins guys are my fave!

LRH just looks like that shifty used car salesman we all know we’ve dealt with at one point in our lives.

That laugh tho

Love the chubby emu reference

Are you saying jesus wasn't crucified? Around 10 books were written on the subject starting in 45AD. It was independently verified in roman records. Why would they mention Christ, a word that meant son of god, as having been executed in jeruselem, during that time period? That wasn't a religious text yet it mentions it. Lots of people debate whether he was divine, but only uneducated atheists debate his existence.

Can you please do a video on Andrew Jackson

PragerU is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

You should do a video on the Electoral College as well as why we have 2 Senators per state and a more proportional House of Representatives! My conservative family says its to keep it balance, my liberal California friends are mad that they dont get more say! I would love to hear your research based perspective! I'd like to know better!

GOD DID THAT HUBBARD GUY TALK BOLLOCKS. So this cult feasts on the rich and the unfortunate among us. Well done Scientology for being so low. Your greed based structure is such a credit to humanity.

Scientology is creepy as fuck. The documentary Going Clear is another excellent source about this scam. Edit: I just saw Knowing Better's post about Going Clear.

How does he talk without raising his upper lip? That is the real question.


okay...I haven't seen the interview, but I am guessing the start was spoofing Tom Cruise talking about Scientology? lol that Brilliant transition at the end :D

Im now subscribed just to find out what the scientologists do to your channel

stolen valor is shameful, but this guy didn't stop there.

Congrats on getting Tom Cruise on to plug your channel.

Miscavige is just plain scary.

LRH is the DJT of BS

I like how well researched your videos are. This is not an exception but Scientology is becoming an easy target now that we know how ridiculous their claims are (Xenu). I miss someone explaining why some of their methods seem to be so effective for work and personal growth. There's a BBC documentary on Scientology and the most fascinating stuff is seeing the reporter completely losing his calm after they wear him down. Scientology seems very useful for that (both attacking the weak spot on rivals and become immune to other's criticism) and I wouldn't be surprised many of their followers are in that cult just to get those skills. It's fascinating how good they are at that.

Been watching your history videos, loved the amount of research put into it. Here's an interesting world history topic riddled with heaps of "records" that no one know whether they're true or not; if you wanna discuss about it. The 98 Indonesian riots. It's got all the topics you'll love, economic crises, dictators, genocide allegations (too late! You're already known as the genocide channel :D), martial law, and many more! PS: if you're wondering, yes, I am a chinese survivor of the 98 Indonesian riots.

I have watched all of your videos like 3 times each. Keep it up man. These videos are soo fun to listen to!

Dunno if you read the commentaries but as a researcher in the field of drug dependency, I´d add that Narcotics Anonymous is also not based on psychology nor medic studies but on religious dogma. Yes, it does have its results, but in the same way as the scientology based one, the 12 steps is not a fruit of any kind of scientific research.

I'm actually taking a class on different practices of Islam in the US and we've just made it to the era of the Moorish Science Temple of America and the nation of Islam. Both organizations fixate on concepts that are based in Dianetics, interpretations of the role of pineal gland, and Afro-Futurism. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Interesting how people say Scientology is whacky yet we have religions where every sunday people claim they eat the body and drink the blood of jesus

you should do a video on religion or beliefs.

LRH is Donald Trump

Sorry Metal is a poor choice to store information

Scientology is a joke like geology it's not a real science .

I'm at 22 minutes in and after your said his wife was naked Mary Sue the entire rest of the video dropped out of my head.

I can't believe people actually buy into this garbage. So many contradictions in this "religion"

Now all you have to do is debunk Judaism, Christianity and Islam and we'll be in pretty good shape. Clear the Planet!

Tom Cruise has absolutely Nothing to do with his own daughter because scientology says shes a suppressive person.....

I didn´t see the Cinema Sins thing coming

This makes me feel [Redacted]

The bigger the con...

Who else laughed out loud when KB said "Kifflom?" #Epsilonist I miss my powder blue suit . . . .

Those few seconds of two ferrets fighting over the Wendy's bag was the best part.

Have you recived any cease and desist orders, or noticed anyone following you yet?

love your work sir, please do a video on indigenous Australian history specifically how they got here so fast. Maori land war in nz would also make a good video. thanks for sharing your thoughts

"Black magic sex cult." Where do I sign up?

Why have you not made any videos since this one!? What did Scientology do to you!?

Saw your vids. Stopped eating gmo..

No mans sky is actually good now.

Wow. What a crazy story.

270 people are Scientologists.....

How does Scientology have there own TV Network since they have such few followers and why does TV even allow those terrorist to have a TV Network?

Why are they crawling out of a Wendy’s bag?

Your Weird

Calling Scientology a religion is akin to calling runny shit between two pieces of bread a sandwich.

In a previous video you said you weren’t a good actor but I saw Tom Cruise at the beginning of this video.

Credits received. Honestly, i would recommend giving No Man's Sky another go if you haven't played it since launch. There have been 4 major updates since with vehicles, more useful freighters, base building, owning more than 1 ship, and basically everything to do with the progression is redone.

Their own descriptions of Scientology matched the definition for a religion back when they believed in Xenu, the alien emperor God, but since they've dropped that embarrassing little relic, they no longer match the requirements to be a “religion”. Which means they're a cult.

You definitely got fair gamed

28:35 Doesn't this also apply to Islam?

Just wanted to give you a shout-out. Despite your detractors I think the vast majority of your research is well thought-out and compiled; I randomly stumbled on this channel, and your diatribes are fascinating, informative, and - most of all - engaging. I'd hesitate to say this, but it's like you were or are a teacher of some kind as your methodology is akin to how a legit teacher lectures. You've got a new subscriber; keep on keeping on, son.

I like your channel, but goddammit at your intro sequence music I always subconsciously get ready for the bass drop that never happens.

Wow, LRH sounds pretty uneducated. I wonder if he could even define "psychoanalysis", not that I'm a fan.

I know it was intentional but the first minute of this creeped me out so much.

29:25. That segue though.

He LOVED his ideas and the early American Psychological (and Psychiatric) Association(s), until they recognized him as a quack and now these institutions are the primary "enemy" of Scientology. It's hilarious..

damn that was a pretty spot on Tom Cruise impression

L,R & H are all in the name Rahool......coincidence? I think not! Dirty Crypt-arch sex cult confirmed!

I swear your channel is the best thing I've found since I started using the Internet You have great content! Thank you :D

I like how 280 Scientologists watched this video and disliked it.

Jesus showed Himself to over 500 people AFTER He was resurrected! :) I believe in Him! :) "After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep." ~ 1 Corinthians 15:6

whats unusual about the spelling of celebrity centre international?

It's a shame: LRH had pipes. He could have had a prestigious voice-over career if he had decided to.

you can make a far cry game with this

I actually sent Paulette Cooper a fanboy email, expressing my utmost admiration for her bravery and tenacity, and for all that shse did! She was kind enough to reply to me! To this date, that is the most special email response I've ever received!!!!

Very good acting in the beginning tbh

That Tom Cruise was so good

GOD DID HUBBARD TALK BOLLOCKS. So this cult feasts on the rich and the unfortunate among us. Well done Scientology for being so low. Your greed based structure is such a credit to humanity.

15:32 his face is part of the painting

video does not contain a lap dance

So like is the otc process like prestige in cod?

How to "clear" the planet? Build a DEATHSTAR(tm) and "commence primary ignition."

Americans have a rich history of being easily swindled by con artists. Stupidity, it seems, is a cultural phenomenon.

I can see why scientologists don't show many of his videos of him. He's absolutely unconvincing, even comic.

0:25 that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you smile

"McCarthyism" and the "red scare"... So wait, you'll believe Scientologists tried to infiltrate high positions and did some legal action against their enemies, but NOT COMMUNISTS ?

Nice Tom Cruise! LRH reminds me of Trump. Their speech patterns are similar.

Best Cruise Impression I have ever seen!

Wait, what do you mean about the crucifixion around 4:00?

Thank you for the clarification!

LRH curing himself of his injuries using Dianetics is as important to Scientology as Jesus' crucifixion. If the crucifixion/resurrection didn't happen, the entire foundation myth of Christianity would be a lie.

what's the source for 200 being the maximum iq?

Perfect Tom cruise

Knownig Better. A subsidiary of Scientology. LEGAL DISCLAIMER. lol, love it

INSTANTLY GREAT imitation i remember this!!!!

That Intro was perfect, man. Everything about it.

I was at a protest a few years ago in NYC.


I loved the chubbyemu reference. Great Job! Cannot stop laughing! I bet you can hear me all the way from Nairobi!

Knowing better they gave no man's Sky one hell of an update and it is a lot better now and I mean one fucking hell of an update!

Dude, the first bit is gay.

Can you do video one nanjing massacre denial?

I made a video on this. Playing the Victim.

I've heard alot about Scientology including the South Park Episode years ago. But I've never seen footage of the interviews with him. Very interesting, great video!

Her name was Mary Sue? Then how’d she get arrested

"Richard"? Whatever, check if your bank account balance has increased or decreased -as well as you health since you placed this video on the net. It's not "bad luck", it's Fair Game, a stealthy ("mysterious") way (OT) to gradually lead you into more and more debt and health prescription expenses.

4:47 also why I love watching Knowing Better.

Mary Sue? Really?

Did you just pronounce Latin as though it were American English?

That intro was awesome. Great acting!

The real tragedy in this are all the scraps in intrigue in his stories. He could’ve left productive ideas for us to share. Instead, he used his power over words to build an empire of himself.

This guy could tell a good tale and made bank on that. Gotcha

Stand league? Yare yare daze.

6:38.. That Destiny 2 joke, was hilarious! :D

that ad integration tho

I have to say, the shout out to cinema sins was awesome.

8:38 I approve of these posters

I got Tom Cruse Vibes from that opening.

"supessive person" sounds alot like the psychology term "resistance to treatment".

Oh Jesus, I just realised who you were meant to be at the beginning

This is the single most informative and straightforward account of Scientology I've ever encountered. Plus I'd never seen video of LRH. I'm still trying to get over the creep factor. Are they sure he wasn't also a murderer? Not counting his gay son, of course.

Hubbard looks and sounds like his mouth is full of shit while talking. Go figure.

SCIENTOLOGY: When traditional religious lunacy is just NOT CRAZY ENOUGH for you and you have LOTS OF MONEY to throw away.

Last Podcast on the Left did a MUCH BETTER JOB on Scientology.

But Knowing Better, Elrond Hubbard just wants you to be happy and get to Rivendell!

Why does he remind me of Trump but with a way better vocabulary?

:) "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." ~ Isaiah 26:3

Your videos are very well scripted; love them.

Wow. Your Tom Cruise is on point!

I do think that man was put here compare us to all other things on earth who else has kind of mastered the atom who has been to the freaking moon

Did Scientology found "NO MA'AM" (National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood)? Is Al Bundy a Scientologist? Say it ain't so, Al; say it ain't so.


Destiny reference! Fuck yes

No overunity device? "Scien"tology indeed.

I fucking lost it at the part about the DC-8 being an exact copy of the space ships

Mister I know it all aka "Knowing better": The only thing you did was to resume and change into your own words a book that you didn't even wrote. Hence there is NO merit in appearing on a video attributing to yourself ideas that were not born in your mind and becoming the worst of the pedants as you certainly are.

+kitkat de kitten : You are the first! Congratulations! You must feel very, very fulfilled now after this fascinating and very remarkable achievement. Your life must be extremely exciting I can tell when you celebrate the attainment of being "the first" so eagerly. You are a winner. I wish that these kind of successes continue...

Anyone else live in Clearwater? I hate living in Clearwater FL

Epic commercial transition there... Oh, and good video. I was in college when a bunch of Scientology documents were made public as part of a court case in Europe (don't recall which country). Some friends and I accidentally stayed up all night reading various excerpts on Usenet and laughing our asses off. Of course, they are evil bastards who have financially and psychologically ruined many people... and negligently caused the deaths of a least a few. So not all funny.

i made a video project against scientology 4 years ago in 8th grade, and i got some pretty nasty emails from scientologists, got labeled as an SP, and got sent an official yellow document that i am banned from the church for 1 billion years. what a joke

The only part I have issue with is his comparing hubbard's story to the story of Jesus.... Um, no.

Many of the claims mentioned concerning LRH are not even true. Just more of his endless self aggrandizing BS.

Holy destiny reference, Batman! It's cool that you play destiny. :)

I am impressed! You have done very well with technical subjects but I had no idea how you would examine Scientology. Good work! At the urging of a neighbor I began reading Dianetics in 1972. Over a period of a week or two I got about two thirds of the way through, where I could no longer go on. The first chapter was not bad, the second got a little farther afield, but by the time it was describing Thetans I was unable to follow into the darkness. Dianetics is what I use for my standard description of cult structure: at each step, unless we back away, we build on previous steps. Eventually we have so much invested in that vision that we can't afford to disbelieve, no matter how unbelievable the current layer has become, because we would lose everything we believe.

“As anyone who’s talked to the cryptarch would know....” XD

Prager u is better then you

“Good functioning men like you or me, who can do his work and get to it—that’s the man that should be helped!” So only “able” people should be cleared of their ills? Nice bullshit.

Great video dude, love your stuff.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. Gee I wonder why he like L Ron. Hubbard.

the founder of scientology i heard actually found nazi documents on mindcontrol and copied it and kept the orginal for himself well giving the us a copied version

If I recall it right, Scientology has declared germany an enemy state. This is funny because we don't like them either.

This is the best Tom Cruise impression I've ever seen, this is actually amazing

I colorized the video with the flower painting behind him.

A science fiction author married to a woman named Mary Sue. Sometimes life writes it's own jokes.

Hahahahahaha..."as anyone who's ever talked to the cryptarch would know." Classic. Made my day.

your incorporation of the ad push into your content in this video is CLEAR-ly the best and funniest I've seen in a long time. well played.

His teeth!  Oh God his teeth!

As someone who spent over 30 years in the cult, I can assure you your explanations of Dianetics and the e- meter and just about everything else you say here are either totally or mostly misconstrued and messed up. I appreciate what you're trying to do and all but you should at least get things correct before trying to enlighten others about it. Maybe read the book yourself; easily found in used book stores; NOT from the "church"... Your bullshit won't help anyone except maybe you... no, actually, lies don't help anyone; just ask Scientology how lying is working out for them...

That intro was actually amazing.

So Basically an MLM.

The only Engrams I need are in ARK: Survival evolved.

Elrond Hubbard. I couldn't stop hearing it and now you'll hear it too.

Other than being called an "SP" or said to have "blown" if you leave Scientology, another way to see if it's a religion versus cult is by using the BITE Model (Behaviour, Information, Thought and Emotional control)

LRH sounds like Dumbledore

Remove *$cientology!*

Who the F does translations of the titles of videos? "Clearing the planet" is translated to "Clarifying the planet" in French

Love your Tom C. impression lol

Immediately Liked for the Tom Cruise impersonation.

I knew it, this is a yt channel made by a weirdo for weirdos

I'm 7 minutes in and I'm already SO angry.

Have you seen an SP?! Hehehehehehehehehe! Omg, how did I not know about this channel?

IQ does, in fact, go above 200. Please dig deeper in your research.

I have to watch this south park episode does anyone know the title?

So thetans were the original midichlorians.

LRH's hair looks like pissy snow. And is that a field of poppies in the painting behind him? Pretty fitting if so.

Someone once offered to prove to me how scientific Scientology was. They pulled out the cans. I was told that no one was allowed to look inside the box, but by holding the cans they could tell everything about me. We talked a few minutes and they got up to go to the rest room. I picked up the cans and played a little until I figured out the very simple science to the con. They came back and I did the "test" A slightly firmer grip and the meter would spike, less firm and it would almost vanish. I had fun :) A few months later my friend left scientology. She'd run out of money. She said she still didn't understand how the meter kept changing during my test. I explained and she just shook her head.

Let's all be honest, we are waiting for Tom Cruise to get his "clear" superpowers.

You could pretty much make a knowing better video about every religion, but you won't.

I enjoyed his Battlefield Earth. Pity he could not just stay a SciFi writer...

Kifflom brother!

Haha I was just waiting for that Destiny reference

Do you think you can do a video like this on Jehovah's witnesses, it's really similar to Scientology, there's some good nuggets of humour too. They have made many strange statements about medicine, the Apollo missions, evolution, the United Nations, Egyptian pyramids, biblical numerology, and lots of other crazy stuff in their books and magazines that they have been publishing since the 1890s.

lol Destiny reference

27:21 This must be the work of an enemy Stand!

LRH sounds like another famous BS’er, Donald Trump.

Pretty good Tom Cruise impression

Omfg these ppl really r crazy, lol, good vid

stop being a tryhard

Does "Knowing Better" advocate Socialism?

I fail to see how this is any worse than any other religion, really. It is very entertaining, tho :)


I knew it, this is a yt channel made by a weirdo for weirdos Omg that hub guy is a trump family member

Aj Hegi brilliant

I love the Destiny reference.

fascinating lecture, i'm flabberghasted by what "rational" ppl will buy into, please do the same for Riley Martin and Rael, even tho we didn't all die in 2012 Riley is much more of a humble con-man than LRH and only requires a trifle for your symbol to get on the Mother-of-all-ships before Armageddon again which was supposed to happen on 2012, Rael is something else and started dating his "stepdaughter" and claims the sum-total of your being is contained in a chip of bone near your third-eye and therefore you can be reconstituted with that bone-chip, he collected money to build a space-port for his alien friends in Israel but sortof disappeared from media attn after garnering about half, i find LRH too smug and flippant of a con to even listen to only for entertainment purposes and of course for history of cults, thx again for this fascinating lecture

holy cow that tom cruise impression was fantastic i knew who it was immediately!!!

as dumb as i feel asking this question, but the thetans- is this possibly a metaphor and not to be taken literally? i mean there are a lot of things in religion that is metaphorical

STAND League? Does that mean they're all Jojo characters and they each have their own Stand?

To paraphrase Carlin the Great, "Religion is B----s--t"

Who is this “~Redacted~” Person you Speak of?

i just wanna say how much i admire your craft. It's truly amazing. i can tell how passionate you are about it. Thank you

Lots of good info, thanks.

LRH was a bad Scifi writer and his son was trying to separate himself from his dad to this day.

Clearing the planet - universal sentiocentric antinatalism

classy patreon plug, and i mean that legitimately

I love how LRH is giving that interview in front of a picture of a poppy field...

Why does L. Ron Hubbard look like Mr. Ditkovitch from the Spider Man movies?

I found your reference somewhere to Prager U confusing and troubling. I have enjoyed a few of your videos and most of what you say seems rational and correct based on what I know from other sources while Prager U has developed the reputation as a propaganda machine. I didn't quite follow whatever that was about.

anyone else see a scientology ad at the end of their video?

"Scientology wasn't designed to be manipulative and controlling." Yes it was. All religions, cults included, as designed to control and manipulate. All of them.

there is really much effort in this vid :)

He looks like Chuck, sol goodman's older brother.

Either a highly imaginative mind that was subject to one too many L.S.D. trips ... OR ... an extremely devious fiction writer that knew there are enough desperate people out there that will pay good money to be told that fairies and demons and hyper-space beings are the cause of their troubles and incurably marginal character, and pay even more money to "get rid of" those demons, and then pay even more money to show how cured they are. L.R.H. may have realized how nutz he had become in his last days, but at least he lost his mind in style and comfort!

Yeah, but the Noble Eight-Fold Path doesn't have prices listed for each step.

Damn... so it's just as absurd and fabricated as every other religion.

In the middle of my video was an ad for Scientology TV. Not sure if they know their ad money is being wasted on a video like this.

Damn rahool, giving me a rare from an exotic

Americans.... are you ok?

Clicked away when I saw the turtle neck sweater

When you watch a prager U video? Seriously? If this is supposed to be a faith that cures insanity, it might be a good idea not to cite propaganda sources.

Hah, that was pretty good. You have set a high bar. Good luck.

Only two things to disagree with, really; it IS bad to incorporate religious anything into real medical practices, because that gets people killed, and scientology is a specific kind of scam called 'a cult'. Going and looking for more details about anything involved in the history of that bunch of murderous scumbags masquerading as human beings will leave you stunned. Like LRH demanding cash payouts at regular intervals of such a high degree that stacks of money lined his walls, his known drug and alcohol addictions, the cruise ship he bought being refurbished free of charge by his slave laborers who were exposed to blue asbestos (which must've been safe because LRH never said anything about asbestos being bad, but the pink insulation in your walls he considered deadly, because he's an idiot), his self-given Nuclear Physics degree, Paulette Cooper being seduced by a scientologist agent who tried to push her off a roof to make it look like she committed suicide... And Lisa McPherson, a poor woman who was sick, got into a car accident, and tore off her clothes so she could escape, only to be kidnapped from the hospital she was being treated at under religious authority only to be locked in a hotel room where she was starved to death while being devoured by bugs. The list goes on. I attended a couple protests, back in the day, and the paper-covered windows on the ground floor meant to hide critics from the sight of the gullible sheep locked indoors, the camera on the second floor snapping pictures of everyone so we could be stalked and harassed later on... all the horror stories you've heard are more likely to be true than fiction. And Lafayette might've been a prolific author, but he certainly wasn't a good one. Just listen to the crap he came up with for his money-making scheme. Talking to freaking tomatoes' reincarnated spirits with a watered-down lie detector, for fuck's sake. There's dumb, there's batshit crazy, and then there's ol' Ronny, king of all that's idiotic and insane.

Gotta ask, what happened? I know Louis Thearoux was doing a thing on scientology and he kind of ended up making a documentary about them following him. It's been a month, how are you holding up? I mean, besides making new videos and having this video up still.

Not a bad Tom Cruise lol

Guys, I think he's a member of Communist Party of China.

29:22 "Spotnik"


just wow, i got caught by them in a survey request, two hours took to leave, I went physical aggressive to open the door to leave

23:50: Forget how ludicrous it is that they made their own dating system, couldn't they have picked literally _any_ other two letters? (I mean, aside from BC or CE.)

I think people were looking for alternatives to address mental health issues in the 1950's. Mainstream mental health therapies were disappointing, especially to survivors of the WWII. There were several new therapies at the time, most unproven or ineffective. Dianetics (as it was called at then) was introduced and at least anecdotally , some reported success with alleviating emotional pain and erroneous behavior. However it did grow a following and I don't believe it was all weak-minded and gullible. I knew some of these people and did see improvements in their attitudes, so good for them. I think there is something worth examining in alternative mental health systems, because mental health is one area of science lagging so far behind the others in terms of tangible results. People are nuttier now than ever.

Scientology does work. You have lived many lives before. You are a spiritual being. Yes "aliens" exist. There are billions of inhabited planets in the universe. Any other questions?

I just got a scientology ad halfway through, thanks now they are going to kill me or something's. Lol jk cool vid.

Hey, LRH sounds like GOOP's Gwyneth paltrow at 5:49 Fun

So much evil


They don't want their members to see a psychiatrist because the "Oxford" is basically a rip off of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory used by psychiatry. Oh and the brain disabling treatments are a good reason for everyone to declare Psychiatry a pseudo scientific criminal enterprise. It's a quack fight.

In April 1979 they were giving away "free bottled water" in Los Angeles. I was thirsty. I was invited in to an air conditioned storefront and welcomed to take the " Oxford " . I had quite a conversation with the people there trying to understand what they were about. I made numerous inquiries as to the origin story. At one point I was presented the opportunity to sign the contract to join SEA CORPS. After watching this video I now know 39 years later that i have a Pre-Clear file and am Fair Game. In retrospect it appears they were attempting to sell me a free bottle of water for no less than $4,000.00 and a billion year lease on my loyalty. I think they are correct about psychiatry.

A chronic liar lies about his pseudoscience snake oil and then made a cult about it that now takes all your money and kills you.

Pain point. Thank you. I'll do well to remember that specifically. Ew. I'm sure it's good for what ales yah...

He also went crazy before he died runnin around on his private ranch with his nails extra long and hair past his shoulders and it’s true, they basically own all of Clearwater especially commercial real estate banks etc.

Not as good though. LRH should’ve just told everyone his taxes were under audit — everyone would have left him alone. Certainly would’ve saved everyone from Xenu ;)

L Ron Hubbard's been AWOL for THIRTY-TWO years, not twelve (24:48) ??

There's a pretty good podcast where two people join the church of scientology to find out more; it's worth checking out. ("Oh No Ross and Carrie")

When I was ten, I came up with some ideas that I decided to turn into a book a few years later. The amount of parallels between the stuff child me came up with and Scientology is incredible. At least I know now that I have a potential job in the religious sector if I ever find myself jobless :)

You missed his late 1950s interview where he was asked what he thought the people of the future would remember his sci-fiction writing. Where he mentioned he didn't really care, because he would rather be known for the creation of his own religion.

Scientology is not a religion but a cult who's aims is to rob people of there humanity and turn them into a non thinking being at the same time sucking money out of them. Scientology is also enacting covert attacks on american citizens for merely questioning them in any way.

Loved the Destiny reference

Do you mean L. Ron Hoyabembe?

L.R.H looks like a cheesy 007 villiam

iq testing depends on testing naive subjects, i.e. testing people that haven't learned how to beat iq tests. learning how to beat iq testing doesn't give you any transferable intelligence. It doesn't make you smarter, but the more you learn what to practice, the higher you score. iq testing for hiring purposes, is NOT recommended. You can end up with a clued out fraud for president.

The scientology guy talks and looks like Trump

Love the destiny reference... I was waiting for it.

pew hahahahhahhahahahahahahaahah


I went to narconon for 6 months near San jose. That place is messed up

I think the concept of it is extremely interesting.

He has slept with bandits and pygmies? Was he the basis of the movie Taken? Was he sold into the white slave trade? I bet he had a purdy mouth. L.R. Hubby didn't even believe his on bull. I always wondered where Kim Jon (old man) got his crazy stories from. Guess we know who his favorite author is now.

... through hard manual labour, sweating it out in a sauna, and absurd, ultra-high and therefore medically indeed dangerous dosages of just one or two of the total palette of vitamins

Call me ishmael - that's the first 3 words, right?

People bought his hog wash books to give "That Clown" enough money to run his "boat" and suck in people to his beliefs !! He's an imaginary misfit

To clear somebody ! THERE'S NO SUCH THING ! HE WAS undeniably the worst person to have became a capitan in the US NAVY ! His lifer dad had to of given his clout to get his loser son this position on a small ship "if you will" !! A really small ship ! They put him on desk duty, after blowing up a log he thought was a submarine and shelling a Mexican island ! He PUT THOSES damn Nazis out of business ! SO HE THOUGHT,,,, IN HIS disgruntled mind !!!

I don't know why you just really fucking annoy me

my boi LRH lookin like Bruce from finding nemo

you may have just unlocked a new subscriber

not sure what the intro was all about but well presented video

It strikes me that allowing any paramilitary organisation like this to operate is allowing things to slip badly out of control.

So, that intro, I'm like 'What the hell is this?". 0:32 was the moment i got what you were doing. That laugh was spot on.

It took a few seconds into the opening for me to get that he was satirizing Cruise Control.

My mind is now gone, wasn't prepared

Whats wrong with pragerU videos? i find them pretty good.

9:00 does anyone know if that's like holding an Ohm meter on your skin. I've notice when your sweaty your skin has lower resistance(like 2 kilo ohms), and when you are dry your resistance is very high(like 2 mega ohms). I got shocked really bad when I was working and was sweaty but if I wasnt sweaty my skins resistance would have been so high the electrons would not circuit into me like a capacitor.( I only touched a hot wire, I didnt touch the neutral wire too, so It didnt short through me)

Anybody else have a scientology ad play during this video?

For a second I thought he was gonna say battlefront


Ive always wanted to check out LRHs sci-fi, considering how many accolades he seemed to aquire throught them. But after seeing interviews with him, i can't see them being any good. Hes insane, and doesn't seem to be very intelligent, or even like sci-fi intelligent. Like, for example, in this vid a clip of him describing the brain. Like, he doesnt even try. So many interesting sci-fi stories have to do with unlocking the mind, or difference between the physical brain and the mental,mind, yet he couldnt even bullshit his way through that interview? The brain is is the ya know, the brain. Yea, good job. What a brilliant writer. He is definitely a prophet who is woke to the truth of the universe. He seems to not even be abke to string sentences together, how is he a writer?

What's also really scary is because of the Power the "Church" of Scientology holds...we will probably never know what truly happened to Shelly Miscavage

Great video! I must admit though that I didn't really find the parody intro funny...only because I saw the real clip with Tom Cruise...and I found it utterly terrifying. The guy being unhinged in that is an understatement...and at the end he said some mumbo jumbo about not just a future where Scientologists would be the majority, and everyone else would be dealt with...and not in a healthy way. The only real criticism I actually have is how you described the OTO. Although I admit I am not a member of it and certainly not an expert in it, and Thelema isn't something I would personally practice...And hopefully anything I say wrong can be corrected by a Thelemite... I am pretty sure that the way you described the OTO is incorrect. It's not a sex cult...nor is it Satanic. The major characters are the Egyptian Gods when it comes to any type of deity as far as I know...especially Isis. Yes, they do use some characters that are negatively portrayed in the Bible, like Babalon in the book of Revelations...but I took a workshop on Babalon, and she is seen as a figure of women's least that is what I took away from it. Also, during the Gnostic Mass, Satan is never mentioned...when taking communion the person says "there is no part of me that is not of the Gods". Also, no sex in the Gnostic Mass either. I am certainly NOT implying that there isn't ANY sex magic, because there is. But it is one tiny piece of the entire puzzle. Yes, Crowley has quite the reputation, and rightly so...and yes, he named himself the Beast 666...but nothing personally I know about Thelema actually points to any sign of Satanism.

who would win in a bullshit fight? L.R.H or Trump?

I don't know who does the french subtitles but, merci à lui

You don't need to make fun of it, you can just tell the story and it's funny enough on its own

Does anyone else feel realy bad for that physics student?

Why are they not a cult?

hilarious history

Watched about a minute.. not sure which 4k TV you are trying to sell but you might consider renaming the video.

You should checkout Landmark. Seriously...

The begining is a skit from tom cruez

wow he was self aware.

I subbed despite your annoying mouth movements when talking.

1 IQ point per hour reading? That's nothing compared to a marathon of Rick and Morty episodes ...

Prager u all the way But your geography videos are good



26:06 - Really? I thought it was Daikatana.

I was literally playing NMS while watching this. That "technology recharged" sound effect took me by surprise...

I live on the east coast of Canada. They used to have an office here but it didn't go so well. People generally think of them as a cult.

Yeah you might find fault with him but looked at what he accomplished. Can you say the same for yourself?

Oh God I've passed by Flag Land Base on my way to work it's creepy as shit being in that part of town

Scientology is no different and no less laughable than all other religious and supranational beliefs

Ho boi I guess I need some Scientology.

Scientology, the "religion" founded by a man who battled a log, thinking it was a Japanese submarine.

Is that a Fallout 76 poster? Vile.

In essence scientology sounds kinda like these New Age, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction theories and beliefs mixed with Ancient Aliens Theorists like Erich von Däniken in his book

Too much weed

Your intro on this is gold!

Yes fan fiction writers! Take it from Howard you too can become god! All you need is weak willed people who won't question anything.

You are gonnabe sooo sued!

That was a genuinely uncanny tom cruise. You nailed his laugh.

+Knowing Better; (LMAO) Your impression of that couch-jumping guy was spot-on. I don't get a lot of free time to watch stuff (man, don't most of these people have actuall lives, and work, or are they grew all day to make these renting, conspiracy-laden 'looney toons'

+Knowing Better; (LMAO) You're impression of that couch-jumping guy was TERRIFIC. I don't get a lot of time to watch your stuff, but it's one of the very few things I actually

LRH was in the Navy but a failure.

My favorite part is that they were DC8s. It would have been better to be less specific.

Most cults are likely built from the top to be pyramid schemes taking advantage of people's problems and manipulate them to do the founder's bidding and make money, Scientology was built as a self help organization by someone with very little knowledge of psychology or any real spiritology, just a science fiction writer who went too far with his zombie horde gone off the leash. Or maybe someone is using as a cult lite and has enough power to defend itself while other cults get raided as soon as a proper warrant can get passed.

Got a scientology ad on this video...egh

The loot cave was a lie. A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool. Thousands of guardians still have PTSD of that cursed era.

KIFFLOM Brother Brother!.

GTA even has there own Xenu his name is Lord Zapho xD lol

Kifflom brotha!

I love that you impersonate tom cruise at the beginning it's perfect.

So LRH’s wife was his self-insert, Mary Sue. Interesting

PragerU > knowing better... But bot are shit

Celebrity centre international is spelt correct what do you mean?. And I thought the tablet were platinum not steel . (I could be wrong)

Scientology ucannily reminds me of the local I.N.C. which I personally attribute as the local version of Scientology.

I want Scientology as a faction in the next fallout game. Where you can *either infiltrate very deep into it with loads of caps, establishing a coup or sabotage every level of it. Or just burn it to the ground in a single day with a high level character, power armored and heavily armed companions, and after lots and lots of sweet, sweet cap heists.*

The opening Tom Cruise parody made me laugh. I instantly knew what you were doing. I only just watched Superhero Movie. This Dragonfly, he's not even a hero. He's not... _(hehe)._ I have... I have...  _(haha)_ I have just a...  _(ha)_ I have... He can't... *He can't even fly!*  _(hahaha)_ . *The Dragonfly can't even fly!* . _(hahahahehe)_ ... I can fly, okay? I can fly. *_This just in: Tom Cruise is dead._*

Sorry knowing better I gotta debunk what you said. It is possible to have an I.Q of over 200 the worlds smartest man was a Harvard student who had an I.Q of over 220 at least 5 more people I can think of are verified with one of over 200 however scientologists are crazy people.

wtf that is absolutely terrifying

Scientology sounds less like a religion and more like a business

averages ita height is 5”2 i think he dint really go here in phillipines

Hubbart, dr. Spock Nietzsche, Marx, Freud...All were insane and should have never been followed.

Looks like any other religion to me.

Holy shit!

love the tom cruise impersonation. the laugh is great

Not a lot of people know this, but L. Ron Hubbard was a black man. His real name was L. Ron Hoyabembe.

A pack of batshit crazy dumbasses.

+Biao Wang which is knowing better than having none, or only basic or mid-level knowledge of the matter. Hell, take medicine, or pharmaceutics for example. New medicines get approved for use on humans and do give benefits, while in tests they perform "only" 20ish % better than placebo. Lowest I saw I think was 12% better than placebo straight to FDA approved. .... Usually only religions claim absolute certainty. Secular thinking and Scientific Method in general are "to the best of our knowledge so far, which we may change if we find new data that contradicts what we know so far". So 99.99999x accurate is still Knowing Better... I mean lets cut this we are both in agreement and disagreement. My bad I guess for even starting the topic. We could go on to debate this and further nit-pick it apart. Lets say we are both right, or you are right if you so desire, I can't really put more time into this so you win (if you want). Cheers m8!

Then ethier way he still should had not tried to promote this as truth as knowing better is by its name to be knowing better of being not 90% but 99% accurate.

+Biao Wang Okay technically you did -if we wanna be nitpicky. For 0.00000003 percent of world's population your statement is true, but for all intents and purposes what he said is also true, just not absolutely. It's true for about CCA 150k ppl on the whole planet ...

By definition yes I did debunk I debunked the said claim as their are more than the standard test. Which is why the smartest man ever ranged at 220.

+Biao Wang You didn't debunk anything, yeah general tests do not measure super high IQ. When I and my friends were young and took the tests even Mensa's test couldn't measure some of our IQ's, but yeah general tests like Stanford Binet do not score over 200. But even when we talk about Mensa it only requires that you score in the top 2% of population which is ~IQ >143 IIRC (we used to make fun of Mensa members when we were young, (yeah we were a gifted group of >170-200+ [had to take specialized tests] of friends, but at the same time we were very stupid sometimes :P). Anyhow, I said you didn't debunk anything, because for all intents and purposes his statement is true, because we are talking scoring higher than 99.99999997941 percentile, which is well, rare :) and exception. Disclaimer, Thanks to poor life choices, now being in my 50's my IQ plummeted, soon to be drooling idiot.

That is such a bang on Tom Cruz impression

Best plug I have ever seen. Great job!

LRH looks like the sterotypical cult leader. His intense somewhat sterm look, his smooth voice but yet unsettling. The way he speaks freak me out, the way he perks his lips out, showing his slim and tiny teeth.

Great "thecubbyemu" impression

nice tom cruise impression

Such a shill. (At the end of the video) thanks for the content, I was especially terrified watching a creepy old redheaded narcissistic scam artist guy talking.

There are people with iq's higher then 200 but to be fair you can count them on your fingers but yes you can have an IQ over 200

yeah around 150k people on the whole planet... For all intents and purposes his statement is true.

If scientology, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, organized a group of spies to infiltrate 500 government organization (as you mention @ ~20 min), why didn't the USA government take down scientology by any means necessary? Why not throw them all in jail, cancel their tax exempt status, bulldoze their buildings, take all there money? The USA government goes to Korea and does who knows what to millions of people and can't handle group of 5000 people. THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

8-pointed cross? sounds suspiciously similar to star of chaos.

None of those people are in any way related, topically or thematically.

The same number is 460,000.

I am talking about his entire research as a whole.

+Biao Wang His statement is not 90 or 99 but 99.9999998% accurate. We are talking about 150,000 people - about the same number of people that die every single day on average.

Who cares. Long gone stuff. Plenty of things to replace it today and tomorrow and from now on.

"You're glib."

I went to the LRH life exhibit in Hollywood when it opened like, idk 20 years ago. They praise the HELL out of that guy there. But There's alotta shit in this video that definitely wasn't mentioned to me. Also, no 1 joins the sea org for free services. You literally sign your life away. Like the military, but forever (literally), & with a lot less leave/pay/free time/guns. Ppl join out of a sense of responsibility. Work like a dog, for next to no $, for life ("after life, after life" ad infinitum). That being said. A LOT of this video is accurate af, like definitely more than half, if not 80-90%. Never heard directly about raising satan, fbi informant, secret ot/xenu info & alotta other stuff. &i don't think they actively push Any1 away from other religions. I think ppl just, believe more in scientology, which doesn't mention krishna, jesus, king david, or any biblical/quran type stuff. Just like in real life, ppl just wise up. Plus how u gonna donate Hella

Why is he laughing like Tom Cruise?

Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud are some of the greatest and most influential thinkers in human history. Do not mention them in the same sentence as LRH.

There was a parody of Scientology in Fallout 2 and in the Nuka-World DLC of Fallout 4. They're called the Hubologists

Tom Cruise

That Tom Cruise impression is uncanny... Bravo.

I love this intro!

David Miscavige's father left Scientology. Yeah, the father of the leader of the cult left it. Check out his interview on The Thinking Atheist.

I wasn't sure what angle this video was going to take by looking at the title, and once I got into it, I wasn't sure why you spent 30 minutes on it, unless you were just having too much fun digging up dirt! Scientology is just more of LRH's bad science fiction, except he figured out how to make it pay a lot more.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Scientology/Scientologists are useful.

wait...LRH's wife was named "MARY SUE" !?!?!? FORMER SCIENCE FICTION WRITER'S WIFE has the same name as a SCIENCE FICTION female character trope...please tell me these are related!

Blah blah blah. Another anti-Scientology video that fails to convincingly answer the simple question: "What do people find valuable about Scientology (?)" If you don't answer that . . . everything else is irrelevant.

Tom cruise heard the story of creation before he was mentally ready...

what an opening. bravo

I love your videos...very clear and good at cutting through all the false info.

The human brain IS about 95% completely unconscious but it’s not separate in the way a lot of people think. The conscious mind is the output. It’s like the press secretary of the brain. Or the computer screen. Source: “subliminal” by Leonard mlodinow

The introduction was fantastic!

Next can you make a video about the Free Masons?

That intro is gold.

Wait, his wife's name is Mary Sue? Like Mary Sues in books or fanfiction?? EYE HAVE TO LAUGH!!

I did an assignment on the church some time ago and as a part of it I wanted to get a copy of the book but I refused to pay for it. Thought I could just get my hands on one though the library but it turns out that the only copy in the whole country of Denmark is at the central library. It’s not on display and you have to physically go there and ask in person if you want to borrow it. I don’t know if there has been any change in policy since but I think it tells a lot about the kind of crazy that Scientology is if you have to go though that process to borrow a book that you could easily just buy instead.


4k and 5k is cooking your BRAINS so wake up bubba. or BK wth ? be sure to report truth.

Scientology has succeeded where MK Ultra failed. Also there are rumors that Scientology members seeing that they see children as "immortal beings" and therefor treat them like adults believe that children can consent to sex not sure how true those are but someone hacker on the dark web needs to find out

There's a podcast called Oh No Ross and Carrie where these two people joined/investigated/infiltrated Scientology for two and a half months before someone finally googled them and they got kicked out. It's both hilarious and fascinating and I'd recommend it for anyone who's interested in Scientology

If someone asked me to describe the crony salesman who'd come out of a dark corner to sell you snake oil... I'd show them a picture of L Ron Hubbard .

He looks like a hybrid of Baron Zemo and Ross from Friends.

You say "Tom Cruise" and that's when the ad starts. Figures. lol

Lol, I live in Kyiv(Ukraine), and while walking across the centre of the city I saw a Psychiatry: Museum of Death)

The story of LRH and Joseph smith are extremely easy to find the 100% facts about them honestly prove all religions are nothing more than fantasy because they weren't that long ago. The more time is removed from the event the more believable the nonsense becomes because the proof is vague, but never certain but we all know minus the those that believe it's all bullshit.

I just found this channel and I’m super excited.

One of the more unusual cults ever.

Well I know the real 5 words Scientology warships...... "I'm going to SUE you!"

I really love the endings and how you incorporate jokes about what you talk about during the show to make the ads better.

That intro was so realistically obnoxious, well done.

Tom Cruise impersonation was perfect. Especially your laugh after the '4k TV' line. You're gifted.

at first lrh reminded me of 45 in mannerism and i was unnerved. then lrh sounded sharper and sharper than 45 and i cried and cried and cried. malice tempered by incompetence was right.


Intro creeped me out. Please never do that again. :(

I hope I live long enough to see this 'church' fall. It has swallowed up, destroyed, and spat out so many people.

8:32 I see someone else watches ChubbyEmu those guys tried to nab me in Hawaii by using a good looking chick in a cotton dress wearing nothing underneath but skin. It worked. I went into a "close by" building with her, she disappeared and two people popped out to greet me and after an hour of eating doughnuts and drinking coffee, the dude that was concerned for my well being switched from selling me medication to offering me a sales position, getting people to come in for evaluations. People can make a difference by just being useful and complain less. You don't need that book. That book can be as addictive as the drugs humans OD on. If you're parents teach you the difference between right and wrong, the rest should be cake. You would think it would be easy to be good, but it's not I mean, even in my old age, sometimes I just wanna cream a protester with my jeep. Of course that's just plain crazy to do, but fun as fuck to imagine. I do believe us "free thinkers" NOT ATHEISTS, but, relaxed, normal humans that work hard and smile a lot, are going to be the new targets of opportunity. Time to move under ground

Came for the well-put together and interesting vids, staying for the ferrets

Evangelicals, Jehovah's witness and mormons also practice "disconnection" Anyway, amazing video.

Why do you look like the Karate Kid's dad in this lol?

Pretty good Tom cruise

To be honest, (and this is a controversial opinion) Scientology really isn't any more strange or odd than any other established religion. The only significant difference is the exploitation to get followers' money, but this has also been done by various religious leaders in history.

I thought your intro skit was excellent. Very funny callback to the Tom Cruise interview. It's one of those memes that never goes stale.

"Have you seen 4K TV?" - awesome! LOL

Holy shit that was an amazing Tom Cruise impression.


Love your videos, you have really made me think my stance on alota topics

17:48 Xemnu? Like... like the Incredible Hulk villain?

I spent a few hours, as a youth, reading his book, Dianetics, regretting forever those hours as unrecoverable. Hubbard confirmed for me the observation by P.T. Barnum, "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute".

Absolutly awesome video bro. And is it just me or is L. Ron Hubbard an actual bond villian

You need to jump on the couch more...

I can't help but stare at his mouth when he speaks. It looks so weird and unnatural. Almost deformed. I have never seen anybody with that kind of mouth. I think his lower jaw is protruding too far or something. It just doesn't look normal. I wonder if he had a deformity or birth defect of the lower jaw.

Nice video. You summed it up nicely. Definitely a group to see and avoid....

So this wasnt started on a beer bet?

Great information. I had first learned about Scientology from a close friend in 1979. You reminded me of my research on them. The internet was not an available tool at that time. No, I was not sucked in. It was and still is disappointing that my very intelligent friend was duped into believing their story. When I learned LRH was formerly a science fiction writer, the fantastic doctrines they taught became explainable. Wow.

All that enlightenment but he couldn't fix that camel mouth. People are truly gullible, get in trouble for practicing medicine without a license, call it a religion and add alien overlords and secrecy justified by saying telling people will give them cancer, problem solved. It's amazing to me that anyone buys into people like this. P.S. it is wrong to have a religious angle in detox, that's indoctrination, you're preying on vulnerable people willing to cling to anything. That's gross no matter what religion you're pushing on them.

The way LRH lies reminds me of Trump.

Hubbard is a lying, manipulative, paranoid, bucket of chum.

amazing intro, but that sponsor transition puts the icing on the cake.

5:27 He looks so creepy.

If I comment on this video, will I get sued?

great journalism

So... do you write a script for every video?

Indeed clearing planet Earth of scientology. I read about 70 pages of the dianetics book – totally made up cobblers with the odd fact about historical folk from the scientific community thrown in to fool the reader. Its a money grabbing parasite that Hubbard created when a writer buddy suggested “start a religion”. Ain’t no religion folks! Ain’t no church either! YT videos Harlan Ellison Educates Robin Williams about LRH 1982 CW Scientology Hearings - Ron DeWolf - Day 1 Hubbard's Gt. Grandson, Jamie DeWolf - Powerful Performance

Scientology is a joke

Nice segway.

Anybody watch the Hulu series "The Path"? Seems like it's based on Scientology

AHAHAHA "his wife mary sue going to prison" what a story! cant stop laughing

400 angry Scientologists do not like what they have seen here.

Sure Scientology is cool and all but look at the top left in the background... Fallout 76 is trash smh.


Wait, what? His wife's name was Mary Sue. Scientology seems like a bad fanfiction but this just confirms it.

This needed more crazy eyes.

That laugh was too good

lol spot on tom cruise

Was that a Tom Cruise impression?

and the US government gave them tax exemption

Scientology is a cult, a lot of the processes they use destroy the unconscious mind and erase your personality.


Donald Trump is L Ron Hubbard with his teeth fixed.

I thought E meters measured gullibility!

Philip Kindred D. (Ubik, VALIS, Man in the High Castle, Minority Report, etc.) is quoted to have said : > Quoted in Emmanuel Carrere's "Je Suis Vivant Et Vous Etes Morts"

lol i love the brilliant plugs in your videos!!! seamless

Free winds? Holy shit it's here on aruba .....

I have a problem with drugs and your telling me they can help? COOL, BECAUSE MY PROBLEM IS I KEEP RUNNING OUT☠ if they can help solve that problem I'll join

Heyyyy, that G.M. skeptic!

Man, I hate the Cryptarch

You've lost your mind son.

My God I am getting weird Mid 2000 tom cruise vibes at the start lol

Is that a Destiny reference???? NANI??!?! Also; Fo76.

Bunch of control freaks running around playing sailor ...and calling it a religion .... Hmmm

Why do you have to diss pragerU

I went to a narconon meeting once with my buddy and it was the weirdest shit ever.

Pygmies live in the Congo, almost on the other side of the northern hemisphere from the Philippines... I suppose if you take peyote, you might score over 200 on an IQ test, like when Steven Wright took his SATs and got an 1800? I was nervous about watching this at first, it's the first video of the channel I've seen. Halfway through, I subscribed. Thank you for staying factual!

Costs are mentioned, and to me, that is bothersome. Sure, in most Christian faiths, and others, a collection plate is passed around, or a tithing is expected. But you don't HAVE to give to get what they offer. You can be poor and homeless, and still join in faith and worship. On top of being a cult, Scientology is a SCAM and should not be a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, any more than General Motors, Sony, Walmart or any other company selling a product. Religion, my gluteus maximus.

Loved the destiny reference

L. Ron Hubbard went to the cupboard to get his doggy a bone. When Hubbard bent over, Rover took over, and gave him a bone of his own!

For being a scientoligist, his teeth are ghastly.

I've watched a lot of Scientology stuff but I've never seen anyone talk about his military records and proof of those origin lies. So thanks!

I love that GTA 5 reference at the end tho

10/10 segway

I just don't understand how people can look at LRH or Joseph Smith or other false prophets and think to themselves "WOW! The godly wisdom is outpouring from this prophet!" I just don't get it... All I see is blatant con artists and madmen. How, how, HOW can you look at Jim Jones or LRH and not see that? HOW?! Especially the intelligent people who follow them? Someone explain to me, please!

26:05 it's not that bad nowadays imo. The real outrage was, as per usual, that it did not really hold everything it promised. Oh, we are talking about Scientology? Yeah fuck those guys.

I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! I’m so glad to see you’re still working since Entourage ended. Loved you in PCU by the way...Can you blow me where the pampers is?

FYI Gold Base is in Gilman Hot Springs (an unincorporated community) on Gilman Springs Road, next to a town called San Jacinto at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains. The Scientologist tried to buy Gilman Springs Road from the state of California to cut themselves off from the general public, but its a state highway so they were denied.

That Cinemasins cameo.

Jesus is The Word, John 1:1-5 The Word God spoke: Exodus 20:1 The Word God wrote: Deuteronomy 4:13 and The Word God made flesh John 1:14. He is our example of The Trinity. Yes, those Ten Commandments is Jesus. When God tells us in Deut.6:8-9 to bind and wear His Word He is placing us in His Son, Jesus. Jesus keeps the custom by asking those who love Him to "keep" His Words even as He kept His Father's. So if you obey God, and love Jesus, one would "keep" both the law (Ten Commandments) and the testimony (Sermon on the Mount) as instructed in Deut. God will preserve life, Jesus protects it. They will keep all evil from you. Put the armour of God on all those you love. May the Spirit/voice of both The Father and The Son go with us all, for from the heart the mouth speaks. Let the Law that hung on the cross and the Law written in your heart not just guide you, but lead you and your loved ones. As Paul would say, put on Jesus. Psalms 40:7 Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me, Hebrews 10:7 Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God. May we learn to do God’s will with the help of Jesus. Obey God, love Jesus and may we all stand in His Day. If you believe in Jesus, put Him on. His words are spirit and they are life. Choose life. It is important that those who love Jesus receive the law and testimony before the wrath of God, or judgment comes to us or our homes. What harm can come of showing God we know His voice?

Fallout 76 is crap.

Lmao brilliant transition

LRH wrote some good books.. but the Scientology bit it a total crock of shit... lol

Cherry Stone I thought he might start jumping on the couch

That chubbyemu reference at 8:32 was on point!

1 IQ per hour? Pfft! I can gain 10 IQ points for every minute of Rick and Morty watched.

Cinema Sins FTW! :)

Would theetans be Scientology’s form of d.i.d?

I'm so confused!!!!


No one gonna acknowledge that GTA V reference at the end? Kifflom, brother.

i had to watch that intro for the second time, its absolutely priceless!

It is not possible for an object to travel _through_ space at a rate faster then light, true, but there is no limit on the speed of the _expansion_ or the _contraction_ of space itself. Einsteins special relativity allows for this, the limiting factors are the amount of _negative_ energy required to contract or expand space and the ability to create said negative energy or the existence of a type of negative mass exotic matter that would produce said negative energy. Alcubierre's equations are ABSOLUTELY workable within the limits of Einsteins theories.

The dude is absolutely bonkers, and you can't travel faster then light, but the people traveling ON a ship traveling _close_ to the speed of light _would_ experience a multi light year trip as only a few weeks according to relativity, depending on the speed they were traveling. We would appear to be moving incredibly slowly and, as outside observers, the trip would still appear, to us, to take the full several years to complete.

All religions that recruits and maintains a "flock" somehow, is a scam designed to separate people from their money. This may not be how things were intended at the onset ... but there are economic laws of gravity at play here. Let's call it "ecogenesis" ... and it all begins with "Let There Be Expenses" ... which of course leads to entanglement and increasing complexity. Very tedious, very predictable, and probably also why so many "prophets" have been strong advocates of austerity and frugality.

God I feel getting dumber by the second watching that

I guess I can't join the Church of Scientology since I'm currently a devout member of the Church of Knowing Better

The late science fiction writer Harlan Ellison has spoken and written extensively about the origins of Scientology and Hubbard essentially bemoaning with despair to his writer friends & colleagues at various Gatherings that he just couldn't make any money, and one of his fellow writers, and I forget whether it's L. Sprague de camp or perhaps editor Lester Del Rey, exclaiming "start a religion!" I believe there's a YouTube video of him essentially telling a shortened version of the story to Robin Williams, which is worth a look. Hubbard was indeed so prolific that he had a roll of brown wrapping paper affixed above his typewriter so that he could just continuously write, rolling paper through the machine, tear it off at page size and then keep typing. And to be fair, some of his pulp writing is actually quite good, often gripping, interesting, novel, even if completely Unworthy of anything resembling "gospel" status, and it's unfortunate that he can't be read without giving any money to the Church of Scientology anymore.

"Why do you think man was put here, on this planet?" I don't think that man was put here, I think that L. Ron Hubbard had the great fortune of evolving from an amoeba, where his ancestors managed to fuck something else, willing or not, devouring other life and crying in self-pity as it cowered from the encroaching death present in all the detritus behind its path through time. I think that this remnant gene that had been more into the deformed shape of L. Ron Hubbard had constructed a brain, and that brain saw in others a meal that a parasite would, and ate their futures and ambitions, making them sick with his own disease to extort more of the blood out of them. Becoming one of countless other fucking pitiful wastes of life on mankind's eventual journey to extinction. And I feel no shame in his death.

Survival instinct is expressed in dangerous situations. It has very well known basis in physiology, called the fight or flight response. The fight or flight response is a reaction to a perceived threat; you might have also noticed that anger is similar. This is purely a reaction rather than conscious.

First kill God. Then the devil is cleaning house.

I dunno, Brilliant sounds like a cult.

I want to know the details of why there was an increase of desire for different religions and 'mind expansion', can knowing better or anyone direct me?

"You can't blame his followers for buying into his Science Fiction stories." Yes, yes you can. You absolutely can. Because they, like he, are clearly insane.

subbed for the spot-on Cruise intro!

I live in Catania, which is in Sicily. One of our main roads has a Scientology building. It's one of the oldest and most beautiful building in the city, and it is a Scientology center. I'm honestly disgusted.

That intro was perfect

Scientology is full of these so-called "operating" cretins.


Wow creepy spot on tom cruise manic laughter

Somewhat unrelated, but best product placement ever!

The whole point of "clearing" is to destroy your emotional safeguards. If you think yourself "clear," you will over-estimate your own emotional stability.

Hubbard's mouth doesn't close...

Wot Tha Fec

L. Ron Hubbard has a really weird mouth

L. Ron Hubbard looks like a bulldog...

Isn't it a crime to claim military honors you didn't earn?

Nice parody of Tom Batshit Cruise


Great channel!

Sounds like a regular Donald Trump.

@KnowingBetter Thoughts on Fallout 76?

Okay, the Cruise parody at the beginning of this video is giving me LIFE RIGHT NOW!!

I'd love to see you do a segment on Jehovah's Witnesses! One of my high school friends grew up as a Witness (thankfully got out), recommended the movie "Apostasy" on Amazon and they are just as crazy as Scientology.

You should have talked about how Miscavige's wife has disappeared without a trace.

Uh... What you were trying to do in the beginning..... YOU NAILED IT! Perfect impression

in the first 10 seconds the only thing that runs through my head is; Tom Cruise is so in love with Katie At least all his people tell him so And while he thinks that she's a very special lady It's probably not the way he'd choose to go But a lifetime of longing looks would cause too much distraction Good thing that he's not gay anymore Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise crazy Just be glad it's him not you If you had Tom Cruise's troubles You might be Tom Cruise crazy too You'd flash your big white shiny smile You'd buy expensive shoes But you'd be the only man on Earth Who couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise Oh no, you couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise Tom Cruise is always getting older He knows he'll never be that young again And when Tom Cruise looks back over his shoulder He sees a thousand younger leading men He knows someday he'll have to play An old retarded grandpa While someone younger plays his sexy son Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise crazy Just be glad it's him not you If you had Tom Cruise's troubles You might be Tom Cruise crazy too You'd flash your big white shiny smile You'd buy expensive shoes But you'd be the only man on Earth Who couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise Oh no, you couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise Tom Cruise hopes somewhere there's a place for him 'Cause he's not of this world anymore... Somewhere in some secluded castle Poor Tom Cruise sits staring at the wall And the outside world is always such a hassle Sometimes he won't go out at all There are millions who know his name Everybody loves him Why is it that he feels so alone? Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise crazy Just be glad it's him not you If you had Tom Cruise's troubles You might be Tom Cruise crazy too You'd flash your big white shiny smile You'd buy expensive shoes But you'd be the only man on Earth Who couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise Oh no, you couldn't enjoy Tom Cruise

Jesus, Mary and Joseph..... WATCH LRH'S MOUTH WHEN HE TALKS....... now...take a breath, think really hard and picture anyone else's mouth that moves like that..... Yeah.....Donald J Trump. I nearly spat out my tea when I saw that ............. realized I wasn't drinking tea, brewed a pot of tea, took a sip and promptly spat it out. Seriously though. Watch LRH's mouth when he is speaking, and it is nearly identical to the way Trump's mouth moves. The shape of his words, the way he has that sly smile when he knows what he is saying is complete bullshit.... Wow.

They are emotionally desperate people who are unable or unwilling or too afraid to think for themselves. Same reason people join gangs. It is not my intent to be insulting or mean, I say it with sorrow and pity.

Oh my goodness, the planetary logos is fighting with the monad; the great white brotherhood can't achieve the 12 golden rays...

Haha! Nice try, NO DOLLAR FOR YOU, thank you, come again.

Do you WANT flying spaghetti monsters? Because this is how you get flying spaghetti monsters!

So basically it's a frankensteined version of all religions.

Ok, but the basis of this is that he wrote a book and decided to make a religious cult out of it? Bc wow, the amount of crazy it takes to do sth like this is amazing.

You called him an “ate-up soup-sandwich”. Are you a vet?

Bridge to total freedom = swanson pyramid of greatness - whoever wrote Parks and Recreation could start their own religion if LRH was any indication of potential for BS.

Hi Karin!

*here for the ferrets*

so, philip seymour hoffman got killed by this church or what?

yo, no man's sky got new content and its good now, fyi xD

Niiiiiiice segway into the ad at the end!

So how fast was this demonetized...

Nice chubbyemu reference I cackled

Meme died some years ago, let it stay dead.

+Geoff Harmer Well one could read it for themselves. There isn't anything wrong with trying things God's way, it just might work, knowing how much wiser He is than most humans.

That's just as crazy as what Scientology spouts!

Goat Bubbles They’re too busy falling the fuck apart, fighting their own lawsuits for corruption/human right violations and bleeding members after all the exposes right now haha.

+Meek Peace Riiiiight, you're so logical and reasonable and true child of rationality. lmao, no, you're just a human. Stop pretending to be special just because you jumped on the recent atheist bandwagon. Most atheists are as concrete in their faith as most Xians.

Did you ever end up getting any trouble from Scientology?

Hey man, you're a vet! You like to quote youtubers! Let me offer up a bit of advice! There's a guy named Steve1989MREInfo who.. as you may imagine, does review of military MREs, from all through out the time spectrum they were available. Seen the man eat some very questionable things... you know.. for the people. Anyway, NICE! is one of his catch phrases. "Let's get this on a tray. Nice!" Seriously, do the right thing, man! Use clips of him saying nice, the same way you use clips of Jeremy saying Roll Credits. Just do it! Also check his channel out, it's pretty boss.

Humor is an art that has alluded you. Keep trying.

So not the weirdest thing. They develop their teachings as new findings proved they have too, meanwhile here is the Old Testament & New Testament, sorry no originals or copies of originals or copies of copies of the originals, but it is what it is so believe it......................

I was tempted to click off the video while watching the intro. I thought half an hour of this kind of personality would await me, only to realise this was a Tom Cruise impression after reading the comments. Besides that...excellent work youve done!

Let's get this out onto a tray ... 13:06

Great video, dude. Seriously fucking fantastic.

6:25 was that a destiny joke?

LRH - supreme fucknugget.

Kiff-lom, Kiff-lom, Kiff-lom...Kifflom.

Is it just me or does LRH remind you of Trump?

He's like trump without the creativity.

L. Ron Hubbard is lame. His buddy Harlon Ellison, now there's someone to follow, otherwise he might ship a dead groundhog to you through 4th class mail.

I have watched a handful of documentaries about scientology but still didn't have a good understanding of the terms used by them. Thanks for the video and for helping me know scientology better.

Can We Just Talk About How That Dude *LOOKS LIKE A GOD DAMN FERENGI* ?>_

Can someone tell me the game he was talking about ?

Lmao at dianetics increasing iq, more like it decreases iq!

Noticing alot of military terms being used by Hubbard. COB in the US Navy is Chief Of The Boat and is always used in reference to the highest ranking enlisted member of a ships crew.

I hope you are ready for a Lawsuit. They do that ALOT.

In summary 1)The comparisons between LRH and (insert politician from the last 50 years here) are getting old. Seriously, Its not new nor is something that has a place in inteligent conversation. 2) The church of Scientology is realy no different then any other "popular" religion.

Atacking other channels does not make me want to subscribe or donate. Just saying. BUT... other than that I liked your video

Knowingshit; You wish you were as honest as Prager U w/an nth of their intellect!

dude.... have you tried no mans sky again? its legit good. free updates. pretty neat.

At 22:45 , what does he mean when he says "... and yes it is spelled that way."

wow so this scumbag was Stolen Valor in a way.

Ok wait a second, so LRH is crazy, and Scientology is crazy, but dude, that thinking thing has some merit. Whenever I get cold outside I just think about how it's just a feeling and focus off of it, anyone know what that is?

You are awesome.

It should absolutely be treated as a legit religion. It is just as batshit crazy as any other religion, it's just newer (like Mormonism). The real issue for me is tax exemption for ANY religion. Billions of dollars that should be helping our nation are lost under the exemption.

Love the Tom Cruise laugh

No, those people that got hooked on scientology are stupid, same as people today who believe in new age crap, such as detox, homeopathy, flat earth, alternative medicine, Kanye B. Christ...

The way this guy shakes his head as he talks is annoying.

Spot on Tom cruise impression lol

7:08 Oh, I just realized you have a poster with that sweet shot of the T-51 Power Armor from Fallout 76. Love that suit, my favorite power armor, and that's a great angle to show it from.

why do you keep saying, "...and i don't want to make fun of this..." come on man!!! this is some of the best stuff to make fun of!!

5:21 He's just so creepy looking, he's got freaky teeth and his smile is terrifying

Had to pause after the intro and rewatch the Tom Cruise original - brilliant

yeah... Only epistemology has the right to call itself the study of knowledge.

I've lived a few blocks away from the big blue building most of my life, and I remember when it was taken over by the Scientologists. (It was a hospital before, and no, it's not "pretty close" to the Celebrity Centre, which is way over on the other side of Hollywood, a few miles away.) Oh, and the way you can tell it's a cult is how they deliberately target a person's vulnerabilities. That's classic cult manipulation. They've always creeped me out.

Dude noo way ..... you're going to have a short documentary about you now on behalf of Scientology .


Fallout 4 has a very in depth reference to scientology in the Nuka World DLC and it is one of the FUNNIEST missions

Wow, I've never seen that footage of LRH but holy shit he's so full of crap lol. Idk how anyone could "follow that".

There was a guy who castrated himself, tried to make himself a-sexual, and then killed himself in the belief a UFO ....Hiding in a comets tail , would take hime up upon his death.... He packed hus bags....?!?...Oh..And a bunch followed him. I don't really know how that relates to this posting.

I love that The Walking Dead has taken the term "Going Clear" to mean going bat shit crazy and killing every one, living or dead. Lol!

This channel is awesome.

The Tom Cruise bit at the begining was great and gets me every time.

Her name was Mary Sue

Holy shit your crazy Tom Cruise impersonation is 10/10

So LRH was some kind of a McNamara moron? 2:48

The Church of Scientology is really not an accurate term (as I'm pretty sure you know.) Scientologists, like Mormons and other religious zealots are just cult members. It's all just garbage invented by some crackpot. Like every other religion.

Sky god? Zeno?

Snake oil salesman

I like the chubbyemu parody haha


Leah Remini is doing a great job showing how nutty Scientology is. Great video.

Dude. I absolutely love your videos. This one especially... I've seen and read so so much about Scientology and I was so impressed that the entirety of this video was all completely new info. Im so stoaked I stumbled across your channel and that you go deeper than most other YouTubers while still keeping it light and entertaining. Completely unique conecept. Thank you so much. (Im still dirty about No Man's Sky too brah - it's okay, they can't hurt you anymore).

Am I the only one who got an ad for Scientology? LOL

17:30 I remember watching the South Park episode when it aired on tv (when I was a kid in high school), and reading the text flashing on the bottom of the screen " *THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE* ". I remember thinking to myself that there was no way this was a real thing, and no one would take this idea seriously. I thought it was a joke, I was both right and wrong at the same time...

Didn't the original Team Venture kill L Ron Hubbard's decapitate head mounted in a robot body in the 70's?

ChubbyEmu reference :3 Noice

LRH is just another creep. Is he based in CA?

That LRH dude looks like a creep. 0-0 It's his mouth...

*Hears him talk about No Man's Sky as a disappointment.* Oh hey look, a Fallout 76 poster in the background...

Your Tom Cruise impression missed a lot of running and faking that you're taller than you really are.

Kifflom brother, brother.

that sponsor segway though... Perfection.

I prefer Elron.

It is hard to believe that anyone can believe all this stuff.

I'm ashamed that I know all of these abbreviations and loaded language words. Narconon, ladies and gentlemen. Look it up Edit: you covered it, bravo

LRon hubbard was actually a black man named L ron Hueyabenday


I just love how smug Elrond looks on that recording, like "this poor soul doesn't know about the SPOOKY ALIENS, how ADORABLE!".

27:21 Also this is clearly evidence that body thetans, evil spirits inhabiting your body that came from space, are actually manifestations of a person's fighting spirit that punch vampires while screaming ORA ORA ORA. Elrond, of course, possessed the power of Twenty One Pilots, a Stand with the ability to erase a person's Stand but only if that person willingly gives the user money.

The intro, so good Garrulous, spineless, uncanny Turtlenecks are bad

5:56 bwain is bwain. Wat it dus, I’m nevah quwite sure, but duuuuh, an I don’t thank an-he-body else is

Love the 1st minute, making fun of the Tom Cruise interview. Great job.

Keep trying to make the internet great again!

This is quite crazy but so are most religions. I find it quite funny that it is totally fine to bash Scientology while people rarely bash many Christian cults like Mormons or Catholics.

The Eight Dynamics sound like the Barrier scrolls in ES3: Morrowind.

L.R.H. has ugly brown teeth. A result of the physical ailment of talking shit. *~:)

Wow actually surprised no scientology bots are in you comments. If you want to hear some crazy shit watch Joe Rogans interview of David miscavige's father I think his name is Peter but I watched it 2 years ago he basically blows the lid off of how abusive they are even to their leaders dad.

It is a shame the advertisement cut off Lincoln Osiris.

Hubbard looks like The Mouth of Sauron when he talks. It's freaking unsettling.

Goddamn it man. I’ve seen a few of your videos already and I already love you

I'm half a scientologist. I'm regularly "on the can."

I love that in the intro, he compared a Prager U video to a car crash.

Never pre-order the season pass.

This sounds a lot like Joseph Smith

shiny face

You can spot a compulsive liar by the way they talk sometimes, and I saw that in LRH just now. Got a lady at work who is just like that.

not gonna lie, your fake laugh is more convincing than Tom Cruise's

Loved the intro :)

Lol, Engrams!!! Love it! 6:25

Stop it, get some help

I almost submitted to a scienceology writers contest. But I was torn becuase I didn't want to make my writing debut from something I didn't believe it.

I had to quit playing in my high school orchestra because the teacher was a scientologist. He honest to goodness believed that my chronic illness and disabilities were "all in my head" and "could be solved by discarding my toxic treatment being fed to me by greedy doctors."

He Reminds me of Trump. Both are great Cult leaders and totally full of shit. And their Worshipers will ignore all reality to justify their beliefs.

never join a cult. If you are going to be in a cult start your own

He looks like trump and rodney dangerfeild had a love child.

So, basically, he's full of crap and wants to become famous for finding the key to enlightenment.

LRH has a very punchable face

Watching LRH reminds me of Trump. Both creepy pathological liars with a cult of morons that believe whatever they say, no matter how stupid or obviously false.

OMG i love it

This is one of the best Tom Cruise impressions I've ever seen

That laughter in the beginning scared me

8:32 Nice Chubbyemu reference

Scientology is a creepy bunch.. But be aware. Its not like many Christian groups are any better. The wording might be different, but their goal the same. Control over you and access to all your money.

Is that the psych museum of death in Hollywood ?!

it's funny, because engrams are actually a thing in neuroscience. They're thought to control patterns of movement, and be developed over time with practice

The intro to this video was fucking hilarious

L Ron Hubbard's teeth are horrifying.

Got a pragerU ad just before this

I escaped Scientology and the Sea Org. He's accurate with his descriptions. Sad thing is, some of Hubbard's sci fi is pretty good, and it's still published. But the proceeds go to the church.

"You've probably turned down somebody handing out [a Bible] on the street." Or been the one being turned down. :(

thumbs up

A girl I used to date was conceived in a scientology ship and her mother was being forced to abort her so she escaped

I saw this thing about people who were being recorded, stalked, and harassed by Scientoligists after they left and started speaking against it.

5:21 eww what is up with his mouth

BTW, if you call "Body Thetans" "the flesh/ailments of the flesh", it's pretty close to Christianity. You could also say that they're germs/bad or damaged cells? It's not entirely bonkers. It's just a redefinition of terms, which also happens to be the venue of science fiction authors in getting their messages across. Even so, their is a bunch borrowed from other sources and nothing really ground breaking here. Time to move on.

Great video. At first I thought Scientology is just such pure BS, that it's not even worth ridiculing, but it's interesting to study the extent of the insanity (even more than other belief only based thoughts)

“L. Ron Hubbard’s Thetan has been AWOL for over twelve years.” If he died in 1986, wouldn’t that be 32 years by now? Or am I missing a joke?

Get your facts right "Knowing Better" before you rattle your chops on video about an organization trying to save the world.

It's okay to be white.

dude you plug your patreon and your sponsors so well

quality no man’s sky reference

Ah, the cutest ferrets! :) Also, I've stayed away from these recruiting religions (and others). When I was younger I knew that I was impressionable, now I'm way too sceptic!

California's supreme court has described Scientology as a cult... And after watching this, given the degree of control this "religion" provides the folks that hold the reigns of that religion, I'm actually shocked that Trump isn't a member...

"Negative orgones are the source of everything wrong in the world" hmm

You should be Tom Cruise.

I keep hearing 'Zetan'. Dammit, fallout.

Anyone who heard the IQ statement should've realized it was bullshit automatically. I managed to raise my IQ by 30 over the course of 3 years through total social isolation other than what was absolutely required and managed to get depressed, overweight, and a mess of other social problems as well as health problems. Sometime towards the end of those three years, I realized how shit everything was, why it was happening and spent the next two years trying to get better and I still wasn't able to completely recover.

The 480 people who disliked this are thatens.

are jada and will in? jada has gone out of her way to say leah lies bout stuff, and according to leah and others, was often at the SCIENTOLOGY CELEB CENTER...jada seems like an opportunist who would leach onto anything that might schmooze her adequately, ….is their association with Sci the reason she and will's projects tank?

awesome vid. and thanks to leah for kickin their ass !!!

Is it me or does this exaggerating Orange con-man remind you of another orange exaggerating clown? perhaps a long lost brother?

Pisses me off to this day the feds never brought these fuckers down.

i liked for the no mans sky ref. :)

The riff on Tom Cruise at the beginning was priceless but why are you spending time discussing this nonsense. Scientologists are a relatively small fringe group of crazies. We have much larger groups of crazies you could be using your talent to analyze.

My e-meter has been acting up lately and I don’t think it’s measuring all my engrams and the customer support stinks ! Five stars when it’s working but zero stars for customer service = three stars for my e-meter.

Damn, Clearwater is right by where I live. Good thing I live in Largo...


That Tom Cruise impression in the beginning is scary accurate...

Talk about the backlash you are getting.

LRH lived here in Phoenix for a while.

I literally have no idea what the intro was wtf

"Remember that game that was super hyped and came out and people played it for a while, they really hated it" *STARES AT FALLOUT 76 POSTERS IN REAR-GROUND* No I have no idea what that feels like

That was the best Tom cruise impression I have ever seen

They beat the IRS so they have that going for them.

I have to ask, whenever we see L Ron in an interview he doesn't look quite real, like some sort of claymation animation. Particularly the way his mouth moves. Very bizarre.

Great impression of Cruise You got the smile, the energy and the charisma. You've probably watched every movie and every interview he's ever done. I suspect if Cruise ever left the whole cult would collapse.

Team Flare

Brilliantly pushes the moon does that mean...? Hmm

You've got a good Tom Cruise.

Tom cruiser Acting master


You just went full SCP on the intro.

Nice poppy field

No Man's Sky has gotten better with a story, multiplayer, better base building, lots more features and more. You should give it a try again and see if you like it more.

I can’t get over Elrons mouth

Im interested in what back lash you might receive from "the church". They have received a lot of attention recently so maybe they are laying low more? But in the past they were VERY aggressive about investigating and fervently attacking any critiques. Please let us know if you hear anything from them.

Scientilogy makes perfect sense. The voices in my head have been telling this for year

I enjoyed this video. Well produced summary of the Scientology movement. You managed to explain everything with a straight face.

Love that intro

so this cult was basically founded by Arnold Rimmer? ^_^

Dude, I just wanted to say.. you're amazing. Your channel deserves a lot more subscribers.

@8:30 is that a @chubbyemu reference??!!? Ahaha

L.Ron "Creepy Clam Lips" Hubbard

Your Tom cruise cackle is spot on. Nvr chnge. Plz nvr chng.

The cold opening to this is too funny.

wait THEIR HQ IS IN CLEARWATER????!!! OMG I thought they where hidden out in Wyoming or something desolate like that but NOPE, RIGHT IN MY BACKYARD!

I know I shouldn't say it's a cult, but IT'S A CULT!

Soup sandwich is my new favorite insult

6:23 LRH was a cryptarch XDDDDD

You really nailed that awkward intro.

4k lul

I love the ChubbyEmu reference!

What is it with these American cults, sheesh!

Everyone copying chubbyemu or is he copying someone I’ve not yet seen?

8:40 Don't we already have a name for the study of knowledge? Isn't it 'epistemology'?

Has anyone collected a set of references to Scientology's terminology in popular culture? I can think of a couple of possibilities myself (from 1963 and 1968 BTW).

Well done - describing in 20 mins a fantastical social aberration. OMG how is this legal? And how does anyone get sucked in? Almost depressing as the existence of the orange one.

For such a rampaging flake and sociopath, I've heard from people who have actually read it that Battlefield Earth is actually good.

That is one seriously evil laugh. I like your videos but I am not sure if you aren't some evil genius.

"I've studied many primitive races, including the white race" Ok I actually laughed out loud at that.

im pretty sure LRH is trump's father. the relevant dates could work.

Yet another good video, KB. Keep up the good work!

what a beautiful intro

I swear I thought that was Maranda keys in the thumbnail

8:34 oh. It took me watching this a second time to realise that's a Chubbyemu reference

That intro was unsettling

This is the problem with all religions in general. A group of people all believe the same nonsense, so they think "it must be true if so many people believe it." Moderate religions enable bad religions. We need to stop putting religion on a pedestal and start taxing them like any other business instead of the _de facto_ government establishment we have now.

12:33 - religious dogma in a rehab program simply replaces one addiction with another, and there certainly _IS_ necessarily a problem with that.

kingofthings7929 Of course not, they’ve got plenty of money and too much time on their hands, the quintessential hallmarks of a scientologist.

Dangerz Own Scientology is never too busy to harass it’s “enemies.” Back in the 90’s, a common form to troll Scientology was to post parts of their OT 3 materials as your signature in threat posts. Scientology did indeed send cease and desist emails to most if not all of those people. They always attack their enemies, it’s part of the doctrine L Ron Hubbard specified about said enemies. But they are weakening due to the exposes and lawsuits.

Was there a point to stating "middle class white people" when talking about the book Dianetics? I try to listen to this guy but disappointment follows every time. that statement was just thrown in there and it seems to serve no purpose. Although his Tom Cruise imitation at the start was very good.

+Dangerz Own According to some sources, this can't be confirmed unless we get access to Scientology's own records, Scientology has well over a billion dollars saved just for attacking and defending against critics. That's more money than the Vatican (in liquid assets. The total value of the Vatican's material assets is literally incalculable).

"Never pre-order the season pass". Ah, sounds like you also played Destiny 2....

8:37 haha like the doctor asian guy

Great video dude, Scientology is the biggest joke in religion, it makes anyone who follows a religion seem like jackasses, even though there are jackasses in every religion. I hope you get many more subscribers!

I commend Scientology for at least trying to provide origin stories for the origin stories of all the other bullshit religions. Gotta respect the effort.

Awe I see, Clearwater Flordia makes perfect sense. Flordia Man becomes more sane once you learn the connection to Scientology

That lip.

502 boneheads gave this a thumbs down. LOL

Scientology sounds like a conversation between 2 reaally high people

You said a dead giveaway of a cult is you can't leave. That means Islam IS a cult.

L.R. Hubbard was CRAY!

Scientologists lie, lie, lie, lie, lie....and then....THEY LIE MORE!

I was in a Scientology school for 4 years, all because of a step mom.

love cinema sins

"brain is brain" - L.R.H

Hahahaha... love the intro

Well, according to Wikipedia, Scientologists did to Ms. Cooper something similar to what the Democrats did to Trump supporters. They sent themselves bombs with notes that were from her stationary and had her fingerprints on them.

So so sad. You know, they had a real opportunity to create a religion that doesn't seek to destroy those that don't agree with it, like Christianity, but instead the movement has become a violent and fascist movement instead. I still think that if Tom Cruise took it over, he'd be a benefit to it and perhaps even progress it away from fascist evil practices of subverting truth and those that disagree who are a part of it.

Through lies, manipulation, and fraud? Wow such a wonderful way to save the world.

I did a double take and had to rewind the video when he mentioned the wife’s name then burst out laughing

Hubbard was a delusional dumpster fire.

503 Scientologists were here.

its a belief based on victimology you are not responsible but others are for your suffering that is my view

Im sure fair game isn't in effect, they just called leah remini a murderer and told her producer that he has "blood on his hands" in both private and open letters becaaaauuusssseeee they're totally legit and aren't on the defensive about a fairly high ranking member gone rogue and spilling their secrets... nyope

Wait I heard the "insanity story" before, bah, I'm not insane.....right?

Honestly, you make a very good point on cognitive dissonance. Its like spending tens of thousands of dollars on a shitty house that was horribly broken when you got it but now you’ve gotten so far into fixing it that selling it would be admitting that you wasted all that time and money without ever being able to make back the cost of fixing it so you just full send and keep spending money to fix it as it keeps breaking and eventually you will say “its not so bad” then you will say “i love my home and would never sell it” even though weeks prior you were in contact with several realtors and they said it was shit. On the real though, Tommy boy scares me when he wigs tf out with this nonsense. Just goes to show that no matter how much money someone has they can be just as gullible and moronic as a bum on the street.

El Ron Hubbard died with psychiatric drugs in his butt.

The original OT8 l Ron Hubbard states that he is the Antichrist and like Buddha he will be back but he will be a politician and it's the scientologists job to recognize him and help him rescue them. I shit you not

I once went into a Scientology org pretending that I was having a mental breakdown trying to show signs of real mental illness because they say they hate psychiatry and their whole thing is fixed in the mind I wanted to know what they would do they shoved my crazy ass right out the door they don't actually want crazy people they don't want to clear the planet of insanity they want to clear your bank accounts of your money.

How dare you insult my beautiful religion! We're not hurting anyone! We're trying to save all of us and our world! The universe is a dangerous place, xenu will come back for revenge , his army of super theatens wilk have no mercy upon us. We're unlocking the ultimate psychometric and pyschokentic ability hidden within us all, imagine if we could all have the ability of Charles Xavier? Nothing less will defeat the evil forces of xemu. Once saved from annihilation we can travel inter-dimensionally with our new evolutionary abilities. So search your heart of souls and join us, together we will unlock the universe and ourselves.

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