City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting : March 25, 2019

City Council Public Forum & Business Meeting : March 25, 2019

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I have. To say it's. Because, our, city is growing and. We're. Trying. To make significant. Changes, and and bring more, opportunity. Create, opportunities. For everyone. That sometimes, we underestimate. The. Amount, of time that we need to discuss things that we believe will make a real difference so, your. Patience, is very much appreciated. When. We run a little not, a little bit but a lot of, time over, so. I, want, to say thank. You for your patience, and welcome to, the March 25th, Charlotte. City Council, meeting. Before. We. Next. Step this is the formal way of calling this meeting to order and, we're gonna begin with introductions starting. With our deputy clerk, and around the Daiya so good, evening Emily, Quincy deputy city clerk sorry, picard district 6 the, equips district 4 good. Evening the one I'm a PA district to me I'm, Philo's mayor of Charlotte, evening. Julie Iseult, mayor pro-tem and serving at large egg. Trees district, 7 good, evening just, in Harlow district 2 are. Can a ghost in district, 1 Marcus. Jones C manager, Patrick, Baker City Attorney all. Right thank you everyone, we, begin our meeting with an invocation or, expression, of inspiration. Followed, by the Pledge of Allegiance this. Invocation is, by the councilmember. And it's intended, to solemnize, our proceedings, which, often need a solemn, moment, and. One. Of the things that we recognize this, not everyone, has, religious. Faith or has differing, religious, faiths and we, ask that you, work. With us as we prepare, for this meeting we're, going to have. Councilmember. Phipps address. Us this evening following. Council members sips. Expression. Or, invocation that, will ask everyone to stand and we, are delighted. Tonight, to, have troop 87. With, crosspoint, Alliance Church with scout master Robert, Tripp here. And, I'm. Gonna after, councilmember. Phipps, is completed, I'm gonna ask you if you will come down and stand, and lead us in our Pledge of Allegiance around. The Dyess all. Right. Please. If, you choose to stand please stand. Heavenly. Father we, come before you tonight as elected, leaders and a community, of citizens to thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed, upon us, we. Ask for your continued. Covering, over our city and the, many leaders at the federal state and local levels who collectively, provide. Influence. Over our governance, grant. Us the wisdom and patience dear God to govern in a manner that is honorable, in your site, as. We deliberate, on the business of the city we all love we, ask your special blessings, for, our men and women in uniform, all.

Over This nation and the world who, make it possible for us to serve in a free and open democracy. Heavenly. Father we also ask for your anointing. And protection, over the service and sacrifice. Of our, law enforcement officers firefighters, and, emergency, management. Technicians. Who, respond to citizen call for. Service every. Day to, keep our neighborhoods, and communities, safe from, harm's way and, finally. Dear God we ask that you burned and cast, out hateful, ideologies. That, seek to destroy, and inflict, harm on others. Transform. Our hearts dear. God towards a more love, decency. And brotherhood, for all in your name we pray I mean. All. Right would, you come please come down and join, us around the diet. All. Of you are welcome to come come on. Go. Guys okay. To. The play of. The United States of America, and it's in the Republic, for which it stands one nation. You. Know on a tough day like today I, want. To say how much you appreciate our. Young. People, in the city. So. Today. Earlier. Today. We. Had a. Shooting. That took place, in. Our city and. It's. Always, a very difficult time. For. Our police. Officers, for, our community, and particularly. When we have a loss of life we. Have must always remember, that that. Loss, of life is, someone's, child, and. For. That we. Are truly truly. Sorry but, any, kind of loss has to occur like that. Keeping. Order is not always an easy thing losing. Someone. Is really really difficult. So. Let me say on behalf of all of our citizens we. Work hard every day to serve you well and today. Was. A tough day for anyone that. Worked for the city and I hope for all of us that live here thank. You for allowing, me back at that moment. With. That we. Are going to have two recognitions, tonight, before, oh no we're going to do, our public, forum first um, the council, has made a decision that when we have a number of people signed up to speak that. We will have 15, people speak for two minutes. So that gives everyone an opportunity often. In this case I believe we, actually had more. Than 20 people sign up to speak tonight so we will, work within our 15, people, ordinarily, we, ten and you'll, have two minutes and I'm gonna go in the order by, which we, are going to hear from thugs with, the exception, I'm gonna ask miss, Freddie, Dana Freddie, to. Wait until, the end and we're gonna have a proclamation read. By, mr. Phipps for at the end of our time. The, first speaker I have is Nancy, Nance miss. Nats are, you here. Okay. I'm, the second, person. Darrius more mr.. Moore. Please. Come down and. So. The podium, here. Mr.. Moore will be followed, by Sidney, Swofford.

Miss. Wofford, are you here. Um. Mr.. Spool Walker, Walker, spool, are. You here. All. Right. Mr.. Moore. Thank. You. There. Is more. Charlotte, native I was, called upon to speak on behalf of project, boat which. Walker, sprue was also a member of an Gemini love death. Basically. We were called upon to speak on affordable, housing so. They gave me a few notes, to take and just speak on about, that. I. Only. Said the city collects fifteen. Million dollars, every. Two years. To. Effect a fordable housing with. Last year fifty million dollars was approved. The. Rope the most recent plan states, affordable. Housing would be available along the light rail and, near Uptown and, along. The transit, stop so it's a more convenient I guess for those people to commute. To their jobs and would have to go in. 2011. The small area, fair market, rent, rule went into effect, giving. Hope to some that they might be able to live somewhere, in Charlotte, um. Without. A food desert or without only, a food line as the only option for groceries, the. Reason we mentioned food line is because there are healthier, grocery, stores out there Publix. Developed, wholefoods harris-teeter and apparently, in these, lower-income. Neighborhoods food, line or, your. Giant. Penny on the plaza is the only option which. These stores that have records of expired, meats expired, fruits, and those are being served to us it to, our lower income citizens. Even. Though that small. Area fair market rent rule went into effect, we. Visit, places like Queens Dilworth. And South. Park and we still don't see familiar faces. Charlotte. Has reportedly, spent 124. Million on affordable, housing in the past 16, years, where. Are these properties with the below 80 percent average income which is basically, units. Are supposed to be set aside for, these lower-income families, to come into these higher income. Properties, and. Again we go into these neighborhoods and, do not see familiar faces in. The. Past 16, years I've, seen many changes to my city none. Of which looked like affordable, housing, in the proposed sectors, instead. Only local businesses being bullied, urban, institutions, being bulldozed, and my, fellow citizens being, forced to live a life left, and less.

Than A babul mr. Moore if you would like, to give the remaining part of your comments, to the deputy, clerk she'll make sure that we have a copy of them all and, we. Appreciate, you coming down and speaking. That. Was one of the reasons that we were, late. Coming in we were talking about how. To leverage our. Your. Money the city that. Citizens, approve with, the money, that has been raised. By the private, sector and, through, philanthropic. Efforts. To. Build. The most and to do the best job that we can to, increase, the supply of housing so thank you. Christina. Cook, Christina. Cook, is. Christina, cook here. Some. Very. Are. You here. The, Rhondda Metz. It's. Mess wit be followed by Todd Moser. It's, Todd Moser here. Joey. Parker. It's. Joey Parker, here. Miss. Smith's there will be you thank you well good evening mayor. Lau's and members. Of the City Council. This, month is Social Work month so I brought all of our social workers from the Salvation Army if you all will stay in. And. This is just part about celebration, to talk about what we do my name is - Rhonda Metz and I'm a director, for the Salvation Army's homeless shelter and our, housing, programs and so people know that. We scramble every night to get people in shelter what you may not know is that we also have social workers to try to help us they help people to get out of homeless so, we partnered with the city on a couple of initiatives whether it's in our emergency, shelter, where, we have about eight social, workers and our employment person, is up here or whether people are in our housing, programs we have social workers just, to work to make sure that people in our community, can be a part of our community so. We we all signed up I'm a professional. Social worker and so are they and we signed up to always be an advocate and to be a voice for those. Persons, in our community, that don't have a voice so as we get ready for the room in the end to close on March, 30th, on Saturday, we know it's about a hundred and twenty two women and children that are there so, we appreciate the work that the city is doing we want to continue to work with you all we'll. See a lot of citizens of, Saturday. Night scrambling, to try to find a place of shelter so, I want us to be, encouraged, to continue to work together I also like to applaud any other social workers in this community, I think social work is a awesome. Professional, it's very very helpful and we help our citizens in this community before, I close I just want to make one announcement, in, an effort to support social work month we have partnered with Johnson, C smith University so, we'll be doing a town hall meeting on Wednesday. From, 12:00 noon until, 2:00 and. It'll be a meeting and we'll be talking about how social workers are involved in making sure that we promote democracy, on. Thursday. Night at 6 p.m. we'll, have the Dorothy Irene, Hyatt series, it's an open public meeting, and I, hope everybody can come out thank you. Joey. Parker, is, Joey, Parker, here, okay. Diana, Benson. Bell. And. Miss. Bell will be followed by destiny. Edwards. And. As we I. Think, miss Bell is going to talk about immigration, and, I, just want to recognize that on, UNC.

Charlotte Service-learning, in the Latino community class. We. Have several, students, from UNC Charlotte, David. Which 'ln. Arianna. Nixon, and. Alicia Harrison, where are you our, students, we're, looking forward to what you do in the work that and the research that you have thank you very much for being here tonight all. Right miss, Belle. Good. Evening, our mayor and city council I am, here in response, to the disturbing, charges made last month at the public, forum against. You mayor. And the customs, and integration officers, as. A female uber, driver my safety, is key to. My livelihood, and, I'm trusting, that the city officials, have my back by utilizing every. Law-enforcement tool. Available, to keep this, city safe I never. Thought I would have to consider the consequences of, illegal, criminals, finding. Out they're committing more crimes wouldn't. Get them deported, the, sheriff's elimination. Of the, 287g. Program made. No safety, sense, at all and now we are dealing with the, fallout, but. That was not enough for the illegal. Act the, illegal. Activists, who demanded. That you sign, a resolution. Condemning ice. Secondly. I tried people from around the world that come to the city and there, sometimes, they. Just tell me about how they. Like the city but I have driven people who, have come to this country from other countries, and have become citizens and how proud they are of being citizens of this country and, I. Just, think. That. Everyone, who wants to come to this country they're more than welcome just. Come and do it correctly, that's. All we're asking and we would like our laws to be enforced and. That Isis stay in business because everyone, whether, you immigrants. Or you, were born here we all need to be safe and. So. I would like that you, continue, married, to stand strong we are supporting, you that you do not sign the resolution. And, that, ice, will be able to work because, the. RNC, is coming next year and they will help keep the city safe because. A lot of people will be coming here and we need to remain safe in the city. I. I. Want, you to know this bill that I don't, take it personally. About. Anybody yelling at me it's. Just part of the job thank. You I'm miss Edwards, good. Evening one. Month ago this counsel was urged to condemn ice ice. Was accused of racially, profiling, on the streets of Charlotte and arresting, members of the community, without cause but. Ice doesn't conduct random raids they. Target, the worst of the worst criminal, illegal, immigrants. Two-thirds. Of ice arrests, last year were convicted criminals, by, the time ice had arrested them they had already been convicted of, violent, crimes including. Human trafficking, indecent. Liberties with children, and sexual, assault on a female the. Vast majority of those targeted, by ice are wanted. Criminals and, known, members, of gangs and cartels as a, woman and a mom of two girls, I want. Ice, removing. Those people, from our streets. Yes. Immigration, enforcement is the federal government's responsibility, but. The cooperation, ice receives, from local law enforcement is, critical, to the success of their mission, failing. To cooperate with, ice sends, the message to criminal, illegal, immigrants, you, are safe here. It's. Dangerous and unfair, to not make, the distinction between that group and legal. Immigrants, the, legal immigrant community, who comes to America, to find a better life for their families and love, our country and follow the laws, failing. To cooperate with ice says to the rest of your constituents, we, won't protect you fend for yourselves. Mayor. Lyles you said we. Shouldn't make promises we. Cannot keep the. Promise each of you made when, you took your oath of office was, to support and maintain the Constitution and.

Laws Of the United States if you, refuse to do so you are betraying, us, ice. Is integrated, with law enforcement all, around the world looking. For fugitives, from the law if, Charlotte, is going to be the world-class, City we talked about it being we, must allow world-class. Law, enforcement. Nice to do their job thank, you. All. Of us know how, complex, this issue is it's, not a simple, yes-or-no. It's. Just not and so. I want us to all be respectful, of each point of view and we. Know that you know things are very very, difficult already. I would. Ask us please to be respectful. I know, that this is a tough issue and all, of us recognize the. Difficulty. That we're having, let's. Make Charlotte, be. Charlotte, and let, everything else take place in a place that's. When. People have their values, they live them let's live our values with, respect for each other please. Susan. Campbell. Miss. Campbell. The. New Villard is. Two. Minutes yes ma'am. Or. Maybe I'll improvise thank, you thank you so much thank you for the time I am. The executive. Director of Charlotte bilingual preschool, or. We prepare, spanish-speaking. Children for, success in school and life by providing them with a high-quality dual. Language education. And I, am here just to testify, about to talk to you about the. Impact that the rates have had on children. We. Know that children who grow up in safe stable, and nurturing relationships. And. Environments have. Survived physically. Emotionally. Socially. And, intellectually. These. Are the principles that we used to create efficient. Schools and this is the principles. That we use in our, work with families, all. Around the, Center for Disease Control defines. The, terms like, this, safety. Is the extent, to which a child is free from fear and secure. From physical, or psychological harm. Within. Their social and physical environment. Stability. Is a degree, of predictability, and, consistency in. A child's, social emotional. And physical environment. Nurturing. If the, extent, to which a parent or caregiver is, available. And able to sensitively, and consistently. Respond, to and meet, the needs of a child, raids. Disrupt. A child's, ability to live, in a safe stable. And nurturing, relationship. An environment. And have. Negative. Effects on children, on our families. And our, communities. Makes. Documentation. Families, are the, norm in Charlotte. So. When somebody, is deported, or somebody, is arrested it affects everybody, it is not a simple if student like you mentioned, mayor it, is not that simple, when, a family is separated, 70%. Of their income goes away that, means a parent, has to go and work a second job a third job and that, means that child has less access. To that family, that creates, a strong, amount, of stress, on that child so. I want to make, sure that they counsel, will, help. Us create safe, environments for, all their children. I'm. Debra. Franklin, is. Franklin. Following. Miss Franklin, I'm Queen Thompson, if, Queen Thompson, is here I saw her earlier, I. Had. Three. Minutes as well so, I'll, try to do this into. My. Road to vision zero began. January. 2016. I began. To notice that there were many pedestrians and, bicycle. Bicyclist. Collisions, with motorists, in Charlotte. Most, of them resulting, in death also. What struck me as odd was the fact that most of these victims were, adults, then. A report, came out dangerous, by design. Charlotte. The smallest town, of which I have ever resided. Was listed, as one of the city's, dangerous. For pedestrians and, bicycles. By. Street design. In. Addition I am a bus driver for cats at, the time of my hire we had to undergo an eight-week. Training cycle. Included. In that training was a specialized. Seminar. Called the, Smith system, despite. That vigorous training, we had several operators. Involved. In incidents, regarding pedestrians. And bicyclists. Unfortunately. Operators, lost their job. Eventually. I began researching Charlotte's. Traffic, history, in particular the crosswalk. Law, I felt. That adults were probably too dependent, on the laws and, regulations. Of motorists, versus. Versus watching out for their own safety, my. Search uncovered the, vision zero concept, and I, decided, to go to New York I hope. That I was able to learn information, that would save the. Jobs of my fellow co-workers thus, I attended, the second annual conference, of. Vision 0 2016. And 2017. In. New York City at, the conference, I said in front of the mother of Sammy : Amy, :. Amy was, founder. Of a Citizens, Coalition, in, New York City. Families. For safe streets. Listen. As Amy, told us what happened to her son Sammy, Sammy. Was a victim, of what.

She Called traffic violence, and thank. You for considering, vision, zero Cheryl, I want to say thank you for attending the conferences, and the work that you're doing you and mr. Phipps have a really strong bond on this in. Terms of this vision, zero so thank you and I saw. In New York last week a, lot. Of really nice crosswalks. They weren't 4 feet there. Are more like 12 or, 15, or. Sometimes. The whole block so we got a lot of work to do we're gonna try to make you proud. Jennipher. True Jill oh did. I say that correctly. Yeah. Sorry. Thank you come down and. I'm. Following. That. Just. Use the two minutes coming down the stairs. It. Didn't start until you started. All over again, here we go all right. So. Wait. A minute this. Is gonna now we're gonna start right this is kind of last minute for me um I saw. Some ads and, some post about talking. About the immigration community. And, I actually completely. Changed my response. I'm. An immigration paralegal. At, a. Law firm. In. Reference, to everything, that has been mentioned right here I do see the impact, on the community that ice has I, do, appreciate the CM PD going, out and spreading awareness that they're not working with the. Ice. Officials in this, matter, however. Those. Two third convictions, mentioned, that's, inaccurate. The. Criminals. I've. Seen client. Parents. My. Daughter's. Classmates. For. No operator's, license, been detained for not wearing a seatbelt, family, separated, after having established her, life here for over 20-plus years I wish. That there was an easy route to come here lawfully because, I guarantee you everybody. Would do it but. It's not that simple. We. Have to recognize, how fast Charlotte, is growing we. Are a city that is built on the immigration community I urge. The UNC, students, that are here to make a report, please. And. Let's. Consider the financial impact, and contributions. Made by the immigrant, community, now. If we were to get rid of this. And and spread more fear with the 287g. Being. Put back into place. What's. That going to do to our city when. Our. Our. Heart and soul was. Built by. Immigrants, and. Central. South Boulevard East. Way the plaza. We. Do have a stand and I urge you guys I'm. Not gonna I'm, not, okay. With the, serious crimes either but. When it's something so minor is not wearing a seat belt or speeding or no operator's, license. That's. When it. Becomes an issue thank you thank you. And. Now I'd like to have. Recognized. Councilmember. Oh. I'm. Sorry, excuse me mr. Brown, mr.. Brown Howard. Brown. Mr.. Brown please come, down. Good. To see you. That's. I found. It good to see you it might not be reciprocal. On. My mother's, behalf. On. My mother's behalf I'm, before. You. One. Time before when I was down here it was a man in a dress. Appraising. Y'all, a man we're looking, like a 1 now. If Moses. Is the only one that ever seen, gut let me put. My hand over your face no more soon as I get back I'm, gonna take my and he's seen God backside, as he was walking up now. I'ma, tell you the difference between God and the, devil. Now. What the park not. Just, abilities.

That Jesus. Had what. He can do. He. Can talk, to him don't. Touch me because I have not yet ascended to the Father and he went, it before. You can snap a finger he was up there with God and, when he left God, he. Had the ability whether. He did it or not they go to each. Individual. Angels, and not only that all the planets, that he had created he, could do that, saying. He did it now I ain't saying he had the ability to do it, everything. That you call energy, today came, from the flood, everything. As far as fossil, fuel that is a residue, or the flood, now. What I like to do I might. Not mean, call a it's. Like I'm talking to deaf ears but. Gonna pursue this what I will yeah. I won't I won't they. Don't, represent America, not that Bank but. What I want the Hat is. This right here, my. Mother's. World War toolbar, I want, him to give it. Okay. Thank you mr. Brown. All. Right and, now I'd like to recognize, mr. Phipps. To. Read a. Proclamation. For. Child Abuse Prevention Month. And. To. Have, miss Freddy come. Down. And. Accept, it and then two. Minutes to speak come down now please. Mr.. Phipps. This. Is a joint. Proclamation. Between. The by. The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Honoring. Child. Abuse Prevention Month, and it reads as follows. Whereas. Children are vital, to our state's, future success. Prosperity. And, quality of life as. Well as being our most vulnerable. Assets. And whereas. All children deserve to have the, safe stable nurturing homes. And communities, they, need to foster their. Healthy growth and development, and whereas. Child abuse and neglect is, a community, responsibility. Affecting. Both the current and future quality, of life of a community and. Whereas, communities, provide parents with social, support, knowledge. Of parenting, child, development, and concrete, resources, they need to cope with, stress in. Order to nurture their children well. By ensuring, our children, grow up to. To, their full potential, and whereas. Effective, child abuse prevention strategies. Succeed. Because of partnerships, created, among, citizens, human. Service agencies, schools faith. Communities, health. Care providers, civic. Organizations, law enforcement, agencies, and the business community now. Therefore we, by. Alexander, louse mayor, of. And George, Dunlap chair of the, Mecklenburg, County, Board of Commissioners Duke. Proclaim, April. 2019. As child abuse prevention month, in, Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County. And commend. Its observance to all citizens and witnessed. The hands and both seals of the City, and County signed. By both the mayor and. Pinwheel. That. Is something, that we have, every, year when we recognize. Thank. You mayor Lyles and, members of City Council. My, name is Dana fraidy and I'm the district, administrator. Of the 26th, Judicial, District, guardian. Ad litem program the, guardian ad litem program provides. A voice for children in court, alleged. To be abused, and neglected but. I'm also proud, to be a part of a team that focuses on prevention, to, ensure, that the. Child abuse and neglect, never occur. In the first place the. Mecklenburg child abuse prevention team, is a collaborative. A. Collaboration. Of local organizations that, serve children, to build awareness in, our community about, prevention. The. Team believes all children, deserve great. Childhoods, and that, each of us has a role to play in, making, sure our community, is a place where, children and, families, are able to thrive, preventing. Child abuse and neglect means, helping, parents have the knowledge the. Skills the. Resources. And support. Needed to provide safe, and nurturing. Environments. For all children, the. Mecklenburg, child a bit child, abuse prevention team, thanks. You for proclaiming April. 20, 19, as child, abuse prevention month we. Are, also honored, and grateful for mayor Lyles participation.

In A, press conference that will be held this Friday March. 29th, to. Launch the Child Abuse Prevention Month, activities and. We, invite all canceled. Members to attend the press conference, at 10:00 a.m. March. 29th, by, the circle, outside, of the courthouse, at. The conclusion, of the press conference, we, will plant a garden, of, pinwheels. In the courthouse flower bed pinwheels. Are used nationwide as, symbols, of the happy, healthy lives, all children, deserve and, these, pinwheels are meant to create awareness of the critical, issues of child abuse, and, I. Will give her the rest, yes. Thank. You very much. Now. I would like to ask Miss, Franklin to come down down, the steps again miss, Franklin, you. Come down. Mayor, pro-tem. ISIL. Would, like to present a, zero. Vision. Zero City, Proclamation. And we'd, be delighted if you accept, this on our, behalf thank, you. Thank. You madam mayor. On. Behalf of the City of Charlotte whereas the City of Charlotte aspires to be the safest, and most connected, city in the country and whereas. The Charlotte, is committed to building a transportation, network that. Encourages, safe walking. Biking, and driving behaviors and whereas. Speeding, is the leading leading, cause of fatalities on, Charlotte. Roadways and reducing. Speeds through, engineering education and. Enforcement. Strategies, is imperative, to saving, lives and whereas. The city and county must work together for, safer streets and whereas. The city has a vision zero task, force with over 50 members from. 25, organizations. From, a breadth of safety. Professionals, and advocates and, whereas. The. Vision zero distinguishes. Itself from. Traditional, road safety approaches. By, focusing, on solutions to, eliminate, fatalities. And serious injuries. On our streets and whereas. A vision zero Action, Plan was created, to, build on Charlotte's, long-standing, commitment, to. Public safe to traffic the safety, now therefore I by, Alexander. Lyles mayor of Charlotte, do hereby proclaim the, City of Charlotte, as a. Vision zero city. So. That is the end of our public, forum and our awards, and recognitions. Again thank you to the Scout troops you guys did an excellent job so the next item, the consent, agenda items, are. 29. Through, 79. With. The following, exceptions. Item. 44. 51. 52, 56. 59. 60. To, 64. 67. 69, and, 71. Could. I have a motion for approval. Second. A second, and then, I can't recall who wanted to comment on item 36, which. Is the. Best, water, and Franklin. Water treatment, plant miss. Dr.. Harlow Thank. You mayor. This item, 36. Is I, think. Probably one the largest contracts we have on this consent agenda item, proven, contract, for almost 30 million dollars to, warden Smith for, improvements, at the vest treatment, center water treatment center on base for Road and also. A, contract, amendment, for a little more than two and a half million to black and Veitch for. Other. Administrative, and inspection, purposes at, the Franklin, treatment, center on the. Brookshire freeway just a comment I you. Know and probably. Steal this one from from mr., Mitchell and his absence, he's, always commenting, around our MW SBE goals and, a 30 million dollar contract, and we're establishing a, goal of just, 10%, there's, a variety of scopes, of work that's, being done in.

This In this effort to kind of really just basically. Transform, our water, treatment facility, and, then have a committed goal of 4.3%. We. We, we've really I think under shot the established, goal and then this is the bidder who. Did earn good faith efforts. Committed. Less than half of that on, a 30 million dollar contract. It's. Really unfortunate to see something like this and. I don't say this just because the project, in district 2 I would have commented, on this one regardless of where it is. Not. Often do we see 30 million-dollar contracts, come across our. Across. Our agenda, and to see these goals not be met to, see these goals set so low to, continue challenge to the staff I know we do great work we've talked about this an IDI committee and. I, think we have to continue to look at ways to advocate, around making sure that we're connecting, our. Subcontractors. In a variety of in, a variety of industries, to, these Prime's especially. When we know that these these, goals are set after the contracts, are already awarded so. Continue to make, you. Know further efforts, to not, only push ourselves to, increase these goals but also push these Prime's to, make, the contacts, that, are appropriate, so we can get a significantly. Better, participation. In this, first action, no, reason why a 30. Million dollar contract, only 4% should be in. Debt ESPE participated. Thank. You with, that with, the most we have a motion and a second all in favor of, the consent agenda items, please say aye any. Opposed. Consent. Agenda we have our, public hearings, in our first one is item, number 12 a public hearing on Convention Center facilities, and refunding. Of 2009. Certificates. Of participation and. This is a public. Hearing regarding the, improvement of installment, financing contract, not, to exceed one hundred and forty two million dollars. To finance the, city's renovation, of the Convention, Center construction. Of a conference, center in partnership with, the foundation of the University of North Carolina at, Charlotte, and refunding. 2009. Certificates. Of participation, do. We have anyone, signed up to speak miss no ma'am, the cause public a second motion, a second, to close the public hearing all in favor say, aye any. Opposed. Thank, you and, then we have the second, item which is adopt a resolution authorizing, and approving an installment financing contract.

For The proposed financing and, calling for the execution, and delivery of, various. Documents, necessary, to complete the sale of the certificates, of participation we. Have a motion to approve do, I have a second, any. Discussion. No. Discussion, all in favor of, the adoption. Of the resolution please, say aye any. Opposed. That. With, that motion carries, now. That, we have a series, of public, hearings on. Voluntary. Annexations. For, items 13, 14. 15. 16. And 17 do, we have any people sign up for any of those public hearings mr.. Moore is here for number, 13 for questions, only all. Right, so. Is. It, mr.. Baker is it okay if I take all of those public hearings we have one speaker on item 13, for the one particular, one, all. Right so, mr.. Moore. Any. More, I. See you up there now, mr.. Moore would like to speak to the issue of the, lemon. Farms. Voluntary, annexation. My. Name is anymore with mcadams we are assisting the helms family, in Alliance residential, with this voluntary, annexation I'm, just here to answer any questions. You'll. Have a seat with Collins. We have any questions, so. With, that chimera have a motion to close the public hearing. Second, all, in favor say aye. So, now we have. Do, I need to do each port. Each ordinance. As an adoption I believe. Seven yes all right so the, first item we have is adoption, of an annexation, ordinance to, extend the corporate cities corporate limits to. The properties, for the lemon farm, voluntary. Annexation and. Assign, them to the adjacent City Council District three have. A motion so moved second. Second, any, discussion all, in favor please say aye aye, mr.. Moore you do not have any questions about your. 14. Is adopted annexation, ordinance with an effective date of March 25th, to extend the corporate city's corporate limits to, the properties, with River Bend phase three and assign them to this city, a city council, district to do motion, a motion a second, any. Discussion all, in favor please say aye. The. Next item is an adoption of an approach annexation, artists effective, March 25th, to extend the city's corporate limits to the, steel Creek Landing voluntary, annexation and, assign them to city council district, 3. You. Will need to open then close the public hearings on BJ I thought. I did that I am so sorry I'm. Sorry got lost in the shuffle. We. Did open them you know I think mr. Baker's saying we did not close them so may, I have a motion to close the public hearings. All. In favor say, aye. Sorry. I apologize. I, miss, hearing. Okay. We are but we have to go back and open and close the public hearing for Lemon Farms, voluntary. And it's my clothes item, 13. Person. To open 14. Close. I think to close 14. They're. All open we need to close to close 14. 15. Okay. 16, and adopt an annexation, ordinance, effective. March 25th, to extend the city's. Corporate limits for, the Sutton, farm phase to annex, voluntary. Annexation and, a sign to City Council District 2 that'll, be a and B I need, a motion. Close. And a dot was. In about second, all, in favor say, aye. Any. Opposed, there you didn't finish 15, before, you, were updated, by the city attorney that, we needed to go back it goes, all. Right, 15. We. Didn't open it. Open. Closed and approved 15. Thank. You, and. To adopt the annexation, ordinance effective. To extend the city's corporate, limits and assignment, to council, district 3 all in favor say aye all, right okay, all, right. We're on 16, right. 417. Sagging. The. Closing. Resolution. The, ordnance, annex, that's effective, March 25th, extend, the city's corporate limits to, would throw downs phase three and add. Assign, it to adjacent, City Council District four sounds. Like a great idea motion to approve second, and, adopt. Been adopted close. We. Have motion in a second all in favor please say aye, thank. You I know it's been a long day guys alright, I apologize, for not getting, all. Of that in order, alright, so, the next item of business on, our agenda is, the city manager's, report which, we have in front of us any, questions. Or comments for the city manager's, report mr.. Jones. No. Mayor. Mayor, members of council we. Have capacity on. The April, 1st strategy, session, if there any item. That wasn't, covered tonight. March, 25th, did we could slide those to, April. 1st if necessary. I. Think, that's a good idea but also. 15. Months or so in and the manager is still very optimistic about how much we, can get done in any one of our dinner briefings, we.

Have I. Think. Very reliably, shown that we'd like to, unpack. These things. Thoroughly. And maybe, we. Should, try. To have more digestible lists. For. Our dinners three things until we demonstrate. We can move quickly I think. Three, items on. The. Others a budget workshop in, Australia. I, do agree, with mr. Egleston we, had a to close items, in closed session that took a really. As, much time as any one of the two items that we didn't get to and so. In. The, past we, tried to do our, closed sessions, when we were alert. And and. We were just having. Everybody, participate. Instead of, at the end of meetings which were often 10:00, or 10:30 when, perhaps we weren't as sharp, so. I don't know the balance but I think if there's something that's really. Important, will probably, start moving our closed sessions, to, the end of the meeting so that we can get through the regularly, planned agenda, items so. If you have some ideas, or thoughts about that, you. Know we've never clips at a time, that we would stop our regular, business meetings, unlike. Our zoning meetings, but I think, it's just something, unless. We start our meetings at a different time, earlier. Or. Whatever so if, you have some ideas and thoughts about that if you'll send them to the, manager, we'll get a list of them and maybe at some point start, thinking, about what time do we start our meetings or what time do we end them mr.. Winston, this. Is something that I brought up a couple couple, times over the past 15, months. The. Reality. Is that we we have more, work I think then. Can. Be done in. Our current structure and. I think is we look the way. Committees. Are real going to say being, reorganized I, think there. Is one that is, supposed, to look at good governance, practices and. I think this is something that we should look up more critically, as opposed to just having people send emails of, ideas, perhaps. There's another meeting that, needs to happen, and. It may, be the responsibility, of future councils. To. Take in mind on when they're taking this job maybe, it's something that is done Tuesday morning or. Another. Day during the week to hold things like, closed. Sessions, and and other things. That might pop up and. Weren't accounted for while we might have three things on the agenda right now there's a lot of time. Between, now and then that. Might need to be dealt with so, I think this is much. Deeper much, more important, than. Then simply, simply throwing. Ideas on. The wall and seeing what sticks, well. There's one I think you're sticking, already so we'll put, that one on the hopper and start collecting others and have a discussion around I agree, with you we have to have a conversation, about, it, so, that's that would be good, okay. The. Next item on our agenda is, or. Let, me finish are there any other questions around. The manager's report. Mr.. Driggs I just wanted to ask what we gonna do the nine percent Housing Trust Fund requests, in the east gouta update then on the first of April are we, still gonna do that tonight I put. I put that out as an option I believe. The mayor said at the, action.

Briefing, That you, could come back tonight I just gave you an option that if you wanted to move it to April first that, could be an option to. The, council decide would you like to take, on the. Housing Trust Fund the 9% request tonight, do. You want to see what time we. Weren't. They, are. We under a time crunch on any of those or no. Submission. For the. 9%. Yes. Mayor members of council the. 9%. Submission. And I believe. I am still in the room we. Just need to have a vote from you in the April time frame. Not. Time critical I understand that so everybody heard that so, we can make that decision as, we see where we are with time, all. Right the next item on our agenda is resolutions. To correct the payout for recent firefighter, retirees. And adopt vacation, sick Mircea NT, 13 leave policy. Adopt. A resolution approving, those payouts for, as, for. Those firefighter. Retirees, who retired between October. 15, 2013 and, March 25th. 29, and, adopt, a resolution approving, a vacation. Sick garcia, teeth, and t13. Leave policy, there's no dot both resolutions, second. Second. Is there any discussion with. No, discussion. All. In favor of a and B the both resolutions, please. Say aye any. Opposed. Okay, that passes, it is, a good, point and I want to thank both, the. Various. Members of the fire department chief. Your. Team and the manager's office for, getting us through this and I'm making sure that we were, moving forward appropriately. Thank. You, the. Next item on our agenda are, on this item 20, guidelines, for preserving. Actually. A firt occurring. Affordable. Housing, the action is to approve the housing, and neighborhood developments. Committee recommendation. To, approve the guidelines, for naturally, preserving. Naturally occurring affordable, housing which we usually call it's Noah's this. May feel as chair. Moutoku. We can have a motion to approve and. A second. Okay. Thank. You all. Right so we have a motion and a second, any discussion. I. Would, like someone, from. The committee to clarify, the, rationale, for the 50 unit requirement, versus. On a lesser. Unit account. Just. Trying to get I, know I read that it. Was considered, to be a best practice, for 15, years, and a minimum. Of 50 units but why 50, units I mean suppose we have a a 30.

Unit, Complex is this. They. Out of luck. Some. Mayor. And council thank you for the question the, committee had a lot of robust, discussion, with this the answer would be twofold. One, is consistent. With when we did research across other cities, about how Noah's are categorized, and then it comes down to economics and, when you get down to 50 of less than 50, units. The. Deals just pretty, much don't pencil, out or if they do they require a larger, investment, and so we're trying to leverage. Our dollars, I'm as best we can I. Had. A question about one, of the other ones it said the per the guidelines the level of funding, investments. The city will range between ten. Thousand, and thirty five thousand, dollars per unit and the. Thirty five thousand, dollars a unit I wonder why that. Occurred. But I'm, not asking to change it I think the recommendation. Is fine but I would like to track that against. What we define when we are doing rehabs, or. Acquisitions. Of other properties. So we have Noah's and we're going to have new construction and. So. I'd like to see where that, 35,000. Compares, as we, go through this so, that we can have an assessment of whether that target of 35, per unit should be higher or lower yes, ma'am okay, with. Any, further discussion. All. In favor of, the, recommendation. Please say aye any. Opposed, thank. You another step forward in our housing, program. And our housing, framework. Next. Item is to am in article. 12 our, residential, rental Reese registration. And remedial, action, program, to, approve the Community Safety recommendation. To amend the residential, rental Lea, registration. And remedial action program ordinance, dr.. Harlow is the committee chair as a recommendation of the, Community Safety Committee. Yeah. Second. We, have a motion and a second, is. There any discussion all, in favor please, say aye aye. Any. Opposed. Item. 22 private. Developer, fun appropriation. With Dominion, Realty, Partners Pappas. Midtown, Grey. Farms, construction, and our RFP, the South Tryon, Charlotte. For, traffic, signal installation, and improvements, as well, as adopt a budget ordinance appropriating. 362. Thousand, dollars in private, developer, funds for traffic, signal installation. And improvements. Do, I have a motion to approve a and B approve, and adopt. We. Have a motion to second, any discussion. Our. Next item is, approval. Of a municipal, agreement, with North Carolina, Department of Transportation in the amount of 75,000. For Road railroad great, separation. Feasibility. Project is, there, a motion to approve. Motion. And a second, any discussion all. In favor please say aye. Item. 24, is a vehicle donation in the York County South Carolina sheriff's. Office for a, 14. 2005. Ford 500, vehicle. Motion to deny we. Have a motion to denies there a second. Second. We. Have a second, okay. Any discussion. All. In favor of, the motion to deny please, raise your hand. All. Opposed. Oh. This. Would mean that you do not support. The motion to deny so. We have one two three four, five six. Okay. Thank you. All. Right so that motion is defeated may. I have a motion we. Have a motion to accept approved. A, motion, do I have a second, I have. A motion to approve, do I have a second, second all right we have a second, all. In favor of, the motion any. Discussion, of the motion. The motion please say aye. Okay. Thank, you we have one opposed thank you. Two opposed thank, you all. Right that. Is the. Last business, item, that we have and. I'm gonna try to find a clerk. I'm, the council, earlier. Today. Submitted. Ballots, to, fill various, appointments. To various, boards, and commissions, and the, clerk has. Calculate. Or. Determined. The vote count on each and I'm gonna ask the clerk as she would read the, results, of the. Appointment. Process of, them. For. The International.

The, Charlotte international, cabinet, and at-large member, position. Paula, Broadwell received, three votes gina, Esquivel, received, six votes gina, Esquivel, has been appointed. Transit. Advisory, group. Michael. Cataldo. Received six votes lisa Rudisill, received, two votes michael, Cataldo, is appointed, and. Finally. For keep charlotte beautiful. Virgil, Hughes received, one vote Lynne, quash received, one vote wendy, sellers received, seven, votes wendy, sellers is appointed. And. Now we're at that point where we. Could have. The discussion, of the 9%, housing trust fund request, or we. Could defer. It's a little bit before 8:00 all, right so if we would have the presentation, mr. Jones I think the council's, desires to hear the 9%, trust fund, request. Update. Okay. Thank You mayor members of council a pain. Weidman, will come down and provide. You. With an, update on, the 9% credits I do believe last Wednesday. These. Eight. Items. Were, presented. In the. Hand, committee. And they're being brought. To you tonight. Bear. With us they're bringing, a technology, up. Again. Thank You mayor and council, for the opportunity, to present the 9% have, tax, credits, to you tonight. We're. Gonna talk to just remind you all of the background, reminds, you of the housing trust fund status, review, the eight proposals that have requested funding and then go through the next steps, you all will recall that in your adopted. Housing, framework, that you all adopted, in August, of last year one, of the recommendations. It's built on three pillars and that is building, new construction, preserving, the existing construction and families, supporting, family self-sufficiency, initiatives. This is around supporting, new, tax, credits, is around the new construction, and so that's what's before, you particularly. For households, earning, 60%. And below the area median, income, I'll. Remind you that we started with the 50 million out. Of that you guys have already funded. Some. 4%, deals you're Anning Noah you're, left with the remaining, balance of thirty-eight point three million anything. That you all approve and gets a funded out of here will be subtracted, from that thirty-eight, point three million our.

Evaluation. Criteria, is as follows, we look at what your city policies. Are I'm included. In that is the number of years the proposed. Development will, remain affordable we, want to make sure that we are supporting any revitalization. Efforts, we, look at the strength of the development, particularly, the number of units that are going to serve households, earning 60%. And below the area median income to, put that in dollars it's a household, of four earning about forty four thousand, dollars per year we, want to make sure that we have an experienced, developer we. Want to look at the financial, strength to see how your dollars, are leveraged with other dollars, we look at the city investment, per unit, there's also a required, market, study review, it's a third party market. Study review, this is important, because we want to make sure that. There is a demand for these types of units and and that always comes back. Stating. That there is a demand, and then you all have talked a lot about community. Engagement I'll remind you that the developer, is required to have at least one, community engagement, meeting they're required to notify the surrounding. Neighborhood seven to ten days prior to that they're, hers. To have it in a location that is in the community if they can't, they have to have it close by and they do it after six o'clock and not on a holiday to allow maximum attendance. Talked. A little bit about the market study specifics. In the market study and this is what in this case the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. Requires, a third party market study because they too don't, want to make investments, in end. Units, that are not going to be occupied, the components, of the market study we. Look at vacancy, rate the, occupancy. Rate meaning, to the degree that these types of units are going to be occupied they, look, at the capture, rate they. Look at the absorption rate and, many of you all know that most of the time when we go to the ribbon-cutting these, units, are a hundred, percent leased, up with a waiting, list so there is a huge need out there in, terms. Of the timeline associated, with the die percent, tax. Credits, you all will remember that the state offers, one opportunity, per. Year, for, a developer, to apply, for these very, competitive, tax credits, so there's a there's a schedule, that we must stick to so, there's, the state issue, issues. They're qualified. Allocation plan. Developers. This year had to submit preliminary. Applications. By January. I think was January 19th. Was the exact date the final, application. Is due in May the, credits, will be awarded. In August. Of 2019. The developments. That get awarded, will be closed during, the September, to December timeframe. Construction. Will begin and these units will actually get on the ground in 2021. So you can see it takes about 18 months from start to finish. You. Have eight proposals, that have been submitted, to us we've reviewed that these proposals list. Our new partner they've also had. Opportunity, to to. Look at these proposals as well and I'll walk through each of them with you what, I will say I will remind you all that due to the, competitive nature of the, tax, credit, program. Remember, these are being awarded across, the state of North Carolina if we get our fair share we.

Will Get up to four of these I will, remind you that we've only gotten four here, in recent history is more so like two or three. We. Also wanted, to present this slide to show you that we here you the state also hears you as. You can see the allocations, for households, earning 30%. In below all the way up to 80 percent. So. Let's just walk through this pretty quickly I will. Remind you that the locational, guidelines, that you guys approved, earlier this year remember, these don't apply to nine percent they only apply to four percent but we wanted to put this here for you just to acknowledge that we did run these developments. Through what, that tool is in the event they would have been four percent, or other developments. But again the main takeaway, is the locational, guidelines, don't apply to nine percent and the reason that that the, reason why that is is because the state has a stricter. Scoring, criteria and, they, want, to target toward, census. Tracts that have a low, poverty. Rating, as not to concentrate. Across. The city so, you all have asked over time what does the North, Carolina Housing Finance agencies. Qualified, allocation, plan, what's, the site scoring, evaluation. A site, to receive, a perfect, score can can get a score or a perfect score is sixty that, the plan looks. At the neighborhood, characteristics, they, look at whether, the neighborhood is well-maintained, and what type of blight is there they, look at amenities, a close, proximity to grocery, stores shopping. And pharmacy, and they have a prescribed, list, in the qap of exactly. What those grocery, stores are, they. Look at site suitability so, they want to make sure for example there. Knowing, incompatible. Uses such as adult, entertainment, or, since. So. I'll walk through each of these with, you. This. One this first one you see Abington. West side there. Was an HTF, request of 1.5. Million dollars, you, it's 46, units you can see the total development costs, the affordability, period, would be 30 years there's, a one to six leverage, ratio, and again, it's a total of 46, units. Brookwood. Apartments. The housing, trust fund request, is 1.5. Million the total development cost is ten point six this. Two has a 30-year, affordability, period, a leverage, ratio of one to seven. Connolly. Creek Apartments in, District three the, request, is 1.9. Million, with a total development, cost of 13, million. Can. Obtain 60 points. On. The individual. Individual. Each. Of the developments, that you see mayor score, has a perfect, site score so they all have 60, yes ma'am we did not bring you anything that did not have a perfect size for thank you for the question. Yes. Well had a question about this because I and, we discussed this in committee I actually looked at the is it QAP guidelines, yes sir right and I, broke down so I looked. Into to. What it's this perfect site score analysis. And what. I found. Was that every, application. They. Have North Carolina, from, every, developer, received. A perfect site score in the year 2019. And, I didn't know if we've had any any, follow-up on that I, you. Know we can talk more about that I I don't personally find, that particular. Number, or. The fact that we have you, know eight perfect, site scores, compelling. Because I don't, know how high or how low that threshold is if everybody's, getting perfect scores throughout, the entire state I mean we're talking something, like 170. Development. Proposals, every single one got a perfect score, mr.. Newton I think what it is reflective. Of is that developers. Know that this tool is so competitive, that if they don't if they have a site and it doesn't, score perfectly they, don't decide to submit it because they know it's a waste of time so everything, that you see in, Charlotte, or, across. The state, developers, have really, really made sure that they they have, a site that will score due to the competitive nature of this tool. Thank. You that helps a lot to clear up the 60. Thank. You for, the question I'll proceed, I think, I left off on the Connelly there's a 1.9. Billion. Dollar asked, total, development cost of 13, million there 30. Years affordability, period as well I'll, remind, you of may feel that sugary you you guys held, the public. The rezoning, public, hearing last.

Monday Night you'll be making a decision that's. Your April meeting the request, is 1.7. Million dollars the, total cost is nine point nine million, dollars, there park, site at Hickory Grove the. Request. Is 1.7. Million dollars your total cost is fourteen, point, four the total development cost a one to eight leverage, ratio. Rosewood. Comments. The a the Housing Trust Fund request is five hundred and twenty thousand. Four fifty two units, the total development cost is eight point five million, dollars. Sugar. Creek green, the. Total. Number of units is seventy two the housing, housing, trust fund request, is one point three with, a total development cost of twelve point eight million, dollars, last. One the park seniors, the, Housing Trust Fund request is one point three with a total cost of thirteen, point. Seven million, I'll remind, you again that all of these will not be awarded. But in the event we received, four as we did last year our fair share we've, done a little mastery. But. We've added, worst, case scenario, we've, had, it the most expensive. Trust. Fund request, here and. The extent that all four of those got awarded, that. Would be, seven, little over seven million dollars, which would leave you a balance, in your trust fund of. 31.3. Any more any of these that are not awarded the. Funds would be returned to the trust fund we, will know in mid to late August exactly. What is awarded, and these will be coming back to you for approval, at one, of your April, meetings, with. That, the, last thing I'll say is the, your. Approval, is required, in. Order to allow developers to submit their final applications. To the North Carolina, Housing Finance Agency. Both. Before, by May 10th that is the deadline and with that thank, you for your time. So. You. Know I I, think in the past what we've often times done with its we framed, our 9%, deals in the context, of an all-or-nothing proposition right. We have eight, deals, maybe. More that come before us and we. Are our cast with the the. Decision. To to approve them all or or not approve them all I I. Get the impression this has kind of been framed in that way, here today as well my. Understanding is, we have a role to play in this process to. To approve or not approve and, frankly. We can can. Can look at these individually. On their own merit. Am. I right or wrong on that ends and if there is something a. Project. Or multiple projects, that don't advance. The, policies, the goals the objectives of, this council for our, city then. Then, we have the ability, to to.

Point That out and to exclude it from what we send back up to Raleigh. So. Mr. Newton the, council. Has previously. With. With, the side scores the council has previously, sent up a whole. Your, whole all. Of the proposals, you do that because you don't want to limit yourself from. Receiving, your fair share of awards. You what. You would essentially, be doing, is taking, an opportunity, off the table to receive the. Largest, one, of the largest amount, of equity sources. That, goes to support, these, types of developments, that we, as a community have said is important, to our community, isn't, that what we want to do though if it's something that's going to be detrimental and, undermine, the policies, and objectives of this city and the in this. Council and building, sustainable. Communities. Replete of upward mobility for, their residents, I I. Know you had said before miss, Wiedeman that that. That the the state targets census. Tracts with. Low poverty, ratings, - -, yeah, you know in this approval, process, that. Apparently, everybody, gets a perfect score on, when. We look at so I can't, recall what slide it is but when we look at that. Locational, policy, slide, clearly. It shows that there are areas that, are full of you know lower-income. Folks right maybe areas that we would say, by placing. More development, within we, would be concentrating poverty. And I think our own statistics, and data suggests. That here. What. We want to avoid that rather than send, them all up and and you know have the, state select, one, that is once again contrary, to the very policies, that we've been discussing and passing, here's a council over the past couple of months I. Think. That's a question that you're gonna ask, your colleagues. And. I guess the the crux this question is what is our role to play here why. Is this in front of us right, if we didn't have an opportunity to, weigh in and weigh in on an individual, basis, by saying because some, of these projects, clearly, as for our locational, policy they make sense right, and. You know they should be passed, along maybe. Others, don't and, I think maybe it would behoove us particularly. If you, know we, wanted to follow the policies, we've discussed we've deliberated, upon we've passed over, the past two months to, start to draw some of those distinctions, in this process. So. I think, the question is, that's, a question we have to have a mayor, pro-tem has a technical, question and I have three. People signed up to speak after that so. Pam I'm sorry if I missed this but mr.. Whiteman but when you submit, these like. These 1 through 8 do you rank them when, you the, first person's do you rank them in terms of priority. 2, what you'd like to have approved. Again. Miss ISIL we don't rank them because we don't want to limit our. Opportunity. To get our fair share from, the state so they are ranked, in the sense that they all have a perfect, score according. To the state's. QAP. Okay and then, the second, question is. And. The reason I ask that is because I didn't, see any particular order, for these here 1 through 8 but the second, question is. Have. You been able to look at the ones that we've had approved, so for I don't know for how many years we've been submitting, for 9% deals and let's. Say every year we submit 8 and every year we get 2 to 4 has, anyone really sort of studied the data to figure out what, are the.

What. The state seems to like, so that we can kind of come up with some sort of correlation as to what they end up approving so. It's mr. Newton's point then, we if. We decide to leave one out you, know we have a better feel to whether or not that one would have passed, or not each, each year, the states q AP is adjusted, it's it's tweaked based on kind of edits from every community. Around. The around the state. Of North Carolina the, state they, look at things like, credit. Request per unit again, they come down and they drive, the area because they have a big investment, in it too so they want to make sure that these developments, are located, in. In, good areas if you will so. To. Directly. Answer your question, we we've, not kind of studied, what they've approved over the years what I will tell you is that we're, involved, we comment, on the qap we. Attend, the annual meeting, that they have so we, as your, staff. We. Try to stay abreast at kind of how the industry is moving, and and the state as it is editing. The qap okay, thank you alright so, mr.. Phipps. Yes. Mr. Waterman the list that you gave us of the eight would, it be fair to say that that. Neighborhood. And, neighborhood. Services department. Views, that list as being consistent with what we as a council want, in, these types of projects, already. So. Mr. Phipps I want to make sure I'm understanding when, you say what you want in these types of, they. Meet our goals and objectives for what we want our. Communities, to be by virtue of allow submission. Of these, eight to, wherever. To. The attacks with you an authority or whatever no income tax I mean, I think the answer mr. Fitz is yes I mean we've heard you say this. Community, say we want, well-maintained. Affordable. Housing we want quality construction. We. Want affordable housing, to be located, in close proximity to transit not, necessarily. A light. Rail but bus, stops. So. I think, they they. Check. Your boxes, in terms of what we hear you say around the Dyess in terms of what you want an affordable housing, I'll. Point back again to your framework. That you approved in in. August, of last year, one of the strategies to continue, to to continue to do new construction is. To utilize, the 9%, tax credit tool you, also talked about how you want to leverage your dollars, again, this is this is one way this, is the largest equity, source that. You that that is available to, leverage your loca

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